This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Modern Family: Making Ends Meet (MF,MMF,Mf,MMFf,oral,anal,inc,inter,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Phil Dunphy had just spent another long, boring day in his deserted real estate office. Business was terrible and he had let his staff go several weeks earlier. He hadn't sold a house in months and the bills were piling up. On the drive home, he was thankful it was Friday. He needed the time to think of some new ways to generate business.

When he pulled into his driveway, he saw the gardener's truck parked out on the street. As he entered the living room, he found his oldest daughter Haley on her knees sucking off Hector, the gardener. His partner Raul sat in a chair stroking his cock, apparently waiting his turn.

"Hi honey" he said.

Haley looked up and said, "Hi Daddy. Just paying for the yard work."

Phil said, "Good girl" and headed up the stairs where he found several high school boys standing in the hallway.

One of them said, "Hi Mr. Dunphy. What's shakin'?"

Phil looked into his daughter's room and saw Alex getting fucked in the ass by one of the school's basketball player's. He looked over at the boy who spoke to him and said, "Not much. Hope you brought a lot of cash today."

The boy smiled and held up a wad of twenties. "Hell yeah Mr. D. I can't wait to tap that fine ass."

Phil walked down to his room and closed the door behind him. He sat down on the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands. He mumbled to himself, "Jesus fucking Christ. How the hell did I get into this mess?"

It was just getting dark when Phil went downstairs to make dinner for his girls. They were sitting at the table counting the cash Alex had made earlier. Alex squirmed in her seat and said, "Hi Dad. Looks like I made about five hundred today."

Phil kissed her forehead and said, "Guess that ass hurts a little. I'm sorry baby but you know we need the money."

Alex hugged him and said, "It only hurts when I sit down."

All three of them laughed and then Phil took out a casserole and put in the microwave. "Where's your Mom?"

Haley was munching on some carrots and said, "She's working the convention at the Marriott. I don't think she'll be home tonight."

Phil replied, "That's right. I forgot. Dinner will be ready in few. Have you heard from your brother today?"

Alex told him he was spending the weekend over at Manny's. Phil was thankful his idiot son had no idea what his wife and daughters were doing. "Good. You two should probably go downtown and help your Mom out" he said.

Haley clapped her hands and said, "Goodie! I love to get dressed up."

Alex stood up and said, "If we're going, I should probably shave my pussy first."

Phil said, "That can wait." The microwave bell rang and he said, "Dinner's ready. Let's eat. You probably won't get much of a chance to get anything at the hotel."

The three ate in relative silence and when they finished, the girls went upstairs while Phil did the dishes.

* * *

At the same time the girls were getting dressed, Claire Dunphy was hard at work. Up in room 305, the gorgeous blonde mother of three was on her hands and knees taking a fat business man from Chicago up her ass. She had her face buried in the sheets as she reached around and spread her asshole wide open. The man was grunting and sweating all over Claire's back and then pulled out and shot his load. Claire was glad it was over but she looked back at him and smiled. The man slapped her ass and then said, "I'll throw in another twenty if you lick my cock clean."

Claire turned around and took him in her mouth. She licked him clean and then swallowed her nasty ass juices down. "I hope you come back and see me again before you leave town" she said.

The man got his clothes on and left the money on the night stand. "Thanks baby. You were fantastic."

Once he left, Claire ran into the bathroom and threw up. She quickly showered and got back into her dress. She fixed her hair and makeup and went back down to the lobby. When she got there, Haley and Alex were just coming through the doors. She walked over to them slowly and Alex looked at her. She said, "Jeez Mom. Just how many guys fucked your ass today?"

Claire hugged her and said, "I lost count sweetie. You two ready to get to work?" she asked.

Haley nodded and Alex said, "I guess." She looked around at all the old men and winced. "God, I wish there were some cute guys at these things" she said.

Claire put her arm around her and handed two room keys to the girls. "Alex, you're in 406 and Haley, you've got 809. Remember to make sure they pay up front. It's 50 for head, 100 for straight and don't take anything less two hundred for anal. OK?"

The two girls nodded and started to mingle.

Claire was chatting up a guy from Detroit when she saw Alex heading to the elevator's with a tall black man. Alex winked at her as the doors closed and then she saw Haley follow a man into the men's room.

About ten minutes later, Haley came out and she was dabbing her dress with a wet paper towel. Claire could see the huge wet stain on her dressed and knew what her daughter had done. Just then another man came up to her and said, "Come on blondie. I've got cash burning a hole in my pocket."

Claire took his hand and said, "Sure handsome. Let's go up to my room."

* * *

Up in room 406, Alex was busy getting throat fucked by the black man's ten inch cock. The cute 16 year old had no trouble taking his meat down her throat. Her huge tits were covered with her saliva and her mascara was running down her cheeks as he pounded away at her. When he pulled out, he pushed her up over the edge of the bed and slammed into her wet pussy. He fucked the young teen for several minutes and then took her in the ass. He smacked her ass and told her beg for it.

Alex closed her eyes and said, "Come on fucker, fuck my ass."

He slapped her harder and said, "I said beg for it bitch. Make me fuck you harder you little whore."


The man got more turned on and started pounding away at her gaping hole. He pulled her long dark hair back and said, "Take my nigger cock you fucking little whore."

He slammed her balls deep for almost 15 minutes and then filled her with his hot load. When he pulled out, he pushed her to the floor and shoved his filthy cock into her mouth. "Clean up your mess cunt," he said as Alex licked and cleaned his softening cock.

The man got dressed and tossed a wad of twenties at her. "Thanks for the fuck baby" he said and left.

Alex sat on the floor as the cum dripped out of her ass and counted the cash. The guy paid her 300 bucks and that made her smile.

* * *

As Alex cleaned herself up, Haley was up in room 809 with two guys from Buffalo. The petite brunette was looking up at them with her big brown eyes as they took turns getting their cocks sucked off by the gorgeous 19 year old. She sucked them one after the other while she played with their sweaty balls. As soon as they were hard enough, Haley had one of them lay down on the bed. She mounted his fat cock and started to grind her tight pussy on him. She looked back and told the other guy to fuck her in the ass. He squirted some lube down her crack and took hold of his cock, guiding it to her tiny brown eye. He had a hard time finding the little hole so Haley helped him. "What's the matter sweetie, never fucked a girl in the ass before? It's OK, I'll help you. I love it in my ass," she said.

Once he was inside of her, she bent lower and let the man fucking her pussy suck on her hard nipples. The man in her ass grabbed a hold of her slim hips and started pounding away at her. Haley started getting off on the DP and started to cum. Her juices poured out over the cock in her pussy and soon the squishing sounds of her wet holes getting fucked began to fill the room. The two guys lasted longer than Haley would have thought and it took almost twenty minutes for them to cum.

When they finished, Haley kissed them on the cheek and said, "Thanks boys, you were fantastic."

After they left, Haley got dressed and went back to the hotel lounge. What she saw made her stop dead in her tracks. There, sitting at the bar, dressed to the nines, was Gloria, her Grandfather's wife. Gloria spotted her and smiled, waving the young beauty over to her.

"Gloria! What the, I mean, what are you doing here?" she asked.

Gloria smiled and gave her a hug and said, "Every now and then I get the urge. Where do you think I met your Grandfather? That lame story about me being a waitress is just bullshit. I was working one of these conventions and hooked up with him."

Haley was shocked. "You mean he paid to fuck you?"

Gloria laughed, "Oh, he paid alright. Many times that weekend. Why are you here?"

Haley thought about it for a minute and said, "You know money's tight right now. We need to work and this is the only way we can make enough to pay the bills."

Gloria looked at her and said, "We? You mean Alex is here too?"

Haley said, "Sure and Mom too."

Gloria just shook her head and said, "Claire? Why that fucking slut. When I see her, I'm going to, well, I don't know but when I think of all the times she called ME a whore."

Haley giggled and said, "But, you just told me you were a whore."

Both of them started laughing just as Alex came in and sat down next to Gloria. Alex looked at them and said, "What's so funny and by the way, what are you doing here Gloria?"

Haley told her and then all three of them laughed.

Just then, a man came over and asked Gloria for a date.

Gloria said, "Let go to my room." She got up and said, "See you two later."

They watched her go into the elevator and a few minutes later two men came up to the gorgeous sisters and asked if they wanted to party. Both girls looked at the men and said, "Hell yes! Let's go."

* * *

They went up to Haley's room and once inside, one of the men suggested they go down on each other while he and his buddy watched. Alex and Haley quickly got undressed and climbed up on the bed. Alex laid down and Haley got on top of her in a 69 position. The two sisters were licking each other's pussy while the men stripped and started stroking their cocks.

Within minutes, Haley started to cum and squirted all over Alex's face. One of the men came over and fed Haley his cock. When he pulled out, Haley went back down on Alex. They did this for several minutes and then Haley spread her sister's pussy wide open and said, "Come on stud, fuck this slut's cunt with the big cock."

He pushed his meat into the sopping wet hole and started to bang Alex. The other man got on the bed and slid his cock into Haley's pussy and started to fuck her while Alex sucked his balls and licked Haley's clit. They were all fucking each other hard while Claire was down in her room with getting double anal from two guys from Omaha.

By the time the three woman got home on Monday morning, they had made over ten grand. Phil was happy to see the cash but he was just as happy they made it home safe and relatively unscathed. Except for the fact that all three of them couldn't sit down, they were none the worse for wear. The three of them went upstairs for some much needed sleep while Phil counted the money.

* * *

That day, Phil showed two houses and as luck would have it, he sold both of them. He grabbed a bottle of champagne on the way home to celebrate. When got there, he found the house empty. There was a note from Claire telling him that she was at the Motel 6 and the girls were working the park.

Phil got back in his car and drove down to the park. He pulled into the parking lot and spotted Haley's car in the back corner. He parked far enough away that he wouldn't be seen but close enough that he could watch. He sat there for several minutes and then saw the door open. A man got out and zipped up his pants as he walked away as Haley sat back up in the driver's seat. He then saw Alex walking out of the woods. Her hair was a mess and she was holding her panties in her hand. After she got in the car, another man came out of the woods and headed to his car.

Phil decided he couldn't watch anymore so he drove over to the Motel 6. He knew Claire always used the same room so he parked and watched the door. It was almost twenty minutes before the door opened and a man came out. He walked over to a car and got in just as another man got out and went into Claire's room.

About thirty minutes later, the men left so Phil decided to go in. He knocked on the door and when Claire opened it, she was surprised to see him. He said, "Hi Honey. I sold two houses today."

Claire pulled him into the room and shut the door. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. "I'm so happy Phil. Does that mean we don't have to do this anymore?"

Phil pushed her down on the bed and said, "Well, just one more time."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out five crisp one hundred dollar bills and put them on the nightstand.

Claire laid back and spread her legs and said, "OK Stud. Get over here and fuck me."

The End


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