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Monk: What Really Happened In That Bank Vault (MMMF,oral,anal)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

They were trapped like rats; locked inside the West Bay Bank vault. There were four of them: phobia-riddled former brilliant detective (and now brilliant consultant) Adrian Monk; his beautiful personal assistant Natalie Teeger; SFPD Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (longtime friend of Monk); and SFPD Detective Randy Disher. Ironically, the moment the vault door slammed closed, Monk had solved the case, saying "Here's what happened," and told them that the entire bank staff had conspired to rob the branch.

Monk had been posing as a security guard the bank hired to calm any fears their customers had after the robbery; and they had gone inside the vault to look for clues, and to check Monk's safety deposit box. He wanted to be certain that his late wife Trudy's diamond bracelet was still safe. The staff had locked them in the vault, turned off the phone and ventilation; knowing that it was a long holiday weekend and there would never be enough air to last until Tuesday morning. They had expected the neurotic Monk to retreat into a trance, but he had remained fairly lucid. He had once survived a weekend trapped in a submarine by imagining that his therapist was present by his side. Capt. Stottlemeyer had suggested that they use Trudy's diamond bracelet to saw open a padlock on the door of an electrical box. The venture had reduced the bracelet to a handful of diamonds, but they successfully opened the box and found a keypad connected to the bank's message board. Randy had typed a distress message, hoping to get the attention of a mime stationed outside the bank; but no one was very optimistic.

After several minutes of sitting on the carpeted vault floor staring at each other, Natalie started to think about her life and mortality. She stared at Mr. Monk and started to get moist between her legs. Ever since he had put on that security guard uniform she had found herself attracted to him. She knew the uniform was part of it; Mitch, her late husband, had been in the Navy; but she realized she truly cared for Monk. She was fond of all of them. She was surrounded by the three most important men in her life and she wasn't going to die without making sure they knew it. Natalie stood up in the middle of the vault and announced, "I don't know about you, but if I'm going to die in this vault...I'm going out with a bang!"

And with that remark, Natalie unbuttoned her blouse, shrugged it off her shoulders and threw it in a corner revealing a skimpy, white lace bra that just barely concealed her nipples.

Monk, curled up in a corner, looked over and pleaded, "Natalie, what are you doing?"

"I'm showing the three most important men in my life how much I care for them," she replied and reached behind her, unfastened her bra and let it slide off her arms. She revealed to the men, the most perfect, perky B-cup tits they had ever seen. Leland and Randy stood up and just stared at Natalie...she was really a beautiful woman.

Natalie couldn't believe what she was doing, but the more clothes she removed; the hornier she got. She kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned her slacks and slipped them off one leg at a time. Watching her tits jiggle around was giving Stottlemeyer and Disher erections that were begging to be released.

Monk tried to look away but couldn't, and as he looked up at Natalie, clad only in a barely-there white lace thong he thought to himself that she was truly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen (yes, even more beautiful then Trudy). He had always admired her wonderful legs, and now looking up at them, they seemed to be endlessly long. He couldn't help himself as he reached out with both hands and stroked her perfectly smooth thighs..they were so soft, and silk.

Natalie looked over her shoulder at Disher and Stottlemeyer and joked, "Let's go...chop, chop...get those clothes off."

The two men looked at each other momentarily, shrugged their shoulders and started shedding their suits. No matter how embarrassed they might be, neither was going to miss out on an invitation from Natalie for sex. Natalie returned her attention to Monk, offered her hand to him to stand up, and softly said, "I had a feeling you were going to need some help." She glanced over at the two others; and saw that they had already removed their jackets and shirts; and was pleased with what she saw. Although Randy was considerably younger and better toned than Leland; both were in good shape and not unpleasant to look at. Anticipating what was to follow; Natalie's nipples hardened. She whispered to Monk, "Adrian I know you are probably going to be embarrassed at first, but if we are going to die here, I want to show you how much I have come to love you."

As she lovingly kissed his cheek, he replied, "Here's the know I feel the same."

Natalie unbuttoned his security guard shirt, slipped it off his arms, and helped him tug his undershirt over his head. She noticed that Leland and Randy were standing in their shorts (Leland-boxers and Randy-tighty-whities), and socks; and had to chuckle to herself because Leland actually wore garters.

As Randy watched Natalie's perfect breasts bounce around and stared at her wonderful ass cheeks; he had to tell her out loud, "Natalie, you are amazing!"

To which Leland joined in, "Yeah, I second that...amazing."

Actually blushing, Natalie replied, "Thanks, boys." She dropped to her knees and started to unzip Monk's uniform pants as he kicked off his ever-so shiny shoes. As she tugged his pants down she was already aware that his boxers were concealing something impressive. Feeling flushed, she had to see what was making the mammoth bulge in his shorts, and she gripped the waistband and jerked downward. His erection sprang upward grazing her face. She was so startled, she fell backwards on to her ass and just sat there staring up in disbelief. Monk's cock was a monster. It had to be 13 inches long; as big around as her forearm; with a head the size of a tangerine.

Leland yelled, "Jesus Monk, do you have a license for that weapon!"

Monk blushed and tried to turn away but Natalie raised up on her knees, grabbed his snake in both hands, and said, "O no you don't...that's mine."

As she kneeled in front of Monk, Natalie could feel the moisture between her legs and she knew there was no turning back now. She released Monk's cock, stood up and turning to the other two men challenged, "All right buys, its our turn."

As she hooked her thumbs in her thong and slowly lowered it down her impossibly long legs; she watched the two policemen lower their shorts. Of course neither compared to Monk in size, but both were impressive in their own right. Randy's cock was quite long, maybe 7 inches; but slender...and Leland's was only about 6 inches; but fat as a salami. When Natalie lowered her thong, Randy almost came on the spot. Her pussy was absolutely beautiful...totally shaved except for a tiny, heart-shaped patch of blond fuzz just above her slit. The three men were stunned at the beautiful sight in front of them. She was magnificent.

They stood there in a daze, just staring at the goddess in front of them until Natalie finally took the initiative. She sat down on the carpet, spread her legs apart, bent and raised her knees slightly; then reached down with both hands and gently spread her pussy lips wide, exposing her glistening pink hole. She knew she should have been embarrassed at her brazenness; but the sight of three hard cocks had taken over her consciousness, as she looked up and implored them, "Well?!"

The trio immediately dropped to the floor and crawled over to the magnificent offering before them. Leland attached his lips to her left nipple, while Randy fondled her right and pushed his tongue into her belly button. Adrian, surprisingly, went straight to the prize between her legs. He just sat there staring as she held her lips apart...then leaned forward and, as if in a trance, plunged his tongue deep inside her. Natalie immediately coated his face with her juices and shuddered. Monk jerked back, his face soaked, and grinned...he didn't even ask for a wipe.

As Randy and Leland each sucked on a hard nipple and stroked her stomach; Natalie breathlessly pleaded with them, "Boys, I need a hard cock in me now!"

She had been thinking about the logistics and asked Monk to lay on the carpet. He spread Leland's and Randy's jackets on the floor and lay down. Natalie crawled onto his lap, raised up on her knees, grasped Monk's log in her hands, pulled it down so that it pointed at the ceiling and lodged it between her slit.

Randy and Leland re-attached their lips to Natalie's jelly-bean sized nipples and started to fondle her perfect ass. Natalie reached down, spread her cunt lips apart and ever-so-slowly started to lower herself onto Monk's monster cock. The huge head audibly "popped" into her pussy, and Natalie shuddered and gushed as Randy and Leland bit her nipples. She couldn't believe how far her pussy lips were being stretched as she started to sit on Monk's pole. As she slowly impaled herself; she reached out and wrapped her fingers around Randy and Leland's cocks, on in each fist, and started to stroke them up and down. When she finally bottomed out and had Monk's enormous tool completely inside her; Natalie released their cocks, lay on Monk's chest, and took a deep breath.

Monk couldn't believe how wonderful Natalie's cunt felt wrapped around his cock. He thought that it was such a shame that they were going to die just when he finally realized that he loved this wonderful woman.

Natalie, having caught her breath, directed Randy, "There's another hole back there with your name on it." She had thought about the logistics of the situation and decided she wanted the most slender tool in her smallest orifice. She told Randy, "Listen, I've never done that before...get the hand sanitizer out of my purse. That should provide some lubrication."

Moving with the speed of Mercury, Randy dumped her purse contents on the floor, squirted the entire contents of the bottle on his cock and returned to straddle Natalie (and Monk). Natalie lay on Monk's hairy chest, reached back with her hands to spread her cheeks, and gritted her teeth. Stottlemeyer was just staring at the proceedings, and stroking his cucumber thick cock.

Natalie hadn't forgotten him and assured him, "Leland, as soon as Randy is in; I want you in my mouth...but I don't want to chance biting you until then."

Leland smiled and stroked a little faster. Monk was in heaven and just hoped Randy could avoid actually touching him. Randy directed his cock at Natalie's wide-open sphincter, pushed through her opening, and continued pushing. His soap-coated cock made steady progress and he finally came to a stop with his balls brushing up against her beautiful ass.

Natalie un-gritted her teeth, took a long, deep breath and remarked. "O my God...this feels amazing !"

When Adrian and Randy moved their pelvises to withdraw; Natalie had the most tremendous orgasm of her life and her body shook uncontrollably. This caused the two men to throw caution to the wind, and they started to withdraw and thrust in unison. Natalie, almost out of breath, motioned to Leland and he immediately stepped closer and placed his cock between Natalie's inviting red lips. She sucked him all the way into her throat and he could feel her tongue playing with his swollen head. As he looked down at his cock being sucked by Natalie's angelic face; Leland knew he wasn't going to last long. Natalie couldn't believe the feeling of being totally filled, stuffed with cock. Even her tummy felt full. All four friends were thinking the exact same thing: if you have to go...this is the way to do it.

Natalie reached out and grabbed Leland by his ass cheeks as all three cocks continued to pound into her holes. This was not just sex for Monk because he finally realized that he had been falling in love with this wonderful woman for years. As he pounded into Natalie's cunt, he imagined they were making a baby together. Monk reached up with both hands and rolled Natalie's jelly-bean nipples between his fingers, as Randy put his arms around her and pinched her clit. Natalie screamed at the top of her lungs (making only a muffled, muted sound) as Monk, Randy, and Leland thrust as deeply into her holes as they could and held themselves there.

Suddenly Natalie had three fire-hoses, twitching and erupting inside her. She could feel the warmth inside her as they filled her ass and pussy with their seed; and she was struggling to swallow all of Leland's cum.

As Leland slowly withdrew from her mouth and slumped to the floor beside them; all four knew they were spent in more ways than one. They were exhausted; but rather than face the reality of their impending doom...they began to think of different combinations. As Randy and Monk started to shrivel and slide out of Natalie; they felt the ventilation start up and the vault phone rang.

Leland leaped to his feet, ran to answer it and immediately started grinning. He hung up and shouted, "We're saved...the mime saw the soon as the regional bank manager gets here we're free!"

The other three survivors jumped up and literally started dancing with joy. As Natalie danced, her legs were flooded with their combined juices. She soon noticed that the three men had stopped dancing and were just standing there, mouths open, watching her naked body bounce and jiggle. She stopped and said to her companions very matter-of-factly, "OK, we will never mention a word of what happened inside this vault today. I don't regret it for none minute, but it will be our secret to the death...agreed?"

They all nodded in agreement; but Natalie and Adrian's eyes made contact for a long minute and they both knew that a new chapter in their relationship was just beginning. They dressed quickly; cleaned the wet carpet as well as they could with Monk's undershirt and stuffed it into his safety deposit box.

When they were finally walking out of the bank; Adrian asked Natalie to hold out her hands. When she did, Monk poured the loose diamonds from Trudy's broken bracelet into them and said, "I think you deserve these."

As a tear rolled down her cheek, Natalie kissed Monk's cheek, took his arm, and they walked out together.


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