Modern Family: A Whole New Meaning To Modern Family Part 3 (bF-solo,bbF,inc,oral,first,voy)
by Tom Seaton

It had been a couple of weeks since the Dunphy family had taken new steps in their relationships and Haley had lived those weeks in constant hope that she might get even more. She'd been over the moon to have sucked her father's cock and been licked to orgasm by her mother, but she secretly wanted to fuck her dad and it was this that was making her constantly on edge.

Nothing had happened since that night and although the relationships had been a little edgy the next morning, the Dunphy family had gone about their normal business with Luke none the wiser his whole family were now fucking each other.

Haley had masturbated frequently since that evening, remembering how her father's cock had tasted and how her mother had eaten her out and she knew Alex had done the same. The two girls had contemplated rekindling their own lesbian fun but decided it wouldn't be the same without their parents watching on, fucking.

However, the next sexual experience Haley had with a family member was with someone she'd least expected too but arguably was just as good and certainly just as rewarding.

The whole family were at her grandparents' house for a family get-together and so it was the last place Haley expected anything sexual to happen. She knew she wasn't going to get any but she couldn't help but be turned on when she saw the three women of the family, her mother, her sister and her step-grandmother, Gloria, in their bikinis with most of the men wearing briefs.

When Gloria stepped out of the pool and she saw the wet white bikini clinging to her breasts, Haley knew that she needed to go and relieve herself and, judging by the reactions of some of the men and the growing bulges in their trunks, she wasn't the only one.

When Claire followed her step-mom out of the water with her white bikini also clinging to her breasts and pussy, Haley saw Phil, Luke and even Mitch shift uncomfortably in their sunbeds as they tried to cover up their boners. Haley, herself, decided to head inside and find somewhere quiet so she could relieve herself of all the sexual tension she'd had for a while.

Haley walked through the house that she knew so well, found her way upstairs and headed towards the bathroom. However, just as she was passing her grandfather and Gloria's room, she froze in her tracks at what she saw on the floor.

A pair of Gloria's worn knickers were lying temptingly on the floor and Haley couldn't resist going into the room and picking them up. She carried them with her to the bathroom and, locking the door, sat down on the toilet, horny as ever.

Haley looked out of the bathroom window and realised she could see out to the swimming pool and she focused her mind on the three women's bodies; maybe she was becoming a lesbian. She held Gloria's used panties to her nose and sniffed them, and could tell immediately that her step-grandmother had cum in them.

The smell was exactly the same as on Haley's own panties after she'd fucked Dylan and Haley held it close to her nose and mouth as she slowly parted her legs and began to masturbate. She looked out the bathroom window and saw Gloria bend down and show off her perfect ass and Haley was suddenly in complete bliss.

She slipped her bikini bottoms around her ankles and slowly massaged her fingers in and out of her pussy, all the while sniffing Gloria's panties. She wondered how long she'd been gone for and took a quick glance out the window but nobody seemed to have noticed her absence.

Haley was in full ecstasy now as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, sniffing Gloria's panties and remembering the fun she'd had with the rest of her family two weeks ago. Haley loved imagining that she'd managed to fuck her dad that evening and that seemed to help now as she thought of any cock inside her.

Suddenly, she heard a noise. Someone had come inside the house. However, Haley was too far into her masturbation session to stop now and, besides, the door was locked. She put it out of her mind and continued to finger herself, Gloria's panties in her face, and letting out a faint moan.

Haley began to lose sight of where she was and allowed her moans to become louder and louder as she neared her orgasm. She had completely forgotten that she could be caught, not only masturbating but with her grandfather's wife's panties.

Meanwhile as Haley masturbated upstairs, Luke and Manny were on their way to Manny's room to try out Luke's new video game he'd got. Usually Manny didn't like playing video games, especially on days like this when Haley and Alex wore bikinis and he could stare at his family's bodies, but the two of them had disappeared and he was bored.

However, as the two boys walked past the upstairs bathroom, they could hear a faint moaning sound coming from the other side of the locked door. Luke recognised it immediately and pretended to pass it off as nothing; the amount of times he'd caught one of his sisters masturbating recently was getting too high to count but he never let them see him.

Manny, on the other hand, had absolutely no idea what the sound was as Gloria and Jay were always very careful to make sure the boy was out of the house before they did anything sexual. He had watched porn, as all young boys do, and was sure the sounds were familiar from that, but when Luke passed it off, he disposed of this theory. Surely Luke had watched more porn than him.

Luke knew it was one of his sisters masturbating in that bathroom and he couldn't help but begin to get hard as he thought about it. He'd always wondered what having sex would be like and had recently found himself looking at his sisters differently. Even his mum seemed to sexually attract him, and as for Gloria, well, he was like his dad in that sense.

Manny had only thought about Alex and Haley in a sexual manner in terms of the women of his own family but all those thoughts were cast out of his mind as soon as they began playing; this video game was actually pretty good.

Haley chanced a glance out of the bathroom window, hoping she might get to see Gloria's perfect ass again, or even better, maybe it was her who had come in the house. When Haley couldn't see her outside, she snuck over to the door, unlocked it and eased it open a tad before settling back on the toilet and continuing to masturbate.

Luke had heard the door unlock and was now in a strange position. He knew it was Haley in the bathroom as Alex was downstairs helping Gloria and his mum get the food ready, and so that must mean Haley wanted to be caught. He wasn't concentrating on the game and Manny was winning quite comfortably, which was very strange, the young Delgado boy thought.

"Do you want a break?" Luke said, pausing the game. "I can't concentrate. Why don't you go get us some drinks?"

"Ok," Manny said, wanting to keep playing but also feeling a little thirsty. He headed downstairs, ignoring the sounds from the bathroom and leaving the two siblings alone upstairs.

Luke headed slowly towards the bathroom door and pushed it slightly open. What he saw immediately made his cock twitch; it was insanely hot, despite the fact it was his sister. Haley had her eyes closed but a pair of Gloria's panties were pressed tightly to her face as she drove two fingers in and out her pussy.

Luke knew he didn't have much time before Manny returned from downstairs with some drinks, so he quickly slipped inside the bathroom and shut the door quietly. His sister was undisturbed and therefore unaware she had a voyeur, as he stood in the corner of the room, just watching.

Luke couldn't help but get hard as he watched his eldest sister fuck herself with her fingers and he eased down his swimming trunks to slowly stroke his cock. Haley was in total pleasure and she wondered if Gloria was close to catching her or if her plan had completely backfired and she was in danger of being caught by Jay, or worse, Manny.

She wanted to sneak a look but for fear of it being worse, she decided against it. Luke, however, couldn't help himself. His trunks were round his ankles now as he watched his sister, his hand working hard on his cock. Maybe if he jerked it quickly enough, he could cum and be out of the room by the time Manny returned.

Haley was nearing her own orgasm and decided it would be worth it to see if her dream had come true and she'd been caught. Opening one eye slowly, she had to stop herself from screaming out in shock as she saw her younger brother jerking his surprisingly large cock as he watched her.

Luke was going at it hard and fast, his eyes fixed on Haley's movements on her own pussy, so he hadn't noticed the fact that the game was up. But there was no way Haley was going to have such a hard cock in this bathroom without at least playing with it, especially as she was so close to her own orgasm.

She needed to think of a way to seduce her younger brother and was debating whether to moan out that she desperately needed a cock, when she realised she could pull rank. Just by opening her eyes and catching him, she could seduce her young virgin brother.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Haley asked Luke, opening her eyes and feigning shock and embarrassment. "Why are you jacking off to me? I'm your fucking sister."

Luke froze. He'd been so close to his orgasm, he was about to get to the point where he was going to jerk it slower before picking up speed and cumming, that he'd forgotten what Haley's reaction might be if she caught him. "Er..." he stammered.

"Thought you'd just get off to your sister, did you?" Haley continued, surprisingly enjoying shouting at her brother while they were both horny. "Gonna tell all your little friends about how your sister made you cum, were you?"

Luke didn't say anything. He had thought because his sister was so horny, she might even want him to do something with her. He hadn't expected a reaction like this.

"Well if you're gonna tell them about it, at least let me do it properly," Haley said, smiling. "Come here. Bring me that cock."

"What?" Luke said, stunned by the sudden change from his sister.

"Come here," she replied, still fingering herself, albeit a lot slower.

Luke moved slowly over towards his sister, his cock still in his hand, still as hard as ever. Haley was smiling now and Luke didn't know what to think. She'd been mad at him seconds ago and now he was walking towards her while she masturbated at her request.

As soon as Luke was close enough, Haley stretched out a hand and took his cock in it. She was surprised at how big it was, considering he was much younger than any other cocks she'd seen, he was still at about the same size. She began to jerk it slowly, still playing with her pussy with her other hand.

"So Luke," Haley said as she stopped playing with herself and moved both hands around her younger brother's cock, "do you like watching your sister masturbate? Does it turn you on?"

"Yeah, it's really hot," Luke said, gaining confidence. "I've watched you and Alex several times, you're always so horny."

"You little pervert," Haley said, but she was secretly excited. Knowing that Luke had masturbated to both his sisters meant it would be relatively easy to seduce him into joining the rest of their family in an orgy.

At that moment, the bathroom door burst open and Manny entered. The young Delgado boy had returned with the drinks and, when he couldn't find Luke anywhere, had begun searching for him. He froze in horror at the sight before him, Haley's pussy fully on show as she had both hands around Luke's cock, slowly jerking her brother.

"Shut up, don't say anything," Haley said, taking control as Luke froze, horrified. "Shut the door, come in and maybe I'll give you what you've always wanted."

Manny did as Haley requested, stepping further into the room, and shutting the door behind him. Then he stood, watching, as Haley continued to jerk her brother's cock, Luke a little more relaxed now he realised Manny wasn't going to tell.

Haley suddenly realised she had two virgin, horny boys at her every command and decided that she was going to have some fun with them. She could tell Manny was beginning to get a little hard, the young Colombian boy had gone red. Letting go of Luke's cock, she looked over at Manny.

"Come on, then," Haley said, smiling. "Let me see what I'm working with."

Manny slowly undid his trunks and let them drop to the floor to expose his cock. It was much smaller than Luke's, but Haley had expected this. Despite his maturity, she'd sensed Manny was going to have a small cock.

"Ok then," she said, sizing them up and deciding what she wanted. "Luke, you're gonna lick my pussy until I cum and Manny, come here and I'll give you what you've always wanted."

"You're gonna let me fuck you?" he replied, excited.

"Don't be stupid," Haley answered, "but I'll give you a blowjob."

Luke and Manny moved over to Haley, and Haley smiled. She'd never had two cocks at the same time and, although these were both younger than her, she couldn't wait to try it. She took a hold of Manny's cock and slowly began to jerk it as Luke knelt down at her pussy and hesitated.

"Just stick out your tongue and lick it like you would a lollipop," Haley instructed her younger sibling and this Luke did, making Haley moan immediately, given her heightened sense of horniness.

It wasn't amazing but Haley never expected it to be, but Luke was a fast learner and soon he had built up a rhythm on Haley's pussy as he lapped away at it. She was moaning loudly now and decided the only way to ensure she didn't scream the house down would be to put something in her mouth.

She'd been working Manny's cock for a while though, and it had only grown an extra inch in her hand, but this was a good thing. She'd worked with much bigger and knew she'd easily be able to deepthroat his cock as she shut her eyes to try and forget it was her step-uncle's cock.

She parted her lips and brought them down to Manny's cock, wrapping them around it and beginning to give the young Colombian child his first ever blowjob. Manny was watching intently as Haley sucked on his cocks, hardly believing that his dreams had all come true.

Luke was unaware his sister was now giving his step-uncle a blowjob because he was concentrating on making sure that his eldest sibling got off. He was slowly growing into the oral sex he was giving, as Haley got wetter and wetter, he found that her pussy tasted sweeter and sweeter; he certainly liked the taste.

Haley opened her eyes and it was a good job she did because she recognised the face Manny was pulling immediately. It was a similar one to the one Dylan pulled when he was close to orgasm and Haley braced herself, knowing she could take his load in her mouth.

Manny let out a grunt of pleasure as he released his load in Haley's mouth and then pulled his cock out, watching as she swallowed it down. He smiled at her, but knew that he must have orgasmed a lot sooner than all the other guys she had been with.

Haley was suddenly caught in two minds. There was no way she was going to let either of her two younger relatives fuck her, not today anyway, but she'd enjoyed sucking on Manny's cock and making him cum. She weighed up her options and eventually came to a decision.

"Manny, swap positions with Luke," Haley instructed the younger boys. "Let me finish what I started before you caught us. Just lick my pussy like you would a lollipop, OK?"

Manny wasted no time in pulling his satisfied cock out of Haley's mouth and taking Luke's place in kneeling on the floor at Haley's pussy. It looked so beautiful this close up, so much better than in all the porn he'd watched, and he couldn't help but admire it for a second.

Luke had got into a position where Haley could pleasure his cock as quickly as Manny, and he let out a little moan as he felt her warm hands around his semi-hard member. She expertly worked it up to its full length once more before smiling at her brother, as she wrapped her lips around his cock, and began to suck.

Luke moaned as he felt his eldest sister's lips around his cock for the first time ever and he knew he was going to try and do it again immediately. She was clearly an experienced cock sucker but he was determined to last longer than Manny and just enjoyed the experience.

Manny was nowhere near as good at licking pussy as Luke had been, but Haley was so turned on, she didn't really need much to bring her closer to orgasm. Just the touch of Manny's tongue on her clit was getting her close but she knew she was going to have to finish herself off as her step-uncle clearly wasn't able to do it.

Luke's cock was bigger than Manny's, something Haley felt strangely proud of, but his ability to hold back his orgasm wasn't much better than the young Colombian boys'. Haley supposed it was the fact it was his elder sister sucking on his cock, but she braced herself and, just as Manny had done beforehand, Luke filled her mouth with cum.

She swallowed down her brother's load as he pulled his cock from her mouth, a huge grin on his face and looked down at where Manny was licking her pussy. She let out a faint moan so as to not hurt Manny's pride and then pulled the young boy away from her pussy.

"Well boys, I hope you both enjoyed yourselves," Haley said. "Now, not a word to anyone, understand? I was never here. Now you two go, and I'll head downstairs in five minutes so it looks like I've had a shower or something, ok?"

The two boys nodded their heads and got up and left the room, leaving Haley alone once more. So, her plan hadn't totally backfired. True, she was still going to have to finger herself to orgasm as she resumed her pleasure on her now heightened pussy, but she had just taken two cumloads and maybe introduced her brother into the new Dunphy fuckfest.

It was imagining this scene: her brother and father fucking her as she watched her mother and sister have lesbian fun that brought Haley to the tip of her climax and she suddenly imagined Gloria watching to take herself over the edge.

Her pussy juices squirted over the bathroom floor, something she'd only ever done on three occasions before and she couldn't believe how horny she'd been. Manny and Luke had been converted to the incestual family ways; her next target was Gloria.


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