Married... With Children: The Bundys (m/F,inc)
by Anonymous

Chapter 1

"ALLLLL!, I'MMM HOOMEEEE!" Tthe loud shrieking voice shattered
the silence of quiet Saturday afternoon. Peg slammed the door and
trotted across the living room in her open toe high heels, unloading
an assortment of expensive looking shopping bags.

"Thats funny... heyyyy! Is anyone home?" Her voice boomed up the
stairs into the second floor rooms disrupting her 16 year old son from
his daily masturbation rituals.

He lay naked on his bed trying to block out her loud cries stroking
his young cock. (Shut up.. will ya) He thought starting to get
frustrated with her questions interrupting his tango with the two
foreign exchange students from Sweden.

Peg gave up and concluded no one was home. (Oh good) She thought
with a naughty grin. She trotted around the couch and plopped herself
down between the bags. Her spandex pants were tight as always and her
top left nothing to the imagination. She had been horny all week and
her husband Al had been avoiding her, staying late at work and
frequenting the nudy bar with Jefferson.

She would pleasure herself 3 to 4 times a day with a wide selection
of toys but nothing could replace taste and smell of a mans cum. (Damn
you AL) Her thoughts turned back to her new additions to her wardrobe
and more importantly the addition to her bedside drawer. She ripped
that particular box open and pulled out her new toy. It was an
expensive dildo that was supposed to be so lifelike that you would
never need a man again. she smiled wickedly at this idea as she rubbed
her fire engine red fingernails up around the purple colored head of
this 8" silicone cock.

Her pussy went from being its normal state, moist to a pungent wet.
(Mmmm, I need you now) She thought to herself and she tested the feel
of this penis in her mouth. Her big mouth and full lips opened and she
sucked it inside her mouth.. (Mmmmm.. perfect!)

Peggy quickly gathered her things and trotted loudly up the
stairs. Bags cascading off of both arms and her new toy clenched
tightly in her hand. Her big ass moving lewdly in order to stimulate
her swollen pussy.

Bud was far away in his fantasy, pulling his hard young cock for
all he was worth. "oooh thats right Eva, suck on my big cock" In his
dreams he was always huge but in all actuality he was quite small. He
pumped his 5" bone with his right and squeezed his tight balls with
his left.

He was just about to squirt his little cock meat off in eva's
mouth as her friend let him fondle her big tits when he heard his mom
thumping down the hall. (Auugh, god damn it.. mom.. your going to ruin
this) He thought as he slowed his stroking down and eventually went
soft. (Darn it!)

He got up and tiptoed naked across the room to his closet. He was
supposed to be at a football game and didn't need to be caught at
home. Bud held his breath as his mother opened his door and looked in.

"Bud?, oh good! all alone" she wailed and ran to her room.

He wondered what she was going to do, although in the back of his
mind Bud already new. He smiled with a devilish grin as his cock
hardened. It was no secret his mother was a nymph and he had already
found her hiding place for all her dildos. He had heard her fuck his
dad many times but never saw her masturbate.

He advanced further into the hallway and creeped up to her open
door. The feeling was electric as he peeped around the door frame
seeing his mother pulling off her tight spandex pants.

Peggy struggled for a minute with her pants and with one good pull
managed to get them down over her thick hips and thighs. She kicked
her pumps off and discarded the pants. Her top went flying and her big
tits came into view. Thick nipples like pencil erasers poked out as
she lay back on her bed. "Ooooohh god, I'M so fucking horny!" she
wined as she spread legs and moved her hand through her thick dark red
hair over her pussy.

Buds eyes were about to pop out when he saw her finger disappear
inside her wet pussy lips. They were thick and puffy and he saw her
clit was much different than the girls in the magazines and porno's.
It was huge and it stuck out like little cock.

Peggy tweaked her nipples with her fingers and moaned out as she
fingerfucked herself.

Buds little cock meat was at full attention as he watched his mother
grab her dildo and put it to her lips.

She must of been into a fantasy because she began talking to an
imaginary person.

"Oohhh god your going to make me suck your big dick mister?" she
said before flicking her tongue on the head. " but its so big" her
fingers moved all around her pussy and Bud noticed her hips arching
off the bed each time they touched and squeezed her big wet clit.

She sucked on the dildo for a few minutes getting it sloppy wet with
her spit. Bud was pulling his pecker imagining her sucking on his.
(God, she could swallow my whole weenie!) He thought as he started to
speed up his strokes.

Peggy moved the dildo down to her pussy "oh mister, are you going to
fuck my pussy with that big cock?" she touched the head ot the
silicone penis to her clit and flicked the switch on the back.

"HUH? god damn it! " she screamed . Peggy realized that the
batteries she had swapped from her other best dildo were dead. She
looked so frustrated as she sandwiched the dildo between her thighs
and rolled over on her side. Bud was looking at his mothers big
beautiful ass now.

Years of being teased from his mother walking around in her short
shorts, ass cheeks hanging out the sides, and now finally seeing the
whole thing almost made him explode.

Peggy rolled back over and sat up. It looked as if a lightbulb just
clicked on above her head. She put on her open toe heals and trotted
to the door.

(Oh no!) Bud thought and ran naked to his room. (Oh man!) Once
inside he realized it was to late, there was no where to hide.

Peggy walked in and without noticing Bud standing behind the door
walked over to his night stand and picked up his alarm clock. She new
it was a plug in but she was desperate and wanted to believe Bud would
have put batteries in it in case of power outage or something!

Bud was trying to lose his erection but the way his mother looked
standing in her heels naked , in his room, by his bed was a turn on.

She turned to leave and immediately saw her son naked behind the
door covering his genitals.

"BUD! ... What are you doing! " she screamed as she quickly
realized she was also naked.

"I'm sorry mom!.. I came home to change and you barged in on me!"

"Oh, well I'm sorry, I was umm I was ..." she had no excuse but she
wondered how long he had been home. (Did he see me fucking myself?)
She quickly grabbed his blanket and covered her sexy body from him.

"Well, I'm sorry Bud I ugh .. I umm" she was flustered and trotted
out.Before she left she did have three words for him.. "not a word!"

Chapter 2

After that day Bud no longer thought about the big breasted twins
from Sweden. All he could fantasize about was his horny mom fucking
her big clitted pussy with that dildo.

Peggy was embarrassed about being caught naked by her son but she
also kept wondering if he had seen more than that. The thought of her
son Bud pumping his young cock up in his room thinking about her, made
her very hot.

Although she didn't see his cock she figured it was small because
of the way his hands covered everything. She knew he masturbated allot
from the cum rags and porno mags under his bed but she had never
caught him.

Al as always avoided her the next week and was off to a shoe sales
manrally in Orlando with his buds (Yeah right!) She thought as she
found herself alone again on another frustrating Saturday.

Bud had kept quiet about all of this but found himself having to
pump his cock more than usual. He even started to steal his mothers
panties from the laundry bin and smell them while he masturbated. His
mother rarely did laundry and there was always allot of her panties

Peggy noticed more clearly now that her son was looking at her in a
different light. She caught him allot, looking at her legs and tits
more often now (Had he always been doing this?) She wondered. Peggy
was a very horny lady and the thought of fucking her son was not out
of the question. She sat on the couch watching her soaps but not
listening. She began thinking if she was a slut, all the times she had
cheated on AL. Remembering her favorite escapades... the time she
jerked Jefferson's cock off in the kitchen while AL was in the living
room.., or the time she fucked three college boys in a locker room
stall when she was attending an art class.

Peggy started to get wet and horny again and she flicked the T.V.
(Bud's been in his room all day! I wonder if he is jacking off?) The
thought of teasing him into his room for a quick stroke excited her
and she decided that she wanted to see how many times he would run to
his room.

Bud came down the stairs and Peggy saw her chance. "Hey Bud. what's
you doing?" she asked lazily as if she was tired. "Ummm doing
homework for school." He sheepishly lied. "On a Saturday? you should
be out with your girlfriend." She shifted on the couch and she saw him
take a peek at her spandex covered thigh.

"Yeah well... I'm still looking for one." He opened the fridge and
looked for something he knew was not there.

She dangled her heel off her red painted toes.. Again she saw him
look. (Ooh my , does my son have some kind of foot fetish)
"Honey, come do me a favor.. I have been out and about all day and
these shoes are killing me.. Would you give your mom a foot massage?
" she said as she moved to one end of the couch and patted the cushion
where he was to sit.

"Ummm .. ok but I'M real busy." Bud sat down and his mother put both
of her feet into his lap. "This one hurts the most" she raised it in
the air in front of his face. Bud started to massage her foot but had
to sit in a position where her other foot wouldn't touch his throbbing

"Oooh that feels good Bud." She lay back and moved her resting foot
over his crotch area and felt his young hard on. "Ummm mom!! .. I
really have to go." He said blushing as he scooted out from her and
ran up to his room.

(Mmmmm I bet you he's whacking that little cock now) She thought and
then it hit her. I'll catch him in the act!

Chapter Three

Outside of his door she could hear him moaning. So without
knocking she quietly opened the door.

What she saw was not to far off from what she expected. Well
everything except her yesterday panties over his face. (Oh god, I had
a couple of orgasms in those too)

He couldn't see her so she watched her young son stroke his little
cock. Her pussy began to flow as she watched. It was then that she
knew that she wanted to fuck and suck on her sons little penis.

His moans became louder and she listened to words now whispering

"Ohh god mom.. I want you so bad!"

Peggy smiled and decided it was time to catch him.

"OOOH BUD!...I'M SORRY!!" she announced with her high shrieking

Bud scattered around frantically , first ripping the panties off his
face then trying to cover his cock.

"MOM!" he was red as a beat and Peggy thought it was cute.

"Oohh my!" She acted shocked, "Are those my panties your smelling
too?" Bud said nothing and Peggy walked to the side of the bed. He
was laying on top of the covers and unable to hide his erection with
his blankets. So he lay in a curled up position on his side.

"It's ok.. Bud.. I don't mind.. just want you to be open with me
" she sat down on the bed beside him.

"Now... Are those my panties?" She asked again and he shook his head

"Well now.. see that wasn't so bad, Bud I really don't mind you
smelling my panties... Does it make you hard?"

He shook his head yes again.

"Do you jerk your cock allot?"

Again he shyly nodded.

"Do you think about mommy when you do?"

He reluctantly shook his head again yes.

"Well, Bud... This is weird but I'm turned on by you thinking about
me when you do it."

"You are?"

"Nmmm yes, just wish I could help." She smiled and pulled his hands
away from cock.

"Well, well.. what do we have here?"

Bud tried to cover back up but she shooed his hands away.

"Such a cute little cock, and so hard too. Would you like me to suck
it?" Before he could answer her, Peggy wrapped her hand around the
young boys penis. "Oooh you are hard, aren't you Bud?"

Peggy pushed him on to his back and kneeled down. "You know you are
not the only one who masturbates allot." and with that, her big mouth
opened and his cock disappeared behind her full red lips.

"Ohhh Mom!!" he squealed.

"Mmmm... YOU like that." She was talking with his cock buried in her
mouth. The sensation was unbearable and Bud felt his balls release,
shooting his cock cum up through the shaft into his mother's hungry
mouth. Peggy closed her lips around his cock meat and began to swallow
all of his cum.

She sucked like a vacuum cleaner as Buds hips jerked uncontrollably
of the bed. She sucked him clean and was loving the fact that he was
still hard as a rock.

"Mmm Bud.. you little cock taste sooo good..." She said in a sexy
voice. "Oh Mom.. your so hot.. I have wanted you for a long time now."

"You have?... Well why didn't you just say so... I never pass up a
hard cock." Peggy pulls her spandex pants off and lays next to her son
on the bed. "Well here's what you want then right?" She shifts
positions and lifts her legs in the air bending at the knees, exposing
her fat hairy pussy and asshole.

"Mmm go ahead little boy... Lick your mommy's pussy... Show me you
love it."

Bud got on his knees in disbelief and pushed his face up into Peg
Bundy's wet slippery pussy.

"Oohh Buuud... You dirty boy you... You like the taste of that..
huuuh?" Muffled sounds emit from Bud's sucking mouth.. licking with
long strokes up and down her fat wet pussy lips finding at the top
that big wet clit.

Flicking at it with his tongue then sucking it into his mouth sent
Peggy over the edge and Bud immediately knew she was cumming. He
opened his mouth and turned sideways to get her whole pussy in his
mouth and sucked on it, smacking his lips everytime he came for air.

"Oooohhhhh BUUUDD.. Suck my cum up.. Oooooh.." Peg wailed as she
pulled her legs further apart.

Bud quickly found her asshole and stiffening his tongue, he pushed
it inside.

"OOOH Bud, Yes! Lick mommy's asshole boy... Ohh yes!, I'm cumming

"Oh Bud you want to stick that little cock in Mommy now. Come on
boy. Pump me with that sweet young thing. Hard as you can."

"Ohh yeah Mom, I want to fuck you like a whore!" He screamed as he
got up and pushed his 5" cock meat to the hilt. "Oh god your pussy is
sucking my cock!" Bud shrieked. "Oohh come on boy. Ram your slut
mom!, I love it."

Bud slammed into her pussy for all he was worth. Peg enjoying his
lessons still curious about another thing. She put her foot into buds

"You like mommy's pretty feet? Suck on mommy's toes!"

"Yes Mom.. I love your whole body." Bud moaned taking her toes inside
his mouth.

Peg could feel Bud's little cock squirting off inside her pussy as he
sucked her toes. "Oooh my boy's a dirty little boy huuh? You like
squirting up into your hot mommy?" Bud lay on his mother pulling up
her top and sucking on her nipples. She was to see her boy was still
hard and was loving every minute of her seduction.

She began to think about all the fun she would have with Bud in the
future. (Mmmm.. Maybe do him and all his friends too... At the same

Peg Bundy drifted off to sleep with her son sucking on her tits.


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