Melrose Place/Beverly Hills 90210: Roman Holiday Part 1 (m/f)
by Professor Moriarty

9:37. Jennifer Mancini looked at the clock on the nightstand and that's what
it read. She felt behind her for Billy, but he wasn't there. Then it
penetrated her foggy consciousness that the shower was running. She slid over
to the edge of the bed, sitting up. The satin sheets felt really good on her
bare ass. She stood up and yawned, stretching her arms high over her head in
the process. She walked toward the bathroom, which was connected directly to
their bedroom, and saw that her Husband, Billy Campbell, was already in the
shower. She padded over to the door and opened it.

He looked over his shoulder at her and grinned. "Didn't think you were ever
going to get up...", he said.

"Ummmm..." she said, and stepped into the shower behind him. She hugged him
from behind, burying her cheek into his shoulder. Her hands reached around
his waist, the left resting palm-down against his flat, soapy belly and the
right slipping lower, seeking his cock. She found it already semi-rigid.
"Playing with my toys without me?" she murmured, teasingly.

"That didn't start until you showed up", he countered mildly.

She continued to caress his dick, rubbing her soapy palm along the underside
of it, gripping it at the base, and squeezing while pulling her hand along
the shaft, going up towards the head. He was fully erect now, and beginning
to throb. She alternated the tempo and pressure in unpredictable ways, which
she knew that he loved. She was squeezing his ass, when he started to turn
around. She gripped his penis again, from the front side now, and continued
to stroke it, pulling the palm of her hand slowly along the underside of his
dick. She stood on her tiptoes, and he leaned down to kiss her, gently at
first, then more urgently. His tongue began to seek hers. He ran his hands
along her breasts, then began squeezing them like she was doing to his
member. She released his cock, and he started rubbing it up and down against
the soapy hair of her pussy.

"Seems like you want something, buddy..." she teased him, grinning. This was
something they did nearly every morning. They had a roomy shower, it was one
of the few things they absolutely insisted on when they settled in Rome. They
fucked in here nearly every single day.

Jennifer turned around, and looking back at Billy in a manner both lewd and
sweet, got down on all fours and raised her ass to him in an unmistakable
invitation. He got down on his knees behind her and began rubbing her
now-swollen vulva. He sought to open the inner labia, running his fingertips
up and down his Wife's moistening slit. She was moaning softly now, and
looking back at him over her shoulder, her large brown eyes filled with
clear, wanton longing.

He pressed the head of his dick into her, slowly at first, then all the way.
Jennifer was absolutely the best lover he had ever had. He had been with
Allison, off and on, and she had always been great. He was married twice
previously, to Brooke and Samantha, two gorgeous women, who had given him
many memorable nights.

Jennifer Mancini was something else entirely. She was the most passionate,
energetic, imaginative, and insatiable lover he'd ever known. She had
indulged every dirty little fantasy of his, and helped him discover ones he
never knew he had. She had swallowed quarts of his cum. There was no part of
her body, from her ears to the bottoms of her feet, that he hadn't ejaculated
on. She ate it up like it was honey and rubbed it on like it was suntan

Now he set off into a steady rhythm, building momentum slowly. She liked it
slow and sweet at first, then harder. He could see (and feel) her reaching
back between her thighs to stroke and tease her swelling clitoris. He
continued his strokes, increasing in speed. Now, when her ass came into
contact with his belly as he slid his cock into her cunt, there was a small
smacking sound. She began to punctuate his inward thrusts with a small "oh",
every time his pelvis hit her ass. She was rubbing furiously now, getting
closer and closer to a climax. Billy reached around her hip and his fingers
joined hers, rubbing at the expanding pussy lips and occasionally fighting
hers for access to the precious nub of her clit. She was tensing up now, and
her breathing was coming in ragged gasps. He continued to power long strokes
of his prick into her.

Suddenly, she said, "I'm there, Billy...OHHH...OHHHH...ooohhhhhhhhh..." and
he reached back for a last burst of energy and powered his hips forward,
driving his dick as far and fast into her pussy as he could.

She continued to gasp, and finally with both hands flat on the wet tiles
bracing herself, she shuddered violently and Billy felt her warm cum drench
his cock, hotter even than the very hot water still cascading down over their
bodies. He stopped fucking Jennifer, pulling out slowly and leaned in to kiss
her, gently and sweetly. She smiled at him, and lay on her side on the shower
floor, stretching out like a cat.

Billy knelt on his knees and said, stroking his still fully erect cock, "I
didn't save this for nothing, did I?" Then he sat back on one of the two
descending tile steps that led from the floor of the apartment to the floor
of the sunken shower.

Jennifer crawled over to him and rested her chin on his right knee. "Oh, I
think I could be persuaded to give you a little help", she said, grinning
lewdly. She traced the length of his inner thigh with kisses and then grasped
his prick like a microphone, with her four fingers closed over the top of it,
and her thumb underneath. She traced patterns on the smooth underside of his
dickhead with her thumb, causing him to shiver with anticipation. "Besides...
your wee-wee tastes SO yummy..."

With this, she slipped the head of his dick into her mouth and started
popping it in and out like a lollipop. Billy rolled his eyes toward the
ceiling in mock exasperation. Her oddball sense of humor was something he
really loved about her, but couldn't really duplicate himself. After a
minute of this, she started taking more of the shaft into her mouth,
coating it with her warm saliva, and licking the sensitive underside with
her tongue. Her grip on the rest of the shaft tightened and lessened in
wonderfully complex patterns, as she slid her smooth hand back and forth,
jerking him off.

Billy was barely able to contain himself. His whole body was tingling, his
knees weak, his throat dry. He ran his hands through Jennifer's wet,
shoulder-length hair, tousling it playfully. He traced patterns along the
nape of her neck, slipping down over her smooth, muscular shoulders, and
onto her back. He reached down under her torso, as her head bobbed
insistently up and down in his lap, and he fondled her left breast, kneading
and squeezing it. Once, she widened her mouth off of the girth of his dick
long enough to gasp "Yes!", in response to his attention to her big titty.

He was getting closer and closer to blowing his load and he told her. She
looked up at him, with his cock rubbing the outside of her left cheek, and
said "Dinner or decoration?"

"That's up to you, honey..." he replied.

She grinned and said "Protein", and started sucking him again, in earnest.
She bobbed on the top a few inches, and slid her hand up and down the rest
with a real urgency, now. He felt the orgasm begin in his balls (which she
was still gently fondling), and then run along the whole length of his penis.

Without warning, he spurted a little bit, then a long burst in her mouth. She
pulled on his shaft slowly and firmly, milking as much as possible. The first
spurts were followed by three more, gradually lessening to a small dribble.
She swallowed it all. Like a thirsty woman in the desert with a canteen. She
finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and giggled, then went back to clean
as much as possible off of his still stiff dick.

He breathed deeply and leaned back against the bottom of the shower door. She
got up and sat back down beside him, offering him a small, spent kiss. They
leaned on each other's shoulders for a minute or two and finally Billy said
"I've got to get to work."

"Oh, great! Wham, bam, thank you, m'am! Then you're out the door" she said,

He looked down to see her wicked smile, and grinned back. He stopped for a
second under the flow of the still hot water to rinse off his cock and
scrotum, getting any residual semen that she might have missed. There wasn't
much. "I'll be back around 6:00. Don't forget your appointment", he said.

"Don't worry. Keep that fine ass of yours out of trouble", she replied.

He opened the door and stepped out. She watched him dry off, enjoying the
play of his muscles, especially his ass. As she watched, she gently
masturbated. After he walked out and began to get dressed, she began to rub
her clit a little more vigorously. This was an amazing morning, even by their
high standards. Her whole body felt like an electrical charge. She stayed
sitting on the floor, quietly and softly playing with herself.

After a few more minutes, she got up off of the floor and turned the water
off. She stepped out of the shower, and began to towel her smooth little body
dry. She paid extra attention to her swollen vulva, making sure it was good
and dry. She walked the few steps into the bedroom that she and Billy shared.
She saw that he had made the bed before he left ("Such a good boy", she
thought...) and she set about the task of getting dressed.

She stopped for a moment to look over her fully nude body in the tall mirror
over the dresser. She turned sideways, and admired anew the smooth, rounded
curve of her womanly ass. She broke from oogling herself with a smile and
opened the bureau.

She selected a lightweight, baby blue summer dress, and took it off the
hanger. She slid it on over her head, smoothing the fabric over her belly,
then reaching around and pulling it taut over her butt. She tied the small
string belt at the waist, to accentuate her hips, and the look was complete.

She went to the drawer, and got a nice, comfortable pair of satin panties and
started to put them on, then hesitated. She went over to the shuttered window
and opened it, and took in the warm splendor of a June morning in Rome. A
slight breeze and plenty of sunshine.

Carefully, and with a sly, knowing smile for herself, she neatly folded the
panties, and replaced them in the drawer. Today was a day for the natural
feel. She picked up the folded telegram and read it again: "Kyle recommended
you for a position I'm trying to fill. Please meet me on The Spanish Steps
around 11:00 A.M. See you then! Valerie Malone."

Jennifer put the slip of paper into a small handbag with her keys, wallet
and some cash, and went out the door. It was a leisurely walk for a little
over a block to the closest stop for the Metropolitana, the Roman subway.

She took a slow ride down the escalator, and the cool breeze from the
underground washed up the steps. She carefully, but as unobtrusively as
possible, placed her hand on her dress, to hold it in place. Wouldn't do to
flash her pussy to unsuspecting subway patrons, now would it? It was a short,
uneventful ride to her next stop.

She got out and rode up the escalator. She and Billy often jogged at a nearby
park, the Villa Borghese. This area of the city was a particular favorite of
theirs. They ate and shopped here regularly. She was really relishing the
feel of the Summer day that was developing, a warm breeze keeping her company
all the way on her block-long walk to The Spanish Steps. The air felt really
wonderful on her bare ass and thighs, and she felt her pussy was ready to
start moistening again at any time.

"Turned on by a job lame", she thought to herself, unable to
suppress a wry smile at the idea.

(I have a second part to the story, that I'll submit either a little later,
or sometime tomorrow. I'd like them to run seamlessly, in one unbroken story,
I just can't sit here and type the rest just now. Professor Moriarty.)


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