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Author's note: This story takes place sometime in Season 7.

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Modern Family: Modern Family Affair Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Alex Dunphy was finally home after spending the entire day either in class or studying in the library. When she first got to college she had tried to study at home, but her girlfriend couldn't be trusted to keep her hands to herself, and to be fair even she, by far the more responsible adult of the two, just couldn't resist Haley when she was in full seductress mode. That's why Alex was rushing to get home, because no matter how exhausted she was feeling now she knew all it would take was a few words from Haley, or just looking at that amazing girl she shouldn't be dating but was, and she would be filled with adrenaline, allowing the two Dunphy sisters to bang like bunnies. Just like they had been doing for years now.

It sounded like Haley had gotten a head start, which made Alex grin wickedly as she rushed through their home, but before she could say anything she found herself paralysed with mixed emotions as she walked in on her sister/girlfriend being butt fucked by their Mom. On the one hand Alex could feel her heart, and her entire being, shattering into pieces, as this was her greatest fears come true. Not only was Haley cheating on her, but it was clear that someone else in their family knew their dirty little secret. On the other hand she had to wonder, was this her greatest fantasy come true? Had Haley really seduced their mother into having sex with them? Could that actually be possible?

For who knows how long Alex just stared at the sight in front of her, then suddenly she was noticed by her mother who froze and then gasped, "Alex?"

Which caused Haley to lift her head out of the bed sheets, turned to look at her and grin shamelessly, "Oh, hey baby. Mmmmm, don't just stand there, come and join the fun."

"Really?" Alex asked cautiously, but clearly eagerly.

"Oooooh yeah." Haley grinned, "Mom's a great fuck. Better than we ever dreamt. Mmmmm, and she just gave my little butt the most amazing fucking."

"Yeah, I saw." Alex couldn't resist grinning wickedly and looking her Mom up and down lustfully, "I guess you were right about her being a total top."

"Well, she needed a little push." Haley admitted, before grinning again, "But once she got going she totally wrecked my ass."

"Show me." Alex growled lustfully, "I want to see how good my Mom gaped my big sister's butt!"

With another wicked grin Haley pressed her face back down to the bed sheets and reached back to spread her cheeks. She then paused, giving Alex time to get beside their mother on the bed so she would have the best possible view of what came next. Alex hesitated a moment to do this as her Mom seemed frozen in time with a difficult to read expression on her face. But after the last exchange, Alex decided her best course of action was just to show the older woman just how depraved they were, and hope it be enough to seduce her into joining them. The alternative at this point wasn't worth thinking about, and Alex now suspected that Haley had been right all along, all their mother needed was a push.

Typically Haley was only too happy to give her that, first by seducing her and now letting that big dildo slowly slid out of her widely stretched butt hole, Haley keeping her cheeks spreaded the entire time so that Alex and their Mom could have the best possible view. That was especially true when finally the last inch of the strap-on cock came out of Haley's butt, leaving a widely stretched crater where her little back hole should be. Like before it made Alex insanely jealous. But also excited. She'd always seen gaping Haley as hot because it was revenge for being forced to constantly walk around with an aching ass, and there was just something about a ruined hole she found fascinating. Alex definitely prefered to be the one with a ruined hole, but in this case she was almost guaranteed to receive the same treatment almost instantly. Or at least she hoped she would be.

"So, what do you think baby?" Haley asked, breaking the long silence which had fallen between them.

"I think... that's the best gape I've ever seen." Alex grinned wickedly, before quickly adding so not to hurt Haley's feelings, "At least on you."

"Mmmmm, that's because Mom is a natural top." Haley moaned happily and closed her eyes as an after-shock of her orgasms suddenly hit her from just exposing herself like this.

"Clearly..." Alex agreed, finally pulling her eyes away from that gape and grinning wickedly again, "Do you know what else I think?"

"What?" Haley moaned dreamily, before opening her eyes, looking back and exclaiming, "HEY!"

Haley was furious to find her little sister's mouth wrapped around their Mom's cock. The cock which had just been plundering her butt and was covered with her anal cream. Cream which was rightfully hers. And Alex was stealing it, the greedy bitch. And the mental high of sucking their Mom's dick after she'd ass fucked one of them. Okay, it wasn't unprecedented for Alex to be greedy like this. She'd removed her own harness to clean her own cock after an ass fucking before. A lot of times actually. But this was really crossing the line, and she was going to pay. Preferably with a brutal ass beating that not even Alex could enjoy, although Haley would enjoy it on multiple levels.

Quickly lifting herself up onto all fours and spinning around Haley yelled angrily, "What do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like?" Alex quipped around the cock in her mouth, and although it didn't exactly come out clear the other two women knew exactly what she meant.

"Well stop!" Haley demanded, pushing Alex away from the dick.

For a moment it looked like the sisters were going to fight like they used too, then Alex offered, "How about we share? Please Haley? You just got Mom all to yourself for what, hours? And I just... I just want to share this with you. Please baby?"

That was a good point, and when Alex looked at her like that Haley was helpless to do anything other than agree, so after a few long seconds she sighed, "I get the top half."

"Deal." Alex grinned, immediately moving down to the base.

The things I do for love, Haley thought with another sigh as she watched Alex beginning to eagerly slide her tongue up and down the bottom half of the shaft, getting as much butt cream as she could get like the greedy little ATM slut she was. It was definitely super hot, but Haley mostly kept staring because she was just thinking about how deeply she was in love with this woman. Her sister. Her everything. Which was why she graciously allowed them to share this honour, and why she didn't kick Alex's ass when she realised that she got the worst part of this deal by far, as Alex had already sucked the majority of the ass juice from the dildo, ultimately leaving Haley with very little.

Sadly Haley only realised that when she finally wrapped her lips around the head of her Mom's cock and started sucking on it, and by that point there was little she could do as Alex had already licked most of the base clean and was now wrapping her mouth around it just so she got the last little bit. At Haley knew why Alex had been in such a hurry, as normally they both liked to savour the flavour of their asses. More importantly this meant that Haley had a great excuse to beat Alex's ass bright red and make those cheeks jiggle for her later. But for now she concentrated on collecting what little anal cream was left for her. Luckily there was some on the head and particularly the upper half of the dildo, Haley joining the chorus of Alex's happy moans as the Dunphy sisters went to work on their Mom's strap-on.

For a few blissful minutes Haley became completely lost in that incredibly twisted act. Then when the two sisters had got every drop of the butt juice Haley opened her eyes and looked up at the woman who had given them both life. Her Mom still had a difficult to read expression on her face, but the look in her eyes was clearly of lust. What was even more encouraging was she had a hand resting on top of Haley's head, and the other was on Alex's. Sure, the touch was so light that Haley hadn't really registered it, but she wasn't pulling them away. No, if anything it felt like she was keeping them in place. Or at least that's what Haley chose to believe as she grinned at her mother around the strap-on, causing the most beautiful blushed to cross the older woman's face, which Haley also chose to take as encouraging.

Claire's body might have frozen in place but inside there was a fierce battle going on between her good half and her bad half. Actually it was more like a war of good thoughts and thoughts which were leaving her completely catatonic, and God help her, her bad half was winning every step of the way. To be fair her devil children were making it almost impossible to do anything except make the wrong decision, every single word or action they did pouring gasoline on the lust which was once again threatening to take over her body, and perhaps consume every good and decent part of her soul until all was left was a daughter fucking deviant.

It was already questionable whether she could be forgiven for first allowing Haley to have her way with her, and even worse, brutally pound her little girl's butt hole with just a little bit of prompting. But maybe, just maybe Claire could argue that it was a moment of weakness. That most of it was Haley anyway, so it didn't count. It may not save her marriage, or keep her from jail, if the truth came out, but it would at least be some comfort as she was forced to grow old alone, shunned by society and her family. And she wanted to stop this. She really did. She was a nice normal suburban mother, who couldn't possibly ever actually want to fuck her own daughters.

But it was just too much. It was all just too much to look down and see her two beautiful daughters sucking a strap-on cock which had just been deeply entrenched within Haley's butt, her little girls greedily getting every drop of Haley's ass cream and then sharing it with each other. Yes, the long and drawn-out blow job gave way to the two Dunphy sisters kissing with an intensity and a passion which took Claire's breath away. Especially because she had never seen two people more into each other in her life, that kiss making it very clear that while they might have fought a lot as kids Alex and Haley were truly in love with each other. Which caused something inside of Claire to snap, and she found herself reaching down, grabbing both girls by their hair and pulling them apart.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Haley repeated over and over again after initially crying out as she was yanked backwards.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Alex repeated over and over again at the same time as Haley, fear overwhelming them both as they were forced to look upwards at their clearly angry mother.

Claire let them wallow in their fear for a little while, and then she growled loudly, "You little whores! You want Mommy to fuck you? Do you? Huh?"

Looking even more terrified Haley hesitantly stammered, "Ye, yes?"

"Not you!" Claire said coldly, before a wicked grin slowly crossed her face, "You had your turn."

Realisation crossing her face Alex beamed widely and quickly confessed, "Yes Mommy, I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me however you want. I'm yours! All yours."

"We'll see." Claire snorted, pushing the strap-on slowly down her legs, stepping out of it and then positioning herself down on the bed where she had been before, "But since you want to be such an eager little dyke fuck hole for Mommy, how about you get over here and eat my pussy? Haley did, so it's only fair."

What was she doing? She couldn't do this. She had to stop. Which Claire thought throughout that exchange, and throughout most of the rest of the night. But she was just too far gone to listen to that now very tiny voice inside her head. Especially as Alex got onto the bed, crawled in between her legs and buried her face in her cunt. Actually at that point thinking became virtually impossible as Claire was just too overwhelmed with emotion, and more importantly pleasure. All she could do was cry out in pure pleasure, and when she finally did get her voice back she certainly didn't tell Alex to stop like she should have. In fact it was exactly the opposite.

Alex had wanted to scramble onto the bed and dive face first into her Mom's pussy, but she had felt that desire many times with Haley, and had learned just how much more satisfying it was to stretch this out and savour the moment. It was even more important to do that now as this was a first time. Alex had fucked her sister in so many ways she didn't think she had any firsts left, but she should have known by now whenever she thought that she was ultimately proven wrong. It was the only time she was happy to be wrong. She was certainly happy as she slowly crawled onto the bed and lowered her head down to her target, but it had nothing on the feeling of happiness she felt when she stuck out her tongue and slid over her Mom's pussy for the very first time in her life.

This was also a second. Her second ever pussy, and from the second she tasted it Alex was thrilled that it confirmed she was gay. Or at least she liked girls. Or maybe just ones related to her, she thought with a wicked grin. Yeah, this most likely proved she liked fucking girls, and definitely prove she liked fucking her own mother as well as her sister, and Alex was already determined to make sure this wasn't a one time thing. That she and her big sister would drag their mother into their perverted little affair and they would all live together in a twisted lesbian paradise. And she was going to ensure it by giving her Mom the pussy licking of a lifetime.

It was a pretty close race, but Alex was sure that if they were ever in a pussy eating contest with her sister she would win pretty much every time. Why? Simple, Haley swore she'd never been with a girl apart from Alex, and Alex believed her, meaning that the entirety of their knowledge about eating pussy came from going down on each other. Which might have suggested they should have been equals, and that would be true, if they had spent equal time between the other's legs. To be fair Haley went down on her a few times a week, but her obsession with Alex's big boobs and fat ass meant she spent much more time sucking on her fat titties and pounding her big butt with a strap-on, while Alex was the one eating pussy multiple times a day, near enough everyday, for over two years now. So yeah, advantage Alex.

"No Haley, you just watch." Claire suddenly ordered.

At first Haley was taken aback by the sudden outburst from her Mom, then she stomped her foot and whined, "But Mom!"

"No buts young lady." Claire said firmly, before grinning, "Mmmmm, except yours. Ohhhhhhh yessssss, turn around and spread your cheeks. Show me that pretty little gape! Oh fuck yes, lick me just like that, mmmmmm, ooooooh yesssssss, good girl. Oh yes Haley, wider! As wide as you can! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, you're both such good girls! So good, and so naughty, mmmmmm fuck!"

After that her mother started regularly encouraging her, the dirty talk only becoming more explicit which made the moment perfect. Well, if Haley had been permitted to join them it would have probably been more perfect, but it would also be distracting, and Alex wanted to focus on making their mother cum all by herself. It was only fair, as Haley had just had their Mom all to herself, and now Alex wanted to be just as greedy. More importantly she wanted to make the woman who gave her life cum in her mouth, and as much as she wish to make this last that desire and an increasing amount of dirty talk made it impossible for her not to kick things up a notch.

Claire had been blown away by Haley's rug munching abilities, but Alex was truly in a league of her own. Every tiny lick to her pussy drove her crazy, and that was before Alex even started concentrating on her clit. When she did start teasing it with her tongue Claire found herself not only moaning, but whimpering loudly and kind of pathetically, reaching down to begin gently stroking Alex's hair as her baby girl continued to torture her with pleasure. It was enough to almost make her question her life choices. Almost, because Claire couldn't imagine any other girl possessing these kind of cunt lapping skills. Or anyone for that matter. No, Alex was truly one of a kind, using that big brain of hers to put anyone else to shame

It insured that Claire could never let Phil go down on her again. It would just be too much of a downgrade, and the only way she could have get off was imagining their daughters in his place. Which was yet another thing which should have caused this to stop, but Claire was so far gone she couldn't feel guilty any more. Not really, not when receiving such overwhelming pleasure, and knowing it was only going to get better, even though that seemed impossible at this wonderful second. But it didn't take long for that to be proven true, and not just by Alex's wonderful tongue, as with a wicked grin Haley had crawled onto the bed in the attempt to re-join the fun.

For a moment Claire had considered letting her, just to see what she would do. Kiss her maybe? Suck her tits? Join Alex in eating her cunt? Or maybe even start fucking Alex? Eat her pussy, or ass? Finger her? Claim onto Alex's back so she could reach round and massaged those big tits while fingering her? Or maybe even she would sit her pretty little pussy onto Claire's face? So many wonderful possibilities, but they all threatened to compromise Claire's control of the situation, so instead she had ordered Haley to give her another beautiful sight to look at, namely that of her oldest daughter's gaping butt hole. The hole she had just brutally pounded until it remained loose and open, again another thing which should have made her stop out of guilt, but only fuelled her lust.

So much so Claire found herself practically growling, "Yesssssss, make me cum you little bitch! Tongue me and make me cum! Make me cum just like your sister did you perverted little slut! Mmmmmm yessssss, fuck me, fuck Mommy! Fuck your Mom like you fuck your sister! Oh Alex, mmmmmm, fuck me Alex! Fuck Mommy's cunt! Fuck the cunt I pushed you and your sister out of, ooooooooh fuck! Make Mommy cum! Make Mommy cum all over your pretty little face! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I want to cover both my daughters in my cum! Mommy wants the faces of both her daughters drenched in Mommy cum when Mommy fucks you up the ass Alex! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss, eat me, eat me, EAT ME!"

Despite her frequently loud and passionate demands for more Alex continued to gently lick her with her tongue. Admittedly she picked things up a notch, but not nearly enough for Claire's liking. It was no longer good enough to have her clit licked, or even sucked, especially with a mild force that Alex was using. No, she needed more. She needed fingers inside of her, and/or more pressure on her clit, or better yet a tongue inside her. Which Claire was pretty sure Alex knew, and was deliberately denying her. Probably to make her eventual climax much more powerful, but Claire wanted that. And she was determined to get it, no matter the cost.

Alex was struggling to decide what she wanted, which was often the case when she was in between a beautiful woman's legs. In between her sister's legs, and now her Mom's, even Alex's brilliant brain struggled with that reality. But there was a lot of similarities, from the yummy taste, to how much she loved the woman she was with, to the fact that she wanted to fuck her hard and make her cum and yet fuck her slowly and gently forever at the same time. Even when she and Haley fucked in public it was a difficult decision for her, but it was even more difficult now she was in between her mother's thighs and eagerly eating her pussy.

On the one hand Alex had been craving her big sister's touch all day long, like always, getting more excited the closer she got to seeing the woman she loved again, and after walking in on Haley being butt fucked by their Mom and what had come after that, fuck, Alex was desperate to cum herself. Or at least to get fucked hard. Preferably up the ass, and preferably by her Mom. And she was aching to taste her Mom's cum. But on the other hand she had dreamt of doing this for so long that it felt like a travesty if she was to rush it. Yes, she wanted to savour this precious moment, and this liquid heaven. And she wanted to make her Mommy beg for her some more. More importantly she wanted to make her Mommy cum as hard as possible to make sure this wouldn't be a one time thing, and just please the woman who gave her life.

So while it was an extremely tough decision Alex ultimately decided to give her Mom a long drawn-out pussy licking. In the process she got plenty of time to savour her second ever pussy and hear her Mommy beg for her, although that begging increasingly became more demanding, and even angry. For a while Alex got a kick out of that, and it even pushed her to tease the older woman even more, but ultimately she was punished for it. If punished was the right word. After all, it was far from the first time the girl she was going down on got fed up being teased and rolled them over so they could ride her face. Alex even thought she had teased her Mom enough at this point and it was only right that she make her cum.


Grabbing her mother's hips before she could start fucking her face Alex shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into her origins, rendering her Mom incoherent. More importantly it took just a little thrusting to send her Mommy over the edge and suddenly she had a mouthful of Mommy cum. Expert muff muncher that she was Alex managed to remove her tongue and tightly wrapped her lips around her Mom's cunt just in time so that she could swallow every drop of that heavenly liquid which was somehow just as mind blowing as Haley's. Alex was less lucky with the rest of her Mom's orgasms, but she still got to swallow plenty of Mommy cum, whatever she did swallow covered her face, fried her precious brain and leaved her unable to think. Hell, it was almost enough to make her cum.

Claire had never cum this hard. She hadn't even known this kind of ecstasy was possible. She wished she had. Wished she could go back in time and force herself to take Alex's cherries. Haley's too. Oh yes, Claire's biggest regret in life right now was not busting those cherries when she had the chance and making her ridiculously hot daughters her little sluts. But she was determined to make up for lost time, and this seemed like a really good place to start. Yes, she was baptising Alex in her cum, just like she had done to Haley. And soon she would fuck Alex, just like she had fucked Haley. But first she was going to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of this as possible.

She tried just to remain still and let Alex fuck the cum out of her, especially as she barely got the feeling of her youngest daughter's tongue inside her, but it was just too much. Claire was barely able to let Alex tongue fuck her to another climax before she began rocking her hips. At first it was gently, then she was able to work up to a rhythm with Alex, mother and daughter making sure that wonderful tongue went as deep and as hard into her cunt as possible, making her inevitable orgasm that much more powerful. In a way it was both daughters working with her, as the normally bratty and disobedient Haley was continuing to spread her cheeks and presenting her battered butt hole, making the pleasure that Claire was feeling even more intense.

Eventually though Claire just lost it and she started brutalising Alex's face, using it like her own personal fuck pad. Amazingly neither daughter complained about this, Haley still watching over her shoulder with a mixture of glee and jealousy while Alex kept her tongue out so it slid over Claire's pussy, and more importantly bashed her clit, every time the other woman grinded down onto the younger one's face. As a result Claire came over and over again, each orgasm so powerful that it almost knock her out. She wasn't even sure why she was long, other than the desperately more and the selfish needs to brutalise her daughter's beautiful face.

When she did finally stop it wasn't because she was knocked unconscious, but because the desire to brutalise her youngest daughter in another, even more perverted way became overwhelming, Claire immediately ordering after she scrambled off, "Kiss! I want my girls to kiss and share my cum! Oh God, that's it! Mmmmm, share Mommy's cum!"

At what seemed like lightning speed Haley straightened up, turned round, jumped onto the bed and crawled on top of her secret girlfriend a.k.a. her little sister and shoved her tongue down her throat. Despite how exhausted Alex must have been she eagerly return the kiss, the two sisters frantically making out for the next few minutes like the horny teenagers one of them still technically was, only pausing so that Haley could lick some of the cum off of Alex's face and then feed it to her sibling. Amazingly it was enough to reinvigorate Claire, and she suddenly felt full of energy and power, which was only helped by retrieving the strap-on and putting it back where it belonged, around her waist.

Then after a few more long seconds of just enjoying the show Claire ordered, "Alex honey, get on all fours. Mommy wants to fuck you."

Immediately Haley broke the kiss, turned to her Mom and begged, "Oh yes, fuck her! Fuck her fat ass! Mmmmm, Alex loves it up the butt even more than I do. Isn't that right sis?"

"Oh God yeah, I fucking love it!" Alex happily confessed, "I love taking it in the butt. Get off me Haley! Get off so I can give Mom my ass."

Haley wasn't exactly happy about getting off of Alex. Not when her toned little body was pressed up against Alex's curvaceous one. But the chance to watch Alex get sodomised by their own mother was too good to pass up, especially as she was instantly rewarded for getting up with Alex flipping over onto her stomach, lifting that big booty in the air and then shaking it, causing Haley to literally drool a little. Then with a wicked smirk she skilfully reached underneath Alex, undid her jeans and then slowly pulled them down to Alex's knees, all the while positioning her body so her Mom got the best possible reveal of the thong buried between those big meaty globes. Then she pulled that down and spread those cheeks, revealing the butt-plug in between them.

"Do you like it Mommy? Isn't it beautiful? I insert this myself, every morning, before Alex leaves. Well, sometimes I give her a bigger plug if I've had the time to give her a nice hard ass fucking, but lately we've just been too busy, and we've had to settle for deep, hard anal love at night and on the weekends. Luckily we have cute little butt-plugs like this to constantly remind Alex that I own her ass. Literally! I literally own this big fat ass." Haley said in her best little girl voice, letting go of Alex's butt cheeks and then resting her cheek against a different kind of cheek while continuing to explain, "It's my most precious possession. The greatest thing on earth. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen. God Mom, I'm in love with my sister, but I think I'm also in love with my sister's big fat ass. Making love to it is the reason I get out of bed every morning. It's my purpose in life. The reason I was born. And I wanna share it with you. The most precious gift you ever gave me was this big fat ass, so it's only right that I share it with you. Just promise me Mommy, promise me that you'll fuck it good. Mmmmm, fuck it as good as you fucked mine."

There was a few moments of silence as Claire tried to recover from that confession, and the sight before her, then she softly murmured, "I promise."

Haley bit her lip, and then asked, "Can I lick it first? Please Mommy, I want to make sure my little sister's ass hole is nice and wet for your big dick."

Clare smirked, "I guess that would be okay, as long as Alex is cool with it."

"Oh yes, please Haley, lick me." Alex eagerly cried out, "Mmmmm, lick my fucking butt hole sis. Lick it and make it nice and ready for Mommy's dick. It's only fair, you own it, therefore it's your responsibility to make sure it's ready for our Mom. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, lick it, lick it, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, lick my ass! Lick my ass hole! Oooooooooh Gooooooddddddd Haley, I love you! I love you so much. Mmmmmm, and I love your tongue! Oooooooooh yessssssss, I love your tongue in my ass! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd Haley, oooooooh shit, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss, oooooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

As soon as she had permission Haley quickly pulled Alex's butt-plug out of her ass and shoved it directly into her mouth. She knew this was being greedy, but she didn't care. Alex and their Mom were about to have all the fun, so she was going to get every bit of enjoyment out of this that she could, hence her perverted confession and quickly sucking her baby sister's butt cream off the plug. The second it was all gone she tossed it aside and buried her face in that fat butt, still kneeling beside Alex so she wasn't blocking their Mom's view. Or at least the possible view while her head was in the way. Which was a little uncomfortable as it meant her head was upside down, but it was worth it to know she was giving her Mommy the best possible view of her eating her little sister's ass like the twisted whore she was.

When Haley was bored at work she would often dream of Alex's fat ass. It was her most frequent fantasy, and she often snuck off to the toilets to finger herself to orgasm while dreaming of fucking it. However she almost just as frequently dreamed of eating it, as she was addicted to the taste. Which was why the moment her mouth wrapped around the butt-plug and later shoved her tongue into Alex's ass hole Haley moaned loudly and shamelessly. Both time she became completely lost in savouring that flavour, the only difference being that the flavour quickly ran out on the plug, while Alex's butt was an all-you-can-eat buffet of Alex Dunphy anal juice.

The plug had done a great job of loosening Alex's back hole, meaning it remained open and easy for Haley to literally tongue fuck her sister right from the start. Of course it was a tiny baby gape compared to the massive crater Haley was always dealing with when she finished pounding her kid sister's booty, so she couldn't get her tongue as deep as she would like into Alex's ass. It was still pretty deep though, and in the name of properly preparing her sibling Haley did have the presence of mind to shove a couple of fingers into Alex's butt before finally, and a little reluctantly, pulling her head up again and spreading those cheeks, offering up Alex's most private hole to their mother.

"Do it Mommy. Fuck her!" Haley pleaded in her best little girl voice, "Fuck Alex's ass hole with your big hard cock! Mmmmm, I want to see you ram your baby girl's fat ass. I want to see you ruin your youngest daughter's big fat butt. I want to see my Mommy slam fuck my little sister's big fat booty an make it hers. And Alex wants it too, don't you Alex?"

"Oh God yes." Alex moaned, then added in her best little girl voice, "Mmmmm, fuck me Mommy! Fuck my butt. Oooooh yesssss, fuck me in the butt. Butt fuck me Mommy, butt fuck your little girl like a whore! Please? Please Mom, I want to be fucked. Fucked by you! Fucked up the butt! Oh my God! Oh yes! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck me!"

Claire felt herself literally drooling with lust. It had been bad enough when Haley had been sloppily eating Alex's ass, or any number of the perverted things they had done tonight, but now her daughters had talked her into butt fucking her youngest daughter the way she just butt fucked her oldest daughter. And just when she didn't think it could get any worse Haley slowly pulled Alex's ass cheeks apart, exposing Alex's dripping pussy and cute little ass hole. Which Claire should have found off-putting, but instead she found it so overwhelmingly hot it was a struggle for her not to shove every inch of her strap-on straight up her baby girl's butt. However to her delight Claire was not only able to stop herself, but slid the tip of her dick up and down Alex's butt crack, making both of her daughter's whimper and beg again.

"Mom please, don't tease me. Fuck me." Alex whimpered.

"Yeah Mom, fuck her." Haley piped in, "Fuck that slutty little ass of hers. Come on, she can take it. I've been using this whore hole for years, and now we want you to use it too. Mmmmm, we want you to slide into the little hole I own and fuck it hard and deep, just like you fucked mine. Oooooh yes, that's it, stretch it, stretch it, stretch it! Fuck, that's so hot. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, more, more, more, oh Mom!"

While Claire wanted to hear her daughters talk dirty for longer, especially Haley who had a really filthy mouth, this really was the final straw and she just couldn't wait any longer to take Alex's big fat ass. She just about managed to push forwards slowly, which seemed to delight both girls even more. More accurately it delighted all three of them, because Claire's mouth opened with overwhelming lust at the same slow pace she was opening Alex's back door. Which seemed to only take seconds to fully open, and yet an eternity. Either way the moment Alex's anal ring stretched wide enough to allow Claire's cock to slide inside it and into her baby girl's butt all three women let out a cry of pure lust.

There was then a deafening silence for a few long minutes, which felt like hours, as Claire and Haley just stared at where the youngest daughter's ass hole was stretched round the mother's cock, while the oldest daughter made sure that both of them would have the perfect view of that perverted sight. Then Claire found herself slowly pushing forwards, which honestly didn't feel like a command she had made consciously and more her body going into business for itself, because it just couldn't resist further violating the beautiful butt in front of her. Which of course delighted Haley given the big grin on her face, but being further anally penetrated also made Alex moan happily, and the big dildo just slid so easily into her butt, which Claire just couldn't help point out.

"Oh my God, it sliding in like a knife through butter!" Claire murmured softly in disbelief, then beginning to speak more loudly in a mixture of disgust and lust, "This big fucking cock is sliding into your shit hole like a knife through butter Alex, mmmmm, Mommy's so ashamed of you. And your moaning. Mmmmm, you're fucking moaning from getting your fat ass stuffed with Mommy's big dick! Can you believe this Haley? Can you believe how easily Mommy's big dick is sliding into your sister's forbidden hole? Oh God, what an anal whore! Mmmmm, I'm so ashamed. Mommy is so ashamed of her anal whore daughter."

Grinning sadistically Haley happily played along, "I can. I can believe how easily Alex is taking it up the butt. I can believe it because I've been slamming that pretty little shit hole of hers for years. Mmmmm yessss, while you thought we were being good girls and helping each other out really we were having nasty anal sex. That's the only reason we finally were getting along. Yeahhhhh, getting along because Alex gave up that big fat ass of hers to me, and since I popped that anal cherry I've practically been living in her ass. Aren't I bad Mommy? I turned sweet little bookworm Alex into the nastiest little anal whore in the entire world, and I feel absolutely no shame because of it. Ohhhhh yeahhhh, I made my baby sister my anal loving bitch, and it's the proudest achievement of my life."

"Oh Haley, you're such a bad influence on your little sister." Claire grinned wickedly, still completely lost in her lust.

"I am Mommy." Haley agreed eagerly, "And you should punish me for being so bad."

Claire smirked as Haley bent over next to Alex in front of her and wiggled her cute little butt, which was still gaping open from the brutal pounding Claire had given it, and she was really tempted to give it another. But as Claire made clear to her daughters, "Oh don't worry Haley, Mommy will punish you later. For now it's Alex's turn."

"Oh yeah, punish me Mommy." Alex moaned happily in her best little girl voice, "Punish me by slamming every inch of that big dick of yours up my ass and fucking me with it. Oooooooh, that feels so good Mommy. Your big cock feels so good in my ass. Mmmmmm, butt fuck your baby girl, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, give me every inch, aaaaaahhhhhh, every inch of that big fucking dick right up my fat ass! Please? Please, please, please, please, pleassssseeeeeee oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, YES MOMMY FUCK ME! Fuck meeeeee oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd yesssssssss, every inch! Mmmmmm, that's every inch up my big fucking dyke ass! Now fuck me Mommy. Butt fuck me like the anal whore I am!"

Her own words, but particularly her daughters, drove Claire to push forwards even more. Perhaps a touch harder and faster than she should have, but it only forced more moans of pleasure out of her total anal whore of a daughter, which pushed her to push harder and faster, until finally every single inch of that big cock was buried within Alex's bowels. Despite more begging Claire then stayed perfectly still for a minute or two, just savouring the moment in the beautiful sight in front of her. Then finally she began pumping her hips back and forth, in turn causing the dildo to pump in and out of Alex's ass hole meaning she was officially butt fucking her youngest daughter. And she was doing it without a shred of shame.

Haley loved absolutely nothing more in this world than butt fucking her baby sister. It was like the best thing ever, and easily one of the best parts of it was the penetration, especially when Alex was spreading her cheeks so Haley could get the best view possible of her dick sliding into that tight little forbidden hole. Not even the hard anal pounding, and any of her own orgasms, were better than that. Only just as good. Haley hadn't thought anything could possibly be better. It just didn't seem possible. However spreading her kid sister's ass cheeks and watching their Mom slide every single inch of her strap-on cock into Alex's ass hole, and then beginning to pump in and out of it, just might be better.

During the initial penetration, the moment her Mom's thighs came to rest against her fingers and her sister's cheeks, and then watching as Alex officially started getting butt fucked by their mother all made Haley feel like she was going to cum on the spot, and even though she wasn't sure she could survive another orgasm she might just risk it. Then she had a wicked idea, one which might cause her to parish from overwhelming lust, but one she couldn't avoid putting into motion. Although if she was going to get what she wanted, she was going to need to sell it. Luckily, she had a lifetime of practice. Admittedly it did take Haley a while to pull her gaze away from Alex's cock stuffed ass hole, but when she did it was totally worth it as she immediately gave her mother her best puppy dog eyes.

Then Haley asked in her best little girl voice, "Mommy, can I taste Alex's ass?"

For a brief moment the older woman frowned in confusion. Then her eyes went wide as realisation hit, surprise, disgust and lust clearly fighting for a position on the older woman's face. There was a clear winner, and given what happened earlier it was hardly surprising that after a few more long, slow thrusts her Mom pulled her strap-on out of her baby sister's butt hole and pressed it against Haley's lips. Immediately Haley wrapped those lips around the head of the shaft, closed her eyes and moaned shamelessly. She then opened her eyes, looked up at her mother and smiled around the cock as a way to thank her for feeding her Alex's ass. And the deepest part of it, at that.

It wasn't easy but Haley kept her eyes open and looking up at her mother for the next few minutes as she slowly sucked the tip of the strap-on clean and then started making her way down the shaft with gentle bobs of her head. Her Mom stared back the entire time, with probably more or less the same look of lust on her face that Haley had on hers, and it probably stayed there when Haley closed her eyes to concentrate on deep throating. Unfortunately after that there was no more yummy Alex's butt cream to clean. Although her mother quickly solved that problem by shoving her dick back inside Alex's ass, and then after a few minutes of gentle pumping returning it to Haley's eager mouth, and then repeating the process.

Alex whimpered pathetically every time the dick was removed from her ass. The first time it happened she was all for it, and the first few times even turned her head so she could watch her big sister going ass to mouth for their mother. But it was just too much of a turn on to watch Haley sucking her anal juices off of their Mom's cock, and combined with the steady pumping of her slutty ass and it was no time at all before Alex just couldn't watch that beautiful sight anymore. And not long after that she just couldn't take the weighting any more. In all fairness she pushed herself to her limit to give Haley a chance to get plenty of ass cream, and to be fair Haley had already known the joy of being butt fucked to orgasm by their mother. It was Alex's turn.

"Fuck me!" Alex whimpered, "Fuck me please? Oh God, fuck me. Please fuck me harder! Ram my fucking ass and make me cum!"

There was a brief pause, then Claire turned to her oldest, "What do you think?"

"Yeah, she has been good." Haley pointed out with a grin.

"Yes, but... I think she can do better." Claire said, pushing Haley's hands away from Alex's cheeks and then giving them a hard double smack, "Come on Alex, you're a supersmart science major. Use your words. Really beg me to make you cum. Mmmmm, and make me believe it."

"Please! Please make me cum! Ah!" Alex cried out as her Mom continued to push her with a hard smack or two, "Fuck my ass and make me cum! Ah fuck! Harder Mommy, harder! I want to be fucked! I need to be ass fucked hard and deep by Mommy so I can cum! Ooooooooh Gooooooooddddddddd, I need it sooooooooo bad! Soooooooo, sooooooo BAD, mmmmmmm, ah fuck! Please Mommy fuck me hard and make me cum! I need to cum! I NEED IT! PLEASE? Please, please, please, please, AH GOD, please destroy my fucking ass hole and make me cum! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, fuck me in the ass as hard as you can Mommy! Please, please, oooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, that's it, ass fuck me! Ass fuck me like the little anal whore I am! Oooooooooh, I'm your anal whore Mommy! Your little girl is now your anal whore! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck me, oooooooh fuck! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK MOM!"

While Alex was begging their mother must have silently shooed Haley away. Or she moved away of her own free will. Either way Alex had to admit there was an incredible thrill to having her girlfriend/sister slowly circling her body, and occasionally stopping in front of her and giving her a wicked smile, while she was being butt fucked by her mother. Their mother! Oh yes, Alex loved being butt fucked by her mother in front of her sister/girlfriend. In a weird way even now Haley wasn't touching her it was like her sister and their Mom were fucking her together to make her cum, and that feeling was never more vivid than when Haley took over talking dirty.

"Harder! HARDER! Mmmmmm, that's it Mommy, ram that ass!" Haley called out while frantically fingering herself, "Ram that big fat butt and make your baby girl cum! Make Alex cum! Ram my sister's rectum and make her cum! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, make her cum like a bitch with a big dick in her ass! Do it! Make brainy little Alex your personal anal whore, just like I am! Oh Mommy, we're yours now! We're your anal whores! Your ass sluts! Your up the butt bitches! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, look at my butt! Look at my fucking gaped butt hole! LOOK AT IT MOM! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, you gaped my little shit hole and made it yours. It's gaping as a sign of your ownership, just like Alex's ass hole is about too. Ohhhhhh Mommy, you gaped your own daughters and made their asses yours forever! Now make it official by making Alex cum! Make her cum Mom. Do it! Oh fuck yeah, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, that's so fucking hot!"

Since she was now desperate to cum Alex had put her all into her begging, and lasted perhaps a record time, but no one talked dirty like Haley Dunphy. Haley had it down to an art form, and her words not only pushed Alex further towards the edge of climax, but pushed their mother into destroying her ass more than her own words had. Which was really saying something because by the time Alex had given up talking it seemed that her Mom was using every ounce of her strength to brutalise her butt. However with just a few words from Haley the older woman seem to find some new level of strength, because all of a sudden it was like a jack-hammer had been shoved up her ass, and somehow it was pleasurable, which was further proof that Alex was a massive anal whore. Like she needed more proof of that.

That savage rectum wrecking, given to her by her own mother, combined with Haley's wonderful words finally pushed Alex over the edge of a truly epic orgasm. One which might be even more powerful than the one she received when Haley ruined her rectum like this, which was really saying something. Then again, this just might be harder then when Haley was doing it, and Haley's wonderful words were definitely a big part of it. Not that it really mattered. Nothing did. Nothing but these incredible climaxes, Alex's brilliant mind once again melting inside of her head because of the overwhelming pleasure of a member of her own family wrecking her rectum.

Claire was disgusted. Or at least the part of her which was still able to think currently was. Because God, Alex had just cum so hard. And then she quickly came over and over and over again just as hard, her whole body shaking and her cum literally squirting out of her cunt. It was maybe even harder than Haley had cum, and Claire wouldn't have thought that was possible. Then again none of this should be possible. Or happening. And she was ashamed of herself. She really was. Or at least she was sure she would be once she wasn't so lost in the truest pleasure she had ever known. But fuck, really, how had she raised such a pair of total anal whores?

Then she realised something, this was for their own good. If Alex and Haley hadn't been sodomising each other all these years they would probably be out on the streets offering their perfect asses up for money. And not a lot of it either. Certainly not what they were worth. No, Alex and Haley would be $2 ass whores because they were just so desperate to be butt fucked. So really, Claire should have been doing this all along to keep them off the streets. Yes, society would never see it, but this was what she should do. What she always should have done. This was what she was going to do from now on, and no one would stop her, because these perfect asses were hers, especially this big jiggly one which shook like it was in an earthquake with every powerful thrust she gave it.

Becoming completely lost in the ultra-perverted fantasy of having both her daughters as her personal anal whores, or better yet her lesbian whores who would do any nasty little thing she wanted but especially anal sex, Claire was unable to stop herself from going over the edge of another incredible climax. Again it wasn't quite as powerful as when first Haley, and then Alex had eaten her out, but it was easily just as powerful and bizarrely satisfying as when she'd taken Haley's tight little ass. Maybe even a little better, because now this truly felt like the beginning of something. And not just with Haley, who was still talking dirty with glee, but with both her daughters, and that thought was truly overwhelming.

Finally Haley's constant dirty talk faded away from Claire, as did the whole world, leaving just a big jiggly butt in front of her. That was all her baby girl was to her now. Her youngest daughter had become nothing but a piece of ass Claire was using for her pleasure, the mother of three shamelessly pounding into her little girl over and over again as she pushed them both through climax after climax. And this time there would be no interruptions. Nothing to stop her from perhaps literally ruining Alex's ass hole. Or stop her from using every ounce of her strength to sodomise her own daughter, as a result Claire eventually collapsed down on top of Alex, and as Alex was too exhausted to hold her up the two Dunphy women immediately collapsed down onto the bed sheets.

Haley had cum a lot when it was her turn to be sodomised by her mother, and yet she couldn't help herself. Watching Alex getting that big fat ass of hers fucked by their Mommy was just too hot and she was able to frantically finger herself to a couple more orgasms, especially when she turned her back to the action so that her gaped ass hole was on display again. Of course her eyes never left the sodomy, and when it was clear her family were lost in their own little world Haley pushed a couple of fingers up her ass to push herself to another climax. She briefly slowed down when the two women collapsed, but then sped up for one last orgasm as her Mom rolled off of Alex, allowing Alex to slowly get up and display her own gape.

It took a few more long minutes of recovery, but eventually Alex found the strength to get on her knees in front of her mother, turn around, bend over and spread her cheeks before asking in her best little girl voice, "Do you like my gape Mommy?"

"Yes." Claire admitted, the beautiful sight enough to push down the urge to freak out, at least for now, "Ooooooh baby, it's so sexy. Mmmmm, I love gaping my daughters. I love it! Haley, why don't you go stand next to your sister and show me yours?"

"Oooooh, great idea." Haley grinned, doing as she was told, then asked in her best little girl voice, "Mommy, will you please take our picture?"

Clare blushed slightly, "Do you really think that's a good idea?"

"It's okay, just use the camera that's on the side of the bed. That's what we use to make our special photo albums." Haley explained with a wicked grin, "We'll show them to you later. Maybe you can even pick which photo should go in it. Or photos."

The thought made Haley giggle with delight as her mother reached over to the side of the bed, grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of the two Dunphy sisters spreading their butt cheeks to expose their gaping back holes. After a couple of shots Haley whispered in Alex's ear, who grinned happily and nodded in agreement. They then straightened up and switched one of their hands to the others cheeks so they were spreading each other's and their own, then turned their heads towards the camera and flashed their mother a cheeky smile. It was the most perverted family photo they'd ever taken, and they loved it.

Claire loved it too, and made sure she got it, before ordering, "Mmmmm, good girls. Now, I think it's only fair that Alex get her turn tasting her own ass."

"Awww, Mom!" Haley whined.

"Don't be such a brat." Alex said, before pointing out with a grin, "Mom's right, it's my turn."

Which was the only reason Haley didn't make more of a fuss. Well, that and just how hot it was to watch her kid sister suck their Mom's cock. Oh yes, Haley had loved watching that before when it was her ass Alex was tasting, and now she got the added bonus of watching Alex tasting her own which she knew her sister loved. But that became very clear as the second she wrapped her lips around the cock Alex moaned loudly and shamelessly. Then, after clearly savouring that flavour for a few long seconds, Alex started bobbing her head up and down, taking more of the shaft into her mouth and eventually down her throat with every bob of her head.

It wasn't long before Alex had the full length of their Mom's cock stuffing her throat, and yet she barely choked and gagged, happily showing off just how well Haley had trained her to be a nasty little cock sucker. Haley's personal cock sucker, and now their mother's personal cock sucker. The thought made Haley a little jealous, but mostly it drove her wild with pure perverted lust. Oh yes, she was her Mom's cock sucker too, and her pussy licker, and her butt slut, and whatever else the older woman wanted her to be. She and Alex were ready and willing to do whatever nasty little thing their mother wanted, which was something she was only too happy to let her Mommy know. Although Haley had to wait until after her Mom had encouraged Alex for a little while.

"That's it sweetie, suck Mommy's cock." Claire encouraged happily, still lost in her lust, "Mmmmmm, you're so good at that! Soooo good at sucking cock! Oh yeahhhhh, take it deep! Deep down your fucking throat! Oh fuck! Mmmmm, that's so hot! Mommy's little cock sucker is so hot! Ohhhhhh yessssss, and that's what you are now, isn't it? Mommy's little cock sucker? Mmmmmm, yeah you are! You're Mommy's little cock sucking slut!"

"We both are." Haley interrupted, "We're yours now Mommy. All yours."

"All mine." Claire grinned, "I like the sound of that."


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