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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 7.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Alex Dunphy was used to seeing her older sister Haley flirting with boys. Haley had always been a massive flirt, to put it nicely, and Alex was pretty sure that it was her earliest memory of her sister and what she long defined her as. Sometimes Haley did this because she was bored, or wanted to screw with someone, but mostly she did it with intent, and she was so very good at it. Like, if it was a category at the Olympics Haley would win gold. Of course, for the past year or so it had been merely a mask to hide what was really going on with them, but over the past few days something had changed, and a smart as she was Alex just couldn't put her finger on it. But enough was enough, and she was going to find out.

"Haley." Alex snapped, quickly walking up to her sibling, "There's a... family emergency. We've got to go, okay?"

"Okay." Haley said somewhat dismissively, barely looking at her sister before leaning into the stupid boy and softly telling him loud enough so Alex could hear, "You've got my number."

"Come on!" Alex growled, pulling her sister away from the good looking but no doubt dumb boy.

"So, is this a real family emergency, or..." Haley whispered once they were far enough away.

"We need to talk." Alex grumbled.

"So talk." Haley shrugged.

"Not here!" Alex hissed, fuming all the way back to the car and then when they were both safely inside snapped, "You're trying to make me jealous, is that it?"

"Duh." Haley replied.

"Why?" Alex snapped again, even more angrily than before.

"You're the smart one, you figure it out." Haley snapped back, clearly just as angry.

There was a long silence and then Alex passive aggressively secured her seatbelt, and once Haley had done the same, turned on the engine and made her way out of the parking area. Once they were on the road Alex began searching her mind for something she could of done to piss off her sister/secret girlfriend, but as much as she tried she just couldn't think of anything, which just made her even more angry. Which wasn't going to help the situation, and as much as Alex wanted to just have a yelling/screaming match with her sibling like when they were younger Haley was more than just a sister to her now and Alex didn't want to risk their relationship over something potentially trivial.

So Alex forced herself to remain calm as she offered, "Is it because I wouldn't fuck you in the changing rooms? Because you know we almost got caught last time, and this whole shopping spree, idea was to do something 'normal' and not suspiciously romantic, so-"

"It's not that." Haley grumbled.

There was more silence as Alex thought some more then she asked, "Is it because I wouldn't even let you in the changing rooms? Because you know you can't be trusted, and I'll totally model my new clothes for you later."

Haley smirked, "Well, I'm not happy about that, but you're right. I can't be trusted. And it's actually kind of nice having some mystery in our relationship."

Yet more silence as Alex thought, then she tried, "Is it because it's my turn to be in charge? Because I thought you liked our new arrangement?"

"I do." Haley said, "I mean, I loved being your full-time top, but taking it in turns is cool."

"Good." Alex grumbled, then after more silence asked, "Is it because I'm not home enough? Because I've told you, I'm at home as much as I can, but I have to go to class sometimes. And you don't make it easy to study."

"It's not that either." Haley said softly, clearly having calmed down.

"What then?" Alex softly exclaimed, no longer angry but very frustrated.

"You won't fuck my ass." Haley whined.

"Huh?" Alex mumbled, blinking a few times in confusion before questioning, "But, but I thought you were having second thoughts about taking it up the butt?"

"I said I was nervous. Not that I didn't want to do it." Haley grumbled, "I mean, I know how hard it makes you cum, so I definitely want to try it. And I've been so rough with you in the past, so you deserve a little revenge."

Alex smiled softly, and as they were at a red light put her hand gently on Haley's thigh, "I don't want revenge. But I do want to fuck your sexy little ass."

Haley smiled back, almost shyly as she told her sibling, "But I want you to have revenge. Partly because I feel guilty, but mostly because I want you to be all riled up and dominant when you take my anal cherry. Seriously Alex, nothing's hotter than when you're bossy with me, and nothing makes you cum harder than a deep, hard ass fucking. So that's exactly what I want. Not a gentle butt stretching. And making you jealous seemed like the best way to get a taste of my own medicine."

There was a brief moment of silence, then Alex smiled again, this time more wickedly, "Oh Haley... all you had to do was ask."

* * *

After that exchange Alex didn't exactly speed, but there were no complaints from Haley that she was driving like a grandma. Of course, that might have been because Haley was too busy smirking triumphantly, and staring lustfully, at her. But Alex was doing her best to ignore that and concentrate on the road and not going too fast, while going as fast as was legal. Luckily as they had cut short their shopping trip there was barely any traffic, and even better, no one was home when they returned and rushed up to their room.

Once she locked the door behind them Alex turned to find Haley slowly removing her tightfitting pants to reveal a tiny thong digging into her ass cheeks and... yeah, Alex really should have realised that Haley wanted to get her virgin ass fucked. Obviously showing off Haley wiggled her ass suggestively, slowly slipped out of her jeans and shoes before removing the tiny thong. Then she wiggled her cute little ass again. Then she straightened up, looked behind her and gave Alex a beaming smile, which quickly turned wicked.

"Are you just going to stand there and watch?" Haley teased.

Haley then laughed as Alex practically tore off her own clothes, giving her the chance to casually remove her top and bra before crawling into the centre of the nearest bed and wiggling her ass again once Alex was back in position to enjoy the view again. Alex then stared at her ass, drool practically coming out of her mouth for a few seconds, and then she scrambled onto the bed and grabbed Haley's ass. She then gave the kind of lengthy groping that Haley was used to giving to her kid sister, which she supposed was her first taste of her own medicine. Minus the other times she had let Alex be in charge, although this was different, which Alex demonstrated when she suddenly gave Haley's butt a hard double smack.

Which caused Haley to cry out happily, "Oh God Alex, yes! Spank me! Spank me like the naughty girl I am. Oooooooh, teach me a lesson by, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck!"

Before Haley could get another word out Alex started to spank her. And not like a playful spanking like she had meant, like the kind Haley had often given Alex, but a serious butt beating which made Haley cry out in pure pain. She considered pulling away, or demanding Alex stop, but she still felt guilty that she had basically treated her own sister/the girl she was in love with like a piece of meat for the better part of the year, and the whole point of tonight was to let Alex get some revenge. Besides, it was kind of impressive how Alex was dishing out the spanking, constantly switching from cheek to cheek while mostly giving them a smack one at a time. Although there was a brief moment she played her butt like the bongos, which made them both giggle.

Then over time the atmosphere changed between them. The spanking no longer felt like revenge, but it certainly wasn't playful either, and Haley got the feeling that Alex was actually enjoying this as much as she was. That they were both getting off on this twisted act, which made Haley wonder what it would be like to bend over Alex's knee and receive a 'proper' spanking. Or better yet what it would be like to bend Alex over her knee and give her big fat ass a 'proper' spanking. Maybe with a hairbrush, or something from a BDSM catalogue. Oh yes, Haley really liked the thought of that, especially because of how much that would make Alex's meaty cheeks jiggle.

Just as she was seriously considering asking if they could do that instead of taking her anal cherry so she could show Alex how to properly spank someone, or encourage her just to spank her harder, Alex suddenly stopped the butt beating in favour of some ass kissing. As in she literally lent down and started to kiss Haley's now sore little ass cheeks, the older sister letting out a relieved sigh as the younger sister gently pressed her lips to her right ass cheek, then the left, and so on, Alex going back and forth and literally kissing Haley's ass better. Which was nice enough to earn her a little encouragement. But it was not what Haley really wanted, and as she knew this was a prelude to that it wasn't long before she was begging for it.

"Yessssssss, oh Alex, kiss my ass Alex." Haley cooed softly in delight, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, kiss my ass you sexy little bitch! Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, remind me why I like keeping you around as my personal ass kisser. Oh yeah, that feels really good. Nice and soothing. Ooooooooh yeah, be nice to my ass after you were so mean to it. Ohhhhhhhhh, and do you know what would really feel good? If you kissed my ass hole. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, come on Alex, don't be shy. We both know you love nothing more than to give my ass hole a tongue bath, so go ahead and lick it. Lick it, kiss it, fuck it. Oh yeah Alex, if you want to fuck my ass first you gotta lick it. Yeahhhhhhhh, make it nice and ready for your big strap-on dick. Oh fuck, oh, please Alex, just lick my ass! Please, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Alex normally didn't need much encouragement to give her precious sister a rim job, but today was different. Today she wasn't just rimming Haley for their mutual pleasure. No, Alex was preparing Haley for her first ever butt fucking, and that made her extremely nervous. Besides, it was kind of fun to torture Haley by drawing out the ass kissing, and Alex felt that this cute little behind deserved some of the love and attention that her fat ass nearly always got. Which was why ultimately she pulled apart Haley's butt cheeks with both hands, and then, while carefully balancing on her knees, Alex buried her face in between those cheeks and started eagerly lapping away at her big sister's most private hole.

It wasn't the gentle ass licking she normally started off with, Alex deciding just to go straight in for the eager and forceful licks, and then ultimately tried to push her tongue up Haley's butt. As the biggest thing Haley had ever had up there was one of their fingers it didn't get very far, but Alex tried like she never tried before, and with persistence actually penetrated that tight anal ring. Which she'd actually done before, but as this still technically virgin hole was going to be stretched like never before Alex gave Haley the longest rim job she'd ever given her, pulling back several times to spit into that forbidden hole to make sure it was nice and nasty, which she knew would help Haley to relax.

Ultimately Alex pulled back and forth one of her fingers into her mouth. She then sucked on it passionately for a few seconds before lining at up with Haley's ass hole and slowly but surely pushing it into her big sister's butt. Which again, she had done before, but this time she wasn't thinking what she could do to get Haley off. She wasn't even concentrating on what she was going to do in a matter of minutes. No, Alex became consumed by just how tight her big sister's butt hole was, that perverted thought combining with remembering what she was about to do too making it impossible for her not to moan with pleasure and complement Haley on her incredibly tight ass.

"Oh Haley, you're soooooooooo tight." Alex moaned, before smirking, "I remember you telling me how tight I was during my first time, but I swear, your even tighter. I can't believe one of those stupid boys you used to date wasn't able to talk you into this."

"That's because I was saving it for someone special." Haley confessed, before nervously looking back at Alex and adding, "And I'm so glad I did, because I wouldn't want this to be anyone else. You're... you're so special to me Alex. I love you so much."

Alex was pretty sure she said something similar in reply, but she couldn't be sure because she was consumed by love for her big sister at that point. Love which quickly turned to lust, Alex spitting onto her fingers and then slipping another one of them into Haley's amazingly tight ass and finger fucking her sister for a few long minutes. She then repeated the process, after she retrieved a strap-on, secured it to herself tightly and covered it with lube. Then, with a deep breath and trembling hands, she took hold of the dildo and pressed it against Haley's virgin rosebud, which caused Haley to moan in delight.

"Oh my God yes, fuck me Alex! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh God, fuck my virgin ass!" Haley shamelessly begged, and then whimpered as she felt Alex began to push forward, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God yes, fuck me little sister! Oh Fuck, I want my little sister to take my virgin butt. Oh shit Alex, I want you to pop my anal cherry. I... I, I, AH FUCK!"

Haley cried out loudly as her virgin ass hole stretched wide enough for the head of the cock to slide through it and into her now formally virgin ass. Her sister's cock! Her little sister's strap-on cock slid through her anal ring and into her butt, meaning that Alex had officially popped her ass cherry. Oh yes, Haley's anal virginity would now always belong to her kid sister Alex, Haley completely overwhelmed by that wonderful fact for a few long moments. Then she became aware that Alex was keeping the cock where it was and cooing softly, which made Haley smile. Because sure, the initial penetration had hurt, as it was her first time and all, but it wasn't that long before she relaxed enough to be able to take more.

To make that crystal clear Haley moaned, "Oh God Alex, mmmmmmm, I can't believe you just took my butt cherry! Mmmmmmm, oh yeah, my baby sister just totally took my anal virginity, and now I want her to take my ass. Take it and fill it full of cock you little bitch! Mmmmmm, oh Alex! Fuck me Alex! Please little sis, fuck me, fuck my ass, oooooooooh yeah, fill my ass full of your big dick and, ah shit! Shit yes, fuck me! Mmmmmmm ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, fill me full of cock. Don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop! Stuff my butt! Stuff it full of strap-on!, Please Alex, I want all of your cock up my butt!"

"I don't want to hurt you." Alex said softly.

"It's what I fucking deserve!" Haley insisted, and then before Alex could say anything quickly added, "And even if you don't think so, then believe I want your dick in my ass! Please baby sister, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Mmmmmmm, I want it full of strap-on cock so you can fuck it! Oh God, please Alex, I want to be butt fucked by my baby sister!"

There was a brief pause, then Alex smiled, "Well, since you asked so nicely."

With that Alex slowly pushed forwards, causing Haley to gasp and cry out in mostly pain. Of course this caused Alex to stop with only an inch or two of dildo added into Haley's eager to be fucked butt, which in turn caused Haley to whimper in displeasure. But before she could openly protest Alex slid another couple of inches into Haley's ass hole, causing the older of the two sisters to cry out again in mostly pain, and then the younger of the two sisters gave the other maybe about a minute to recover from pushing more strap-on up her butt. The process then repeated, until the dildo was about halfway up Haley's butt, then Alex stop for longer, prompting Haley to look over her shoulder and glared at her sister who was obviously deep in thought.

Then Alex frowned, "Hey, wasn't I spreading my ass for you when you took my anal cherry? Seems only fair that you return the favour. And who knows, maybe it will help you relax."

"Worth a shot." Haley grinned, and then because she couldn't resist teased her sibling, "Although I did ask nicely for you to spread your ass."

"Hey!" Alex scolded, slapping Haley's dildo stuffed butt, "Stop being cheeky and spread those cheeks!"

"Well, like you said, it's only fair." Haley pointed out as she did as she was told.

"Oh fuck!" Alex moaned as Haley slowly reached back and spread her cheeks, "That's soooo hot! Mmmmmm, oh Haley, I wish you could see yourself right now. Oooooooooh yeah, you look so pretty when you're face down and taking my cock up your tight little ass! Ohhhhhh yeah, your normally tiny little ass hole stretching so wide for my cock, mmmmmm, you've never looked better."

"I believe you." Haley grinned, "But just wait until you start stuffing my ass again. Mmmmmmm I promise you, that will be even better."

There was a long moment of silence and then Alex took Haley up on her offer, taking the hand which had been guiding the cock to join the other in grabbing hold of Haley's hips so Alex could use that firm grip and a little pelvic thrusting to slowly but surely stuff the rest of the strap-on into the older girl's shit pipe. Pretty much the entire time Haley cried out, and let out little whines and whimpers, as the anal penetration was gradually completed. Haley tried to stop herself, because towards the end she was even annoying herself, but she just couldn't help it. She wasn't quite the natural anal whore her baby sister was, Haley positive that Alex hadn't made this much fuss when she had been the one losing her butt cherry. Of course even through pain and discomfort there was an undeniable wicked delight as she was being anally taken by her kid sister.

Haley's current position made it even better as she had never felt more submissive than when she was face down and spreading her butt cheeks so that Alex could get the best possible look at her butt hole stretching for her strap-on. Haley had felt it was her duty to assume the role of the dominant one in their relationship because her baby sister was gorgeous and needed to be ravaged daily, and even though they were family she had been more than happy to do it. Especially when it came to giving Alex's huge tits and big booty the attention they deserved. But it was really nice to be the submissive one for a change, and even before it started feeling really good physically Haley decided she wanted to do this again just based on how mentally it was getting her off.

Alex preferred to be submissive. Haley had teased her a lot ever since they'd started having sex about how she was a natural bottom, but it was true, but she wasn't really ashamed of it. Which is why had taken so long for her to turn the tables on Haley. Well, she had been dominant during their second time, but shortly afterwards Haley had shown her 'who was boss' and then shortly after that her big sister had popped her anal cherry, and Alex had become addicted to getting her big ass fucked, and Haley had become addicted to fucking it. So it had only felt natural that Haley be the dominant one.

Ironically Haley looked anything but dominant right now. Face down, ass up and spreading her ass cheeks so that Alex could have the best possible look at Haley's ass hole slowly taking her cock. It also possibly made it easier on Haley, although in Alex's experience that was more because it enhanced the feeling of submission. It definitely enhanced Alex's feeling of dominance. In fact, Alex felt more dominant than she ever had in her life. It was weird, but to Alex's surprise she not only liked it, but loved it. Not that she thought it would suck, she just hadn't thought it would be almost as good as being butt fucked.

Almost, but not quite, because the entire time she was taking Haley's virgin ass hole Alex's own ass hole ache to be stretched, filled and fucked. More specifically she wanted to be butt fucked by her precious big sister, even though she was finally getting to turn the tables on her, yet another sign that at heart Alex was a bottom. But she wasn't about to stop when almost all her cock was buried in Haley's ass, Alex savouring those wonderful moments the last few inches slid through her big sister's butt hole and her thighs came to rest against Haley's butt cheeks. Meaning it was official, every inch of Alex's strap-on cock was stuffed inside Haley's rectum, and she had without a shadow of a doubt taken her big sister's back door cherry.

There was a long moment of silence, and then Alex chuckled, "Wow Haley, you just took every inch. Mmmmmmm, you just took every inch of your little sister's cock up your virgin butt. How do you feel?"

"Amazing!" Haley moaned weakly into the bed sheets, and then whimpered, "Fuck me Alex! Fuck my ass!"

It was hard to believe this felt amazing as Alex remembered how it had felt like there was a telephone poll up her butt at this point during her first time. Also it wasn't a good sign that Haley struggled to initially reply to her and then didn't talk more. And she had been whimpering, whining, and crying out throughout the anal penetration. But in that moment Alex just couldn't resist granting that request. So, telling herself she would stop if Haley asked, or more importantly if it seemed like too much for her, Alex tightened her grip on Haley's hips while beginning to pump her own back and forth, causing the dildo to slide through Haley's bowels and thus officially begin the sodomy.

Haley cried out in mostly pleasure as Alex began gently pumping her butt. She still felt incredible discomfort, but at least her rectum was no longer being forced to stretch deeper and deeper, the back passage mostly remaining stretched and welcoming the dildo into her deepest depths once it was quickly returned. Haley even found herself missing it. Which seemed crazy, but it was true. She wanted the full length of her little sister's cock in her ass, and was disappointed every time she pulled it out of her. At least at first. Then Alex's slow thrusts relaxed her rectum to the point where she didn't even feel discomfort. Only pleasure. And then amazing pleasure.

Soon Haley was digging her fingernails into her butt cheeks not to distract herself from pain, but from pleasure while she considered whether or not to beg for more. She allowed the occasional 'oh yes' and 'fuck my ass' to escape her lips, along with her sister's name, as she couldn't really help that, but when she started to beg it would be the beginning of the end and Haley wasn't so sure she was ready for her first ever ass fucking to be over. Perhaps more to the point she wasn't so sure she wanted to cut Alex's revenge so short, especially when she was enjoying it so much. Of course Haley Dunphy had never been a patient girl, and it wasn't really that long after it started to feel really good that she begged for more.

"Fuck me Alex! Please fuck my ass!" Haley whimpered pathetically, although she couldn't help it at this point, "Please fuck my slutty little queer ass! Ooooooooh, please little sis, pound my ass! Pound my tight little gay ass hard and deep and make me cum! Ah yeah, fuck it! Fuck, oh my God, slam my naughty little lezzie ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, make me cum! Please make me cum. Oh shit, make me cum like a bitch with a dick up my ass! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssss, make me your bitch! Make me my little sister's bitch! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh God Alex, make me your bitch! Make me your bitch like I made you mine. Oh fuck yeah, fuck me up the ass and make me cum like a little bitch! Oooooooooh Gooooooodddddddd, oh fuck, please Alex, please, ohhhhhhhhh, make me cum baby. Make me fucking cum!"

Despite how frantically she begged Alex still fucked Haley's ass slowly for some unknown and cruel reason. Actually Haley knew perfectly well why Alex was doing this, namely that it was the revenge Haley had wanted her to have so badly. After all, Haley had left Alex desperately begging for more slowly pumping her big butt, the older sister savouring every sound and word out of the younger sister's mouth as she continued to sodomise her. So why shouldn't Alex be cruel in return? She was when it came to eating pussy, the two girls teasing each other relentlessly being the one aspect of the more sisterly relationship they had in the past still very much a part of their present. Which normally Haley liked, but not now.

Thankfully Alex never had been as cruel as she was, and this time was no exception, without a word the younger sibling taking pity on the older sibling by beginning to increase the pace until the sound of Alex's thighs smacking against Haley's butt cheeks were almost as loud as Haley's screams of pleasure. Soon after that Haley went over the edge of one of the most powerful orgasms of her young life. Maybe the most powerful, although she had to give that some serious thought when her cum wasn't squirting out of her cunt and her mind wasn't melting from ecstasy. Because sure, this was amazing, but she might have cum just as hard from Alex's talented tongue, and while it didn't make her cum nearly as hard getting ass fucked just wasn't quite as satisfying as pounding her little sister's big fat butt.

Alex was more or less thinking the same thing. The entire time she took Haley's virgin ass her own ass hole was begging for some attention, and as much as she wanted to tease Haley the main reason she spent so long slowly butt fucking her big sister was that she kept imagining Haley was taking her fat ass instead. However while her ass still yearn for some attention she stopped imagining getting fucked and finally became consumed by butt fucking her big sister when Haley started cumming for her. Cumming because Alex was finally fucking her up the ass. Her big sister Haley, who had always been more beautiful and popular than her, was cumming from getting her ass pounded by Alex.

Overwhelmed by that thought, and then almost a natural feeling of power and dominance, Alex let out a pseudo-warrior-like cry and began giving Haley everything she had. Pounding her older sister's ass with every ounce of her strength, making those firm cheeks jiggle with the force of her thrusts. Not as much as her own gelatinous globes jiggled when Haley was giving her a deep, hard butt pounding, but still pretty impressive. And she might have even made Haley cum harder, which made it worth it. Either way she definitely made her scream louder, and something else which made the ass fucking reach a stage it could be literally called a rectum wrecking.

That being Haley lifting herself up onto all fours and starting to slam her ass back against her. Which was something Alex had meant to request as part of the teasing, so she could truly mirror what Haley had so gleefully done to her when she took her anal cherry. Unfortunately Alex had been just so distracted by the butt fucking itself, and then Haley's shameless begging, but she had forgotten all about it until now. Fortunately Haley hadn't, her older sister seeming perfectly happy to humiliate herself, to make the orgasms that much stronger, Haley knowing for a fact that humiliation just made getting anally taken that much better.

Wanting to enhance that humiliation Alex did her best to smack Haley's ass and pull her big sister's hair over the next few minutes of brutal rectum wrecking, but she was new to this, and inevitably that caused her to slow down the butt fucking itself, which clearly displeased Haley as much as it did herself. So the most part she just stuck to pounding Haley's tight little ass, the two sisters once again becoming like wild animals relentlessly trying to wreck one of their butt holes, only this time it was Haley's butt hole that was being brutalised, that fact making them both climax multiple times. True, the climaxes weren't quite as powerful as when she was being butt fucked, however Alex desperately wanted to do this again, and she suspected that Haley felt the same.

Desperately wanting to impress Haley in this new role Alex avoided the temptation of pounding her big sister's tight little ass until she passed out, instead leaving just enough so she could pull the dildo out of Haley's ass hole and then spread those firm little ass cheeks so she could admire her handiwork. She then gasped in amazement, because it was one thing to look at pictures of other girls and her own butt after they have been freshly gaped, or try and awkwardly position herself to look at her own gaping ass hole in a mirror, but it was another thing entirely to see Haley's now no longer virgin ass hole gaping wide open as a result of her fucking it.

Alex had just gaped her own sister. Her super popular sister, who had always been more beautiful than her, was now lying face down in exhaustion with her gaping ass in the air, Alex able to see deep into her big sister's bowels via the gaping crater that had been all tiny and virginal only a few minutes ago, or however long it had been. Fuck, this was so nasty. And hot. Then just when Alex didn't think it could get any better Haley reached back and gently took over spreading her ass cheeks, her older, prettier and more popular sister presenting Alex with the whole that she had thoroughly stretched and loosened until it was a gaping mess.

"Do you like my gape sis?" Haley asked cheekily.

"Fuck yeah." Alex replied lustfully, before grinning, "It's so hot, but as much as I would like to stare at it all night I think you should clean up your mess, don't you?"

"Oh God yes." Haley grinned, letting go of her cheeks, lifting herself back onto all fours and looking over her shoulder at Alex, "Make me go ass to mouth like the nasty little whore I am."

"Shut up and suck it bitch." Alex ordered in her best interpretation of a no-nonsense top voice as she dropped her exhausted body down onto her back and looked at Haley expectantly.

Grinning wickedly Haley slowly crawled down so she was in between Alex's legs and then wrapped her mouth around the head of the dildo while making sure to keep eye contact with her little sister the entire time. She then closed her eyes and moaned around the dick, which caused Alex to grin. It also caused her to be extremely jealous of her sibling in that moment. After all, she could remember the first time she had tasted her own ass on her sister's cock. It had practically been a religious experience, and Alex wished she could experience the moment disgust had turned to lust like it had with her now what felt like a lifetime ago.

To make matters worse, or better in Haley's case, Haley was tasting the deepest part of her own ass, the thought making Alex's mouth water. First at the thought of tasting the deepest part of her own ass, and then the thought of tasting Haley's. Then she hated herself for a few long seconds. After all, she had just unwittingly giving up the chance to taste the deepest part of her big sister's butt. Yes, she had spend plenty of time with her face buried in Haley's ass, and had sucked her own fingers clean after playing with that tight little hole, but she had never sampled the deepest part of Haley's ass. Something she could, and would, rectify soon.

Haley was expecting that she would love the taste of the deepest part of her ass, but she hadn't guess just how much she would love it. Of course it wasn't just the taste, which was wickedly wonderful, but it was the knowledge that this sex toy had pummelled her rectum oh so thoroughly and now she was sucking on it like the most perverted of sluts. Because she was. Oh yes, she and her sister were the most perverted sluts imaginable, and while Alex may have had a leg up on her on that category for quite some time now Haley was subtly determined to permanently close that gap and make them equals, if only for this wonderfully nasty night.

With that in mind she savoured every drop of the deepest part of her bowels and then when the head of the dildo was clean she started bobbing her head up and down Alex's shaft, soon taking the cock into her throat. She didn't do it with quite the ease that she had done with her previous boyfriends, after all this dildo was much bigger than them, but she had been regularly practising on this thing, both when Alex fucked her pussy and even when Alex wasn't around so she could prepare for this moment. That preparation paid off and after a few tries, and some gagging and choking, Haley was able to slide her mouth down the entire length of the strap-on.

"That's it Haley, suck my cock." Alex softly encouraged, taking on the role that Haley usually relished, "Suck it cock sucker! Mmmmmm, that's so hot. You love it, don't you? Oh yeah, you love the taste of your own ass-"

"Just like you?" Haley interrupted in her super bitch tone, the one she used a lot on Alex before they became lovers, then she giggled, "You love the taste of your own ass, and mine, and now I do too. We're both nasty little ass to mouth sluts now Alex. Mmmmmm yeah, I'm just as slutty as you are now Alex, and I'm going to prove it."

With that Haley then swallowed the strap-on again, taking it deep down her throat and sucking it with renewed energy. Alex may have had a response, she may have continued trying to talk dirty, which normally Haley would have loved but right now she was so focused on giving her baby sister the best blow job she had ever given to anyone. Then after a few minutes of that Alex gently pulled Haley off of the dildo and into a kiss, which momentarily annoyed Haley as she thought Alex was trying to outdo her. Then she remembered she had done this many times when the positions were reversed, and tasted Alex's ass on Alex's lips just like Alex was now tasting her ass on her lips. So she relaxed into the perverted kiss and just enjoyed it.

When that heated kiss was eventually broken Alex bit her lip, and then suggested, "You know if you really want to prove your on my level when it comes to being a slut, you could be my bitch for a little while. I mean, I love this whole taking turns thing, but to totally turn the tables for a little while might be fun."

Haley thought about this for a few moments, and then softly said, "Okay, but I'm going to need a little rest if you're going to fuck my ass."

"Great." Alex beamed, "Wanna spoon?"

Haley blushed at this, knowing that this meant she was going to be the little spoon, a position she still wasn't used to, even after a few tries. Hell, it felt way more unnatural than anal to her, and maybe even more unpleasant because she couldn't feel up her baby sister's soft curvaceous body. Although feeling her big tits against her back wasn't too bad. So Haley nodded, causing Alex to grin even more before grabbing hold of the older sibling, turning her over onto her side and then snuggling up behind her, her strap-on sliding in between Haley's ass cheeks threateningly. And even though she knew she was going to enjoy being Alex's anal slut Haley couldn't resist returning the threat.

"You know, this really might be fun... but when I'm in control again I'm going to totally wreck your ass." Haley said softly.

"Oh, tell me more." Alex grinned.

With a grin of her own Haley replied, "It's gonna be so hot, mmmmmm, I'm going to take that big fat ass of yours deep and hard, make the cheeks jiggle like jelly, and make you squeal and cum like a little bitch. I'm going to do it in every position, and in every room of the house, so I can make sure you never forget who truly is the dominance sister, and who is the submissive little bitch. Oh God yeah Alex, you'll remember that deep down you will always be my little bitch. And you'll forget what it's like to sit properly. But first I'm going to tease you. Tie you up and suck on your big tits for hours. Oh, and I could spank them, and your gigantic butt. And maybe if you're really lucky, I'll let you eat my cunt. And it will be all your fault, because you'll have earned it from whatever you're about to do to me."

"Mmmmm, I can't wait." Alex sighed dreamily into Haley's ear, before ignoring whatever else her sister said in favour of lightly dosing, so she could regain some much-needed strength to fuck her sister some more.


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