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Married with Children

Bud Bundy took the inflatable doll from under the bed.
He pulled out his cock and mounted the plastic hole between
the doll's legs. The doll was wearing one of Kelly's bras and
as he fucked it he thought of his sister Kelly's tight hard
nipples. He remembered when they were in grade school and he
convinced her that cum would keep her teeth clean, every-
night she used to come to his room and let him jerk off into
her mouth.
Now Kelly was sucking off everyone in town except for
him. Lately he had been reduced to sneaking in her room and
smelling her used panties.
Suddenly the plastic dolls head blew off and the noise
sounded like a gun shot. He was in mid-thurst when the doll
exploded all the air rushed out of her he ended up slamming
his cock into the mattress hard enough to make him scream in

Peg Bundy woke up to feel Al's cock hard in her hand. She
smiled and turned to her husband who was already awake.
"Hi honey, got something for me?" She started rubbing her
hand over his cock.
"Dammit Peg I need to take a piss, leave me alone."
"Come on baby give it to me." Peg said. She loved the
feeling of hard cock and she reached down and took to tip of
her husbands cock in her mouth.
Al slapped her away and stood up.
"Wait" She knew that if went into the bathroom he would
take the Big-un's magazine out and jerk off, and when he came
back to bed he would be limp and useless.
She climbed out of the bed dropped to her knees. "Piss in
my mouth Al if you fuck me after you can piss in my mouth. It
will save you a walk."
Al looked down at his wife who was on her knees licking
the tip of his simi-erect cock.
She knew that the only real pleasure he got from her was
when he was really degrading her, like pissing on her, but he
also knew that if he gave into her she would want him to fuck
her. The price was to high Al decided he pushed her away went
into the bathroom, he heard her curse as he shut and locked
the door.

Peg Bundy got off her knees. She leaned against the door,
She was horny as hell and she knew that Al was not going to
fuck her tonight. It didn't seem fair Al had a huge horse
dick, it was the only reason she married him.
But she burned him out in those first years fucking him
so many times in so many ways that now he just seamed empty.

Peg walked out of the room in disgust, there was a banana
hidden in the back of the fridge, she was going to get it and
give herself what she needed.
Peg was walking past Bud's room when she heard a scream
of pain. She opened the door and rushed into Bud's room,

Bud her teenage son was naked, he was laying on his side
holding both hands around his penis and moaning in pain.
She could see a pieces of Bud's plastic jerk off doll on the
bed, and as soon as she realized what happen she started

"Stop its Mom it's not funny I think I broke it." Bud
pulled his hands away and sat up on the bed.

Peg stopped laughing as soon as Bud pulled his hands
away. He was huge, bigger than AL who was the biggest she had
ever had seen. Her nipples got hard and she felt her pussy
getting wet. She stepped closer to the bed so she could get a
better look at the monster between her son's legs.

"Mom, Mom what the matter." Bud covered his privates
again, his Mother was licking her thick red lips and looking
at him with a sort of glazed eyed hungry look.

Peg sat on the bed next to her naked son. "Here Bud let
Mommy fix it for you." She reached between his legs and took
his limp cock in her hands.
Peg could hardly belive her luck even soft Bud was huge.
She squeezed him and stroked him and instantly her son was
hard in her hand.

Sometimes she had to suck on Al's cock for an hour just
to get it hard enough to slide into her hole. Now here was a
bigger cock ready at just a touch.

All the hours of masturbating with a plastic dildo, all
the days of longing for a stiff hard young cock. And here it
had been all the time.

Peg Bundy jerked her hand up and down.

"Mom what are you doing." Bud said, but he knew what his
mother was doing. Half the time he did it for himself. His
Mother was giving him a hand job.

"Does it still hurt." Peg asked smiling at Bud. She knew
from her son's face that her fingers stroking his cock were
making him crazy.

"Let Mommy kiss it for you." She dropped her head into
her son's lap and put Bud's tender young cock into her mouth.
Peg had sucked plenty of cock. In high school she once sucked
off two teachers and the Freshman Basketball team all in the
same day. Many a night she had to kneel at Al's feet sucking
on his cock while he read his girly magazine just to get him
hard enough of to give her a few minutes of hard fucking.

But never had a cock filled her mouth like Bud's.

Peg Bundy had been sucking cock since she was 12 years
old and her Uncle Griz was her first. And the mailman lasts
week had been the last. But never had a cock filled her mouth
like Bud's. She remembered when his little thing was no
bigger than a broken pencil. Who would have guessed.

Bud shot his eyes and lay back on the bed. It was all to
unbelievable to comprehend his mother was sucking his cock.
He felt himself start to come and his mother felt it as well
she stopped sucking and pulled his cock roughly out of his
mouth. She squeezed it hard enough to make his scream out in

"Damm it don't come yet Bud." His cock when limp in her
hand and she stood up. She pulled the nightgown over her
head. She wasn't wearing a bra and Bud got hard again as
soon as he saw her huge breasts.

Peg was always laying around the house in slutty
nightgowns. And Bud liked to sit next to her and look down
the top when she bent over. One day when he was around 12 he
walked into the bathroom and she was sitting on the toilet
pissing, the slut didn't even close her legs when she saw

But never had he seen her strip right before her eyes.

Peg slipped black thong panties off. She stood up
straight enjoying the look her son was giving her. Peg
climbed up on the bed Bud was laying on his back and he tried
to sit up. She pushed him back on the bed then climbed on
top of him. She knelt a little below his knees and took his
cock in her hand again.

Bud's eyes were glued on his Mother naked body, Her cunt
was huge, the lips were bright pink, the same color as her
lipstick, and her erect nipples. She was hairy and her bush
was covered with thick red hair that extended almost to her
belly. She straddled him then dropped down onto of him and he
felt his cock get engulfed by a hot wet hole.

She thought she could take it all, she was so wet from
blowing her son and she had a big hole, she didn't have one
of those cute little boxes like the sluts in Al's magazine.
Peg's cunt was huge with thick lips and lots of black and red

Bud was so huge he felt as though he was ripping her
apart and it reminded her of when she was a young girl and
her Uncle broke her in.

She licked the top of her son's head and kept working her
cunt down on his cock. Bud was in shock so she started
rocking her hips slipping her son cock in and out of her
dripping wet pussy.
Her tits slapped against his face and Bud took one of
them and stuck it in his mouth. Peg patted her son's head.

He always was the smart one.


It had been a hard day at the bank and when Marcy got
home dinner was not ready and her husband Jefferson was sound
asleep on the couch.

Well she took care to that she beat him with her belt and
sent him right to the kitchen. After Jefferson fed her she
decided to really punish him.

Marcy Darcy took off the skirt that went with her suit.
She folded it neatly then pulled off her panties. She
rubbed her pussy and thought about Peg Bundy, when Jefferson
returned he had dressed as he was ordered.

He was wearing red high-heels, his legs were shaved and
encased in nylons. He was wearing Peg Bundy's genuine
imitation leather mini dress, his face was heavily made-up
and he was wearing a red women's wig.

For the first time that day Marcy smiled at her husband.
Jefferson dropped to his knees and rested his head in her
"Go head Peg, eat me, eat my cunt." Jefferson began
licking and sucking Marcy's pussy, by the time the bitch came
his knees were sore and his tongue raw, his whole face was
covered with Marcy's pussy juice and his mascara had run.
Still it beat working.

Day Two

When Al got home from he had a raging hard on. His last
customer was a tall blond with a tight mini shirt and when he
knelt in front of her and looked up her skirt as he always
did with his women customer even the ugly ones, he was
shocked to see she wasn't wearing panties.

She had tiny little slit shaven bare except for a few
blond hairs. As he watched she spread her legs and he could
see her tiny clit peek out. Pegs cunt was twice as big and
her clit looked like a midgets cock. This was as pretty a
pussy he had ever seen.

"Give me twenty bucks and you can have it" the woman said
Oh boy oh boy Al thought, he had twenty in his pocket that he
had hidden from Peg. But as he felt his empty pocket he knew
he had not hidden it good enough.
"Ahh ya sure I got it over here." He went to the
register and there was only five dollars in there.
"It's all I have." Al pleaded.
The blond snorted in contempt and stood up
"Please give me something" Al said the girl took the five
out of his hands.
"You can kiss it once for five. She lifted her skirt and
Al pushed his head between her legs. Peg had a nasty sweaty
hole and she smelled like an animal but the blond's pussy
tasted like honey. But he no sooner touched it when she
pushed him away and walked out.

He had it all figured out he go home drag Peg upstairs
make her put on a blond wig turn her over and fuck her up the
ass. Peg's ass was bigger then the blond's but if he shut his
eyes he knew he could hold the image of the blond in his mind
long enough get off. Peg wouldn't mind she didn't care what
hole she got it in, as long as she got it.

He ran up the stairs and opened the bedroom door. Peg was
naked in the bed and she was on her hands and knees. Bud was
mounting her from behind. Bud was really pound fucking her
hard and Al could hear Peg screaming for the boy to go
Al was shocked he staggered out of the room and down the
stairs. The dog Buck was laying the couch and Al patted him
on the head.

"YAAAAAA!" Peg screamed from upstairs.

Better him then me, Al thought. Now maybe he could get
some sleep.

Buck's keen dog ears also heard the sound of Peg Bundy
getting off, better him then me Buck thought, did she really
think spreading dog food on her ass would make him want to
fuck her? Even a dog has standards.

Al stayed up and watched tv in to the early morning.
Finally he turned off the tv and was ready to go to bed when
the front door opened and his daughter Kelly and some punk in
a leather jacket walked in.
Al was sitting in the dark and the punk pinned his
daughter against the wall. They were making out and Kelly was
telling the boy to be quiet.
He watched them for a few seconds then turned on the
light. Kelly saw him first and her green eyes opened in
surprise. The punk didn't seem to notice he had Kelly's
miniskirt pulled over waist and his cock buried in her
teenage snatch.
Al grabbed the punk and pulled him away from his daughter
there was a popping sound as the boys cock popped out of
Kelly's hole. Al slammed the punk against the wall then
opened the door and threw the punk off the porch he landed on
his back, sprung to his feet and ran down the road pulling up
his zipper as he ran.

"Sit down young lady."
"Daddy glad you where here that boy must have thought I
was a bad girl." Kelly had pulled her skirt down but her
lipstick was smeared and her blouse was still unbuttoned down
to her waist. She had on a little white bra and it was pushed
up so that he could see a nice little tit peeking out.

Al took off his belt and pulled his daughter over his knees.
"You were bad, now you know what your going to get don't
"Yes Daddy" Kelly said and she did. Her father hadn't
spanked her in years but everytime she was in Wanker county
one of the Uncles or cousins would tell her she was a bad
girl and strip her naked then spank her.

Al pulled the Mini up over Kelly waist and he got hard
a rock as soon as he saw the red lace thong panties that
Kelly was wearing.

He dropped the belt to the ground and slapped her ass
with his hand. She jerked as he hit her and her belly rubbed
against his cock. Al grunted and slapped Kelly's tight little
ass again. There was almost no flab on her teenage ass and he
loved the way it wiggled when he hit it.
"Those are bad girls panties." Al said and Kelly reached
back and pulled them off.
"Is that better Daddy." Kelly asked. Al rested his hand on
the white flesh. He rubbed it and stuck a finger in the
crack. Kelly didn't say anything and he reached down and
touched her between the legs. She was wet and she moaned when
he rubbed her pussy. She had a little teeny hole with blond
hairs and rabbit pink lips. She moaned when he stuck his
finger into her little hole.
"Dp you let the boys do this? he asked
"No daddy no I'm a good girl" but she was rocking her
hips forcing her little cunt back against his finger.

Al Bundy was crazed he pulled his finger out of his
daughters hole and lay her on her back on the couch.
Kelly spread her legs and Al pulled down his zipper and
stuck his cock into Kelly's well oiled hole. She was ten
times tighter then her whore of a mother and she was just as
hot she rocked her little ass fucking him with a fury.
"Ahhh fuck me daddy fuck me" Kelly said and when he was
about to come Al pulled out of his daughters pussy and opened
her blouse exposing two ripe hard tits. He aimed at her tits
and shot his load all over them the last drop hit her face
kelly opened her eyes smiled at her father then licked the
cum form the side of her face. "yummy." she said.

"Lick it pretty boy." Marcy said. Jefferson woke up to
find his Wife standing above him. She had her skirt hiked up
past her belly and her blond pussy was inches from his face.
"Damm it Marcy I was having a dream." He was dreaming of
fucking Al's teenage daughter Kelly and Marcy's cunt stuffed
in his face made his hard on go soft under the covers. Still
half asleep he pushed his wife back and tried to sit up.
Marcy slapped his hard across the face.
"Listen Mr. I'm the bread winner here and when I come
home after a hard day of work and want my pussy licked you
Damm well better snap to it.
For a second Jefferson considered punching the bitch in
the face. But he knew where his butter was buttered.
"I'm sorry baby he dropped of the couch and fell to the
ground at her feet." Jefferson pressed his face between her
legs. Marcy sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide.
Jefferson was a wimpy fuck but he knew how to lick pussy.
"Ya, YA, that's right Mr. eat that hole, ahh stick that
tongue in there ya that's it baby eat me eat my fucking
cunt" After only a few minutes she was cumin all over his
handsome face.

After dinner Marcy changed into a sweatshirt and a pair
of slacks and headed next door to Peg's as usual Jefferson
followed behind.

Peg was laying on the couch with a half empty box of bon-
bons and a happy look on her face.
"Where is Al?" Jefferson asked Peg pointed to the
cellar stairs and Jefferson started down them carefully
skipping the third step that had been broken for years.
The Bundy basement was dark full of broken smelly things
which Jefferson avoided into he came to the little room in
the back where AL kept the playboy collection.
He open the door and was shocked to find Al sitting on
the floor with his pants down to his knees and his cock in
hand. That was surprizing enough but the real shock was to
see Kelly Al's teenage daughter standing in on the other side
of the room wearing only a skimpy g-string.
"Ohh Ohh" Kelly said. AL tried to stand up tripped over
the pants around his knees and fell flat on his face. He
pulled his pants up and stood up.
"It's not what you think," Al said.
"What is it AL?" But he wasn't looking at Al Kelly had
sure filled out in the last year or so, her breast were firm
and tight and she didn't even try to cover up.
"Ah I was just I mean we were ahh Kelly what were we
"Daddy was watching me strip while he jerked off." Kelly
"No Kelly," Al groaned. "Remember you weren't supposed to
tell, no put your clothes on."
Kelly bent down to pick up the blouse that was on the
floor and Jefferson and Al both gasped her ass was lilly with
tight and lightly muscled.
She had a better ass then all the whores at the strip
"No," Jefferson said. He turned to AL. "Do you know what
the penalty of having sex with a underage girl is?" He could
tell from AL's green face that he did.
Jefferson smiled and walked over to Kelly he reached out
and touched one of her firm young breasts Kelly smiled and
Jefferson turned to Al. "Of course if I'm guilty of the same
crime I cant very well turn you it can I."
AL walked over to Kelly "Honey I know Dad told you to be
a good girl, but if you don't sleep with Mr. Darcy he is
going to tell on us and send Daddy to jail.
Kelly turned to look at Mr. Darcy was still stroking her
tit and she could see he cock pressing against his pants.
Stripping for her Dad had made her hot as hell and she wanted
to fuck the older man real bad.
"Ok DaD i'll fuck him, ahh I mean okay if I have to I
Jefferson pushed her to the ground and pulled her tiny
panties and threw them aside. Neither of the noticed Al who
picked up his daughters g string and pressed in against his
He pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock. For
years he fantasized about fucking the hot little slut and now
that he finally had her he was near crazy. Kelly spread her
legs and he guided his cock to the tiny slit between her
He plunged in and her cunt was tight but she was soaking
wet. And she moaned licked his face and rocked her hard
little body beneath him. She was so fucking tight and she
rocked so hard he came in only seconds shooting his
He climbed off her and he had scarcely sat down when Al
was on top of her. Jefferson smoked a cigarette and watched
as the Al fucked his daughter on the basement floor.

"Come on Peg, I don't belive you." Marcy said but the
scary part was that she did.
"I swear it." Peg said. "He is hung like a horse."
"But Peg your own son, how can you do it with your own
"Any cock will do." Peg said pooping another bon-bon
in her mouth.
Just +then the door open and Bud came strutting into the
room. Peg sat up straight and smiled at him "Bud how are you
do you want me to cook you some dinner."
"Sure Bud said bring it up to my room.
"Anything you say Bud." Peg said winking at her son. Bud
popped a bonner right there and Marcy couldn't help noticing
how big it was.
"I'm going up there. You stay here and if AL comes call
up to me." Peg said.
Marcy sat on the couch of a few minutes then she walked
up the stairs. They were in Buds room Peg was laying flat on
her stomach and Bud was fucking her from behind. He was huge
his cock twice as long as Jeffersons.
She watched for ten minutes and when she went back
downstairs she called for Jefferson and yelled for him to get
right home.
"Be right there." Jefferson yelled Kelly had her head in
his lap and was sucking his cock. Al sat beside him and Kelly
was jerking her father off as she sucked him.
Jefferson patted her blond hair. "Get me off he said i
have to go.
Kelly started bopping her head faster. Deep throating him
and in a minute he was ready to cum he pulled her head back
and shot his load into her face. the teenagers face was
already covered with his and Al's cum and this fresh load
didn't faze her. He pulled up his zipper and ran up the
When he got home Marcy was laying on the bed stark naked
fucking herself with a huge dildo that Peg had given her.
"Get over here mister!" she said.

"Come on Mom I can't stay home from school again," Bud
Peg was standing above him. She pulled down her pants and
her huge cunt was naked.
"Come on Bud we can fuck all day." She pulled the top
over her head and her huge breasts hung down the nipples hard
as rocks.
"No i'm going to school." Bud said. Peg climbed into the
bed beside her son her hand found her sons cock and after a
few gentle strokes he was hard in her hands.
"Stop it Ma." Bud pushed her hand away and tried to sit
"Ok go to school but don't you want to fuck me once
before you go."
"I'm late, I have to go."
Peg kissed him on the lips her lipstick smearing on his
face. "How about up the ass Bud you know you like fucking
Mommies ass."
"I'm tired we fuck all the time."
"Tit fuck me, tit fuck me then cum in my face." she
"Alright" Bud sighed. Peg kissed him again the crawled
down his legs. She cupped his cock with her huge breasts and
Bud started humping them.


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