Montel Williams: Sick Tales Of Lesbian Incest Part 2 (Fg,inc,anal,ws,reluc)
by Hamster

I. Ed's Problem

Montel's Studios...

Montel had a good scam going. Every one assumed his guests were paid actors
but the fans all hoped and believed it was true. It was like pro wrestling.
Now he had the real deal in his studio the fans were eating up the sordid
tale. No legal actions would be taken because the cops and lawyer types
thought it was all fiction!

"So Linda what happened next?" Montel asked.

"Well, I visited a local leatherer to have a Sundae, the day after Bethany
and Linda's first time together...

Linda Branston was by almost all estimations a VERY attractive woman. She was
tall at 5'10", had long blonde hair and an athletic figure sculpted from many
hours of exercise. She had a firm nicely shaped butt and large shapely
breasts that were equally firm. She could have easily been a model. It was
rare however that she dressed as she never dated. But that was now changing.
Linda had driven into town to have an outfit custom made, this same place
sold special toys. Linda had considered buying some of these but decided
against it as her young lover was likely not ready for that sort of thing
yet. After leaving the hidden back room of Norton's antiques she visited the
Video store, where her best friend and confidant, Ed worked.

"Hi Linda." Ed said with a warm smile. "Glad to see you."

Linda dazzled him with a smile of her own. " What's going on Ed?"

"Not much." He said. "Did you like those DVDs that I got you?"

"Loved them, they were pretty useful." She said.

"Useful?" Ed asked.

Linda hesitated for a moment. She was a little worried about detailing the
events of the night before. After all what she had done with her 12-year-old
daughter was morally unacceptable and illegal. But Ed had all ways been
accepting and even encouraging of her somewhat ‘alternative' sexual
interests. She decided that it might be ok to give him an idea without going
into details.

"Well I acted out some of it." Linda said.

"Really?" He asked with a grin an arched eyebrow.

"Yes." Linda replied.

"Christ woman, don't hold out on me who with?" He asked excitedly.

"No, better not say yet until I see where this goes." She said.

"Oh fine, be that way. My day is going bad enough already anyways." Ed said

"What's wrong?" Linda asked.

"The owner is closing the video store, I'm going to be out of work soon." He

"That's horrible." Linda said. Not only was this the only discreet place to
get hardcore and in many cases illegal porn but Ed was her best friend.

"Don't worry about me Linda, I'll be OK. If I just had some cash I'd buy the
place myself." Ed said.

Linda put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, I think I can help you."

"Really what?" He asked.

"It's a something I was considering doing anyways and you will benefit
greatly." Linda said with a wink. "I guess that I can tell you what happened
yesterday. I...I seduced Bethany and had sex with her."

"WOAH" He said in surprise. "That's big... oh hey don't worry I won't tell a

"I didn't think that you would. You don't think any less of me?" She asked.

"No I'm actually impressed." He said.

"It's not just sexual, but there is plenty of that. I love her so I make love
to her. I just..." She faltered.

"What?" Ed asked.

"Well, It's just...There's all these things that really turn me on and I just
don't know if she would want to do them, may be a little extreme for her."
Linda said.

"Well she's already come this far, she may be willing to go further. You'd be
surprised at how far some people will go to please their lovers." Ed said.

Lovers, Linda liked the sound of that. "All right I'll see how it goes."

"Just take it slow. Don't want to jump into 7-way orgies dressed as clowns
and involving donkeys on your second date." Ed said.

They both laughed.

II. Bethany and April

At the Studio...

"So Bethany," Montel asked. "Did you tell anyone about what you and your mom
were doing?"

"Well mom said that I shouldn't but I couldn't help telling my best friend."
Bethany said.

At Bethany's friend's house...

Bethany's best friend April was staring at Bethany in disbelief. What her
friend was telling her was the most bizarre and perverted thing she had ever
heard in her entire life. But she listened and was totally enthralled as she
did so.

"Omigosh! Bethany that is so weird." April said.

"I know, but it was fun. It was crazy fun." Bethany assured her.

"So are you going to do it again?" asked April.

Bethany laid back on her friend's bed. "I really hope so."

"I wish I could do that stuff." April said.

"You can, just need to find a girlfriend." Bethany said with a little giggle.



"Can you, show me how you do it?" April asked hopefully as she chewed her

Bethany blinked with surprise at this unexpected request and then stared at
her friend. April was pretty. She had black hair that was currently tied into
two braids, she was wearing a set of khaki shorts that were very tiny and a
white t-shirt. Bethany wanted to touch her all over. She thought about it and
really didn't think that her mouther would mind.

"OK but lock your door. And you can't tell ANYONE especially not your
brother." Bethany said firmly.

"He's not so bad." April said defensively.

"He creeps me out and I don't want him to know so you better just promise
me." Bethany said angrily.

"OK, OK I promise." April relented.

"Good." Bethany said then smiled.

"So you'll teach me how to, you know do that stuff with girls?" April asked.

"Yes I sure will." Bethany said.

"YAY!!! OK So how do we start?" April asked.

"Well...lie down on your back for me." Bethany said after a moments thought.

April did as instructed. Bethany was starting to feel aroused like she did
when she had been with her mother the night before. She spread April's thighs
and felt the smooth skin of her friend's legs as she moved her hands up the
thighs and to April's shorts. She un buttoned them and then pulled them down.
April was wearing simple white panties which Bethany pulled off to expose her
friend's pussy to the cool air conditioned climate.

"Now I'm going to kiss you down there ok?" Asked Bethany.

"OK." Replied April.

Bethany licked April's slit which caused the other girl to shiver and make
a soft whimper. Bethany spread April's pussy opened and dig deep into her
friend's pussy with her tongue. Grabbing April's butt Bethany pulled her
pussy into her mouth and tongue fucked it enthusiastically. April was quite
vocally expressing her approval loudly encouraging her friend to keep going.

"YES, Yess OHHHH it feels soo good don't stop, Beth oh it feels so gooood!!!"
April cried.

April jerked and shuddered as she came to her first lesbian orgasm. Bethany
gave her friend's pussy a few more laps and then stood.

"Oh my gosh, thank you Bethany, that felt so good, wow." April said as she
pulled up her underwear and shorts.

"No problem I liked doing it, you'll have to do it for me sometime, but right
now I think that I should have your mom take me home. My mom should be back
already." Bethany said.

"OK." April said.

III. A Simple Request

At the studio...

"So what happened next did you try anything else, anything dirty?" Montel
asked as his cock swelled in his pants.

"Well mom had lot's of dirty things she wanted me to try." Bethany said.

"Really like what?" Asked as the audience stood on the edge of their seats.

That afternoon...

When she got home Bethany ran to the kitchen and found her mother there
waiting for her. Linda was wearing short black leather skirt and white silk
blouse along with some leather books.

"Hello sweetie." Linda said.

"Hi mom!" Bethany said excitedly.

Linda bent down and gave Bethany a quick kiss on the lips.

"I made special drink just for you." Linda said.

"Cool mom!" Bethany said as she accepted a tall glass of what appeared to
apple juice.

It actually had a shot of flavored vodka in it. Linda believed that it
would make her daughter more pliable to her requests. Bethany drank it down

"Thanks mom that was good." Bethany said, it was just barely enough to make
her slightly giddy.

"Glad you liked it sweetie now come with me so we can have a little chat."
Linda said.

Linda led her daughter to the living room by the hand where she sat her
down next to herself. She looked at her daughter and smiled at her worried

"Don't worry dear you are not in trouble. Did you enjoy what you did with
mommy yesterday?" Linda asked.

"Yes I really did mom." Bethany said enthusiastically.

"Good sweetie, we did that because I love you and giving you pleasure is a
way to show my love." Linda said. "Do you understand?"

Bethany nodded.

"Do you love mommy?" Linda said.

"More than anything!" Bethany exclaimed excitedly.

"I'm glad to hear that, would you do things for mommy to give me pleasure?
Even if they seemed a little gross or weird?" Linda asked.

"Like what?" Bethany asked.

"Well we can talk about that a little later, first do you want to make love
again?" Linda asked.

"OOOOH yes! Yes please!" She said with enthusiasm that thrilled her mother.

Linda bent down and kissed her daughter, their lips parted and their
tongues danced together. Tentatively Bethany's hand touched her mother's
breast, still unsure if it was something she was allowed to do. Her doubts
disappeared when she felt her mom's hand close over her own as they kissed.
With her mom's own encouragement she was now kneading the firm breast in her
hand through her mom's silk shirt.

Linda broke the kiss and in an authoritative tone. "Now take all of your
cloths off."

Bethany didn't know why but being commanded like that made her even more
excited. She pulled her pink shirt off over her head and than took off her
shoes and then her shorts and her pink hello-kitty panties. Linda lounged in
her chair and stared at her daughter as the girl disrobed.

Once Bethany was standing there wearing nothing but a smile, Linda nodded
approvingly and then stood. She took off her silk blouse and then turned
around so her back was to Bethany.

"Unzip my skirt, Bethany." Linda said commandingly.

Bethany stepped up to her mother and grabbed the zipper on the leather skirt
she put one hand on her mom's butt to steady herself and pulled down. The
skirt fell to the ground and Linda was left standing in her bra and panties.

"Unfasten my bra." Linda said.

Bethany reached up and did as she was ordered to do. Then she grabbed the
waistband of her mother's panties and pulled them down. She slid them over
her mother's thighs and down past her boot-covered calves to her ankles.
Linda stepped out of her panties and was now wearing nothing but her boots.
Linda turned around and smiled at her daughter. Bethany merely took in the
view of her naked mom in all of her glory.

"Wow mom you are so beautiful." Bethany said.

"I am so glad that you think so dear." Linda said. "Sit down on the couch and
spread your legs sweetie."

Bethany did as instructed. Linda approached her and knelt in front of her.
She leaned forward and breathed in the fresh young pussy. Bethany shivered
with anticipation just before her mom traced her pussy lips with her tongue.
She delicately spread her daughter's pussy and began to lick away at the
tasty cunt hungrily. Bethany moaned and whimpered as her mother tongue fucked
her over and over. The cute blonde's face beaded with sweat and she panted
heavily until she felt the sexual energy within her reach a boiling point.

"OHHHHHHH YESS!!!!" She cried as she came.

Her mother swirled a finger in her cunt and then brought it to her mouth.
Bethany dutifully sucked it clean.

"Good girl." Linda said. She was so pleased with her daughter's
submissiveness she felt as if she may cum on the spot. She felt so encouraged
she decided it was time to take things a bit further. She ran her fingers
through her daughter's blonde hair. "Did you enjoy that Bethany?"

"Oh yes it's the best thing in the world." Bethany said.

"I'm glad you think so. I will give that to you every day, as well as many
other rewards. Rewards that I know you will like, more spending money, new
cloths...but I want you to do something for mommy."

"What?" Bethany asked, it was an offer that was hard to ignore.

"Mommy wants you to be her sex-slave. I want you to do anything and
everything that gives my pleasure sexually. Will you do that for me?" Linda

She did not know what her mom had in mind but it seemed unlikely to out-weigh
the benefits.

"OK Mom. Deal." Bethany said.

"Then say it, say you will be sex-slave and do anything that pleases me."
Linda said.

"I will be you sex-slave and do anything that pleases you." Bethany said.

Practically shedding tears of joy Linda rushed forward and hugged her
daughter tight.

"You've made me so happy Bethany!" Linda said before kissing her daughter

Bethany giggled after they broke their kiss.

"Now you will need to learn how to do the things that I like. Would you like
to take your first lesson now?" Linda asked.

Bethany was nervous but she HAD made a deal. "OK mommy."

"Good. What I want you to do may sound strange, but it makes mommy feel good
both physically and because it shows you are devoted to me. What I want you
to do is lick the inside of my butt." Linda said.

Bethany wrinkled her nose and looked both surprised and grossed out. She
paused for a moment, she wanted her mom to keep having sex with her and she
wanted the increased allowance and new cloths. Plus she had made a deal.

"It sounds weird mommy, but if it makes you happy I will do it." Bethany

"Just exactly what I want to hear." Linda said. Linda stood and spread her
legs in front of where Bethany sat on the couch. " Now spread my cheeks and
lick around the outside of my hole."

Bethany leaned forward and spread her mother's cheeks. Steeling herself she
leaned forward and slid her tongue over the outside of her mom's tight hole,
she tried her best to spread open the hole and then pushed her tongue in, the
taste was awful but she continued as her mother ordered her loudly.

"Yes lick deeper lick harder, dear." Linda cried as she reached back and
shoved her daughter's face deeper into her ass. "Push your fingers into
mommy's pussy while you do that DO it now!"

Bethany quickly began to finger her mom as she licked her anus out. She
tongue fucked her mom and fingered until Linda finally couldn't take any
more. "YES! YES! Oh I love you sweetie I'm cuuuuuming!" She cried.

Linda turned around and let her daughter lick her pussy clean.

IV. Susan's Reaction

"Did you tell anyone about this relationship you were having with your own
daughter?" Asked Montel.

"Ye," Linda replied. "Someone that I knew would approve."

The Next Day...

The next day Bethany went to school as she did every school day like any
other normal girl her age. Linda got on the phone and called her sister in
New York. Linda's sister Susan had already confessed long ago that she had
an interest in very young girls. Conversations with Susan had in fact started
Linda's fascination with under-aged sexual partners and practically ever
other taboo fetish that Linda had ever become interested in.

"Susan I have to tell you something that's probably going to shock you."
Linda said.

"What, what is it. Susan you know how you told me that you were interested in
very young girls?" Linda asked.

"Sure. I But I haven't acted out any of my fantasies..." Susan started.

"Well Susan, I have." Linda said.

"What?" Susan asked in shock.

"I had sex with a 12 year old." Linda confided.

"You're right that is a big shock. I've always wanted to but, I never thought
that I could get away with it. Who is it? Is it one of Bethany's friends?
Someone in her Scouts troop. Those little uniforms are so damn sexy." Susan

"No, I'm afraid that it is much worse than that. It IS Bethany." Linda

Susan was too stunned to speak but she was also very aroused and more than a
little jealous.

"I can't believe it Linda." Susan was now sure that her sister was putting
her on.

"No Susan it's true, we are making love. And that is what it is. I love her
and we are expressing that sexually." Linda said.

There was a long pause.

"I have to admit sis, I'm more than just a little freaked out. On the one
hand this is all surreal and unbelievable on the other hand, it is the sort
of thing that I have always fantasized about." Susan said.

"Well, are you still coming down for your birthday?" Linda asked.

"Yes." Susan replied.

"Maybe we can help to make your fantasy reality." Said Linda.

V. Taking Things Further

The studio...

"And did your watersport fantasies become fulfilled?" Asked Montel.

The entire audience hoped for one answer.

That Night...

When Bethany returned from school she dropped her backpack behind the couch
and headed to the kitchen to nick a coke. Her mom said that they were bad for
her so she was only allowed to drink one a day. But she cheated outrageously.
She noticed on the fridge door that there was a note. The note said that her
chores were cancelled and that she was to head up stairs to her mother's room
immediately to continue her training as a sex-slave.

Bethany turned and ran up the stairs excitedly. She really enjoyed the things
she had been doing with her mom in the bed and was anxious to continue with
whatever her mom wanted to do. She came to her mother's bedroom door and

"Come in." Her mother said.

Bethany opened the door and her jaw immediately dropped. Bethany stood in
front of her bed and was dressed like she had never seen before. Linda was
wearing a leather corset, knee-high leather boots, and nothing else.

"Well don't just stare dear, come inside and shut the door." Linda ordered.

Bethany walked in and approached her mom after shutting the door. Bethany
herself was dressed most pleasingly in a crisp white shirt and pleated blue
skirt, her school uniform. Linda moved forward, bent down and gave Bethany
a very passionate kiss. She picked her up and placed her on the bed as she
continued to kiss her. Linda lifted her daughter's skirt and then stuck her
hand in Bethany's panties. She began to lightly stroke the girl's pussy.
Bethany was squirming with delight as she made out with and was finger-fucked
by her mother. It was too much pleasure for the young girl to handle and she
was soon cumming. Linda took her sloppy fingers and let Bethany suck them

"Mmm good, that was so good mommy." Bethany said.

"I'm glad you thought so. Now there are some things that you could do for
mommy and if you do a good job there might be a special present for you."
Linda said.

"Really mom!!! What is it?" Bethany asked.

"Not yet, first you have to be mommy's good little slave." Linda said.

"OK I'm ready." Bethany said eagerly.

Bethany figured that she was going to have to lick her mother's butt again
but she was wrong. Her mother had other plans for her that did not involve

"I'm so happy to have such an eager little slave." Said Linda. "Let me go
over the rules with you. First whenever you are in this bedroom you are a
sex slave. Two you have to do every thing that I say no matter what it is
even if you think it is weird or gross. Three when you are acting as my
slave you will call me mistress. If you follow the three rules you'll be
rewarded. Can you follow the three rules?"

"Yes mom." Bethany said.

"What was that?" Linda asked.

"I mean, yes mistress." Bethany corrected herself.

"Good sweetie." Linda said as she ran her fingers through her daughter's
hair. "Now what I want for you to do is something that may seem hard at first
but you will get used to it. Mommy wants to pee in your mouth and she wants
you to drink it."

A million thoughts ran through Bethany's head at one time. She did not know
why her mother wanted her to this. She did not want to do something that
dirty. But she had already agreed to do whatever her mom wanted, there were
obvious benefits, she was enjoying having sex with her mom, and she did enjoy
how her mom was dominating her.

"Yes mistress." Bethany managed just as Linda was beginning to fear her
daughter would balk.

Linda smiled. "Now say it. Say that you want to be mommy's toilet."

"I want to be my mommy's toilet."

"Good, Come with me sweetie." Linda grabbed her daughter's wrist and led her
to her bathroom.

There was a blue pad laid down that had a raised edge all the way around.
"Now take all of you cloths off and then lie down sweetie."

Bethany laid down on the pad as instructed. Linda walked over to her and
squatted over her face.

"Now just lick mommy's pussy like you did the other night until mommy feels
like she is ready." Linda instructed her daughter was only too eager to
please with this request as she had found that she enjoyed licking pussy.

Linda practically sat right on her daughter's face. Bethany immediately began
to massage her mother's pussy with her tongue gliding it over, around and in
her pussy. Linda was being given one of the most pleasurable tongue-fucks
she'd ever experienced in her life. She was holding back her desperate urge
release her bladder, she wanted to time it so that she pissed and came at
the same time. She grabbed her breasts and massaged them as she moaned and
verbally encouraged her daughter. Soon Bethany's oral pleasuring and the
pressure in her bladder was beyond what she could take.

"OHHH Sweetie here it comes!!!" Linda cried.

A hot stream of urine burst forth and hit Bethany's mouth quickly filling it
up and overflowing before she could swallow.

"Drink, drink hurry." Linda cried desperately.

Bethany took a gulp of the hot acrid urine and her mouth was filled again.
Despite the taste her mother's blatant lust was making her very excited and
she actually began to enjoy the experience. After a couple of gulps the
stream subsided and Bethany's belly was filled with her mom's pee.

"Good, that was good Bethany." Her mom said as she panted.

Bethany coughed and then wiped her face.

"Go ahead and shower dear, then you can go do your homework." Linda said.
"And as for your surprise. I bought you your very own cell phone, it's in
your room."

"YAY! Thank you mommy!!!"

more to cum.

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