Modern Family: Modern Family Orgy (MmFFf,inc,oral,anal,drugs)
by Michael The Bloody

Hayley Dunphy was ground for the 3rd time in two months, she was getting really sick of her mom Claire and couldn't wait to get out of the house. Claire needed someone to pull the stick out of her ass, wait, no, she needed to get laid. Or laid good, Phil wasn't getting the job done. There was nothing she could do about that though.

She had another plan, Claire needed to chill out, and since they had new neighbors, she knew just what she needed.

Hayley went next door to see Ronnie and Amber, the new pot club owners, they were always happy to see her, which was one of the reasons Hayley kept getting grounded.

Ronnie: Back again so soon? We just hooked you up yesterday, damn girl, you need to slow down.

Amber: Leave her alone Ronnie, we were young once.

Hayley: No, it's not for me this time, I know someone who really needs to chill out, I thought you could help me out.

Amber: Claire, right?

Hayley: Of course.

Ronnie: I have just the strain, the Bruce Banner, just don't make her angry after she takes it. You wouldn't like her on it when she's angry.

Amber: Give her the special.

Ronnie: The special? I don't know.

Hayley: What's the special?

Amber: It's our own special strain, we mix the Bruce Banner with a little E, to take some of the edge off.

Hayley: Sounds perfect, give me a dozen.

* * *

Luke Dunphy had gotten his head stuck in the stairway bannister for the 3rd time in 2 months, his sister Alex was pulling him out by the hair when Claire came home.

Claire: Again? Why?

Luke: Sorry mom, I was sure it would fit this time. Dad told me he widened the spaces.

Claire: Alex, put those clippers down, you are not shaving your brothers head, both of you go to your rooms and stay there.

Luke: I hate you.

Phil walked into the home, and just shook his head, Claire had been telling him, there was something wrong with Luke, but he didn't want to believe it, but maybe he did need professional help.

Hayley walked in to see the ruckus, she knew she had to put a stop to this. She was sure if even the special blend would be enough.

Hayley followed her sister up to her room, she knew Alex was pissed and couldn't wait to head off to college, she was sure Alex would love to take Claire down a peg.

Hayley told Alex of her plan, Alex didn't want to drug her mom, but she knew it would be funny, she didn't want Hayley to tell her how she was going to do it. They new Luke would want in on the plan, but he couldn't keep a secret.

Hayley wanted to make sure the plan worked, she had enough brownies, but she didn't know how powerful they really were, she couldn't do anything about that, but she could do something with the E. She had 10 pills, she decided to mix them in a pitcher of strawberry milk.

The Hayley didn't know that Luke had been outside her bedroom as she was hatching her plan, he knew about the milk, and the pills. He went to Hayley's room while she was in the kitchen, and stole 2 of her E pills, he thought if 1 was good, then 3 must be better.

The family sat down for dinner later that night, Hayley offered her mom homemade brownies, and of course strawberry milk to was it down, Luke couldn't stop giggling.

Phil grabbed 2 brownies, Hayley told him he could only have one, but that was nonsense. They were delicious. He insisted they all try the brownies that Hayley had brought them. They smelled great, Luke grabbed 2, so did Alex, Hayley took one, she knew she had built up a tolerance to E and pot.

As they were finishing dessert, Claire and Phil ordered the kids to clean up, they had stuff to take care of upstairs, they ran from the table. The kids were all feeling funny too.

Claire and Phil burst into their bedroom, Phil ripped out her shirt, then her bra, exposing her perfect breast, Clair ripped off his pants, exposing 12 inches of rock hard cock. Phil lifted her skirt, then bent her over, he slammed his cock deep into her hole.

Claire: YES, fuck me.

The kids heard their mom scream, they ran upstairs to listen, Phil hadn't even bothered to close the door all the way, they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Phil had a handful of Claire's long blonde hair, he was leaning all they way back holding on to it has he slammed her from behind, Claire was slamming back, his balls bouncing off her ass, he slapped her ass with each thrust.

Luke had a huge boner, Alex and Hayley were soaking wet, Alex shoved her hands down her pants, she didn't care that her brother and sister were both there, she wanted to run and get her hairbrush, but she couldn't take her eyes away from her parents, Hayley didn't know she had her hands down Luke's pants, Luke was fucking her hand.

Alex gasped as she came all over her fingers, she fell against the door and into her parents bedroom, Phil looked on in horror at his kids.

Phil: What are you doing out there, get in here.

The kids slowly followed Alex into the bedroom, they didn't know what to expect, but they were so aroused they didn't care, Phil copped a feel of Alex's double D's, Claire grabbed her young son.

Phil pulled his cock out of his wife, as he unbuttoned Alex's flannel shirt, Claire unzipped Luke's pants and Hailey removed her dress.. Alex took a look at her fathers massive cock

Alex: This is so wrong. But I know how you got mom now

Claire: Did you think it was his personality?

Phil: But it is so right.

Claire pulled Luke's pants down to his ankles and dropped to her knees she shoved his fully erect cock down her throat. Hayley ran out of the room and across the hallway, Claire slammed Luke's cock down her throat, his balls bouncing off her chin.

Luke pushed Alex down to her knees, and he stood next to his wife, Alex began licking up and down the sides of his cock, then she tried to shove it all the way down her throat the way her mother was doing with her brother.

Hayley quickly returned with her video camera and set it on the dresser Phil summoned her to join her sister, Hayley dropped to her knees and began sucking her dads cock.

Alex looked over to her mother, she wanted to see how she took so much cock down her throat, Luke stroked her hair as he began to fuck her face.

Hayley had half of her dad's cock down her throat, Phil grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced his cock deeper down her throat.

Phil: Switch.

Alex took the place of her sister, Phil grabbed her by the back of the neck, stuffing his cock deep down his youngest daughter's throat.

Claire had grabbed 2 handfuls of Luke's ass as she pressed her nose against his stomach with his cock deep down her throat, Hayley pinched her nose and held her head so she couldn't move or breathe, Luke shot a load of cum down his mom's throat.

Claire began to choke on the load and spit it all out, Hayley laughed at her, Luke was still fucking her face, and he was still rock hard.

Phil laid on his back, he told Luke to lay next to him, Claire came over and began to suck his cock again, Hayley leaned over her brother and began to suck his cock.

Claire had half of Phil's massive member down her throat, Hayley swallowed Luke's whole, Alex then pushed her mom out of the way and began sucking her dads cock again, Claire moved back to her son.

Alex managed to go deeper and deeper on her dads cock, deeper than Hayley, Hayley pushed her sister out of the way and went to down on her dads cock. There was no way her little sister was a better cock sucker than she was.

Phil shot a load deep into Hayleys mouth, she caught it all on her tongue, she opened her mouth wide to show the mess to her family, then she swallowed it all down, she was going to prove she was the best cock sucker in the family.

Hayley: All gone.

Phil: That's my girl Now, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Why not, get over there.

Hayley leaned over to Claire and shoved her tongue down her throat, Claire began to suck on it. Alex took her mother's place sucking Luke's cock, she was able to swallow it whole, just like her sister and mother. Hayley was almost to the base of Phil's still hard cock.

Phil: Sit on my cock Alex, don't just stand there, sit on your brother's cock.

Hayley climbed on top of her father's cock, and began bouncing up and down on it, it slid in rather easily, Alex climbed on top of her brother. Claire sat on Phil's face.

Alex slowly rode her brother, Hayley slammed herself up and down on Phil. Phil grabbed her by the waist and began bouncing her harder.

Alex was grinding from side to side on top of Luke, Phil had his tongue buried deep inside of his wife as she began to grind from side to side.

Claire: I need to get fucked. SWITCH.

Alex hopped off of Luke and climbed on top of her dad, Claire climbed on top of Luke, she slammed her ass down on him as hard as she could, Alex was slowly sliding down Phil's massive member.

Phil: Watch this son.

Phil grabbed Alex by the legs and slammed her down all the way onto his cock, he grabbed her by the waist and began to bounce her up and down.

Alex: FFUUCKK, it's so big.

That just encouraged Phil to fuck her harder, Claire was dripping wet from watching her youngest daughter get hammered.

Phil: Now son I want you to copy me.

Phil spread his legs and planted his feet, he lifted Alex into the air and began thrusting up like a jack hammer.

Alex: OH MY GOD, I'm cuummming.

I flood of liquid came dripping out of Alex's teen cunt, she was being ragdolled, bouncing on the foot long cock.

Alex: Oh God, I'm CUUMMING again.

Another load of cum came squirting out of her. Luke spread his legs and planted his feet, he began to thrust deep into his mother.

Claire: YES

Phil: That's my boy. Fuck your mom little man. And Hayley, clean your sisters cum off my cock.

Hayley grabbed her dads cock, and stuffed it down her throat, she licked it clean.

Hayley: My turn to get fucked.

Phil: Okay, girls line up, on your hands and knees.

The 3 girls did as they were told, Phil mounted Hayley from behind, Luke mounted Alex, Phil grabbed a handful of Hayley's hair, Luke did the same with Alex.

Hayley slammed her cunt onto her dad, Phil rammed her like a jack hammer, Luke tried to hammer his sister the same way, but he just didn't have the experience.

Alex rocked back onto his brother, he grabbed her by her massive tits and used them as leverage, Phil yanked Hayley's hair even harder.

Hayley: FUCK, I'm ccuumming.

Hayley came all over her dads cock, her juices just enabled Phil to fuck her harder. Hayley fell face first onto the ground.

Phil: Switch.

Phil began to mount Claire from behind, Luke mounted the face down motionless Hayley, Claire reached between her legs and pointed Phil's cock right at her ass hole, he shoved it in. Luke took aim at Hayley's exposed ass, and shoved his cock in.

Hayley: What:

Alex: Don't act like you've never done that before.

Phil rocked his cock back and forth into his wife, Hayley tried to get up to her knees , but Luke was holding her face down.

Alex kneeled in front of her mother, pushing her back onto Phil's cock, making sure all 12 inches vanished. Hayley had no trouble taking all of Luke up her ass.

Claire: Fuck, I'm going to cum.

Phil: Not yet, we can do the Dunphy special now.

Claire: Really, I have been waiting so long for this.

Phil pulled his cock out of Claire's ass and laid on the floor she climbed on top of him cowgirls style, she slammed her ass down on his cock and held it there. Phil motioned to Luke.

Phil: Come on Luke, come dp your mother with me.

Luke pulled his cock out of Hayley's ass and climbed on top of his mother, he took aim and slid his cock into her ass.

Phil: That's my boy.

Father and son hammered away at Claire, she was in heaven, Hayley and Alex, couldn't believe what a slut there mother was, Claier began bouncing up and down on Phil's member, devouring it easily as Luke worked her ass.

Luke: I can't believe I'm fucking Mom up the ass.

Phil: Yes you are my boy.

Hayley: Go Luke, go Luke.

Hayley positioned herself behind Luke, pushing down on his shoulders making sure his entire cock was buried in their mom's ass. Claire was loving every moment of it.

Claire: Fuck, I'm cumming.

Phil: That's it son, work that ass.

Alex reached down and pinched her mom's nipples, they were the size of erasers, Alex had the tits, but Claire definitely had the nipples.

The nipple pinching pushed Claire over the edge, her cum came dripping down her legs, that was all Luke and Phil needed to see, they both pulled out, Claire dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, Luke shot a load on her tongue, he barely got out of the way, before Phil deposited his load right on her tongue

Phil, don't just stand there Alex, go kiss your mother.

Alex laid on the ground under her mom, Claire leaned over and stuck out her tongue, she let the come drip out of her mouth down Alex's throat.

Alex: MMM delicious.

Claire: Are you guys ready to go again. I always wanted to stuff two cocks in my cunt.

Phil: Hold on, I'm not 18 anymore, I need a minute.

Hayley: But dad, I didn't get to get dped. I want it. Lets go back to the kitchen for more Brownies and milk, then go again.

Claire: Yes, to the kitchen.

The Dunphy's went back to the kitchen, still naked, they saw Lillie feeding Brownies to Jay, Gloria and Manny.

Jay: These brownies are fantastic, I hope they don't get mad that we ate them all.

The End.

Coming soon, Modern family orgy pt 2. The big bang.


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