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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 7.

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Modern Family: Modern Family Affair Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Alex and Haley Dunphy were sitting in their living room/kitchen a.k.a. their only room other than the bedrooms, holding hands and waiting for their Mom to arrive. This wasn't at all uncommon, as whenever they were alone together they were free to do normal couple stuff, even if it was as simple as holding hands, and whenever they had family coming over they were restricted doing just that and then pulling away from each other when their family showed up. But today was different. Very, very different. Why? Because they were waiting to find out if they still had a family, or if everyone else had found out about their affair, and were coming over here to disown them. All because Haley had zero self-control.

To be fair it was partly Alex's fault. After all, she hadn't exactly shot down the idea of seducing their mother into their bed. It would have been the right thing to do. The smart thing to do. But it had just been so hot, and Alex didn't think anything would actually come of it. It was just a harmless fantasy. Oh how wrong she had been. Because Haley had seduced their Mom, and both of them had fucked her, or more accurately been fucked by her, and then after an entire night of intense lesbian incest it was radio silence until an ominous text had promised a visit. And now all they could do was wait, and silently hold hands for comfort.

When the doorbell finally rang both sisters ran to the door, Alex opening it up to find to her relief that their mother was standing there alone. There was then some awkward silence and then Alex stepped aside to wordlessly let her Mom inside and close the door behind her. There was then more silence, before the older woman cautiously stepped towards Haley, who grinned happily as their Mom stepped into her personal space. She then closed her eyes, leaned forward, and sure enough their mother leaned down and kissed her, causing a wide smile to cross Alex's face as the next few wonderful minutes she watched her Mom and her sister, a.k.a. her two lovers, make out with ever increasing passion.

"You're such a bad girl." Claire gasped when she finally broke the kiss, although she barely pulled away and rested her forehead against Haley's.

"Yeah I am." Haley grinned proudly, "I'm a bad girl, and so is Alex. I made her one. Isn't that right Alex?"

"Yes." Alex admitted huskily, "We're both so bad."

"Don't you want to be bad too Mommy?" Haley asked softly, caressing her mother's face, "It's fun, and you do want to have fun with us, don't you?"

"Oh God, this is so wrong." Claire whimpered, before kissing Haley again.

Haley giggled as her Mom leaned in for the second kiss, and then again when the blonde pulled away again to look at the other brunette, prompting Haley to encourage her, "Go on Mom, kiss Alex hello. I know she wants you too, almost as badly as you want to do it."

There was then a brief pause before the older woman stumbled towards Alex. She received a gentle push from Haley, or more accurately a physical one as well as a verbal one, but it didn't seem to matter. No, it was now very clear that their Mom had come back to fuck them again, something which both sisters welcomed, just as eagerly as Alex pulled her mother against her body and then kissed her. Just like with Haley the blonde was hesitant at first, but it wasn't long before she was pushing her tongue into the other brunette's mouth, causing Alex to whimper happily as she massaged her tongue with her own. Alex was so lost in that kiss she had no idea how long it lasted, only that it wasn't enough, and when it did unlike with Haley the older woman didn't completely pull away from her and pressed their foreheads together.

"Both such bad, bad girls." Claire growled, before grabbing the back of Alex's head, and then did the same to Haley's before pushing her daughters together, "Show me! Show me what filthy little sister kissing sluts you are! Mmmmm fuck, that's it, kiss! Kiss your sister! Oh fuck yeah!"

Claire loved watching her daughters kiss. She may not ever get used to thinking that, but it was true. They just looked so hot together. And so beautiful. They just put their all into it, making it obvious just how much they loved each other, and while that was wrong on so many levels Claire couldn't help be grateful that they had both found that kind of love. Then Haley broke her kiss with her sister to kiss her Mom again, the three Dunphy women going back and forth as they made out with each other for a while. Along the way they caressed each other's bodies, although there was a certain area that Claire couldn't stay away from, and ultimately led to her grabbing Alex's top and pulling it over her head.

"Oh my God, when did your tits get so big?" Claire asked with disbelief as she cupped Alex's massive bra covered breasts.

This caused both girls to giggle loudly, and then Haley answered the question, "I know. She did such a good job of hiding them with her ugly sweaters and baggy clothes, and then one day I was like, oh God, I can't unsee the hotness. Then no amount of horrible fashion sense could keep me from lusting after my baby sister."

Alex briefly glared at her sibling for the dig about her fashion sense, and then she turned her attention to her mother and then asked in her best little girl voice, "Is that how it is with you Mommy? Can you not stop thinking about me? About us? About the three of us together, and doing such naughty, naughty things?"

"I thought about your hot little mouths making me cum, and those perfect asses. But... fuck!" Claire croaked, squeezing those enormous tits, "Can I..."

"Do whatever you want." Alex told her with a wicked smile on her face.

For a few long seconds Claire just stood there in disbelief, holding those two perfect globes in her hands. Then with a growl of lust she slipped both of her hands behind Alex's back and undid her baby girl's bra. Or at least she tried too. But it turned out more difficult from this angle, Claire suddenly having a lot more sympathy for Phil and any other guy she had ever been with. In the end she literally ended up tearing off the bra in frustration, just so she could fully reveal Alex's giant boobs. There was then a brief pause as she stared at those big titties in disbelief, before burying her face in them like a teenage boy who just couldn't control himself, which got another giggle of delight out of her girls.

"Oh God, she's worse than you." Alex quipped after she got over her giggling a little bit.

"No way." Haley protested light-heartedly, "No one loves your boobs more than me."

While Claire wanted to argue that point that would have meant removing her face from Alex's huge tits, so it just wasn't worth it. At least not right now. Not before Claire had satisfied personal overwhelming lust for them. If that was even possible. Claire certainly tried her best as she started rubbing her face over those enormous boobs, gently at first, but eventually she was motor-boating almost violently. She then pressed her face deep into them so hard she was smothering herself. A few seconds after that she felt a hand on the back of her head, pushing her deeper into those big titties. She wasn't sure whether it was Alex or Haley, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was those big fat boobs.

Although it was definitely Haley who encouraged her verbally, "Yeahhhhhh, that's it Mom! Bury your facing those big boobies! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, aren't Alex's tits amazing? Ohhhhh yes they are, mmmmm fuck, like one of the seven wonders of the world. Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, now suck them! Suck them like we sucked yours! Mmmmm yesssssss, show us just how nasty you can be Mommy! Suck your baby girl's boobs! Oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssssss, suck them!"

It took embarrassing little encouragement for Claire to do as she was told, pulling back just enough so that she could latch onto one of Alex's nipples and begin sucking it like she was expecting to get something out of it, like Alex and Haley had done when they were young. Oh God, this was so wrong. How could she be doing this? Why couldn't she stop? Oh yeah, because it was amazing, Claire thought wickedly, as her lust overtook her again and she became completely lost in sucking Alex's tits, inevitably moving back and forth between those big boobs and kissing those mountainous globes just as much as she licked and sucked her daughter's nipples.

Haley had never thought she'd enjoy watching someone else touching Alex in this way. Sure, she had fantasised about it, but she thought the reality would be totally different. For the most part it wasn't. At least not with their mother. Maybe that was because she loved her Mom too. Maybe because she knew just how deeply in love her Mom was with her Dad, and therefore she wasn't truly a threat to her relationship with Alex. Maybe it was because Haley just loved lesbian incest. But this was maybe an exception, as Haley couldn't help feeling jealous watching her Mom suck on those big titties. So much so that Haley just couldn't resist asking for a turn.

"Can I join you Mommy?" Haley asked in her best little girl voice, "Pleassssseeeeeeeee? Mmmmmm, clearly you're having so much fun sucking on Alex's big juicy tits, and I want to join the fun. Oh yeah, I wanna suck my kid sister's tits! Please Mommy, don't hog them. We can share them. Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, don't you want to share those big fucking tits with me Mommy? That way we can do something together, just the two of us. You've been saying how much you want that, right? Well now here's your chance Mom. Share Alex's tits with me. Please? Oh come on, share! Alex, make Mom share with me! Ooooooh, that's better. Yeah Mom, give me that left boob."

Given it was normally just the two of them Haley was used to having access to Alex's big boobs whenever she wanted them, so it was super weird to have to beg for the privilege. But she figured it at least wouldn't take much. Unfortunately she was wrong about that. If anything their mother went back and forth even more firmly so that Haley wouldn't have the chance to join her, which frustrated Haley so much she started whining like a spoilt child, and even tried to get Alex in the middle of it. Which was very reminiscent of her childhood when the daughters would fight over a toy, except with her mother and sister switching roles. To be fair this was Haley's favourite toy. Well this, and her sister's fat ass.

This whining caused Alex to sigh and look annoyed, but before she could say anything their mother started concentrating on just one nipple and moved slightly so that Haley could have all the access she needed. This made Haley grin proudly, and after quickly thanking her Mom she quickly dived her head downwards and wrapped her lips around a hard nipple that was covered in her Mommy's saliva. Mother and daughter then enjoyed this 'family activity' together for quite some time, both perfectly content to keep licking, sucking and playing with the big prize in front of them for several minutes. Maybe even all night. Or at least they might have considered it before Alex ultimately begged for more.

"Lower! Mmmmmm fuck! Please Mom, Haley, ooooooooh one of you go lower. Please? Oh God!" Alex moaned, unable to take it any more, "Lick my pussy! Ohhhhhhh Goooooddddddd, I need my pussy licked! Please Mom, lick your baby girl's cunt. Do it before Haley beats you to it. Yessssssss, lower! Lick me! Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuck! Oh Mom! Oh Haley, oh fuck!"

Showing off just how smart she was Alex dropped a line which had their mother giving her what she wanted in seconds. Which was a good thing, because Haley was very tempted to take the hint, and start moving lower herself. But no, she wanted their mother to do it. To eat Alex's pussy for the first time. Maybe even her first time eating pussy. And as much as Haley wanted to stay where she was now she had both tits to herself what she wanted even more was to look into Alex's beautiful eyes when she got to experience their Mom's tongue on her twat for the very first time. So reluctantly Haley started kissing upwards as her Mom started kissing downwards.

Alex had been thoroughly enjoying having two people lick and suck her tits. Particularly having both her nipples covered in the soft flesh of a couple of eager mouths and caressed by their tongues was truly something special, and in a way she felt she could enjoy it all night. But she also desperately wanted more, and when waiting became just too much it was easy to use Haley's impatience to get what she desperately wanted. And oh boy, did she get it. Oh yes, not only did she get her Mom moving lower, but she got her sister moving higher. The latter didn't seem that great at first, but seeing Haley's grinning face as their mother got down between her legs was beyond thrilling for the young genius.

There was then a long pause where Alex was worried that this was just too much for their mother, and from the way the grin was slowly fading from her face Haley was clearly worried too. However before either one of them could voice any concern Alex felt something wonderfully soft and wet touching the bottom of her pussy and then sliding all the way up to the top. This of course had Alex crying out with pure joy, her face awash with pleasure and her eyes going wide. In turn Haley grinned wickedly for a few long seconds, and then when it was clear their mother was repeating the process she started softly encouraging her.

"That's it Mommy, lick Alex's pussy." Haley softly encouraged, her voice barely above a whisper, "Oh yeah, lick that pretty pussy and make your baby girl feel good."

While those words seemed to have a positive effect on their Mom Alex didn't want to push their luck, so after enjoying a few far more confident licks the younger brunette reached up, firmly grabbed the head of the older brunette and then pulled her sibling down into a passionate kiss. Predictably Haley let out a cute little giggle at this, and almost immediately started kissing back while shifting her body so that her smaller boobs would be pressed against Alex's much bigger ones. This meant that their hard nipples rubbed against each other and over each other's tits as they continued to kiss, that kiss becoming more passionate as Haley's tongue invaded her mouth and Alex eagerly welcomed it with her own.

After a few long minutes of kissing Haley broke away to lovingly smile down at her, and then offering up some brief encouragement for their mother before dropping back down for another kiss. That process was repeated over and over again, albeit sometimes in a different order, and at least the majority of the time was spent making out. Which was definitely what Alex preferred, as it meant she had two tongues working her over at the same time. The tongues of her own mother and sister. Oh yes, Alex was kissing her sister while their Mom went down on her, making this moment overwhelmingly special. So overwhelming that it was hard for her to even think.

Claire was equally overwhelmed. In fact as soon as her tongue touched her youngest daughter's pussy she was completely robbed of the ability to think, which was probably a good thing, as she didn't overthink what she was doing or become crippled by guilt. No, Claire just concentrated entirely on the moment. This precious moment where she finally got to lick pussy for the first time in her life. She had come close a few times, and she definitely thought about it before with the likes of Gloria haunting her fantasies, and lately it was her daughters who were in the starring role, but this was the first time she was actually doing it. And she loved it.

Believing that she wouldn't have liked it was the primary reason that she had avoided the temptation in the past, and over the past few days she had been anxious that she wouldn't like it despite a burning desire to return the favour for her wicked offspring. Although maybe it was for the best, because if she hadn't thought that way Alex's pussy probably wouldn't be the first pussy Claire would have eaten, making this occasion special. Maybe she wouldn't even like it as much as it wasn't her daughter's. Fuck, what a perverted thought, but one which felt oh so true. Yes, Claire Dunphy was glad that she had waited this long to eat pussy, so that her youngest daughter's pussy would be her first. Just as her oldest daughter would be her second. Claire promised herself that.

While her mind was preoccupied her body went into business for itself, allowing her to gently lick up and down Alex's pussy lips while mostly avoiding her clit. Probably as a result of receiving so much amazing head previously, especially from both her daughters, but when she received the ability to think coherently again Claire chose to believe that it was also down to some natural talent. Oh yes, being a natural pussy licker give her a great thrill, and even though she paled in comparison to the skill of her daughters hopefully she would catch up to them in time. Or at least find a way to make them cum as hard as she did when one of them was going down on her. Well, Claire was pretty sure she knew how to do that, but ideally she wanted a number of ways to do it.

Concentrating on this one Claire gradually began to brush over Alex's clit with every other stroke of her tongue, causing Alex to let out an extra loud cry of pleasure into Haley's mouth. God, it was so wonderful to look up passed those massive tits to see her little girls making out so passionately, and lovingly, and letting out those wonderful sounds as both a result of the kiss and Claire's tongue on Alex's cunt, but Claire wanted more. She wanted Alex to be crying out loud, and beg for more, and most importantly to cum in her mouth and all over her face. Which was why she upped her game even more, lingering an increasing long time Alex's clit and eventually her entrance, which eventually got Claire all three things that she wanted.

Haley had never wanted to sit on Alex's face so badly in her life, which was really saying something, as she thought about fucking her baby sister every couple of seconds, and way too frequently that's all she could do. It was bad enough when they were apart, which had become increasingly frequent lately, but when they were socialising with their family and/or in a public setting Haley just couldn't stop staring lovingly at her sister's pretty face and imagine her cunt pressed against it. Or at least her own face. Or more often than not, imagining Alex's face pressed against the floor as Haley slam fucked that big fat ass of hers.

Ironically now Haley had the option to sit on Alex's face, or at least dish out a pussy licking to her mother, which was almost as appealing as getting some selfish satisfaction. But then again, she'd want their Mom's tongue all to herself when it was her turn, and it was only right that she should let Alex focus on that. And let their Mom focus on Alex's tasty little twat, Haley's mouth practically salivating at the memory of just how delicious her little sister's pussy cream tasted. And better yet, her cum. However next time she would definitely join in on the fun. Or more accurately, the more notable part of it, as unlike when they were in public or with the rest of the family Haley could continue the foreplay.

For a long time that involved making out with the love of her life, Haley becoming so lost in the kiss she didn't notice Alex's growing need to cum until her sibling trying to pull away from her. Haley didn't let it happen, following Alex's lips automatically, and after only a brief hesitation the younger girl allowed the kiss to continue. Only then did Haley wonder why Alex would try and pull away from her, which allowed her to become aware of just how pathetically her sister was whimpering into their kiss. Haley then grinned with wicked delight, reluctantly broke that kiss and moved her lips to Alex's neck so she could be up close for her sister begging their mother to make her cum.

Sadly it didn't happen right away, which was really disappointing, but it gave Haley an excuse to move down to those big beautiful boobs again, and fuck, she always forgot just how big and beautiful they were. She even had to pause for a second just to stare at them when she reached her targets, marvelling how anything so perfect could exist in this imperfect world. And that they could be hers to play with. Then Haley buried her face in her little sister's big tits, just forgetting herself on them for a little while, before moving back and forth between them, sliding her mouth all around them while of course concentrating on those rockhard nipples.

Alex wanted more attention from her female family members right from the start, and yet at the same time she was perfectly content with just lying back and letting them worship her body. Especially when her big sister was kissing her and their Mom was licking her pussy. That was pure perfection, and definitely something Alex wanted to last forever. God, she just loved Haley so much. Her Mom too, but it was different. She was in love with Haley, and Haley was in love with her, something which was never more clear when they kissed, and to have her Mommy show her love this way at the same time, oh fuck, how could Alex ever want this to end?

The answer to that was pretty obvious, but she avoided the growing urge for perhaps a record amount of time before trying to pull away from Haley and beg for more. Even then Haley wouldn't let her break the kiss, and despite Alex whimpering in frustration she ultimately decided it was for the best as if she had really needed to cum she wouldn't have let Haley win that little fight. So even when the kiss was broken a few minutes later Alex continued to hold back, which in a way made her incredibly proud of herself. But then her big sister moved down to her tits which coincided with their mother wrapping her lips around her clit and sucking so hard it almost made Alex cum, and when it didn't she just couldn't take it any more.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, mmmmmm, fuck me!" Alex cried out, then whimpered in between more loud cries, "Fuck me Mom! Fuck me Haley! Make me cum! Oh God, please make me cum, ohhhhhhh fuck, I want my family to make me cum. Please? Ooooooh Mommy, make me cum. Please Mommy, sister, make me cum! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh, I wanna cum in Mommy's mouth and all over her face. Oh please, oh fuck Mommy! Mommy! I'm going to cum Mommy, I'm going to, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk Moooommmmmyyyyyyy!"

Normally when Haley did this to her Alex had to get a lot more graphic than that before getting what she wanted, but apparently all it took was reminding her Mom of their relationship by referring to her as Mommy enough times for her mother to start teasing her entrance and then slowly push her tongue inside it. Once that happened Alex became completely incoherent, but for better or worse she didn't cum right away. Which was a little frustrating, but it did give her the chance to savour that sensation of that tongue slowly sliding into her, and then when it was completely buried inside her pussy her Mom left it there for a few long seconds. Her Mommy left her tongue completely buried inside Alex's pussy, that fact being overwhelming for those few long seconds, which almost sent her over the edge of orgasm.

It only took a few tongue thrusts after that to get the job done, and then all of a sudden Alex was cumming directly into her Mommy's mouth. Predictably that climax was beyond incredible, and equally predictably it was followed by another, and another, and another. Just because this was the first time this exact thing was happening it was perhaps stronger than some climaxes Haley gave her, if not as quite as special as the first time she had done this with Haley, although it was hard for Alex to judge in this state of mind. All that mattered was that she was finally cumming, and not just from the work of one family member, but from two. Oh yes, Haley sucked frantically at her big tits, bit down on her neck, and occasionally started whispering filthy things into her ear again.

"That's it, cum! Cum in our Mommy's mouth! Yes, cum you filthy little slut! Cum! Oh fuck!" Haley gleefully whispered into her sister's ear, "Mmmmm yessssss, give Mommy a taste of that yummy Alex cream. Ohhhhh, she fucking loves it! Mmmmm, our Mom loves the taste of your cum Alex! Almost as much as I do. Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, our own fucking mother is eating you, and you love it so much you're cumming in her mouth and all over her face you dirty girl. God, what kind of slut loves getting fucked by her sister, AND her Mom? Mmmmm, a filthy little slut, that's who! Oh yes Alex, your our filthy little slut, and we love you for it. Now cum again! Cum all over Mom's face! Show us that you love us just as much as we love you."

Claire was barely aware of Haley's words, which was unusual because she normally loved them, but she was just too lost in the heavenly flavour of her baby girl's cum. Oh yes, the second her youngest daughter's cum hit her taste-buds Claire became aware of nothing else, the whole world falling away until there was nothing but the heavenly flavour. Unfortunately that meant that a lot of it escaped her mouth that first time, but after she recovered she was still able to swallow the majority of it, and more importantly did better next time. In fact she did better the next few times as she quickly removed her tongue from Alex's cunt, sealed her mouth tightly over that entrance and swallow the majority of what her little girl had to give her.

As soon as each of those orgasms were done Claire shoved her tongue back inside her daughter's pussy and relentlessly fucked her with it until she made her cum again. She didn't even really enjoy the tongue fucking, despite having looking forward to it the entire time, as it wasn't swallowing her own daughter's girl cum. Well, that wasn't true, she did enjoy it, she just spent the entire time wishing Alex would cum in her mouth again. Of course Alex had always been the good one, or at least the well-behaved one, and true to form she was constantly giving her Mommy what she wanted. Oh yes, Alex Dunphy was constantly giving Claire Dunphy a fresh batch of daughter cum to swallow, Claire grinning in sadistic delight over that fact.

Sadly there did eventually become too much of it, and her tongue grew tired of this routine, and sincerely Haley was nice enough to whisper in her ear another way she could get what she wanted Claire switched her tongue for her fingers, pushing first one and then two into Alex's cunt and then fucking her with them. Lifting her head Claire got to enjoy the gorgeous sight of her youngest daughter cumming for her, Alex's big boobs bouncing as she quivered with pleasure and cried out loudly. It was a sight she had been enjoying all night, but she craved more cum, so instead she switched her tongue and fingers again as soon as she could. Inevitably she switch back again, this time wrapping her mouth around Alex's clit so she could suck it while fingering her, which to Claire's delight only seemed to make her daughter cum harder and faster, but then sadly things came to an end.

It started with a tug on her hair, one of her daughters silently telling her it was time to give Alex a break. Probably Haley. But it didn't really matter, because as much as Claire wanted to spend all night with her head in between Alex's legs what she wanted even more badly was to fuck one of her daughters with a toy. Ideally of the strap-on variety, and ideally up one of their sexy little asses. So, after making Alex cum one more time, Claire reluctantly pulled away from her youngest daughter's pussy to find her oldest daughter right beside her and grinning wickedly, before almost literally shoving her tongue down her throat.

Haley had loved watching that little show, but she had been itching to get involved the entire time, and now Alex had more than her fair share of orgasms, and their Mom had more than her fair share of girl cum, Haley finally saw her opportunity. So with one last loving, and extremely long, suck of Alex's tits Haley dived down in between her sister's legs and gently tugged on their mother's hair. It took longer than Haley was expecting, but the second her Mom pulled back she kissed her and tasted her sister's cum on the older woman's lips and tongue, and then in her mouth. Fuck, Haley loved how twisted her life had become, a thought which was reinforced as she spent several minutes making out with her Mom, sharing the taste of her little sister in the process.

Then that little sister cleared her throat and quipped, "Aren't we forgetting someone?"

Reluctantly Haley broke the kiss and then looked up and scolded, "Alex, don't be so selfish. Don't you think you've hogged Mom enough?"

"No." Alex grinned wickedly, "In fact, I was thinking of hogging the attention a little longer with a nice hard DP."

Haley beamed with wicked delight, "Oooooooh, a DP? Really, does my slutty little sister wanna get double stuffed? Her pussy and ass fucked at the same time? To have both her Mommy and big sister pound her tight little fuck holes? Does she-"

"Oh you know she does." Claire quipped, already up and retrieving a couple of strap-ons, "Dibs on her fat ass."

"No-" Haley tried to protest.

"Dibs on her fat ass." Claire repeated firmly.

"Fine." Haley grumbled, about a minute later finding herself fully equipped with a dildo around her waist and pressing it against Alex's lips, "Suck it sis! Mmmmm yeah, suck it good! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, suck it! Take it deep into your pretty little mouth and get it nice and wet for your slutty little pussy! Oh yes, ohhhhhh Alex, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. I've always thought that. Especially when it's MY cock! Or Mom's! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you love sucking the strap-ons of your Mom and big sister, don't you, you little incest whore? Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah, suck my cock like the slutty litttle cock sucking whore you are Alex! Oh yeah, suck it so good, mmmmm fuck!"

While Haley continued rambling on Alex gently wrapped her lips around that big cock and began gently sucking on it. Alex had remained on her back initially as she watched her family equipped themselves, and then she began sucking Haley's dick, but she soon rolled over and really got into it, taking the dildo deep into her mouth and down her throat so it would be nice and wet for what was to come. Just like Haley had trained her to do. Meanwhile the mother seemed perfectly content with rubbing lubricant onto her cock, which was good, because Haley couldn't wait much longer to have Alex sliding her pussy down on her cock. In fact, she didn't want to wait another second.

"You know what? That's more than enough for a little slut like you. Oh yes, stop sucking my cock and sit on it! Mmmmm yeah, impale your pretty little pussy on my dick so me and Mom can DP you!" Haley ordered.

Her only response from Alex was a wide grin before her kid sister did as she was told, quickly crawling up onto her lap and then positioning herself over that strap-on before pushing herself downwards. Oh yes, Alex let out a loud moan of joy as with practised ease she penetrated herself and then slowly sat down onto her sister's lap, slowly pushing Haley's cock deep into the younger girl's cunt in the process. There was then a brief pause as they both savoured the moment as their eyes locked and they smiled at each other softly. That smile then turned wicked as Alex gently began pushing herself up and down, officially starting to ride her sister's dick.

Obviously enjoying that perverted sight their Mom just watched them having sex for quite a while, which also allowed Haley to enjoy that wonderful sight. Especially that of Alex's big boobs bouncing up and down. Of course she never forgot about how badly she wanted to DP her kid sister with their mother, so it wasn't long before Haley was sucking a couple of fingers, and then reaching around so she could push first one and then to into Alex's butt hole. Which of course greatly delighted Alex, the little slut bouncing even more enthusiastically on that cock as both those fuck holes were taken, which was a wonderful preview of what was to come. Although it obviously wasn't enough for Alex, not when there was another cock available.

So it wasn't long before Alex turned back to look at her mother and called out to her, "Please Mom, fuck me! Fuck my ass, mmmmm, fuck your baby girl's slutty little ass hole and leave it gaping wide open! Fuck me like a slut! Mmmmm yessssss, fuck me like the slut I am! DP me! DP me with Haley! Oh God, Mommy, please DP me with my sister. I want my family to double-team me and make me the family whore! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, double stuff me! Double fuck me in my little pussy and ass! Please Mommy, give me what I want. Give me what I need. What I crave, mmmmm, oh please, please Mommy, just fuck your daughter!"

"You heard her Mom, join us." Haley grinned wickedly while fingering her little sister's ass hole even more enthusiastically, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh Mom, butt fuck your daughter with your big cock, while your other daughter fucks her pussy. Come on, let's work together to DP this little whore, and make her our little whore. Please? Your baby girls need you Mommy, they need you to fill them up with cock, mmmmm, and violate the sister they are soooooo in love with. Yessssssss Mommy, mmmmm, fuck your little girl, who's turned into a curvy little sex goddess, and your little girl who's still little but loves to fuck just as much. Oh yeah Mom, fuck that ass! You see this big fat ass? Can't you see it was made for fucking? Oh, and maybe you made it that way deliberately. Mmmmm yeahhhh, maybe your body made the perfect little fuck toy, with a big fat booty who desperately needs to be butt fucked on daily basis, just to use her later. Is that why you had her? And me? Did you only want daughters so you could fuck them? Huh? Ooooooh, well we wanna fuck Mommy, so please, just give us what we want."

"You girls want it, you've got it." Claire grinned wickedly, "But first... Alex, stop bouncing so Mommy can get inside your slutty little ass hole. And Haley, mmmmm, spread those cheeks. Ohhhhhh that's it, spread those cheeks wide open for Mommy so she can see her dick sliding into her baby girl, while her other baby girl gives her the perfect view of it. Oh fuck yeah!"

Claire could listen to her daughters talk dirty all day, especially Haley who was like an evil genius at it, but there was only so long she could wait before penetrating that big fat booty. So inevitably Claire pushed Haley's hand out the way, pressed the tip of her strap-on against Alex's ass hole and slowly pushed forwards, savouring every second of watching that tight anal ring stretch for her big dick. Which was only a few seconds, then Claire and Alex let out some simultaneous cries of pleasure as the daughter's back hole stretched wide enough for her mother's cock to slide through it and into her butt. This meant it was official, Alex Dunphy was being DP'ed for the first time in her life, and it was by her mother and sister.

Something which of course Haley couldn't wait to point out, "Are you in? You're in, aren't you? Oh fuck! Mmmmm, how does it feel Alex? How does it feel to be double stuffed? Ohhhhhh fuck, how does it feel to be double stuffed by Mommy and big sis?"

"Good." Alex moaned softly, "It feels so good! Mmmmm, I love it. I fucking love it!"

"I bet you do, you little slut." Haley giggled with delight, "Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, I bet my slutty baby sister loves the feeling of two big cocks inside her at the same time, mmmmm, stretching her little fuck holes like never before, making her what she was always meant to be, ohhhhhh, the family fuck hole! You hear me Alex? You're the family fuck hole! Just a walking, talking orifice for me and Mom to fuck whenever we want! Oooooohhhhhhh, and however we want. Oh yeah, take it Alex! Take Mom's cock in your butt while your taking mine in your cunt! Fuck her Mom! Stuff Alex's ass full of cock so we can DP her good!"

"Oh yes Mommy, fuck me!" Alex happily agreed, even if she was struggling to speak, "Stuff me full of dick! Girl dick! Mmmmm, my lesbian ass and cunt wants your girl cocks! Fuck me good! DP me like a whore! Please, fuck me, fuck me like ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, oh yes, fuck me, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd!"

Again Claire loved to hear especially Haley talk like that, which was why she paused for a few long minutes to savour it. Well, that and the beautiful sight of the head of her cock stretching Alex's forbidden hole. And to make sure Alex had some time to relax, even if the massive anal whore didn't need it. Then with some encouragement from her girls Claire began pushing forwards, again Claire getting a perfect view of the obscene act as Haley continued spreading Alex's butt cheeks. Oh yes, her oldest daughter was spreading her youngest daughter's ass cheeks so Claire could get the best possible view as she and Haley DP'ed Alex! Fuck, this was so hot.

Somewhere deep inside herself Claire knew this was still wrong, that she should be disgusted, that she needed to stop this, etc. Maybe when she was alone that voice would be more than a whisper, but right now it was barely background noise in the face of her overwhelming lust for her own daughters, and especially Alex's big fat ass. Hell, she was almost literally drooling as she watched inch after inch of strap-on dildo slide into Alex's pretty little back door and deep into her back passage, only ending when her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing that Claire had buried every inch of her dick inside her own daughter's bowels. Which of course resulted in more verbal encouragement from her little girls.

Surprisingly Alex beat Haley to the punch this time, softly croaking, "Fuck me. Mmmmmm, fuck my ass! Please Mom, fuck my little ass hole! Ohhhhhhh, fuck me good and then impale me on my sister's cock so I can be the Dunphy family DP whore!"

Which of course only led to Haley joining in the fun, "Yeahhhhhhh, fuck her Mom! Fuck Alex like the whore she is! Mmmmm, the family whore! Oh yeah, fuck that whore ass and push her slutty little pussy down on my dick! Make her the Dunphy family DP whore! Oooooh, I love that name for Alex. I think we should tattoo it on this big fat ass of hers. Or at least 'Property of Haley and Claire Dunphy', because that's what this piece of meat is. Ohhhhhh yessssss, this meaty booty is ours to use, just like all the other fuck holes on this lesbian slut! So fuck her Mom! Oh yes, fuck her Mommy! Pound your baby girl's big butt! Oh fuck!"

Of course it didn't take much encouragement for Claire to begin the sodomy, much to her daughter's delight, their words, but perhaps even more so their whimpers, moans and cries of pleasure pushing Claire to establish a steady rhythm. And it wasn't just Alex's sounds of pleasure. Oh no, Haley was making those sounds too, probably because like Claire her harness had something inside which bashed her clit with every thrust, meaning in a way, Claire was fucking both of her daughters at the same time. Yes, Claire love that thought, and it echoed in her mind throughout the passionate DP, especially when they got to the rough ass pounding.

Alex had known she would love being DP'ed. It was the only possible outcome considering the variables. Really it was just science, and Alex loved science, but this was her favourite ever type of experimentation. The equation was simple, a love for both regular and anal sex with beautiful women wearing strap-ons, plus her love for lesbian incest, plus overwhelming and inappropriate love for her big sister, equalled that she would be a total DP whore. And sure enough, the test was an outstanding success, although there was one variable Alex hadn't considered while thinking about this, something which made her feel foolish for not thinking about it, but it didn't matter as it only made it better.

Somehow Alex had forgotten about just how thin the layers of skin separating her front and back passage were. As a result she could feel those cocks sliding against each other while inside her, which was truly mind blowing. She felt it as soon as her mother anally penetrated her, and Alex continued feeling it as her Mom slowly slid every last inch of that big strap-on she was wearing up Alex's ass and then started sodomising her with it. Oh yes, her own mother started fucking her ass while her sister's cock was buried inside her cunt, and the feeling of her closest female family members rubbing against each other inside of her was driving her while.

The best part was she felt absolutely no pain whatsoever from being violated in this way. Okay, so it was really weird, and a little uncomfortable, at first, but thanks to being relentlessly strap-on fucked in her cunt and ass hole by her own big sister for the past few years Alex felt mostly pleasure. Pleasure which soon became overwhelming as she was gently fucked in both of her holes, while having both exposed to her mother by her sister, who's tight little body she was pressed against during the obscene violation. Of course as always the best part, at least outside of the incredible orgasms to come, was Haley's filthy mouth, the big sister whispering sweet nothings to the little sister for the majority of the DP, with her words only becoming more nasty as the seconds ticked by.

"I love you, mmmmm, God, I love you Alex! I love your big fat ass. I love your hot little pussy. And I love these gigantic titties of yours!" Haley practically growled directly into Alex's face while playing with her big tits, "Ohhhhhh Alex, you look so hot while you're getting fucked. I've always thought that, which is why I love doing you in front of a mirror, mmmmm, but it's so much better watching Mom pound your little ass hole. Ooooooh yeahhhhh, mmmmm, I love watching our mother fuck you in the butt, and it's even better now that we're DP'ing you like the total whore you are! Yeahhhhhh, you love that, don't you? You love getting double teamed by your family, you fucking slut! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I bet you want to cum, don't you? Cum on my cock? Cum on your big sister's cock while your Mommy fucks you up the ass? Is that what you want? Huh? Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, say it! Tell us what you want little sister, and we'll give it to you."

"I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me hard." Alex whimpered pathetically, gradually becoming louder as she became more desperate, "Mmmmm Mommy, fuck me Mommy! Fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum! Make me cum on Haley's cock! I wanna cum on my big sister's cock! Ohhhhhhh Mommy, Haley always makes me cum so hard, mmmmm, and so do you, oooooooh, but I bet both of you could make me cum even harder. So please Mommy, fuck me! Fuck me like a whore! Pound my little bitch hole like the whore I am! The Dunphy Family whore! Ooooooh yessssss, mmmmm, fuck me Mommy, pound me sis, ohhhhhhh, I want both of you to ram my little fuck holes until I cum really hard for you on Haley's dick! Please Mommy, big sis, slam fuck me and make me cum, oh fuck! Oh yes, just like that Mommy, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Finally Claire increase the pace. She did this slowly, but eventually her thighs were smacking off Alex's meaty cheeks, making those enormous globes jiggle like jelly in an earthquake, and the sound of flesh crashing against flesh to echo around the room almost as loudly as Alex's screams of ecstasy. Of course she came long before that, everything that happened earlier combining with this wonderful new sensation to send her over the edge of orgasm in record time, and then she just kept cumming, until it felt like her brilliant brain literally melted inside of her head and left her nothing but a happy little fuck toy, just there to be used for the other women's pleasure.

Haley made sure it was women, and not just their Mom, as she strategically thrust up into Alex's hot little cunt every so often to trigger an extra powerful climax, and then eventually just continued to thrust upwards when she became impatient for her turn. Ironically shortly after that Claire pulled out of Alex's butt and collapsed down besides them in an exhausted heap. To her credit Haley immediately jumped into action, barely allowing Alex to let out a whimper of disappointment before flipping them over and then beginning to fuck her baby sister all by herself, gently at first, but quickly picking up the pace until she was pounding her little sister's pussy.

She made Alex cum a few times like that, before inevitably switching holes. More to the point, switching to her favourite fuck hole, which she did quickly and easily thanks to her mother's brutal assault on her baby sister's butt hole. Alex even cried out in pure pleasure as Haley slammed her strap-on into her kid sister's gaping ass hole, not stopping until her full-length was completely buried in the other girl's bowels. Then without a second's pause Haley began butt fucking her little sister, barely having the presence of mind to start off with a gentle sodomy before inevitably switching to the brutal bowel wrecking which triggered yet more orgasms for them both.

Normally at this point Haley would be growling about how she owned Alex's fat ass, and the big jiggling boobs which were practically smacking her in the face right now. But she couldn't. Not now. No, now Haley had to devote every ounce of what little strength she had left to give her precious Alex the hardest ass ramming she could possibly give her right now, which didn't feel like it would be much given how exhausted she was. Of course she should have known better. As soon as she started pounding that fat ass her instincts as a top, and her addiction to this big butt, just took over, and Haley became like a wild animal relentlessly pounding into her submissive mate.

Proving that words of ownership, or abuse, or even love weren't necessary while Alex stared at Haley lovingly throughout this passionate strap-on fucking, especially during the anal sex. At one point Alex even wrapped her arms and legs around Haley's body and began gently stroking her lovingly, although Haley didn't honestly care, as she was too lost in the moment, and her own pleasure. Which ultimately was her undoing, as while she had cum before during the DP it was nothing compared to having complete control of Alex, the mental stimulation overwhelming her until she was cumming almost as hard and as constantly as Alex was, eventually causing her to collapse with exhaustion down onto those big tits and desperately try to catch her breath.

Claire had been so exhausted by the time she pulled her dick out of her daughter's ass hole she thought she would pass out instantly. Hell, she was approaching passing out during the hellacious butt fucking. Of course that would have been unfair on Haley, and Alex, so being the loving mother she was she just about pushed herself to move out of the way, even if that meant falling down beside her daughter. For this she was rewarded greatly as Haley not only took complete control, but switched her cock to Alex's butt, and even though she didn't have a really good look at it she had a perfect view of what mattered, her daughters staring lovingly at each other while they fucked, once again making her realise just how much they loved each other.

To further prove this point, after she had recovered from her orgasms, Haley lifted herself back up and softly told her sister, "I love you."

"I love you too." Alex smiled softly, welcoming a kiss from her sister.

"Prove it!" Haley purred, doing her best to slap Alex's ass as she rolled off of her sister, pulling the strap-on from her bowels in the process, "Spread those cheeks and show us your pretty little gape."

Without a moment's hesitation Alex giggled wickedly, rolled onto her stomach and then lifted herself up and around so that her fat ass was facing the family members who had just pounded it deep and hard. God, it was so twisted to watch her baby girl slowly spread her butt cheeks, emphasising just how open her most private hole was, allowing her to see deep into her own daughter's rectum. And Claire was at least partly responsible for it. Partly responsible for gaping the ass hole of her daughter, a thought which should have made her disgusted with herself, but at least right now only greatly delighted her. And she wasn't the only one, Claire and her other daughter becoming completely lost in staring at that well opened butt hole.

Then after a few long seconds of silence Alex asked cheekily, "So, how's the gape?"

"Beautiful." Claire murmured automatically, flushing with embarrassment because of it, but deciding to double down anyway, "Your butt hole looks beautiful when it's gaped honey. Mmmmm, especially because I know it's me and Alex who stretched that big juicy butt of yours wide open."

"Thanks Mom." Alex grinned, but before she could continue she was interrupted.

"I don't know..." Haley said thoughtfully, before teasingly grinning at her mother, "I've gaped that slut ass wider, mmmmm, so between the two of us, we should have no problem making Alex's fat ass as wide as the Grand Canyon!"

"Oh yes please, open my butt as wide as the Grand Canyon!" Alex pleaded shamelessly, "Wreck my fat ass! Fuck it, and fuck it, and fuck it until it's completely ruined!"

"Oh, we will..." Haley said dismissively, "But first you've got to earn it, sis. And you know how, huh? Yesssss, that's right Alex! Mmmmm, you really were always so smart. I want you to wrap those pretty lips of yours around my cock, which just pounded your pussy and ass, and taste your slutty fuck holes! Come on Alex, ohhhhhhh fuck!"

Not needing to be told twice, or even once, Alex quickly turned around, dived in between Haley's legs and wrapped her lips around her big sister's cock. As soon as she did Alex let out a loud and shameless moan of delight at tasting the deepest part of her own ass, the brainy brunette clearly savouring that flavour. Then she began greedily sucking the head of the dildo clean, and then bobbing her lips up and down it, taking more and more into her mouth until it was sliding down her throat. Fuck, both her baby girls were just so amazing at sucking cock. Well, they were amazing at everything when it came to sex, but Claire thought this particular thing was worthy of praise.

"That's it sweetie, suck your sister's dick." Claire encouraged, "Mmmmm, oh yes, that's so hot! Mommy loves watching her little girls playing like this. One sucking the other's cock like a good little bitch. After taking it like a bitch! Oooooh yes Alex, clean that cock of your own anal juices! Go ass to mouth you filthy little whore! Oh fuck! Mommy loves watching one daughter sucking her ass cream off the other daughter's cock, after she's just been double teamed by her female family members. Ohhhhh yesssss Alex, you took it from me and your big sister, and now it's time to be a good little cock sucker and clean our toys."

"Yeah it is." Haley happily agreed, gently reaching down to stroke Alex's hair lovingly, "You heard Mom, sis. It's time you gave your big sister's dick a thorough cleaning with your pretty little mouth. Mmmmm yeahhhh, suck it! Get every drop of your juices off of that big dick, which I just used to pound your slutty fuck holes! Oh yeah, I just fucked your pussy, mouth and ass, and I promise you Alex, we're just getting started. Ah fuck yeah, me and Mom are gonna pound your hot little fuck holes all night long, but first you got to thoroughly clean my dick of both your pussy and ass cream. Then you got to clean Mom's, and then we can get back to the real fun."

Happily obeying Alex stuffed every single inch of her big sister's dick down her throat, allowing her to thoroughly clean it of every drop of her juices. She then switched over to do the same with her Mom's cock, after which Claire forced her to go back and forth between those dildos, partly to regain her strength, but mostly just to tease Alex. Then, true to Haley's word, Claire and her oldest daughter double teamed her youngest daughter for hours until all three of them were exhausted and snuggled up together. And it was only really the beginning of this twisted family affair, Claire's mind already working on more twisted ways she could show her daughters just how much she loved them.


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