Married... With Children: Part 2 - Marcy Darcy
by Anonymous

She managed to get herself most of the way onto the bed, with just her legs
still hanging off. I stood up over her, my slicked fingers, traveling in and
out of her pussy. Mrs. Bundy made it completely onto the bed, her legs
confined by the leotard trapped around her calves. I knelt behind her on the
bed and pushed my dick back into her. This time she was in the almost
optimum position. With her face and upper torso resting on the bed with her
ass in the air, I was able to slam my dick all the way home. With a firm
grip on each of her cheeks, I fucked the hell out of my art partner's mother.
When I finally came the two of us were covered in sweat and exhausted. I
collapsed beside her on the bed and Mrs. Bundy just lay on the bed her ass
still in the air, my load dripping from her now very loosed snatch. With a
crash, she teetered over, landing with her butt facing away from me.

"Oh my, that was so incredible," she said, running her hands between her

I smiled and planted a kiss on her upper nipple. Mrs. Bundy groaned and said
maybe she couldn't take another time. I answered by wrapping my lips around
the nipple and nipping at it. Sucked on her breasts for a few minutes before
I slid back down between her legs. I pulled off her heels, kissing her red
toenails and then I withdrew her leotard and panties, tossing them over my
shoulder. She parted her thighs and I brought her off again, this time by
dipping a lubed finger around her asshole. She complained initially but
moments later, she was coming like crazy.

We kissed deeply, with me depositing a load of her own juices into her mouth.
She pulled away at first, but upon realizing what I was doing she giggled and
kissed me more deeply. Afterward she told me that we had maybe fifteen
minutes before her husband came home. I said maybe I should go, but Mrs.
Bundy pushed me back onto the bed and sat up on her knees. She tossed her
bra aside and then held my dick up, blowing on it gently.

It was hard in no time and her lips wrapped around it from the side, pushing
into my cock, while her hands played with my balls. She switched from that
to deep throating me and soon I was bucking into her bobbing head again. I
could clearly hear the sounds of her saliva and my pre-come filled mouth
sliding up and down my hardened flesh. I reached down and grasped her big
tits again, tweaking her huge nipples.

Mrs. Bundy stopped sucking me off and straddled my legs. She leaned forward
wrapping her chest around my cock. When the head would appear from her
immense cleavage she would lick the tip. She kept going even after I warned
her I was going to come. The blast hit her face, mostly her open mouth and
huge amounts shot all over her fingers and tits, sliding down to her nipples.
A few stray strands hit my stomach. Mrs. Bundy licked the come off her
fingers and my dick before kissing me opened mouth. I swallowed some of my
own load gladly.

She pulled away and glanced at the clock, "It's after five, Al will be home
any minute."

Mrs. Bundy climbed off the bed and tossed my clothes at me, urging me to get
dressed quickly. I pulled on my clothes, with her helping. Suddenly she
looked up. "If Bud's home he may be downstairs. Wait here."

She put on a robe and disappeared out the door while I finished dressing. A
minute later she came in, happy to tell me her son was in his room. With her
guiding I was led to the front door and she whispered how exciting it would
be if we could meet again.

* * *

The next day I was near the Bundy's driveway when a woman getting out of a
BMW in the driveway next door called to me. I turned back, shocked that she
was speaking to me. "Yoohoo, young man. Hello, young man. Yes, you. Could
please come here?"

I looked around to be sure she was talking to me. I walked over to her,
confused. The little woman was about thirty or so and had a perky, healthy
look about her. She seemed excessively bubbly and her short curly hair had
a goofy bounce to it.

"Aren't you the young man that was at the Bundy's yesterday?"

"Pardon, ma'am?"

"Come with me," she said, walking away. I noticed she didn't walk all that
well in heels. I followed her into the house and up the stairs. I thought
it odd but I figured she wasn't exactly threatening. How many BMW drivers
are? Which I remarked on - that is the beamer.

"Oh, I'm a loan officer at a bank. You see that's part of it. I work
banker's hours, so I'm home from about four on. Get what I'm saying? No,

We entered her room, which was dominated by a large, king size bed and tons
of nice furniture. She moved to the window and hauled back the drapes with
bravado. "See what I mean," she said, motioning for me to look out the

I stepped up to the window and saw that from that vantage point I could
clearly see into the Bundy's bedroom. I couldn't remember if we had drawn
the drapes but I doubted it. I tried to play dumb. "What am I supposed to

"Maybe some young buck screwing Peg Bundy from behind," she said, patting my

I turned around and was shocked and excited to see that she had opened her
blouse and shed her coat. Her white slip was plainly evident. Her body was
not great but certainly not offensive. She just lacked the drastic curves I
found enticing in the Bundy women. She stepped forward and opened my shorts,
her hands rummaging through my boxers. "Care for a repeat performance with a

"I...don't even know your name," I said with shock as she pulled out my cock
and began rubbing it with her small girlish hands.

"Call me Ms. Darcy," she said as she moved away from my developing hard-on.

"I'm Dan," I offered as she unzipped her skirt and shrugged it down.

"Great, close the drapes, I'm not giving Peggy the same show."

I turned around and pulled them shut and then I stepped out of my shorts and
boxers, kicking off my shoes too. I could not believe I was getting lucky
again. I turned back to Ms. Darcy to see her on all fours on the big bed,
still wearing her slip, but I saw her panties laying on the floor near the
bed. I crossed the room, tossing my shirt aside. Ms. Darcy, turned, waving
her little rear at me. I could see her tuft of brown muff peeking from
between her smooth little ass cheeks. She looked back over her shoulder,

"Bring it home," she insisted.

I licked my fingers and slid it up her pussy lips. A shudder went through
her body and Ms. Darcy pushed her ass back, parting her legs more. "Oh yes,"
she cooed.

"You want my cock in here," I asked, rubbing her clit with my middle finger,
while pushing my thumb a touch into her slit.

"Put it in there," she said with a bit of edge behind her voice.

I licked my fingers again and pushed my index finger into her cunt, slipping
in up to the third knuckle rather quickly. I finger banged her for awhile,
while I massaged my own tool with my free hand. Ms. Darcy was really loving
it, as she rocked in time with my thrusting digits, letting out whines each
time. "Give me more," she insisted.

I added another finger and that satisfied her for a minute before she asked
for more. "What do you want, Ms. Darcy?"

"I want your dick in me," she said looking back over her shoulder again.

"In here?" I asked, patting her twat, "Or in here," I asked pushing my thumb
against her butt-hole. She breathed in deeply and I felt the goose-bumps
cover her body.

That's what you want isn't it? You want me to brown-stick you, Ms Darcy?"

"Yes," she whimpered.

"Tell me exactly what you want."

"I want you to fuck me."

"Where?" I said, grasping her thighs and preparing myself for impaling her.

"In the ass. I want your dick in my ass," she wailed.

"How about your pussy instead, Ms. Darcy? I think that's all I'm willing to
do here."

"Just put it in me," she said, pushing her ass toward me. I guided my dick
into her brown haired muff, knowing it wasn't exactly what she was after. "Oh
god, yes. Fuck me."

I wrapped my fingers around her narrow hips and began shoving my penis deep
into her. With each thrust she voiced her pleasure telling me to go harder.
To push deeper. To fill her with my dick. I did my best, pounding into her
quickly slickening pussy. Ms. Darcy's voice ferrous exclamations became
grunts as we progressed and her head dropped, with her thin curly hair
jostling with each mighty thrust of my dick into her small body. She orgasmed
with incredible shudders of her body, while issuing a high pitched keening
sound. I could feel my orgasm approaching too but I had an awesome idea. I
could tell this woman was all mine. I pulled out of her and Ms. Darcy
complained, "No don't stop. I want to feel you come in me."

"Roll over," I suggested, slapping her ass. Ms. Darcy twisted onto her rear
and spread her legs, leaning back for my reentry. I grabbed at her thin slip
and hauled it up, pushing it against her chin. She quickly pulled it off her
head and before it was completely off, I had straddled her torso. "You like
it in the ass, Ms. Darcy, so I bet you like getting titty fucked too."

"Oh yes," she said as I leaned forward, placing my dick on her bony chest.
Her tits were tiny - almost nonexistent, but I rubbed my cock up and down on
her sternum, occasionally fucking her hard nipples. Ms. Darcy helped,
trapping my dick between her hands and her chest, urging me on as I dry
fucked her chest.

"I'm coming," I said as my dick blasted it's first spurt across her chest and
into her chin.

"Come on me, baby," Ms. Darcy urged, letting my dick be free of her body but
not her hands which tugged at it, spraying my juice onto her face. Strands
hit her upturned lips and open mouth. One landed on her right eye. The last
powerful burst I had hit her forehead, leaving a trail down her face to the
tip of her chin. I continued to come but it only pooled at her sternum and
in her hands.

"You liked that, didn't you," I asked as I slid off her body and ran my
fingers over her chest, depositing the come in her mouth. In between licking
my fingers clean she agreed. "You taste wonderful," she said, pushing her
own come soaked digits into my mouth. I sucked at them greedily and then
leaned over her chest, licking off more of my come. Our mouths finally met
and we snowballed each other before swallowing.

We kissed for awhile before, I dropped back down to her hard small breasts,
covering her nipple with my mouth. My left hand dove between her well juiced
thighs, massaging her still stiff clit. My combined tongue, finger action
brought her off five minutes later in sweaty throes of ecstasy. Dipping my
head down, I cleaned the perspiration from Ms. Darcy's hard flat stomach and
mowed her tiny strip of brown pubes. Ms. Darcy lifted her right leg and
dropped it to the side allowing my fingers and tongue easy access to her
pussy which I began working again.

Suddenly I heard the door open and I twisted around to see what had happened.
Standing in the doorway was a man of no more than thirty - about five years
her junior - wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. He was a good looking guy
and he had a nice muscular build.

"Wow, Marcy, you started without me," he complained, undoing his jeans.

"I just couldn't wait to have this young buck in me," she said running her
fingers through my hair. "Why are you late, Jefferson?"

He dropped his pants and boxers freeing his huge semi-hard penis and then he
began undoing his shirt, "The hair appointment ran over time. I'm sorry
Marcy, can I make it up to you?"

We'll see," she said with a pouty voice. "I think maybe Dan here can take up
some of the slack."

"Ah but does he have this," Jefferson asked, stroking his dick.

"No he doesn't," she replied ruefully and then she leaned across the bed and
took his dick in her small hands. Pulling him forward, she kissed the head
of his penis, "How's mommy's favorite toy?"

"Excited," Jefferson answered with a grin, his eyes falling on me.

"Oh, by the way, Karl, this is my husband Jefferson. Jefferson, Karl," Ms.
Darcy said before kissing her husband's dick again. We said hello and before
anything else was said, she had begun to suck his lamb's leg with loud
slurping sounds accompanying. Jefferson just rocked in place, his fingers
guiding his wife's head while he repeated, "Oh yeah, Marcy, love my dick.
That's it, suck it all down your throat. Get me nice and hard so I can fuck
in front of our friend. Keep going. Uh, uh, don't stop. That's it, rub me
balls, baby."

Seeing Ms. Darcy's ass and swollen pussy lips exposed to me, I leaned over
and dragged my tongue up her slit. She stopped sucking her husband's dick
for a second, pausing to issue a moan of agreement. I went to work lapping
at her cunt while she blew her husband. Remembering her response to the ass
questions, I licked at her bung hole and her quiver told me what I wanted.
Soon I was rimming her and fingering her juicy box while her husband
continued to comment on the blow he was receiving.

"Oh, Marcy, turn around so I can pound that sticky cunt," Jefferson

Ms. Darcy pulled away from me and rolled onto her back, parting her legs in
a wide vee. With her little rear hanging a bit off the edge of the bed,
Jefferson, pushed his penis into her. The eight plus inches disappeared in
no time. He place his palms on either side of her and began thrusting like
crazy, getting every inch of his cock into her snatch. I just sat back and
watched while they went at, my hand slowly rubbing my hardening tool. They
switched positions again, with Ms. Darcy's legs pulled back. Again they
changed positions so that Marcy was only on the bed with her shoulders and
head, while Jefferson, on his knees, held her thighs and fucked her. Still
not enough they ended up with Ms. Darcy holding her legs over her head, while
he plowed into her well worn snatch. "Oh yeah, you're so good, baby," he


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