Married... With Children: Kelly's First Taste Of Pussy (f/f)
by Anonymous

I stood looking at myself in the mirror. My boobs were just starting to fill
out. Soon these things would take me someplace. I know I would never make it
on my brains, so I had only my looks and hopefully a killer body. I wanted to
get out of this house. All mom ever does is sit on the sofa stuffing her face
with bonbons and watching daytime TV. I have never known her to cook. Any
food I got was from the neighbors. They felt sorry for me, unlike how they
felt for dad. Most of the time they would throw an old shoe at him. A few
times I caught him chewing on the leather.

I slipped on my bra just as my pip-squeak of a brother came running into my
room. He looked at my tits and pointed at them and started saying, "Look

"Yea, and this will be the closest that you'll ever get to the real things,"
I said.

He ran away crying. I wished someone would change his diapers, he's been
wearing the same one for weeks. Hell, no wonder the kids in fifth grade made
fun of him.

As I left the house I saw a moving van next door. Someone was moving into the
old McRae's house. I think they got tired of dad eyeing Mrs. McRae's hope
chest. You couldn't believe the size of tits on her. And she knew how used
them. She had this great job down at the nudie bar. I hope to one day have a
good job like that too.

As I was looking at the stuff go into the house a black BMW drove up and
stopped. Two guys got out. One of them saw me and said, "Oh look Steve she's
beautiful, and what is your name."

I replied, "I'm Kelly, sir."

The other one started to laugh but the look that was thrown his way quickly
silenced him. "I'm a Madame, not a sir, my name is Marcy Rhoades and this
man is my husband, Steve," she said a bit icy.

"Sorry... (but you have no boobs)," I said, the latter part was under my
breath. After all I wanted to get at least one meal out of them per week.

When I was returning home from school I saw that the black BMW was gone but
there was now a jeep in the drive. Wow, I thought these people have two cars.
Dad still drives the one he had when he went to Poke High. You might remember
him; he did something in a football game once.

Just as I was walking by Marcy came out and said, "Hi Kelly, I would like to
talk with you for a minute, I just baked some cookies and I have some milk."
That is all I needed to hear. I quickly ran up the drive and into her house.
Real baked cookies, I've never eaten them before but I have heard about them
on TV.

Over the cookies and milk Marcy spoke to me, "Kelly, I'm sorry if I was out
of line this morning," she said.

"That's OK," I said as I bit into the cookies. I had never tasted anything
like them before, why they were warm.

"Kelly dear," she said, "I'm new here and I don't know anyone yet and I was
thinking that maybe you could help me, you, tell me about the

"Oh, you want the dirt on everyone," I said.

"Well, um yes," she replied.

Well, for hot cookies or a hot meal there wasn't anything I wouldn't do. I
told her about everybody on the block. But the only thing she seemed to be
interested in was who was doing what to whom.

Well, this went on for the next two years. She fed me and I would give her
the juicy gossip. That is until the day Marcy woke up and Mr. Rhoades was

Of course I had no idea of what had happen. I was coming home from school
and there sit Marcy's car in the drive. I had heard something about Mrs.
Jones and the pizza delivery boy so I went in using my key.

I was floored! There was Marcy Rhoades on the sofa naked crying and pushing
something inside of herself!

I stood watching for a few minutes. I didn't know that old people played
with themselves. I mean she must have been close to thirty.

Then she saw me standing there. She quickly stood and began pulling the
things out of herself. They looked like dicks. She pulled two from her pussy,
one from her mouth, and then another from her ass. I couldn't believe it she
had four of them stuffed inside of herself.

"Kelly what ... what are you doing here," she said. Finally I did see that
Marcy was a woman and not some guy in drag. I always had some doubts about

"I saw your car in the driveway and wonder what you were doing," I replied.
"Just what were you doing, Mrs. Rhodes?" I asked.

"Kelly, I think you are a little to young to understand," she said as she
covered her A cup size tits leaving her nicely shaved bushed exposed.

"Come on, you don't think I don't know that you were playing with yourself,"
I said. "It's just I never seen one of these," I said as I looked at the toy
that still smelled of her pussy.

"Kelly when you get older you will meet a boy and..." I stopped her right

"I haven't been a virgin in years, even before you moved in, I know all about
fucking. It's just I never seen one of these," I said to her.

"Well, dear, these are dildoes and they have other names as well," she
answered. "When you don't have a... man or when he doesn't fulfill you, then
you can always count on...on...on," she stopped speaking and began to cry.

"Oh Kelly," she cried, "Steve left me, that limp dick wants to play with
animals and not me," she sobbed.

I gave her a hug and thought, damn no cookies today. Then I realized that I
was hugging a naked woman. I think she must have then realized that she was
still nude as she said she was sorry and started to brake away.

"That's OK," I said. She hugged me as she had another bout of crying.

I didn't know what else to do, so I hugged her and slowly rocked her back
and forth. I never held a naked woman before and it was kind of getting me
excited. I mean I was rubbing her back and I felt her body against mine, but
most of all I smelled the odor of sex still on her.

"Thank you Kelly," she said as she kissed me on the cheek. Close up she had
such big brown eyes.

I was about to say it was all right, and thinking where I could get something
to eat when my mouth was suddenly full of Mrs. Rhodes's tongue. This was the
first time that I had been French kissed by a girl. I was a bit shocked but,
my tongue was playing with her's. My hand left her back as I was going to rub
one of my tits. My finger found a hard nipple but it wasn't mine. I was
playing with Mrs. Rhodes's nipple!

She broke the kiss and in a lustful voice she said, "Kelly, I want to fuck

I had never thought of being with a woman before. I liked having a guy stick
it to me. Yet I was curious about what it was like.

I felt Mrs. Rhodes unbuttoning my blouse as we sank to the floor. She ran
her hands across my bra then I felt her pulling it up over my tits.

She leaned over taking one of my nipples into her mouth and sucking on it.
"Oh Kelly, you don't know how long I wanted to do this," she said.

Don't get me wrong it really wasn't gross at all. It felt nice, She wasn't
like most men she was soft and gentle. Most guys treat them like play dough.

Mrs. Rhodes was sucking on my nipples making them pop out; they were longer
then they had ever been before. No one had ever sucked them like that before.
I felt my pussy getting hotter and wetter. She was really turning me on.

Now Mrs. Rhodes pulled my skirt and panties off, now I was as naked as she
was. Now she placed her head between my legs. When she first placed her mouth
onto my cunt and her tongue made contact with my pussy lips I almost jumped
out of my skin.

The boys my age all they think about is just sticking it in. The older guys
will lick a pussy but none of them was as good as Mrs. Rhodes was. Her tongue
was all over, on my clit, on my pussy lips and even on my ass. It was just

I then heard myself say, "Hey, Mrs. Rhodes, why don't you turn around so I
can do you, too."

I didn't have to ask her twice. She turned around so I had her pussy in my
face. This was my first close up view of a pussy. Oh sure, I have seen other
girl's bushes in the shower at school but you never get a close up view like

Since she had been playing with herself earlier I got a good whiff of her
pussy. I took my hand and spread her lips and licked the moist folds of her
cunt. My first taste was intoxicating. I inhaled the sweet perfume of her
female musk. She was like a fine wine. We soon were both crazed with our
lovemaking. I never knew how good a woman could be. Mrs. Rhodes moaned out,
good I thought, I must be doing it right. She then sit up and looked at me
and said, "Kelly I want you to fuck me."

"Uh, Mrs. Rhodes I think something is missing," I replied, "I'm a girl," I
said as I pointed down toward my pussy. She should have remembered since she
had just lick it a minute ago.

"Not for long, sweet Kelly," she said as she took out a belt with a long dick
on it. She fastened it on to me and for a minute I just looked at my dick.

"Cool, look at me I have a dick," I said as I held on my large cock. I then
looked at Mrs. Rhodes and said, "OK bitch get on the floor and spread them."

She quickly got on all fours with her ass pointed up toward me. I could
see her puckered brown ass and well as her bright wet pink cunt. Then I
remembered that now I had a dick between my legs.

I walked up to her and was wondering just how do I start doing it when she
started saying stuff.

"Oh Kelly, please be gentle, it's my first time."

What does she mean it is her first time, I wondered, she has been married?

"Oh sir, fuck my little pussy with that big hard cock of yours," she said.
"I do so want to get my first fucking," she moaned out.

I was on my knees wondering just how to do it. I grabbed my dick and aimed
it toward her wet pussy and as the tip touched her she pushed back and I saw
my dick going into her. Wow, that is what it looks like I thought.

I placed my hands onto her hips and began to thrust into her. This is so wild
I thought, then as I looked around I saw my refection in the TV. It was so
strange watching myself fucking a woman as if I was a man. I saw my breasts
bouncing as I slammed my large dick into Mrs. Rhodes and even her small tits
were jiggling.

Strange it could be the belt rubbing my clit or the thrill of doing something
forbidden but I was becoming aroused. I wanted to cum as I fucked her. I was
pumping faster and it was increasing the friction and I knew that I was in
control and that in itself was a turn on.

I began thrusting as hard as I could. Mrs. Rhodes seemed to be enjoying

"Oh yes, oh yes," she panted, "oh sir, fuck my little virgin pussy, make me
a woman."

What is she talking about, I thought. I saw her with dildos up herself
earlier so how is she a virgin? Didn't Mr. Rhodes do this? I wondered.

But these thoughts were pushed aside as I felt myself starting to come. My
pussy was soaking the belt and I felt the moisture dripping as I began to
exposed in waves of passions. Mrs. Rhodes was also heaving as she was also

We both collapsed onto the floor. Our bodies heaving with multiple organisms.
Would we never stop?

When my senses returned I was lying on the floor holding and snuggling with
Mrs. Rhodes. She gave me a long tongue kiss.

"Kelly, would you like some cookies and milk?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, "then after that you can fuck me."

The End


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