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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 6.

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Modern Family: Your Fault Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Alex Dunphy couldn't remember ever being this excited, and given that over the past few weeks she'd been coming home to her own personal sex machine that was really saying something. But tonight was different. Tonight she wouldn't have to gag herself or her lover, or shove a pillow over one of their faces or even kiss... actually there was going to be a lot of kissing, but hopefully there would also be a lot of screaming, Alex determined to make her beloved brunette with blonde highlights scream for her all night long, because finally they would have the house all to themselves and she could fuck her sister in peace.

Just thinking that still gave Alex a thrill, the brainy brunette still having trouble believing that she had crossed that line, and it had been so rewarding. And that someone as smoking hot as Haley would find her attractive, Alex's non-existent confidence when it came to her body getting a real boost every time her gorgeous sister touched her or started raving about how much she loved her curvy body. The only downside was it caused her to be severely distracted during school. Not enough to affect her grades much, but it meant she probably needed to end her affair, at least temporarily. However having sex with her own sister was proving to be too addicting to stop, even for a week or two while Alex took her exams.

To be honest even a day without fucking Haley seemed unbearable for Alex, and calling off their affair certainly wasn't what she planned asking for tonight, Alex so excited that she practically ran to her front door the second she got off the bus. Which meant she was a little sweaty and gross by the time she got home, although when she opened the door she quickly forgot about taking a shower. At first that was because she was confused by the dim lighting, then her heart started rapidly beating as she wandered further into her home to find Haley standing by a candlelit dinner.

After blinking a few times Alex whispered, "For me?"

"For us." Haley smiled softly, slowly approaching her prey.

Alex just let her for a few seconds, then she stammered, "Are, are we-"

"We're alone." Haley quickly finished for her, "It's just you and me. I swear. Now, let's enjoy it."

Those perhaps weren't the most romantic words in the world, but Alex got so caught up in the moment they somehow felt like it. Haley gently wrapping her arms round her, leaning in and kissing her played a big part in that, Alex initially hesitant if she was still afraid of being caught, however she had grown to trust Haley like never before over the past few weeks and quickly found herself relaxing into the embrace. It helped that Haley was an amazing kisser, and while she wasn't normally the most tactful person she knew exactly the kind of kiss Alex needed right now, namely soft and gentle, Alex finding herself letting out a soft whimper the moment before she simply lost herself in the wonderful kiss.

She was just as lost when they broke the kiss, rested their foreheads together, slowly opened their eyes and smiled at each other. Then a horrible thought filled Alex's mind and she asked, "You didn't cook, did you?"

Haley rolled her eyes and pulled away, "Relax, I had supervision from Manny."

"Oh." Alex sighed in relief, before frowning, "So, you used one family member's crush on you to manipulate him into cooking a romantic meal for another family member?"

"Hey, I did most of the work." Haley pointed out, before grinning, "Besides, would you rather have had a threesome?"

"Ewww, no." Alex grimaced, before another disturbing thought crossed her mind and she quickly added, "And no threesomes with anyone else, especially not another family member."

"Relax, there's no way I'm sharing such a hot piece of ass like you with anyone." Haley said softly, "Besides, I'm not fucking you because you're my sister. I'm fucking you because you're so irresistibly hot I just couldn't, well, resist. And, despite what I might have said over the years, I really like you. You're smart, you're funny, and so totally out of my league."

Alex smiled, kissed her sister briefly, "I feel the same way about you. Maybe minus the smart part."

"Shut up nerd." Haley laughed, hiding the fact she was a little hurt by that, further doing that by pointing out, "The food is getting cold."

Alex bit her lip, looked Haley up and down, and then asked, "Could we reheat it? I'm not exactly dressed to impress."

"I think you look beautiful." Haley said, gently kissing her sister again before pointing out, "And it's not like we've got all night. Besides, I don't know how long I can keep my hands off you."

"You're right. Wow, I never thought I'd say that." Alex blushed, quickly adding, "Sorry, it's a reflex. Let's eat."

Haley frowned but let it go, the two girls quickly sitting down and tucking into their food. They then ate in silence for a minute or two and then Haley asked, "Sooooo, how was judo?"

"Fine, I..." Alex began, about to go into detail before she noticed the look on Haley's face, "I know you don't approve."

Haley shrugged, "It's just wasting valuable time we could be having sex, you know?"

"I know." Alex blushed, still not feeling entirely comfortable discussing this out of the safety of their room, "But I told you, any changes to our routines could raise suspicion."

Haley let out a non-committal sound at first, "Can we just skip a few things though?"

"NO!" Alex said way too harshly, before trying to make it up to her lover, "It's not just about keeping this thing between us under wraps, it's about my future. It's no good just getting good grades, I need some out-of-school activities for all my applications otherwise I won't get a look in, for some reason. But in a few months it will be summer, and then I can make it up to you."

Haley very much like the way Alex took her hand while explaining that last part, the brunette with a blonde streaks smiling happily as her lover comforted her. Of course after summer Alex would probably be moving out and heading halfway across the country to 'get away from her crazy family' like she'd always wanted, leaving Haley behind with nothing. And even if Haley somehow found a way to follow her, probably living as her sister's housewife, things would be just like they are now with Alex stressing over her college work and barely having any time for her big sister.

Ignoring those scary thoughts Haley forced a fake smile and flirtatiously replied, "You'd better."

"I will. I promise." Alex swore, squeezing Haley's hand confidently, "So, tell me about your day."

From the look on her face Haley could tell Alex already regretted asking the question, and she briefly considered picking a fight over it. But that would risk ruining a night where they had the house to themselves, and Haley had no intention of ruining the mood like that. Besides, she loved to talk, and was used to doing it when people weren't really listening, so she launched into describing pretty much every aspect of her day while ignoring the fact Alex's eyes glazed over. At least at first. See, this wasn't the normal kind of glazed over. No, there was something clearly on Alex's mind, and while Haley worried this would also ruined their night she would be a lousy sister/lover if she didn't try and put Alex's mind at ease.

"So, what's up?" Haley asked after Alex had finished her meal, "And don't give me that everything is fine bull-shit. I know you Alex, I may not be a genius like you but I know when something is wrong."

Alex blushed at the compliment, then she explained, "You... I... erm, we're... we're very different people, but sometimes opposites attract, and I don't know about you but I want to keep doing this. See where it goes. Soooooo, will you be my girlfriend?"

There was silence, then Haley laughed, "Oh Alex, I already am, silly."

Frowning in confusion Alex searched her mind for any evidence of this, and when she could find nothing queried, "You are?"

"Duh." Haley replied, and then seeing the confusion on her sister's face added, "Oh come on Alex, you're not the type of girl who can have a purely sexual relationship. Why do you think I went to all this trouble? Not that I didn't want to do it, it's just... well, I'm hungry, but I'd much rather be tearing off your clothes right now. The reason I'm not is because I want this to be more too. And your lack of freaking out when you walked in spoke volumes. And let's face it, you're risking your precious future to have sex with me. You wouldn't do that if this was just sex."

For a while Alex was left speechless by Haley's confession, then as casually as she could she took a sip of the wine Manny must have picked out from their grandfather's collection and murmured, "Well, it's pretty amazing sex."

"Yeah it is." Haley smiled. She had something she wanted to talk about too, but given the intense mood she simply picked up her own glass and told her, "To amazing sex."

Alex blushed but clinked her glass against Haley's and parroted, "To amazing sex."

They then shared a smile, took the wine and then quickly finished their meal before clearing away the plates, getting rid of the romantic atmosphere and then quickly scurrying upstairs to their bedroom. Alex went first, and as much as she was trying not to spoil the mood Haley couldn't resist reaching out and slapping the large butt wiggling in front of her face. Thankfully Alex only giggled, so Haley then gripped onto that ass, squeezing and groping it while Alex half-heartedly scolded her and continued giggling as she ran faster up the stairs and into their shared room. When she got there she stopped and stared.

After she had followed her in, and unlocked the door behind them, Haley asked, "Do you like it? I don't know, it maybe a little over the top, but... you know, I thought it worked. Given dinner and all. And don't worry about the beds, they're secure now but we can totally put them back the way they were."

Haley was going to say more, but Alex turned around, grabbed her face and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Happily kissing back Haley wrapped her arms around Alex's waist and became lost in kissing her sister for several minutes. Oh man, she still couldn't get over thinking things like that, even after all the times that they had done unspeakable things to each other Haley still got a thrill at thinking how she was kissing her nerdy kid sister. That she was doing it in a room filled with candlelight and a single bed, which was their two singles roped together to make one large double bed, made it even better, because she was kissing her geeky little sister while guiding her towards the large bed she would fuck her in.

Alex had been thinking throughout dinner that she wished Haley had given her the time to change because her big sister looked so stunning. Haley always looked stunning, but when she had time to prepare there was no one better, her older sister wearing a dress short enough/showing just enough cleavage to be sexy without being slutty. In comparison Alex was just wearing sweats. Oh well, it's not like she could compete, and really Alex should be just glad she had taken the time to shower in the locker rooms before returning home otherwise she would have been even more gross and sweaty than she was. Or she would have given Haley an excuse for them to have shower sex, which although would have been no doubt fun would have meant them to completely forgetting about the food, and mostly likely have come up with some kind of excuse after leaving the candlelit meal to get cold.

Suddenly Alex was awoken from her thoughts by an abrupt end to the kiss. Normally the two sisters would kiss each other for what felt like hours as it was one of the few things which didn't make a lot of noise, and apparently it was a habit that was tough to get out of as Alex had become lost in the kissing she had noticed Haley moving her over to the bed and gently laying her down on it. Not that it bothered her. What bothered her was the nervous look on Haley's face, Alex slowly opening her mouth to ask what was wrong only for Haley to beat her to the punch.

"You know..." Haley began, gulping softly and taking a deep breath before she started again, "You know how you said you were tired of being a virgin?"

"Yes." Alex replied suspiciously.

"Well, I wanna take it." Haley said a lot more huskily than she intended.

Alex blushed, "Erm, you already did. Remember?"

"No, no, no, NO!" Haley whined, before quickly clarifying, "I mean yes, we've had a lot of sex, but you've still technically got your cherry, and I want it. I want to officially take your virginity and make you a woman."

Overwhelmed by those words Alex just blinked for a few seconds, and then asked, "How?"

"With a dildo." Haley grinned.

There was a moment of silence and then Alex weakly mumbled, "Ok."

"Really?" Haley beamed.

"Really." Alex confirmed, blushing a little as she added, "I meant what I said about being tired of being like the only virgin left in my school... and, most girls want their first time to be with someone who loves them, and no matter what we say to each other you love me. Right?"

Alex's blush increased tenfold at the end and she was so embarrassed in the moment she couldn't look Haley in the eye. Due to how widely Haley was grinning Alex was still able to glimpse it just before the other girl kissed her again, and despite the fact that lasted for several minutes when it ended she couldn't resist asking, "So is that a yes?"

"Dork." Haley laughed, giving Alex another long kiss before reassuring her, "Of course I love you, you adorable nerd. Now let me show you how much."

With that Haley almost literally ripped her little sister's clothes off, Alex happily letting her before helping her sibling remove her clothes just as frantically. They then laid back down and kissed like the horny teenagers they were, only this time their hands didn't stay away from their fun parts. Naturally Haley made the first move, grabbing two big handfuls of Alex's fat ass and shamelessly groping it for a few moments before sliding her hands around and upwards so she could begin to play with her baby sister's ridiculously big boobs. For her part Alex tried to copy Haley's actions, but her sister was just so much more confident when it came to sex and she was constantly left in a state of catch-up.

After a few minutes of groping Haley broke the latest kiss and whispered in Alex's ear, "Let's start with a little warm-up."

Automatically opening her mouth Alex was going to taunt that they had already started and then ask what Haley meant by a little warm-up. Of course all that came out was a moan of pleasure as Haley twisted her nipples in the way Alex found bizarrely pleasurable while peppering her neck with kisses. After maybe a minute of that Haley's lips moved lower and Alex became very glad she hadn't said anything, because she should have guessed that by little warm-up her big sister was just going to indulge in her favourite pastime, namely sucking on her little sister's extremely big boobs. Not that Alex exactly minded.

Haley got so wet listening to Alex moaning for her. She always did, but this time was different because thankfully there was no gag involved to muffle those wonderful sounds, which became particularly loud once Haley kissed her way up one of the mountains of flesh that Alex called her tits and wrapped her mouth around one of those suck-able little nipples. And suck them she did, gently at first, but then with increasing force as she kissed her way back and forth in between those fantastic titties.

Seriously, who knew it was possible for anything so perfect to be natural. True, there was a certain amount of beauty to some things which weren't man-made, but Haley considered herself a girl of 2015. Someone strictly connected with the here and now. However she had never seen anything in the modern world or any other version of it quite as beautiful as her kid sister's enormous tits. Haley had never seen anything more beautiful than Alex, the brunette with blonde streaks becoming more consumed by her lust for this curvaceous brunette with every passing second, Haley genuinely scared by how much she wanted Alex, not simply because she was her sister but because it was just scary to want someone this much.

Luckily Alex interrupted that train of thought by moaning, "I thought this was for my benefit?"

Haley frowned for a couple of moments, then grinned and briefly removed her mouth from Alex's tits to reply, "Can't it be both?"

Preventing Alex from giving one of her typical smart ass replies Haley quickly ducked her head back down, but this time wrapped her teeth instead of her soft lips around her kid sister's left nipple and bit down hard enough to make Alex cry out. Luckily Haley had been worshipping her little sister's big titties for weeks, so she knew exactly how much pressure Alex liked. Ok, she may have used a tiny little bit more, but she quickly made up for it by finally adding her tongue into the mix, swirling it around the nipple and then flicking it before giving a semi-hard sucking session before repeating that exact chain of events with the other nipple.

Back and forth Haley went, increasing the force of her suction until she was sucking as hard as she could, then she reached down and slid her fingertips over the unsurprisingly wet pussy of her sibling and then quickly brought her lips up to Alex's ear to whisper, "Mmmmmmmm, so wet for me. You're always so wet for me Alex, you nasty little slut! The question is, do you want me to finish warming you up with my fingers, or with my mouth?"

Alex thought she was going to cum just from the combination of these words and the gentle pussy rubbing, which it should be noted came after like an hour of tittie worship, the brunette's eyes rolling in her head as she moaned, "How about both?"

"Both?" Haley murmured thoughtfully to herself, before gently nodding, "Both works for me."

It was a struggle not to smile or laugh with glee, but Haley was extremely horny and eager to taste the pussy she craved every second of every day, so she just about managed it by nipping gently at Alex's ear before kissing her way down her younger sister's body. Ok, she totally couldn't resist burying her face in that enormous cleavage and shamelessly motor-boating her kid sister for a couple of long seconds, but then Haley got back on track, kissing her way down Alex's soft stomach and then settling in between her legs. Unsurprisingly the darker haired teen spread those legs nice and wide for her, giving Haley all the access she could possibly need.

Alex grinded her teeth to prevent herself from yelling at Haley to just get on with it already, most likely insulting her in the process. True, their relationship had improved dramatically since they had become lovers, however there was no reason to spoil the mood. More to the point pretty much every time in the past Alex hadn't got fed up of waiting for Haley to pleasure her it just came out as whiny begging, and Alex's pride just couldn't take resorting to that unless she was really, truly desperate.

Luckily for her Haley didn't leave her waiting for that long, especially not compared to the last few times, and when her big sister's tongue did finally slide across her cunt lips it wasn't as nearly as slow as one first licks that Haley had given her. More importantly it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Haley Dunphy quickly establishing a steady rhythm while Alex Dunphy writhed under her older sibling's tongue, Alex loving the fact that she could tip her head back and moan as loudly as she wanted to while her big sister went to town on her cunt.

Haley really did have the best intentions in mind for this. After all she could think of nothing better to prepare a pussy to be better treated than to be licked to an orgasm, or possibly two or whatever, but it would have been a total lie to say she was only doing this for Alex's benefit. Although to be fair no one could blame her, Alex was just so tasty. Not that she planned on letting anyone else find out just how tasty, so Haley guessed she could be blamed for this, and as the 'adult' of the two she would be definitely the one thrown in jail if anyone ever found out she was banging her underage sister.

That unfortunate truth had crossed Haley's mind more than once, but honestly she could be looking at the death penalty and Haley still wouldn't be able to stop herself from doing whatever it took to satisfy her addiction to Alex's pussy. Ok, so she was addicted to her curvaceous sister's entire body, but as much as she loved those big beautiful boobs and that wonderfully fat ass if Haley wanted Alex to be hers she needed to keep her pussy happy, and thankfully that was no great task given how great she tasted.

As she continued frantically going down on her kid sister Hayley wondered, not for the first time, if the reason Alex tasted so good to her was that she was her baby sister. If the thrill of the taboo enhanced the experience so much that Alex's pussy couldn't be anything other than the best thing ever to Haley. It was certainly possible, but honestly Haley didn't really care why Alex tasted so good, she just cared about getting as much of that yummy honey into her belly were it belonged before she inevitably did what she did best, a.k.a. made her little sister cum in her mouth. A skill that Haley was very proud of.

Haley may not be traditionally smart, but she was becoming one incredible pussy licker. Or at least an expert on licking one particular pussy. The only pussy Haley really wanted to lick. After all, despite how it may look right now, Haley wasn't actually gay. She was just becoming really, really good at licking pussy because her little sister had become so ridiculously hot that it actually felt like a crime if Haley didn't fuck her. Oh yes, it would be a crime against nature, if nothing else, if her tongue wasn't sliding against Alex's wet little cunt right now, Haley collecting as much juice on her tongue as possible so she could swallow it in between licks.

Alex was so blissfully happy right now thanks to those licks. And yet at the same time they were driving her crazy, mostly because she wanted more of them. More of that tongue. Oh yes, Alex wanted that tongue inside her. She wanted her big sister's tongue as deep inside her pussy as it could go, slamming in and out of her and making her cum like only a tongue fucking from her older sibling could. At the same time she wanted Haley to lick her just like this forever.

It was a wonderful and torturous paradox Alex's brilliant mind had tried long and hard to make sense of, but today was better than ever/more hard to think coherently because she wasn't constantly having to remind herself to be quiet. Wasn't having to shove a pillow over her face. Wasn't praying that another family member wouldn't accidentally overhear anything that might create suspicion, or worse, burst into find Haley in between her legs, the thought not just mortifying for the embarrassment Alex would then feel but the nightmarish possibility that Haley might be then taken away from her, denying had this wonderful pleasure.

At the best of times that was a nightmare, but right now it was unthinkable, Alex eternally grateful that they finally had the house to themselves and thus wouldn't have to worry about such things. Of course, she kept an ear out for her brother or her parents returning early, but as those situations were unlikely Alex could just concentrate on relaxing back and arching into her sister's tongue as it began lingering on her clit, causing her body to twitch with delight.

Shortly after that Haley wrapped her mouth around Alex's entrance, no doubt to ensure that most of Alex's cunt cream ended up sliding directly down her throat. It was something Alex did frequently when she was in between Haley's thighs and it made her grin. Well, that and wrap her legs around Haley's head to try and push her big sister's face deeper into her cunt, eventually giving up on clawing the bed sheets in favour of moving her hands downwards to provide some extra pressure on that wonderful little head.

Of course Haley didn't need any more encouragement, as she was only too happy to show Alex just how gay she was for her pussy, the older sibling more than happy to go into detail about how much she loved her baby sister's cunt, cream and most importantly cum. Which compelled Alex to talk dirty, something she was used to whispering while listening out for footsteps anywhere near them. As they were now wonderfully alone Alex briefly thought how best to give Haley the type of dirty talk that she loved before the smarter of the two Dunphy sisters took a calming breath and then did what Haley would totally do in this situation.

"Oooooooooh yesssssssss, eat me! Eat my pussy!" Alex cried out, before blushing and adding in a somewhat softer tone, "Oh God lick it you dirty little dyke! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, lick me, suck me, fuck me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd Haley, fuck me! Please? Please fuck me with your tongue. I want... I need to be tongue fucked. I need to be tongue fucked by my slutty big sister so I can be nice and relaxed for when she takes my cherry. Mmmmmmmmm, you want that, don't you Haley? For me to be nice and relaxed for when you stick your big cock inside my pussy and take my virginity like you've always wanted too. Oh Haley, oh fuck... fuck, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, yesssssssssssss fuck meeeeeeeeeee!"

Unsurprisingly it didn't take long for Alex to get her wish, Haley's tongue slowly teasing her entrance for a few long seconds before sliding in with a long slow thrust. Alex thought she was going to cum the second her big sister's tongue was buried inside her, but Haley deliberately gave her a chance to calm down by keeping her tongue perfectly still. Then instead of hammering hard she slowly began pumping that tongue in and out, pretty much keeping Alex on the edge of orgasm without making her go over that edge and in the process giving her some of the most torturous pleasure she had ever known, and that was really saying something given how frequently she and Haley fucked.

True, Alex had known for a long time that Haley was a tease, and she used to roll her eyes as her sibling shamelessly flirted with any good-looking boy who stumbled across her path. Now of course it was Alex who was on the receiving end of that teasing, and while to some extent she enjoyed it Haley have this annoying tendency to flirt with her in public and even worse she would tease her like this when she so desperately need to cum. Although the upside was that her eventual climax was that more powerful, this time certainly being no exception.

As was frequently the case her orgasm came without warning. One second Haley seemed perfectly content with gently tongue fucking her, bringing Alex so much wonderful pleasure that she couldn't have begged for more if she tried. Then all of a sudden Haley was hammering her tongue in and out of Alex's cunt, even curling upwards to hit her G-spot, giving Alex absolutely no choice but to cum. Not that she ever tried that hard to stop it, and Alex was perfectly happy to receive the wonderful ecstasy she could only get from Haley right now as she arched her back, dug her fingernails into her sister's head and came all over Haley's face, for once not worrying about screaming at the top of her lungs.

Haley loved listening to the sounds Alex made during sex, but to hear her scream like that during an orgasm, sounding so free and happy, oh how Haley wanted to hear that all the time. She wished she could record it and have it be her ring tone, so that every time someone called her everybody would know how hard she could make her kid sister cum. Not that most of them would no who it was, which would only make it all the sweeter, Haley just shrugging at the strangers and proudly announcing that she could make a little lezzie slut cum hard. And that's what Alex was right now, what she would forever be to Haley. A little lezzie slut. Her own personal little lezzie slut, Haley promising herself no matter what she would find a way to hear this wonderful scream on daily basis.

Of course right now she had more important things to worry about, like swallowing as much of her little sister's cum as she possibly could, Haley frantically gulping down the heavenly liquid as it squirted out of Alex's cunt but as pretty much always there was just too much of it. Not that she minded receiving a facial from Alex. In fact Haley loved it, because as much as Alex was hers it totally went the other way as well, and this was a great sign that she belonged to Alex. In a perverted way it was kind of like Alex was marking her territory, the same way Haley did every time she came in Alex's face.

That thought had Haley considering turning this into a 69, which was extremely tempting given the way that her own cunt was burning for attention. However she had a very pacific plan for tonight, and if she pulled it off it would be one she would remember forever, and she didn't want to risk that just for a moment of selfish self gratification. So instead she filled her earlier promise and pushed first one and then two fingers into Alex's pussy while moving her mouth to the other girl's clit so she could very quickly make her baby sister cum again. Then after fingering Alex for a little while Haley switched back so she could swallow some of the wonderful cum which was practically overflowing out of her kid sister's cunt, before going back to the fingering.

To make up for not getting to the fingering for quite a while Haley that hammered Alex through several more climaxes before quickly retrieving the dildo she had purchased for the occasion, Alex exclaimed weakly, "What's that?"

"Duh, it's a strap-on. It's going to let me take you like a man." Haley said proudly, then after a pause added, "If that's all right."

There was another pause and then Alex smiled, "Oh God yes."

Grinning happily Haley scrambled to strap on the dildo, which wasn't easy because her hands were trembling with excitement. They, and really her entire body, continue to tremble slightly as Haley then slowly got back onto the bed, crawling in between her sister's legs and mounting her as if she was a man. Seeing Alex was as nervous as she was Haley gently kissed her, sliding the head of her newly acquired cock up and down her little sister's pussy lips during it, making Alex whimper into her mouth. Which briefly made Haley reconsider this, but as Alex eventually relaxed into her arms she decided to go for it. Besides, she desperately wanted to officially take her sister's virginity.

With that last selfish thought Haley broke the kiss, stared into Alex's eyes and truthfully whispered, "I love you."

Alex smiled softly and whispered back, "I love you too."

Alex's heart hammered inside her chest as Haley pressed the tip of her cock against her entrance. This was it. The moment she was officially going to lose her virginity to her big sister, a moment she would always remember and treasure, Alex sure she had made the right decision as she looked into Haley's eyes and saw never-ending love in them. Then Haley began slowly pushing forwards, causing Alex to automatically tense up. Cursing herself she forced herself to relax before Haley could say anything, the older sibling remaining still for a few moments before again pushing forwards, this time using enough pressure to stretch Alex's virgin hole.

There was growing pressure and pain, and then Alex was letting out a loud cry as the sharpest pain she'd ever known rocked her body. For a moment it was unbearable as she felt something tearing inside her, then there was mostly just discomfort and a knowledge that she was no longer a virgin. That beyond any reasonable argument her big sister Haley had popped her cherry, taking her virginity, made her a woman, etc. And it was overwhelming, the sharp cry Alex let out quickly followed by a whimper as she tried to get used to the sensation.

"Shhhhhhhh, it's ok, it's ok." Haley repeated a couple of times before softly murmuring, "I told you it would hurt, and that was the worst of it, I promise. The next part is no picnic either, but it's not as bad as you might think, and I promise, it will start feeling really good really soon. So you just tell me when you're ready, ok?"

Alex took a deep breath and then said, "I'm ready now."

"Are you sure?" Haley checked.

"I'm sure." Alex confirmed, before murmuring, "I love you."

"I love you too. So much." Haley said.

Hearing those words the first time had been little comfort as her nervousness had overwhelmed, but now they did the trick and Alex felt her body relaxing. It helped that everything she ever read promised that the worst was over, the experienced Haley merely confirming what she already believed to be true. And sure enough while Alex wouldn't call it good exactly her virgin walls were ready and willing to be stretched, and it kind of felt good to have them stretched. Uncomfortable for sure, but kind of good.

The best part about it was who was doing it to her. This was exactly why everybody had always told her to find someone special. Why every clich‚ and every book, movie and TV show she'd ever seen promoted the idea, and why despite the fact that she had been this close to making the mistake Alex was so glad that she ended up giving her cherry to someone special. Someone who would always love her, no matter what. Who was so gentle and loving during the entire process of pushing that dildo into her, and whispering gentle words of encouragement, Alex never more grateful for her sister Haley and the fact that they had fallen into this incestuous affair.

Haley felt equally grateful as she did probably the one thing above everything else she wanted to do. To be fair, Haley wasn't lucky enough to know what she wanted to do with her life, wasn't smart like Alex or even Manny so the world wasn't at her feet, but even if she was super smart and/or focused like her sister Haley was pretty sure that her number one goal would be to take this beautiful girl's virginity.

It could be argued she had done that already, but to officially do it with a cock, tearing Alex's hymen apart and erasing any doubt in her mind that she was her sister's first was such an overwhelming thrill it was a struggle to continue the penetration. Ironically it was also a struggle for Haley not to just slam every inch of her strap-on dildo as deep as it would go into Alex and start pounding the little smart ass who had always acted like she was better than her. Then again Alex always had been, and as much as Haley wanted to fuck the other girl hard she refused to do it until Alex was truly ready for it.

So, with a lot of effort, Haley was just about able then to control herself, slowly pushing the entire length of the dildo inside of her sister until their crotches were pressed together, both Dunphy siblings letting out a little whimper as they savoured the moment of having every inch of Haley's cock inside of Alex's pussy. Haley's cock! That's what this thing was right now, her cock. Fuck, that was such a turn on. Not that Haley really wanted a cock, but right now this strap-on might as well have been made of flesh and blood because it felt so real to her it was almost like she could feel Alex around her.

Overwhelmed by those perverted thoughts Haley just couldn't stop pulling her dick a few inches out of Alex and then pushing those inches back inside, the older sister beginning to fuck the younger sister at a slow and steady pace as they both stared into each other's eyes. From the moment Haley pulled out this adorable part cry, part gasp, and part squeak thing fell out of Alex's mouth, and she kept making it in between whimpers until Haley could take it no more and she just had to shove her tongue into her sister's mouth so she was invading two of her holes instead of just one.

Alex thought it couldn't possibly get any better than having Haley pumping a big dildo in and out of her like a man would his cock all the while staring lovingly into each other's eyes, but she had been wrong because her big sister kissing her passionately while they fucked like that was out of this world. It was so wonderful it literally made her cry. Ok, so she may have got teary at first from the pain of losing her virginity, but now she was very much crying because she was overwhelmed with love and pleasure, parts of Alex she never knew existed being stimulated in ways she could never have imagined.

Unfortunately Haley took it the wrong way, breaking the kiss halfway through and asking, "Are you ok?"

"I'm wonderful." Alex whimpered, "It's wonderful, please don't stop, it... it feels so good. Please Haley, kiss me, fuck me, oh God just-"

Before Alex could say another word Haley's lips were pressed against her own again. This time her sister coaxed her tongue into her mouth, and despite Alex's best efforts Haley made sure the kiss remained slow and gentle, but no less passionate. Then after several long minutes Haley began increasing the pace, ever so slightly at first, but then more and more as Alex whimpered and cried in pleasure into her mouth. When the kiss was finally broken the bed was creaking something fierce as Haley pounded Alex's pussy, Alex crying out joyfully as her sister fucked her nice and hard.

"Fuck me! Yes, fuck me just like that! Oh Haley!" Alex cried out, "Haley! Oh Haley, fuck me hard! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, pound my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, pound it hard with your big strap-on dildo and make me cum!"

"NO!" Haley snapped, "It's not a dildo, it's my cock!"

"What?" Alex frowned in confusion.

"I'm serious Alex!" Haley insisted, "That's my cock inside you. I'm inside you Alex, deeper than I've ever been. Deeper than anyone's ever been. Deeper than anyone ever will be, because you're mine Alex! I'm pounding this tight little pussy with my big cock and making it all mine. Mmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeessssssss, when I'm done with this virgin hole you're not going to want to give it to anyone else, because you know it's mine. It's a hole for my big cock and no one else's. Can't you feel it Alex? Can't you feel my big cock stretching you out and making you mine?"

There was a desperation to Haley's voice which might have been scary if Alex didn't love everything she was saying. Luckily for them both she did. She wanted to be Haley's. As far as Alex was concerned she was Haley's. She'd been Haley's before this of course, maybe before they had even had sex, but this made it feel so much more real. Bonded them together in a way not possible before, Haley pushing inside her deep, deeper than she could have ever imagined while Alex's body took everything her big sister had to give her. Yes, Alex was stretching to accommodate her sister's length and girth, the thing inside her right now not merely a sex toy but part of Haley, the two sisters literally becoming one body.

"Yes... yes, I can feel it. I can feel you inside me. God Haley, I can feel you." Alex whimpered, "Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, you're so deep! You're so deep inside me! You're inside my tight little pussy, making it yours. Making me yours as much as you can, even though I've always been yours for the taking. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddd Haley, take me! Please take me! Please take what's rightfully yours by fucking me hard and making me cum on your cock! Mmmmmmmmm, please Haley, I want to cum on your big hard cock! Come on stud, pound my pussy hard and officially take what's yours!"

For a moment Haley just stared at her, then she went berserk, pounding Alex so hard that it hurt again, but at the same time it felt amazing. Maybe better than anything Alex had ever felt, if only because she was lost in the idea of Haley pounding her cock in and out of her, and in that perverted moment Haley almost wished that cock would blow it's load inside her so she could have her sister's babies. That unbelievably perverted thought sent her over the edge of one of the most powerful climaxes of her life, and considering what she had gone through lately that was really saying something.

Haley wanted to slow down, maybe even stop when she first went into pussy pounding overdrive. She was so worried that she was hurting her sister that she almost couldn't bear it, the only thing keeping her going being Alex's screams of pleasure. Then Alex so obviously came, her legs wrapping around Haley's waist like a vice and her fingernails digging into her back as she clutched to her. Not that was enough to stop her from fucking her sister, Haley more determined than ever to fuck the tight hole in front of her as hard as she could and make Alex cum again and again and again.

Considering she wasn't exactly used to being the one in this position, or doing anything athletic, Haley thought she did pretty well. A lot of that had to do with the constant sex she had been having with her little sister, their many previous fucks preparing Haley for this better than she could have ever imagined. For a while there, she even felt kind of unstoppable. Like if her parents came home right now and heard the screams they would have to call an army to pry Haley off of Alex, and even then it felt like they wouldn't succeed because surely nothing could stop Haley from fucking her sister right now.

Apparently something could, and it was called exhaustion. Although to be fair it was a very pleasant rarity, because while Haley couldn't feel this like a man would there was something inside the harness which was bashing against her clit, and throughout the gentle pussy pumping to the rough pussy pounding Alex's big boobs had been jiggling up and down so wonderfully. They had also been rubbing against her own tits, all those things combining with the sheer mental joy of taking her little sister's virginity to make Haley cum herself, and not just one explosive orgasm but several.

She valiantly pushed herself through the first couple, but inevitably the brunette with blonde highlights ended up crashing down on top of the darker haired brunette, the two sweaty and exhausted sisters laying a heap for a little while as they struggled to remain conscious. Then Haley pressed her lips against Alex's neck, repeating the process until she was properly kissing that sensitive flesh. When she had the energy for it she kissed her way up to her sister's lips, Alex welcoming her with the passionate kiss, perhaps the best of their steamy affair, before Haley pulled back and smile lovingly down at the girl she loved with all her heart.

"I love you." Haley again whispered, and because it was nowhere near enough and she was totally caught up in the moment she blurted out, "I'm in love with you."

There was a long silence and then Alex softly groaned, "Huh?"

Becoming ghostly pale Haley stammered, "I, I know I shouldn't. That it's wrong. But, I just can't help it. I-"

"Are sure you're not just in lust with me?" Alex interrupted, "Because-"

"No!" Haley interrupted, unable to stop herself, "You're all I think about, and it's not just about your hot little body or having my way with it, it's you Alex. It's everything you are, and I just can't stop-."

This time the interruption came in the form of a kiss, Alex pressing her lips to Haley's for a few long seconds before pulling back and whispering, "I feel the same way."

Haley smiled widely, "You mean?"

"Uh-huh." Alex confirmed, "I love you Haley. I'm in love with you. No matter what happens, always remember that."

Ignoring the last part Haley beamed happily, pressed kisses all over Alex's face and then hugged her tightly. After gently holding each other for a few minutes they untangled their bodies, removed the strap-on and hid it then snuggled into each other's arms. They stayed like for a while, whispering sweet nothings to each other and just staring into each other's eyes before drifting off to sleep. Alex went first and was unaware of their parents opening the door a crack to check up on them, in the process somehow acknowledging the part they wanted to, that being their girls cuddling up together like they were still really little.

If only they knew.


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