Malena: Part 1 (MF,hp,ncon)
by Shaim Malik ([email protected])

Roberto woke up to the loud noise of the fighter plane that just flew over his house that was in the outskirts and one of the most deserted area of sicily and it took him a few minutes to get out of the dizzyness. It was another chilling morning in sicily and he was one of those lucky ones who could afford a warm bed in the war stricken Europe and certainly one of the most rich and powerful.

He was about 55 years old, tall, his belly was rounded and he had lot of wrinkles over his face. He lived alone in the house, his wife and his two children died few years back when fire broke in the house.

He got out of his bed with intent in his eyes and got his dress on. Lately his mind has been on a run; planning and scheming things only he knew. He started his motor vehicle to go to Malena's house. When he reached there, a small apartment, he noticed a few boys sitting outside the house staring at him. Without caring much about them he knocked on the door and it opened with an angel on the other side. She was wearing a blouse of blue colour and long skirt and was looking incredibly beautiful and angelic and just perfect. Life has been pretty harsh to her so far. She was married two year back to Nino Scordia, and just two months after her marraige her beau was called upon for his service in war, and its rumored that he is dead.

She asked him in, and just as he entered the room and closed the door he
heard laughter from the boys outside. Roberto sat on the bed with Malena standing next to him.

"So, what have u decided?" asked Roberto.

She didn't reply.

He stood up and closed the window and came right behind her.

She stood unmoved.

'"ou know that there is no other way for you, don't you?"

She was still staring at the ground with her eyes down and fixed. She didn't reply as if she were a beautiful idol.

He placed his head on her shoulder by getting more close to her. She now closed her eyes not in pleasure but in her helplessness. Roberto grabbed her waist by both his hands and ran them across her belly over her clothes and started kissing the back of her neck.

"No, please, don't do this," suddenly came out of her mouth as she almost pleadingly grabbed his hand to stop him.

'You know these people can't help you, as long as I don't allow it, and besides if you resent me one more time, the fellow will have to lose his life for none of his fault," said Roberto as he placed his finger on her rosy delicate lips.

She snapped out of her grip and got a few steps away from him, now facing him.

"It's better than dying of hunger," said Roberto fixing his eyes on her firm and beautiful breasts making Malena very uneasy.

She tried to manage her blouse in a way that the don't outline those delicate bosoms. She quicky placed her hands over his hand as if pleading him to let her go. But for Roberto things have gone way too far to let it go. There was not
a chance that he's gonna stop this.

"Stand still with your hands down, let me enjoy those melons of yours. Juicy melons," as he started playing with them.

She very tentatively did what he said.

"Now comes the fun part."

He started ravaging and playing with those deliciously milky jugs still over her blouse. Then he gripped both her nipples in between his thumb and forefinger and tweezed them as a teardrop trickled and ran down her face. He then started kissing her cheeks and simultaneously squeezing her jugs by placing his hand underneath her blouse and switching with occasional tweezing of her nipples. Then he tweezed her nipples very hard and just as she opened her lips to let out a cry of pain he placed his own over them, sucking her lips and her mouth. Then he moved downward with kissing her neck, then her cleavage and on her bosom with the thin blouse separating his lips and her nipples. She stood there still, with her eyes closed as he moved down with his mouth on her navel with his arms still stretched and placed underneath her blouse and over her milky tits. And then.

'Knock knock' on the door.

Malena got petrified and he quickly made things look normal as Malena adjusted her clothes and moved to open the door. It didn't turn out to be very complicated as none of them had their clothes off. She wiped her tears and opened the door; it was her father standing outside.

"Hello, Professor Borsingnorem" exclaimed Roberto as the almost absent minded, very fragile figure stood puzzled.

"What makes you visit my house, Mr. Roberto?"

"Well, I was just thinking, it has been very long since meeting you, hence I thought I should pay you a visit. When I arrived your daughter told me, you had just gone outside, so I decided to wait for you."

They had a little chat, then Roberto leaves. Thinking on the way back home about his first meeting with Malena Scordia and cursing that old bastard for intervening.


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