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A sequel to Happy Birthday Mr. Monk.

Monk: Merry Christmas Mr. Monk (MFF,oral,first)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

It had been a few months since Mr. Monk and Natalie had first made love. Since that memorable night; they had hooked up a few times, but nothing on a a regular basis. They, of course, saw each other every day at the office (and once, overcome by mutual lust, they had even had animal sex on Adrian's desk.

Natalie was incredibly horny one day and had worn a skirt with a slit all the way up to her waist; and no panties. She knew how much Adrian was turned on by her wonderful legs and had teased him all day with flashes of thigh...and more. Monk finally was overcome with lust and had actually ripped Natalie's skirt off).

Natalie dated occasionally and even Mr. Monk tried dating. He had remembered to call Michelle Rivas from the S.F. Power Authority; who had told him to call her if his situation ever changed; but she was now married. He was still debating whether to call Marcy Mavin, his biggest fan. He had a feeling that sex with her would be a sure thing. All in all, Mr. Monk was content with his life, even though he would never admit it.

"A. Monk Private Investigations", the detective agency he and Natalie were partners in was an overwhelming success, and they still had a consulting contract with the S.F.P.D. Monk even socialized with Leland Stottlemeyer outside of work on occasion. Monk knew that he was in love with Natalie, but didn't think he could ever marry again, so he was content with their relationship.

Natalie, too, was content with her life. She made a very good living with their agency; and she could easily afford, her daughter, Julie's tuition. Natalie loved her job and she loved Adrian, but she was satisfied with their relationship and had no desire to marry him. She didn't think Monk would ever be able to marry again; he would never be truly free of Trudy's memory. And even though he had mellowed a lot (down to one package of wipes per week), he was still incredibly fastidious and could drive her crazy at times. No, she had no desire to live full time with him; but she could never give up the sex. She enjoyed dating other men; but she always came back to Monk for sex. The feeling she got when his donkey-dick was inside her, filling her up completely, was indescribable and irreplaceable.

Natalie had always been very close to her daughter Julie, and they shared virtually every intimate secret. Julie's freshman year in college, studying drama, had proved to be very frustrating for her. Julie was a beautiful girl, a younger version of her mother, and had dated several boys in high school and now college; but she remained a virgin and lately had become almost desperate to know what sex with a man felt like. She could have sex with any one of her dates; but she was waiting for someone she loved; someone special. When she had her first boyfriend in high school, her mother had forced Mr. Monk to talk to her about love and boys. Monk had reluctantly talked to Julie and had told her about Trudy and true love, and knowing when it felt right. It was a conversation Julie had never forgotten. When Julie had confided her frustration to her mother; they mutually decided that she would lose her virginity to Mr. Monk. Julie did love Mr. Monk; she wasn't "in love" with him, but she did love him. He had held a special place in her heart since they first met and he had saved the life of her pet goldfish. He had always been there for her when she had tried to be a fashion model for a murderous designer, when her basketball coach was murdered, and just last year when a reviewer had panned her performance and Monk had proved he was committing a murder and never even heard her sing. It just felt right that Mr. Monk be her first lover.

It was Christmas Eve and Natalie had invited Adrian to her house for dinner. She told to pack a bag because he would be staying overnight, and she and Julie had a very special gift for him. As Monk knocked on Natalie's front door he was very anxious. When she had said he would be staying overnight, he thought she meant they would be having sex; but now that he knew Julie would be there he had his doubts and was feeling disappointed. When Natalie and Julie opened the door together, they were laughing and giggling so cheerfully that their mood was contagious and Mr. Monk's disappointment was instantly forgotten.

After a wonderful meal, they watched "A Christmas Story" on TV and then Julie suggested they all get ready for bed and then open a present. When they were upstairs, Monk almost made the mistake of turning into Natalie's bedroom to change, before heading for the guestroom. He wasn't sure if Julie knew about their relationship and he wasn't going to be the one to give away a secret.

After changing, Mr. Monk started back down the hallway to the stairs. As he passed Natalie's open doorway, he heard Julie and Natalie call him and ask him to step inside for a moment. Thinking nothing of it, Monk turned right into Natalie's bedroom and found mother and daughter standing facing him, wearing matching fluffy, white bathrobes. Momentarily startled he asked, "Are we going to open a gift now?"

Natalie replied, "Yes we are," and, as in unison as a chorus line, mother and daughter untied their belts and let their robes fall from their shoulders to the floor.

Mr. Monk's knees actually buckled and his jaw fell open because both Julie and Natalie were totally and completely naked.

As if Monk weren't stunned enough, Natalie said," Merry Christmas Adrian...your special gift this year is Julie's virginity!"

Monk actually felt faint as he quickly sat down on the end of Natalie's bed. As he regained his composure he just stared at the two naked beauties standing before him. He had previously come to the conclusion that Natalie had the most beautiful body he had ever seen. Her breasts were not large, but her wonderful, marvelously long legs were what put her ahead of even his beloved Trudy. He couldn't stop staring at the youthful Julie. She was actually a little taller than her mother and not as curvy; she still had a little, what could only be called, babyfat. It wasn't that she was fat; far from it. She was slender like her mother; she just wasn't all toned and chiseled from constantly working-out like so many young women these days. Julie was more feminine and soft; and Monk liked it. Her breasts were smaller then her mother's; some would have called her flat-chested, but not Monk. Her nipples were puffy and inviting. Since he was at crotch level, sitting on the bed, he couldn't help looking between Julie's legs. Her mound was very prominent and puffy and, unlike her mother, her labia were very long and hung down almost an inch outside of her mound. Julie's small breasts and completely shaved pussy gave her the appearance of being younger than her 19 years and this, Monk was ashamed to admit to himself, seemed to turn him on even more. As he gazed at these two magnificent creatures Monk thought to himself that blond, completely shaved women gave new meaning to the word "nude."

Natalie and Julie joined Monk on the end of the bed; one on each side of him, and they each put an arm around him. Natalie explained how they had arrived at this situation and kissed him on the cheek. Julie, who had thought she would be petrified at having Mr. Monk see her nude, realized she was completely at ease and re-assured him that, "it just feels right."

Natalie took Mr. Monk's hand and they all stood up. She chuckled to him, "One of us has way too many clothes on." Monk immediately kicked off his slippers and Natalie laughed, "Mr. socks !"

To which he replied, "I'm trying to be more flexible...I'm not even wearing boxers."

Julie had to add, "being flexible is our job tonight!"

There was no tension or nervousness in the room; just three people who loved each other. Julie undid the belt to Mr. Monk's robe and slid it off his shoulders to the floor. Natalie unbuttoned his pajama top and they each took an arm and slid it off his torso.

Natalie looked at her daughter and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

Julie said, "I've seen dicks before, mom."

"Not like this," Natalie said as they both started tugging at the waistband of his pj's.

As they lowered his pants and sunk to their knees, Julie's eyes got as big as saucers and she blurted out, "O my God, mom!" Julie had seen cocks before and even had given handjobs, but she had never seen anything that resembled what hung between Mr. Monk's legs. It hung down almost to his knees, and was enormous. It was like a salami with a head the size of a tangerine. Julie started to say, "Mom, I don't think..." but Natalie interrupted her thoughts and said, "Don't worry Angel, it will fit."

Julie couldn't help herself, she was mesmerized; and she reached out and put her hand on Mr. Monk's cock. As soon as she touched it, it started to rise like a construction crane. She immediately put both hands around it (her fingers just barely touched) and just held it in front of her face. By now it was pointed straight at the ceiling and Julie removed her left hand and started to caress his scrotum... it was so soft and seemed to contain two golf balls. Natalie remembered the first time she had seen that monster and recognized the awe on her daughter's face. Since she was kneeling right in front of him, Monk reached out with both hands and gently squeezed Julie's puffy little breasts. That broke her trance and she let out an involuntary moan as he pinched her nipples.

Natalie stood up and urged Mr. Monk to lay down on her bed. She said, "I know Julie is a little apprehensive about the size of your cock, so I'm going to show her that with patience and practice, everything stretches."

Mr. Monk lay back on the bed and his cock stuck in the air like a third leg. Natalie crawled over him until she was in the classic "69" position.

Julie said, "there's no way Mom," and Natalie replied, "you'll see."

Natalie licked the drop of pre-cum off the slit and sank her lips over the bulbous head. As if that wasn't enough of a feat, she kept slowly lowering her head on Mr. Monk's cock until it was more than half way down her throat. Each time they had been together, she had taken a little more of Monk's cock into her mouth. The bad part was it was so thick that it completely blocked her airway, so he had to back off every time she needed a breath.

While Natalie was trying to stuff more of his monster cock down her throat, Monk was enjoying her cunt. She was already dripping wet as he licked each side of her slit. Monk reached up and squeezed her perfect ass cheeks as he plunged his tongue deep into her bald pussy. Natalie came immediately and her juices flooded Mr. Monk's face. He joked, "Wipe...I need a wipe!"

Natalie heard him, and started to laugh, and nearly choked on a mouthful of cock. Monk had almost forgotten that Natalie was a "gusher." He slowly inserted three fingers into Natalie's pussy and felt around for her G-spot ; and simultaneously nibbled on her clit. He knew when he found it because he got another shower. Natalie was breathing so hard she had to come up for air.

As she disengaged her mouth from Mr. Monk's pole she motioned for Julie, who had been just sitting on the side of the bed observing and rubbing her pussy, to join her. Mother and daughter sat on different sides of the bed and each placed a hand on Mr. Monk's monster cock. As they started stroking him with an ever increasing pace; Natalie explained to her daughter, "I'll bet you didn't think I would be able to get that snake down my throat, but believe me Angel you have nothing to worry about; things stretch more than you think."

As they continued to jerk Mr. Monk's cock, Julie took her free hand and gently squeezed his testicles. This put him over the top and Monk erupted like a volcano. Julie was amazed by the volume of cum squirting into the air. She took her mother's lead and began slurping it off the sides of his cock and licking it off his stomach and her own hand. They cleaned Monk up like a kitten cleans his bowl of milk.

Natalie said, with satisfaction, "Now he will last longer with you."

As Monk lay there smiling he couldn't help reminding himself how incredibly beautiful Natalie was; and asking himself how he could have been blind to it for so many years. He reasoned that until he had solved Trudy's murder, he just wasn't ready to accept any beauty or pleasure. He was brought back to reality by Natalie saying, "And now it's time for Mr. Monk's special Christmas gift!"

Monk sat up on the side of the bed and Julie took his place as the center of attention. Mr. Monk lay beside her, kissed her on the forehead, and gently started to caress her chest. He traced circles around each of her tiny tits. As he gently pinched her left nipple, he took her right one into his mouth. The entire breast with it's puffy little nipple fit in his mouth, and his tongue played with the tip. Natalie rubbed her daughter's tummy and stroked her long, beautiful blond hair.

As Monk softly bit one nipple and pinched the other; Julie moaned with pleasure. He kissed each nipple and started to kiss his way down the center of her incredibly soft body. He licked her naval and she giggled and involuntarily spread her legs. Monk kissed his way down from her belly button almost to her slit, and then sat back on his heels to look at her. Natalie took the opportunity to slide a pillow under Julie's round little ass. With her tiny little titties and her completely bald pussy, Monk felt like he was about to break the law... but he knew she was really 19.

He turned to Natalie and said, "Here's the thing; do I need a, you know, thing?"

Natalie just whispered, "No." She knew Julie had been on the pill for at least a year, just hoping she would meet "the right one."

Mr. Monk put his hands on Julie's waist and lowered his face to her cunt. He licked first one side and then the other. Julie squirmed and pinched her own nipples as Mr. Monk ran his tongue up the center of her slit. He took the thumb and forefinger of each hand, grasped her glistening long cunt lips and spread her pussy open. Monk didn't think he had ever seen a pink that vivid. As he dove his tongue deep into her cunt, his nose brushed her clit, he felt Julie shudder and suddenly his face was soaking wet. He looked up at Julie's angelic face, smiled, and said. "That's one thing you and your mother have in common."

Natalie knelt on the bed and reached out to stroke Mr. Monk's penis, but there was no need; it was rock hard and ready. Mr. Monk sat up and lay his cock on Julie's stretched nearly to her belly button. If she had not been so turned on, she would have been frightened.

Julie smiled and invited him, "Fuck me Mr. Monk!"

Natalie pleaded, "Be gentle with my baby!"

To which Mr. Monk replied, "You know I will, I love Julie"

Julie's pussy was soaking wet and Monk rubbed the head of his cock up and down against it to lubricate his weapon. Natalie inserted two fingers inside her own cunt, scooped out her juices, and rubbed it on Monk's cock. Natalie used both her hands and spread her daughter's virgin cunt open. Mr. Monk took his cock in both hands and nudged it into Julie's pink slit. Julie was trying not to show it but she was gritting her teeth as Monk applied steady forward pressure, stretching her opening wider than it had ever been. She was ready to yell "stop" when she heard an actual "plop" sound; and that tangerine sized head was inside her. Monk stopped pushing and looked up at Julie. She had beads of sweat on her forehead when she smiled and said, "More."

Natalie again used her own juices to coat Mr. Monk's monster and lay down next to Julie to watch. Monk gently started to inch his cock into Julie, but after only another inch he encountered her hymen blocking his way. They both knew what needed to be done so he, ever so slowly, pushed forward until he felt the resistance give way; and Julie winced. "More, " she repeated.

Monk started once again sliding into her hole. If there was any blood, they wouldn't know until later because there was no way it could seep out with Mr. Monk's log blocking the way. Mr. Monk continued to push and Julie's cunt continued to stretch until finally he was completely inside her.

"O my God, Mr. Monk," Julie exclaimed, "it feels so wonderful."

Monk lay on top of Julie, put his arms around her, and just held for several minutes, letting her pussy get used to his size. Natalie just smiled and hugged them both as she whispered to Julie, "I told you it would fit."

Julie couldn't believe how full her cunt was. She thought to herself that if Mr. Monk got up and walked around the room, she would still be stuck to his cock like a barbeque skewer.

Monk very slowly withdrew his penis until just the head was inside Julie. He noticed that there was just a trace of blood coating his cock and thought to himself how brave Julie had been. He slowly started to slide into her and began a series of long, slow strokes. Monk pushed himself up on his hands so he could watch his cock disappearing into Julie's cunt. He loved to watch her long lips clinging to his cock on the outstroke. Natalie and Julie both looked down with didn't seem possible that anything that huge could fit inside Julie's pussy. Monk slid all the way into Julie and ground his pelvis against her clit. She whimpered and he could feel her gushing around his cock. Now that she was totally lubricated and getting used to his invading girth, Monk picked up the pace. He grabbed her cute little ass cheeks in his hands and started to plow into her with hard, deep strokes.

Julie screamed, "Fuck me Mr. Monk...fuck me!"

Monk forgot all about being gentle and started to pound into Julie's cunt as hard as he could. Her pussy was so tight and felt so good gripping his cock. Natalie put her arm around her daughter's shoulders and hugged her, remembering her first time with Monk.

Mr. Monk continued to pound Julie's pussy; withdrawing until just the head was inside her and then driving forward until his balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

Julie screamed, "Mom, I can't believe I'm so full. It feels like he's splitting me apart and yet it feels wonderful. I don't ever want him to stop!"

Monk released Julie's left cheek and reached down between their bodies and pinched her engorged clit, just as he slammed into her full force. Julie screeched and had the most intense orgasm of her young life. Monk didn't stop; he just kept thrusting into her at a torrid pace. Julie couldn't count the number of orgasms she had. Monk made one final powerful thrust and then he stopped; holding himself inside her. Deep inside her cunt, Julie could feel Mr. Monk's monster cock twitching; and then she felt hot liquid gushing from his hose. She tried to talk, but was actually breathless.

Monk withdrew his cock, and when he pulled free of Julie's lips there was an audible "pop" like the sound of a vacuum being broken. Julie's cunt had been stretched so far that her hole actually stayed open for several long seconds and fluid came gushing out like a dam had broken. The pillow under Julie's little round ass was soaked.

Natalie reached down and discarded it on the floor saying, "We don't need a wet spot in my bed tonight."

The trio lay back in bed exhausted, with Natalie in the middle.

Julie said softly, "Thank you Mr. Monk and Merry Christmas. I love you."

As Mr. Monk replied, "Merry Christmas Julie, I love you too," he noticed she was holding something she had taken from her mother's was the snow globe he had given her years ago when he told her about the beauty of snow. Mr. Monk smiled to himself and came to the conclusion that he was truly the luckiest man on earth; and he knew in his heart that Trudy would be happy for him. He turned to Natalie and whispered, "I love you too gorgeous!"

Natalie put her arms across his chest, kissed his cheek, and whispered in his ear, "Get some rest big-boy, because I expect to receive my gift first thing in the morning. Merry Christmas Adrian."

Monk chuckled and replied, " I've got it right here, but I'm not wrapping it."


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