Modern Family: Family Fun Part 9 (MF,mF,inc,oral,voy)
by Fan Fiction

The entire modern family were at Jay's house enjoying one of their sunshine filled family barbeque pool parties. Haley and Alex were sunbathing at the side of the pool, while the rest of the family were busy inside the house.

Alex smiled to herself, ever since the threesome she had with her two siblings her sex drive had increased dramatically which meant over the last few days she had enjoyed hot steamy sex with both of siblings on a number of occasions, however not in a threesome again. Alex glanced over at her sexy older sister and admired the leopard skin two piece bikini she was wearing, although Alex liked having sex with both of her siblings, she enjoyed Haley more and she trusted Haley more and therefore let her do almost everything she wanted. This included Haley shoving a dildo up Alex's arse, where as Luke still had to wear a condom until he had came at least twice, simply because Alex didn't trust his control about not cumming inside her and it also meant when he go bareback in her he would able to last longer before pulling out. The silence between the two sisters was broken when Haley gave Alex nudge, without realising it the thoughts of having sex with her brother and sister had caused Alex to lightly rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms.

Haley liked the fact that her younger sister was embracing her sex drive, and she loved the fact Alex was checking out her bikini body. Haley decided to return the favour and check out Alex's body as well and her tight fighting two piece bright pink bikini, it was now when Haley realised that Alex was in some sort of trance and was gently rubbing her own pussy. Haley was tempted to just sit back and watch her younger sister lightly touch herself in public and maybe even join her, but she decided against it and warned Alex when she heard the rest of the modern family clan coming towards the pool.

Claire Stopped just before she got outside to admire her new black hair in the reflection on the patio door, the exact same shade of hair as Alex. She was planning to take the fantasy with Phil to a whole new level by pretending to be Alex in Alex's bed why Phil fucked her hard. As Claire finished admiring her hair she noticed her husband was also doing some admiring himself by checking out his two bikini clad daughters, while sporting an erection which was too big to hide. Claire snuck up behind her husband and whispered gently in his ear "you can't control yourself can you" Phil could only manage a few stuttered non words before Claire spoke again "don't worry your secret is safe with me". As Claire finished her sentence Mitch, Cam and Lily walked passed which caused Phil to jump behind his wife to hide the daughter caused erection he was sporting. Claire noticed this and without saying a word grabbed Phil's hand and ushered him to follow her.

Phil happily followed his wife as she took him to the upstairs of her father's house, he was hoping she was planning to give him a blowjob or maybe it was lucky a quickie. Phil was slightly surprised and taken aback when instead of taking him to one of the bedrooms Claire took him to the upstairs bathroom. However it all became clear when a Claire opened the window to reveal the view, as Phil looked out he noticed he had a perfect view of his two sexy bikini covered daughters. Phil lowered his trunks and began to stroke his cock, as he continued to stare at his two daughters he got more and more excited and began to pick up the pace. Phil was stopped when Claire coughed; when she did he took his eyes of his daughters to see his wife bent over the bath tub with her bikini bottoms at her feet and her pussy on display, Phil quickly stopped his wanking session and rammed his dick up Claire's soaked pussy.

The idea that Phil's lust for his daughters was a massive turn on for Claire, the idea that Phil wanted to fuck his on innocent daughters really got Claire excited, and nothing turned her on like incest taboo. As Phil started to wank over his daughters Claire just watched him and while she did she lowered her fingers into her bikini bottoms and began to finger herself. It wasn't long until Claire decided that her fingers weren't enough and that she needed her husband's cock, so she lowered her bikini bottoms and bent herself over the bath.

As Phil slammed into Claire she felt her whole body shunt forward, clearly the excitement of having sex while looking at his daughters was really getting Phil going, not only was he aggressively fucking her he was also moaning his daughters names as he thrust. As Phil was picturing his daughters, Claire decided that she would picture someone else as well, Claire closed her eyes and quietly started to moan "daddy".

* * *

Manny was quietly singing to himself as left his room, today was going to be a good day for him, because today was the first time the family was going to try his homemade blueberry cheesecake and he was looking forward to all the complements he was bound to get. Manny decided that he wanted some photos to savour that triumph feeling so he made his way to the upstairs closet to fetch the camera. As he was walking to the closet he got sight to behold in the bathroom with the door wide open were Phil and his step sister Claire aggressively fucking over the bathtub.

When his first saw the sight in the bathroom his first reaction was to hide at the side of the open door so he could keep watching the scene unfolding in front of him. His second reaction was to start unzipping his shorts so he could he wank along to the sight of Phil fucking Claire. However as Manny was about to start stroking his cock he remembered the rule his mum made, the only girl in the family he was allowed to wank over was her. Manny thought back to that night and the events that took place, about the tit wank, the blowjob and how his mum said he had to earn the ultimate prize, Manny decided he would have rather have that prize than risk getting caught wanking over Phil and Claire, so he zipped up his shorts and turned around to walk away, but as he turned he saw standing behind him was his mother with her eyes watching all that was happening in front of her.

Gloria just watched as Manny just stood there shocked into a silence, so she spoke first. "Looks like you been following the rules, and now you win a prize" with this remark Gloria placed her hands on her son's chest and slowly began them down until they reached the waistband of his shorts. It was at this moment when both Phil and Claire announced to each other they were cumming, not wanting to be caught by the couple as they left the bathroom Gloria grabbed Manny and dragged him into his room.

Manny stumbled and fell onto his bed as his mum grabbed him and chucked him into his room, he regained his composure to look up and see his mum close his door and walk over to him until she was standing over him. Manny just sat there and smiled as Gloria started to remove her matching black bikini. Once again Manny was staring at the gorgeous naked body of his mother, seeing this sight once gain gave Manny confidence, causing him to jump up and mash his face into his mum's tits.

After a few seconds over Manny suckling on her breasts Gloria pushed him back a few inches and planted a kiss on his lips. After the kiss broke Gloria placed her hands on the base of his shirt and lifted it over his head. Gloria threw Manny's shirt to the ground and pushed him down on the bed, Gloria quickly followed her son by throwing herself on top of him and resting so her head was hovering over his short covered cock. Gloria removed Manny's shorts and boxers in one quick swoop so his cock now stood free in front of her face with this Gloria gave Manny a sexy devilish look and engulfed his entire cock in one.

Manny lay back on his back watching his mums head go up and down on his cock, every few bobbles she would shoot a sexy little look in his direction. With the looks his mum was giving him and her skill at giving head It didn't take before Manny felt his end approach, grunting loudly he unleashed a large amount of his seed into his mum's mouth, which she easily swallowed without fuss.

After this Gloria grabbed Manny by the hips and flipped them over so she was on the bottom and Manny was leaning over his mum. After a few moments of silence Gloria softly spoke "time to claim your reward my special boy" but that wasn't what Manny had planned, Manny lowered himself positioned his mouth so it was whiskers away from his mum's pussy, "I want to taste my prize first" with these words Manny moved his mouth to his mum's pussy.

Initially Gloria was thrilled for her son to take more initiative and start eating her out, however this didn't last long as the usual pleasure she got from being eaten out just wasn't coming. Manny seemed lost and nervous as he delicately probed at Gloria's crotch, eventually Gloria got frustrated and decided to give her son a helping hand. Gloria placed her hands on the back of Manny's head a guided him to the right areas of her pussy, after this encouragement Manny started to settle down and started to bring back the pleasure Gloria was expecting. The pleasure from her son's mouth just kept increasing and Manny's calm and caring personality meant he was really focusing on making sure his mum had the maximum possible level of enjoyment. Gloria hadn't felt this much pleasure for a while and after several minutes it was too much and she erupted, screaming out in pleasure and covering Manny with her juices.

Manny eagerly lapped all the juices his mum had to offer, after he had finished he moved so he could position himself to claim his main prize. It felt like a lifetime for Manny but finally his cock was hovering at the entrance of Gloria's pussy, Manny took a deep breath and pushed forward inside his mum, finally losing his virginity.

Gloria let out a moan as Manny entered her; the feeling of having a new cock inside of her was one she absolutely loved. Gloria noticed like the pussy eating Manny was inexperienced and needed guidance, Gloria was about to give it to him when it occurred to her that they had been gone for a little while now and any longer may bring unnecessary attention, and the last thing she wanted people to see was the sight of her son thrusting in to her.

Gloria decided to avoid being caught she needed to end this quickly; she flipped Manny over so now she was riding him. Gloria was using all of her skills to make sure that they both finished quickly, and after a couple minutes of skilful riding Manny spoke up "mum, I can't last much longer" Gloria just leant down a kissed many on lips and whispered "it's ok, fill me up" and with these words Manny began to cum. After Joe was born Gloria went on the pill to prevent anymore pregnancies so Manny shooting his load inside wasn't an issue, in fact in was just what she need to get to her own orgasm, moaning Gloria released a second wave of orgasmic pleasure this time coating Manny's shaft with her juices.

After a few minutes both left the room and had quick showers in different bathrooms of the house, however as they both left their respective showers they both smiled to them self and thought "best barbeque ever".


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