Madame Sata (MF,MM)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.

Joao Francisco Dos Santos (also known as Sata) walked down the dirty streets
of Lapa. It was night time. Everyone knew what that meant. At night, all
decent men, women and children in Lapa went home.

The only people that remained in the dirty streets of the small town were the
dirty ones. Pimps and prostitutes, thugs and killers, gangsters and freaks.
The bad elements of society. Tonight, everyone had something to fear. Joao
Francisco Dos Santos. A very odd character. A tall, muscular man in his mid
to late twenties with dark skin and eyes. He was jet black, clad in a white
shirt and tight brown pants. He had a long knife hidden somewhere on his
person. Joao Francisco was famous, or should we say infamous? He was a bad
guy. A criminal. A killer. He was wanted by the authorities but somehow,
always eluded them. Everyone knew who he was and where he hung out but no
one knew what to make of it. He was as vicious and as violent as any thug out
there. But he was different. Joao Francisco Dos Santos loved men and was
proud of it. He surprised the people of Lapa. They expected men like him to
be effeminate and weak. He was anything but. A savage, hyperviolent,
terrifying character. He was ruthless.

Sata was looking for a man. He was looking for Roberto, the son of a bitch
who had been nasty enough to hurt one of his "employees." You see, Joao
Francisco Dos Santos was more than a thug. He was also a pimp. He grew up
in the streets after his poor parents sold him into slavery. Sata survived
by being fierce and dangerous. He knew how to deal with men and women and
had no trouble unleashing hell on both.

He walked to the bars where he knew Roberto hung out. He found the man, and
slit his throat.

He went back to his place of hiding, making sure he was not seen. There were
bigger cats out there, people even Sata had to fear though he would never
acknowledge it. He had nothing to do so he went to the Lux Cabaret where his
annoying boss, a wannabe diva named Vitoria dos Anjos was trying to sing.
Sata had to really try not to laugh. She was plain horrible. He had a decent
job as the do-everything-man at the Cabaret plus being Vitoria's dresser. He
acted like a nice guy there, putting up with the eccentric woman and even her
nasty lover, the abusive Gregorio. If they only knew what kind of person he
truly was. No one at work knew of his sexual preference because he didn't act
in an effeminate manner like the stereotypes said. He did a man's work,
chatted with the guys and even flirted with the girls, just for kicks. No one
knew Joao Francisco was a maricon. But everyone in Lapa knew of Sata, the
mysterious killer who eluded the police everytime. Sata killed, and killed.
He killed the men who wronged others. He fought not for pleasure but for
survival. He did so in the dark. No one knew what ethnicity Sata the Killer
was. The locals called him El Diablo.

Sata walked rapidly to his home.

He went there and saw his "family". A tall, black-haired woman in her early
thirties. Laurita was her name. She ran the whole thing. He was also friends
with the effeminate man known as Taboo and Firmina, Laurita's Baby Girl.
Sata looked at them. They lived in what he called The Refuge. Laurita was a
prostitute. She did all she could to take care of her very young daughter
Firmina and was helped by Taboo, who was also a prostitute, for horny
homosexual or bisexual married men.

"Where were you, Joao?" said Laurita.

Sata looked at her. What the fuck was her deal? "I was around, taking care of
business." He didn't tell her that he had just killed Roberto, the man who
beat her and also had his macho friends kick Taboo. Sata had one rule. No one
kicked anybody in his "family" except for him, of course. He had told himself
he wouldn't kill anymore but these days he had to. He recently had to kill a
man named Stefano who was one of those religious freaks who hated prostitutes
and homosexuals though he certainly enjoyed one, if not both. Stefano and his
church people wanted to clean up Lapa and that would be bad for Sata. Bad for
business. Bad for anyone.

He got a day job at the Lux Cabaret. It was a boring job but on this side of
Brazil, you took whatever paid.

He felt an unbelievable amount of anger and hate for his boss, the infamous
Vitoria. She was a lousy singer !!!! Oh, and don't get him started on the
subject of her boyfriend Gregorio. The man was ugly and dumber than a pig.
Sata, the persona Joao had created many years ago to deal with his anger and
frustration was a nocturnal kind of character. But recently, Sata's nocturnal
blood lust threatened to overflow into Joao Francisco Dos Santos's days. His
mask of sanity and submission was beginning to slip up. He felt lethal. He
looked at the men and women around him and felt the urge to kill them. To
slice them up and bury them in dirt and blood. At work, he daydreamed about
cutting off Gregorio's balls and sewing them in Vitoria's throat just to stop
the nasty bitch from singing.

He dreamed of one day wearing a bright costume and being a singer/dancer in
a cabaret, becoming world famous and making lots of money. If only he'd get
a chance. This dream was his fondest desire. He was reclining in a chair,
when he saw someone approach him. It was Taboo. A tall, slim guy who was more
feminine than most women. "Hi, mister Joao, am I interrupting anything?"
Taboo said in a girlish voice.

Sata rolled his eyes. "Come here, mofo."

Taboo came and grinned as Joao took him in his arms and kissed him. The two
of them quickly undressed each other, with Taboo's eyes feasting on Joao's
huge cock and muscular black body. Taboo took Joao's cock in his mouth and
sucked it. Joao closed his eyes. Taboo was an expert cocksucker. Joao soon
came. He had Taboo lying on his back, ass up. He parted Taboo's cheeks and
shoved his cock into Taboo's ass.

"Nice and hard," Taboo begged.

Joao grinned and began to steadily fuck his lover, going in hard and fast
into Taboo's ass. Taboo lay with his eyes closed. He was savoring the feel
of Joao's hard cock in his ass. Taboo's tight ass soon brought Joao off and
he came, filling Taboo's ass with his cum. Joao Francisco pulled out and
soon he was sitting back down, enjoying another of Taboo's cocksucking
session. They were interrupted by a voice. "Is this a boy's party only or
can a girl join in?"

Joao looked and saw Laurita. She was radiant in her white dress and her pale
white skin practically glowed in the dark. "What do you want?" said Joao.

Taboo continued sucking off Joao.

"Just want to have some of your cock," said Laurita.

Joao looked at her. He knew she knew he wasn't into women. Not a political
statement, just his personal preferences. He watched as she came and
undressed. She was a good-looking woman, in spite of leading a hard life.
She came and knelt in front of him. She touched his cock and licked the
side of it, sharing him with Taboo. Joao Francisco Dos Santos aka Sata
looked at the man and woman who sucked his cock. He felt ready to cum again.
They relaxed him, and Laurita played with her tits while sucking him off.
Taboo was jerking off. "You want me to fuck you?" Joao asked Laurita.

She smiled. "Yes, Joao."

She took his hand and led him to a table where she lay on her back, smiling
invitingly. He stood over her, watching her beautiful body. She was so white
and her skin felt so silky and smooth. He had never been into women but
almost felt ready to make an exception just for her. He entered her, slowly.
He pushed into her, slowly at first, getting used to it. Her pussy was warm
and tight, though not as tight as Taboo's hole had been. He fucked her,
looking into her face as he did and gripping the table for support. Laurita's
beautiful face was smiling, from time to time she winced. She rubbed her
hands on her breasts as she did and then moaned as Joao fucked her. Joao
came inside her, and rested against her seemingly frail body. Laurita
caressed his head and held him. Taboo quietly left the room.

The nature of Joao Francisco Dos Santos's relationship with Laurita changed
dramatically. They had been friends for years, with her as the prostitute and
him as the overprotective homosexual patriarch. Now, they were more than
friends. Just what was happening ? They'd figure it out later.

The End


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