Characters/Actors involved: Jennifer Garner/Sydney Bristow, Kim Possible,
Phoebe Halliwell/Alyssa Milano, Gabrielle Union, Brittany Murphy, the girls
from 'Totally Spies,' Kirsten Dunst/Anna, Eliza Dushku/Faith, and Penelope

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Notes to "Kim Possible" fans: Even though Kim doesn't have her own mode of
transport on the show, we can assume she's taken enough flying lessons to
handle a plane. (And new episodes on the way at last, YES!!!!)

...Make Me Feel So Damned Unpretty, Part 4: Kimitation Nation
by Victor Field ([email protected])

Kirsten Dunst says "Previously on '...Make Me Feel So Damned Unpretty'":

Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kirsten
Dunst and Brittany Murphy have found out first-hand (very first-hand in the
case of the last two) that the characters they play on TV and in the movies
all exist in another dimension where all of said creations live, once they've
been concocted by writers, directors etc here; and that it's not unconnected
with several good-looking newcomers in the "real" world (at least one of whom
has come to the attention of teenage celeb sex writer Howard Johnson). And a
desire on the parts of some of the characters to come here, including Max
from "Dark Angel," Kim Possible's rival Shego, and... but that would be
telling. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Penelope Pitstop is looking like the
bad guy in this scenario? Now as most of our heroines converge on Sleeping
Beauty's Castle, read on...

* * *

Pressed up against the shower wall, Phoebe was entranced; she rubbed herself
along the tiles and purred happily, relishing Ashley's tongue probing her
freshly-cleaned asshole, enjoying the thrill each time her lover kissed her,
and savouring the slow, steady caresses down below. Ashley gently sank her
teeth into Phoebe's buttocks, whispering "I love you" as she did.

Phoebe had been so angry ten minutes ago when she went into the shower, and
she was ashamed to admit that some of it was because of Ashley hanging around
with Paige... but Ashley had soon convinced her that it didn't mean anything.
She liked Paige and Piper, and she liked having sex with them, but she only
truly loved Phoebe. It wasn't as if she had never gone to bed with a guy she
only liked instead of loved.

Now, with Ashley's fingers slowly stroking Phoebe's legs, and her mouth
feasting on the advice columnist's rosy little anus, Phoebe felt all
resistance vanishing. Mmmmmm... Ashley was licking her like a cat. Her
bunghole was widening up under her lover's lips, and she could feel
herself getting heated up. Ashley worked her fingers around to Phoebe's
front, and fondled the beautiful snatch there, opening up the box and
pushing her fingers inside. Now the witch felt even happier as Ashley
began to love her in both ends as once.

"Oh yeah... make me come, Ash... you're burning me up Ashley..." Phoebe
continued to beg for Ashley's love as she licked the second-youngest sister's
rump and rubbed her head against it, nipping the flesh a final time as she
concentrated on teasing Phoebe's pussy, still out of sight - Ashley didn't
want to lose sight of Phoebe's gorgeous ass, and sucked on each cushion as
her lover's tight cunt started to respond... Phoebe's breathing quickened and
became louder as she let herself give in to Ashley's fingers play with her
snatch. They were everywhere; on her clit, around her lips, deep inside...

Phoebe Halliwell finally let out her feelings with a long, loud howl,
banging on the tiles as she came; she had to see her lover's face.
Reluctantly letting Ashley's fingers out, she turned to face her.

"Like I said, you're forgiven," she said, glowing.

"I can still make it up to you if you want," Ashley told her.

"Not yet," Phoebe laughed. "Time to get the day going."

* * *

"Rose McGowan's here?" Gabrielle Union repeated. "I didn't know she was going
to be in this movie as well; or is it a cameo thing?"

"Neither," the director told her while waiting for the other performers in
the scene to arrive. "She's here to see Jessica; apparently the producers
want her to do a guest shot on 'Charmed.'"


"Spelling wants to sleep with her? I don't know. Anyway, Jessie'll probably
say yes. A girl can't live on L'Oreal ads alone."

"Did someone say L'Oreal?"

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Brittany!" the director greeted her.
News of the bender that Brittany and Eliza had gone on had spread, and there
had been concerns among the suits at Revolution Studios that the movie might
have to shut down, but when the ladies had returned bright-eyed, bushy-tailed
and apologetic, all had turned out well.

"Nice to see you, Isis!"

"You too, Tal!" Gabrielle replied, figuring she might as well go along with
the gag. At least Brittany Murphy was back.

* * *

"Do we have to walk the last way?" Jessica Alba asked. "Why can't we just use
one of those portals like the Halliwells' house had?"

"Oh, we can use them," Tara assured her as the three walked down the street
towards a bridge, a bridge that would let them arrive at the Castle. "But the
Castle is a Disney trademark, and we're not allowed to just pop into it any
old how. We actually have to go up to it physically; it's protected."

"Since when?"

"Since the second the frozen Nazi made it part of his corporate signature,"
Daphne said bitterly. "Along with that mouse's design. And Mickey takes it
very seriously - you might not believe this, but he doesn't have much of a
sense of humour."

"Oh, I believe it," Jessica assured them. "I always preferred Bugs Bunny

Daphne broke into a big smile. "I think you and I arwe going to get along
just fine."

"Here we are," Tara said, and took out coins. "They charge us for going
across the river to get into the Castle."

"That's Disney for you," Jessica added, to nods from the other two. Even
around here the Mouse was a money-grubber.

* * *

Landing the plane in the Castle was even harder than Kim had bargained on;
Tinkerbell seemed to be everywhere, and everywhere she was she let off
explosions. The plane was being buffeted, and it was amazing that they hadn't
suffered worse damage.

"We're almost out of fuel!" Jennifer Garner shouted.

"Yeah, and Tink never runs out!" Kim shouted back, as an explosion hit the
left side, almost taking out the wing. Kim aimed the plane high and flew at
the towers again, trying to ignore the bright yellow flash darting in front
of the plane. "We can't escape her, and we're going down, so..."

Going for it, Kim piloted the plane towards the castle as Tinkerbell flew
away from them. Quickly turning, Tink soared low and sprinkled a little dust
onto the tail, sniggered, and flew away as the tail burst into flame.

"SHI'ITE MUSLIMS!!!" Kim shouted. "SHE GOT US!"

The fire on the tail was spreading; it would soon consume the plane... but
by that time they were over the castle grounds. Kim brought the plane up as
far as she could as Jennifer managed to find the parachutes, strapped one on
and hollered for Kim.

"Kim?! KIM, COME ON!!!"

"This plane's going down, and I want it to go down outside the castle
grounds!" Kim shouted as she relinquished the seat. "If this wrecks any of
this place..."

She grabbed the other chute, and bailed out of the burning plane. Jennifer
watched for a couple of seconds, and then leaped out herself, mentally
counting off the seconds until it was safe to pull the ripcord. Behind them,
the plane soared on its last flight, plunging to earth - and plunging far
past the Castle.

With the ground rushing up to meet her, Jennifer's mind raced towards the
number 10 as she saw Kim's parachute blossom open.

She also saw a familiar yellow dot racing towards her. There was no way
Jennifer could keep Tinkerbell from hitting her and sending her dropping
from the sky in flames... unless...

Buzzing towards Jennifer, Tinkerbell waved her wand in preparation for Miss
Garner getting the ultimate suntan. And then she'd take care of little Miss
Possible. Tinkerbell giggled to herself as she raised the wand and saw
Jennifer filling her field of vision underneath the open parachute, her hand
wide open and - Jennifer's left hand clapped shut around the fairy just in
time, Tinkerbell's head and arms the only part of her not held tight in her
fist. Furious, she was about to blast her when she felt her wand vanish from
her hand.

"Looking for this?" Jennifer asked, dangling Tinkerbell's tiny wand in her
free hand, and watched as the fairy tried to reach up for it, hanging there
just out of reach of her hands.

"You'll get it back, just as soon as we land..."

* * *

Tara Maclay, Daphne Blake and Jessica Alba stood frozen to the spot. In front
of them was a yawning gap in the bridge, caused by a plane that had crashed
onto it, taking a goodly portion of masonry with it on its way to the river
far below.

* * *

The Castle was accessible by a variety of ways; Sam, Clover and Alex had
chosen to use automotive transport to take them on the last leg. Clover was
driving and listening to her colleagues playing I Spy to kill time on the
way across the Eastern bridge - it was accessible via four bridges, but they
were far apart (as the three travellers above were discovering).

"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... D!" Alex chirped.

"Dunst?" Sam asked, chuckling as she glanced at their dozing prisoner.

"Doofus!" Alex cackled, pointing as Sam.

"I thought I told you, no personal cracks! My turn... I spy with my little
eye, something beginning with S!"

"Er... Sausages?"

"Sky," Sam sighed. "All I could think of."

"Okay, I've got a good one - I spy with my little eye, something beginning

"K? Um... keys? Kaleidoscope?"

"Kim Possible?" Clover suggested.

"We have a winner!" Alex crowed. "But how did you know?"

"I saw her too," Clover replied grimly. She and Alex had indeed spotted Kim
as she'd parachuted down onto the outskirts of the Castle.

Clover stepped on the gas.

* * *

WILL: How's the story coming along?

ALBASSEXSLAVE: Great. Me and Velma just finished it.

VELMA: We were going to call it 'Saving Ryan's Privates' but we figured that
had already been done. So we settled on 'What's My Motivation?'

ALBASSEXSLAVE: We had the girls meeting up to go over their script, and to
help them relax Tracy called in a bunch of escorts. Each of them pairs off
with one of the girls, and then they each get into a three-way, and...

WILL: Not very imaginative.

VELMA: Hey, you've got Faith, Max and Brittany Murphy. What else do you want?

WILL: By the way, what did you think of my 'Dark Angel' fanfic?

ALBASSEXSLAVE: I think I'm the wrong person to ask about that.

VELMA: Aren't they all technically relatives? So having Max and Brin making
out is incestuous.

ALBASSEXSLAVE: And having Logan choose Brin over Max is just plain stupid;
Max stuck with Logan even with the virus. Remember the last shot of the show
had them holding hands with rubber gloves.

WILL: But I tell you the show needed more Brin!

VELMA: We've gone over this before, Will...

WILL: OK, OK, I'll leave it. :) Is your story up yet?

ALBASSEXSLAVE: Available on all good newsgroups now. Happy masturbating...

* * *

"And... action!"

Lisa Thompson sat back in her director's chair, relieved that things seemed
to be getting back to normal on set. Kirsten was working as smoothly with
Sara as ever; she had apologised profusely to Lisa for her absence, and had
even insisted on working without salary for a week to make up for it, a move
which went down well with Bruckheimer and Touchstone.

They had made up for lost time rapidly, and not a single fluffed take. So
why was there still a little niggle of doubt in Lisa's head as she called
"Cut and print!"

Because there hadn't been a single fluffed take. Sara had gone from being
consistently off on the first take to being on the nose every time; no more
of this "Anna" stuff. Lisa made a note to herself to talk to Sara the first
chance she had.

* * *

"Silencers" was shooting a few scenes that didn't actually require Jessica
Alba/Max's presence on the set, so she had absented herself on the pretext
of having a meeting with Michael. She was having a meeting all right, but it
was with producers.

Max pulled Jessica's car onto the Spelling Television lot, ID'd herself, and
was soon on her way to meeting with the producers of "Charmed," to discuss an
impending appearance on the show. She would be playing a girl whose powers
would come into full effect on her 21st birthday, and who Phoebe, Paige and
Piper had to protect until then. They even had a name for her character -
Ashley Gabriel.

* * *

Eliza Dushku steeled herself to get the train inside her, as Penelope Pitstop
watched. Eliza never looked unsexy, but with the sweat covering her as she
strained inside the machine, Penelope wanted to taste some of that li'l muff
right now. But all in good time... let Eliza get out of it first.

Eliza strained her arms and legs, and felt herself on the verge of twisting
all out of shape as the little train moved up the tracks, her pussy waiting
and gaping. Her teeth almost splintered on each other as she felt the
strain... she grunted continuously as she begged herself for just a little
more effort... just a little more... oh God, she couldn't stand for it to
happen again...

There it was... she could feel the padded end of the train pushing against
her lips... now it was starting to go into her... Eliza strained harder...
she was in such agony she didn't know how she could keep going... but she
was SO CLOSE...

"Yesss....!" she panted, feeling one full car of the train moving inside her.
Eliza called up all her strength and heaved as hard as she could, and howled
like a banshee as the train travelled further into her cunt. Eliza's legs
were so far apart she thought they were breaking, but by now the little
engine was almost fully inside her, boring a trail into her womb, soft at the
tip but cold and hard all the way down the line.

Eliza nearly tore some tendons as she made the final assault; hair matted and
clinging to her forehead, tears almost swelling, she made one last stretch...
and the train was swallowed by Eliza Dushku's cunt. Now she had it in her
control, she eased back on her arms and pushed it back out, thankful that
none of the edges were catching. When it was half way out, she started to use
her cunt and the pulleys to move it slowly in and out, knowing that she'd
never finish otherwise.

Penelope gave her the thumbs up sign as she watched. "Now we're gettin'
somewhere, sugarbeets!" she gurgled. "Just to ease the tension a bit..." She
sashayed up to her captive, seeing that Eliza's eyes were squeezed shut as
she jacked herself with the toy train. "Open your eyes, Eliza."

Eliza did so warily, and saw Penelope's crotch in front of her face. An
instant later, Miss Pitstop had unzipped it; even in her condition, Eliza
was surprised to see that Penelope actually had proof of sex. "Go on, have
a bite. It'll help you finish faster..."

Penelope climbed on top of Eliza's face; she did in fact start to work the
train faster as she stuck her tongue into the heiress's pussy. "What the
hell," she thought, "at least it's not Skeletor."

"Whoooo!" Penelope laughed as she felt Eliza's tongue licking around and her
body grinding as the train fucked her. "Daddy would be fit to be tied if he
could see me now... you've earned this, honey..."

The chains holding Eliza were snapped almost at once as she let out an
"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!" of joy, her breath washing over Penelope Pitstop's pussy,
and sending a happy tingle through the blonde. The train slid back out onto
the tracks, as Eliza's free hands started to touch Penelope. There was a
strange kind of sensation in touching a cartoon - they felt solid, yeah, but
something kind of alien as well. It felt like... she couldn't describe it,
but it was totally unreal. Like she was dreaming and wide awake at the same
time, or an acid trip without the use of drugs.

And the weirdest thing was, Eliza wasn't sure she didn't like it. She
studied Penelope's pussy hairs; they looked drawn but they felt so real.
And it tasted real too. It tasted even better than Kirsten's or Gabrielle's.
Eliza began to probe further inside Penelope, listening for her captor's
squeals of delight; if this was Stockholm Syndrome in action, then call her
Swedish and bring on the dildos...

* * *

"You know what I like best about this show that's coming up?" Rose McGowan

"That you'll be working with two of your ex-rivals and be showing them who
the biggest kid in the playground is now?" Michelle Trachtenburg, who would
also be on this episode with Jessica Alba (playing Ashley's cousin, who had
no idea her cousin was a witch) suggested.

"No, loser," Rose replied amiably. "It's this!" She brandished a final draft
copy of "Never Been Cursed," on which the credit "Teleplay by Monica Breen &
Alison Schapker; Story by Rose McGowan and Monica Breen & Alison Schapker"
was clearly visible. "None of us wants to direct yet, so this is the next
best thing..."

"Looking forward to it," Jessica told them. "You know that the director can't
let me go for more than three days, so we've got to get all my stuff done
before then."

"No worries," Holly Marie Combs assured her. "That'll be all the time we
need. The script'll be FedEx'd over tomorrow..."

"Can't wait to work with you guys," Michelle confessed. "Looks like it'll be

The newcomers departed, everything ready for the day they'd begin shooting;
Alyssa had been pretty silent for most of the time, although she'd been
friendly enough.

"What's up, Lyssa?" Rose asked. "Worried that Alba's upstage you?"

"Yeah, that'll happen," Alyssa replied. "It's just that... look, you're not
going to believe this, but that idea you had for a story... it's a lot like
this dream I've been having. Except that we get together with Alba in the
end and shack up on the beach."

"If we were on Fox they'd be really interested in hearing from you on that
score," Holly suggested.

"Yeah, that does sound like fun," Rose agreed.

"But when did Rose mention it to you?" continued Holly.

"About two weeks ago," Alyssa replied.

"And when did you start having these dreams?"

"About... two weeks ago."

"There you go - just coincidence, nothing to it! Stop worrying, Lyss...
nothing freaky going on."

"Yeah, just coincidence..." Alyssa agreed, afraid to point out that Rose had
brought up her idea AFTER her first dream.

* * *

Sydney Bristow was in trouble deep and doo-doo-like. Her cover had been blown
wide open, and she was racing to escape - but the enemy was catching up, and
their most fearsome weapon was face to face with her, a mere fifty metres
from the rendezvous. Harriet Jones was her name, but she was no spinster.

She was giving Sydney her toughest fight yet; the two sparred furiously in
the forest as time ticked away on the bomb La Bristow had placed. Sydney
blocked Harriet, but Harriet was wearing Sydney down... one quick feint and
Harriet whacked Sydney hard across the face. She was down and out. Harriet
picked up the unconscious spy and prepared to carry her to within an unsafe
distance of the bomb...

"And... CUT! Excellent!"

Harriet instantly became Ellen again, and Sydney stopped pretending to be
unconscious. The fight scene had gone brilliantly, and was all the more
convincing because of the lack of any doubles. The two women shook hands;
this benefitted both of them. Ellen's role as evil Australian agent Harriet
Jones ("We've already got an evil Englishman with Sark," John Eisendrath
had pointed out) allowed her to show that she could not only come off well
with action but with acting as well, and Jennifer Garner - who had suggested
Ellen for the role - had upped her credibility by going through the entire
scene without doubles. "I guess all the training with her paid off!" she had
said laughing.

Luckily, hardly anyone noticed that Ellen/Shego insisted on calling her
"Sydney" even when the cameras weren't rolling.

* * *

Anna was playing in a field with some friends; she was playing hide-and-seek,
and she was the one hiding. She was always so good at it - she couldn't
remember the last time she had been forced to be it...

Now she was on a train... something bad had happened, and her family had to
get out of Russia fast. She could see her beloved country receding quickly,
and she wondered if she'd ever get back there again...

Now she was talking to a tall, blonde man in medieval dress. He was connected
to another man, shorter and darker, for some reason that she couldn't
remember... now she was sitting behind a desk in London, talking to someone
and surrounded by video boxes... now she was splashing about by a swimming
pool with a dark-haired girl called Mila or something...

"Come on Anna," Clover beckoned, gently shaking her, "we're nearly there..."

"My name's... Kiirr..." Anna mumbled to herself, still half-asleep.

"Anna! WAKE UP!"

"Oh! Sorry..." Anna replied, shocked into waking up, and looked out of the
window. "What happened... where am I?"

"You must have been exhausted after all that happened," Sam explained. "You
just went out faster than the New Kids On The Block."

"But don't worry, we're going someplace that'll sort us - ah, I mean YOU out
in no time," Alex added.

"I just had this really weird dream," Anna confessed, blinking as she sat up.
"I was on this movie set... and they were calling me Kirsten."

"Yeah, that happens," Clover said absently.

"Funny thing was - it sounded familiar," Anna continued. "Almost as if that
was where I should be."

* * *


"I'm not deaf, and I'm not asleep," Sarah Michelle Gellar complained, as the
guards came.

"Did you like Master Hill's cock?"

"I've had worse."

"Well, guess what - you've got visitors. It's time for the fun to begin. Our
fun, that is, not yours."

SMG let herself be escorted out.

* * *

Jennifer watched as a furious Tinkerbell flew away; she had kept a tight hold
on the fairy until she was safe on the castle grounds.

"Bye!" she waved after her merrily, and sprinted over to Kim.

"Nice moves," the teen complimented her.

"You weren't so bad yourself," Jennifer replied. "So now what do we do?"

"Now... I'd say we go with those guys," suggested Kim.

"Don't tell me," Jennifer said, "there's a whole army right behind me,

She felt the tip of a bayonet pressing against her neck, and raised her

"Right," said the captain. "We've been expecting you."

From her office, Penelope watched as Jennifer and Kim were taken away without
offering resistance; she cast a glance at a sullen Sarah. "That cutie pie
Jessica's coming about now," she said, putting her white-booted feet up on
her desk. "And as soon as my guys Fred an' Norville and the girls from WOOHP
arrive with the other ladies, we'll all be about ready to begin."

Sarah stayed silent.

"And you better be ready, darlin'," Penelope added. "The lives of a lot of
people are gonna be depending on what happens..."

* * *

Scott Foley felt something wet down below when he rolled back into

The last thing he remembered was getting drunk at the behest of that girl
Ellen, or whatever her name was... and now he'd been put back in his own bed
to sober up. Well, at least she wasn't a total bitch; bringing him home...
but if that was her doing what he thought she was doing...

Scott raised his still fairly dozy head, and instantly woke up. There was a
familiar looking head between his legs, consuming his greenish cock and
sounding as if she was enjoying it. Even in toon form. Jennifer's head was
whizzing up and down his shaft, playing it with her fingers like a sax; she
had the kind of lips men dreamt of getting head with. Scott couldn't help
grinning as he watched his wife's adorable-cum-hot face swallowing him...
and then, despite himself, he couldn't help lying back and enjoying it; he
listened to her panting and grunting as she gave him his wake-up call.

Jennifer pulled back from his hard rod and climbed onto him with a huge
smile. "Morning, baby," she cooed, kissing his stomach. "Better now?"

"Where's my wife, and what have you done with her?" asked Scott, still a
bit short of breath.

She ignored him, kissing her way up his chest.

Scott grabbed her hair and tugged her head back, all thoughts of sex gone
from his mind. "I asked you a question, Sydney..."

* * *

Before Gabrielle Union went to bed, she thought about the day's shooting;
for Brittany to call her "Isis" was one thing, but she kept calling Eliza
Dushku "Faith" when the cameras weren't on. And what was up with them
calling Jessica Alba "Max" all the time?

It was time for her to be asking some questions.

* * *

Tracy Ryan really was a tart. Having enjoyed Max by herself, and Faith by
herself, she was now entertaining them both in the privacy of her own

"How come you get a place as great as this?" Faith asked, strolling around
Tracy's place in her cutoff jeans and thin white T-shirt.

"I'm the Big Thing around here," Tracy cooed. "I can get anything I want just
by asking for it. And you can't complain... you're even better than the real

Faith had to agree that it was fun to be up here; it was even more fun to be
around someone who shared her sex drive. Too bad that she couldn't have
brought any male friends...

"Fuck me! You don't waste any time, do you...?"

"Hey, it's the Fuhrer!" grinned Max, waving at the director of "Silencers"
from her chair. "Doesn't it bother you that we were so uncooperative before?"

"Well..." the director said, before Faith unbuckled his trousers hoping to
find something of cucumber dimensions as opposed to a pencil stub, "I was
hoping this would happen, but I make it a rule to never push it."

"You never push THIS?" Faith husked on seeing that he really did have the
balls. And the cock to go with it. "You must be one really strong guy."

"Hey, I wanna go..." Max pouted. Faith pointed to her lower regions, and the
sex-starved transgenic dived in between the Slayer's legs. She stared at
Faith's muff for a few seconds, lying there open and hot in front of her,
before kissing it slowly. Max couldn't wait any longer; she started to taste
it with her tongue, pushing around all the soft goodness therein. Max rested
her hands on Faith's ass cheeks, fondling them as she munched.

Faith wouldn't have been surprised if the girl she looked like had done stuff
like this to get ahead, but she felt everyone would end up a winner; she'd
get the roles, and the guys would get... she crammed the director's rod into
her mouth, glad that he was cut; nothing to get in the way of the bulb on
top, that was how she liked it. She sucked away on him, rubbing him up and
down as she did her best to turn him on; in truth, all she really had to do
was look at him, but the effort helped. Faith hadn't had it so good since the
time she and Wesley had finally put aside their differences; who'd have
thought he had it in him? (Or ON him?)

The two young women's grunts and the way their bodies moved were driving the
director mad; he was being tantalized by how Faith's tongue was playing with
his prick, teasing it and flicking it in her mouth. He needed to stuff it
into all of her holes... feeling himself about to come, he rapidly pulled
back the brunette's head, freeing his cock and slapping her across the face
with it, yelling in joy as he came at that moment. Both he and Faith watched
as the semen sprayed out, flying over her face as the cock moved along it.
Faith cried out as Max's mouth, in turn, supped at her cunt, just before she
started to move up her back, kissing Faith's fine behind and continuing up.

"My turn!" Tracy crowed, grabbing the director's stiffening organ.

"But what about me?" Faith complained. "I need something long and hard in

"That's where I come in, baby," Max told her. "He'll get to you sooner, but
now you're mine." Watching as Tracy straddled the director, Max held up a
fist, clenched and gleaming. "I don't like dildos; this is more direct."

"You got that right," Faith chuckled, and tackled Max, forcing her to her
hands and knees. "I'm doing YOU first."

Max had a large smile on her face as she felt Faith spit on her asshole and
wipe it in; if she was going to be butt-fucked by a Slayer, it might as well
be by the sexiest one ever...

* * *

"Is there a point to this?!" Jessica Alba grumbled on watching her TV
character begging for more as Faith worked her right arm into her ass. "And
if you're such a hot-shit witch, why can't you just magic us across the

"Because we're not allowed to use magic on the last leg of the journey,"
Daphne replied as they continued their journey along the bridge. "And yes,
there is a point to this." She let a smile dance on her face as she studied
Tracy bouncing up and down on the director. "Fred should have had one that

Tara shook her head as she maintained the vision. "This shouldn't be

"Finally, some sense," Jessica replied.

"The thing is, this has all been arranged..."

"By who? The director? It wouldn't surprise me..."

"Nope. Watch."

Jessica continued to watch, amazed at how much of Dushku's... FAITH'S arm
her butt could accommodate. "Oh fuck me, don't stop... Fuck me fuck me FUCK
ME NOW!!!" Max yelled; as another point of view appeared.

This was a computer terminal, and the words "MY ASS IS ON FIRE, BABY!!!" were
typed on it at the exact same time as Max yelled them. The real actress was
stunned into stopping right there.

"Sweet Jesus," Jessica Alba whispered. "This isn't happening..."

She continued to watch Howard Johnson's fantasy come to life.


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