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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 7.

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Modern Family: Modern Family Affair Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

"Put them on." Claire ordered excitedly as soon as she got through the door of the apartment her daughters were sharing and practically shoved a pair of bags into their hands.

"Erm, hello to you to, Mom." Alex quipped.

Haley would have said something similar under normal circumstances, but instead she was eager to find out what present their Mom had bought them, her eyes lighting up as she saw what was inside her bag, "Hey Alex, check this out."

"Whoa." Alex murmured, staring at the uniform inside Haley's bag, then quickly checking her own bag to find a similar uniform, before turning her attention to her mother, "Are you serious?"

"I think what you girls mean is, thank you." Claire said after clearing her throat wasn't good enough to inform her offspring what she wanted, and when even those words failed she pushed, "What do you say?"

"Thank you Mommy." Haley parroted eagerly, her gaze quickly turning lustful as she turned to her sister.

"Thank you Mom." Alex echoed, somewhat more apprehensively.

"Well, don't just stand there. Go put them on." Claire gently pushed, quickly adding, "Not here! Mmmmm, Mommy wants each of you to step into your rooms, and then step out one by one so I can enjoy the show.

"Erm, can I wait out here?" Haley asked, before turning back to her sister lustfully, "Mmmmm, I want to see the show when Alex steps out."

"How about you go first, then you can join me in watching Alex put on a show?" Claire counter offered.

"Deal!" Haley agreed eagerly, before turning back to Alex and grinning, "I'm going to enjoy this."

"Me too." Alex admitted with the little blush, before the two sisters exchanged a quick peck and then disappeared into their rooms.

* * *

Claire was practically buzzing with excitement. Well, she had been since first coming up with this wicked idea, which had only increased when she initially bought those outfits, but now she could barely stay in place she was so excited. Part of her cursed her decision to make her daughters change behind closed doors instead of right in front of her eyes, as right now she could be watching them strip down to their underwear, and then squeeze themselves into those little costumes. Although she knew seeing those outfits fully attach would be worth the wait, and oh, was she proven so wonderfully right a few minutes later when Haley and Alex stepped out. Although not without her permission, of course.

"Okay, ready Mom." Alex called out from behind her door.

"That's great honey." Claire beamed, quickly adding, "Just wait a minute, okay? Haley isn't ready yet."

"Okay." Alex grumbled, then about a minute later she called out, "Hurry up Haley!"

"I'm trying!" Haley whined, "But my outfit is more complicated than yours."

"Stop making excuses young lady." Claire scolded, "Now hurry up and get your cute little butt out here. And you better be fully dressed when you do, otherwise I'll take back those uniforms and leave."

"Yeah, right." Haley softly scoffed, then a few seconds later loudly called out, "Okay, I'm ready."

"Then what are you waiting for? Get out here!" Claire huffed. Initially Haley chose to tease her, but despite herself Claire had to chuckle a little, "Haley, stop being such a tease. I want to see you."

Initially the door had opened to reveal a seemingly empty room, causing Claire to frown. Then a leg appeared just out of her view, making it clear that Haley was hiding behind the door so she could tease her with that stocking clad leg with those big, black high heels. Claire was unable to keep a stern face because of this, especially because all it took was a little push and Haley opened the door wider and stepped out of it, looking as confident and sexy as ever. The difference was now she was wearing a French maid's outfit, and oh did she wear it well, walking out of her room like a supermodel on a runway, only instead of walking back the way she came she stopped in front of her mother, turned her back to her and lifted up her little skirt ever so slightly, providing a hint of ass cheek.

Which caused Clare to giggle again, although she pushed through it quickly and ordered, "Okay Alex, you can come out now."

There was a brief pause and then the door opened, and while Alex looked just as breath-taking in her little schoolgirl outfit their attitudes towards the reveal were night and day. It was a startling reminder that for all her intelligence and maturity in many ways Alex was still a kid, barely out of her teens, and somehow not entirely comfortable with the incredible body that she had been gifted with. Claire had to stop herself from laughing at how unsure Alex was considering just how good she looked. Luckily Claire could just stare at those giant boobs threatening to tear through that white top, although Haley had a more direct approach.

"Fuck!" Haley murmured softly, so sure that drool was literally coming out of her mouth that she had to gently wipe it just to be sure, before walking up to her sibling and blushing, "Oh my fucking God Alex, you look amazing!"

"You think?" Alex pushed.

"I know!" Haley said firmly, "God, why didn't I think of this?"

"Because it would have been a waste of money?" Alex offered, and then when Haley gave her a funny look she quickly added, "What? Without Mom around to keep you in line you would have totally ripped this little outfit to shreds in seconds. Mmmmm, and I know I would have done the same to you. Fuck Haley, you look incredible."

"Thanks." Haley grinned, "And I don't care if Mom is here, I still might tear that sexy little costume off of you."

"You will do no such thing!" Claire said firmly, quickly closing the distance between her daughters and gently taking Alex's hand as she slowly encouraged her to, "What you will do is watch as Alex gives us a twirl. Nice and slow honey, mmmmm, that's it. Oh fuck, you really do look amazing. Now, have you finished your homework?"

"Erm..." Alex hesitated, wondering what her mother was looking for here, before answering truthfully, "I've mostly just got a little reading to catch up on."

"I bet Haley doesn't make that easy." Claire said dryly, giving her older daughter the side eye, then grinning, "But I promise you sweetie, it will be different from now on. I know, why don't you try and get it done now while your sister cleans the house?"

"What?" Haley murmured in disbelief, before frowning and folding her arms, "Wait, you're serious? You actually want me to do housework while dressed like this?"

"Why not?" Claire grinned, "Alex has work to do, and this place could definitely do with a clean."

"Alex always has work to do, and cleaning isn't my job. It's hers." Haley whined, "She's the neat freak. Besides, I'm the top, and she's the bottom."

"Well now you answer to me." Claire said firmly, "Mmmmm, oh yes, you two are MY bottoms, which means you do what I say, and I say you clean."

There was a brief pause as Haley glared at her Mom, and then she huffed, "You know what, fine. Be that way. We both know you won't be able to keep your hands off me and Alex for long. God knows we can't."

"We'll see." Claire chuckled, deliberately giving Haley false hope.

* * *

Ultimately Haley would be proven right, as in a literal sense Claire was unable to entirely keep her hands off her daughters for that long, although initially she restricted it to just resting a hand on Alex's thigh and just leaving it there for a few long seconds, before beginning to slide up and down that thigh, both of which got wonderful little whimpers out of her youngest. Meanwhile her oldest was doing her best to get her attention, and despite Claire's best efforts she couldn't resist just staring at her, Haley preening as she got her own mother to stare at her with shameless lust, especially when she bent over. Little did Haley know she would soon regret that particular tease. Claire would make sure of that.

Haley might have been grinning with pride as she got her Mom to stare at her as she bent over in the tightly fitting maid's uniform, but to her surprise and disappointment that didn't immediately lead to a hand being placed on her butt. All Haley wanted was a little smack or a squeeze, some confirmation that she was about to receive what she wanted. Hell, eventually she would just settle for being touched. But no, her Mom kept denying her. What was worse, that touch went to Alex, and she wasn't even doing anything. Actually Haley couldn't blame her Mom for that, as Alex didn't need to do anything. No, Alex could just sit there and sweat pants and Haley would want to touch her, and that little schoolgirl uniform only made her more fuck-able, and Haley eager to get to the real fun.

Sadly Haley had underestimated her mother's stubbornness, and she quickly ran out of good places to bend over, which her Mom pointed out as she pushed her to do a more thorough job, leaving the older woman and the youngest among them to study. Then once she was finally done instead of finally being allowed to touch the other woman Haley was sent into the bedrooms, and then even the bathroom, to do a proper cleaning while the other woman just read, and then talked, before finally just making out with each other. That was the most infuriating part of all, Haley almost screaming when she came out one of the bedrooms to find her female family members kissing. And yet still she was sent to clean the bathrooms.

Once that was done Haley walked right up to them, folded her arms and huffed, "Well, I'm done now. Like, I actually did everything, so can we please just fuck now?"

Reluctantly breaking away from kissing her youngest Claire grinned at her oldest, and then ordered, "Girls, go stand facing the wall. Come on, get right up against it and stick those cute little asses of yours out for me."

"But Mom!" Haley whined.

"Now!" Claire ordered firmly.

The two Dunphy women then had a brief staring competition which ultimately the daughter lost, with a huff Haley stomped over to the nearest wall, quickly followed by Alex. Oh well, while it wasn't Haley's first choice it was at least a start. One she liked a lot more when she allowed Alex to overtake her, giving Haley a beautiful view of her little sister walking up to the wall so her face was nearly pressed against it, then bending over and pressing her hands against it while sticking out that big fat ass of hers. Haley could have stared at that all night, but again she was eager to get to the real fun, so she got into position and was then rewarded with her Mom slowly walking up behind them, and then a hand squeezing her butt.

"Very nice." Claire mumbled softly as she fondled both the bottoms of her daughters for a few long minutes, before beginning to use both hands on Alex's gloriously round ass, "You know Alex sweetie, I've been thinking... I know you must have felt a lot of pressure to fuck Haley's little ass, and why wouldn't you? It's perfect, and in desperate need of constant fucking, but honey, a pure bottom like you should never have to worry about being an ass fucker. It's unnatural for a walking fuck hole like you to do anything except bend over and take it up this big fat ass of yours. But don't worry, because I promise that from now on that's all you're going to be doing. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, from now on, I'm the only one that gets to fuck Haley's perfect little ass, and all you have to worry about is being a good little fuck toy for Mommy. Well, that and studying of course."

"But Mom, I liked topping Haley." Alex protested, before being cut off.

"No buts." Claire snapped, ignoring the pun in favour of firmly adding, "I don't want to hear it young lady. You're never going to top your sister again, and that's final. Not without my supervision, and even then, it will only be lying down to give your sister a cock to ride while I'm the one truly giving her a fucking. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah Alex." Haley chimed in gleefully, "You're truly a total bottom now. Mmmmm, that means no more topping for you. It's for the best, anyway. You were never much of a top."

"I'm glad you agree, because the same applies to you." Claire explained.

"What now?" Haley frowned in confusion.

Looking her eldest in the eye Claire said it plain and simply, "I'm forbidding Alex from topping you, and forbidding you from topping Alex."

"Wha... what..." Haley mumbled in disbelief, before pulling away from the wall and exclaiming angrily, "You can't do that!"

"I can, and I am." Claire said firmly, "I'm your Mom, and thanks to you, I'm now your top. That means you have to do what I say."

"Yeah, but-" Haley began.

"This is not a debate." Claire muttered the words she had said many times as a parent, followed by words a parent probably never said to their daughter, "From now on I'm the only one fucking ass around here. End of story."

"I'd rather die." Haley folded her arms.

"Oh come on Haley, don't pretend this isn't what you truly want." Claire scoffed, and then before her daughter could protest pointed out, "Why else would you have seduced me into topping you?"

"So? I like to be topped sometimes, and Alex is a lousy top." Haley shrugged.

"Hey!" Alex complained.

"Sorry sweetie, but we all know it's true." Haley pointed out.

"Right, the way we all know you were both born to be bottoms." Claire pointed out.

"No! I'm a switch." Haley protested.

"Are you? Are you really?" Claire pushed, suddenly reaching out with both hands and grabbing both of Haley's butt cheeks while pulling her closer, causing Haley to let out an adorable little gasp, "Because the way I see it you both need girl cock up your perfect asses like most people need oxygen. Perfect asses which were not only made to be fucked, but should be required by law to be brutally pounded every second of every day. Sadly I can't give you that, but I can promise you both you won't have to go without what will be the very minimum amount of ass fucking you should be receiving a day, that being three brutal rectum wreckings. Unless of course, that's not what you want."

"Well, I..." Haley stammered, blushing a little as she admitted, "That sounds amazing, actually. But I could never give up Alex's ass. That's what I need like oxygen."

"You only think that because you haven't been getting this ass fucked nearly enough." Claire promised while squeezing Haley's butt, "But I promise you Haley, that will never happen again."

"But... I need to fuck Alex." Haley whimpered, "It's my purpose in life."

"Don't worry sweetie, you'll still get to fuck your sister. Just not up the ass." Claire promised, "And your purpose in life is to take it up the ass for Mommy, mmmmm, and do every little thing I want. Never forget that."

"I don't know." Haley bit her lip.

"How about a trial run?" Alex suggested hopefully, and then when the other two looked at her she further explained, "In science, we conduct experiments. We could be pure bottoms for a week, and see how we feel afterwards."

"I think that's a wonderful idea." Claire grinned, advancing on her eldest daughter, "And we can start by punishing Haley for insolence in talking back, and taking her hands off the wall without permission."

"I'm not sure about, HEY!" Haley protested, but before she could finish her Mom comically grabbed her by the ear and pulled her towards the couch in turn causing Haley to let out a series of, "Ow, ow, ow!"

Over and over again she let out that sound, until they were finally at the couch, at which point her mother sat down on it and then pushed Haley over her knee. Which Haley would claim was only because she was shell-shocked by the bombshell her Mom had just dropped, but the truth was that her mother was right. Her Mom grabbing her, forcing her over her knee and then roughly spanking her was literally a dream come true. However the idea of never topping Alex again was a nightmare. Especially the part about not fucking Alex's fat ass. Haley needed that to survive, like oxygen, and before the spanking officially got underway she promised herself that no matter what nothing would take that big sexy butt away from her.

Claire had intended to start the spanking right away. Show both her daughters that she meant business. But of course, she just couldn't do that. Especially not when she had Haley dressing up for her, looking so amazingly sexy in that little French maid uniform of hers. No, Claire had just admired the sight for a few long seconds, before beginning to play with the sexy little body of her baby girl. She didn't even start with her butt, instantly sliding her hand over those smooth black stocking clad thighs and then up over the little miniskirt she was wearing. Claire even reached underneath Haley to squeeze her daughter's boobs, mostly to be extra-teasing. Which in itself was probably a more effective punishment for Haley then any amount of pain and/or humiliation.

Eventually Haley even whined, "Just get it over with already."

"What? You're not even going to pretend you don't want this?" Claire teased.

"No. I told you, I'm a switch." Haley pointed out, "I just hate waiting."

"Which is exactly why I'm making you wait." Claire pointed out.

In response Haley just grumbled adorably while Claire continued caressing her little body, concentrating on those smooth legs for about another minute before ultimately going for her prize, and her favourite part of Haley's body, her daughter's perfect little ass. God, how Claire had grown to love this ass in just a short amount of time. And soon it would be truly hers, and only hers. If it wasn't already, which was debatable, considering Alex didn't seem a threat to her ownership of Haley's ass. No, it was the other way around, which was why she was doing all this. Also because it was fun, Claire savouring the anticipation of the spanking as she shamelessly fondled and squeezed Haley's butt for several long minutes, especially after she pushed the skirt upwards and Haley's underwear down.

Then Haley huffed indignantly, "Fine! You want me to beg, I'll beg. Please Mom, spank me. Spank my naughty little butt. Oh please? I'm so sorry for being so naughty, but I just can't help it. I love being naughty. Mmmmm yeah, I love being naughty and seducing my family members! My sister, mmmmm, my Mommy, ohhhhhh yes, I seduced them, and I feel no shame. I feel no shame, becuase I love them, and I love fucking them. Ooooooh yes, I love fucking my Mom and sister, but especially my little sister's big fat ass. I need to fuck it Mommy, and you can't take it away from me. You're welcome to try. Oh yeah, try and take it from me Mommy! Try and take it, ah fuck, by punishing me good. Mmmmm yeah, punish that sister fucking dyke ass of mine! Oh please Mommy, punish me good. Ohhhh fuck yeah, teach me I shouldn't seduce my baby sister and turn her into a pussy licking dyke who loves it up the ass, just like me. Please AH FUCK! OW! MOM! AH!"

Even though she whined about it, and cried out in pain, Haley never actually asked Claire to stop. No, she stayed bent over her mother's knee and took everything her Mommy had to give her like a good little girl, from the initial gentle spanking to the brutal butt beating which came later. Of course as much as Claire was looking forward to it she didn't rush into brutal treatment. Why would she, when she was having so much fun playing with this perfect little butt, continuing to let Haley know who was boss simply by groping her bottom shamelessly in between strikes. And of course Haley's butt quickly turned light pink under the gentle spanking, and jiggled so wonderfully, meaning Claire was anything but in a hurry for this to stop.

As an unexpected bonus Alex actually looked jealous of this. And not of Claire forgetting to teach Haley a lesson, but for Haley for receiving this kind of treatment, solidifying which of her daughters was the most submissive. Although when Claire was finished training them she was determined that Haley was going to be just as submissive and slutty as her little sister. After all, it would be the perfect punishment, considering it was her fault Alex had become so perverted. Which only gave Claire more motivation to enthusiastically spank that perfect little ass, occasionally beginning to use every ounce of her strength, making Haley cry out loudly in the process.

Haley was still mad at her Mom for forbidding her from topping. It didn't really matter, because there was no way in hell Haley would ever agree to that, let alone do it. Topping Alex was too much fun for that, and that was without Alex's ass involved in the equation. Seriously, their Mom knew the heaven of feeling those meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs as she slammed Alex's fat ass a strap-on, or her fingers or her tongue, so how could she possibly think Haley would ever give that up? It just wasn't going to happen. And it was insulting that the other woman thought it ever would. Even if her Mom was once again doing a amazing job of topping her, including giving her the best spanking ever.

Even though Haley smacked Alex's big ass at every little opportunity she hadn't spanked it nearly enough. Partly because she preferred fucking it, and partly because Alex was a good girl, who let her do anything she wanted to her, so she didn't really have a good reason to punish her. In fact Haley was one who earned her spankings, but normally got away with it, because Alex was a bottom at heart, so the idea of their Mom being the one to make sure they both got plenty of spankings from now on was very, very appealing. Haley had no doubt about that. Oh yes, this would be the first of many spanking she would be receiving from her mother, partly because they both clearly enjoyed it, but mostly because Haley was a naughty girl who could never stop butt fucking her baby sister.

Just like on the extremely rare occasions Alex had actually gone through with spanking her the first few blows were soft and gentle, Haley's butt getting greedily groped in between long pauses between blows. Only this wasn't Alex mimicking what Haley needed when the roles were reversed, this was their Mom squeezing every bit of dominance and enjoyment she could get out of this situation while solidifying Haley's willing submission to her. Then slowly the groping was phased out in favour of constant strikes, while the blows themselves became increasingly harder, until the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoed throughout the room almost as loudly as Haley's squeals of pain.

While she had never enjoyed this part that much Haley liked it a lot more than when Alex did it, because their mother was a way more convincing top, one who was trying to break her completely. Which ironically only gave her the mental strength to truly avoid begging for mercy. Okay, she may have whined a little throughout, but that was just in her nature. And like, it really hurt. Especially at the end, where felt like her Mom was using every ounce of her strength to beat her butt, which felt bruised and bright red from the constant assault. Then it abruptly stopped, and for a few long seconds her Mom just gently groped her butt again, caressing the pain away in the process. Well, mostly.

Then Claire slid a hand in between Haley's thighs, making the daughter moan and mother grin, "So Haley, did you enjoy that?"

"Yes." Haley moaned, knowing that it would be ridiculous to lie, considering her Mom was touching her wet pussy, but she quickly followed up with, "But it's going to take a lot more to make me a bottom."

"I know." Claire grinned wickedly, raising her hand in teasing smacking Haley's ass again, making her daughter flinch. However when she did actually follow through it was playful, and she followed it up with, "Which is why I'm only getting started. Mmmmm yeah, go to your room and lie back on the bed. I want to taste your little cunt."

"Yes Mom." Haley whimpered, unable to believe her luck.

"Don't run, crawl!" Claire snapped as Haley got to her feet, kicked off her panties, and then when her daughter dropped down to her knees and started crawling without complaint she added, "Yes that's it, crawl! Crawl on your hands and knees while wiggling that cute little ass of yours. Mmmmm, and don't take off that cute little costume yet. I'm not done with it yet."

Alex wasn't sure whether she should follow or not, and whether it should be on her hands and knees, or just walking, but she took a risk as she really didn't want to be left behind. To her disappointment she wasn't punished for walking slowly behind her Mom, but she was glad for being allowed to follow, and get a good look at Haley's cute little butt looking already bruised from the spanking. Once they reached their destination Haley was quick to get on the bed and position herself as requested, even if she did grimace a little having to put weight on her incredibly sore ass, which made their mother grin as she slowly joined her. Then her two female family members kissed in front of her, which as always Alex enjoyed, but it made her feel a little jealous for not being involved.

Thankfully a short while later Claire broke the kiss and turned to her youngest daughter and told her to, "Come here."

Eagerly obeying Alex got onto the bed with a beaming happy smile on her face, which kind of faded as the other two women just went back to kissing each other for maybe about another minute. Then just as Alex was really beginning to lose hope her Mom broke the kiss with her sister, cupped her face and then kissed Alex, softly at first but then with ever increasing passion. Then her Mom broke that kiss and pushed her two daughters together, Haley and Alex only too happy to show their deep love for each other in front of the woman who had given them life. And then for a few glorious seconds it was just the two of them together again, Alex being Haley's soul focus. Then their mother got involved again, which Alex welcomed, but she instantly wanted to know what was going on.

While still kissing her sister Alex opened her eyes and tilted her head so she could see that her Mom was now kissing Haley's neck. After some hesitation Alex joined her, albeit on the other side, leaving Haley to cry out joyfully as her two lovers worshipped that sensitive area. Then Alex and her Mom took it in turns to kiss Haley's lips, for the most part their paths not crossing, although there was one rather awkward time when Alex moved up automatically and had to settle for kissing Haley's faces her lips were busy. Not that either sister minded that much. Except it became clear that Haley wanted more, although she was stubbornly refusing to say it as she didn't want to show weakness.

Smiling in amusement of this Claire softly ordered her youngest, "Follow me."

"Yes Mommy." Alex grinned as both of them started moving lower.

Making it crystal clear what they were doing their Mom lowered Haley's top so her breasts popped out, which was easy considering how low cut it was. They then kissed the short distance between Haley's neck and her tits, both women going nice and slow, and then making sure to pay attention to the flesh rounding the nipples before taking them into their mouths. Which of course made Haley crying out with joy, and then continue to moan as Alex went back and forth between sucking her nipples, swirling her tongue around them, and kissing the surrounding flesh. Presumably their mother did the same, although Alex was barely aware of it, as she was completely lost in giving Haley's perky little tits some attention. Partly because they didn't get nearly enough of it, but mostly because it was just fun.

Claire thoroughly loved sharing Haley's tits with Alex. Maybe not quite as much as when her daughters were in the other position, but that was just because Alex's tits were truly epic, and Claire sometimes felt she could suck on them forever. Perhaps there would come a time she would feel that way about Haley's tits, but for now she was distracted by thoughts of tasting her eldest daughter's pussy, which ultimately caused her to lower her head perhaps a little sooner than she should have. Although she had prepared for this, by making sure Alex would continue the job throughout the pussy licking, which would be a wonderful mirror image the first time she tasted her youngest daughter's pussy.

As she kissed her way down Haley's flat stomach Claire was bombarded with wonderful memories of tasting Alex's cunt. True, she hadn't done that much since, but that was because she was now the top of this relationship, which meant it was the job of her baby girls to lick pussy, and it was Claire's job to give them their daily dose of Mommy cream. That was something she had been eagerly doing over the past few weeks. Although at times like this she regretted that decision, especially when she reached her destination, pulled up Haley's skirt, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Haley's pussy. Oh God, she regretted it so much in that moment, just as she regretted not doing this sooner.

It was official, both her daughters tasted amazing. Their cunts, their mouths, even their ass holes! Claire loved tasting them all. Whether it be straight from the source or on the lips and faces of her baby girls. Especially as they both made such wonderful sounds as Claire licked them. Or fucked them for that matter. Or even just kissed them. Basically her little girls were a treasure trove of wonderful sensations which had just been waiting for Claire to access, so as much as Claire regretted not eating pussy as much what she really regretted more than anything was not taking what was so rightfully hers sooner, and had to wait for Haley to seduce her. Which shouldn't have been necessary. No, Claire should have taken all their cherries years ago and claim them for what they were, hers. Hers to do whatever she wanted with.

Of course this was no time for regrets or living in the past. No, this was a special moment. Another first for them. The first time that Claire went down on Haley, which would have happened sooner if Haley and Alex weren't such talented rug munchers, with hot little asses which should be required by law to be pounded on at least a daily basis by their rightful owner, a.k.a. Claire Dunphy. But again, that was living in the past, and Claire just wanted to concentrate on this heavenly flavour, and making sure that this pussy licking was as long as possible. Which wasn't easy, as this didn't come quite as naturally to her as her daughters, and she frequently hit Haley's clit without meaning too. Of course Haley didn't complain, but Alex seemed to be making sure she didn't get the chance.

Alex had been overjoyed to have Haley's perfectly sized boobs all to herself, and she spent some significant time going back and forth between them, and even managed to keep her licks and sucks reasonably gentle as she knew their mother would want to 'torture' Haley with a nice long pussy licking. But with her Mom distracted Alex just couldn't help looking up at the beautiful face of her sister, and after only a few seconds of hesitation swiftly pushing her body slightly upwards so she could kiss Haley right on the lips. She just couldn't help it, Alex was hopelessly in love with her big sister, and she just needed to kiss her. And there was so many times she wanted to do that during the day, and couldn't, so why resist?

Immediately Haley kissed back with the kind of eagerness and love she almost always showed her little sister, with one notable exception which came later. Namely annoyance because she wasn't allowed to beg to cum. That first kiss though was the kind of kiss that Alex lived for, and was surprisingly soft and sweet given there was the tongue lapping away at Haley's cunt at the time. Then before Haley could ruin the romantic moment by picking up the force of the kiss Alex broke away from those lips, the two sisters exchanging a soft smile and giggle before Alex lowered her head back down to those perky little tittes and eagerly started licking and sucking them again.

That process was repeated over and over again, although Alex quickly added in the detour of worshipping Haley's neck and kissing the soft flesh between those destinations, as she just loved teasing her sister. Well, she'd always love teasing her sister, but this was very different to how it used to be, and how it sometimes still was. After all, Alex couldn't remember a time she and her mother had verbally ganged up on Haley. It may have happened briefly, but it certainly wasn't a constant double team like this, and this was so much more fun than verbal put downs. Especially as Alex had a sneaking suspicion where this was going, namely truly making a Haley sandwich, something she truly couldn't wait for.

Not that waiting for it was that bad considering all the fun things Alex had to do in the meantime, especially kiss her sister. That was her favourite, which was soon became what she focused on the most, especially when their mother picked up the pace ever so slightly. When her Mom really started to get going Alex fully intended to return to Haley's tits and give them the passionate licking and sucking they deserved, but that moment she just wanted to kiss her sister. Especially as it had become the perfect tease, Haley whimpering into her mouth in clear frustration that she couldn't beg for more, Alex cruelly preventing her from breaking the kiss for a few long minutes.

Haley truly enjoyed that kind of teasing, and it was only fair as she'd done this plenty of times to Alex, especially when she had her little sister on her back or riding her cock or fingers, Haley pounding Alex's pussy, or more often her ass, and preventing her sibling from achieving true satisfaction. Although there was definitely something to be said for the teasing itself, and it made the eventual climaxes that much more powerful, something Haley reminded herself over and over again as she was continuously 'tortured' like this by her Mom and sister. Which wasn't even that bad at first. Not when her Mom was gently licking her pussy, and Alex was going back and forth between her lips and her tits.

At the very beginning her Mom maybe hit her clit a bit too much, but it was hard for Haley to really complain about that, and not just because her mouth was busy kissing her sister. No, it felt amazing, and she even whimpered with disappointment when her Mom backed off. Although she never completely left her clit alone, instead just switching to brushing over it with every other lick, which was a technique she held firmly to for what felt like an eternity. Then just as Haley was really needing something extra her Mom started increasing her attention to her clit, and whether by happy accident or intentional that was about the same time Alex increased the force of the kissing and the tittie sucking.

Shortly after that Haley whimpered, "Yesssssss, mmmmmm, more, give me more, oh fuck! Make me cum! Please Mommy, shove your tongue into your baby girl's cunt and fuck her! Oh yes, fuck her just like you fucked your other daughter. Fuck me like Alex! Just fuck me! Oooooooh fuck yes, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Yessssss, fuck me real good! Oh fuck! Slam fuck it! Pound it! Ram it! Oh shit! Ram my cunt! Fucking ram it with your tongue and make me cum! Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, make me cum! I need to cum! Please Mommy, make me cum! Make me oooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd!"

Before Haley could say anything else Alex's head shot upwards and suddenly her little sister was pressing her lips to hers. Initially Haley didn't respond, and even thought about pushing her sister away from her, which was an extremely weird thought for her. But then her Mom wrapped her lips around her clit and gently sucked it, causing Haley to cry out, Alex taking advantage of her open mouth by sliding her tongue inside her big sister's mouth. As her mother kept sucking her clit and thus pushing Haley closer to orgasm it didn't seem necessary to continue begging her to make her cum, and besides, Haley loved kissing Alex, and wanted to re-establish her dominance over her sibling.

Given Alex was a total bottom Haley actually had to try harder than ever before to conquer her sister's tongue, probably because of the constant suction to her clit courtesy of their mother. Then just as it looked like she'd won the fight her Mom shoved her tongue as deep as it could go into Haley's mouth, instantly triggering a wonderfully powerful orgasm. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as her two closest female family members wreaked havoc over her body. And Haley loved them for it, especially her precious baby sister, who continued going back and forth between kissing her and worshipping her tits, at this stage using her teeth a lot, especially for her nipples.

Claire especially loved the latter, as it meant she could hear Haley's high-pitched cries of pure pleasure as she, with help from Alex, continued fucking climax after climax out of her eldest daughter. True, there was definitely something to be said for hearing those cries muffled, as it was because her daughters were frantically making out, especially if Claire actually looked up to see it. But of course, she was a little too preoccupied for that, whatever sounds her daughters made merely background noise to her at this point. Admittedly wonderful background noise, but background noise all the same. What really mattered to her at that moment was making Haley cum as much as possible, and swallowing every drop of the heavenly liquid flowing out of her daughter's cunt.

For Haley's first climax Claire was successful, as she had been fully expecting one tongue thrust would be all it would take and this was ready to remove her tongue just as quickly as she had inserted it, and then wrapped her mouth around Haley's pussy. She wasn't so lucky for the following orgasms, and there was just so much of it, and Haley was beginning to tremble and even grind against her face. Still Claire tried her best, because just like with Alex her baby girl's cum was even more heavenly than her regular pussy juice, which didn't seem like it should be possible, but it was. Oh it was truly beyond words, and at the very least Claire would swallow as much as she could.

At the same time it was important for Claire not to become completely lost in this act like a total bottom. Well, perhaps she had for a little while, but wanting to establish she was still the one in control here, and if she was honest wanting to make Haley cum even more, Claire replaced her tired tongue with two fingers, continuously ramming them in and out, only occasionally pausing when her daughter came around those fingers. Which gave Claire the opportunity to watch her daughters kiss, and once again she was blown away by the passion they had for each other. And more importantly, the love. Not just sisterly love, but true love.

The thought made Claire smile warmly, then she lowered her head back down to begin sucking Haley's clit again briefly before swapping her fingers for her mouth again so she could swallow all the yummy cum which had collected there. She then went back and forth in between these techniques for a little while, until she worried she would fuck Haley into unconsciousness. Which was unacceptable, as there was something Claire wanted to do first. So she reluctantly removed her mouth from Haley's cunt, crawled up the bed, and then pulled Alex away from Haley's lips and onto hers, mother and second daughter sharing the taste of the first daughter for a few long blissful seconds before Claire pulled back, smiled and gave Alex in order.

"Go get some strap-ons." Claire ordered, pulling away from Alex and smacking her ass to emphasise her words.

"Ah! Yes Mom!" Alex eagerly replied, licking the taste of Haley's cum off her lips as she briefly stayed to watch her Mom and sister then share that precious liquid.

Then when she returned Claire broke the kiss and ordered, "Alex, give one to me and then put the other on. Mmmmm, we're going to DP your sister."

"Oh yes please, mmmmm, DP me! Fuck both my slutty little holes at the same time!" Haley eagerly encouraged, before pleading, "But can I suck them first? Please Mommy, I want to make my little sister's dick and yours nice and ready for my fuck holes."

"And you say you're not a bottom." Claire chuckled.

"I'm not. Switches love to suck cock." Haley argued as playfully as she could at that stage.

Mother and daughter briefly stared at each other, and then Claire ordered, "You may suck Alex's, and be quick about it. Mmmmm yeah, a little whore like you doesn't need much preparation, especially not for your slutty little pussy. Which is good, because I'm eager to slam that little ass hole of yours."

"I look forward to it." Haley said lustfully, before turning her attention to her sister, "Come on Alex, let me help you with that."

Alex had never really been comfortable wearing a strap-on. She had loved fucking Haley with them, but that was just because Haley Dunphy was just so overwhelmingly hot, and it seemed criminal that she wasn't getting fucked properly. Besides, Alex loved her sister, and she had loved returning the favour, especially when it came to giving Haley's cute little butt a nice hard fucking. But now they had their mother Alex was content with embracing the role of the pure bottom that was totally dominated by tops like her Mom and sister. So it felt weird stepping into a harness again, and Alex fiddled awkwardly with the straps in a way which was embarrassing considering she had worn one before.

Thankfully Haley came to her rescue, and soon not only was the dildo properly in place, but Haley was stroking it as if it was real, her mouth inches away from it. Then with a wicked grin Haley took that dildo into her mouth and ketp lowering it down until she reached the base. She then even held it there for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob her head up and down, mostly on the full length. Normally Haley love to give a strap-on a long, drawn-out blow job, so clearly she was just as eager to get to the DP as their mother. Or maybe just give their Mom what she wanted, a feeling which they both seem to be coming very familiar with.

After about a minute of this Claire spoke up, "Okay Haley, that should be more than enough for your slutty little pussy. Now hop on and give your sister a real ride."

"Yes Mommy." Haley purred as soon as she'd removed her mouth from the dildo.

With that Haley gently pushed Alex backwards until the younger sister was lying flat on her back in the middle of the bed, giving the older sister a chance to quickly mount her. As Haley reached down to grab the dildo and guided to her entrance Alex also grabbed the base, holding it firmly in place so Haley could impale herself on it. This earned her a loving smile from the woman she loved, the two sister staring at each other lovingly as one slowly began to lower herself down on the other's strap-on. Meaning Alex got a great look at the look of delighting Haley's eyes as she stuffed her cunt full of girl cock, the other brunette especially loving the initial penetration and the moment it was completed and she was sitting on her lap. Just like Alex whenever she was in that position.

For a few long seconds Haley obviously savoured that fact, then she began slowly bouncing up and down the dick, quickly establishing a steady rhythm even though she obviously wanted to go faster already, again just like Alex when she got to ride a cock. It reminded Alex of the days where it was just the two of them, except for the fact that their own mother was now naked and covering a strap-on of her own in lube, before slipping behind Haley as quietly as she could, and then given the movement of her hand and the look on Haley's face the mother of three obviously pushed a finger or two into her eldest daughter's butt hole. Which from look on Haley's face was both a surprise, and very much a delight. God, Alex was so jealous of her in that moment. Although not as much as she would be in a few minutes when Haley would receive an extra special treat.

"Ohhhhhhh Mommy!" Haley cried out joyfully, before moaning, "Mmmmm yesssssss, finger my butt! Stretch it out and make it nice and ready for your cock."

"Oh yeah? You want my cock?" Claire teased as she continued thrusting a finger in and out of Haley's butt hole, "You want my big cock up your ass? Do you slut? You want Mommy's big hard cock in your tight little ass?"

"Yeahhhhhh, mmmmm fuck, I want it." Haley moaned, quickly and eagerly adding as her butt continued to get fingered, "I want your big hard cock Mommy. Ooooooh shit, I want Mommy's big hard cock in my tight little ass! Please Mommy, give it to me! Give it to me so you and Alex can DP me like the lesbian incest whore I am!"

"Come on Haley, you can do better than that." Claire growled lustfully, pulling her finger out of Haley's butt and then smacked it to emphasise her words, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, really beg for it. Beg for it like the slut you are! Oh, and Alex, spread your sister's cheeks while she begs us to DP her like the little dyke slut she is."

"Yes Mom." Alex happily obeyed, barely having a chance to get the words out before Haley started begging.

"Fuck me Mommy, please give me that cock!" Haley started shamelessly begging again, "I want your cock! I need your cock. I crave it, mmmmm, please Mommy, give it to me. Shove every inch of your big hard girl cock up my ass and fuck me good and hard! Fucking sodomise me! Sodomise me like the little anal whore I am! Mmmmm, like a lesbian anal incest whore! Oh Mommy, please sodomise me like the little lesbian anal incest whore that I was born to be. Please? Oh please, mmmmm fuck, I want you and Alex, my Mom and sister, to fuck both those little fuck holes of mine like the little incest loving dyke slut you made me to be. Oooooooh yesssss, make me your slut! Make me your whore! Make me a bottom. Make me your submissive little bottom, if you can! Please? Fuck me Mommy, oh fuck yes, give me that cock, ah fuck!"

Claire loved hearing Haley talk dirty, but the need to butt fuck her own daughter was too great, and her fingers simply weren't cutting it. No, she needed to stretch that ass wide and deep with her strap-on, and after only a little begging from Haley that's exactly what she did, much to the clear delight of both her daughters, Haley most of all. Perhaps to prove how tough she was Haley initially kept begging in between moans, gasps and cries of mostly pleasure as her most private hole was stretched and filled, but as far as Claire was concerned that just proved her point about Haley being a natural bottom. Which she may point out later, but for now she was too preoccupied with the anal violation.

How could she not be when everything about it was so perfect? Oh yes, her youngest daughter was spreading her eldest daughter's butt cheeks, allowing Claire the perfect view of her dick for stretching the ultimate forbidden hole, and then disappearing inside it inch by inch. Yes, the most forbidden things in this world were the butt holes of her baby girls, and Claire was shamelessly taking one of them to prove that both her daughters were born to be her submissive little bitches. A point she was determined to prove, no matter what. Although Haley was making it easy for her, doing every little thing she wanted tonight, and loving it, which of course included getting her ass stuffed.

It wasn't even that hard. Sure, Claire went nice and slow to make sure she didn't hurt her little girl, but she was confident that even if she didn't Haley would be crying out in nothing but pleasure. Or at least, they would soon get to that stage, as Claire planned to relentlessly sodomise Haley into submission. And for what it was worth, to do that to Alex too, although her youngest seemed perfectly content as long as they were all having sex, and someone was destroying that fat ass of hers. Still, it was nice to have the excuse to violate her offspring, other than the fact they were ridiculously hot little vixens who had seduced her in the first place.

Again proving Claire's point that Haley was nothing but an anal loving bottom just waiting for a real top to put her in her place that big dildo slid into Haley's ass hole like a hot knife through butter. Honestly it only felt like a minute from the initial anal penetration to the moment that Claire's thighs came to rest against Haley's ass cheeks, meaning every inch of her cock was buried up her daughter's butt. Then Claire briefly paused, just long enough for Haley to become impatient and start begging again. That's when Claire started slowly pulling her dick out of her daughter's ass, getting about halfway before pushing back in and then repeating the process so she was officially fucking her baby girl up the butt.

"Does that feel good, huh Haley?" Claire teased, "Do you like having a cock in your ass? Huh? Does both my daughters love it up the butt? Are you both total sluts for back door? Well, are you?"

"Yes." Haley moaned, before quickly clarifying, "Ohhhhh fuck, I love it. I love your dick in my ass Mommy. I love it sooooo much. Oooooooh yessssss, it feels so good in my ass! I love it! Love that dick deep in my slutty little ass! Mmmmm, I'm a total slut for back door. But that doesn't make me a bottom. Not like Alex."

"We'll see." Claire chuckled, "For now, just shut up and take it like a bitch!"

Haley let out a deafening cry of mostly pleasure as her Mom started thrusting her cock in and out of her slutty little butt hole. Sure, like with the initial ass stuffing there was a little pain, but it was nothing Haley couldn't handle. In fact, she rather liked the pain, as it was a reminder just how naughty she was being. Although the worrying thing was that while she liked it when Alex had done it, she loved it when it was their mother, perhaps proving the older woman right. Not that it mattered. Even if her Mom was right and Haley really was a bottom nothing on heaven or earth could stop her from fucking her little sister's big fat ass. Even if this did feel amazing.

It felt so amazing that even after her Mom finally started fucking her ass Haley did her best to continue the begging, just like during the initial anal penetration. Not because she wanted to prove how tough she was, just because she couldn't help herself. She was addicted to Alex's big booty, but she was almost just as addicted to having their mother's big dick in her tiny little booty. As nice as it was to be penetrated by that big dick, and as heavenly as it was to have it all the way inside her, it wasn't enough. Haley not only needed every inch inside of her, but she needed to be fucked by it, which was why she somehow found the energy to keep begging. At least until the butt fucking officially started, then she just got too lost in the sensation.

Which wasn't surprising, considering there was a cock inside her cunt while there was another cock in her ass for the first time ever. On a few occasions Alex had slipped a finger into her cunt or ass hole when she was strap-on fucking the other hole, which was of course a move that Haley had initially come up with and Alex had copied, but this was the first time using two dildos. More importantly, it was the first time two women were using two strap-on cocks to give Haley her first ever DP, which would hopefully be the first of many as it felt amazing. No, it would be the first of many. Haley promised herself that. Somehow fewer find a way to make that happen, no matter how hard she had to beg for it.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh, fuck me harder! Please? Oh please Mommy, oh please, fuck my butt." Haley began pleading in her best little girl voice, "Fuck it hard! Pound it hard and deep and make me cum! Make your daughter cum! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, make your daughter cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass. Ooooooooh yesssssssss, make me your bitch, if you can! Oh fuck, come on, wreck that little ass hole of mine and leave it gaping wide open! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck it! Fuck it just like that, mmmmmm, harder! HARDER! OH MOM! MMMMMM MOMMY, OH MOMMY! Ooooooh yesssssss, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEESSSSSSS, FUCK MY ASS MOMMY, FUCK IT HARD, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SHIT!"


For a few seconds Alex looked conflicted, then she gave Haley an apologetic look as a sign she was going to obey their mother. Which was disappointing, but really didn't matter at that stage, as their Mom was already increasing her pace at that point, slamming Haley's cunt down on that second cock with every thrust into her butt, and causing the dildos to rub against each other inside her. Which was so amazing Haley was honestly surprised even needed the older woman to pick up the pace for her to cum, but she was so glad she did, because the orgasms which resulted in that increasing pace were some of the strongest of Haley's life, the first one alone taking away her ability to think coherently and then the ones that followed meant that her whole world became nothing but pure pleasure.

Claire smirked triumphantly as she made one of her daughters cum incredibly hard on the other's cock. And that's exactly what it was, Claire doing all the work while Alex just lay there like a good little fuck toy. Which was exactly what Alex was right now. Because Alex may be a genius with a bright future ahead of her, but right now she was nothing but a human dildo Claire was using to impale Haley on so her oldest would learn her place. Which just might be the case, as Claire wouldn't be surprised if after this Haley was completely broken. Although secretly she kind of hoped not, as she would love the excuse to brutally fuck Haley just like this, and in whatever nasty ways she could think of.

It was difficult not to become lost in thinking about what those others could be, especially as Claire had considered them before, but this was no time to let her body slip into autopilot while she daydreamed about other things. No, Haley's perfect little ass deserved better than that, and she was determined to give it to her. Which was exactly what she did. Oh yes, Claire gradually increase the pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to pound that wonderful little forbidden hole, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh almost as deafening as Haley's screams of ecstasy as the mother made the daughter cum over and over again.

Both daughters! Oh yes, there was no doubt in Claire's mind, especially given the little cries Alex was letting out and the look on her face, that her youngest daughter was cumming too, and Claire was the reason for that. She had to be. Well, technically it was herself and Haley, which was just as wonderfully wicked, but mostly it was just her, as she was the one thrusting into Haley's butt and thus pushing the oldest down onto the youngest and causing the other end of Alex's dildo to rub against her own clit. That and the sheer joy of DP'ing Haley was doing the trick. It had to be, as that's exactly what got Claire off a short while later.

She held back for as long as possible, but ultimately it just became too much and Claire went over the edge of the kind of amazingly satisfying orgasm she could only receive through sodomising one of her daughters. Claire then pushed herself through several more climaxes until she collapsed down on top of Haley, crushing both daughters in the process. She then rested there for a little while, before gently kissing the shoulders, neck and cheek of her eldest daughter, while admiring how well fucked her little girls looked. Well, mostly Haley. Alex looked desperate for a cock up her ass, something her youngest was only too happy to make crystal clear barely a minute after Claire finished fucking Haley's ass.

"My turn next?" Alex asked hopefully.

"Soon sweetie, I promise." Claire murmured softly, before leaning down to peck Alex's lips, before straightening up and pointing out with a wicked grin, "Haley needs to clean our cocks first."

"And show us our handiwork." Alex beamed.

"Damn right." Claire grinned, before smacking Haley's butt and growling in her ear, "You hear that bitch. Mmmmm, time for you to finish what we started, like the hot little bottom you are."

"Yes Mom." Haley eagerly replied, briefly considering pointing out again that she wasn't a bottom, before deciding against it in case her Mom gave Alex the chance to clean those cocks instead.

Alex was surprised when her Mom didn't immediately roll off Haley, instead choosing to gently kiss and caress her body, before grabbing firmly onto it and rolling Haley with her so Alex's cock was the first to leave her sister and the older brunette ended up lying on top of the blonde with her ass deeply impaled on a dick. On the bright side this gave both Alex and her mother the chance to watch Haley slowly lift herself off that dildo, allowing them to watch it stretch Haley's butt hole some more, which was on perfect display thanks to Haley spreading her cheeks. Which Haley continued doing when she was completely off the cock, allowing both the other women to see deep into her bowels via the gaping crater which was her ass hole. Something Alex would never get tired of seeing.

Sadly she didn't get to enjoy it quite as long as she would have liked, because Haley already had the permission she wanted to turn around and start sucking cock, which she did sooner than expected. In fact Alex more than half expected their Mom to scold her for it, but she didn't. No, she just happily watched Haley wrap her pretty lips around a strap-on cock and start sucking it clean of her own juices, the first actually being Alex's dildo. Which of course Alex welcomed, but it also made her feel jealous. Oh how she wished she was the one tasting herself right now. Or better yet, tasting Haley's pussy or ass on a dildo. Oh well, hopefully her turn was coming soon enough.

For that wonderful moment she tried to be as satisfied as possible with just watching, and for the most part she was. Especially when Haley started going back and forth between those cocks, moaning shamelessly as she tasted a mixture of her ass, cum and pussy cream. However the closer Haley's lips got to the bottom of those dildos the more Alex found herself glancing hopefully at her mother, who mostly just ignored her in favour of watching her eldest daughter deep throating her dick. The dick which had just been deep inside her own butt, which was no doubt the main reason Haley was sucking so enthusiastically.

Of course Alex shouldn't have worried, because as soon as those dildos were squeaky clean she found herself being impaled on a now strap-on wearing Haley, one sister sitting on the other's lap while their mother slid a second strap-on up her ass. She and Haley then swapped places over, and over, and over again, their Mom solidifying her dominance over them by fucking them senseless, and using the other to help her do it. Which was easily one of the best nights of Alex's life, and she had many more like it that followed. But through it all she worried what Haley was going to do, because there was no way she was broken, not yet. And besides, her big sister had always been a natural troublemaker.


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