Mean Girls: How To Become Plastic (ffff,reluc)
by Cayce James

"...And they have this book, this burn book, where they write mean things
about all the girls in our grade!"

"What does it say about me?"

"...You're not in it."

"Those bitches!"

And that was how it all got going for Cady Heron. The transplant from
Africa (despite having long natural red hair and bright blue eyes) was
going to become a Mean Girl. Of course, the story of her junior year,
and her transformation from Home-Schooled Jungle Freak to Shiny Plastic
to Most-Hated-Person-In-The-World to Actual Human Being would eventually
be a touching story that would inspire adolescent girls everywhere, not
everything about her story were things to be written in books for
adolescent girls. But that didn't mean they weren't equally lifechanging.

"So when are you going to see Regina again?"

Cady was jarred from her guilt by her new best friend, Janis, at Janis'
job in the mall. Their teacher had just left after a sufficiently awkward
out-of-school encounter between Instructor and Young, Impressionable Mind.
Janis was pushing Cady to spy on the Plastics, the most perfect, evil girls
in the school, and laugh at them afterwards. However, Cady was having second
thoughts. "I can't spy on her anymore. It's weird."

Janis rolled her eyes and pleaded with her friend. "C'mon! She's never going
to find out. It'll just be our little secret!"

Cady sighed. She looked at Janis, who was staring at her intently. It made
Cady feel a little awkward. She didn't really want to let her new friend
down, and something about Janis made it hard to turn her down.

"Alright. Look, they want me to go to Regina's house this weekend for some
sort of Plastic initiation. It's like the only way I can sit at their table
for more than two weeks."

"That's great!" Janis looked downright giddy, odd for a girl who wore more
eyeshadow than deodorant. "Can you sneak in a video camera?"


"What about a tape recorder? Can you wear a wire?"

"Wear a wire? What? Where?"

Janis frowned and looked Cady up and down. "You're right. They might search
you." Cady could only respond in total confusion. "Well, just remember
everything that happens, and tell me it later that night."

"It's a sleepover."

"Then the next night. Whatever. Just go!"

* * *

Cady stood at Regina's door, and sighed. Her mansion was imposing, especially
at night. She had a sleeping bag in one hand and an overnight bag in the
other. She sighed, and rung the bell. She had no idea what the night had in
store. She'd heard stories about people pledging for fraternities and
sororities in college, but she was sure this `initiation' wouldn't be that

It wouldn't, wouldn't it?

Cady's momentary fears were broken when Gretchen opened the door. "Hey Cady,
are you ready for tonight?" She flashed her whitestripped smile and tilted
her head. Gretchen, was the brunette of the group, and her curly hair was,
as always, falling onto her shoulders gently. She wore a T-shirt that wasn't
quite long enough, and flannel pants. She bounced with some sort of odd
anticipation as she smiled and giggled a little. "Well?"

"Um, I guess."

"Great, well, hurry up and get in here!" Gretchen grabbed Cady and dragged
her in, slamming the door behind her. Cady followed Gretchen into the foyer
of the mansion, and Karen walked in from the kitchen, with a couple of
unmarked bottles of tan-ish liquid.

"Oh, hey Cady."

Cady smiled. "Hey Karen." Cady liked Karen. She might have been mean, but
she seemed too.well, dim, to really be it. Even if she followed a mean crowd,
there was something...sweet about her intentions. Karen was dressed like
Gretchen, except her shirt was even shorter. Cady wondered if it was a size
too small, or if Karen's more impressive boobs just took up more fabric. Cady
looked at the bottles in Karen's hands. "Are you thirsty?"

Karen tilted her head, confused. "No," she said. Cady looked at the bottles
again, but got no response. Instead, Karen looked at Cady's bags. "What are
those for? Did you bring 7up?"

"Um, no. I didn't know what to bring, so I just brought some makeup and my

Gretchen snickered, interrupting Cady, but she ignored it. Gretchen expanded
on it, though "Oh, no, you didn't need to bring your things. You're becoming
a Plastic now. That means everything you used to have is useless."

Cady looked at her bag. "Oh."

"Yea, Cady. We're going to remake you. We're going to give you a new life,
new clothes, new attitude. But first, we need to strip everything else away.
Rip it off. Burn it."

"Wax it!" Karen added, enthusiastically.

Both Gretchen and Cady looked at her with the look of confusion that she was
used to receiving. Gretchen shook her head, and turned back to Cady. "Well,
let's go!"

Gretchen led Cady upstairs, and Karen followed them. Cady almost felt like
a lamb being led to a slaughter, but she was sure this couldn't be that
bad. After all, she had read about makeovers while she was in Africa. It
was normal for girls to do this.

Gretchen led Cady into Regina's bedroom. It was big, even for a mansion.
There was a lot of room to do almost anything in it, including take apart
a car and still have room for a pet pony to roam. Cady had a sneaking
suspicion that Regina might have done that at some point. She'd never
understood American girls' attraction to ponies. She'd have to ask someday.

On the bed was Regina, in all her glory. The Queen Bee. Her blonde hair fell
behind her back, and her piercing eyes followed Cady as she entered. Regina
was not wearing a long silky robe as much as it was draped over her. Regina
was definitely regal, the way she lounged back. She was beautiful, and she
knew it. Her thin body, big but not too big breasts, her small but firm ass,
she had it all. Cady walked in, nervously, as Gretchen and Karen bustled
around the room. "It's about time, meat. Think we have all night to do this?"

"To do what?"

"Have fun, of course. Silly!" Regina giggled. Cady looked around nervously.

"So, um, Regina, where are your folks?"

"Oh, I sent them out for the evening."

"Really? I'm not sure my parents would be okay with me being somewhere
without any adults around."

"Oh, don't worry. They'd just get in the way of our fun. Anyways, your
parents won't find out. It'll be our little secret."

Cady was starting to hate all these secrets. Suddenly, she noticed that
Gretchen and Karen were standing alongside her. Regina got up on her knees,
swung her hair again, and looked at Cady deviously. "So, Cady Heron. Are you
ready to become a Plastic?"

"Yes." Cady was a little unsure, but knew there was no other answer.

"Are you ready to renounce all the pathetic wastes of time you used to
participate in, like sports, family, and homework?"


"Are you ready to strip away everything you used to be?"


"Okay, so do it."

"Ye---" Cady stopped, and realized that wasn't a question. But she wasn't
entirely sure she knew what she'd been ordered to do. "Um, what?"

"Strip." Regina was starting to look a little bored.

Cady looked back at Karen and Gretchen, but was met only with looks of
expectancy. Cady looked back at Regina. "Um, I don't...I mean, in front of

Regina, now totally bored, snapped her fingers. Suddenly, two pairs of hands
were on Cady. "Hey!" Cady exclaimed, as Gretchen and Karen grabbed at her.

Regina just smiled. "To become something new, you have to get rid of what's
holding you back. And that blouse is definitely holding you back." Suddenly,
the yanking on her blouse made it give way, and buttons began to pop off of
it. Cady shrieked and grasped at it, but Gretchen had yanked it away already,
leaving Cady in a white tank top underneath. "Don't worry, you won't want it
back after tonight."

"But...this isn't ...I mean, I'll be naked!"

Regina just shrugged "It's the only place to start." Cady looked at Regina in
shock. Suddenly, Karen grabbed Cady's wrists and lifted them up, and Gretchen
grabbed the bottom of Cady's tank top, pulling it up over Cady's head. It got
caught, and with Gretchen's pulling, the only way out of it was to let it go.
She did, and was left in only her bra. Regina looked down. "Now the jeans."

Cady looked at Regina, pleadingly. "Regina, no, please."

"Do you want Karen to use the scissors?" Cady looked over her shoulder, and
Karen suddenly had a pair of shears. She snipped at the air with them, and
suddenly Cady was very, very afraid. The jeans came off in about 10 seconds,
and Cady was left with her white Sears-bought bra, her plain white cotton
panties, and socks.

Cady looked at Regina, and was now starting to get annoyed. "Are you happy

Regina just shook her head. "Granny panties? Those need to go more than the
blouse did."

Cady looked down, and looked back at Regina. This was starting to go too
far. She did not want to be a Plastic this badly to be this embarrassed. She
stepped forward, angrily "Regina, this is getting really, really." Cady was
cut off by a snapping noise, and a sudden lack of pressure around her chest.
Before she knew it, her bra was falling to the floor. Cady clutched at her
naked breasts and turned around in shock, and saw Karen standing there, very
satisfied, holding the scissors.

"Wow, you're good with those," Gretchen commented.

"Karen, how could you?" Cady almost screamed. But she was stopped when
suddenly she felt her panties get yanked down. Regina had leaned down and
grabbed them. Cady almost tripped, and instinctively stepped out of them as
she stumbled. Suddenly, she was left with only two hands and three bikini
areas naked, and shuffled around, trying to figure out a way to cover

Regina, meanwhile, leaned back up and just licked her lips. "So, the freckles
are everywhere." Cady whirled around, in shock, but Regina just continued.
"And you're a real redhead. Good."

"Yea, we need diversity," Karen added.

"Regina, please! This is..."


Karen laughed, thinking of bare asses. Cady ignored it. "Yes, yes it is.

"First rule of being a Plastic is being comfortable in your body." Regina
shook her shoulders, and suddenly the robe which had been draped over her
fell off of her. She was just as naked as Cady, but Regina put her hands
on her hips, proudly, as Cady took her in. Slowly, Cady's hands fell from
where she was trying to cover herself. She looked behind her, and Gretchen
and Karen were pulling off their shirts. Gretchen had already dropped her
pants. Neither girl had any underwear on. Gretchen nipples perked up as she
lifted her shirt over her head. Meanwhile, Karen's breasts fell ever slow
slightly under their weight. She was one girl who would never need a boob
job. All three Plastics had pussies as smooth as plastic. Cady looked
around. She felt less awkward about not being the only one naked, but she
still wasn't comfortable.

Regina slid off the bed and slowly and seemed to land softly on her legs
as she stood up. "Look, Cady, being a plastic means using your body to get
anything. To do anything. So you have to be comfortable in it. Comfortable
in showing it off. Comfortable in using it." Regina began stalking Cady
like a cat with its prey, and Cady took a step back. However, Cady only
felt the breasts of Gretchen and Karen against her arms, and she had no
idea how close they had gotten. Cady could swear she heard Gretchen suck
in a short breath as her arm brushed Gretchen's breast, but she wasn't
sure. Cady looked back at Regina, who was just barely close enough that if
Cady took a deep breath, Cady's nipples would start hitting Regina's.

Cady took a deep breath.

Regina just smiled. "Do you know how to use your body, Cady?" Cady shook
her head a little, then thought better of it, and tried nodding. Regina just
grinned. "Liar. We're going to teach you."

"Teach me how?"

"By using it ourselves, silly." And Regina leaned in, kissing Cady. Cady's
eyes went wide in shock, but Regina just slipped her tongue into Cady's
mouth. Cady returned the kiss, but she remained stiff, and as soon as
Regina's lips released their lock on Cady's, Cady leaned back. Regina just
smiled, and went over to her dresser. Cady sighed, and stepped away from
the other girls who were far too close to her.

"I...I don't understand. I thought being a dyke was uncool."

Gretchen piped up. "Being a dyke is uncool. I mean, guys need us. Otherwise,
none of them would know how to dress right, or would stop playing those
stupid video games, or do anything. Being a dyke is like damning all the guys
in the world that you could be helping into being pathetic losers, which is
what guys are without our help."

Regina stepped away from the dresser, tossing something over to the bed
while Cady wasn't looking. "But being bisexual, now that's cool. Just look
at the girls on MTV." With that, Regina looked over at Gretchen, and curled
a finger. Gretchen walked over, smiling knowingly, and met Regina in a deep
kiss. Cady watched in shock, horror and dumbstruck awe as she watched
Gretchen and Regina's tongues entwine in front of her. Gretchen's hand
roamed over to Regina's shaved pussy. Regina stepped back and smacked
Gretchen's palm. "Not yet, you greedy little girl. It's Cady's initiation."
Gretchen pouted, but then cheered up as Regina continued, "Go show her what
your magic little fingers can do."

Gretchen bounced back over to Cady, who backed up more and more as Gretchen
approached. Suddenly, Cady fell back as she backed into Regina's bed.
Gretchen pounced on her, and hand came down softly on Cady's pussy as
Gretchen landed next to her. Cady jumped, but she couldn't slide away.
Gretchen purred over her, "Don't worry, silly. You're going to like this."
Gretchen began to move her fingers a little, and the sensations startled
Cady's clit. Cady's legs spread almost on instinct, and Cady moaned even
though her pussy was only just barely getting wet. Gretchen smiled, and
began to run her other finger around Cady's nearest nipple. Gretchen smiled
as she could feel her finger begin to get wet as Cady squirmed under her
touch. She knew exactly what her touch could do.

Cady, meanwhile, was surprised at how much she enjoyed what Gretchen was
doing to her. She'd never considered being with another girl, and when she'd
seen girls doing things in movies and on TV, she'd been mildly disgusting.
But on TV, she couldn't feel what a girl's hand on her pussy felt like, at
least not some other girl's hand. It took her a moment to will herself to
slide away from Gretchen. "Gretchen, please...don't. This isn't right."

"Why not, Cady? There's nothing wrong with two girls doing what they like. I
like doing this to you, and I think you like it, too." Gretchen smiled, and
sucked her finger clean. This brought Cady back to reality a bit.

"But, it's not normal!"

"Who wants to be normal? Anyways, it's not like it's so different. At least
60 girls at our school have had sex with another girl. Would you like names?"

Cady looked at her suspiciously, realizing that these girls were also
gathering potential blackmail material on her. "Uh, no. That's okay."

Gretchen just smiled the cute, sincere-ish smile she smiled. "Look, this
isn't like weird or anything. It's cool. It's just...fetch." Gretchen reached
out again for Cady's pussy, but Cady closed her legs. Gretchen pouted again.
"Aww, Cady, don't be that way. We won't hurt you."

"Much," Regina added from the other side of the room, from whatever it was
she was doing.

Gretchen smiled, sighed and absentmindedly rubbed her breasts, bringing
Cady's attention to them. Her C-cup tits were perfectly pert. Cady couldn't
take her eyes off them. The nipples were perfectly centered, just barely
turned upward. Gretchen noticed Cady's staring and giggled, and her breasts
even bounced perfectly. Gretchen took Cady's hand and brought it up to one
of her breasts. "It's okay, touch one. They're not like Regina's moms, mine
are all natural." Cady very reluctantly let her do that, and when her hand
came into contact with Gretchen's breast, she had no idea what to do. So she
began to squeeze them, just a little. Gretchen giggled, "Don't squeeze them,
silly. That's such a guy thing to do! Just touch them like you touch your

"But I don't touch my breasts." Cady began to protest.

Gretchen opened her eyes and looked at Cady, smiling a knowing smile.
"Really..." she dragged out that word, savoring it in her mouth. Cady looked
down, guiltily. She didn't touch her breasts consciously or anything, but
she'd caught herself rubbing them once or twice, in a shower or when she was
getting dressed. Cady looked up at Gretchen, and flattened her palm. She
began to rub the underside of Gretchen's breast, back and forth. Gretchen
smiled, "There you go." and closed her eyes. Cady remembered something, and
put up her thumb and began to flick Gretchen's nipple with it as she rubbed
back and forth. "Ohhhh!" Gretchen moaned and her eyes began to flutter.

Something in Cady's mind was telling her to stop, but she couldn't. She saw
what she was doing to Gretchen, and she was even more fascinated by it than
she was by her own reaction to what Gretchen had been doing to her earlier.
She moved her hand faster and harder against Gretchen's breast, and Gretchen
drew a labored breath. Suddenly, Gretchen threw her head back and leaned up.
"Fuck it!" she exclaimed, and she dove down at Cady. Cady shrieked, and tried
to protect herself, but before she knew it, Gretchen had grabbed her own
nipple, but not with her hand. Gretchen's hand was back on Cady's pussy.
Instead, Gretchen was sucking on Cady's nipple, flicking it with her tongue.
Cady fell back and moaned, feeling this new feeling. "Oh!" she couldn't stop
herself from saying.

Suddenly, Karen popped up from alongside the bed. "Hey, I want some too!" she
cried, and she dove onto the bed. Before Cady knew it, Karen was sucking on
Cady's other nipple. Cady could feel their breasts hanging down onto her
body, and Cady arched her back up to grind her body against them. She began
to give in to these feelings, and was moaning more freely. Her hands began to
run along Gretchen and Karen's backs as she gave in.

After a moment a moment, Regina's voice broke the constant moans coming from
the bed. "Alright, move aside bitches! It's time for Cady to prove herself to
me!" There were some reluctant groans, and Cady felt the bodies pull away
from her. Cady opened her eyes, and looked at Gretchen and Karen, who were
looking disappointedly at the foot of the bed. Cady looked down between her
spread legs and saw Regina standing there, proudly. She was no longer naked;
she had one thing on: A strap on dildo!

"Okay, Cady, it's time to see just what you can do! Suck it, bitch!"

And with that, Cady's look of near ecstasy turned to horror. Cady got up and
rushed towards the door, waving her hands and repeating, more to herself than
anyone, "No, no no no no!" Once at the door, she turned around and looked
back at the scene on the bed. Gretchen had Karen suckling at her tit, while
Regina stood there watching Cady walk away, strap-on dildo hanging from it's
harness, but somehow she was still smiling. "What is wrong with you people?"

Regina looked at her innocently. "What?"

"You,'re wearing a dick!"

Regina put her hands on her hips and jutted them out prominently, showing
off her fake appendage. "And it's bigger than any guy's you'll find at this

Karen looked up from her suckling, "Except Mr. Duvall."

Regina rolled her eyes. "That's just rumor, Karen," Regina looked back at
Cady and smiled, slyly, "But we're working finding out for real."

Cady blinked in confusion, and then shook herself out of it. "No, this isn't
right. I'm gone." She was quickly out the door and into the hallway.

Once in the hallway, Cady paused. She waited with trepidation for the door to
open behind her, but it didn't. She began to hear some moans from the other
side. She wasn't sure who it was until she heard "Oh, fffffffffffffetch..."


Cady began to think about things. If she left now, the Plastics would hate
her. Would they tell anyone? Did everyone know what they did? If Gretchen was
to be believed, 60 other girls might. And then there was Janis. Cady didn't
want to let her down. And Cady had to admit she was getting a little turned
on by at least what Gretchen had done to her.

And there was the small fact that her clothes were still in the bedroom.

Cady turned around. If she went back in, there would be no turning back. She
took a deep breath, and held it. She could feel the wetness in her pussy, and
realized how much she liked it. She let the breath go, and went back to the

Cady opened it slowly, and stepped inside quietly. Inside, Regina was still
standing alongside the bed, watching Gretchen play the topside of a 69 with
Karen. Karen was moaning loudly, only somewhat muffled by Gretchen's cunt.
Regina looked back over her shoulder at Cady. "That didn't take long."

Cady shivered a little, and then closed the door behind her. Regina smiled.

"Ready, slut?" Cady nodded. "Then come here and get on your knees!"

Cady slowly approached Regina and lowered herself to her knees. Gretchen was
aware of what was going on, and had pulled herself off of Karen, leaving
Karen moaning in frustration. Gretchen laid down along the bed, watching with
shiny, wet lips. Cady looked at them, then up at Regina. Regina smiled at
her. "So suck it, slut."

Cady looked at the dildo in front of her, and hesitated. Glancing up at
Regina, she leaned in a little. Regina shifted her hips slightly, and the
dildo bounced away from Cady. Cady stopped, and glared a little back up at
Regina, who just smiled. "Well, are you going to suck it or not?" Cady
grabbed the dildo, and it finally held still for her, but she was still
hesitant. She leaned in, and opened her mouth, touching it gently with her
tongue. She looked at Regina, then touched it again, now starting to run
her tongue against it. She tried again, this time licking it from the
bottom all the way to the tip. But Regina wasn't happy.

"I said suck it, slut, not lick it like a lollipop!" Regina grabbed Cady by
the back of her head and forced Cady down on the dildo as far as she could
go. Cady couldn't nearly go all the way down it before the head of the
monster was lodged in the back of her throat, but as soon as she hit her
limit, she began clutching and clawing at Regina. A tear formed at the
corner of Cady's eye as her gag reflex fought against the plastic in her
throat. Finally, Regina let go. Cady popped off of the dildo like a spring,
and fell to the floor, coughing up saliva. Regina felt up the dildo, and
twisted the corners of her lips. "Not bad, you got it pretty ready for what's

Cady, somehow, spoke. "What's next?"

Suddenly, she felt some arms pulling her shoulders up to the bed, and before
she knew it, she was laying on the edge of the bed, hips over the edge, knees
not quite touching the floor. Gretchen and Karen were holding her shoulders
down. As Cady struggled to stand up, one of her feet hit Regina behind her,
and suddenly she realized what was next. Cady tried to get to her feet, but
with her shoulders being held down, she was only able to raise her ass.
Still, despite the closer target, Regina frowned. "Stay on your fucking
knees, slut." Regina reached down with one hand to push Cady's ass down.
Cady locked her knees, and Regina couldn't find the power to push her down.
Regina just smiled, though. She'd faced this problem before, and she knew
what to do.

Regina spread her fingers, and slid her thumb along Cady's asscrack slowly.
Suddenly, she bent her thumb and popped it into Cady's ass. Cady gasped and
had a full body spasm as she felt Regina's thumb keep her sphincter open,
even as her ass tightened in response. Part of the spasm unlocked her knees,
and as Regina put her weight on Cady, Cady dropped back to her knees very
quickly. "Ow!" Cady complained.

"Stay down there now, Cady. Don't make this hurt more than it needs to. Tilt
your ass up, won't you?"

"Hey! No, this is too much!"

"I said, tilt, slut!" Regina, thumb still hooked in Cady's ass, pushed her
fingers down into the small of Cady's back. Cady couldn't help but tilt her
anus up, and Regina licked her lips. Before Cady could stall any further,
Regina leaned in. The dildo went right up against Cady's clit, and Cady
gasped. She began to wriggle to try and get it away, but her wet pussy
betrayed her, and the dildo slipped in a little. Cady's eyes popped open.
She'd never had anything other than her fingers in one hole, and suddenly
she had objects in both.

Regina felt her freeze, and took advantage. She bucked her hips forward,
and the dildo was suddenly engulfed to its hilt inside Cady's pussy. Cady
screamed, and bucked involuntarily, only shifting the dildo inside of her.
Gretchen and Karen exchanged glances. Karen licked her lips and shifted,
rubbing her clit with her thighs. She was clearly excited by all of this.
Gretchen smiled at her, knowingly, and nodded. Gretchen laid herself across
Cady's back, drooping her impressive breasts along Cady's back. Cady was
almost distracted enough by the sensation to forget about the dildo in her
pussy. What came next, though, actually did. With all of Gretchen's weight
holding Cady down, Karen slid in front of her on the bed. Karen lay down on
her stomach, keeping her hips on the bed, and spread her legs. Gretchen
looked back, and smiled. Karen looked back and returned it. "Oh, Cady.."
Karen teased in a sing song voice. Cady looked up, and Karen nearly giggled
with glee. She slid along the bed, backwards, and forced her dripping cunt
into Cady's face. Cady couldn't do anything about it, and she found her lips
and nose along Karen's cunt. Any move she made only increased the contact,
and soon Karen was grinding her hips into Cady's face. Cady had to take a
breath, and breathed in the smell of Karen's sex.

And she forgot about the dildo. Regina had paused, watching Karen's deft
movements onto Cady. Cady, quickly becoming intoxicated by it all, began to
let go. Her tongue escaped her lips, and found Karen's clit. Karen squealed,
and nearly smothered Cady with her box. Regina smiled, and cheered under her
breath, "It's about time."

Gretchen spun herself around on Cady's back, straddling her while facing
Regina. Regina began to thrust again, and with Cady's tongue out, she was in
turn forcing Cady to tongue fuck Karen. Not that Cady needed to be forced
now. Gretchen smiled, feeling the movements of Cady's back on her dripping
cunt, leaving a trail of pussy juice on her back. Gretchen moved Regina's
hand, and stuck her own finger into Cady's ass, giving Cady a longer finger
inside of her. Gretchen leaned into Regina, and kissed her. Regina returned
the kiss, and then leaned back, presenting her breasts to Gretchen to lick.
Gretchen obliged.

And with all this.with her face in Karen's cunt.with Regina's dildo in her
pussy...Gretchen's finger in her ass. Gretchen's cunt leaving a trail of
wetness on her back, drips sliding down her sides.and the moans of passion
coming from all sides, Cady was finally initiated into the Plastics.

Cady finally came.

* * *

"So you sat around all night, talking about celebrities in Star magazine?"

"Pretty much. Except we spent some time with this burn book she has, where
she writes mean things about people they hate." Cady quickly covered. Janis
didn't need to know what really happened.

"Really? What's it say about me in there?"

Cady took a deep breath. Janis didn't need to know that, either. "Um, you
weren't in there."

Janis stared straight ahead, angrily. "Those bitches."

Cady looked at Janis' blank glare. A little less eyeshadow, some time with
some form of hair styling instruments, and maybe some tighter fitting

Cady now knew what being a plastic meant. It meant looking at everyone just
a little differently. And how she could make them prettier. And how she could
turn them into her own little Plastics. But could she do that to Janis?

Maybe that pusher Ms. Norbury could be turned easier.


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