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Knight Armed with a Shiner

By Uncle Mike
(Max S. Wojtylak)
[email protected]

I opened the front door and peeked around; it looked like the coast was
clear. I slipped in and quickly walked over to the stairs, but just as I got to
them a loud, deep voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Philip! What are you doing home so early?"

"Oh, hi, Grandma -- I mean, Maude. Uh, they let us out..."

"What happened to you?" My grandmother was tall and when she walked, her
long housecoat billowed out behind her like some superhero's cape. She stood
right over me, her gray hair shaking as she looked down.

I was a mess. My jacket was torn and there was a hole in one knee of my
jeans; on the other leg the jeans were almost completely torn off at the thigh,
just hanging by a few threads. There were bruises and cuts and scratches all
over, and when I'd snuck a look in some shop windows on the way home I thought
I saw some dried blood around my nose and face.

"Nothing happened," I said. If you're going to tell a lie, I always
figured, tell a big one.

It didn't work. "Nothing? You look like you went 10 rounds with Muhammad

"Yeah, I had a fight," I admitted. "But it was nothing." I turned to go
up the stairs to my room.

Maude -- my grandma always insisted I never call her Grandma, like my ma
always wanted me to call her Carol -- anyway, Grandma grabbed me by the arm.

"Ow! That hurts!"

She turned me around to face her again. "I think... I think you're going
to have a black eye, too," she muttered. "Go in the kitchen and have Florida
put something on it. And some bandages," she called out as I walked away.

In the kitchen, our maid fussed over me. I could hear Grandma on the
phone in the other room.

"Yes, this is Maude Findlay, Philip Traynor's, uh, grandmother," she
said. "No, grandMOTHER. Mr. Findlay has a much higher voice. I'm calling about
Philip. He just came home covered with bruises. What's wrong with you people,
letting a little boy get beaten up like that and then sending him home without
any care? What's... Oh, I see. I see. Yes. Well, yes. But... Oh, I see. Uh-huh.
Do you know what it was... I see. He said what? I see. Yes. Well, thank you.

I left the kitchen while she was hanging up and tried to get to the
stairs before she saw me, but it didn't work.

"Philip!" Again I froze.

Her voice softened. "Philip, honey, I talked to the school. They said you
just ran off without letting anyone help you. And that you fought some older
boy. Something about your mother, they said, but they didn't seem to know
exactly what. Now, Philip, you know we've taught you that violence is never the
solution to anything."

"Yes, but, what Billy said," I blurted out.

Grandma cocked her head. "What did he say?"

I looked away, unwilling to meet her gaze. When Grandma gets determined
about something, you don't want to try to face her down. You'd have a better
chance facing down a Mack truck.

"Come on, Philip."

"He said she was a whore with tits the size of beach balls," I said in a
rush. I felt my face grow hot. "And he said all her brains were in her boobs
and she was too stupid to make money doing anything but fucking!"

Then I stopped. The words had burst out of me without thinking and now
they hung there like dark gray clouds. I figured the thunder and lightning
would come next. Grandma always talked about how liberal she was, but when it
came to kids she had some old-fashioned ideas about language.

But instead of the storm, I got the silver lining. Grandma came over and
hugged me -- gently, so as not to touch my bruises. "Philip, sweetie, that was
very gallant of you," she murmured. "A man who defends a woman never has to
feel sorry." She stepped back. "But perhaps you might have found some other
way...?" I looked up at her, thinking about what a bully Billy Wilson was and
thinking that words didn't help much when you're facing somebody who thinks a
Batman comic book is quality reading.

"I guess not," Grandma said, reading the look in my eyes. "Well, you go
and wash up now, and we'll talk about this some more later."

I turned to go, but winced with pain as I lifted my leg to the first
step. I guess I must have started to faint or something, because the next thing
I knew Grandma had her arm around me and she was helping me up the stairs.

I really was weak, so even though I was already 12 years old, I didn't
argue when she stripped my clothes off and led me into the bathroom, turning on
the water in the tub.

As I lowered myself into the water -- the warmth felt really good, except
where it stung some of my cuts -- Grandma rolled up her sleeves and grabbed
soap and a washcloth.

She washed me all over, being real careful when she got to the bruises
and scratches. I began to feel better. It was funny, having somebody else scrub
you down. Grandma got the cloth all soapy so it slid easy, big bubbles of
lather. I don't know if it was just the hot water or what, but I started
feeling warm on the inside, too. Then something awful happened: I felt my dick
starting to stiffen. I tried to think about something bad, like getting stabbed
in the balls with a knife or have a car hit me, but it didn't help. My cock
rose out of the water like a submarine conning tower just as Grandma started to
wash my stomach.

I tried to cover myself up, but when I moved my hands I splashed her a
little and she looked down and saw. Then she drew in her breath real quick.

"Philip!" she whispered. "You're... you're not a little boy anymore, are

I wanted to just drop my head into the water and drown. Anything was
better than having Grandma staring at my dick.

Then she actually reached out and touched it! I thought I would die. But
it made my dick even harder and bigger. Grandma put her hand around in. The
big, dark red tip bulged above her fist. Nobody had ever touched me there, at
least not since I could remember. I'd masturbated myself, but this felt
different -- you know, how you can't tickle yourself, but when somebody else
does it, you go crazy? Grandma's hand was warm and all slick from the soap and
it made my cock feel great.

I guess that's why I started moving it in her grip. I didn't mean to or
nothing, but it just happened. And Grandma, she started stroking it, too. She
didn't say a word, just stroked it. Pretty soon I felt something in my balls.
"Grand -- uh, Maude, I think I'm gonna shoot," I said, and sure enough a wad of
cum burst out of the tip of my cock. Grandma pulled her head back just in time
or it would have hit her right in the face.

I didn't know what to say then, but Grandma started telling me how I
shouldn't worry, it was natural for boys to do that, and stuff.

"I know," I said, "they told us about it in school. About how seeing
pretty ladies can make us, you know, have an orgasm."

Then Grandma blushed and seemed sort of confused. She started to say
something when we heard a shout from downstairs.

It was Vivian Harmon, our next-door neighbor. Grandma called out that
she'd be right down, and she left right away. "Just... just get cleaned up and
get in bed," she said over her shoulder.

I sat in the tub awhile longer. I felt kinda lazy, like I usually did
right after I came. Plus I was still thinking about what happened. My grandma
was pretty -- oh, she was no model or nothing, but when she smiled her whole
face lit up, and sometimes when she got all dressed up to go out I could see
her body looked younger than she was.

Well, the water started to cool off so I got out and was drying myself
off when I heard someone in the bedroom. I figured it was Grandma again, but
was I surprised when the door opened!

Vivian came walking in, saying something about how Grandma had gone next
door to argue with some painters for her and asked Vivian to take care of me
while she was gone. I was so surprised to see her I dropped my towel, but I
grabbed it back off the floor right away and held it in front of me as I backed
up against the sink.

"Auntie Viv! What... uh, I'm... could you please leave?"

She arched one eyebrow and looked me up and down. I hung my head down,
but she said, "Why, Philip, you don't have anything to be embarrassed about.
You are a very good- looking young man.... Very good-looking." She chuckled.
"I'll let you finish in here. I'll just wait in the bedroom, OK? You sure
you'll be all right? Maude said you were hurt pretty badly. You do look the
worse for wear."

I insisted I'd be OK and she left. I dried off and looked around, but
Grandma hadn't left me any clothes. I grabbed the biggest towel I could find
and wrapped it around my waist.

Vivian was sitting next to my bed. The light coming in from the window
made a halo around the soft brown hair that looked like a cloud around her
face. Lots of clouds today, I laughed to myself.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing," I said. I started to go to my dresser but thought better
of it. Didn't want to change in front of her, and she didn't look like she was
about to go anywhere. I crawled under the covers, taking the towel with me.

"Maude told me what happened," she said abruptly. I looked over. "Like a
knight in shining armor," she went on, "defending his lady's honor. Or in this
case, his mother's."

I was getting embarrassed again. Billy had pretty much beaten me to a
pulp and everyone was making me out to be some kind of hero.

"You acted very grown-up today," Vivian said as she shifted in her chair.
Auntie Vivian was shorter than Grandma, and younger too. Her faced looked a
little funny, like it was all pulled tight around the sides. But she was still
pretty, and as she crossed her legs I admired her slim, shapely legs.

She was still talking, going on about how brave I was and how nice it was
to defend my mom and stuff. Then she got this odd look on her face, kind of
like a glow. She stopped talking and just looked at me. I squirmed.

"You did something very nice for your mother today," she said in a hushed
voice. "Would you like to do something nice for me, too?"

I didn't know what to say. I just looked at her and finally figured,
well, Auntie Vivian was usually nice to me. So I nodded.

Then she stood up and reached down and I couldn't believe it. She picked
up the bottom of her blue dress, reached underneath and pulled down a pair of
black silk panties. I just stared as she pulled them off and stepped out of

I think she said something about my learning to be a man or something,
but I wasn't really listening. My heart started to beat really fast and my
palms got a little sweaty. Auntie Vivian climbed onto the bed, facing away from
me, and lifted her dress so her butt was starting me right in the face! At
first I was confused; I had started to think she might, you know, fuck me, but
this wasn't how that looked in the magazines I had stashed at the bottom of my
sock drawer. Then I remembered another picture.

"Do you want me to lick you?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, Philip, what a smart boy you are!" Auntie Vivian laughed and
lowered herself onto my face. She didn't smell as bad as I had feared, but I
wasn't completely sure what was going on and I didn't know just what I was
supposed to lick -- not her asshole, I hoped.

But she talked me through it, teaching me to lick around the outside of
her pussy and nuzzle right up to it. Then she had me stick my tongue inside her
-- it tasted different, but not bad. In fact, pretty soon I got to like it and
I pushed my tongue way inside her. It was hot in there, and she was getting
really wet and stuff was oozing out around my tongue and all onto my face.

Auntie Vivian was moaning and twisting around. I couldn't see anything,
'cause my face was right up to her and her dress had fallen back around me. But
I could hear her and she sounded like she was getting really excited.

"Oh, you're a good pussy licker," she said. "Stick your tongue in deeper.
As deep as you can!"

I felt something inside her, hard and small, and when I licked it she
bucked back really hard so I was afraid I'd done something wrong. But then she
explained that that was her clit and it felt really good to be touched, so I
played with it, licking it and sucking it and even nipping at it with my teeth.
Auntie Vivian kept encouraging me so I kept on sucking at her.

My dick was tenting up the bedsheet by now, I guess, because she made
some comment about it and even touched it through the sheet. But right then she
started to buck even faster and her cunt started moving around so fast I
couldn't keep up and she let out a long moan and collapsed on top of me.

She might have done more to me, I think, but then we heard Grandma
calling from downstairs. Auntie Vivian jumped up really quick and called out
that she was coming down. She grabbed her panties and walked out, smoothing
down her dress, and she told me I'd better get cleaned up.

I wiped off my face and had crawled back into bed by the time Grandma
came upstairs again. She started telling me about what she'd done, arguing with
some painter who didn't want to do what Vivian had asked him. Grandma was
really good at arguing, so lots of people asked her to help. Anyway, I didn't
get to hear the end of the story because Grandma stopped and pointed to the

My dick was still hard, and it was sticking up in the middle of the
sheet. And there was even a little stain at the very top.

"Did I do that to you?" Grandma asked. Well, what could I say? I didn't
want to get Auntie Vivian in trouble. So I said "yes."

Well, Grandma got a far-away look in her eye and she just stood there a
few seconds. Then she looked down at me.

"Do you really think I'm sexy? An old grandmother like me?" I just
nodded. "That's a very sweet thing to tell me, Philip." She started to say
something else, but she stopped and turned away. "No, I shouldn't. I can't!
He's my grandson."

I figured it was my fault that she felt bad, so I tried to make her feel
better. "It's OK, Grandma! I mean, Maude. It's not your fault you're so

She turned back to me then and caught me. My cock had been beginning to
ache, so I was rubbing it underneath the sheet.

"You poor boy," Grandma said. "Here you are with a problem and I'm
worried about myself. I bet I know what you want. You want to relieve that hard
cock of yours, don't you? You want your grandmother to suck it for you, don't

I'd never heard Grandma use a word like that. But it wasn't just what she
said. She reached out and pulled back the covers so I was exposed, and then she
crawled up between my legs. I looked down, and my cock was waving in the air
right in front of my grandmother's nose, and she was smiling up at me.

Her breath was hot on my cock, and I held my breath as she took hold of
it and pulled it toward her. Then she opened her mouth and took me inside! This
was way better than anything else!

Her lips tightened around it, like I would do with my fingers when I
masturbated. But this felt lots better. And I could feel her tongue sliding
around the head, poking at the very tip. "Oh, Grandma!" I said. "That feels so

Then she started moving up and down on it. I got so excited looking at my
cock sliding out of my grandmother's mouth that I almost came right then, but
she squeezed the base of my dick with her hand and that seemed to stop it. Her
mouth was all warm and wet and she kept her lips tight around me. She even
licked the underside, the real sensitive part.

Her hands were massaging my chest and I pulled one up and started licking
at it. I'm not sure why I did that, but it seemed to make her happy. Her cheeks
hollowed and she sucked really hard on my cock. It got even harder and then I
couldn't hold back any longer and I let loose and Grandma didn't even flinch,
she just swallowed it all.

In fact, she even licked a few drops of cum off the tip of my cock when I
was done. "Thank you, Maude," I said.

"You can call me Grandma," she said, and then she tucked the covers back
over me and left, closing the drapes so I could sleep.

I must have slept for three or four hours, because I didn't wake up until
I heard the doorknob turning. It was my mom, Carol. She must have just gotten
home from work, because she still had on her office clothes.

Now, my mom isn't a bad lady, but you could see why Billy said some of
the stuff he did. She was really, really pretty, and no matter what she wore it
showed. She has really dark black hair, lots of it, and it shows off really
nice against her smooth white skin. And she wears short skirts a lot, so you
can see her long legs, and usually a pair of silky stockings like that day, and
high heels. But most of all, she has really, really big breasts. You'd almost
think they'd tip her over, they stick out so much. And sometimes she wears
these tight sweaters, especially the ones with stripes across the chest, and
that makes it even more obvious.

But at work she usually just wears a blouse and a jacket, like that day.
The jacket and her skirt were bright red, and she looked really great.

Well, right away she walks in and starts asking me about what happened
and wanting to look at the bruises and scratches. They didn't hurt so much by
then, but I guess they still looked pretty bad because she started oohing and
aahing over me. And I guess Grandma had told her pretty much what I'd said,
because she said she was proud of me for sticking up for her -- even though I
should have found some way out of fighting. And she asked me if I was ashamed
of the way she looked.

"No!" I said, really loud. "You're beautiful. I think you're the most
beautiful woman in the whole world, and I'd say that even if you weren't my
mom. All my friends think so. Last week, Eddie Packer said you were even sexier
than Raquel Welch."

Well, there I'd gone and said something without thinking again. Mom had
been caressing my forehead but she just stopped and looked at me then, and then
looked at herself. I tried to apologize, but she said it was OK.

"Gee, Mom... Carol -- I love you," I said. "I'd do anything for you,
really I would."

Mom bent down and kissed me on the forehead, and then on the lips. It was
just a little peck, but when I reached up to hug her she stumbled a little and
pressed down harder. And then I felt something come over me and I held onto her
and kissed her back, and I felt something hot and wet slide across my lips and
she had her tongue in my mouth! And I touched it with mine, and it was like a
lightning bolt. Pretty soon Mom was on the bed next to me and we were kissing
and hugging and nuzzling. I put all my love into it and it felt like my mom was
loving me back.

But then she jumped back all of a sudden and put her hand to her mouth.

"I'm sorry, Mom!" I said.

"It's not your fault," she said quickly. "It's mine! I'm your mother! I
don't know what got into me. Oh, God, what did I do?"

She was still sitting on the bed, and I sat up and hugged her close and
tried to tell her not to worry. She was crying a little, so I reached out and
wiped the tears away from her smooth cheek. And then she turned to me, and I
kissed her again. And this time she kissed me back, and soon our tongues were
together again, and we were holding each other tight.

I pulled her back down on top of me and we kept on kissing. It felt so
good I didn't want to stop. When Mom started to pull back again, I reached up
and kissed her on the neck and all around and she fell back down onto me. "Oh,
Mom," I whispered into her ear, "You make feel so good. Can I do something for

She didn't know what I meant, so I crawled onto the floor and knelt in
front of her and started to pull down her skirt and her pantyhose. She tried to
stop me, but I told her I wanted to show her how much I loved her.

"Wh-where did you learn something like this?"

"From Auntie Vivian," I said. Mom just fell back onto the bed and I
pulled her stuff off and crawled in between her legs and did just like Auntie
Vivian had told me.

Mom had even more hair down there than Auntie Vivian did. I rubbed her
hairy mound with one hand while I spread her pussy lips apart with the other.
Pretty soon I had my tongue inside her. Mom grabbed hold of my head and pushed
me into her, moaning "Yes, son, oh, God, yes, that's so good!" I was in heaven,
lapping at my mother's cunt. I found her clit, too, and she shrieked a little.
"Oh, God, oh, God, yes, right there, Philip!"

She started writhing around on the bed, getting all tangled in the
sheets, and I kept sucking at her dripping cunt. Eventually she started
groaning and then she went stiff as a board and then shuddered over and over
again and she pushed my head away.

By that time my cock was so stiff and sore I knew that if I didn't do
something about it soon I'd just die. So I stood up and pressed the tip of it
against the entrance to my mother's cunt.

She just looked up at me and shook her head. "No, Philip, don't do it! We

"Oh, Mommy, I have to! Please, Mommy, I want you so bad!"

She just sighed and spread her legs wider and my cock slipped right in. I
held it inside her. She was so hot and wet and her pussy squeezed around my
cock, it was even better than Auntie Vivian's mouth. Pretty soon I started
moving back and forth and Mom started moving with me.

"That's it, Philip, sweetie, push it into me. Oh, God, yes, fuck your
mother's cunt, Philip! Make Mommy cum again! Fuck my cunt with your hard cock!"

What she said made me even hornier and I started bucking really fast,
pumping away at her hot box. I reached down to touch her and my mom ripped open
her blouse and popped off her bra. I'd seen her in a bikini before, so I knew
how round and full her breasts were, but I'd never seen them all the way like
this. Her nipples were the size of my little finger, and they stood out in dark
circles about as big around as saucers. "Touch Mommy's breasts," she said, and
I did. I shook with excitement. I kneaded the massive globes and when she told
me to suck them, I bent down and took them into my mouth one at a time. I
couldn't get much of them in, they were so big, but I licked them all around
and I suckled at her nipples. She pressed me down into them and I almost
thought I 'd suffocate. Still I was pumping away at her cunt, and her legs
closed in around my waist and she pumped right back. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!
Fuck your mother harder!"

She reached down and put her fingers around my cock when it slid out of
her pussy and she squeezed and rubbed it, urging me to go faster. Then she had
another orgasm and I held on as she bounced underneath me.

After that she made me stop. When she saw the look on my face she
laughed. "It's not over yet, Philip," she said. "Just hang on a second." She
sat up on the bed and peeled off the rest of her clothes. Her breasts jiggled
and I couldn't take my eyes off them. "Go ahead," she said, and I reached for
them again, massaging them as she slipped out of her blouse and jacket.

Then she told me to lay back on the bed and she crawled on top of me. As
I held her hips she lowered her cunt onto my cock and we started pumping away
again. "Grab my tits," Mom said, and I did. "Squeeze my nipples," she said, and
I did that too.

She took my cock all the way into her cunt and her crotch ground against
mine as we fucked away. We moved together like a dance team or something, she
said. I guess she meant the way we matched our thrusts.

Her pussy was really soaking wet by this time, and juices were streaming
out and covering my crotch. The room seemed to be getting really steamy and
there was a thick odor that was something like Auntie Vivian's cunt but also

After awhile, Mom got off me and turned around. She motioned me to come
up behind her and she reached back and guided my cock into her cunt again. As
it slid in, she moaned and said "God, you're still so hard! I've never had any
man like you! You're fucking your mother's brains out, do you know that?"

That made me hot and I slammed my cock into her. She groaned again and I
kept it up, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her back onto me as I
thrust forward. "I'm gonna fuck you, Mom," I shouted. "I'm gonna shoot into
your cunt!"

My cock got bigger and I started to tense up. Mom started bucking back at
me faster. "Cum inside me, Philip! Fill your mother's cunt! I want you to FUCK

This time I felt like my balls were going to swell up and explode. I was
right on the edge but nothing happened and I just kept pumping and pumping. My
whole crotch was aching and I could feel every nerve in my cock being massaged
by my mom's hot cunt. I grabbed at her tits, hanging low, and squeezed them
hard. My mom was shouting all sorts of stuff and I was moaning and groaning and
finally I felt the cum boil out of me and burn through my cock and I shot it
all deep inside my mother's pussy, wave after wave of cum pulsing through me.

She came with me. "Yes, yes, Oh, God, yesssssssss!"

After our shudders subsided and we lay next to each other on the bed,
holding each other close, my mother caressed my cheek. I nuzzled into her neck.

"Mmmmm, Philip. Did your Auntie Vivian teach you all that?"

"No, Mom," I said. "Some of it just came naturally, I guess." I thought
of how the day began, and smiled. "And then there's Maude."

Mom grinned. "Well, right on, Maude," she said.


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