Modern Family: Jogging With Claire (MMF,MF,oral,dp,cp,facial,humil,exhib,ncon)
by Tom Conners

Dusk was just a little way off as Claire Dunphy turned into the park. The evening was warm, but with enough on a breeze on her skin to make the run pleasurable. The roads had been pretty empty. She much preferred that to the packs of other runners she had to circumnavigate in the mornings when she usually ran. After a day like today, she needing this time to herself. She loved her family, but god could they be frustrating.

She slowed to a walk as she made her way to the centre of the park. This would be a good halfway point. Time to head back, she supposed.

"Hey. Alex's mom, right?"

Claire turned. Standing just off the path were two boys. They looked to be in their late teens. Both were tall and well built. They looked like they were out running as well. Both were in shorts, one in a vest the other a tshirt.

"Hi," she stopped for a moment. They looked vaguely familiar, and around Alex's age. She recalled their faces form the group of boys always leering at her daughters when Claire picked them up from school.

"Chris, isn't it?" The taller of the two boys had short brown hair. He had a confidence to him. The sort of kid who knew he had the charisma to get him though life pretty easily, and the body to match.

"That's right. I'm in Alex's class. Thought you'd recognise me." His eyes took her in, running up and down her body. Her lycra running shorts and vest didn't hide a lot. It wasn't like Claire had anything to hide. She looked good, and she knew it. But while Claire wasn't against guys checking her out, but these two were pretty young.

"Right. Hi. You two run here?"

"Not often. But everyone likes a change. This is Danny, by the way."

His friend in the vest smirked at her. He had dark caramel skin and a slimmer physique than Chris, though not by much. They were both your standard, cocky, highschool athlete.

"How's Haley doing?" He asked.

Claire wasn't surprised. Most guys in Alex's year had been interested in Hayley when she'd been in school. No wonder they remembered her.

"She's fine. College seems to be working out so far. Well, I don't want to keep you."

"Oh, we don't mind," Chris smiled.

"Goodbye boys." Claire, smiled at them, then picked up her pace. She didn't mind a little light flirting, but guys like that always reminded her of a time when she'd never been able to say no. She a girl she'd been desperate for attention, and had soon learned she had been more than willing to enjoy it. She could just imagine the situation right now if it had been her teenaged self who had found those two. Fond memories, but she was a married woman and a mother now. And old enough to be their mother.

As she made her way down the path she heard steps behind her. Turning her head she saw the two teenagers jogging behind her. They must have decided that watching from behind was worth changing direction. It was nice to be appreciated. Claire let her ass swing a little more, giving them a show, before increasing her speed.

She saw no one else around her, beginning to feel a little uneasy. Then, as she came level with the block of the public bathrooms, she heard the footsteps behind her increase in speed. They were sprinting now. She was about to turn, worried, when a hand clamped around her mouth and another wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides. Her legs kicked out as she was lifted from the ground. As her muffled screams sounded against the smooth palm, Danny came into view and grabbed her ankles and lifted her so she was hanging helpless, struggling between the two of them.

"Dude, get her in."

Fighting wildly, Claire was carried into the nearby bathroom. They were strong, moving her without any obvious effort despite her furious attempts at getting free. Once they were inside Danny dropped her legs and slammed the door shut, pulling the bin in front to block it. While he did, Claire could feel Chris grinding against her body, a hard bulge growing against her ass as he held her against him. Her struggles only seemed to be turning him more.

"Fuck, dude. You're right, she's fucking hot in those shorts." Danny stepped over to her and grabbed her tits, caressing them through her top. Claire screamed, trying to pull away, but Chris held hooked his arms in hers, pulling them back painfully. Danny just laughed, running his hands down her body and stepping between her legs.

"Told you. The Dunphy girls are total sluts. You wanna have some fun, Mrs. D?" Chris growled in her ear.

"Get the fuck off me!" she screamed. She tried to twist her legs to kick at Danny, but he was stand to close. "Please, let me go."

"Come on, you don't want to party?" Danny pulled up her top until it bunched under her arms. Then he reached around and unhooked her bra, pushing it up to expose her perky tits. Leaning in close he took her nipples in his mouth, sucking hard enough to make her yell in pain.

"Come on dude, let's get her going. Here, hold her." Chris spun her around and pushed her to Danny, who took her arms and twisted them behind her back. He hooked his feet around hers, pulling them out from under her. She dropped to the floor, shocked. In front of her, Chris smirked as he pushed down his shorts. His thick cock sprung out. In the back of her mind, Claire had to admit it was impressive, but right now the most pressing thing about it was it was right in her face. Grabbing her head in both hands, tangling his fingers in her hair, Chris positioned his dick against her lips. The scent of cock filled her nose. She pressed them together, trying to turn away, but Danny pulled her arm up painfully and when she yelped in pain Chris thrust. Suddenly her mouth was filled with the sweet taste of teenage cock. She gagged, his meat filling her throat. He held it there for a moment, then pulled out. She had a second to gasp for breath, but then he pushed forward, thrusting in and out again and again.

Struggling to breath, Claire desperate tried to pull away. But with her arms twisted behind her and her head in Chris' hands she was helpless. The noise of her gagging echoed around the small bathroom. She wanted to get away, wanted to pretend it wasn't happening, but also a small traitorous part of her wanted to carry on. She loved being treated rough, and it had been years since she'd been used by two guys at once, but this was wrong. This wasn't right. So why could she feel herself getting excited.

Suddenly her hands were free, and she grabbed at Chris' thighs, trying to fight him off. But her hand gripped her hair and continued to fuck her mouth.

"Come on dude. Sharing's caring." One cock pulled out of her face, and she felt her head being turned to the side before another took it's place. Danny's dick was longer and thinner than his friend's, hitting her back of her throat but giving her more space to breath.

Danny pulled out of her mouth. She looked up, eyes wide. Smiling, the two boys walked forward. She scrambled backwards until her back was against the wall.

"Wait... stop..." was all she managed before Danny grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth again. For a few minutes they just continued, swapping her between them while grunting and making comments about her skill.

"Fuck, she likes that."

"You like sucking cock, Mrs. D?"

"Man, this feels better than Hayley!"

Soon she just sat there, letting them use her. Repulsed at herself, their filthy comments were turning her on. Being used and dominated was exciting her. As they carrying on she felt her resistance wane, and her mouth begin to relax around them.

"Damn it. I told you she'd be up for it. I think you're liking this, right Mrs. D?" Chris smiled. Claire shook her head, but felt all too aware how her body was responding.

"Come here." Chris, apparently done with oral, grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up. Claire found herself pushed against the wall and his body pressed against hers. His mouth opened and his tongue slid into her mouth, probing deep. He let go, then grabbed her tits. Her nipples were hard against his palm. His cock was rock hard against her stomach. Shutting her eyes, Claire tried to push him away but her body was betraying her. She felt her tongue move against his, and for a moment they were actually kissing, as if she wanted this. Her hips pushed forward against him. She felt him twitch, his body relaxing.

"No! Stop!" She yelled, pushing him back. She couldn't let this moment of weakness overtake her. She had to get away. Her momentary submission had put him off guard and he stumbled back, but Danny was there to grab her.

"Slut. You trying to make me jealous?"

Spinning her around he began to grind against her ass and reached down to cup her crotch. His fingers fingers rubbed up and down her swollen lips through the lycra. She could feel how swollen they were. The wetness in her panties. As his palm presses against her sensitive clit she heard herself moan.

"Wow, she feels hot. I think she'd ready for some more."

"Hold her arms," Chris instructed. Danny hooked his armed under hers, and Chris stepped forward. Sneering down at her, her gripped her waistband and pulled down her shorts. Claire managed to struggle, but his strength was more than enough to roughly remove the lycra shorts and thin panties. Finally he pulled her legs up over his shoulders. She hung there, helpless and only a sliver away from willing, her neatly trimmed pussy swollen, wet, and open in this sexy teen's face.

"Man, I love milf pussy," Chris looked up at his friend, inhaling. "You smell that?"

"Smells like a horny bitch, dude."

Claire looked down, terrified and excited in almost equal measure. Chris held her ass in his hands, lifting it up. Inhaling deeply, he slid his tongue along her swollen, wet lips. She fought to keep her body from quivering in pleasure as he teased her cunt with surprising gentleness, slowly slipping his tongue around her lips, teasing them, letting them swell and open of their own accord. Her hips began to move, thrust forward, hungry for more. Then, looking up and holding her eyes with his own, he expertly and deftly slide his tongue deep inside her, rolling it around, tasting her, before slipping out. Then he repeated, teasing, promising, then just as she couldn't take it any more delving deep. Over and over and over.

"Oh god...." she moaned, unable to stop herself.

"That's it, bitch," Danny whispers into her ear. "I've never seen a girl who didn't open her legs once Chris got himself down there."

Claire continued to struggle, pulling on Danny's arms, her legs kicking on Chris' back, but the longer she hung there the more her body responded. She'd never had anyone make her pussy feel this good before, either before or after she'd married Phil. His strong hands softly massaged her ass, his tongue knowing when to delve and when to slide, when to kiss and when to nibble. The boy was a pro, somehow managing to make a woman he'd dragging unwilling into a public bathroom into a quivering wreak.

"Oh god... stop..." her head feel back, her hips moving in time with his mouth. She tried to fight, but as Chris began to run the tip of his tongue around her swollen, pink clit she couldn't stop herself tipping over the edge. Her hips began to grind uncontrollably as she came hard on his face.

"Oh fuck...!" She moaned, her body bucking and writhing, now in pleasure rather than struggle. Her ankles locked behind his head, her thighs tensing and clenching. Danny nudged her head to the side where it had fallen on her shoulder. She felt his tongue push into her mouth, and her willingly met it.

What the fuck was she doing? Was she actually enjoying this?

"Mmmm, I love milf pussy. You like that Mrs. D?"

Claire looked down. She couldn't speak, weakly shaking her head in the vain hope this was all they wanted.

"Lier. Don't worry, we won't tell any one," Danny smirked. "Come on dude, give me a taste."

"Give me a second. Don't want her to fall, do we?"

Chris smiled, lifting Claire's legs off his shoulders and putting them around his waist. Her eyes widened, realising what was about to happen. Her body craved it, but she had enough presence of mind to fight this final intrusion. The final point where, she knew, she would loose all ability to resist. She kicked out, thrashing her body and trying to make them drop her. But her heart was only half in it, and they had already shown they were strong enough to hold her. The two boys just laughed, seemingly finding her failing resistance amusing. Then suddenly the thick round head of Chris's teenage cock was sliding between her sopping wet pussy lips.

"Fuck! Stop, please stop..." Claire begged.

Chris said nothing, stepping forward so she was bent between them painfully. Danny leant in, and Claire discovered what he'd meant by 'give me a taste" and the two boys began to kiss passionately, transferring her cum from one mouth to the other. She'd never seen anything like that. Her mouth hung open. It Her soft moaning paused as she watched their tongues slip around each other. As if noticing her staring, Chris pulled away and moved his mouth to hers, his tongue a combination of spit and pussy juice.

Holding her thighs he began to thrust, swinging her body to slam on and off him while Danny held her there.

"Fuck, you got a tight cunt for a mom, Mrs. D."

Claire stared, watching his shaft enter her. Sliding in and out, glistening with her juice. God, this was so wrong, yet her body wouldn't stop trembling with pleasure. She wasn't fighting them anymore. She just wanted to keep feeling this pleasure. The hedonistic joy of being totally controlled. Just hanging there, helpless as this 16 year old pounded her like an expert.

"Come on dude, I need something here."

Pulling out, Chris left her drop to the floor. Now she was no longer struggling, they had not trouble maneuvering her onto her hands and knees. As Chris knelt behind her and once again pushed himself into her cunt, Danny pulled her top and bra over her head leaving her in nothing by her trainers and the phone strapped her her arm. Then he pushed her down onto the hands, lifted her chin in his hand and pushed his cock into her mouth. She didn't fight, but relaxed her mouth and began to eagerly suck,

What the hell had happened. A couple of minutes ago she'd been about to turn around and head home after an evening job. Now she was naked on the floor on the bathroom being spit-roasted by two teenage boys.

She tried to fight down her pleasure, but it had become impossible. The scent of their bodies filled her nose. Both of them were so dominant, so young, so cocky, and she had to admit, really good. She had no doubt their boasts were correct. No matter how much she'd struggled as the start, as soon as Chris had worked his magic on her pussy she been lost. Now the two of them thrust in turn, each of them knowing when to go hard, and when to go slow. One hand on the back of her head, another spanking her ass every other thrust. It wasn't long before she was cumming again, her pussy gushing around Chris while she moaned around Danny.

"Fuck man, this bitch is tight. You gotta feel this."

"Come one, lift her up."

Still recovering, Claire was pulled to a standing position, then hoisted up. Automatically her legs wrapped around Danny's torso, and she cried out in pleasure as he entered her. His longer, caramel shaft stretched her less, but penetrated deeper, giving a different kind of pleasure. As his hands grabbed her ass, hers wrapped around his neck and before she knew it was was kissing him, her mouth open wide and her tongue grinding against his.

"Fuck man, it really does run in the family. Hold her."

Claire felt hands pulling her ass apart, and then Chris' head pushing against her ass. Her eyes shot open.

"No! Stop!"

But it was too late, and she was screaming as his thick cock, glistening and slick from her own pussy juice, shoved up her ass. She struggled and wriggled, unable to pull away or stop moving, but this only seemed to please them. The pain was excruciating, but then gradually began to slide towards pleasure. Trapped between the two of them, penetrated front and back, her screams echoing unanswered around the small room.

Eventually those screams turned to moans, which turned to whimpering, which in turn change to panting for more. She hung there, impaled between them, feeling her body move as each of them thrust in turn. The pain was exquisite. She felt herself shudder. Open mouthed, she kissed Danny hard, her tongue wrapping around his. Then she turned, twisting her spine to do the same to Chris. His hand wrapped around her, pulling and pinching her nipples while Danny gripped her ass.

"Damn it, I'm gonna cum, man. Get her on the floor. I want her to taste this."

Chris pulled out, followed by Danny. Clare felt empty, as if there were a void inside her. As she was ungently dropped to the floor, Chris pulled her up to her knees and then yanked her hair bank. Danny stood in front of her, his cock hard in his hands. She stared up at his caramel, chiselled torso. They suddenly she was hit in the face by a thick stream of cum that slid warm down her face. She cried out in shock, and the next went into her mouth. Then he grabbed her head and slid his dick all the way down her throat, grunting and groaning like an animal as he came in her mouth.

Claire gagged, pushing against his legs as she fought to breath. When he finally stood back, she gasped and fell against Chris. It tasted so good. She couldn't look away from him.

She felt Chris hoist her up under the arms. Only one of them was done with her. Spinning her around, he bent her forward over the sinks. She could see herself in the mirror, naked, bent over with the young teen behind her. Swiftly he pulled off his tshirt, then grabbed her hips and her kicked her legs open.

"Dude, grab my phone. I'm about to win $100."

"What..." Claire began to ask, but then he entered her and her words fell to the side. Looking in the mirror, she could see his young, arrogant smirk. There was no consideration there. Just pure, hormonal lust at the helpless milf before him. The sight was so hot. She couldn't help herself. As he raised one hand and spanked her firm ass she came again, falling forwards onto her hands, eyes closed in ecstasy, screaming wordlessly in the small room as he made her his bitch.

"Damn man. This bitch is in heat." Danny, still undressed, held up a phone. With horror, Claire realised her was filming. "Okay, Mrs. Dunphy. We need to say your name, and that you love letting us fuck you."

"What?" she gasped, her body pushed forward as Chris continued to thrust.

"You heard," Chris grabbed her hair, pull her head back. The phone continued to film the mirror, so it would have a perfect view of what was being done to her and by whom. "Say I'm Claire Dunphy, and I love fucking young cock."

"No..." she shook her head.

"Say it, bitch." He pulled her hair harder, then let go to spank her ass again. Then thrust. Then spank. Thrust. Spank. A smooth rhythm that put her pussy into a trance. All she could feel was a pleasure building was so sharp it was almost pain. She couldn't help herself.

"My name... is Claire Dunphy and I love fucking... young cock." She managed.

"Damn, bitch," Danny laughed. "Say it again."

"My name is Claire Dunphy and I love young cock."

"Nice." Chris grabbed her tits and pulled her backwards. Twisting her head around, he shoved his tongue into her mouth. Claire responded, reaching around to grab his hair.

"Tell me your a slut," he ordered.

"I'm a slut."

"I little married whore."

"I'm a whore, baby."

Then he pushed her back, put one hand on the back of her head and began to pound her cunt wildly. He grunted like an animal as he began to cum. Claire bit her lip, her own orgasm building yet again when suddenly she felt him explode, filling her married cunt with thick, young cum. As it did, she climaxed harder than she could remember in years. Her body twitched, kicked and bucking out of control.

With one last thrust, slamming himself as deep as possible inside her to empty his load, Chris pulled out and let go. Claire's legs collapsed under her. She fell to the ground, her body still writhing as the climax left her. Then she just lay then on the bathroom floor, naked save her trainers and the phone, cum on her face and dripping from her pussy.

"Oh god," she moaned. "What have you done."

"We've won $100, Mrs. D." Chris panted. "First ones to bang all three Dunphys."


"Here, have a look." Chris knelt beside her, and Danny handed him the phone. He opened up a video and held it up. Haley lay on a bed, totally naked. Someone was holding her legs open, and a familiar cock as sliding in and out of her tight pussy. She was staring up at the camera, clearly into what was going on.

On the video, Chris' voice spoke. "Damn, you're such a slut, Haley."

"Yeah baby, I'm a total slut." It felt weird, hearing her daughter say those words, seeing her little titties bounce with each thrust.

"Of course," Chris smiled as another cock, obviously Danny's, entered the frame and began to fuck her little mouth, "This is stage one. Everyone's fucked Haley."

"Basically if you haven't, you're gay." Danny laughed.

"And stage two. She's a little harder, but once you break through her shell she's as bad as her sister." The next video was from a distance. Outside, under the seats at the school stadium. Chris was stood behind Alex. Her bags were discarded on the floor, as were her jeans. Chris stood her, slamming her from behind. Her top was pulled up, and one hand groped her ample tits while the other was clamped over her mouth, into which she was audibly screaming. When she'd finished, he pulled it away.

"What are you, Alex."

"I'm your slut, you bastard."

Claire couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"And so those of us who've managed stage two made a bet. $100 to the first ones to get you to say the same thing." He swiped to a new video. The one he'd taken just now. There she was, her face screwed up in climactic pleasure. Obviously loving what was happening to her. There was no way anyone would believe this wasn't consensual.

"Say it, bitch." Chris' voice was filled with urgency.

"My name... is Claire Dunphy and I love fucking... young cock."

Chris shut down the phone. Leaning in, her pulled her face to his and kiss her again. She found she couldn't resist. There was something animal about what he had done to her. He owned her now.

Then he took her phone, got her to open it, and typed something in. "There, you go my number now. Any time you want to do this again you give me a call." He took a photo of his cock, glistening and still impressive even having blown its load. "So you'll know it's me." He added, setting it as the contact photo for his number.

With that, he stood and dropped her phone into her lap. The two of them high-fived, then pulled on their clothes.

"Catch you later, Mrs. D."

With that they were gone, leaving Claire to wipe the cum from her face, dress herself, and made her way home, wondering how long she'd be able to hold out before calling.


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