First things first, I don't own or have any connection to 'Modern Family'. This is pure fantasy that just happens to use other fictional characters.

Secondly, a word of warning: Although this story takes place in a future where all necessary characters are of legal age, the fact remains that one of the characters and her actress are minors at the time of my writing this. If you can't picture Alex Dunphy or Ariel Winter as an 18 year old and can only see them as their present selves and that disturbs you, I suggest you go back now. Also, this story contains incest. If this disturbs you, the previous suggestion also applies.

Thirdly, I know that the show is shot in a documentary style and has the characters talking to the cameras and stuff, but I don't know if the show is supposed to be a documentary like 'The Office' or not, so for sake of argument I'll just say their never were any cameras to begin with and pretend 'Modern Family' is just a normal show.

Also, I've looked for it but I couldn't find any information about when Alex's birthday in the show actually is, so I'm just making it in August for my own reasons. If I find out when it is later, oh well.

Last but certainly not least, I hope you enjoy.

Now, with all that said and done, let's dive right in, with a term commonly used by a friendly traveling doctor.


Modern Family: The Best Presents Ever (FF,inc,cons)
by Smrtguy85

In the Pritchett clan there was a tradition. Every time a son of daughter turns 18, they need to take out the whole family to celebrate. And when they say the whole family, they mean the whole family.

So when Alex Dunphy turned the required age of 18, she was forced to endure a night of not only her parents, Phil and Claire, her younger brother Luke and older sister Haley, her uncle Mitchell his partner Cameron and her adopted cousins Lily and Ryan, and her Grandfather Jay ,his wife Gloria and her son Manny, which by themselves are an embarrassing assembly of people to be out in public with for any extended period of time, but they also had to include other members of her family she didn't see as often.

That was how Alex found herself sitting at a series of tables put together by the underpaid employees of the local Olive Garden, watching as her mom, Mitchell, Jay, Gloria and Jay's ex-wife, Alex's grandmother DeDe, argued on where it would be best for Alex to go to college, all of their opinions varied depending on how well or poorly they were getting along at the time.

Down the line, Luke was terrorizing Manny about the fact that, while Manny had lost some weight in the last few years, it would all eventually come back if he didn't eat only lettuce and beans for the next 4 months. Alex had to wonder how such an enlightened and wise thinking guy such as Manny could be duped so easily by Luke's pathetic lies, but there Manny was, pushing his plate of pasta away and trying to get the waiters attention so he could order a salad of beans.

There at the end was her dad, trying to get Cam to compete in another arm-wrestling challenge, with his father Frank yelling out, "Eight-out-of-fifteen, son! Eight-out-of-fifteen!" All the while nobody noticed Lily throwing her bread crumbs at her brother's face, who was fighting back with his peas.

They had only been in there for 10 minutes and already Alex wanted to move to some far away country and change her name.

Fortunately her saving grace came in the form of Haley, who, seemingly appearing on the spot next to her, asked her, "Want to get out of here?"

Alex wanted to throw her hands up to praise the lord in thanks, but instead restrained herself to just grabbing her purse, standing up and said, "God yes."

"Mom!" Haley shouted over the symphony of her family's shouting. The only way Alex knew her mom heard Haley was that her shouting tirade at her own mother dropped to a harsh lecture. "I'm taking Alex now!"

The only response she got was a quick wave, before getting back into the fray over whether Oxford or Harvard was a better school.

"They do know I don't want to go to either, right," Alex said as she and Haley hurried out of the restaurant, Alex apologizing profusely to every one she passed about her obnoxious family.

"Just be glad they're talking about Ivy League schools," Haley reassured her as they reached her car. "When I turned 18, they were arguing which was the best community college."

They both laughed at the memory as Hayley pulled out of the parking lot.

"Where are we going," Alex asked, having noticed that Haley didn't tell their mom she was taking Alex home.

"Oh, let's just say, you're about to get part 2 of your 5 part birthday present," Haley answered mysteriously.

"Well that's not vague and foreboding at all," Alex said mockingly. "What do you mean, 'Part 2'? What was part 1? And why are there parts"

"Part 1 was getting you the hell out of there," Haley said, jerking her head behind her where their family was more than likely just getting into an argument as to who was responsible for getting them kicked out of the restaurant. "And there are parts because..." Haley trailed off, trying to think of a good retort, before settling on, "Because I said so, that's why!"

"Oh, because you said so! If I knew it was because of that solid of a reason I wouldn't have bothered asking," Alex sarcastically quipped.

"I'm surprised you agreed to get in the car with me considering what happened last time," Haley said in a transparent attempt to change the subject.

And it worked as Alex cringed at the thought of her last time Haley had given her a ride.

"How many traffic cones did you knock over again," Alex teased, not able to have counted herself due to her arms having flung over her face to protect it from the damage she was sure was going to come. "Didn't the police say 9?"

"It wasn't 9, Miss I'm-18-and-still-can't-drive. It was 8," Haley said with pride in her voice. "I just bumped into the ninth one."

"The only time you were happy at being called an 8," Alex shot back with the dry wit that had devastated so many a victims in her school career.

Haley had clearly heard what Alex said, but, knowing now what she didn't know a few years ago, decided to let it go. Nobody could beat her little sister when it came to playful teasing those less intelligent than her.

"I guess that just shows how desperate you were to get the hell out of there," her sister said, changing the subject back to their dysfunctional family.

"I would have dug through the earth with a spork to get out of there," Alex replied. "I mean, I love all of them but..." she trailed off, not sure how to fully express her feelings for her family.

"But sometimes you wish they would shut the fuck up?" Haley finished for her. Hearing a "God yes" from the passenger seat, Haley went on to say, "And you just know all that yelling was because Grandma wouldn't let mom play on a sled or wear the color orange or some other petty 'bad-childhood' BS."

"Naturally," agreed Alex with a grimace at the thought of what she would be fighting about with her mom when she was older.

"Well don't worry. Where we're going you won't have to worry about anyone or anything but yourself," Haley reassured Alex.

"Sounds great, but this place is safe right?" Alex asked cautiously. She knew that while Haley was responsible she always rode the line as far as she could before she could do anything that would be considered trouble, either in the eyes of the law or the eyes of their mother. "I mean, I don't want to get arrested or sent to the hospital on my birthday."

Alex heard her sister scoff and saw her roll her eyes. "Oh please like I would so take you to any of those places," Haley snickered. Alex found this reassuring and sat back to let her sister drive her to their unknown destination. At least until she heard Haley whisper, "Not tonight, anyway."

This caused Alex to sit up in alarm and pester her sister for more information, wanting to know now more than ever where they were going.

But to Alex's surprise, Haley held firm in her determination to keep this secret. The two sat in a much more comfortable silence than Alex would have thought. It seemed that Haley really had become a better driver in the months Alex had boycotted riding with her.

Alex took this time to scrutinize herself in the visor mirror. If she was going somewhere that wasn't home with Hayley, surely she would have to look her best. Her long, straight, raven hair made its way half way down her arms and she was wearing a dark-blue tight fitting shirt which showed off the smallest possible amount of her cleavage, while sitting in a skirt that ended half way down her thighs, leaving plenty of skin exposed. The braces that had plagued her through her mid-teens had finally been removed in her sophomore year leaving behind a set of perfectly straight, pearly white teeth in their wake. Her breasts, while nowhere near the size of Gloria's pair, had nonetheless grown the past four years to give her the largest set between her, Hayley and even their mother. She was only a bit larger than Hayley, but Hayley still had the better butt. Finishing off her ensemble, as always, were her glasses perched on her nose.

Alex had been shocked when she first fully realized the fact that she was, in a twist she hadn't seen coming despite her genetics, hot!

For the longest time in high school she was "Alex Dunphy, nerdy sister of the legendary massive hottie, Haley". Sure, Alex may have been the wet dream materiel for the nerds and geeks because of her combination brains and looks, but it wasn't until she lost the braces and gained a larger chest that the rest of the school took notice. Now she had jocks and geeks, star pupils and the intellectual challenged, hell, even some of the teachers, all checking her out, making lewd comments and asking her out to dances (the teachers didn't participate in the latter two). She even caught a couple women checking her out, some out and proud lesbians, some not.

But Alex had stayed away from the majority of them. The best part of being popular without the responsibility of being a cheerleader was that she didn't have to date the quarterback; and thank god for that because the quarterbacks the past few years were so dumb they made Luke look like Steve Jobs. But because she was known for brains and beauty she could date anyone in the school (as long they weren't on the bottom of the popularity totem pole) and still retain the admiration she secretly coveted. And the school's population all knew that while she may have the looks of her sister, she wasn't as big of a flirt or as superficial as her. So the few boyfriends she had the past couple of years knew to never stray below the chest during make-out sessions lest they become the school pariah, because if you piss off Alex Dunphy, you piss of the majority of the school.

"We're here," Hayley said in a sing-song voice. Alex was jostled from her trip down memory lane and joined Haley in getting out of the car.

"Wow," said Alex, completely taken by surprise by their destination. With Haley at the wheel Alex had thought they were going to a bar or a strip club, either male or female. But instead it was a hotel.

"A hotel? Why here?" a thoroughly confused Alex asked, turning to Hayley, only to see Haley making her way to the door, bags Alex didn't know Haley had packed in her hands. "Wait up!" Alex called, grabbing her purse and running after Haley.

When Alex had caught up to her sister, Haley was already at the front counter, telling the man behind it, "Dunphy, please. Room 235."

"Alright miss, just one moment," the man said, turning to the computer.

"Haley!" an exasperated Alex barked softly, grabbing her sister's arm. "What are we doing her?"

"Celebrating your birthday, duh," Haley answered, a mischievous smile on her face. "I thought that was obvious."

Alex was frustrated beyond belief. Celebrate her birthday? In a hotel? How?!

Before she could ask anything more, the man behind the desk said, "Here we are, Dunphy, party of two, one night. Here are your key cards. Have a pleasant stay."

"Hold this," Haley told Alex, thrusting one of the bags into Alex's arms, not allowing her time to protest. Haley took the key cards with a "thanks" to the man. With a quick smile to her sister, Haley started off toward the elevators.

Brimming with irritation, Alex reluctantly followed. On her way to the elevators, Alex got a good look at the lobby. This wasn't some second rate, last choice hotel they were in. This was a classy, clean place that is clearly rather expensive, even for one night. How the hell did her sister, who works at a vet's office when not busy with college, afford this place?

When the two sisters got on an otherwise empty elevator car, Alex finally had Haley cornered and jumped on her.

"What the hell is this? How are we going to 'celebrate my birthday' here? How did you pay for this? This must have cost you a few hundred dollars even for one night!" Alex broke off at a worrying thought. "You didn't do anything illegal did you?"

"Oh of course not," Haley laughed. "Though I'm glad your opinion of me is so high," Haley added sardonically.

"Well can you blame me?" Alex huffed, slumping against the wall. "This is more than a little unusual." Alex didn't get a chance to ask her questions again as the doors opened on their floor and she once again was following Haley, this time down a very brown hallway.

"What was the room again? 235 right? Right, here we are!" and with a quick insertion of the key and a mechanical click of the lock, Haley pushed the door open.

It was a pretty big room. While not the honeymoon suite, it was rather spacious with two beds along one side separated by a side table and a bathroom right next to the door. The other side was home to a table and chair, a mini-fridge, a dresser with a flat-screen standing on it, and a closet. Opposite from the door was a balcony that looked out on the best view of the town that a third story window could provide.

Alex reluctantly entered the room, not wanting to hold the bag any longer and finally hoping to get some answers. She threw the bag onto the farthest bed, wanting to put as much space between the two of them as she could, and turned to her sister, expecting to see her about to confess as to what was really going on tonight, only to be greeted with the sight of Haley on the phone that rested on the table between the two beds.

"Hayley, what are - " she began, but was cut off by Haley sticking a finger in the air as she started talking the person on the other end.

"Yes, hi. My name is Haley Dunphy, I'm in room 235. I ordered a care package to be delivered to our room. Yes that's right, item number 4."

This went on for a few minutes, Alex all the while standing next to Haley's bed, arms crossed over her chest, foot tapping in impatience. She couldn't believe the nerve of her sister; first dragging her across town to some hotel on her birthday and now she's ignoring her!

"Great, send it up as soon as you can, please," Haley finished before hanging up. Then, turning to her sister, she asked, "Now, what did you want to know?"

"What are we doing here?!" Alex exploded, her burning questions flying from her, stating to pace up and down the room. "Are we staying the night? How did you pay for this? What about Mom and Dad? They will notice when I don't come home tonight! I can't believe you're acting like this?"

Haley sat back on the bed, her own arms crossed, watching her little sister try to wear a hole in the carpet, taking all the questions without any reaction. When Alex had run out of questions, she resumed her previous position of standing in front of Haley's bed, looking pissed as hell.

"Are you done?" Haley asked brusquely. "Alright," she continued before Alex could get riled up again, "were here to celebrate your birthday, like I said. This is the second part of your gift, and the third is coming to us as we speak. Are we staying the night? Yes. Check out is noon tomorrow, so don't sleep in. How did I pay for this? By only buying gas and food for the past 6 months and saving the rest, that's how. And Mom and Dad, they know that we're staying the night at a hotel, but not which one because I don't want them barging in on us and I told them that if they call for anything but an emergency we were hanging up, no questions asked, so why don't you stop asking like an ungrateful little bitch and thank me for doing all of these things so my little sister could have a nice birthday," Haley finish glaring at Alex, who had the decency to look embarrassed.

Alex sat down at the end of the bed, anger gone from her. "I'm sorry. I have a nasty habit of panicking when I'm not in control. Especially when it turns out that you are." She looked sheepishly up at her sister, who still was glaring at her.

"Yes you do," Haley agreed, before dropping her stern visage and smiling. "But that's because I'm usually an idiot."

"Yes you are," Alex shot back, also smiling now, actually happy that things had calmed between the two of them so quickly. Usually their spats lasted from anywhere between minutes at best to hours at worst. "But you occasionally have a good idea or two."

"Occasionally," Haley gasped, putting her hand over her chest in mock outrage. "Well then, I guess someone's not getting the rest of their birthday present." And she picked up the phone and said, "Hello, I would like to cancel the surprise I had planned for my sister because she thinks I can only come up with good ideas 'occasionally' and - " she was cut off by getting a pillow thrown at her face, Alex on the other end, laughing as she playfully smacked her sister. Haley squealed and picked up a pillow of her own to defend herself.

Alex knew Haley hadn't actually been talking to anyone (she hadn't even dialed the phone), but she still wanted to get back at her sister for being so secretive tonight.

For Haley, she didn't mind in the slightest that she was a 22 year old in college and participating with her 18 year old sister in a pillow fight. It was the fact that the two of them could be at each other's throats one minute and paralyzed with laughter the next that made her relationship with her sister so special, even more so than with her brother. The fact that Alex was now in her bed didn't hurt things either.

So there the two of them knelt on Haley's bed, laughing themselves silly, hitting each other hard, but not too hard, with their hotel room pillows, until they heard a knock on the door, with a follow up call of "Room service!"

Alex, kneeling on her sister's bed, panting from the exhilarating duel she had just taken part in, cocked her eyebrows in suspicion. "What did you do," she asked in trepidation, wondering what else Haley had prepared for her to make her feel like a bigger heel for mistrusting her.

"Oh, just a little something for you," Haley said, slipping from the bed, smoothing out her short skirt, shifting the silk top she was wearing to expose as much cleavage as possible without looking to slutty and, before making her way to the door, slipped her wallet out of her purse.

"Why do you need your..." she trailed off, as Haley opened the door.

"Champagne, miss, just as you ordered," a man cheerily said, walking into the room pushing a cart displaying a bucket of ice containing a tall bottle of champagne and two wine glasses. The smile the man was wearing disappeared when he saw the two girls who occupied the room.

"Um," he said uncertainly, his eyes shifting from Alex to Haley and back," how old are you two?"

Haley rolled her eyes and whipped out her driver's license from her wallet. "I am 22 sir. My sister is 18, but I will take responsibility for her, okay? Will that be all right?"

Now it was Alex who rolled her eyes as she saw the telltale signs of Haley flirting to get what she wanted. Her voice had dropped to her most seductive tone; her shoulders were slouched down to push out her chest, drawing all attention to her plentiful cleavage.

Now shifting his eyes from Haley's cleavage to her license, the man, who now had a bit of sweat on his brow, stammered out, "We-well as l-long as you are cleavage- I mean careful! As long as you are careful."

The man avoided eye contact with both girls as he rushed from the room, giving a final "Good night" before closing the door.

"Wow, he didn't even stay to get a tip," Haley said, putting her license away.

"I'd say he got just what he wanted," Alex said, indicating the cleavage still on display.

"True, and I got to keep money, so, win-win really," Haley chuckled, moving the cart to the foot of the bed where Alex was. "But I am so tired of having to show ID whenever I want to drink!"

"Yeah, curse your youthful good looks," said Alex, the sarcasm dripping from her words.

"I'm serious," pouted Haley. "I mean, I'm 22 and if I were an actor I'd probably just get stuck playing the high school girl all my life." She sat next to her sister, so close that their thighs were brushing together. After a few more seconds of sullenness, Haley shook her head and said, "But forget about me, this is your day." She picked up the champagne held it to Alex.

"Part 3 of your birthday present: Your first real taste of alcohol."

"I can't drink!" cried Alex.

"Why not," Haley countered?

"I'm not of age!" responded Alex. "And I've never had a lot of alcohol before! What if I get drunk?"

Haley rolled her eyes and popped open the cork with the bottle opener hanging from the cart. "It's a little champagne. You won't get drunk and if you do," she amended quickly seeing Alex get panicky again, "I won't let you go running through the hotel naked, okay? We'll just stay in here having a great time with a drunken Alex. And who care's that you're not 'of age'. You're eighteen years old now and you've worked hard every day of those damn years and you deserve some booze." Haley shot Alex one of her million-watt smiles, the kind of which that caused even their Mom to fold, and Alex knew she was not leaving this hotel without drinking some of that champagne.

With a sigh of defeat, Alex grabbed one of the glasses off the cart.

With a squeal of victory, Haley poured champagne into the two glasses then raised her own in a toast. "To Alex! May this birthday be the best she'll ever have!"

"Here, here!" And with a clink of the glasses, Alex took her first unsupervised sip of alcohol. It wasn't bad. Of course, she had tried alcohol before. Her parents had let her try some at Christmas and other parties, but this was the first time she had some without her parents present. Truthfully, she was glad Haley had twisted her arm. She had always wanted to try alcohol by herself, and drinking with her sister was as close as she could have asked for.

"How is it?" asked Haley, looking very excited at the sight of her little sister drinking.

"Very good," answered Alex. "What kind is this?"

"How should I know," Haley scoffed. "I just asked for the most expensive bottle they had. When they told me it was $1,100, I told them, 'She's turning eighteen, not becoming president!' and got one for $200 instead."

"Figures," replied Alex, taking another sip. "So what else did you have planned for tonight? What is 'Part 4' of my present?"

"Oh don't worry about that right now," Haley insisted, miming brushing away the subject from in front of her face while taking a sip from her own glass. "You'll get it in good time. I just thought, seeing how we don't live under the same roof anymore, that we could use tonight to grow closer."

"Grow closer?" Alex asked hesitantly. It wasn't that she didn't want to get closer to Haley or anything. She was her sister and Alex loved her of course, but Haley and her have never been the 'sit down and talk about everything' kind of sisters that her friends were.

"What, don't you want to be closer?" Haley asked in a hurt tone.

Alex knew she was faking, but she still comforted Haley by quickly saying, "Of course I do!" as if there was no greater experience in the world than talking with her sister.

'How is it my birthday, yet I'm the one helping Haley out?' Alex wondered to herself, taking another sip of champagne.

"Great," Haley perked up. "Now then, let's talk about sex," Haley abruptly suggested, taking a swig for herself as well.

It took all of her desire to cling to her dignity that kept Alex from spraying her drink across the room. As it was, she was coughing and gasping as she tried to swallow the liquid without choking.

"Jesus, Alex! Don't die on me! Mom and Dad would kill me," Haley told Alex, rubbing Alex's back to try and help her drink down.

"Can you blame me?" Alex gasped out, now being the one to glare at her sister. She put the glass down on the cart, not wanting a repeat of what just happened. "Don't surprise me like that!"

"Sorry, I just wanted to talk," sulked Haley. "If you don't want to all you had to do was say so."

"It's not that I don't want to," Alex told her sister. "There's just better ways of bringing it up then when I've got something in my mouth. Shut up!" Alex added quickly, her face going slightly red as she realized the double entendre of her words and seeing the giant smirk appear on Haley's face. "And there's not much to talk about anyway." Alex added, trying to get back on subject.

"Really," Haley asked skeptically, still grinning yet willing to move pass her sister's unfortunate choice of words. "There is nothing we could talk about? No fantasies you have? No boy you can't keep your eyes off of?" she teased, although Alex could tell she was sincerely asking under her mirth.

"Well, I didn't say that," Alex admitted, feeling her face burn even hotter in embarrassment.

"I knew it!" Haley squealed in excitement, clapping and bouncing in glee at Alex's confession. "I knew that my little sister had a boy who got her all moist in the panties."

"Haley!" Alex shouted, beyond mortified even though they were alone. "I can't believe you would say that."

But Haley barreled on, not caring about her sister's prudishness.

"Who is it? Is it a jock, a geek, a tutor, a teacher?" Each guess caused Haley to get more and more excited at the prospect.

"A teacher, ew," Alex grimaced, the thought of her liking any of her teachers revolting to her. "They are all 40 or older. Most are married."

"Then who is it?" Haley pressed on, her curiosity about to cause some poor cat to unknowingly kill itself.

"This guy. He's the captain of the ... of the..." she was tomato red now, not wanting to admit what unpopular hobby her crush was captain of.

"'Of the' what," Haley urged? "The football team, the basketball team, the swim team? Captain of what!?"

"...The chess team."

Alex had said these last three words yet she had barely heard them herself. But Haley, who had been hanging on to every word, heard loud and clear.

"The chess team?" she repeated, trying to keep the revulsion out of her voice, clearly having not expected that. "They have captains?"

"Of course they do!" Alex shot back, ready to defend her crush's honor and chosen hobby. "They need people to lead them to victory just like football! Just because you don't see them on Sports Illustrated or on floats as Homecoming doesn't mean they aren't important. In fact, Captain Marvelous has led his team to more wins in the past four years than the - "

"I'm sorry," Haley cut across Alex's passionate defense, clearly finding something more interesting in Alex's speech then the success at a board game, "what did you just call him? Captain what?"

Alex's face was burning even more as she looked defiantly back at her sister and repeated herself. "Captain Marvelous. It's the nickname his team gave him after leading them to the third straight state championship. His real name is Joe Ikari. He's Japanese," Alex explained at the confused look on her sister's face.

"Oh," was all Hayley said trying to hold back the laugh at the ridiculous name the denizens of her old school gave this Joe. "Well, whatever. What do you imagine when you think about Joe?" Haley asked, getting back on track.

"Well," Alex began, reaching out to take another sip of her champagne and putting it back down, looking everywhere she could except her sister's face, "I think about what it would be like to kiss him, to go on dates with him, to..." she trailed off, too embarrassed to say the next two words. She hadn't had that much to drink.

Haley, however seemed to know what Alex was avoiding saying, as she moved closer to her sister and, placing a comforting hand on her right leg, said, "To fuck him?"

Alex didn't think her face would ever turn back to its normal color as she barely moved her head in a nod.

Haley nodded as well and, moving even closer now, said, "Well, I don't know much about this Captain Marvelous, but I don't need to too know that he would be an absolutely lousy fuck."

"Haley!' Alex cried again, turning to face her much closer sister, whose beautiful face was only separated from her own by a few inches. But she didn't get to defend the Captain's honor this time as Hayley cut beat her to it.

"I know for a fact he will be a lousy fuck because he's a guy and it would be your first time," Haley firmly stated. "Those two things never add up to a good time on the part of the girl."

"What are you talking about," Alex asked, although a part of her knew where Hayley was going with this but just wanted to hear Haley explain it anyway.

"You don't know how many of my friends have told me the same story," lamented Haley, who had started to lightly stroke Alex's leg, causing goose bumps to rise along her thigh. "How they were with some hot guy from school they'd been chasing for weeks. How the guy took them to some sleazy motel or even the back of their car, and only worried about themselves."

Haley had closed the distance between the two of them, and was now using her free arm to wrap around and stroke Alex's left arm and resting her chin on Alex's shoulder, causing Alex to tense up, but not from unease.

"The guy would get on top of her," Haley continued, her breath blowing against Alex's neck, making the hair stand on end. What was this weird feeling in her stomach? It felt like the same sensation Alex experienced whenever she was around Captain Marvelous, but much more strengthened. "He would thrust into her a few times, whether he cared about hurting her depending on the sweetness of the guy. But no matter who it was, he never cared about how rough he was being, about how gentle you wanted him to be, about your own pleasure. It was all about him getting off as fast as possible. Once he was done, he would roll off, get dressed and leave or fall asleep, not caring about how she felt. All of my friends have had the same experience just with different names attached to their cock. All of them wish they could redo it. Get their first time back and do it right."

Haley finished her story and Alex was just left sitting there, letting the words sink into her and allowing her sister's hands to skate over her flesh. She had known what Haley was going to say, and she also knew that she was right. Alex had heard similar stories from many of her own friends, how they tried to convince themselves they were happy with their first time, but Alex was able to see through there bravado and see how upset they were.

That, plus her own desire to be with the right person, had kept Alex from making a stupid mistake. But now she was wondering: if most men were bad first-time choices, who could she go to?

Haley had now completely moved herself so she was sitting behind Alex and had her arms wrapped around Alex's waist, stroking the skin she had uncovered by moving the shirt out of the way, causing Alex's eyes to flutter shut, and said, as if reading Alex's mind, "That's why I'm glad my first time was with a woman."

Alex's eyes flew open at this. She turned her head to try and look at her sister's face to ask if she was joking or being serious. She didn't need to say anything, however, because the answer was made very clear when she felt Haley's lips press themselves to hers.

This wasn't a quick peck on the lips she had received from older relatives. This was a romantic kiss, the kind she had thought of giving Captain Marvelous. But it wasn't forceful. It was gentle and loving and it was causing all kinds of butterflies to dance in her stomach.

She remembered the first kiss she ever had, with a boy in Wyoming when her family was visiting years ago. She had first kissed him to shut him up because he was so frustrating, but then she did it again because she liked it. She had felt so excited and kind of romantic even though she barely knew the boy. She was kissing someone and being kissed and she loved the feelings that caused.

This 3 second gentle touching of lips from her sister made her more excited than any other kiss ever had.

When Haley pulled away, she patiently waited for Alex to respond, all the while continuing to stroke Alex's stomach.

"What was that?" asked Alex who, despite how strange and wrong it was to feel Haley's lips on hers, couldn't find the desire in her to escape her sister's embrace.

"That was a kiss, dummy," explained Haley, as if explaining 1 plus 1 equaled 2. "I would think someone as smart as you could have figured that one out for yourself."

"I know that," Alex retorted hotly, not believing her sister was teasing her after what just happened. "But why did you do that?"

"Because I love you and I've wanted to do it for so long," Haley told her matter-of-factly, leaning back in, not to Alex's lips, but her neck, placing kisses along the stretch of skin.

The feeling of her sister's lips on her skin was so good that Alex instinctively stretched her head to the side, giving Haley more space to kiss. Alex couldn't believe the reactions her body were giving to her sisters advances. Alex wasn't stupid. She knew what Haley was trying to do, and while in any other circumstance she would be more relaxed and into what was happening, but this wasn't just any other circumstance. This was her sister! Who was a girl! Who was also her sister! This can't happen!

"We can't," said Alex, horrified to hear her voice come out in a moan.

"Why not?" Haley asked into Alex's neck, making her moan even more.

"This would be incest," Alex protested, her hands gripping the sheets beneath her to keep them from touching Hayley. "You're my sister."

"Exactly," Haley said, removing her lips from Alex's neck, and turning her head so Alex was now staring Hayley in her eyes. Alex had never seen Haley so passionate. "I'm your sister, so who better to give you an amazing first time? I'm not some guy who cares only about himself and who you won't even like in a week. I'm somebody who loves you, who want's nothing more than to give you the most amazing pleasure possible and make your first time something you will never forget!"

Haley's eyes were shimmering with love. This clearly meant so much to her sister. Alex had never heard Haley speak so heartfelt.

"My first time, I was with someone who loves me," Haley continued, her hand placing love felt strokes on Alex's cheek. "She wanted me to feel her love, to know that my pleasure mattered, that sex isn't just a way to get off, but a way to express your feelings. And it worked. I will never be able to thank her enough for showing me how amazing sex could and can be. She opened my eyes when I was just a na‹ve stupid girl and I love her for it."

"Who was it," Alex croaked, wanting desperately to know who the mysterious woman who did all that to Haley was, her voice immersed with desire. Haley heard that desire and smiled, knowing that she had her little sister right on the line. All she had to do was reel her in.

"That will be between me and her," she answered, loving the look of mild frustration that appeared on Alex's face. "For now, anyway," she added with a smirk.

"But," Alex wanted to know who this mystery woman who made Haley feel so good was, but found her mouth otherwise occupied when Hayley kissed her again.

This time, while the kiss was still gentle, Haley had her hand pressing the back of Alex's head, making sure she didn't run away.

She needn't have to restrain her, because the feelings that had been bubbling around in her stomach had burst and now Alex was taken over by her arousal, a fact proven when she began to kiss back.

Haley smiled into the kiss, pleased at how fast Alex succumbed to her desires.

The two of them sat there at the end of the bed, Alex's hands still clinging to the sheets, but this time not to keep them from Hayley out of confusion, but because she didn't know what to do with them. They traded kisses for a few minutes, before Haley broke away.

"What are you thinking," Haley asked, resting her chin on Alex's shoulder again, with her hands inching higher up Alex's shirt.

"I'm thinking," Alex spoke through soft moans at the feel of her sister's warm hands on her body, "that my neck is starting to get sore."

Hayley chuckled at this answer, the breath blowing across said neck making Alex moan louder. Her sister had been sitting with her head turned for a couple of minutes, so she imagined it would create a little soreness.

"Well then," Haley replied with a smile, "we'd better get you more comfortable."

With a quick peck on the lips, Haley disentangled herself from Alex, causing Alex to moan again, this time at the loss of her sister's contact.

She quickly got over the loss when Haley pushed the champagne cart aside and stood in front of her, although this time she was missing her shirt, which also happened to show that her sister didn't come out tonight wearing a bra.

Sharing a room with Haley for 14 years made Alex very familiar with her sister's body, and while she knew all of her life that her sister was beautiful, this was the first time she ever saw Hayley's body in a situation that could be called sexual and she discovered what the rest of the male population in town knew: that her sister was downright hot.

Haley's chest was bare and the two mounds of flesh that hung there had to be the loveliest sight Alex had seen. They were slightly smaller than Alex's, but she didn't think little of them because of it. Alex now had the strongest longing to get those lovely breasts and their hard pink tips in her hands.

Haley saw where Alex's gaze was focused on and moved to push Alex back further up the bed until she hit the head board, making her breasts dangle and jiggle a little. Alex wordlessly obeyed her sister's gentle push, and was now lying with her head on the pillows and Haley climbing onto the bed.

She leant down and moved Alex's shirt up to kiss up a trail of freshly exposed skin, causing Alex to produce more moans, her hands now coming to life and stroking the exposed back of her sister. With every inch of skin that was exposed, it pushed Alex's shirt higher and higher until it was bunched above her bra encased tits. Haley placed one kiss to each of the hard nipples poking through the garment, causing Alex to gasp at the pleasure. Silently promising to come back to them later, Haley left her sister's tits and, with a silent order to Alex who understood what she wanted and raised her arms above her head, Haley pushed and pulled until she could throw the shirt away. Now the only piece of clothing the two Dunphy sisters were wearing above the waist was Alex's bra, which Haley swore would not be their much longer, and Alex's glasses.

But for now, Haley rested her body on top her of sister, her right leg slipping between Alex's, the naked skin below their skirts rubbing against each other. Haley's naked breasts pressed themselves against Alex's covered pair, their nipples rubbing through the fabric. Haley lowered her head until her she was looking right into Alex's eyes. What she saw was pure love and devotion. Alex trusted Haley completely, and Haley wanted to make sure she earned that trust.

"And now for part 4 of your birthday present," Haley purred, rubbing her leg in between Alex's, making her gasp but not break eye contact with her sister. Haley moved her head until her lips were hovering right above Alex's and said, "Me."

She closed the distance and kissed her sister again.

This time wasn't as gentle. As Alex wrapped her arms around Haley's back, Haley parted her lips and pressed her tongue to Alex's closed pair. Alex wanted to feel her sister's tongue in her mouth, so she parted her lips and allowed Haley's tongue to slide into her mouth.

Alex groaned at the contact of her sister's tongue on her own, and tried to give as good as she could, but her experience with make-out sessions was very limited compared to her sister's.

All the while that Alex and Haley were playing tonsil hockey, their hands were exploring the bodies of their sister. Alex was exploring every inch of Haley's naked body she could reach. The softness of her skin and the warmth it emitted made Alex never want to not be touching her sister. And her tits were so firm when she finally found the courage to get a feel.

"Oh yeah," Haley moaned, breaking the kiss. "Now you're getting it. You're hands feel so good on my tits, Alex," Haley told her before starting up another kiss.

Even though Alex had never touched another girls tits before, she had certainly felt up her own in the shower or when she was aroused, so she knew what she liked and didn't like when it came to pleasing her own breasts, so she applied what she liked to her sister and it seemed to be paying off. Haley was moaning into Alex's mouth from the gentle kneading her little sister was applying to her breasts and practically tried to suffocate Alex with her tongue when Alex started pinching and tugging Haley's nipples.

Tired of Alex getting all of the tit play, Haley broke her kiss and moved down so her head was level with Alex's still covered pair, kissing every bit of skin she met on the way down.

Haley put her lips to every inch of her sister's cleavage she met, putting Alex on a permanent trip on cloud 9. But when Haley met her sister's bra, she finally had enough of the obtrusive piece of underwear.

"This so needs to go," Haley mumbled against the bra line that separated Alex's bare and covered flesh. Not removing her face from Alex's bust, Haley reached under Alex to find her bra clasp.

"A great thing about fucking women," Haley said looking up at her sister, who was peering down at her sister's beautiful face, "is that you already know how to work a bra." Once the clasp was undone, Alex helped Haley maneuver around so her sister could remove the now needless garment without getting up from the bed. Once the bra was no longer in the way, Haley was finally able to put her mouth on her little sister's tits.

"Oh god," Alex groaned as the feeling of her sister taking her breasts into her mouth quickly became her favorite feeling ever.

Haley was similarly agreeing with her sister, although she was focusing too much on sucking her sister's tits to vocalize. Even though she's had much larger tits in her mouth, the pleasure she was experiencing from Alex's tits was maximized by the knowledge that these weren't just any pair of tits she was covering with her saliva. These were her little sister's tits! And these were her little sister's hips her hands were tracing a path down.

"God, Alex, I love your body," Haley praised her sister as she moved from her right tit to move to the left. "So fucking hot."

Alex blushed at the compliment Haley bestowed on her, all too well aware the direction her hands were traveling.

"You're pretty damn hot yourself, you know," Alex retorted.

Haley smiled back up at Alex and cockily said, "I know." Once she placed one last kiss to each of Alex's nipples, her lips joined her hands in moving down her sister's body. Her hands had already beaten them to Alex's skirt, but her lips were taking their sweet time down her sister's pale stomach.

"We've got to get you out in the sun," Haley said as she dipped her tongue into Alex's navel.

"Oh yeah, that just what you'd like, me in a bikini out in the sun, needing a nice coat of sunscreen rubbed on my body," Alex teased, her arousal making her new found fantasies bubble to the surface.

"We would need to take that bikini off of course. Tan lines are just bad," Haley cooed as her lips now joined her hands at Alex's skirt.

"Evil, evil tan lines," Alex agreed in a fog, barely paying attention to what she was saying as Haley slipped her hands under Alex's skirt and began to pull it off.

When Haley had removed Alex's skirt, she was greeted with the sight of her sister's black, cotton panties, which quickly joined the skirt as Haley instantly stripped them, not wanting to be deprived of her little sister's body any longer. But instead of throwing the panties to join the rest of the discarded clothes, Haley wanted a little sample of the entr‚e that she was about to enjoy.

Lifting the cotton to her face, Haley took a big whiff of the greatest stain she had ever seen. "Ah. The smell of an untouched pussy," Haley sighed, the heavenly aroma making her want more, so, locking eyes with her eager and panting sister, Haley stuck her tongue out and licked the panties.

"Oh," Alex gasped at the sight of Haley licking her desire stained underwear. She had never been so horny in all of her life. She loved how much Haley seemed to be enjoying her taste, but she needed her sister to be touching her again.

"Please Haley! I need you!" Alex begged. "Fuck me!"

Haley's eyes fluttered shut and she felt a gush in her skirt and knew she had just ruined her thong from the small orgasm she had just experienced. She couldn't help it. Hearing her sister begging to be fucked by her, and to see Alex's hands to come up to pinch her nipples, was just too much for her to handle.

But she knew the orgasm she just had would be nothing compared to the one she was about to give Alex. So ignoring the cum now running down her leg, Haley tossed the panties behind her and crawled back up between Alex's legs, giving chaste kisses as she ventured to her goal, but not taking too much time, because while Alex's pleasure was the main focus for Haley, she also really wanted to eat her sisters pussy.

So when Haley was finally face-to-face with Alex's neatly groomed cunt, she didn't wait. She just stuck out her tongue and gave it a nice long lick from bottom to top.

"Holy shit!" Alex gasped at the feeling of her sister finally touching her pussy.

Smirking into Alex's pussy at the response she had garnered, Haley continued licking the tasty treat that lay in front of her. With every gathering of her cream her tongue swiped up more replaced it just as fast, causing Haley to have to pick up the pace in order to collect as much as she could.

Wrapping her arms around Alex's thighs to keep her from bucking Haley's tongue off of her, Haley moved her focus from licking the lips of Alex's labia to find her clit. It wasn't that thorough of a search as the pink little ball was poking out screaming for attention, attention Haley was all too eager to give.

"Fuck!! Yeah, Haley, right there!!" Alex commanded, one of her hands leaving her slightly bouncing chest to push her sister's head closer. "Lick my clit, Haley!! Don't stop!" Alex was a little surprised herself at the nasty words coming from her own mouth, but she had never felt anything like this before and couldn't keep her words PG and more.

Unable to pull her mouth away, Haley couldn't verbally promise she wouldn't but she didn't need to as she proved her point by swatting at Alex's clit even harder than before. Alex seemed to like that.

"OH FUCK YES!!!" Alex shouted, her chest heaving from the bed only to crash back down, the glasses that had survived Haley's purge of her clothing bouncing on her face, but Alex couldn't find the will to take them off. "God Haley!! Whoever taught you how to eat pussy is a fucking genius!!!"

Making a mental note to tell her 'teacher' this glowing compliment, Haley set to put all the skills she had gathered to good use.

Releasing the grip on one of her sister's legs, Haley forced herself to leave Alex's pussy for a few moments.

"What are you doing?" Alex asked in horror, looking at her sister. "Why did you stop?"

Haley just smiled and answered the question with one of her own.

"Have you ever fucked yourself, little sister?" Haley asked as sweetly as she could considering her lips and chin were shinning with a light glaze of her sister's pussy.

"What?" Not believing Haley stopped fucking her to ask about her masturbatory habits. "You mean with my fingers?"

Haley shrugged and responded, "Fingers, dildos, carrots; anything small enough to fit in your pussy."

"'Carrots?' You've fucked yourself with a carrot?"

"Well, I didn't fuck myself with it," Haley amended, thinking of the first time her lover fucked her with the vegetable. "But yes, it did go in my pussy. And it was amazing," she continued, seeing the look of disbelief on Alex's face. "But answer the question. Have you ever fucked yourself," Haley asked again, a little impatiently as she too wanted to get back to fucking.

"No," Alex admitted, not believing she was blushing at the admission considering where her sister was at the moment. "I've never had the chance to buy any toys. And I was afraid it would hurt." She looked rather embarrassed about that, but didn't have time to feel any worse about it as Haley asked another question.

"So," Haley began, her mind whirling at the train of thought she was going toward, "if you've never fucked yourself, and you've never had sex, and you don't really do any gymnastics or much stretching because you're kind of a geek, that means that not only are you a virgin, but your virginity is still intact, right?!" Haley asked with a kind of eagerness in her voice, highly anticipating the answer.

Having a rather apprehensive idea of where this line of questioning was going Alex nodded yes.

Haley's smile got bigger at this news and said, "That means there's only so far I can put these."

And before she could ask what 'these' were, Alex felt Haley insert one of her fingers into her pussy.

Alex quickly inhaled a sharp breath at the light penetration. This was the first time anything had ever been put in her pussy, and Haley was going so slowly, so gently.

"Tell me if it's uncomfortable," Haley told her sister before moving her face forward and began licking the lips that surrounded her invading finger.

This combination of pleasure Alex was feeling was just more than she could believe. 2 hours ago she was sitting in her living room with her family, blowing out candles wishing that her family could just behave out in public for once, and now here she was, lying on her back in a hotel room, one hand clutching the sheets below her, the other buried in Haley's hair as her sister lay in between her legs, dressed only in a short denim skirt, her tongue licking all over Alex's pussy and clit, while slowly pushing a finger until it finally met the resistance that was Alex's virginity.

With a cry of her sister's name, Alex felt a power course through her body, and she knew that she was having her very first orgasm from another person's hands. Alex's tits shook as her body writhed from the pleasure running throughout her entire body.

When Alex finally regained control of herself, she was surprised to discover that her pussy felt fuller than it had before she had come. Still not bothering to get rid of her glasses, Alex looked at her sister to find out why this was.

Looking back at her was her beaming sister, who now was pumping two fingers into Alex's until recently untouched pussy.

"That was fantastic, Alex," Haley congratulated Alex, her chin resting on Alex's neat little bush above her still pumping fingers in Alex's pussy. "You just had your first non-self-induced orgasm! Although it wasn't as big as I would have liked, I'll admit. But I think we can do better."

Not letting Alex get in a word in edge wise, Haley moved her face back to Alex's pussy, sucking her clit back into her mouth.

"Ungh," Alex groaned as Haley's tongue resumed its previous task and began licking and toying her clit whenever Haley wasn't sucking it. And still, Alex was feeling the pleasure of her sisters ever moving fingers, the two digits sinking in up to the second knuckle and retracting out.

"But... I ... came..." Alex managed to pant out, not understanding why Haley was trying to get her off again so soon.

This question in form of a statement seemed to set something off in Haley, because the next thing Alex knew Haley had pulled her face away from Alex's pussy and, never once pulling her fingers from Alex, moved herself so she was lying on Alex's right side, so she had her mouth pressed against Alex's ear, her pussy free arm wrapping itself behind Alex's head, pulling her in so she had no choice but to feel the hot, panting breath of her sister blow against her now boiling hot ear.

"Your damn right you came," Haley hissed, her voice deep with lust. "You came from my finger barely getting inside your virgin cunt. But I'm not some stupid guy!" She proved her non-masculinity by pressing her hot body fully against Alex's sweaty frame, forcing Alex to feel her sister's tits pressed against her arm and Haley's pussy, which was now fully exposed from beneath Haley's short skirt, was now being ground against Alex's thigh. "I'm not some stupid guy who will not give a shit if he accidently gets you off when he's too busy thrusting away into you," Haley continued through a hiss through a moan at the contact of her sopping pussy against Alex's flesh. Alex could hear the wet squishing sound of Haley's girl juice being thrust into her leg. "I love you and told you I would give you the greatest first time you could possibly have! That doesn't mean give you a quick mini-gasm and walk away!! No, I'm going to fuck and eat your little virgin cunt until you cum all over my face!! I want to drink your yummy cum down and then make you taste it off my lips!"

Alex was going to die. There could be no other outcome. Her sister was whispering the filthiest of promises in her ear, licking and biting at her neck and earlobe whenever she felt like it. And Alex wanted everything she was being promised! She wanted to taste her cum from Haley's lips! And then she would die. Just drop dead, because what else did life have to offer once you've been fucked to multiple orgasms and fed your own girl cum by your older sister? If there was anything better, than Alex couldn't think of it.

Of course she was given something else to think about when Haley's breathing started to quicken and she went stiff for a couple of seconds, moaning a lustful "Alex!" into her ear. At the same time Alex felt a sudden gush of liquid hit her leg and start to travel down it to seep in to the sheets.

Alex turned her head to face her sister's, who still had her eyes closed, relishing in the pleasure she had just experienced.

"Did you just..." Alex couldn't finish the question. The mere thought of what she thinks just happened almost made Alex delirious with joy.

Haley opened her eyes, locking her hazel with the brown through the glass in their way and finished Alex's thought for her. "Did I just cum all over your thigh? You bet your amazingly tight pussy I did." Haley then finally pulled off Alex's glasses, reaching behind her to place them on the side table, before tugging a non-resisting Alex into another kiss, the two tongues instantly meeting each other to in a slippery massage.

And all the while, Haley's fingers were still pumping in and out of Alex's pussy, only pausing during Haley's orgasm but were started up again once it had passed.

"That was so hot," moaned Alex when she broke away from the kiss as Haley's fingers began to move again.

"Yeah," Haley asked in a teasing tone, one of the bitchy smiles that Alex so thoroughly detested throughout their child hood appearing on her lips? "Did little Miss. Smarty-pants get turned on feeling her big sister cum all over her leg? Did your hot little nipples get hard when she heard me curse in her ear? Is your hot cunt pouring out even more pussy juice for me to slurp up with my hot tongue?"

"Fuck yeah," Alex moaned, even though she was starting to get frustrated at the way her sister would never put any more than two knuckles of her fingers into her. Not wanting to question the woman making her feel so good however, Alex put that question in the back of her mind to ask later, instead asking a much more pertinent question, "Do you want it? Because I don't think I can last much longer."

Haley's answer was to disentangle her legs from Alex's and hurry herself back down so she could remove her fingers from her sisters pussy and replace them with her mouth. But before she started to get reacquainted with Alex's southern lips, she couldn't help but lower her gaze to the small hole that lay just below.

'Mmmmm, if only,' Haley bemoaned to herself. It took every ounce of her self-control to stop one of her pussy soaked fingers from playing with the welcoming sight of Alex's asshole. But she had promised. She had near free reign on her little sister and could do almost anything and everything her perverted, pussy loving mind could think of. Everything, that is, except for two things. And unfortunately, one of the stipulations she was given was absolutely no ass-play. That fact had been hammered home to her repeatedly.

But while Haley might not be considered the brightest of the Dunphy-Pritchett clan, she was smart enough to know that being forced to only eat her little sisters pussy until she came down her throat was nowhere close to a punishment. So, shaking off her disappointment, Haley proceeded to do just that

Both girls moaned when Haley's tongue licked up the cream that had gathered on Alex's labia and then proceeded to burrow itself in Alex's pussy.

"Oh fuck yes!!" Alex cried as Haley's tongue began pumping in and out of her pussy in a much quicker pace than her fingers had. "Fuck me hard, Haley!! That's what I needed, your tongue fucking my pussy just like that!!"

Swearing to herself that this would be the last time she would separate her lips from her sisters glistening cunt, Haley broke away briefly so she could tell Alex, "And now the fifth and final part of your birthday present, Alex: Ecstasy!" And with a final deep intake of breath because she was determined not to come back up until she was savoring Alex's cum, Haley fastened her mouth to Alex's pussy and forced her tongue to start pistoning in and out as fast and hard as she could.

"FFFFFFFUCK!!! FUCK YOUR LITTLE SISTER'S WET CUNT" Alex yelled, not caring that these walls might not be the most soundproof of barriers as the pleasure her sister was sending shooting up her spine made her body writhe in pure joy. Even with her limited experience with orgasms Alex knew that she was getting closer and closer to what was sure to be a massive one in a few seconds time.

And, as much as Haley loved haring her sister shout the filthiest things that had ever come out of mouth, she knew she had to end this fast before curious ears decided they had heard right about someone eating their little sister's cunt and come sticking their noses in. So Haley used her honed skills in the art of rug munching to zero in on Alex's g-spot, flicking it as hard and fast as she could with her tongue.

"OHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK HALEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" Alex screamed, her bucking hips held in place by Haley's arms, making the thrashing of her head and shoulders turn her hair into a whirlwind of black hair and causing her tits to bounce and shake.

Haley's grip was firm on Alex's hips, not wanting to miss any of the nectar that was spilling from sister-now-lover. Her tongue was flying faster than it had all night, helping the cum flow faster into her stomach. Haley always knew her sister would be delicious and she knew coming in to tonight that there was no way she would only be able to drink from this fountain only once, but she now knew with absolute certainty that she was addicted to her sister's cum. She was going to have this taste as often as possible, which was an idea that Alex was unknowingly in complete agreement with.

She had never known coming could be so good. Haley had been right about men as the few of her friends that have lost their virginities to men all complained at how little they got off and Alex had resigned herself to the same fate. Now she was experiencing a sensation that she knew was better than all of her friends put together.

When Alex had given all the cum that she could she flopped back to the bed, unable to find the strength to brush her displaced hair out of her face, instead just laying their taking in open mouth huffs of hair-filled air.

Fortunately there was someone on the bed that was all too happy to help Alex with her lethargy. Haley didn't want to kiss her sister's hair anyway, so once the sweat matted mane was properly removed from Alex's face, Haley seized the opportunity and kissed her sister.

Even a thoroughly fucked girl couldn't ignore the feel of those sweet lips, so Alex swam through her exhaustion and found the strength to embrace her sister, parting her lips to allow Haley's tongue to slide into her mouth, getting her first ever taste of cum. The fact that it was her own would have grossed her entire weeks full of lunches out of her an hour ago, but now she savored every drop she sucked from Haley's tongue and lips.

And so the two sisters lay there, lost in each other's lips and tongues, Haley half on top of Alex with a leg lying between her sisters'. Alex was slowly getting her energy back, as the feeling of Haley's sweaty, naked body pressed against her, with her diamond hard nipples and once again wet pussy telling Alex quite plainly that her sister needed to come just like Alex had.

"I can't believe we just did that," Alex said, pulling away from her sister's lips to rest her head on the pillows below.

"Tell me about it," Haley responded, inching up so she was parallel with Alex on the bed. "I've dreamt about eating your pussy for so long that I'm half expecting to wake up in bed with another pair of ruined panties." Haley buried her face into Alex's neck, breathing in her sweet scent.

"Well, I can certainly say I never thought of this before," Alex replied, loving the feeling of Haley pressing light kisses to her neck. "I never imagined that I would ever have sex with my sister, let alone have it be my first time or that she would take my virginity."

"Oh, right," Haley mumbled against Alex's neck, stopping her kissing and pulling away so she could look down into Alex's eyes, "about that. You see, I didn't take your virginity. Nope, you're still intact down there."

"What?" Alex yelped in shock. She looked down between her legs as if hoping to see a sign sticking out of her crotch reading, 'Still All Here, Sucker!' "What do you mean 'I'm still intact'? I felt you push it! You were fucking me with your fingers! You were shoving them into... shoving them... shoving..." Alex's voice trailed off as she suddenly put two and two together.

"Figured it out, have you," Haley taunted with a proud smirk on her lips. She raised the fingers that had been inside Alex and twiddled them in front of Alex's face where Alex could see the slight shininess her pussy juices left on them that only reached down to the second knuckle.

There was no blood. Looking down between her legs again, Alex saw no blood on the sheets.

"That's why you never went in too deep," Alex said, her voice awash with dawning realization. It wasn't a question but a fact. "That's why you never went to fast."

"Bingo! Right in one," Haley cheered, leaning down to kiss Alex's nose as a reward.

Alex was completely confused. "But you promised that you would -"

"No I didn't," Haley interrupted her sister, looking annoyingly calm despite the bewildered look on Alex's face. "I told you I would give you a great first time, which I did. I never said anything about taking your virginity."

Alex quickly went through the conversation she and Haley shared before the clothes started to come off and found that Haley was right.

"But why? Didn't you want to?" Alex asked, unable to keep how hurt she was out of her voice. "Was it because of me?"

"Oh no baby," Haley quickly consoled her sister, peppering her face with kisses. "It has nothing to do with you. I would love to be the one to make you a woman!"

"Then why?" Alex asked, feeling somewhat better, but still confused.

"Because..." Haley trailed off, wondering how much of the truth she should share. Haley didn't want to play her hand to quickly, but she also didn't want Alex to be hurt by false information. Finally, she decided on the truth, or at least part of it. "Because the woman who seduced me wants to be the one to do it. She wants to be the one to make you a woman."

"What?" That had been the last answer Alex had been expecting. The mysterious woman who first seduced Haley wanted to be the one to take her virginity? "Really?" she asked, unable to keep the delight at the prospect out of her voice.

Haley just smiled again and gave the answer of "Really" back.

"Who is she? Do I know her? When will she do it?" Alex asked eagerly, part of her wanting to go out and get it done now, not caring how slutty that made her.

"Oh no, I'm not telling you anything else," Haley swore. "The only bit I will tell is that she wants to wait for a special occasion. Other than that, my lips are sealed." To prove her point, Haley mimed zipping up her lips and throwing away the key.

"But I want it done now," Alex whined, well aware and not caring how childish she was sounding. She just couldn't help it. She knew she wouldn't be able to be fucked properly if Haley wasn't going to take her virginity.

"Well too bad. You'll just have to wait," taunted Haley before she started to get off the bed. "Oh and I'm going to have to make you promise that you won't go out and fuck yourself or someone else because your too damn impatient to wait."

"But -"

"No buts!" Haley retorted, much more serious than Alex could remember her being in a long time. "Promise me!"

Alex could see how serious her sister was and although she wanted to argue about how unfair this was, she was distracted by Haley leaving the bed. So with a quick nod of her head in agreement, Alex moved on, though not completely forgetting to bring this conversation up again at a later time. "Where are you going?" she asked, already missing the warmth of her sister's body.

Haley gave her a reassuring smile and said, "Nowhere. I'm just tired of being the only girl on the bed not naked." She gave her hips a sexy little shake, making sure that Alex's focus was on the skirt that, while it may have become bunched up and wrinkled during the previous festivities, was still covering up the last bit of skin of Haley's body.

"Do you like seeing me like this," Haley asked, in a husky, teasing voice. "My tits all bare for you and my nipples so hard." She reached up and pinched the small pink points. "Mmmm, you made them hard, little sister. With your hot body and tasty cum. And you know what else you did?" She turned around, bent over and lifted up her skirt so Alex was given her first look at her sister's bare pussy.

The sight of Haley's pussy made Alex drool a little. She was clearly wet from both her previous orgasms and her current arousal and, unlike Alex's, Haley's pussy was completely unembellished of any hair.

"Do you like seeing my wet, smooth pussy?" Haley teased, reaching one hand back to stroke her lips. "Oooh, that feels good. My fingers feel so good rubbing my wet little pussy."

Alex tried to get up to get closer to her sister, but Haley shot her down.

"Don't move. Just watch." With that firm command, Haley removed her fingers from pussy and stood up again, covering herself again, but only briefly as she made quick work of stripping off the final bothersome garment, Alex following its path to the floor as it bare more and more of Haley's glorious nude flesh. When the skirt was completely removed, Alex allowed her eyes to travel back up the same path they had taken down and only now that she was fully naked was Alex fully appreciating for the first time just how gorgeous her sister was.

Alex had known all her life that Haley was beautiful. She had guys fawning after her the moment she hit puberty and Alex had to put up with even boys her age going on about how hot her sister was. And of course it got worse when Haley discovered just how useful and important it was to be hot and started dressing the part: shorter than necessary shorts and skirts, low cut tops, wearing the skimpiest of bikini's with the flimsiest of excuses ("I know that it's called pajama day but this is what I wear to bed). When Alex finally grew into her own attractive body and boys began to gawk at her Alex was able to admit without any spite for the first time that Haley was hot.

But knowing how hot her sister was and seeing it were two different things. And while Alex had caught many a glimpse at her naked sister during their 18 years as roommates, she had never seen her like this: her back to Alex, allowing her sister's gaze to travel up those long legs that seemed endless and only ended when they met an undeniably spectacular ass, with cheeks that gave Alex an alien but wicked impulse to give a few smacks to; above her luscious ass was a bare, smooth back, that only hinted at the tits on the other side by the small glimpse of side-boob that Alex was granted; and at the top was mane of disheveled brunette hair, that failed to hide the face that was looking back at Alex from over the shoulder; the face that was staring at her little sister with pure desire gleaming in her eyes; and from head to toe Haley was shining from the lights on her sweat covered body, her skin a healthy tan from all of Haley's sun bathing habits.

Alex only had one thought running through her mind and, although she was scared of what was to come, she needed to let Haley know what she wanted.

"I want to fuck you," Alex croaked out, not quite believing the words that tumbled past her lips, yet knowing she had never spoken truer words.

"I was hoping you would say that," Haley said gleefully, turning around so Alex had a full view of the front of her sister's body, which was just as stunning as her back side.

Alex thought she was going to have to get up so Haley could lay down and allow Alex to rest between her legs like Haley had just done, but was quickly proven wrong when Haley instead got onto the bed and after giving Alex one last smooch, shifted her body so that Haley was now straddling Alex's face, giving the younger Dunphy sister up close proof as to how aroused her sister was.

"God, Alex, I can't wait to feel your tongue on me," Haley purred as she remained hovering over her sister, her back facing the headboard so she could look down at Alex's body.

As Alex reached up to grip Haley's thighs, she was now starting to feel rather self-conscious about what was about to happen. After all, she had never even gone down on a guy before, much less go up on a girl. And as her sister's wet pussy was now mere inches away from her mouth, Alex couldn't help but feel apprehensive.

After a shiver of lust shot through her body at the touch of Alex's hands on her thighs and the feel of her breath on Haley's pussy, Haley wondered why Alex was taking so long to get started. She peered down between her legs and saw her sisters face frozen both in lust and terror.

Knowing what was going through Alex's mind, Haley immediately attempted to calm her down.

"You're going to do fine, baby," Haley reassured Alex, who tore her eyes away from the wet pink above her face to look at her sister's supportive face. "Just do to me what I did to you. Trust me. I'll come from whatever you do to me. And you know what's great?" Haley asked a much more confident Alex.

"What?" Alex asked, now holding herself back from her sister's cream to hear this final piece of information before she gets lost in her sister.

A big grin was on Haley's face as she answered, "I haven't been a virgin for such a long time, so you don't have to worry about holding back," her voice dropped to a low, husky whisper that Alex had no trouble hearing.

Not able to contain her desire any long, Alex secured her grip on Haley's thighs and reached her head up to kiss Haley's labia.

Tasting her own pussy on Haley's lips and fingers was one thing, but tasting the fresh sweetness of a woman's pussy right from the source was an even better experience than Alex had thought. She placed kisses up and down Haley's slit, loving the moans of pleasure she was drawing from her sister. When kissing was no longer enough to slake her thirst, Alex opened her mouth and slipped the stiff bud of Haley's clit in between her lips.

"Oooh, fuck!" Haley shouted in surprise, not expecting Alex to find her clit so fast, but certainly not complaining. "Oh fuck, Alex! That's good. Sucky on my hard little clitty! Just like thaaaaaat!!!" she cried as Alex seemed to be experimenting and decided to tug lightly on the Haley's clit. An experiment that proved successful when Haley groaned, "Fuck little sister, that's right! Don't be afraid to use your teeth!"

Bolstered by Haley's cries of encouragement, Alex lightly bit down on the hard throbbing bud. The cries of joy that echoed through the room told Alex all she needed to know.

After a few more playful tugs on Haley's clit, Alex moved away from the hard nub to pay attention to the lips that were so tantalizingly close.

Haley groaned in disappointment at the loss of contact to her clit but those quickly turned to groans of pleasure as Alex's tongue quickly buried itself in the folds of her pussy.

"Eat my pussy, Alex! Be a slut! Eat your big sister's hot fucking cunt!" Haley growled, her baser instincts coming out of her as she ground her slit against Alex's mouth, wanting as much contact as possible.

'Am I a slut?' a voice chimed in the back of Alex mind, but she paid it no mind as she fully focused on getting as much of Haley's pussy juice down her throat as possible.

Alex knew that Haley had been right. Her nerves had gone right out the door once she had gotten a taste of her sister's pussy. She was now addicted to the sweet flavor. Her own juices tasted nowhere close as amazing as the river that was flowing from Haley.

'I think that would be a yes' the voice answered its own unvoiced question as Alex thrust her tongue into Haley's pussy, relishing the feel of that tight tunnel clamping down on it in greeting.

"Fuck! That's it baby! Be a nasty little slut and fuck your sister with your hot tongue!" Haley commanded as Alex began pumping in and out of her. As much as Haley might have bragged about her time with women, Alex was her first time with a girl-virgin. She had only ever been with experienced rug munchers, so to feel the awkwardness of Alex tongue feeling its way inside a pussy for the first time was just another gallon of gasoline to pour on the inferno that was her never ending arousal. "God, what would Mom and Dad say if they could see their baby girls now? One riding the tongue of the other and both of us loving every fucking second of it! They would just die!!" Haley goaded her sister, knowing Alex as well as she did and knowing that when she was embarrassed about something about something she loved it usually drove her to make herself the best at whatever it was, especially if it was taboo or socially unacceptable, like going to school without a bra in the tightest of tops. And seeing as 'going to school braless' was pussy eating now, Haley knew they both would reap the benefits.

A theory that seemed to work magnificently as the thought of their parents finding the two of them in this position, while mortifying her to the core, made Alex work even harder at making her sister cum than before. Why that was, Alex didn't really want to think about right now.

"FUCK!!" Haley shrieked, her body lurching forward causing her hands to support her wait on the bed when Alex had stuck her tongue as far up her pussy as possible. Her now humping down on the invading organ, helping it slide through her. "Shit, Alex! You are going to be an amazing pussy eater by the time we're done here." Haley promised through the gasps and moans her sister's tongue produced from her.

Her lips and chin now covered in the leaking cream that she was unable to slurp up and loving every second of it, Alex had no doubt in her mind that Haley's prediction would come true. And that notion excited her.

Not just the thought of using her improved skills on Haley whenever she could (although that idea had just zoomed itself to the top of Alex's 'Every Day To Do List', dethroning 'Be Better in School than Everyone Else' which had been at the top since kindergarten), but also the thought of using them on this mystery woman that Haley kept going on about.

God, just thinking about this mystery woman made Alex even wetter. This woman had such a hold on Haley that she could stop her from taking Alex's virginity just by asking.

Whoever she was though, Alex knew for sure that she was hot. Haley may be less superficial than she had been in high school, but she would never sleep with a guy unless he was jaw dropping gorgeous and Alex knew the same would be for women.

In the here and now, however, Haley's repositioned hands meant that Alex no longer needed to use her own to keep Haley's hips from suffocating her. While she used one to move around and play with Haley's ass, she brought the other around to help stimulate her sister's pussy.

Keeping her tongue plunging away at Haley's pink gash, Alex used her free hand to pinch and tease Haley's clit.

Haley knew now without a doubt that she was hooked on her sister's tongue. She was already addicted to Alex's girl juice, but now she knew she was going to need Alex's tongue in her as often as possible.

But as much as Haley loved the feel of her little sister's tongue squirming around inside her cunt, she needed something longer and harder in their instead.

"Fingers!" Haley huffed out, Alex's exploring tongue quickly taking away Haley's ability to speak in long sentences. "Fuck me. Your fingers."

Luckily Alex was considered the smart one in the family and was able to figure out what her sister wanted. And in a show of how far Alex had come in since Haley first kissed her, Alex only paused playing with Haley's pussy long enough to suck two of her fingers until she deemed them wet enough then shoved them as far as they could into the pussy above her.

"OH FUCK!!!" Haley yelled as the sensation of being filled sent even more pleasure coursing through her body. That pleasure grew with every fast pump of Alex's fingers, giving her the passion she needed to speak again. "God Alex! I can't believe I waited so fucking long to do this! I've wanted you for so long and now I have you!"

"Yes, you have me!" Alex hissed, instantly in love with the feel of her sister's pussy wrapped around her fingers. "Why did you wait so long to fuck me?! I can't get over my fingers plunging into your wet cunt, Haley! We could have been doing this for years!"

Haley thought she would come just hearing her sister's lustful regrets, but she knew she had to hold on. She wanted her little sister to be inside of her for as long as possible.

But while Haley didn't want to come just yet, she still wanted it bad. So, I order to help fulfill her desire, Haley thrust her hips back down on to her Alex's face.

Alex acted instantly, continuing to pump her fingers as her lips attached themselves to the throbbing red button peeking out from its hood, delivering a barrage of tongue swipes as a way of greeting after being separated for so long.

"FFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK MMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!" Haley shrieked as the duel sensations of fingers and tongue sent fireworks shooting off in her skull.

But while she wanted Alex to know how much she loved her amazing treatment of her cunt, Haley was still aware at how thin these walls were. She didn't want anybody to interrupt their fun, so she needed a way to shut herself up.

Luckily there was one easily accessible to her.

Not wanting to waste any more time Haley swooped down so that her tits were now pressed against Alex's stomach and vice versa and at once plunged her tongue into the sopping wet cunt that greeted her.

"FUCK!! GOD DAMMIT!!" Alex yelled as the wonderful sensation of Haley's mouth on her pussy once again caused Alex's head to jerk back from her sister's pussy. The separation didn't last long before Alex missed the taste of Haley's fresh pussy cream and shoved her face back where it belonged and adding a third finger to Haley's steaming hot box remembering what Haley said about not having to hold back.

Alex knew enough about sex to know that there was a name for the position she and Haley were in right now. And while before she had never really seen the appeal when guys around her got all pervy and talked about the porn they watched , Alex now knew why they talked so fervently about how hot a 69 was. But while watching one on a computer screen might have been hot to a couple of teenage boys, Alex knew without a doubt that being in one was infinitely the preferable option.

Wanting to make the already unbelievably fantastic pleasure surging through her even better, Alex lifted her legs, which had begun to jerk and flail when Haley greeted her labia with a hello lick, and hooked them around Haley's neck, unnecessarily trapping her sister where she was.

The two sisters rocked on top of the bed, moaning muffled delight into each other's snatch while their tongues and Alex's fingers licked and fucked everywhere they could reach. And despite Haley's late start on Alex's pussy, the younger Dunphy daughter had already been soaking the sheets from the pleasure the taste and feel of Haley's cunt that it didn't take long for Alex to reach the same brink of release that Haley had been holding back for too long now.

Not able to hold back any longer, Alex ripped her mouth from Haley's clit and panted in labored breath, "I'm - I'm going to cum!!"

Haley also detached her lips to eagerly answer, "Then cum, you fucking slut!! Cum all over my face as I do the same to you!!!"

No more encouragement both girls shoved their faces back to where they were, Alex removing her shiny fingers so she could drink her sister unimpeded right from the source.

A few more flicks at the two clit's were all it took.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMYYYYYY FUCKKKKKKKINNNNNGGGGG GGGGOOOOODDDDD!!!!" Haley roared into the wet treasure at her lips as her muffled joy was matched by Alex.

"FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKIIIINNNNGGGG CCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!" Alex wailed, equally muffled, as her mouth was flooded with the best thing she had ever tasted. She drank down stream after stream of her sister's cum as if she were a lost in a desert and found an oasis.

Haley was having an equally delicious time as the long awaited reward of her little sister's cum shot up and traveled the heavenly path down Haley's throat to rest in her tummy.

The two Dunphy girls feasted on each other's cum, sucking the pussy's fused to their mouths until they milked every last drop they could manage. Once that tap had run dry they each took their own sweet time licking around her sister's labia and thighs, lapping up any of the cum that had escaped the vacuum that were their mouths.

When at long last there was simply no more cum to be found, Alex unlocked her legs and let them flop down to the bed. Alex knew that right now they had as much ability to help her walk as the pillow she was resting her head against.

How Haley had the strength to disentangle her body from Alex's to crawl up so her head was resting next to her own, Alex had absolutely no idea, although she didn't mind in the slightest for the first thing Haley did when they were finally parallel was give her an exhausted, yet passion filled, cummy kiss.

When Haley finally broke the kiss she pulled up a blanket from who knows where and draped it over their drained bodies.

Alex made one last big move, forcing her muscles into overdrive and moved her body so that she was snuggled against her big sister, left arm slung across Haley's chest.

Haley turned off the lamp next to them before wrapping one arm around Alex's body, pulling her closer, and cupping the hand Alex place on her chest with her other hand.

Alex was about to drift into what she knew was going to be the best sleep she ever had, when she felt Haley's lips against her forehead, followed by a soft whisper into her ear.

"Happy birthday, Alex."

Alex felt a smile cross her face and, with the very last of her strength, murmured back, "Best. Birthday. Ever."



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