Modern Family: Family Fun Part 3
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

Jay was sitting in his arm chair sipping at a cup of coffee trying to watch TV. However he was unable to because his wife Gloria was busying giving their young son Joe an out of tune version of "hush little baby don't you cry" ironically making him cry at bit more.

After about ten minutes (although it felt like twenty for Jay) Joe started to settle down, which made Jay chuckle to himself and think, "Maybe he's getting used to her singing." After another ten minutes of jokes to himself about his wife's singing he decided to go up stairs and have a shower.

On the way he spotted his wife standing in their room talking on the phone to the male nanny Andy about his trip to see his girlfriend, the interesting thing was that she was in her bra and trousers. Jay assumed Joe her spit up on her blouse. Jay was about to walk on, as Gloria was deep in conversation when she turned around, so that her arse was facing Jay when he remembered one of their favourite games, trying to have phone conservations while the other had their fun. Jay walked into the room ready to partake.

Gloria was nodding along to what Andy was saying when suddenly felt two large hands grab her very firm arse. It caused her give out a load squeak, which encouraged a concerned Andy to ask through the phone, "Everything okay Mrs. P?"

Gloria gave a sly smile and responded, "Everything is fine, Jay just surprised me."

With this Gloria walked away from her husband towards the bed where she climbed on, laid down on the bed and spread her legs. During this she had kept the phone to her ear still listening to Andy ramble on. Gloria spoke into the phone, "Everyone is fine," but with her eyes she gave a Jay look which said "game on."

Jay crawled onto the bed and began removing the Disneyland slippers that Gloria loved to wear when he noticed his mobile phone was ringing in his pocket. He decided to ignore it thinking it was important they would ring back. Returning his focus back to the task at hand, Jay finished taking off Gloria's slippers to reveal her feet and then decided to start tickling Gloria by rubbing the bottom of her feet. This caused Gloria to start giggling.

Gloria covered the phone so Andy couldn't hear her speak and moaned at Jay, "Stop that! That's cheating, work these areas," Gloria said gesturing to her crotch and breasts. After she reminding Jay of the rules of the game she continued the phone conservation with Andy, "Sorry, Andy. Jay thinks it's funny to tickle me while I'm on the phone."

Jay felt his phone ringing in his pocket again, so he took it out, stopped the call and threw it on the bedside table, so he could focus on the game at hand. He had lost the last two times and he wasn't going to make three defeats on the bounce. He started to unbuckle Gloria's trousers pulling them down slowly planting kisses on her thighs and a cheeky one of her panty covered pussy. Jay could tell by Gloria's reaction and her dampening pussy that this was working. Gloria's arousal was growing, so Jay moved his hands to the top of her panties ready to pull them down and have some fun when his phone rang again. Jay was annoyed but he knew if they rang a third time it was important. He lifted himself from his wife and reached over to answer his phone.

Gloria could see Jay's concern and anger as he answered the phone. She cut Andy off while he was rambling on about his trip with a, "Sorry, Andy, I've got to go." With this she hung up the phone and tossed it aside.

At the same time Jay ended his phone call with a, "I'll be right there." Jay turned to Gloria and said, "Sorry, Gloria, I've got to go. Some bastards broke into the company warehouse." With this Jay marched out of the room and down the stairs. This was followed by the front door slamming shut a few moments later.

Gloria was concerned for her husband's business, but her main feeling was frustration because Jay had started the game and not finished. It wasn't Jay not finishing the game that frustrated her, it was that he got her juices following and left her to care of herself. Gloria decided to go take a bath and finish herself off. She was still in her underwear when she stood up, so she put on a cardigan and headed to the bathroom.

Gloria was on her way to the bathroom when she decided to check on her two sons. Firstly she checked on her youngest son, Joe, by opening the door slightly and checking if he was still sound asleep which he was, so Gloria decided to move on to Manny's room. As Gloria approached Manny's room she could hear some opera music playing. Not wanting to disturb him she slowly approached the door and opened it very slightly, so she could look inside. The sight she saw certainty surprised her.

Manny was sitting at his computer desk with his trousers and underwear at his ankles while his left hand worked away on his manhood. Normally this would be embarrassing for a mother to walk in on her son wanking, but for some reason she felt it gave her a twinge between her legs. Gloria wasn't sure if this was because of what she and Jay were doing before, but one thing was certain the sight in front of her made her wetness grow even more.

She was about to let her herself give in and finger herself when her arousal turned to frustration. The cause of this was Gloria spotting what Manny was wanking over; it was a picture from the last family barbecue of her young step grand daughters Haley and Alex Dunphy in bikinis. Gloria knew she had issues about letting her son go and him being attracted to girls, but him wanking over other members of the family was not acceptable. If he was going to imagine someone in the family it was going to be her. With this thought Gloria entered her son's room.

Manny was so close to cumming at the sight of his extremely attractive nieces in two piece bikinis was sexy and suddenly he felt a hand grab his shoulder. The sudden surprise caused Manny to shoot all of his load over his computer desk and his hand. Manny was in shock. He couldn't turn around, he just needed a second to regain his thoughts and access the situation. Manny's thinking was brought to a halt when his mum started cleaning his cum covered hand with a tissue and spoke up, "There is only one women in this family you wank over young man and that's me." With these words Gloria stood up and loosened her cardigan allowing it to fall to the floor revealing to Manny her light purple bra and panties.

Manny was about to speak up when Gloria planted her middle finger on his lips and whispered, "New rule: no speaking. Tonight is all about me creating memories for you."

With this Gloria stood up walked up to start performing. The first thing she did was turn off the opera music because she found it extremely distracting. She also shut the bedroom door so she could add to the feeling of a privacy. Suddenly Gloria noticed Manny's cock was only semi-hard. Slowly she approached Manny and knelt over him so her panty covered pussy was hovering above Manny's crotch with her bra covered boobs inches away from his face.

Gloria reached behind her back and unbuckled her bra allowing it to fall away to show her son her tits. The sight of Gloria's glorious breasts was just too exciting, not only did his dick immediately rise to attention it shot his second load of the night straight on to panties above his crotch. Gloria just stepped back from Manny and spoke in her sexiest voice, "Well, I need to get rid of theses." With that she removed her panties allowing the underwear, which was soaking in her juices and Manny's cum drop to her ankles. She stepped out the panties and knelt in front of her son taking his manhood in her mouth and gave it a really good clean with her tongue.

If he hadn't already came twice already that night, Manny would have almost certainty filled Gloria's mouth with his seed, but for now he was holding off. He sat back and continued to enjoy the feeling. Gloria noticed this and decided to up the action; she took the cock out of her mouth and positioned it between her tits. Manny just sat there on his seat amazed. He was now receiving a tit wank from his mum and her glorious tits.

Suddenly Gloria took his dick out her tits and put it back her mouth. This allowed to her lower her left hand towards her pussy and take care of her own needs. She did this by inserting two fingers into her pussy. Gloria was yet to cum tonight meaning it only took seconds for her to cum and cum hard. The sight of Gloria cumming was the final straw for Manny and he broke his mum's rule and shouted out, "Oh god, yes!" and came for the third time that night, filling his mums mouth with his cum, which she used all her experience to swallow every single drop of it.

After swallowing this load Gloria stood up and spoke in a sexy Teachers voice "naughty boy you broke my rule, and now you don't get your reward" with this she covered her pussy with her hands, she kept her hands where they were and bent over her so her face was whiskers away from Manny's and whispered "that's right big boy I was going to let you fuck me, but now who have to earn it" with this Gloria left the room picking up her cardigan on the way out she decided to leave underwear to act as a reminder.

As Gloria left Manny had a bucket load of feelings. The main two were annoyance because he missed the opportunity to fuck a women. His second feeling was relief. Relief he didn't have to fuck her right now because he really didn't think he had another in him. With this thought he stood up and collapsed on to his bed and drifted into a very deep sleep.


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