Married... With Childern: Kelly Takes Care Of Daddy (M/f,solo,voy,inc)
by Wilcox

Al had mixed feelings about the call Peg got from her mother. It was totally
unexpected, but still it was a difficult decision for Peg to make on how to
deal with it. His mother-in-law had fallen and broken her leg and she needed
someone to care for her. The only options were to bring her into his house,
so Peg could care for her, or have Peg move in with her mother until she was
up and about.

Al quickly voted for Peg to go to her mother's of course, not wanting the old
battleaxe berating him continously while she recuperated under his roof. Plus
he'd get rid of Peg for a while, it was a win win for Al with no downside.
Peg reluctantly agreed with Al and they decided that since school had just
let out for the summer, Bud would go with his mother to help out and Kelly
would stay with her father.

Kelly quickly agreed saying that she wanted to stay with Daddy. Kelly was a
beautiful teenaged airhead with a killer body and long blonde hair that
flowed over her shoulders and she did want to stay at home, not because she
wanted to help the family though. She had a very active social life and
thought that she would miss the many boys she gave herself so freely to.

Kelly fought back the tears as her mother told her, "Kelly, I'm so very proud
of you, it's going to be up to you take care of daddy while I'm away. I know
it's going to be tough but I'm counting on you to be the woman of the house
while I'm gone."

Those were the last words Kelly remembered her mother saying and they stuck
with her as she determined to do her best to take her mom's place.

Al would go to work each day, come home, have dinner, go out to the bars with
his pals and then come home shitfaced to weave up to his bed to sleep it off.
He loved his new found freedom from his ball and chain of a wife and lived it
up to the max.

Kelly however took her responsibilities as woman of the house seriously and
spent her days doing laundry and cleaning up the house. Of course it wasn't
anything she'd picked up from observing her mother. Peg spent most of the
day parked on the couch watching television and had a hard time finding the
kitchen, let alone doing housework. No, she was role modeling the perfect
wives that she saw in the shows on TV.

Kelly's worry and concern about her dad drinking so much with her mother gone
gave her the idea that her father missed her mother and she tried really hard
to think of what she could do for him to help. This was a monumental effort
for Kelly, but try as she might she couldn't come up with an answer, and to
her, her father remained a mystery to be solved. She began to believe that if
she wasn't there for him, he would never be able to make it on his own and
would lose his job and everything would be ruined ... and it would be all her
fault because she had been left as the woman of the house and been told to
take care of him.

Cleaning her dad's room one day while he was work, she found some
magazines ... porn magazines. She wasn't shocked or appalled. She knew her
dad was old, but he probably had desires that needed to be taken care of she
reasoned. She loved her mother and missed her too, and then all of sudden it
hit her. Daddy needed to get laid, he needed sex, that must be it. Maybe that
would snap him out of it.

It was with some difficulty, but when he got home that night, drunk as usual,
she asked if he needed some female companionship.

"Honey, I'm a married man," he told her. "It wouldn't be right to be with
someone else."

"Daddy, I really think mom would want you to and she did say that I was to
fill in for her. It wouldn't mean you didn't love her. Having me really is
the same, daddy."

"No Pumpkin, I don't think she'd want me to enjoy myself at all," he said
drunkenly, missing her implication completely.

Kelly let the conversation drop and went upstairs to take a shower. Just
before turning on the shower, she heard Al stagger up the steps. On his way
to bed, no doubt, she thought. Finishing up her shower, she dried off and
threw on a nightgown.

Stepping out into the hallway, she noticed her dad's bedroom door was
slightly open. Walking down the hall, she stopped close and peeked in. He was
holding one of the magazines she had found earlier in one hand and jacking
off with the other. Instead of backing away, she looked in with amazement at
the size of her father's cock. It was the most powerful looking love muscle
she had ever seen. It was so much larger than any the dicks of the boys she'd
been out with.

A drop of pre-cum was on the head and it mesmerized her as she felt her pussy
getting all warm and squishy. She watched him continue to slide his hand up
and down the large shaft until he came. Large globs of cum shot up from it as
though shot from a cannon. She watched her father's semen fly through the air
and then fall onto his naked stomach as she unconciously licked her lips.
With a small hand towel he cleaned himself off, turned off the small light by
the bed and closed his eyes to sleep.

Kelly made her way to her own room. Lying on the bed, she thought about what
she had just witnessed. What really surprised her was how turned on she was
by what she had seen. Her delicate hand moved down to her wet pussy. She slid
a finger and began to move it in and out. Taking her finger out, she placed
it slowly in her mouth to taste her hot juices, before inserting it her pussy
again. Slowly moving her finger in and out, she exploded in orgasm. She tried
desperately to muffle the sounds emanating from her throat.

She felt calm and relaxed but couldn't sleep. She got up and put a CD in the
player and turned it down as she lay listening to the music. Kelly fought
hard to sleep, but the harder she tried, the more difficult it was for her.
Two more hours passed by and she was still awake. The image of her father's
cock danced in her head. She tried but the image was etched in her mind and
she couldn't blank it out. She thought to herself about her father's needs
and realized she had her own needs too. She spent so much time caring for her
dad that she hadn't been going out and hadn't been laid since her mom left.

Getting up, she walked out of her room and down the hall. Her father's
door was still cracked open and the light from hall dimly lit the room. He
certainly didn't seem to have trouble getting to sleep. She could hear him
lightly snoring.

Walking quietly into his room, she looked down at Al. As he slept, he looked
peaceful, so much different than when he was awake. He was covered with a
sheet. Pulling it away slowly, she looked down and admired his naked body.
Despite his boring job at the shoe store, Daddy had kept himself in pretty
good shape she thought to herself.

Kelly stood quietly taking in his body with her gaze. Looking down at the
long flacid cock, without thinking, she reached her small hand down to touch
it. She moved her fingers lovingly over his cock. It started to stir a bit
and then grew under the light pressure of her hand to an incredibly thick
eleven inches.

She moved down to examine it as closely as she could in the almost darkened
room. As her hand continued to move up and down the thick shaft, Kelly could
feel a burning desire in her own pussy. Moving her head down even closer, she
placed the head of her daddy's rock hard cock in her mouth and sucked ever so
lightly. She could feel the pre-cum start to leak out of the top and savored
his flavor as she drank the squishy substance down.

She took the head out of her mouth and licked her way up and down her daddy's
wrist thick shaft, pausing occasionally to mouth his heavy sperm filled
balls. She loved the texture of his massive column of flesh and blood. The
thick protruding veins felt so wonderful on her loving tongue as she slowly
paid homage to the cock that created her. Kelly took him back into her mouth
and started to slowly bob her head, taking in Al's incredible staff deeper
and deeper. She instinctively withdrew and spit on his massive member,
coating it with her tongue so she could slide more of him down her throat.
She started to bob up and down, faster and faster.

His huge dick spread her mouth and throat to the max as she barely was able
to get it passed her tonsils. She was amazed by the way her neck expanded as
she took his big cock deep down her throat. Kelly retreated and gasped for
breath as her father's huge manhood was withdrawn from her air passage.

It was all wet and slimey with her saliva. She swirled her tongue around the
head and then went back down on him. She did her best sword swallowing act as
she took his big dagger deep down her thoat repeatedly. MMMMMM, she thought
after awhile, I wonder what Daddy's big dick would feel like inside me. Well,
I am the woman of the house with Mommy gone, so it's my duty to satisfy all
of Daddy's needs, isn't it.

Taking off her nightgown, she moved onto the bed. Slowly, she straddled his
muscular body with her naked body, spreading her legs wide apart. Lowering
herself gently down onto him, she guided the huge cock into her tight wet
pussy. It seemed all so right to her. She was taking the place of her mother
afterall, as woman of the house ... so it was only right to take her mother's
place in her Daddy's bed as well.

She moved slowly up and down trying not to wake her father as she worked her
glove tight little pussy down over Al's massive erection. She continuously
lowered and raised herself, sliding up and down on his massive dick to work
it in deeper. She hit the four inch mark and really started to struggle. The
intense feeling of her cunt stretching over his thick cock was making her
weak. She started trembling as his manhood peaked her inner most carnal
desires. Kelly's cunt worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size.
Feeling more comfortable that she could handle him, she lowered down and his
big cock easily passed her many boyfriend's depth.

She raised slightly then slid down his enormous pole again and again. She
took him in deeply but hadn't fit it all in yet. She had never felt such a
long, thick cock inside of her before and something inside of her clicked.
His massive meat stick pushed her to the limits and she was now ready to get
down to some serious fucking. She bounced up and down as his big cock slid
in and out of her tauntly stretched teenaged cunt. She could feel his hips
slowly begin move up to meet hers as she fucked herself on his huge shaft.

She rode his big dick for close to half an hour and gave herself three
orgasms as she maintained a steady pace. Then she felt his thick cock swell
even larger and without warning, still in his drunken sleep, he grabbed her.
"Oooh, Red," she heard him say. It scared her for a minute. That was his pet
name for mom. Yet, the very thought of taking her mom's place made her feel
good for herself and for him.

She could feel his massive cock throbbing deep inside of her and got off
again as his hot fluids shot against her cervex as he filled her with a
heavy load of cum. The thought of her Daddy coming inside of her sent
Kelly over the edge. She came again and again. Biting down on her lip to
not make a sound, she could feel the spasms churning in her stomach. Now
fully satisfied, she laid down next to her father and snuggled against
him finding the sleep that had eluded her earlier.

Morning came early and with a shout from her dad. "Pumpkin, what are you
doing in here!"

"I just wanted to be close to my daddy," she responded.

"Kelly, you have to get out of here, please, this isn't right!"

"Daddy, you fucked me last night, just like you fuck mommy, and it's okay,
really it is."

Looking bewildered at first, Al remembered what he thought was a dream. He
looked down at his daughter. She looked so beautiful lying next to him.
Thoughts of what his wife would think ran through his mind. He knew it was
wrong, but was unable to resist his beautiful daughter lying next to him.

Moving his head down, he took the nipple of one of her full thrusting breasts
into his mouth. Sucking lightly at first, he pushed it between this tongue
and teeth applying a little more pressure. He heard a slight moan escape her
lips as her back lifted slightly off the bed. He slowly licked his way down
her body until his mouth was between her legs.

He hestitated a moment until he heard his daughter call out, "Please Daddy,
please lick my clit, make me come, Daddy!" Spreading her lips apart, he
licked around his daughter's pussy paying close attention to her swollen
little clit. He couldn't resist the sweet flavor of his little girl's
delicious cunt and began working his hungry tongue deeply into her, pausing
occasionally to drift down to her tightly puckered little anus. He tipped
his tongue and reamed out her tiny asshole as she squirmed in extasy and it
didn't take long for Kelly to come. Her hips thrust up, her pubic region
smashing against his mouth. She writhed around on the bed and the room was
filled with her moans of pleasure as she came over and over again.

When her orgasm subsided, she slumped back down on the bed. "Please, daddy,
fuck me, fuck your little girl!" she called out to him.

She heard him say no as he crawled back up her body. She could feel his
dripping rock hard cock graze the entire length of her leg as he moved over
her. He looked at her face and started to speak. Kelly knew what he was
going to say and was determined to stop him as she brought her face up to
meet his. She kissed him passionately on the lips. She could taste her pussy
juices as she buried her tongue deep inside his mouth. She could feel him
start to push her away. Reaching down with her hand, she took his hard cock
in her small hand moving it slowly around the head. Any resistance he had
melted away.

Feeling his complete surrender, Kelly pushed her father off of her and over
on his back. Before he had time to think about it, she lowered her head to
his cock slipping the head in her mouth. For the second time in the past few
hours, she delighted in the taste of his precum.

His cock was so hard. The veins pushed against the skin. She slowly ran her
tongue over them until she felt one of her father's hands entangle itself in
her hair and pull it up slightly so her mouth was back over the head again.
She could feel his hard cock throbbing against her lips as she lowered them
once again over the head and took his shaft down further into her mouth. She
could feel the mushroom-shaped head poking against the back of her throat.

Shifting her position, she took more of his cock in her mouth. His giant
cock filled her mouth as she continued to take it down. Finally all the way
inside, she held her head completely still. He tried to push in and out of
her mouth, but she kept her mouth locked at the base of his cock, taking his
balls in her hand.

Finally, she moved her head half-way back up the shaft of his large cock.
With one hand lightly squeezing his balls, she wrapped her other hand around
his engorged cock and started to slide it up and down. Her mouth moved in
perfect rhytm with her hand moving up and down the swollen cock. Her head
started to bob up and down faster and faster and so did her hand.

Her father started to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth. His hand was
joined by the other holding her head, one on each side.

She could feel his body shaking and his cock was pulsating in her mouth. She
could even feel a quiver in her pussy as she fucked his cock with her mouth.
She didn't want it to end, but could tell it was going to.

She could feel the cum welling up in his balls as they tightened against his
body. His hips thrust up to meet her mouth one final time. She could feel hot
sperm rising up the length of his shaft and then empty in spurts into her
mouth. She swallowed fast trying to take it all down. After spurting three
times she couldn't believe how much there was. It seemed like it was never
going to end. Trying hard to swallow it, she couldn't get it all. His hot cum
started to spill out of her mouth and down the shaft of his cock.

Kelly continued to lick and suck her daddy's softening cock and brought it
back to life. She felt his hands push her head away. Looking up at him, she
saw a smile on his face. He pushed her over onto her back and hooked her legs
up over his shoulders and fit his oversized cock into her juicy little quim.
He watched her eyes as he pushed foward and slowly buried his big dick to the
hilt in his daughters sweet pussy. He was horny beyond believe and needed to
fuck her as hard as he could as he drank in her moans of pleasure. "OOHHHH
DADDYYYYY ... It's so bigggggg ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh .... yessssssssssssss ...
fuck me Daddyyyyyyy ... fuck me!"

Al couldn't hold back and he started to fuck her brains out. As he powerfully
thrusted, he repeated buried every long thick inch he had into her glove
tight passage. Kelly screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his big
cock. The intense feeling of being fucked by her Daddy's large cock made her
have one orgasm after another as he pounded her hard and deep for another ten
minutes before letting her legs down.

Al had to hold on to her as she couldn't lay still. He held her waist as he
powerfully thrusted his thick meat stick into her faster and faster. Kelly
was bucking wildly as she moaned in delight. Al was amazed by how hot and wet
he was making her. He pulled out of her and rolled her trembling body over.

Kelly was in spastic ecstacy as her body was creaming out of control. Al
couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his gigantic cock as big and
hard as he has ever seen. It was so sticky with his teenaged daughter's
juices dripping from it. She lifted and rolled her sexy ass in front of him
and begged him for it as he raised her to all fours and mounted her from

She arched her back and moaned as he easily landed his huge cock into her
swollen drenched cunt. He loved how her tight little body looked as he
hammered away with his demanding dick. His massive cock glistened with her
flowing juices as he watched her sweet little pussy take it hard and deep.
Kelly buried her face into the pillows as Al sawed her in half.

He reached up under Kelly and mauled her hanging tits as he ram fucked her.
After a while he lifted up and grasped her flairing hips as he rode her into
the sunset. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore, Kelly's sweet pussy was
the best he'd ever had and it was milking his big cock for his load of heavy
cream hungrily. With a mighty thrust, he rammed all he had inside of her on
held it buried to the hilt in her tauntly streached little quim. His muscular
body tensed as his testicles exploded.

Barely able to speak, Kelly cried out weakly, "OOHHHHH DADDDYYYYYY
YYEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" as Al shot load after heavy load of his thick warm cum
into her quivering body. He pulled her against him as hard as he could as
his tremendous cock emptied inside of her spasming pussy. Then they both
collapsed physically, emotionally and sexually drained.

He laid on her back with his huge cock fully embedded in her obliviated pussy
as their bodies meshed into one and they lay joined, totally exhausted from
thier super intense fuck session.

Al pulled out of her with an audible plop after several minutes of recovery
time. His big dick glistened with his little girl's sweet pussy juice. He
pulled her close and kissed her deeply, savoring his sweet teenaged daughter.
She was still sweating and her cunt was dripping his freshly deposited cum as
she rolled over and licked the his cock clean and then buried her mouth and
tongue in his pubic hair and finally ran her it down over his balls getting
every drop of their combined love juices.

Jumping up off the bed, she told him she was going to make them some

"Daddy, that was soooo good! Your cock is so yummy!" she told him.

"Pumpkin, that felt really good!"

"You know, mommy wanted me to take care of you while she's at Gramma's.
Later, after breakfast and after you've had some time to rest, promise me
you'll fuck me again!"

"Later, Pumpkin. We'll do it later," he promised as he lay there totally


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