Modern Family: Family Fun Part 6 (MF,F-solo,toys)
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

Gloria let out a frustrated grunt as she tossed her shopping bags aggressively down on her bedroom floor, she then kicked of her high heels and fell on to her bed. Her room and her house was quiet and she let that wash over her just for second, Joe was on a day out with Andy, Manny was out with a friend and Jay was at work still sorting out the break in which happened a week ago.

The quietness didn't help Gloria's mood, ever since the break in at Jay's business he didn't have time for sex, he stayed at work late and left early all in aid of sorting out insurance, repairing damage and making sure he wouldn't lose money. Gloria understood why he was doing it but she was still annoyed, the last sexual experience she had was when her son filled her mouth with his cum. She thought back to that experience, she denied him the chance to fuck her because he spoke and now she was regretting that decision, if she knew she was going have no sex this week she would let her son fuck her all night long.

Gloria broke her trance by standing up and stripping of all her clothes so she stood in her room naked, she then reached into her shopping bags and pulled out a brand new dildo. Gloria removed the packaging and lay down on her back on her bed ready to get rid of her frustration. Gloria brushed over her breasts to erect her nipples and gave them a pinch which caused her to squeal with pleasure to herself, with her other hand she rubbed the outer lips of her pussy with the dildo. The wetness between Gloria's legs grew even further and with this she inserted the dildo into herself.

Gloria was moaning loudly to herself as she pinched her nipple with her left hand and her right hand moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. She was getting pleasure from her masturbating but it wasn't getting the job done she needed more excitement, she needed her favourite game. Gloria left her breast to reach over and grab the bedside phone so she could phone Jay while she pleasured herself. As she reached over for the phone caused the dildo slipped from her pussy and fell at the entrance of her other hole. Gloria had been fucked up the arse before but she had never put a dildo up there before. She positioned her dildo at her arse while she started to dial Jay's work number, the phone rang a couple of times before at the other end she heard Jay speak "Hello, Pritchett closets and blinds, Jay speaking".

* * *

Claire walked back to her office from her lunch break with a smile on her face; she had just done some shopping which should lead to a lot of fun. Claire sat back on her office chair and looked into the shopping bag to admire what she had bought, black hair dye the same shade of her youngest daughters Alex's hair. Ever since Claire had pretended to be her daughter in bed while she was with Phil she wanted to do it again, it was the best fuck she had ever had. She thought back to that night, and how Phil was picturing his daughter was on his dick, and she was picturing her own father fucking her. Claire started to form a plan, a plan of pretending to be her sweet innocent little girl with her black hair just lying there waiting for her daddy to fuck her hard and long, maybe she would get Phil to fuck her on Alex's bed as well, just for the added excitement.

As Claire read the box a thought occurred to her, with this hair colour she could pretend to be Haley as well. Claire was almost certain she had heard her oldest daughter having sex loudly in her basement bedroom over the last week. Claire was imagining it now, Haley picking up some random guy for a bar and bringing him home, sneaking him down to her basement bedroom and fucking him all night long. Claire started to picture what pretending to be her daughter would be like, lying on her daughter's bed pretending to be them while her husband fucks her hard, screaming his daughter's names as he unleashes his load inside her.

The Father Daughter incest vibe was really getting Claire going; she could feel the wetness between her legs grow as she thought of her husband fucking her daughters and her dad fucking her. Claire lowered the fly of her trousers and out put her right hand down her trousers. Claire closed her eyes and allowed the fantasy to continue, the idea of incest had always turned her on even when she was a teenager.

Claire thought back to those times when she was a wild teenager who was always trying to get a peep at her brother changing or her parents having sex. She thought back to the time she once made a cheeky pass at Mitchell and how she almost ended up in bed with her dad.

Claire was walking back to her room in only a towel and a disappointed look on her face, she had just "accidentally" dropped her towel while bumping into Mitchell in the hall way, while doing that she managed to show her brother the goods on offer with a flash of her boobs and hairless pussy. She also managed to grind her arse against his crotch while picking up the towel and yet she felt no response, ready to move on from her disappointment she went into her room still horny to get ready for a night on the town.

Several hours later Claire returned home drunk and with a man in tow. She ushered him upstairs easily enough, she had enough experience bringing guys home and she was becoming an expert at it. Claire who was just wearing her bra and panties had her new guy sitting on her bed in his boxers, they were enjoying a couple more drinks from Claire's secret collection in her room when she remembered how she got caught last time she came home late she had forgot to lock the front door, and if her dad found it unlocked again in the morning she was in deep shit.

Claire stumbled down the stairs still in her underwear and successfully managed to check the door annoyingly it was locked so she headed back upstairs to get some cock, it was only after she reached the top of the stairs when the extra drinks hit her, and she lost her bearing. Normally she would follow the light of her room to find her way, but a couple of weeks ago her mum had popped her head in to see why she was still awake and caught Claire fingering herself, it was an extremely embarrassing moment which she knew would be a thousand times worse if it was a guy her mum had a caught inside her rather than her fingers so now she kept the light off eager to avoid this. Claire was now regretting this decision, eventually she managed to find her room and the guy she brought home dozing under the duvet, Claire also found his boxers on the floor meaning he was naked under the duvet. Claire decided it was time to reward his patience.

Claire slipped under the duvet and grasped the semi hard cock of the naked man in her bed, the cock immediate grew hard to six and a half inches and Claire began to slowly stroke it. Claire could hear the guy starting to moan as her teenage hands slowly stroked his cock, she followed this by taking the first three inches of his cock in her mouth but it wasn't long before she had all six and a half inches down her throat. After a few minutes the groans of her conquest were getting louder as he approached his climax as a result of her skilful blowjob, Claire decided it was time to finish him off and give that cock in her teenage pussy. Claire used the technique she always used when she wanted to finish a guy off, she gave her special tongue flick and before she knew he was realising his seed into her mouth. She quickly gulped his cum down and removed her panties began to position herself on her back next to the guy as she was doing this she noticed it, there was a third person in the bed. All of a sudden Claire sobered up and noticed what bed she was in, her parents in her drunken haze she'd gotten the wrong room.

Her dad began to whisper in her ear "Oh Dede that's the best blowjob you've ever given me, now I'm going to fuck you raw." With this Jay moved to position himself, this gave Claire the opportunity to slip out of bed and grab her panties at the same time, leaving her dad to try and fuck her mum "raw".

As Claire's memory finished she climaxed, drenching her panties in her juices. Claire quickly cleaned up by removing he soaked panties, she decided it was better to go commando than wear them all day and continued on with her work. Claire decided to check on how her dad was getting on with the insurance company they should be entitled to a large payment and Claire wanted to know the latest, but as she reached his office she was treated to an interesting sight. Claire caught her father wanking while on the phone to his wife, a couple of weeks ago Claire may have ran away, but with recent events and distant memories coming back she decided to watch and as she did made a decision, she was going to get some of that cock.


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