MARRIED WITH CHILDREN 2 Kelly makes a movie
By Wonder Mike

Kelly and Bud were hauled of to jail, they were of age so the judge told them
if they could make bail in an hour, they wouldn't have to call their parents.
That was the last thing that Bud needed. He had managed to collect about
$4000, which happen to be just enough to bail him out, unfortuneatly, Kelly's
bail was set at $15000.

Bud would have let his sister rot in jail, except there would be no way for
him to come out of that situation clean, he had to get the money, and fast.

He went back to Hooterville to see if there was any money left laying around.
Of course there wasn't and he ran into the owner, Jack.

Jack told him he was sorry about what happened and he hoped everything would
work out all right because he would like to have Kelly back. Bud told him
where she was and what they needed.

Jack told him he had gotten a device from Japan, that he had wanted to use in
his club, none of his girls would use it though, and he had some "friends"
who would like a specialty video made, he promised Bud it would never been
seen in this country and if Kelly would shoot the video with his device and
for his friends, he would give him $30,000. Bud quickly agreed, he really
didn't care what Kelly had to do for that much money.

Jack gave him the money and Bud bailed Kelly out of Jail. He told her if she
re-hired him as her agent he would get her a job, and since he was sorry
about what had happened he would only take 20% of the $5000 she would make.
Kelly rehired him.

They went to the club and meet Jack, he had his device all ready to go. I
was a manaquin. It was about the size of a large football player, they could
only see the top half if it because it was behind some boxes, Jack pulled it
out so they could see the whole thing, It had a steel cock, it was 14 inches
long and ten inches around, it was slick when Kelly touched it. She couldn't
get both hands all the way around it.

Jack laid it on it's back on a table and pushed a button. The cock started
to thrust up and down, It was connected to a jackhammer like device, and
moved almost has fast. Jack hit another button and it started to spin, faster
and faster until it was a blur.

Kelly decided she didn't know about this, and was backing out. Bud reminded
her that they had already gotten paid, and used the money, there would
probably also be a fine, if she didn't do what Jack wanted, she would go to
jail, and Al and Peggy would find out. He then told her Jack had paid her
bail Kelly had no choice but to agree.

She pulled off her skirt and sat astride the metal dummy, It was real slick
as lube dripped out of pours on the cock, Jack and Bud lifted her legs and
she slid all the way down the fake cock.

Kelly was stuck, but it was so slick she was able to ride up and down on the
monster. She had gotten a good rythm when Jack hit the first switch. The cock
started to thrust up and down. It moved slowly at first, and it started to go
faster and faster. Kelly was being lifted off of her feet, she reached down
and grasped the table and forced her way back down. until she had it all the
way in again. Jack than pushed the second button and it began to spin. It was
wedged in so tight that she began to spin along side of it. Jack turned the
button and it began to turn back and forth.

Kelly took 5 minutes of this and began to scream, she was going to pass out,
Jack slowed the machine down but she was still screaming, he had to let her

Jack told them he only had about fifteen minutes of video, he couldn't sell
that, he also didn't have the money shot. He wanted his money back.

Bud told him he had a plan, he would give Kelly a couple of minutes to catch
her breath and she could try again. Jack had another idea.

He gave Kelly ten minutes to regain composure and ordered her to suck him
off. That was something she was good at. She dropped to her knees and wrapped
her lips around his cock. He grabbed her by her long blonde hair and forced
his member all the way down her throat. It didn't take much of this for him
to lose his load. He pulled out and shot it all over her face. He had his
money shot now.

Of course this was only another 10 minutes of video, and he also had
instructions from his European friends. He told Kelly she was in no way



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