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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 6.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

The Dunphy family were reaching the end of a quite pleasant meal when the youngest daughter felt the oldest squeeze her knee. Alex waited to see if Haley would just slide the hand upwards, as she occasionally did, but the hand remained still, a clear sign that her sister wanted her to start a fight. It was a signal they had agreed on after their father had mentioned how nice it was that they were getting along more after he and their mother had found them curled up in bed together, completely misreading the situation. Naturally they had freaked out and made a conscious decision to start fighting more.

It was unlikely that their parents would ever guess what was really going on between them just from them being friendly towards each other, but they were both worried if they were to friendly they might investigate why, thinking that they both had new boyfriends or something, and the last thing Alex and Haley wanted was for their parents to start looking into their business. If nothing else it would mean they would have two refrain from having sex once in a while, and that was a horrifying thought to both sisters. In this case Alex didn't think it was necessary, and she tried to tell Haley that with a look, but clearly her older sibling was having none of it.

"So loser, found a boyfriend yet?" Haley asked.

"No." Alex said bluntly.

"Well, that's hardly surprising, given your fashion sense." Haley sniped.

"Haley." Claire warned.

Ignoring her mother Haley continued to push, "Hey, maybe I can give you some tips... or maybe even one of my castoffs. I'm sure one of them would be willing to lower their standards."

"We all know there are plenty to choose from." Alex quipped.

"Girls." Phil chimed in.

Ignoring her father Haley pushed, "Not that many who like lame nerds with fat asses!"

"You know what?" Alex asked, deciding to give her sister what she wanted, "I'd rather be a virgin outcast who can actually handle college than a useless slut with absolutely no future."

"Alex!" Both their parents yelled.

Haley looked like she was searching for something to say, then with her eyes going teary she practically spat, "Fuck you."

With that Haley ran out of the room, Alex forcing herself to call after her, "Is that the best you got?"

"Alex! Go apologise to your sister right now!" Claire said firmly.

"Mom!" Alex whined.

"Do as your mother says!" Phil said softly but firmly for him.

"Fine." Alex sighed, feeling like a typical teenager for once as she stomped after her sibling.

Of course her main reason wasn't to appease her parents. No, she was genuinely worried that she had hurt her sister's feelings, and at the moment she was cursing herself for being so blunt. Normally she like to think she was more witty with her remarks, but ever since they started fucking it seemed to be difficult for both sisters to insult each other, something they had been previously so good at, another reason why they're fighting was becoming more frequent again as they feared raising suspicion. So they always went right for the jugular now, hitting the other right where it hurts for all to see.

Luckily Haley had run right up to their room, meaning no one was around to witness Alex gently knocking and whispering, "Haley? Are you all right?"

In a flash Haley opened the door, grabbed Alex, pulled her inside, slammed the door and then pushed her kid sister up against it so she could push her tongue down her throat, Alex barely having a chance to respond before Haley broke the kiss and grinned, "I'm fine by the way."

"Good." Alex smiled, not getting anything else out as Haley crashed her lips against hers again.

They then frantically made out for quite a while before Alex tried to move them towards the bed, Haley surprisingly stopping her and then even more surprisingly breaking the kiss to pant, "Seriously though, I think we need to get you a boyfriend."

"Erm, why?" Alex asked gently, quickly adding flirtatiously, "I mean, what do I need with a silly old boyfriend when I have you?"

Alex pressed her lips to Haley's but this time Haley didn't respond, pulling Alex back forcefully and insisting, "I'm serious."

"Why?" Alex huffed, pulling away and crossing her arms, "Do you think Mom and Dad aren't buying the fighting?"

"No, it's not that." Haley said softly, turning away from Alex and heading towards her bed.

"Then what?" Alex asked frustratingly, and probably too loudly.

"Keep your voice down!" Haley whisper yelled as Alex approached her, "Look... I heard them talking earlier, and... and they think you might be gay."

Alex stared at her sister for a few seconds and then shrugged, "Probably. That or bi, I really haven't decided for sure yet... but I don't see how that's a problem."

Looking incredibly uncomfortable Haley lowered her head and grumbled, "I... I guess its a tiny step in the right direction towards what's really going on, and I don't like it. But Mom also mentioned she was surprised you weren't dating more, although that's because you're super smart and not because you're extremely fucking gorgeous. I mean come on, I know they're our parents but it's like they're totally blind to how ridiculously hot you've become. And it's not just them, but our entire family. You'd think one of them could have the brains to figure out that subjectively you're a fucking knockout."

Blushing furiously Alex murmured, "My beauty aside, I get what you're saying, but I'm not exactly socially confident here. I mean, yes you can give me some pointers or something. And I don't mean that in a mean way, just that you're so much better at this stuff than I am, and-"

"Relax, I get what you mean." Haley said, "And it's fine, I have a couple of guys I can set you up with."

"Awww, look at you being all sisterly." Alex teased.

"Shut up." Haley giggled, the two sibling sharing a laugh and smile before she added, "Anyway, I have a condition."

"Oh?" Alex raised her eyebrow.

"Uh-huh.... see, no matter who I set you up with, they don't get to touch you. Not ever." Haley practically growled, stepping into her little sister's personal space, "You're mine, and I don't like other people touching my things."

If it was anyone else Alex would have been offended, but instead she was just freakishly turned on, almost whimpering as she pointed out, "Don't you think that's going to be a little difficult?"

"I guess." Haley conceded, reaching out for Alex's hand and gently holding it with her own, "So let's say he can hold your hand, but definitely not do this. These are mine! He doesn't touch them."

Alex squeaked as Haley grabbed her big tits and squeezed them to emphasise her words, the younger sister asking, "Anything else?"

"Yeah, I guess holding you like this is ok." Haley said, reaching her arm around Alex so her hand was on her back. Then she slid her hand downwards and had another join it so she could squeeze Alex's fat ass, "But he absolutely doesn't get to touch this. This-"

"Is yours, I get it." Alex teased, Haley just staring at her for a couple of seconds before smiling.

"Right... and a peck on the lips, like this... is fine." Haley said, emphasising her words by briefly pressing her lips to Alex's, then she added, "However what's completely unacceptable is something like this..."

With that Haley kissed Alex again, this time pressing her lips more forcefully downwards and then sliding her tongue out to play. Alex eagerly parted her lips to allow her sister access to the inside of her mouth, Haley taking full advantage of the invitation as the two sisters began engaging in a passionate tongue battle. Unlike the kiss they'd shared when Haley had pulled Alex into their room this was not brief, the older sibling kissing the younger sibling for several long minutes before even beginning to manoeuvre her to the bed, and even when they got there and fell onto it they continued frantically groping and making out like their lives depended on it.

Haley spent most of that make out session second guessing her decision to push Alex into someone else's arms. The idea of anyone but her touching Alex in this way infuriated her, but she may be able to live with it if it insured her sweet sister remained her eager fuck toy. However if she was officially going to sign off on it she wanted proof of Alex's devotion to her, and there was something above anything else Haley could realistically ever get that she wanted right now. Had wanted for so long, and now she was finally going to ask for it. Just as soon as she worked up the courage.

She felt she had already done a great job of laying the ground work, but a little more couldn't help, which was why Haley continued kissing her sister until her lips were sore and her pussy was burning with need. She also constantly ground her body against Alex's, and concentrated all her groping efforts on that big butt she had been fantasising about for years now, Haley's heart racing as she was closer than she'd ever been before to fulfilling those fantasies.

Finally she broke the lip lock, spent a minute or two kissing Alex's neck, and then whispered into her sibling's ear, "Are you mine Alex?"

"God yes." Alex moaned.

"Prove it." Haley challenged, trying to hide her nervousness.

"How?" Alex asked softly.

Haley took a calming breath, and then whispered, "Gimme all your holes."

Alex frowned, and then giggled softly, "I already have, silly."

"Have you?" Haley question softly, pulling back slightly so she could look Alex in the eye, "Think about it... have you?"

There was a pause, and then obviously realisation crossed Alex's face, "Oh."

Taking that negatively Haley began to panic, "I'm sorry Alex, but have you seen your ass? Oh my God, I've never seen anything so fuck-able. It's so big, and round, and obviously made for fucking, and you love it when I lick you there or stick a finger up your ass, and honestly, have I ever steered you wrong about anything, well at least about sex? Because I can't think of-"

"Ok." Alex said softly.

"Ok?" Haley asked, honestly surprised.

"Yeah." Alex blushed, lowering her gaze, "You can fuck my ass."

For a few seconds Haley stared in disbelief at her sister, then softly but firmly demanded, "Get on all fours. Now!"

There was a few seconds pause and then Alex asked, "Erm, do, do you want me to... I mean, shouldn't I take off my clothes."

"No." Haley said, feeling like she licked her lips as she added, "You're a yummy gift I want to unwrap."

Alex blushed and then turned over while mumbling, "Whatever, freak."

Her tone was playful, although Haley didn't dwell on it. Not when Alex was lifting herself up onto all fours and pointing that big juicy ass at her, Haley just staring at it for a few long seconds. Then, afraid she was literally drooling, the older sibling wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then moved closer to her prize. Definitely licking her lips this time Haley reached out and grabbed two big handfuls of Alex's ass, causing her baby sister to squeak loudly at the suddenness of Haley's actions. However instead of scolding Alex for making a sound, something neither of them could afford, Haley just became lost in playing with Alex's big butt.

"I can't believe you're giving me this fat ass." Haley whispered dreamily.

"There's plenty of time to change my mind if you're going to be rude." Alex huffed.

"What?" Haley whispered/yelled, appalled for a moment before relaxing and smiling, "Oh, I don't mean fat in a bad way. I mean fat like your tits are fat."

"Oh, so... like a black girl?" Alex enquired, although she had never really understood that culture.

"Yeah, like a black girl." Haley grinned wickedly, "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, my kid sister has got a big fat ass, just like a black girl... and I can't wait to pound it deep and hard, feel these big meaty cheeks of yours jiggling against me while I fuck your tight little virgin ass hole!"

With those words Haley reached around to undo the top button to Alex's jeans and then slip her fingers under the waistband, making sure she got not just the jeans but her kid sister's underwear too. As a result she was able to slowly lower them both, gradually revealing Alex's big bubble butt, Haley swearing for sure that she drooled this time and she didn't even care. All she cared about was fucking the amazing ass in front of her, but before she did that she needed to properly prepare Alex so that her little sister would love this as much as Haley was sure she was going too. First though Haley just couldn't resist grabbing hold of that big butt and playing with it, squeezing and smacking those meaty cheeks before spreading them wide apart to reveal her prize.

Alex had spent a lot of time lately naked around her big sister and yet ironically she felt more exposed now than ever. Mostly because the focus was on the part of her body she was most self-conscious about, Haley's words embarrassing her more than usual as on the whole Alex hated her fat ass. The only good thing about it was that Haley seemed almost obsessed with it as she was with Alex's big tits, although Alex hadn't realised until now just how much Haley liked her ass, and what twisted plans she had for it. But after months of incredible sex what could Alex do except give this a fair chance to see if she liked it?

She certainly enjoyed the constant rim jobs she received from her big sister, Alex letting out a soft moan as after what felt like a full minute Haley pulled her butt cheeks apart and slid her tongue up her butt crack. Haley repeated the process a few times before focusing on Alex's hole, the brainy brunette embarrassed that she had to bury her face in the bed sheets to muffle her moans of pleasure. She had always loved the rim jobs Haley gave her on a regular basis, another reason Alex thought she might like anal and was willing to try it, and if anything her older sister went to town like never before on her ass hole, sliding her tongue up, down, and around it over and over again for several minutes before trying to push her tongue inside it.

As Haley had been doing this since they started having sex she was able to push her tongue impressively far into that tiny hole considering she was using such a soft muscle to do it. She got a lot further when she added a finger into the mix, first slipping it into Alex's dripping wet pussy and then quickly using it to replace her tongue, the younger sibling letting out a loud cry into her pillow as Haley's finger slowly entered her. It wasn't the first time, but knowing their strap-on dildo was going to be next made the whole experience a lot more scary/exciting for the younger sister.

"Mmmmmmmmm, God Alex, you're sooooooooooooo tight!" Haley softly groaned once her finger was buried in Alex's big butt, "Mmmmmmmmmm, you have no idea how much I'm going to enjoy this."

Blushing again Alex didn't respond and instead just stayed face down and ass up while her big sister switched from fingering to tongue fucking her ass hole for several glorious minutes, Haley spending most of it with her face either resting on one of Alex's meaty cheeks or with her face completely buried in between them. Then Haley quickly removed her clothes while Alex did the same with her own, then the older sibling retrieved the harness dildo from its hiding place, strapped it on and then covered it liberally with lubricant while Alex watched, blushing not just because Haley was treating the dick as if it was real but because she knew where it was about to be shoved.

Once she was sure the dildo was wet enough Haley breathlessly ordered, "Spread your cheeks. Make it easier for me to bust your little anal cherry."

Haley thought she was going to pass out as Alex slowly reached back and pulled apart the cheeks to her big beautiful butt. Of course it wasn't just the incredibly perverted and yet beautiful sight which made Haley light headed. Oh no, it was the fact that her baby sister was officially giving her virgin butt hole to her, offering up the most private hole on her body as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure, Alex subjecting herself to what was probably the ultimate act of submission/humiliation just to prove Haley was the one she really wanted.

If she was honest with herself Haley knew she could just stare at this beautiful sight for hours, maybe all night long, but then she wouldn't get to butt fuck her kid sister, and that wasn't acceptable. So eventually she pulled herself back to the moment long enough to grab onto her strap-on and press the head of that dildo firmly against Alex's virgin ass hole. She then paused to savour the moment before slowly beginning to push forwards, Alex gasping softly as her back hole slowly started to stretch, the sight equal parts gross and beautiful to the perverted older sibling. She saw the same thing when her dildo slipped through that incredibly tight butt hole, meaning Haley had officially taken her little sister's anal virginity.

"Oh my God!" Both sisters simultaneously cried out, the difference being that Alex's cry was mostly of pain while Haley's was of pure pleasure. Also the older of the two sisters followed up with, "Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, God Alex, you have no idea how good you look right now with your virgin ass hole stretching for my big dick!"

Alex blushed, "Please... just be gentle."

"Oh don't worry Alex, I'll totally be gentle, at first." Haley promised gleefully before adding, "But I'm going to stretch your virgin butt so good that soon you'll be begging me to destroy the little hole you shit from, and then, when I have my baby sister begging me to destroy her little butt hole, I'm going to pound you so hard Alex that you'll never shit right again! Mmmmmm, yeah baby, do your best to relax, because now I've popped your little anal cherry this big fat ass of yours belongs to me! It's my fucking property, and I'm going to use it however I want!"

Haley knew she was going too far, she just couldn't help it. This was a taboo on top of a taboo on top of a taboo, as she wasn't only having lesbian sex with her sister she was now having lesbian anal sex with her. Haley was having lesbian anal incest, and it filled her with wonderfully perverted joy. So much so Haley was surprised she didn't cum when she began pushing her dildo further up Alex's butt, inch after inch of long thick strap-on cock disappearing into the brainy brunette's tailpipe as Alex whimpered, cried and sounded like she was being gutted like a fish.

For the next few minutes Haley desperately tried to listen out for signs that it was too much for Alex and she needed a break, but it was hard to concentrate on anything other than her cock disappearing into Alex's ass hole. Because that's what this toy became when she strapped it on, Haley always getting a thrill out of thinking it was her cock inside of Alex. It may have been a delusion, but in that moment Haley really did feel like she was inside Alex's big ass, a piece of her invading the deepest depths of her baby sister's bowels, filling her like she was never meant to be filled and stretching the most intimate part of her body which was never meant to be stretched that much.

Alex was just as lost as Haley in the current moment, however while the big sister was loving every second of this the little sister was struggling not to beg for mercy. At this point it was only her decision to give this a decent try and her love for her sister which made Alex force herself to continue, especially with the latter thing as Haley was so obviously enjoying this, Alex blushing furiously as she looked over her shoulder to see Haley staring lustfully at where that obscenely big dildo was stretching Alex's ass hole.

The look on Haley's face filled Alex with perverted pride, the fact that she was sexually pleasing her big sister with her butt hole almost making up for the fact that it felt like there was a telephone poll being inserted into her bottom. It gave Alex the strength to continue spreading her cheeks. Well, that and the fact that she could dig her nails into her cheeks to try and alleviate some of the pain of having that huge strap-on slowly sliding deeper and deeper into her back passage, stretching places inside her which were never meant to be touched by an invading force.

It was sort of a relief when Haley's thighs finally bumped against her parted butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of that monster dildo was buried in her bowels, Alex even getting a thrill out of her big sister being without a doubt the one to rob her of her anal cherry. At the same time Alex felt like such a massive slut for being able to take such a big cock up her ass on the first attempt, and it felt like she would never be the same again after having her rectum so obscenely misused. And then of course, Haley had to open her big mouth.

"Oh my God Alex, I can't believe you took it all!" Haley gasped, probably a bit too loudly, but she just couldn't help it given this amazing situation, "Mmmmmmm, I can't believe you took every single inch of this big dick up your ass. Ha, my big dick. Oh yeah, my little sister just took every inch of my big hard dick up her big fat ass, oooooooooh, and now she's going to get butt fucked like the slutty little anal whore she is!"

As Alex blushed bright red in utter humiliation Haley began slowly pulling some of the dildo out of her ass, causing Alex to sigh in relief. Then Haley pushed every single inch back inside her ass, causing Alex to gasp and cry out again. Over and over this was repeated, Haley establishing a slow but steady rhythm as she officially began to butt fuck her baby sister. Oh yes, Alex was being sodomised by her own sister, her beautiful big sister fucking her up the butt, her popular older sister Haley fucking Alex in the ass... Haley fucking Alex's ass and somehow making them both love it.

For a while Alex became lost in thinking about what exactly was happening, then all of a sudden she felt the most perverted sensation of pleasure she had ever felt. It was so powerful and surprising she cried out in pure pleasure, and then again and again albeit mixed in with a little discomfort as her rectum continued to adjust. But that was just it, there wasn't discomfort now, and soon afterwards there wasn't even that, Alex overwhelmed with the greatest pleasure she had ever felt, each of Haley's thrusts making the pleasure feel so much more intense until she had no choice but to give up whatever dignity she had left so she could take more of this amazing pleasure.

"Fuck me." Alex whispered, breaking the silence which had fallen between the two sisters since the butt fucking had officially began.

"What?" Haley whispered back, unable to hide her surprise.

"Fuck me." Alex replied a little louder.

"Oh my God, your fucking loving it!" Haley quietly exclaimed, "Already?"

"Yessssssssss." Alex blushed.

Grinning wickedly Haley pushed, "And what does that make you?"

Blushing again Alex softly replied, "A slut?"

"Close, it makes you an anal slut." Haley grinned, "What does it make you?"

"An anal slut!" Alex snapped quietly, "It makes me an anal slut. Now please, fuck me harder!"

"Tell me where." Haley pushed, "Tell me where you want me to fuck you, and tell me how badly you want it."

"Fuck my ass! Fuck me in the ass!" Alex whisper yelled, before thinking about what Haley would want to hear, "Mmmmmmmmm Haley, please fuck my ass. Please I want it sooooooo bad. I need it! Please fuck my big fat ass hard and deep and make me cum. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddd butt fuck me big sis. Please butt fuck me, I want to be butt fucked by my big sister, ooooooooooooh Haley please just do it! Fuck me! Fuck me up the butt and make me an anal whore! Your anal whore. Mmmmmmmmmmm, you say I'm yours? Prove it. Fuck my butt hard and deep and make me your personal anal whore!"

It was really hard for Haley to resist that, but instead she stopped completely and growled, "Mmmmm, not bad, but I've got a better idea. How about you let go of your cheeks and start thrusting back against me. Mmmmmm yeah, I really wanna see my kid sister work for her orgasm by thrusting herself back against my dick."

Without a moments hesitation Alex let go of her cheeks, grabbed onto the bed sheets and then lifted herself up onto all fours. Then when she was in the classic doggy style position she started thrusting herself back, slowly at first but with ever-increasing speed until the dildo was sliding in and out of her ass hole much faster than when Haley had been doing the work. Which of course caused Haley to giggle, slap her ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle, and then offer up a little verbal encouragement which somehow even after everything they have been through together, both in general and through this extremely perverted night, Alex blushed bright red.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck that fat ass!" Haley growled, probably way too loudly, "Mmmmmmmmmmm fuck that big fat ass on my dick! Make these giant cheeks of yours jiggle for me, ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, that's it sis, become my anal whore! Become my slutty little anal whore who can't even remember what it's like to sit down properly. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes Alex, you're my anal whore now! Your big fat ass belongs to me! It's all mine and you're going to have to get used to being my little anal whore who bends over every fucking day because I own your ass hole! You're my anal whore, my butt slut, my fat ass bitch, mmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I can't take it anymore, gimmie that ass!"

Finally Haley reached out, grabbed a firm hold of Alex's hips and began to thrust in and out of her sibling's ass hole again, Alex crying out joyfully as she began to be sodomised by her sister for the second time in her life. This time she felt nothing but amazing pleasure, and best of all she was allowed to contribute to it, Alex carefully timing her thrusts to coincide with the ones Haley was dishing out so that her sister's 'big beautiful girl cock' went as deep and as hard into her bowels as possible with every thrust, which was extremely hard and deep once the two sisters really got going and started acting like they were literally trying to destroy Alex's ass hole.

Personally Alex felt that her ass hole was a small price to pay for the ecstasy she was now feeling, and that was before she was pushed over the edge of the greatest climax of her life. Considering her steamy affair with her sister that was really saying something, but it was true. That first orgasm, the one that followed it and really this whole experience was beyond anything Alex could have ever imagined, her brilliant mind melting away completely and leaving her a brainless animal desperately trying to satisfy her own pleasure, her last coherent thought being it was her big sister doing this to her/she was getting off this hard from her big sister's cock inside her ass, that knowledge making Alex feel like a total whore.

Haley was so proud of her sister. For so long she just wanted her to loosen up and be free. She understood that being a nerd was important to Alex, and she loved that about her, but all work and no play makes Alex a dull girl. Only there was certainly nothing dull about Alex Dunphy now, completely naked and on all fours while ramming her huge butt back against Haley, her giant ass cheeks jiggling like a bowl of jelly in an earthquake, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room almost as loudly as Alex's squeals of pleasure while her big sister's dildo slammed in and out of her ass hole at what felt like lightning speed.

It was the hottest thing Haley had ever seen, and that was really saying something considering all the nasty little things her kid sister had allowed her to do to her so far. This however, this was literally Haley's wildest dream come true and it was better than she ever dared to imagine, the brunette with the blonde highlights feeling like she was literally in heaven as she pounded the beautiful brunette's big fat butt. Oh yes, Haley couldn't get enough. She could never get enough of this ass, which was why regardless whether Alex meant it or not from now on she was going to be Haley's personal anal whore.

Alex Dunphy was going to have to give up her big fat ass to Haley Dunphy whenever Haley wanted a piece of this amazing ass, which was going to be a lot. In fact if it was up to Haley she'd never stop butt fucking her baby sister. No, she'd spend forever brutalising her baby sister's bowels, only stopping when she wanted to change position, and even then she'd tried to find a way to make sure at least the majority of her cock stayed inside her little sister's big bottom.

Unfortunately while Haley didn't want to ever stop ass fucking her kid sister eventually she became too exhausted from using so much energy to wreck Alex's rectum. That and nearly cumming as hard and as frequently as her kid sister thanks to the stimulator inside the harness and the blissful heaven that was taking Alex's virgin ass and making it hers. Although to be fair when she eventually ran out of energy she didn't simply collapse, like when she'd originally started fucking Alex with the strap-on. Oh no, she carefully lowered them down so they were resting on their sides in the spooning position, allowing Haley to continue lazily sliding her strap-on in and out of her kid sister's shit hole for a few minutes, bringing them both down from their highs and giving them both either powerful after-shocks or possibly some gentle orgasms in the process.

At this point Haley was almost overwhelmed with the desire to just slip into unconsciousness, but Alex would probably complain if she made her spend the night with that dildo up her butt, so she forced herself to leave just enough energy to pull the toy cock out. When she finally did Alex seemed pretty much unconscious so Haley tried not to wake her, awkwardly shifting back so she could slowly pull inch after inch of strap-on out of her baby sister's butt hole. She also did this because she found it as fascinating as ever to watch that forbidden hole stretching for her cock, the wonderfully perverted sight reinvigorating the twisted older sibling, and Haley thought she was going to cum again when that toy slipped from Alex's ass hole and she got a real good look at her handiwork.

Those meaty cheeks were flushed from the way Haley's thighs had been constantly crashing into them and the poor hole buried between them which had once been so tiny now remain stretched open. Haley had gaped her baby sister's butt and she'd never felt more proud of herself, the invigorated brunette with blonde highlights grabbing her phone and taking several shots of Alex's gaping ass hole, including a few shots faraway enough to include her sibling's blissfully unaware face.

After that Haley got another kinky idea, namely unstrapping the harness and bringing it up to her lips. She hesitated only for a moment before wrapping those lips around the head of the dildo, moaning softly as she tasted her kid sister's butt. She had been rimming Alex for months, but tasting the deepest part of her bowels like that was one of the nastiest things Haley had ever done and she loved it. Soon she was deep throating the entire length of the strap-on in a desperate attempt to get every drop of her own sister's anal cream, nearly the entire time Haley staring at her little sister's still gaping wide open ass hole and rubbing her own clit, the combination of these things giving Haley yet another satisfying climax.

That climax may have been satisfying but it was also enough to remind Haley just how exhausted she was, the brunette with blonde highlights barely having enough strength to hide the dildo in her bedside table before she collapsed onto the bed, grabbed hold of the duvet and pulled it over herself and Alex. She then snuggled up to the girl she was hopelessly in love with, Haley spooning her baby sister like she did most nights, except this time it was even better because she had fulfilled her most perverted fantasy. She had turned her little sister into her anal fuck toy, and if Alex hadn't learned it already she would soon make it very clear that her kid sister's fat ass was her property.


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