A fictional story involving fictional characters.

Story takes place a few months after the last episode of "Monk."

Monk: Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk (MF)
by Shaggy77

As Adrian Monk strode up the sidewalk to the Teeger residence, he was filled with anticipation and some trepidation. It was Tuesday; pot pie night, but it also happened to be his birthday. He loved pot pie night but he was afraid Natalie was planning another surprise party; and he hated surprises. He reassured himself that he had scoped the entire neighborhood and hadn't recognized a single car. In the months since he had finally solved the most devastating case of his career; the murder of his beloved Trudy; Monk had begun to change gradually, revert actually to the man he had been before tragedy entered his life. He had started to take long walks all around the city by himself. His list of phobias had been cut in half. He actually shook hands with some people without a wipe. As a matter of fact he was down to one package of wipes per week. Capt. Stottlemeyer had actually caught Adrian whistling a few times. Monk had rejected reinstatement by the SFPD and chose instead to continue as a paid consultant and to operate the fabulously successful P.I. agency that he and Natalie were now equal partners in. Monk was even helping his brother Ambrose conquer his agoraphobia.

Monk knocked on Natalie's door and heard her voice coming from some distant part of the house telling him to come in. Still suspicious he inched the door open, and seeing noone in a party hat, he stepped inside the house. He called out, "Is Julie going to be jumping out at me?"

Monk heard Natalie yell from upstairs, "No, remember she's in college, she's only her on weekends now. It's just the two of us, I promise."

Still not completely trusting her, Monk quickly looked around and was about to sit on the sofa when Natalie asked him to help her with something upstairs. Knowing how he lacked any handyman skills, he grudgingly climbed the stairs. "Where are you," he called out.

"In the bedroom," she replied.

He had been in that room once before when she was sick with a voodoo curse, so he knew right where it was. As soon as he entered the room, the door slammed shut behind him. Monk turned, and there was a breathtakingly beautiful Natalie. She was wearing a short, black lace nightie; just barely long enough to cover her crotch and ass cheeks. Her marvelous, impossibly long legs were completely bare except for a pair of black stiletto heels. He had often secretly thought she had the most amazing legs he had ever seen (even nicer than Trudy's). Her graceful shoulders were naked except for the spaghetti straps and a few wisps of her blond hair. The first thought to cross his mind was not, surprisingly panic, but he wondered how he never realized until this moment how incredibly beautiful Natalie truly was. His lower jaw dropped and he just stood there drinking in her loveliness. Time seemed frozen.

Natalie finally spoke, "Happy Birthday Adrian. I'm your gift. You don't have to say a word; just come and unwrap me."

Almost in a trance, Monk approached his gift, and gently reached out with both hands and simultaneously slid the straps off Natalie's shoulders. In one motion the nightie slid slowly down her body and pooled around her feet. She was magnificent. She was completely nude except for a tiny, black thong that tied at each hip. Her breasts were smaller than Trudy's, B cups, but were perfectly shaped. Her pink areolas were capped with jelly-bean sized nipples which pointed slightly upward.

Natalie tugged at the ties on her thong and it fell to the floor revealing her perfectly bald pussy. She said to Monk, "I shaved this morning. I wanted it to be perfectly clean for you."

Monk just stood there in a daze.

Natalie said, "Now its my turn," and she started to remove Monk's sport coat.

Monk stood perfectly still as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down his arms. If this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up. Natalie ran her hands through his chest hair and dropped to her knees; lifted each of his feet as she removed his shoes and socks. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor. Now Natalie was getting excited because the bulge in his boxers appeared to be quite sizeable. Monk closed his eyes as Natalie started tugging down his shorts.

Natalie had often wondered what attracted a beauty like Trudy to an admitted nerd like Monk, and now she knew...Adrian Monk had the most enormous cock she had ever seen. It flopped out of his boxers like an elephants trunk. It hung down to his knees and had a head the size of a lemon. Natalie had once watched an x-rated video, with her late husband Mitch, that had starred a porn actor named Mandingo. His penis must have been a foot long, but it looked like a hotdog compared to Monk's salami.

The second Natalie touched Monk's penis it sprang to life. It just kept getting bigger and harder until it pointed straight at the ceiling. It almost reached Adrian's nipples. Natalie reached around the monster with both hands (her fingers barely touched; it was that fat) and pulled it down parallel to the floor. She started to lick it like an ice cream cone...starting at the base and trailing her tongue all the way to its tip. After a couple minutes of this,

Adrian started to tremble and said to Natalie, "I haven't been with a woman in over ten years."

She replied, "I know. Don't hold back. After your first orgasm you'll last a lot longer."

Natalie wasn't sure she could get the head of his cock in her mouth, but she was going to try. Still on her knees she slowly tried to get the entire head in her mouth and starting teasing it with her tongue. She felt Adrian tense and then her mouth was filled with his explosion. She swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed. It had been a long time for Adrian.

Natalie stood up, kicked off her heels, took Monk by the hand and led him to her bed. She lay back, scooted up to the pillow and said to Adrian, "I'm all yours. Happy Birthday."

Monk looked at Natalie, completely naked on the bed, her hair tousled on the pillow, her legs slightly parted; and realized he had never wanted anything in his life (not even Trudy) more than he wanted Natalie at this moment. He was determined to make this wonderful woman as happy as he was.

His cock was as hard as stone again but he wasn't going to rush things. Monk couldn't believe how beautiful Natalie was and he wanted to just look at her body forever. He crawled onto the foot of the bed, took her ankles in each hand and gently spread her wonderful legs apart. Then Monk sucked each of Natalie's toes into his mouth one by one; never once thinking about germs. Monk, ever so slowly, slid his hands up her impossibly long legs. He couldn't believe how smooth her skin was; it was like silk. When his hands reached her crotch, Adrian knelt between Natalie's thighs and just breathed in her scent. The bed beneath her ass was already soaked with her juices. She was trembling with excitement.

Monk used his thumbs to gently separate her labia and slightly blew air into Natalie's bright pink pussy. She shivered violently and had her first orgasm. Adrian slowly started licking the outside of her lips; first one side and then the other. While doing this with his tongue, he pushed the index finger of his right hand into Natalie's dripping cunt. She had her second orgasm. Monk slid first two, then three fingers inside her hole Her clit stood out like a gumdrop and Adrian took it between his teeth...orgasm number three. Monk crawled up Natalie's perfect body and started to nibble on her left nipple. He sat up and laid his cock on her stomach.

Natalie moaned,"I need that snake inside me now; but its so huge." Monk knew what she meant. He wrapped his arms around her and flipped them over so she was on top.

Natalie quickly straddled his body, grabbed his monster and pointed it at the ceiling. Monk reached up and gently cupped each of her perfect breasts in his hands, pinching her nipples between his fingers. She raised up and nudged his cockhead between her pussy lips. She didn't think there was any way that monster would fit inside her cunt, but she was going to try her best. Ever so slowly, Natalie started to sit on Adrian's cock. Her juices were flowing a stream as she lowered herself onto his pole. Her cunt lips stretched further and further until she actually heard a "plop" and the head was inside her. Monk put his hands on her waist and started to pull her down onto his cock. Inch by inch Natalie's pussy stretched until she was finally sitting on Adrian's lap; completely filled with cock; her pussy stretched as far as it would stretch. She just sat there for what seemed forever, feeling him twitch in side her; enjoying how it felt.

She was going to ask him how he felt, but she saw tears forming at the corners of eyes, and she didn't have to ask. Natalie slowly raised up, feeling his cock draw her pussy lips out and then sat down again. She did this a few more times then Adrian took over. He grabbed one of her perfect ass cheeks in each hand and flipped them over again. He was on top and in charge now. Monk slowly withdrew his monster cock and then slammed it into Natalie's cunt as hard as he could. Instinct took over and Adrian started pounding her pussy as hard and fast as he could. They both lost all control.

Natalie screamed, "O my god...your cock is so fucking huge...don't stop. Fuck me as hard as you can."

After five minutes of pounding, Monk knew he couldn't hold out much longer. He panted, "I don't have a condom Natalie."

Natalie breathlessly screamed, "I want to feel hot cum shoot all the way inside me. Fill me up Adrian!"

Monk grabbed Natalie's ass, drove his cock all the way inside her hot cunt and held it there. She felt him start to shoot inside her pussy and she had the best orgasm of her life.

Monk stayed inside of Natalie until his cock shriveled and slipped out. As they lay in each others arms, Natalie said, "Wait until you see what I have planned for Christmas!"

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