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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 6.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Since the whole point of operation 'get Alex a boyfriend' was to hide what was really going on from their parents Haley had only been too happy to announce she was setting up her sister on a date. Perhaps a little too happy, but no one seemed to over analyse that, both their parents seeming thrilled. They even 'awww'ed' when Haley revealed she was going to help Alex get ready for her date. If they had known what that actually entailed they wouldn't have thought it so sweet.

"Haley, I told you, I need my glasses." Alex complained, swatting her sister's hand away again.

"They make you look too hot." Haley complained, again.

"I thought they were 'man goggles'." Alex grumbled.

"Oh you know I didn't mean that, or any of it." Haley huffed, stepping closer and whispering, "That was just me trying to convince myself you weren't irresistibly gorgeous and I didn't desperately want to fuck you like every second of every day."

Blushing furiously Alex murmured, "My beauty aside, I actually like this outfit, so can this be it? Can I wear this?"

Moving back Haley looked Alex up and down critically, slowly circling around her and eyeing her up like a piece of meat. Before they started fucking Alex would have laughed at the idea that she would ever let her slutty sister help pick out what she was wearing, but now... now she just couldn't deny Haley anything. So when she insisted on helping her get ready Alex didn't argue, even though the process of getting dressed took way longer than she thought it would. However for a completely different reason than she originally thought.

"I don't know, you still look way too sexy. Even without the glasses how is Mark supposed to control himself?" Haley quipped.

"Please, like he's the one I need to worry about." Alex quipped back.

"I wouldn't be too sure little sis. Men are all dogs at heart, and it's got to be only a matter of time before they notice just how fuck-able you truly are." Haley said softly as she wrapped her arms around Alex from behind, pressed her body into her and whispered into her ear, "So we somehow have to make you look hot, but not too hot, otherwise yeah, if our dates don't jump you I will."

"You could just not come, it's not like I need a chaperone." Alex grumbled.

"And leave you alone with a horny college boy? I don't think so." Haley murmured, kissing Alex's neck.

"Don't you trust me?" Alex frowned.

"Yeah, but I just don't trust any guy to be alone with you." Haley admitted, "Why do you think I stopped bringing guys home?"

Ignoring the urge to insult her sibling Alex simply replied, "I can take care of myself, you know?"

"I know, but I'm coming. End of story." Haley said firmly.

"Yeah you will." Alex grinned, unable to resist telling Haley that or grinding her butt back against her sister's crotch.

"Mmmmmm, naughty girl." Haley giggled, briefly pulling away and smacking Alex's big ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and then softly ordering, "Now stay right there. I think I have an idea for how to stop myself from fingering you under the table during our double date."

Intrigued Alex stayed where she was as Haley moved away from her and slowly opened the draw secretly filled with sex toys and started rummaging around. Alex's mind was racing with all the possibilities, the field narrowing yet becoming more interesting when Haley opened that draw, leading Alex to correctly guess what was about to happen to her. Pretty much. She predicted some kind of sex toy, most likely a small dildo, the two sisters having recently done lots of online shopping to spice up their relationship. What Alex hadn't known was that the butt-plug they had ordered arrived, the younger sibling blushing as the older sibling pulled out the toy with a wicked grin on her face.

"Do you remember this?" Haley grinned, then after Alex nodded and blushed she added, "And what you promised?"

Alex blushed and nodded again. The site they had purchased most of their new toys from had a whole section devoted to butt-plugs and Alex had to talk Haley out of buying them all. In the end she only got Haley to buy just one sort of small butt-plug because it vibrated, and Alex had to promised to wear it whenever and wherever her big sister wanted, something she had known would come back to bite her and apparently that time was now. Briefly she considered trying to argue, but she knew it was hopeless and honestly she liked the idea of going on a date with a butt-plug up her ass like the little anal slut she was.

Haley cursed herself as she fumbled with the packaging, Alex giggling softly at her as the mood was temporarily ruined. Luckily there was appearances on top of the chest of drawers meaning that it wasn't long before she got the butt-plug out, and all it took was for her to lick it suggestively and slowly approach her sibling for the now almost always present sexual tension between them to reignite, Alex's eyes locked on Haley's reflection as she approached while Haley's eyes locked with hers via the mirror. Then, just to make sure the passion was reignited, Haley pressed a kiss to Alex's cheek and then a couple on her pretty little neck.

Then she held out the butt-plug and ordered, "Suck on this."

Quickly doing as she was told Alex grabbed the butt-plug, popped it into her mouth and started eagerly sucking on it. Seconds later Haley was falling to her knees, so her face was directly in front of the big fat ass she lusted over almost over anything else in the world, Haley almost literally drooling as she reached up and around to expertly undo Alex's fly before pulling her sister's pants and panties down. Those pants were now the most loose fitting pair Alex owned and could never possibly do justice to the bootylicious treat contained within them, Haley pretty sure she was drooling for real as her baby sister's naked butt was fully revealed to her.

For a few seconds Haley just stared lustfully at her little sister's big ass, then she buried her face in between the cheeks. As usual she couldn't resist just rubbing her face in those massive globes at first, but inevitably she stuck her tongue out and started sliding it over Alex's puckered hole. Mostly though Haley's tongue just caught thick butt cheeks, so after half a dozen licks Haley grabbed two big handfuls of Alex's big bubble butt and pull those cheeks apart as widely as possible so she could really lick that butt hole, the big sister becoming blissfully lost in rimming the little sister for several long minutes.

Even though she very much loved the attention Alex was very aware of the time, so after a few minutes of sucking the butt-plug she pulled it out of her mouth, held it out for Haley and as quietly as she could moaned, "Hurry up or we're going to be late."

Reluctantly pulling her face out of Alex's ass Haley grinned, "Ya want me to just ram it in?"

Alex blushed but nodded, "Yeah, I guess."

Spitting on her baby sister's butt hole Haley took the toy and softly ordered, "Cover your mouth."

Unable to take her eyes off her prize Haley waited a few seconds and then when she assumed Alex had done as she was told she pressed the tip of the butt-plug to her kid sister's ass hole with one hand while still using the other to spread one of Alex's ass cheeks give her all the access she needed. She then briefly teased Alex by rubbing her rear hole with the toy, Haley regretting her generous offer as there was nothing she loved more in the world than watching her baby sister's back hole slowly swallowing a dildo. Then again this butt-plug was way too small for her to really enjoy it, and there was a thrill to ramming the entire thing inside Alex's big butt and making her little sister let out a muffled squeak.

Haley then quickly stood up, pressed herself against Alex's back and perhaps more importantly pressed her crotch against her baby sister's fat butt, and then reached round to rub Alex's pussy while whispering in her ear, "I told you that butt-plug was way too small for an ass as big and slutty as yours."

"It's still kind of hurt." Alex whimpered, "And you could have fingered me a little first."

"You mean like this?" Haley grinned, slipping two fingers effortlessly into her sibling's wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, you know what I mean." Alex said softly, enjoying the feeling of being fingered for a few long seconds before adding, "And if you're going to be that rough maybe I should stop letting you fuck my ass."

"Please, like that will ever happen." Haley scoffed, picking up the pace of the fingering, "And it better not. This big fat ass is mine! Your whole body is mine little sis! Mine to do with as I please. Isn't that right slut? Say it!"

"Yes! I'm yours!" Alex whimpered submissively, already feeling her orgasm approaching, "Just, mmmmmmmmm, just keep fucking my ass as much as you do, and making me cum as hard as you do, and I'll let you slide whatever you want to slide in there."

"Oh don't worry, I will." Haley grinned, "And be honest, it slid right in, didn't it? Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, your big fat ass just swallowed that tiny little butt-plug with ease. Ohhhhhhhh, I'm surprised that your slutty ass even felt it! God, you're such a whore! My whore. My good little anal whore. Cum now whore!"

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd!" Alex moaned pretty loudly, Haley's hand covering her mouth doing little to hide the fact she was cumming, covering her sister's fingers in the process.

Haley fingered Alex through her orgasm, then quickly popped those two fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean with a long, soft moan. Then she popped them out, pulled away from her sister, slapped Alex's big ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and then giggled, "Come on Alex, pull up your pants and let's go. We don't want to be late for our date. I mean, dates."

Alex blushed but quickly reached down to grab her pants and panties, pull them up and secured them and then followed Haley out of their room, downstairs and out the door. Everything was pretty normal, until she got into the car and sat down, Alex letting out a tiny squeak as she felt the butt-plug being pushed slightly deeper into her ass. Haley grinned and gave her a knowing look, but thankfully didn't say anything. Alex blushing enough already, and was increasingly worried how she was going to get through the dinner like this as she was constantly aware of the dildo in her butt.

At least Haley didn't torture her about it, the journey mostly silent until they actually reached the restaurant, at which point Alex finally asked, "So tell me about this guy?"

"Oh, so now you want to know?" Haley teased as she pulled into a parking space.

Alex frowned, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Haley murmured unconvincingly as she parked the car before adding, "I guess I just expected you to be more interested in who I'm setting you up with."

"I would be, if this was real. But it's not." Alex admitted, "I don't care about this guy because I only have eyes for you. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, I'm here with you."

"Careful sis." Haley grinned, "Or I'll drag you into the back seat, tear off your clothes and fuck you."

"Promises, promises." Alex grinned, leaning in at the same time as the other brunette so they pressed their forehead together.

They then simultaneously kissed each other. Why that was a really bad idea as they were technically in public, although it was dark and whether on purpose or not Haley had picked up a parking space in front of a wall and surrounded by cars, so was a very safe bet that no one would see them. Nevertheless the kiss was brief with barely any tongue, Alex pulling away first with Haley not complaining before the brunette with blonde highlights grabbed a suspiciously big handbag. Highly suspicious to Alex who could guess what was inside it, and headed inside the restaurant, which was nice but not too nice, so perfect for a first date basically.

Quickly they were taken to the table with their dates were waiting for them, Alex trying to give Haley a look to say that she approved, although she wasn't good at that kind of thing and may have awkward. Her date didn't seem to mind and he seemed pretty nice, politely introducing himself and his friend before engaging in small talk. But neither one of them was Haley, and Alex was too busy trying to blush as she shifted from cheek to cheek, trying to keep her full weight from pushing the butt-plug so far up her ass they would need a doctor to get it out, that particular thought definitely causing Alex to blush, which thankfully Haley drew attention away from with an amusing story.

Alex's gratitude towards her sister was short lived as she felt the buzzing within her ass, quickly reminding her that this particular toy was the vibrating variety. When they had purchased it Alex was both surprised that such a tiny looking toy could do that and figured that it wouldn't do much for her, although now it was up her butt the plug felt a lot bigger than it looked and the vibration hitting her most sensitive spots from behind, making it a struggle for her not to moan out loud, Alex having to grind her teeth and dig her nails into the table and then the palm of her hands to control herself.

Seeing this Haley let out a soft giggle, which caused Alex to give her a dirty look and in turn their dates to ask what was wrong. Haley expertly brushed it off and then underneath the table showed Alex the controller to the butt-plug. She then slipped the controller into her pocket, waiting until they were ready to order before taking it out again. Just before their waiter came over Haley briefly reconsidered. After all this would probably be the riskiest thing she had done yet, but honestly she just couldn't resist.

Once he was standing in front of them the waiter politely asked, "So are you ready to order?"

"Yes, I'd like OH GOD!" Alex exclaimed, gripping onto the table and clenching her teeth tightly as the buzzing in her butt went into overdrive.

The waiter frowned, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I just, ah fuck, I just, ohhhhhhhh God, need a minute!" Alex blushed as red as a tomato.

Haley found it adorable, just like the glare Alex gave her when the waiter turned his attention to their dates. Haley grinned back then turned down the vibrations of their lower setting again and watched with amusement as Alex raced through her order when given the chance, Haley letting her get it out but turning the vibrator back up on the last word so a loud, pleasure filled moan escaped her little sister's mouth. That made the entire restaurant look at them funny, but Haley was used to diverting attention away from the fact that she was boldly pleasuring a lover in public, so she launched into another amusing anecdote while everybody else eventually turned back to their own conversations.

For the next 30 minutes or so Haley did most of the talking, completely in her element as she commanded the attention of everyone on her table, especially her little sister/fuck toy who she had so much fun playing with. And not just with the vibrator alone, but gleefully teasing Alex like she usually did, and when Alex would give her a come back Haley would turn up the vibration setting. Haley also did that when Alex interrupted her, when she didn't want to hear her response and just when she was bored. As a result this was one of the best dinner dates Haley ever had. Or at least the most fun.

When their food finally arrived Haley decided to give Alex a break, putting the controller in her pocket and concentrating on her food. Of course that meant the boys finally got a chance to get a word in, Haley finding them very boring and wondered why she'd ever gone out with them. Luckily she was very good at pretending to listen so she spent the whole time nodding her head and smiling while dreaming of letting Alex eat her pussy for desert. Then Haley could have Alex's big fat ass for her desert, although with all this build-up she was more likely to concentrate on fucking it than eating it.

Despite the fact that Haley had embarrassed her Alex couldn't help imagining that kind of thing too, especially the part about getting her big ass fucked. She dreamt of eating Haley's pussy too, but with the vibrations constantly coming from the inside of her ass it was the thought of being butt fucked which dominated her thoughts. Which truth be told was the case even when there wasn't a vibrating butt-plug shoved up her ass. Alex just couldn't help it. She wished she could, but she just couldn't.

If the last few weeks had taught Alex anything, it was that she was a big anal slut. Maybe the biggest in the entire world. Haley always made her cum, but nothing could compare to anal orgasms. And honestly just the feeling of having a big strap-on dildo pumping in and out of that super forbidden hole made Alex feel like a total whore, and she loved it. Hell, she even enjoyed the feeling of having her ass being penetrated by a huge toy. The only thing she didn't like was this unbearable teasing, Alex desperately needing something much wider and longer than the tiny butt-plug up her ass. She needed Haley's strap-on. She needed her big sister's huge strap-on dildo up her big fat slutty ass, and she needed it now.

Just then the boys excuse themselves for a cigarette, allowing Haley to lean in close and whisper in her ear, "First chance I get, I'm destroying your ass! Mmmmmmmm, I'm gonna stretch your tight little ass hole wide and deep, fill you full of my big girl cock, gape you wide open and leave that slutty little shit hole of yours feeling like it's been in an anal gang bang! Oh yeah, I'm going to make you cum so fucking hard with my big strap-on up your big fat ass, remind your butt hole it's nothing but my fuck hole as my thigh slap against your big juicy cheeks over, and over, and over again and make them jiggle like jelly!"

Alex whimpered, then turned to her sister and whispered, "How about now?"

With a huge grin on her face Haley asked, "Really?"

Glancing to where their dates had disappeared too, then to the bathrooms, then finally back to her sibling and leaning in close Alex whispered, "If we're quick, I'll eat your pussy first."

Grinning evilly Haley replied, "Let's go."

With that the two sisters scrambled out of their seats and hurried to the girl's bathroom, trying and failing to hide their eagerness, not that anyone in the restaurant noticed. Unfortunately the bathroom wasn't a one stall model, but one with several stalls, most of which were occupied when they got there. Alex waited a few nervous seconds, then opened her mouth to point out this was a bad idea and they should just go home. But then the other women left the stalls, wash their hands and then left, leaving the two sisters alone, Haley not waiting another second to drag Alex into the nearest stall, locking the door and kissing her roughly.

After several minutes of frantic tongue kissing Haley broke the lip lock, pressed her mouth against Alex's ear and softly growled, "Eat me you bitch!"

Alex knew she should tell Haley that she had made a mistake. That she was allowing her teenaged hormones to control her, and this was a risk neither one of them should be taking with anyone, let alone each other. However Alex was just too addicted to having nasty lesbian sex with her big sister. She was also addicted to Haley's yummy pussy, Alex getting to taste that again as she dropped to her knees, quickly undid Haley's fly and then pulled her pants and panties down her long legs so she could get that sweet little treat she craved, the younger sister thrilled to find that her older sister was wet and ready for her. Not that it was surprising. Haley always was.

"Oh God yes!" Haley moaned, grabbing onto her baby sister's dark hair so she could push Alex's face firmly against her cunt.

This of course had Alex glaring up at her, Haley briefly giving her sibling an apologetic look before she closed her eyes and covered her mouth with her free hand. Haley couldn't give a verbal apology, not when the urge to moan was so strong. Hell, Haley wasn't sure she could get a single word out before moaning, groaning, whimpering or gasping in pleasure, which was definitely Alex's fault as despite being obviously annoyed with her that didn't last. Or at least Alex forgot it in favour of licking Haley's pussy, those licks making it impossible for Haley to apologise, and her baby sister's talented tongue quickly made her forget what she should be sorry about.

All Haley really knew was that her pussy was being licked by the most wonderful tongue she had ever known, a tongue which knew exactly what she wanted. Or more accurately the tongue's owner knew, that owner of course being her kid sister, Haley's super smart sibling eagerly tonguing her twat for several wonderful minutes, Alex making sure to hit her clit with every stroke of her talented little tongue. Whenever Haley wanted more Alex picked up the speed and the force of her licks, eventually slowly pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into Haley's pussy, and then thrusting in and out.

During the gentle cunt lapping Haley was so blissed out from pleasure she just leaned back against the wall of the toilet stall and became lost in the sensations she was feeling. With her eyes closed it was pretty easy. But, thanks to Alex's assault on her clit and picking up the pace of the licking faster than usual, Haley soon found herself aching to cum, and unlike when they were locked away in their bedroom, and ideally home alone, Haley didn't trust herself to tell her kid sister what she wanted without screaming the place down. Not when her little sister was eating her pussy so skilfully. Luckily Alex remembered they were trying to have a quickie, and gave Haley what she wanted without needing to be asked.

When Haley felt Alex's tongue entering her pussy her eyes flew open and she was greeted by one of her favourite sights in the world, that of her little sister on her knees with her face buried in between her legs. The combination of that feeling and that sight made Haley cum so hard, the brunette with blonde highlights screaming into one hand while she used her other to push her baby sister's face as deep as it would go into her cunt, the brunette with the dark hair happily taking the hint and increasing the speed of the tongue fucking. After Alex had swallowed as much cum as she could, of course.

As Alex was now an expert at eating pussy, or at least an expert at eating Haley's pussy, she was able to swallow at least the majority of her big sister's first climax. Sadly she couldn't say the same for the ones that followed, although Alex was proud that her face became drenched in the liquid as her knowing tongue made Haley squirt in her face. Which should be difficult to explain away, although Alex was pretty sure she could adequately wash her face so that their dates wouldn't notice. It wasn't like they were that smart anyway, which wasn't surprising as apart from Alex her sister seemed mostly to date idiots.

However, no matter how dumb they were surely they would notice if they were gone a long time? And if they didn't in member of staff possibly could, so really Alex should be restricting herself to making Haley cum only once, twice at most. Unfortunately she became lost in her desert, Alex constantly switching between sucking the cum out of Haley's cunt and tongue fucking that wonderful little hole. Even when she heard other women entering the bathroom to use the facilities Alex just kept her tongue buried in Haley's snatch, quickly resuming the frantic tongue fucking the moment she heard the other women leave.

This went on for quite a while until the sound of knocking filled the room, followed by the door being opened slightly and a familiar voice called out, "Are you guys okay in there?"

"Just give us five minutes." Haley called out.

"Oh, okay." One of their dates replied, Alex honestly couldn't remember which.

Having finally pulled away when she heard him the first time Alex went into panic mode, but was immediately calmed when Haley leaned down and forcefully kissed her. Which wasn't fair, because Haley was an awesome kisser, and she knew just how to make Alex melt. The fact that Haley was tasting her own cum and pussy cream on Alex's lips and tongue only added to the distraction, but the younger sister quickly remembered it when the older sister broke the lip lock and started kissing her neck, and all over her face to get more of her own flavour.

"Haley, we need to go!" Alex hissed.

"Not until I've fucked your fat ass!" Haley growled softly.

"We don't have time." Alex insisted, trying to get up.

Before she could Haley smacked her big butt as hard as she could and, somewhat menacingly for her, growled, "Bend over!"

For a few long seconds the two sisters stared at each other, then Alex whimpered, quickly turned around and bent herself over the toilet seat. As she did so she undid her pants and pushed them, and her panties, down to her ankles, exposing her plugged filled ass. Not because Haley had ordered her too, although that made her embarrassingly wet, but because honestly Alex just desperately wanted to be butt fucked, even if it meant risking her secret relationship with her sister, which had quickly become the most important thing in her life. To her credit Haley quickly retrieved her favourite harness from the handbag she had brought with her and strapped it around her waist, her eyes locked with Alex's ass the entire time.

Haley normally would have spent some time savouring the sight of her baby sister spreading her meaty cheeks for her and exposing her cute little butt hole, and maybe then like an hour with her tongue up Alex's ass, but they were already pushing their luck. She still couldn't resist providing Alex with a little more preparation in the name of spitting in her open back hole once she had pulled out the butt-plug, however after that she quickly pressed the tip of her strap-on against her kid sister's ass hole and pushed forwards, Haley almost literally drooling as Alex's forbidden hole quickly swallowed the head, and then eventually the full-length, of her cock.

Considering she had been butt fucking her baby sister every single day for two weeks it was no surprise that Alex easily took her length. Well, she did squirm a bit, and she cried out, whimpered and gasped. Still there wasn't a single sign of complaint, Alex even moaning as her fat ass was filled with cock, which made Haley grin with pride. She had done the unthinkable. Haley had turned her goody two shoes brainiac of a sister into her personal anal slut, and it might just be the greatest accomplishment of her life. Not that it really had much competition, as in the long run Alex was always the one who was going to do something great with her life, but Haley would happily take this, her little sister bent over a toilet seat and taking her strap-on cock up her big fat ass.

Haley was awoken from her feeling of pride when her thighs bumped against Alex's meaty cheeks, announcing that she had finally got every inch of her dick inside her little sister's big booty. Not that the anal penetration took that long, but even with the daily ass fuckings she had been gleefully giving her kid sister Haley thought it was best to air on the side of caution and not ram every inch of her dildo up Alex's ass in one go, even though she was very tempted. So despite the lack of time they had she slowly inserted her dick into her baby sister's butt hole, the fact that Alex was still spreading her cheeks giving Haley a perfect view of inch after inch of dildo disappearing into her kid sister's ass hole.

Now she had completed the anal penetration Haley had to grind her teeth not to taunt her younger sister like she usually did, especially when Alex let go of her ass cheeks, just like Haley had trained her to do. Which again made Haley want to taunt her little sister for knowing her so well, specifically that Alex knew that her big sister loved feeling that big bubble butt of hers jiggling against her thighs as she fucked her baby sister up the butt. However she couldn't do that. Shouldn't do it. It was risky enough when their family was downstairs, but now anyone could come in at any second she couldn't afford to get carried away. Not when they had already almost got caught. However, there was maybe something she could do, Haley grinning again as she lent down so that her boobs were pressed into Alex's back and that her mouth was pretty much pressed against her kid sister's ear.

Alex let out a soft moan as she felt Haley's perfectly sized tits pressed into her back, her sister's pleasant weight on top of her and perhaps most of all the hot breath on her ear. It also made her panic, and blush. Haley love to talk dirty during sex, and as much as Alex had grown to love it too despite how much it embarrassed her at first, now was not the time or the place. But likewise it wouldn't help matters if Alex scolded her sister to be quiet, because someone could come in at that exact moment and hear that, which was almost just as bad, so she decided to stay silent and pray that Haley wasn't that stupid. Her prayers went unanswered.

"Your ass is mine sis!" Haley softly growled in her little sister's ear, "Your big fat gorgeous ass is all mine, and now I'm going to wreck it."

Blushing even more than before Alex opened her mouth to tell Haley to shush. That proved to be a mistake as it coincided with Haley slowly pulling her hips back and then quickly snapping them forwards, making Alex let out a loud moan and then cry out with pure pleasure. Ironically for her trouble Alex found herself being the one told to shush, Haley having the audacity to do that after reaching a hand around and covering it tightly over the younger girl's mouth.

"Shhhhhhhh." Haley scolded, unable to stop herself from adding with a whisper, "Try not to let the whole restaurant know I'm taking what's mine."

Frowning and then groaning in annoyance Alex did her best to stay quiet as Haley quickly established a steady rhythm, fucking her butt with short, sharp thrusts while keeping her body on top of her. After a matter of seconds any annoyance at Haley was forgotten as Alex became grateful for every thrust her big sister gave her, the darker haired girl struggling to keep her moans of pleasure to herself as her slutty ass quickly adjusted to having the other girl's big strap-on cock inside it and she felt nothing but overwhelming pleasure from the latest in a long line of butt fuckings. Butt fuckings given to her by her big sister, this one in a public bathroom while their dates waited for them, that fact no doubt helping Alex to relax.

To be fair Haley was getting better with every ass fucking she dished out, and having the older girl's body pressed against her during the sodomy was an extra turn on, as was the hand which wasn't covering Alex's mouth, Haley first using that hand to slide over her sibling's body before of course concentrating on Alex's ridiculously big tits. Then there was the butt-plug, which had done its job and stretched her out, and all the work Haley's tongue and fingers had done before they went out. But Alex couldn't deny the fact that she was just a natural anal slut. Hence why right from the beginning her rectum had easily relaxed and accepted what it was always supposed to be, a fuck hole.

As if reading her mind Haley softly purred into her ear, "This is what you're for Alex! Mmmmmmmmm, you were made for butt sex! Yessssssssss, take it my little anal whore!"

Alex moaned extra loudly against the hand that was covering her mouth and pushed herself back against Haley's thrusts. She then tried begging Haley to fuck her harder, but they came out too muffled at first, Alex not daring to raise her voice any higher in fear of getting caught. Then the urge to cum just became too overwhelming, Alex telling herself she was doing the right thing as if they waited any longer their dates would surely become curious and check up on them. However just as she was about to force Haley's hand away from her mouth she heard the bathroom door open, followed by footsteps.

This time it was only one pair of footsteps, but it would only take one person to discover them to create a crushing moment which would haunt the two sisters for the rest of their lives, and maybe even put an end to their ultra-forbidden affair. As that was something neither sister could stand Haley stopped the butt fucking the second she heard the door open, although she made sure to leave every inch of her cock buried in her little sister's big butt. Not that Alex had a problem with that. Oh no, the feeling of that huge dildo stretching her rectum, and Haley's body pressing on top of hers was helping keeping her on the edge of orgasm. It was even a little comforting. Well, at least the part where Haley was pressed against her.

With the room now silent except for the sounds of the other woman the two sisters clearly heard the newcomer make her way to one of the stalls, entering it and locking it closed before beginning to use it. Just as Alex began to think they would be alright Haley slowly pulled her hips back before pushing them forwards at the same slow speed, sliding the dildo in and out of Alex's ass hole again. She did this about five times, Alex grinding her teeth and digging her nails into the toilet to prevent herself from crying out in pleasure. Luckily this coincided with first the newcomer's toilet flushing, then the sound of running water and the hand dryer going off, so the other woman was probably none the wiser. Either that or she mercifully chose not to check up on the tiny sounds Alex couldn't stop fall from her lips.

When she heard the footsteps head towards the door and then that door opening and closing Haley whispered in her sister's ear, "Sorry Alex, I just couldn't help it."

Fuming with rage Alex opened her mouth to bite down on Haley's hand with the intent of giving her sister a piece of her mind, but it was a good thing she didn't go through with it because a deafening cry escaped her lips as Haley lifted her body up slightly and then began brutalising Alex's ass. There was barely any build-up, other than everything that had come before, and because Alex's back passage was loosened up from that and the constant butt fuckings Haley was now giving her Alex felt nothing but pure pleasure. So much so, she was soon having the kind of overwhelming climaxes she could only have when her big sister was fucking her up the ass.

Haley was soon interlocking her hands over Alex's mouth to try and muffle her baby sister's squeals of pleasure as she ruthlessly sodomised her in this public bathroom. It was hard enough when Alex was also trying to keep quiet, but it wasn't long before the teen was clearly too far gone, lost in the ecstasy rushing through her body. Part of Haley was proud of that, especially as her kid sister's cum began squirting out of her cunt, however if Alex started screaming any louder surely the whole place would hear, and if anyone else came in they would be totally screwed. And yet, Haley just couldn't stop butt fucking her baby sister.

Even when Haley came, the stimulator inside the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising her little sister combining to give her one of the most powerful orgasms of her young life, she just couldn't stop fucking Alex's fat ass. Even if both their dates rushed in here, stood on top of the toilets in the stalls on either side of them and peered in to see Haley fucking her baby sister's big fat butt she wouldn't stop. They could take pictures, call their parents, whatever, and the entire bathroom could fill up with everybody in this building and Haley wouldn't stop pounding Alex's big glorious booty.

It was just unbearable to even think about stopping, this particular butt fuck perhaps even nastier than all the others not just because of their surroundings but because Haley found herself pulling back on Haley's head as if she was putting her into one of those submission moves the wrestlers on that wrestling show their brother sometimes watched. If nothing else Alex's back must be in agony, but Haley wanted to make sure her kid sister's butt hurt even worse when they were done. That Alex would have to shift from cheek to cheek for the rest of their double date, that her younger sibling's back hole would be gaping open all night long, and that the cute brainiac's sore butt would remind her who owned her big fat ass.

Unfortunately Haley didn't have unlimited stamina, and despite the energetic sex she had been having with her sister making her a lot more athletic inevitably she ran out of steam, her sweaty body collapsing down on the equally sweaty body of her sibling. Of course she made sure to push herself to one last climax first, Haley enjoying the after-shocks of that climax for maybe a full minute. Afterwards she snuggled against her favourite pillow in the world, so relaxed that she barely reacted to the sound of knocking. Mostly because she was too tired to register it.

Then she heard a familiar voice call out, "Are you sure you're okay in there?"

"Just one more minute." Haley squeaked, before quickly straightening up and yanking her dildo out of Alex's ass.

She then whistled at the sight of her handiwork. Alex's ass hole always looked cute, but in Haley's opinion it was at its very best when it was gaping open like it was now, the hole itself battered and sore, as were Alex's anal walls, Haley spreading the other girl's ass cheeks so she would get the best look possible at her baby sister's brutalised bowels. Haley wished she could spend all night staring into that bottomless looking pit which had become her kid sister's rectum, but they really did have to leave, so she stood up and reached for her harness. Then she had a wicked idea which made her grin evilly.

"Turn around." Haley ordered, her smart little sister correctly guessing her older sibling wanted her to stay on her knees, so Haley could have the intoxicating sight of Alex kneeling before her as she told her, "Now suck my cock."

Alex's eyes went wide and she exclaimed, "Ewww, you can't be serious?"

Haley shrugged, "I'm not going out there to try and clean it in one of the sinks, and I'm certainly not using toilet water or putting it back in my bag as is. So it has to be your mouth."

For a second Alex bit her lip and then she asked, "You can't get some paper towels or something? I mean, licking your ass is one thing, but-"

"Suck my cock clean or I'll never fuck your ass again!" Haley softly threatened.

It was an empty threat, and deep down they both knew it. Haley couldn't stand the thought of living in a world where she didn't get to indulge in her twisted lust for her baby sister's big butt, however the only one more addicted to this twisted anal incest than her was Alex, and Haley was betting that the tiniest possibility of not getting her fat ass stretched again by her big sister would pressure Alex into this latest perversion. And sure enough after a few long seconds Alex scrunched up her nose, leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the dildo which had been so recently deep inside her fat ass.

For a few long seconds Haley held her breath, then Alex moaned. The beautiful little butt slut actually moaned from tasting her own butt! And not just tasting the hole itself on Haley's lips after the older sibling had given the younger one a rim job, but actually tasting the deepest part of her bowels on the head of that strap-on dick. Oh yes, Haley's super smart little sister who had been calling her a slut for most of her life just because Haley enjoyed 'normal' sex with men was now moaning in pleasure from tasting the deepest part of her ass, that fact making Haley grin so wide it almost hurt.

To Haley's delight Alex quickly began to officially obey her commands by sucking on the head of that dildo, quickly increasing the force until she was loudly slurping every drop of ass cream off the tip of the dick. Alex then began bobbing her head up and down like they were in the beginning of a strap-on fucking session, not right at the end, and if anything Alex was showing more enthusiasm for this blow job than any other she had given Haley's strap-on before, moaning softly the entire time as if to prove she was in fact a massive anal whore. An ATM whore! Oh yes, brainy little Alex Dunphy was her big sister's ass to mouth whore, Haley having to bite her lip to prevent herself from verbally announcing that in case anyone walked in.

Alex's cheeks were bright red with shame and humiliation, the proud straight-A student unable to believe she was turning out to be such a slut. She thought it couldn't get any more perverted than having butt sex with her big sister, but somehow this was so much worse. Or at least pushing an already incredibly perverted act even further until she might as well just be a porn star or literally a whore. Either way Alex felt like she could survive if anyone found out she embraced the taboo of Haley's unconditional love, but she couldn't imagine living with the shame of anyone except Haley knowing she was a big ATM whore.

That was why she tried to stay as quiet as she could, but honestly it was a secondary desire her body barely acknowledged as she stuffed inch after inch of dildo down her throat. Soon her eyes were watering and she was gagging violently on the dick, however no matter how hard she tried Alex just couldn't deep throat the entire length, so she was forced to pull the cock out of her mouth and frantically lick the bottom half of the shaft to make sure she got every drop of her own ass juice, as Alex just couldn't stand the thought of missing a single drop. It was just so yummy, Alex addicted the second that flavour hit her tastebuds.

When she was positive every drop was gone Alex quickly stood up and shoved her tongue into Haley's mouth, hoping to share the flavour of her ass with her sister. Predictably Haley grinned into the kiss, grabbed onto her big boobs and then started roughly kissing her back, the two tired siblings struggling to keep up with each other as they became lost in their latest lip lock. Then Haley's hand slid down and around to Alex's incredibly sore butt, at first just squeezing and groping those tender cheeks the same way she had done with her big boobs, but then moving to play with Alex's still gaping butt hole, which caused the dark haired girl to pull back and gasp.

"God I love you!" Haley softly growled.

"I love you too." Alex blushed, gasping again as Haley pushed two fingers into her loosened back hole.

"When we get home I'm taking this fat ass again!" Haley boldly announced as she began to finger fuck Alex's butt.

"Please dooooooo ohhhhhhhh fuck." Alex moaned, "Just please, be gentle."

"Oh don't worry sis, I'll be real gentle." Haley promised with a wicked grin on her face and added another finger into Alex's ass, "I'll be soft, and sweet, and romantic the next time I fuck you up the ass. Mmmmmmmmm, gonna lay you down on your back so I can see your big tits bounce for me and your beautiful face as I pound fuck your big fat ass."

Then there was yet another knock followed by one of their dates calling, "Girls..."

"Oh for God sakes!" Haley exclaimed in annoyance, pulling her fingers out of Alex's ass and then shoving them directly into her little sister's mouth. Then when Alex was softly sucking them clean, Haley added, "Alex and I are just making up after a long fight. We will be out in a minute. Unless we're interrupted again, then you won't see us again."

The poor boy mumbled some apology, and then when Alex's mouth was free of fingers she began, "Haley..."

"Relax." Haley grinned, "I picked these two because they're not bright, and like my voluptuous little sister they will do anything to please me. Now pull your pants up and let's go."

Alex did as she was told and seconds later it was like nothing ever happened, except Alex was walking funny and sitting down was much worse than when all she had to deal with was just a gentle buzzing in her butt. Amazingly the boys didn't seem to notice, not questioning where they had been and eventually even paying as Haley stroked their egos and flirted with them. Honestly it made Alex a little jealous, but as they continued their meal with a nice desert and chatted Haley stroked her thigh in a gentle reminder who was going home, and having yet more sex, with Haley Dunphy.


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