From Part 1: (Recap)

"Mister Rhoades, Your wife is here, if you want to have some fun with me,
later, tonight, we can spend an hour with each other later." Kelly looked at
Steve and added, "I could use that small dirt bike in you garage, and I'm
sure you'll fine some uses for my companionship once a month."

"Oh, we have a price!"

"Oh we are a blonde and underage. ..." Kelly smiled as she shoved her dagger
of wit into Rhoades shocked state, "... and, Oh, your bulge went down, I hope
you're feeling butter." Kelly's eyes appear slightly crossed with her nose
slightly curled as in when she has caught someone unaware that she has a
sharp wit.

Married... With Children: Kelly Bundy's Saturday Morning Surprise Part 2
(Or Kelly Bundy's Any Sunday Morning Surprise) (m/f,Mm/Ff,M+/f,M/f,inc,inter)
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

The Rhoades' Commercial

Pressing her finger into Steve's chest, she warns him, "I can and will fuck
you blind, so make sure you don't short my changes." Warns Kelly, her eyes
which appear a lot like the naked females in Boris Vallejo's fantasy
paintings, and how Steve Rhoades would love to see her naked at his feet, a
light bulb goes on over his head as he gets an idea, "Oh yeah! Thanks Kelly"
says Steve as he hops up his stairs to his bedroom.

Kelly looks around to see what the Rhoades have that she can use while Bud
is busy bent over the Rhoades' Bar and apparently is busy getting something,
and to Kelly, a typical female, can not resist her cat curiosity as she hops
over to hop partial atop the bar, resting on the bar on her belly as she
peers over the back to see what Bud is trying to reach. "Bud! What are you

"They have something down here hidden; I can't quite reach it!" Bud's voice
is strained from being on his stomach and hanging halfway over the bar top,
he pulls back and stands next to the bar.

Kelly scoots over the bar on her belly, along the top and then stretches out
her arm attempting to feel what ever Bud was after.

Bud smiles as he watches Kelly scoot along the bar as she kicks her legs for
balance, they lift high into the air, swinging left and right; and as Bud had
estimated, Kelly's skirt flies and rides up her legs, exposing Kelly's nice
firm buttocks. Bud watches as she twists and turns, her pussy squeezes and
turns between her legs as Bud drools, he then gets in close and sticks his
finger into her snatch and quickly thrusts his finger in and out as Kelly
lifts her head in shock to the sudden urge of attack.

Kelly starts to scoot back as Bud now puts two fingers into her snatch as he
continues to finger fuck her, and Kelly gets hornier and hornier the more she
wriggles her ass to move back, and Bud increases his thrusting rate. Kelly
starts to tell Bud to stop, but instead she starts to moan to Bud's finger

Bud looks around to see if Steve Rhoades or Marcy has come back down yet,
then with his left foot he pulls a small stool over to stand on as he
continues to finger fuck Kelly as she squirms belly down on the bar.

With Kelly lays across the bar, her legs spread wide as Bud continues his
finger assault; Bud pulls his penis from his pants, allowing it to rise hard,
and then with it free in his right hand he steps up on the stool, bringing
his now hard cock into alignment with his sisters deep red snatch that is
getting hotter to his probing; Kelly is moaning louder and muttering or
singing something, but Bud can't quite make it out, so he now moves the head
of his penis to Kelly's clitoris and slides his hot cock along her moist
pussy lips.

Kelly can't resist the feeling of having Bud to masturbate her, and the
shier possibility of being discovered by Strangers, especially that a brother
was finger fucking his sister in their living room while they were up stairs.
Kelly's eyes widen in surprise as she feels a huge hot cock enter her vagina,
sliding steadily deep at a slow penetration that drove her wild with
anticipation. God she wants that cock deep in her now, she is so, so, hot!
She wants a deep hard fucking as she feels Bud's cock drive deep into her hot
snatch, she feels her clitoris clamp down on his cock and Bud forcibly
ramming into her. Kelly grips the bar edge as her body gets slam fucked from
behind. She can hardly stop from screaming as her moans are loud, making it
a daring act of being discovered by the Rhoades, who have often made the same
kind of screams from their bedrooms at night that would make Peg horny and Al
to yell for them to be quiet.

Kelly arches her back, then she twists as Bud has his hand locked tight in a
fuck (death) grip on Kelly's hips as he thrusts his hard cock into her love
tunnel, his balls slap against her ass as they scrape the surface of the bar,
leaving a wet stain of pussy juices from Kelly's snatch and his cock as he
withdraws and then slams it back into her. The puddle grows, as Kelly is now
very active in twisting her body, her top has ridden up, her breasts
completely free of her top as they bounce and sway with Bud's ass-cracking
slams. "Oh God! Oohh Go..Oo..dd! Fuck me Bud, harder! Faster! Hurt me dam-it!
I want to cum! Oh crap! I'm mmmm Cummmming. ... Ah! eeeee." Kelly's body
jerks as she raises up and kicks one leg as Bud grabs her hard and pulls her
back onto him, driving his cock as deep into her as he feels her orgasm, he
holds as long as he can, but his balls don't listen as they release a large
load of cum, spraying Kelly as she cums all over him and the bar top.

Kelly goes limp over the bar, her wet pussy and ass visible to the world as
Bud pulls his diminishing cock from her still tight snatch, his cock head
pops from her snatch with a sloshy sound. Bud quickly tucks his penis back
into his pants, then kisses Kelly's butt and rubs her pussy as he tells her,
"Kelly, com-on, the Rhoades are about to come down and your pussy is hung out
to dry."

Regaining her breath, Kelly rolls over onto her side as she slides off the
bar, leaving a wet stain behind.

As the Rhoades come from around the upper stairwell, their arms filled with
boxes, Kelly straightens her skirt, pulling her skirt down to cover her
snatch; then Bud and her lean back against the bar, smile and wait for the
hoades as they smile as they were two cats that had just eaten the canary.

"Got it Kelly! Marcy, this is a great idea for your commercial on the Viking
theme." Brags Steve as he comes down the stairs.

"You think she'll go for this?" Asks Marcy as she bounces her skinny chicken
legs down the stairs.

"They're Bundies Marcy; they'll do anything for almost nothing." Whispers
Steve as he follows Marcy.

Marcy, dressed in a beret and, riding pants and a white shirt with a neck
scarf; like a film director, or a Frenchman, probably the latter. Marcy has
her riding crop in her hand as she swaggers up to Kelly and Bud.

Kelly is almost laughing as she watches the diminutive Hitler swagger over;
Kelly's eyes glitter with laughter, her face almost a laughing smile as she
asks, "Are we doing a porno film; do we get to see you ride Mister Rhoades?"

"No you twisted sire of Bundy, I need you to be the background setting for
my Viking Bank Commercials, a Danish banking firm have just joined our Branch
and need an introductive Commercial into the American Market." Explains Marcy
as she swats her Riding crotch across her hand, then she flinches in pain,
crossing her legs.

"Do you have to go pee Mrs. Rhoades, you should have gone up stairs?" Asks
Kelly of Marcy's dance.

"No, but I need you to be a pretty body as you sit next to my Danish Viking
Kind." Explains Marcy.

"No lines Mrs. Rhoades, I am an actress; I can fake it with the best." Said
Kelly, then her mind jitters, "I can, ... well, you know, do that thingy."

"Yes Kelly, I bet you can fake it, God knows Al fakes it; but there are words
for you to say, but you must do them on cue." Explains Marcy as she regains
her composure.

"I can do cue tips, they're easy." Explains Kelly quickly.

"Yeah Kelly, you and Bud will be the slaves with the Viking King, he will sit
on the thrown, ..." Marcy is interrupted.

Kelly asserts with laughter and bouncing in place, "is Mister Rhoades going
to sit on a toilet?"

"No Kelly." Replies Steve, "Al's thrown befits him, this thrown is for a
King: Now, Bud will be dressed like a Viking warrior and will stand next to
me, the King while you sit pretty at my side in a slave girls costume, and
the King, ME, will say the Kings line, then YOU Kelly will say your lines."
Explains Steve Rhoades as he hands the costumes to Bud and Kelly.

Kelly looks at Steve Rhoades, then asks, "How much do we get paid?"

"Twenty dollars." Says Marcy who continues asking Kelly, Well, do you want
the job or do we ask someone else?"

"Twenty Bucks! Wow, that will by a whole hamburger; we can eat tonight Bud."
Said Kelly as she bounces in place.

"How much time are we on Camera? And what about residuals." Asks Bud the
wiser manipulator.

"Well, ah, fifteen seconds!" Says Steve.

"Wow Bud, twenty Bucks for fifteen seconds; that's four times fifteen, carry
the two, minus taxes ..." Kelly's mind is getting lost again.

"It's twenty bucks Kelly; it's not eight dollars a minute times this times
that! It's twenty bucks." Yells Bud at Kelly.

"Well, twenty Bucks Bud." Kelly yells back.

"Do you guys want to do the commercial or not?" Asks Marcy as she gyrates in
place, "Look Kelly, you'll like the costume and you'll be seen nation wide."

"Nation wide, is that more than a bunch of people?" Asks Kelly, her breasts
bouncing as she hops in place.

Steve and Bud's eyes begin to keep pace as their heads begin to nod at rapid

Marcy opens the box and gives Kelly her costume as Steve hands Bud his Viking
sword to go with his costume. Bud starts for the bathroom to change; Steve
gathers his script's for the two to study as Marcy turns to go to the garage
where they have a miniature studio setup when she stops and stares at Kelly;
Steve drops his scripts as he also comes to stare at Kelly who had tossed her
top off, dropped her skirt as she stands naked, then bends over to open her
box with her costume. Both of the Rhoades watch as Kelly pulls the skimpy
costume from the box and slips the see thru pants that have slits from the
ankle to her waist, on, and then slips her top on, which is nothing but a
chain mail bra that does little to hide her ample breasts. As she tucks her
breasts into the upper mesh, her nipple pokes through the mesh.

Marcy stairs at Kelly, thinking to herself, "Damn she is good looking, I'd
like to lick her tits and fuck her with my strap on."

Steve stares at Kelly's breasts, then his eyes lower to see her yellow pubic
hair; his penis made a tent and he immediately put the script that he was
still holding down in front of his pants.

"There! Now I'm ready." Said Kelly as she looks at Marcy who is drooling
in place, and Steve is cross-kneed as he rubs his crotch with his script.
"What's wrong, haven't you seen models changing before; God, I model clothes
for my boy friends all the time, they don't complain."

Marcy sits on the nearby bar stool and places her hand on the bar, right in
the middle of the now cold puddle of Bud and Kelly's cum juices; Marcy pulls
her hand back up and looks at the slimy wet liquid flow down her hand,
"Steve! I thought you cleaned the bar?"

Just then Bud came out dressed in his fur Viking costume, looked at the trio
and commented, "Kelly! I told you not to dress in front of the Rhoades."

"Really? I thought you said not to dress on the Road." Whines Kelly as she
continues to play with her breasts, adjusting the chain mail around her
nipples, "These little metal thingies kind'a pinches, OUCH! It also fells
like somebody tweaking my nipples."

Steve is crying as he is bent over the couch, beating his fist into the back
of the cushions, dropping his scripts as he comments in his low breath, "Oh
my god! I`m going to cum in my pants."

Marcy is licking the liquid from her hand, "Hmm, it a bit tasty." Marcy licks
her fingers as Bud and Kelly grin at what they know she is licking, then
Marcy comes back to reality, "Oh! Into the studio everyone!"

"Where's this studio?" Asks Bud as he looks around.

"Follow me Bud, we built it in the garage since we don't need much space; we
even still have the room for our two Mercedes since we had it expanded for
three cars." Brags Steve as he opens the door and enters the lighted garage.

Bud follows Steve closely with his might sword in both hands and his helmet
leaning to one side.

Kelly is close behind Bud's behind as she reaches out and pinches his tight
butt that makes her horny to watch.

Behind Kelly Mrs. Rhoades follows Kelly mesmerized by Kelly's slave costume,
she sees Kelly's bare ass through the transparent material.

The Studio (Rhoades Garage)

Kelly stops a moment to look at the two expensive cars when she feels Marcy's
hand cope a feel of her ass, her finger running up her butt crack as she
steps around Kelly with a glee in her eyes and seeing her tongue lick her
lips as she passes. "Oh, oh, the chicken likes white and dark meat."

Marcy turns the lighting on as Steve directs Bud and Kelly where they stand
and sit; Bud stands to Steve's right hand as he takes the throne in his
costume, and Kelly sits at his feet with her legs under her as she looks up
at his face light a pet dog to its master. The lighting is hot and Kelly is
thankful for having only the light transparent costume on. Bud is sweating
madly with his fir cape and steel helmet.

Marcy frames the image, and drools as she sees Kelly nude form beneath her
slave girl costume. Kelly's nipple are erect under the hot lights, and her
slender body makes Marcy's snatch ache for the desire to have Kelly lick her
out; and she wants to desperately strap on her special vibrating dildo and
whack it into Kelly's snatch. Marcy wanted desperately to be a man and
desired to have a cock, and the best she could do was to wear a plastic one,
and enjoy the fucking that Steve would do to her; Marcy loved it both ways.

"Okay! Everyone, ACTION!" Marcy yells as she starts her camera rolling.

Steve, the Viking King, gives the opening lines, "yes, at Viking Loans and
Pillage, we take those hard debts and blow them off, taking interest rates
to new lows."

Kelly then speaks her line, "Yes, I was raped and village'd until I blew him
off, ..."

"CUT! No Kelly, you didn't blow him off, you blew away your debts." Explains
Marcy as she returns to the camera, "Now! Once more, with emotion."

Steve gives the opening lines again, "Yes, at Viking Loans and Pillage, we
take those hard debts and blow them off, and taking interest rates to new

"Yes, I was raped in the village and thanks to Viking Loans, and my Viking
King..." says Kelly as she puts her hand on Steve's crotch, feeling his
hardon, "...they took my hard debutts and I stroked him away to new lows."

Marcy keeps rolling as she buries her head in the camera, "I'll get it in the
editing room." Marcy looks up as Kelly is eagerly rubbing Steve's inner thigh
as his hardon makes a tent; Steve`s head is leaning back on his throne, his
mouth open, and his eyes glazy. "Okay, let's do another one for good luck."

Moments Fly By

Two hours later, "Okay, Bud, Kelly, we'll do one more short film to show the
CEOs of the Bank about heavy debts; Over here ..." Marcy directs the Bundy
Siblings over to the other end of the garage where a wooden stalk, and a big
vertical `X' are constructed, "... Bud, you will fit in here, and Kelly, you
will be strapped to the 'X'; you will be the slaves, symbolizing what will
happen to those that remain slaves to high debt banking."

It seems right to Bud; after-all, he knows that Marcy is a nut anyhow, and
they were, after-all, getting paid. Kelly on the other hand, was used to
being put in strange devices by her male friends.

Bud is chained to the Stalk as Steve straps Kelly's wrists, one to each of
the cross members, then he straps her ankles to the opposite bottom members.

Kelly wiggles her hips, noting to Steve as he tightens the last strap to her
wrist, "Gee mister Rhoades, this just like when the guys and me party at
Daddy's Hooters Bar."

Marcy went back to the Camera and hooked it to a remote control, and then set
up three more video cameras at different angles and locations. Marcy then
turned the cameras and lights on.

Steve pulls his fur leggings from his pants, leaving him naked to his waist,
his penis is fully erect as he stands behind Kelly as she was strapped facing
the twisted cross wit her ass up.

Marcy changes into her leather bra, her breasts and nipples are bare through
where a cup would have been; and she has a leather belt and her strap-on
vibrating thirteen inch WHAM-O-dildo, which is black to match her black
leather dominatrix outfit.

Bud watches as a now nude Marcy, except for her leather straps and long
dildo, walks over to him; "Hey babe! Not bad for a girl! Where's your

"You'll see!" Snarls the chicken as she walks behind Bud.

Bud strains in the stalk as he bends his head around to look at Marcy, "Hey
babe, get your pussy over here and I'll lick you CUNT!" Bud screams as he
feels the large black dildo as Marcy shoves it deep into his ass, "Oh God!
MOMMY! AHhhhh, ... Help Me!"

Kelly's watching Marcy as she fucks Bud in his ass with her dildo as she
pumps her pelvis into Bud's butt. Laughing, Kelly yells to her brother, How
does it feel Bud, to be on the receiving in; "Aaaahhhhh." Kelly screams as
she feels a large her cock slide into her ass without warning as Steve begins
slamming his cock into Kelly's tight anus. She squirms and twists as she
feels the large fleshy rod slam deep into her ass, pounding and grinding into
her deeper then she has ever experienced, considering that she had not been
ass fucked ever. Tearfully crying and screaming as Steve continues his
assault, he slams and grinds his cock into her tender butt hole; then after
several minutes she feels him spurt his load and then pull his cock from her
sore ass. She could sense a hustle as someone shifts their weight, then she
feels a bigger cock enter her cunt, that was an improvement to her as she
felt it slide along it's steady course until it collided with her cervix,
then the pounding and thrusting started, at first gentle and slow as his cock
pulled from her depths, then as she felt it's head about to pop from her
clitoris, he thrust back non-stop until it collided with her again, his big
balls collided with her butt cheeks; then the fun begins as he increases the
rhythm as his balls now slap hard against her ass cheeks, his cock getting
hotter and swelling larger as he continues to cram his meat into her rapidly.
Kelly's snatch grips hard onto the invading cock as the bully fights to
thrust through the resisting muscle, which he does, and in turn it drives
Kelly to a building orgasm.

The dildo no longer pains Bud as Marcy continues to slam it into his young
butt, her naked thighs excite Bud and he get a huge erect from both the dildo
and Marcy's naked thighs.

Marcy looks around and sees Bud's cock swinging at ten inches between his
legs; she pulls her dildo out of his ass, then pulls it off the fasteners as
she crawls beneath Bud, looking up at his cock and balls, then she begins to
lick his balls and then along his cock shaft; the scent is driving her to
beyond the brinks of being horny.

Kelly feels her orgasm knotting her stomach as it passes to her pelvis, her
pussy jerks hard onto the large penis inside her cunt. Kelly arches back,
jerking and bucking as far as she can as that hard cock feels like a solid
rod of steel inside her as she feels her orgasm cut lose, she also feels
that cock spray a hot jet of spunk against her inner wall. She feels great
strength and spasm as she strains against the bindings, her pelvis pushes
tights around Steve's cock, and then she loses all her strength as she
collapses onto her cross.

Bud looks over at Kelly and sees her limp on the cross like device. Steve is
adjusting some bolts and pins, then he levels Kelly down parallel of the
floor, her legs are now spread as wide as possible; he watches Steve approach
her and then inserts his large cock into Kelly's pussy and begins to thrust
his thick meat deep into her. Bud then feels Marcy as she begins sucking his
cock, her lips taking his whole cock deep down her throat as her tongue plays
and curls itself about him.

As Bud is about to cum, Marcy quits sucking and he screams, "Hey bitch! Don't
stop now." Bud can't see beyond the stalk, but he feels something going on
below his waist, then he feels a hot fleshy sleeve surround his cock and
engulf it, its massive lips slithers over his entire shaft, then he realizes
that his cock is embedded inside a hot cunt; he looks down and can see a
portion of Marcy's head appear and disappear as she slides in and out over
his cock. She appears to be on a harness and is thrusting herself onto his
cock, "Dam it Marcy, let me free and I'll fuck you better than that."

A moment of time later.

Kelly comes around to consciousness, her feet are free of the straps, she is
lying atop a table that formed the cross `X', and her hands are free as Steve
unfastens her last restraint. She sits up; completely naked after Steve had
removed her slave girls costume sometime when she was out cold. Steve walks
around the table to stand in front of Kelly, between her spread legs, then he
leans over and kisses and licks her left breast and nipple, his hand strokes
her pussy as Kelly leans her head back, as Steve finger fucks her as he goes
from one breast to the other; then he holds Kelly's head with one hand as he
kisses her, she returns the kiss and takes him into a French kiss. Steve's,
penis shoots up to a rock hard cock as he grips her butt and pulls her onto
his waiting shaft, pushing deep into her as he begins to gently stroke his
cock deep into her hot snatch. Steve is amazed just as how much fucking Kelly
could take, he had heard about her fucking entire school teams, he had
doubted it, but no longer.

An hour later, it is now three AM, Marcy lays naked on the garage floor,
Steve is naked and asleep, propped up against the `X' cross. Marcy wakes up,
spitting pubic hair from her mouth as she looks around, "Steve, they`re

"It's 3 AM Marcy, they probably went home to bed; we got enough for your
porno film though; we'll make millions." Says Steve as he struggles to his
feet and staggers over to help his naked wife up; with their arms about each
other they go inside the house towards their bedroom.

Soon, the lights go out, except from inside Marcy's Mercedes. Muffled
laughter comes from inside the car as it starts rocking. In the back seat,
Bud is on-top of Kelly, thrusting his hard cock into her pussy with her legs
propped up on his shoulders as he slams his big Bundy cock into his sister's
wet hole.

"My ass is still sore from that damn cock of Mister Rhoades." Complains Kelly
as she hugs into Bud's shoulder; he continues to pound his body against hers.

"Well, that black dildo didn't do me any favors either."

"Yeah, but you got to shove your cock up her ass, I heard her scream." Noted
Kelly with an evil grin.

"Oh damn, Kelly. Your snatch is getting tighter, can't you wait?" Complains
Bud as puts his weight into each thrust.

Kelly bites his shoulder as she feels his cock get harder, pushing deeper on
each thrust, she really loves her brother since she discovered that he is the
only one that could bring her to orgasm, next of course to her father, who is
better at fucking her brains out.

"I'm going to cum Kell!" Screams Bud as he pushes hard into her snatch, his
balls squish against her butt as he strains hard not to ejaculate yet.

Kelly squeezes hard with her legs, her snatch grips his cock like a vice as
she strains against his thrust, the orgasm inside her was about to spill over
the top, then Bud lost it, his hot cock juice shots into her, spraying her
hard as she feels herself lose control, her body jerks, her legs kick and
twitch as she pushes her pelvis hard up into Bud's balls, his cock shifts
inside her and triggers another orgasm as he also blows off not a second, but
three cum blowing convulsions as Kelly rocks and bucks beneath and against
his body.

The Bundy brood collapse into each other's arms, Bud resting atop Kelly's
large breasts as he kisses her neck and ear; she in turn plays with his back,
running her hand all the way down to his butt crack.

Moments pass when Kelly hears Bud snoring; with his penis inside her snatch,
Kelly wakes Bud up, "Com'on Bud, we have to get back home before Mom and Dad
wake up."

Bud pulls his penis out of Kelly's hole and looks around, "Where's our

"I don't know? We better hurry if we have to get home naked; I know where the
key is to the front door." Kelly said as she crawls from the back seat.

"Kelly, the seat is wet with our fuck juice!"

"Ha! So is the front seat where I blow you off; let Marcy lick it, I want
to get into bed." Says Kelly as she opens the exterior door of the Rhoades
garage door. Followed by Bud, his Wang dangling between his legs as he
follows his naked sister across the front yard, down the sidewalk and then
onto their porch, never losing eye lock on Kelly's bare ass. "Oh Kelly, I
horny again and my eyes are on the best body warmer that a man can have."

Kelly searches the place she thought was where the key was, but it`s not

Bud notices that Kelly is still bend over and thinks about popping her right
there, but then he realizes that no key is in hand when he asks, "Where`s the
key Kell?"

"I don't know, it was here; dam-it, Mom must have used it and forgot to put
it back." Said Kelly as she bounced in place from the morning cold air, her
breasts bounce and jiggle as she struggles to stay warm.

Bud thought of an Idea, "Com'on Kell, the one place open to the public." He
says as he grabs Kelly's hand and pulls her along.

Kelly's breasts bounce along as she follows, asking, "Where is it Bud?"

"Your window! Grand Kelly Station; the grand tunnel; you have the ladder for
the public access channel."

"I don't watch the public channel!" Kelly says as her train of thought just
got derailed.

Bud stops at the ladder, points up, then follows Kelly's naked ass as they
climb up to her window, watching her pussy twitch in his face, he then
explains to Kelly as he climbs behind her, "This ladder is the public access
Kelly, and this ..." Bud sticks his finger into Kelly's pussy hole, "... is
the channel."

"Oh!" Is all that Kelly says as she crawls through to her room, then stands
up in the room as Bud drops down behind her, his penis slides down her butt
crack. "Not now Bud, I want to get some sleep before Daddy comes in at Six

"Bud turns Kelly around and kisses her, hugs her naked body, getting one more
squeeze of her tits; good night Kelly." Says Bud as he now sneaks out after
checking the hall, then sneaks over to his room.

Sunday Morning

Early on Sunday Morning, Bud is exhausted from the Rhoades' commercial on
Saturday, he is sound asleep with a hangover, dead to the world after fucking
Marcy; Bud is laid out on his bed, left to dry out.

Peg was busy as usual standing in line for the Sunday Mall sale, waiting for
the Mall gate to spring open and to rush in with the rest of the Soccer Moms.
Peg studies the guard as he walks toward the gate, she readies her haunches
to make the rush, and notices the guards butt as he turns to unlock the gate,
momentarily distracted she ponders, "Young, tight ass, muscular; has to have
a big cock with those twelve inch shoes." The doors open and the rush begins
as Pegs battles for first place as the guard jumps back and yell's "They're
Off! ... And Red takes the lead, who could have thought it."

The City of Chicago is bright and Sunny as the light beams through the east
window of the Bundy home, the busiest window in Chicago, warms the naked 16
year-old female who is sound asleep on her well used bed, her blanket rests
comfortably over her bare butt at the top crest; she lays on her tummy with
her pillow scrunched under her chin and against her breasts as she squeezes
the pillow in her dream. Kelly Bundy's butt rises up and down gently as she
dreams of her favorite past time, being fucked by her dream man.

With his head rising up and down as it rests atop Kelly's partially blanket
covered butt, Buck the wonder dog tries to sleep as he is curled up between
his master's wonderful legs. He loves the position as it keeps him close to
her wonderful scents as he opens his eyes from his sleep to watch Kelly's
butt rise up and then lower, he sniffs her butt through the blanket, then he
smells the smell of her pussy and senses the heat of her vagina. Buck closes
his eyes, as he is happy to know his favorite bitch is where she belongs,
safe in bed with him.

Kelly's dream is of a warm place, she can feel the heat of the morning sun
on the sand as she lays with her lover, she can see the sun as it rises above
the far horizon as her lover sits up to gaze upon her naked body, she grins
as she feels his visual praise; He watches her carefully before he kneels
down between her legs and begins to lick her snatch as she closes her eyes
in a sensational wave of joy, feeling every lick as his rough tongue licks
along her inner thighs and then slips between her cunt lips, then she squirms
as his tongue penetrates into her moist canal. Like a professional within
his skilled talents his tongue works wonders as it slips deep inside her,
twirling and twisting as it probes her inside.

Suddenly Kelly hears the doorbell and she groggily wakes in her bed, feeling
her fuzzy warm Buck between her legs, then she felt his tongue thrust into
her vagina as it continued it's wonderful work, Kelly rolls her eyes as she
realizes her dream was her wonder pet. "Buck! Stop that, I don't have time
for your early morning mount and fuck; it's a wonder I don't have more great
dreams." Kelly sits up on her bed, her legs over the edge as Buck moves to
lay his head on her naked lap, placing his nose on his favorite yellow thatch
of soft fuzz; his tongue jetting out to kiss his Kelly.

"Buck!" Kelly says as she grabs Buck by his main and shakes him lovingly, "I
love you too, but I am you're Mistress, ... No! Bitch, no! What am I? Oh, ...
Masturbator, yup, that's it."

Kelly stands up and yawns, stretching up on her tippy toes as Buck watches
her cute little ass rise invitingly to his eyes. The doorbell rings again as
Kelly shrugs her shoulders and yell's "Mom, the doorbell! It`s your turn to
fuck the milkman."

No answer came to Kelly's yell, then she yells again, "Bud! Answer the door,
it's probably the milkman or the paperboy!" Then Kelly thought to herself,
"No, I fucked the paper boy last week, and Mom exhausted the mailman for the
stamps; Buds out cold from that Marcy Party thingy, and that was a blast."
Kelly bounces in place with a big smile on her face as she recalls Bud being

Buck lowers his head on the bed as he watches the slender athletic body as
she twists and turns, reaching into her dresser's lower drawer and opens a
new box; Buck rolls onto his back, his front legs folded as he bends his head
to keep an eye on his naked honey bitch. Buck moaned as he watched Kelly's
butt as his doggy penis went ballistic, he moaned as he watched Kelly.

Kelly grabbed her new bright red string panty and pulls them up between her
ass crack and then gently pulled it to rest in her vagina crease; "There,
that feels good, I can wear them today because I don't have a date for this
weekend; Dam Bud! Wake up and get the door! And as far as my boy friend
Greedo and his business trip, fuck him! Fuck all you male jerks."

Kelly turns around and pats Buck on his head, "Except for you Buckie, you are
my faithful friend." Kelly then grabs her skirt and steps into it, pulling it
up when she heard the doorbell again, "Alright, hold your penis, I'm cumming;
O God I wish I was cumming, I feel so dam horny." Kelly grabs her tube top
and pulls it over her head and down to cover her breasts, adjusting the top
to cover her tits, just so, so until the bottom just stood away from her body
to allow air to circulate underneath, you know, that feeling of cool air on
nude skin.

Buck moans as he rolls over in sexual pain as he watches Kelly leave her
room; he then had to do something, he jumps down, runs over and pulls Kelly's
dirty clothes hamper over, digs the pile out onto the floor; sniffing about
he found what he wanted, a pair of Kelly's soiled panties and immediately
bites them, throws them about like a playful pup, then he laid atop them and
humps them on the floor; after he is satisfied, he marks the four corners of
the room as his own, then leaves to lay on the stairs.

Kelly bounced down the stairs yelling as the doorbell rang again, "Okay,
O-hey de day-dee; Daddy! Are you here?" Kelly looked around the house and
pondered, "Where are they, if no one is here a Burger-herler could break in
and rape me. .." Kelly grins and laughs as she continues, ".. Or Bud's doll."
Kelly stands at the top of the landing, grinning as she dreams of a burglar
raping Bud's doll as it explodes beneath him; Kelly was enjoying her daydream
until the doorbell rings again and she jumps in surprise and action, "Oh
yeah, the door."

Kelly, on her tip toes flew over the floor as she stopped at the door and
asked herself, "Do I pull or push, ..." She stares at the door knob a moment
then mumbles, "I want to go outside so I push, ... no, I pull." Kelly grabs
the doorknob and twist it then pulls back. The door opens. There on the porch
is a Chicago Police Officer.

"Officer Dan! Daddy's not here!"

"I know, I ..."

Kelly giggled and jumped up and down as if she were in a game show, "I know,
I know, ..." Kelly yells as she waives her hand as if in a quiz show. "...I
know, I know, Oo, Ooo, it's Mom! She's not home either."

"Kelly, ..."

"No, don't tell me Officer Dan, give me a second guess, it's not Mom, and
it's not Daddy, then it must be Bud?" Asked Kelly as she squints her eyes as
she looks at the big black Chicago Police Officer.

Dan rests his hand on his pistol in its holster as he looks at Kelly as she
(and her breasts) bounces in excitement, "Oh hoo, I know, it's Buck."

Dan grabbed at the answer, "You're right, it's Buck."

"Really?" Asks Kelly as she's shocked by her answer.

"But, ..." interrupts Dan as he must control the situation as the police
officer, and a friend of Al, "... but, since Buck is a dog and can not speak,
and you are his, ..."

"Masturbator!" Spurted Kelly as she jumped at the question.

Shocked by Kelly's word, he suggests, "You mean you're his master."

"Oh yeah, that sounds dirty, or whatever!" Kelly's thoughts drifted (as if
they never cease from drifting) and looks at Dan as if nothing had happened,
saying, "Well, glad to have helped you Officer Dan." Kelly shut the door in
Dan's face.

Dan stares at the door, he couldn`t believe what had just happened, then he
realized as he said in his breath, shaking his head in disbelief and pushing
the doorbell once again "Bundys".

Kelly was halfway up the stairs when the doorbell rang again, "Now who could
that be?" She said as she turned and bounced, and bounced, down the stairs,
then glided over to the door, her blond hair flying back like in the
commercials as she comes to a stop and stares at the door, holding her hand
at the door knob as she made a decision, "Push or pull, ....PULL."

Kelly opens the door, looks at Officer Dan, her eyes crossed as her nose and
lips puckered up as she asked, "Wow, back already; well, no one has come back
yet Officer Dan; are you sure your suppose to be here."

"Kelly, I need you to come down to the police station, ..." Dan found himself
staring at an empty doorway as Kelly had taken off running out the back door.
"Wait! Kelly! Oh Hell, Blondes!"

Kelly exited her house, stopped a moment, bounced and hopped around in one
spot as she looks for a place to hide, then runs over to the side yard gate
and stares at the gate and stammers to herself, "Damn gate, there's no door
knob." She turns to run and plows her face into Officer Dan's chest, badge
and arms and bounces off as he grabs her around her chest, one hand groping
her right breast as she struggled.

"Kelly, why did you run?"

Kelly stops struggling as she thought a moment, then as Dan enjoyed rubbing
her breast and it seemed to calm her, she comes up with a reply, "I thought
was arrested and you were taking me to prison, and I know what they do to
girls in prison."

"You're not going to prison, just downtown." Assures Dan as he continues to
hold Kelly by her breast.

"You mean I'm not going to prison to live with dirty Sally."

"Dirty Sally? No, Al got busted at the nudie bar and the District Attorney
wants to make an example out of him and put him away in the Penitentiary for
twenty years."

"No! They can't put him away with Pineapples, he'll get a rash and all
wrinkly." Said Kelly as she looked down to see Dan's hand squeezing her tit,
"I've calm down now Officer Dan, you can stop mushing my Tit." Kelly rather
enjoyed the mushing as she then told Dan, "Well, you can take your time

"Thanks Kelly, I need that to calm my nerves." Said Dan as he thought to
himself, "It's true, Blonds are dumb; but they sure have the tits."

Now calmed down, Kelly walks with Dan to his police car as Dan asks, "Why are
you so afraid of Prison? Afraid of the Sex and gang rape that occurs there?"

"No, not the sex, it's the drugs and dope, I don't use drugs, I'm a good

City Jail

At the city jail, in the holding cell, Al sits quietly as he listens to two
younger men talking about a girl they had at a Biker Party two nights ago.

The yellow haired one bragged, "Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes, I walked
into the middle of this party that is being hosted by the Satan Bikers, and
this gorgeous blond is dancing naked on top of the bar, and she is taking one
glass of beer after another as she swings her hips; her breasts are jiggling
like mad as she gyrates her body."

"Is she a real blonde?" Asked the black haired man sitting next the blond

"Oh yeah, she has a neatly trimmed yellow bush that comes to a point, she's
got these great hooters; you know, not too large and not small, and solid,
they stood out erect and I mean solid, she was so horny her nipples stood
erect and pointy; God, you could smell her, she smelled sweet like spring

"Did she smell like a woman?"

"Did she, once I smelled her scent my cock sprang up harder and bigger than
I have ever experienced, she is one sex machine." Bragged the blond guy.

"Wow, I bet she was the Biker club leader's old lady." Added the black haired

"Hell no! Every once in a while a biker would grab her by the leg and pull
her off the bar; then he would carry her to his table, toss her on top, pull
his cock out and thrust it into her; she doesn't even fight him, she is so
horny she locks her legs around his waist and pulls him into her; it wasn't
that he was fucking her hard so much that it was her fucking him even
harder." Described the Blond of the event.

The black haired man looks over at Al as he sits quietly and yells, "Hear
that old man! I bet you would have loved to have seen that!"

"Ah, he's too old to even know why or how." Added the blond guy.

Al remains quiet as he listens to the Blond guy as he continues further,
"This bitch is a heart attack to anyone over twenty, she is one slutty sex
machine, she must have fucked twenty bikers that evening, and she was fucking
even four bikers at one time when the place was raided."

"What happened then?" Asked the other man, he`s drooling as he forms the
image in his head.

"After the cops hauled all the Bikers off, they gathered the Biker babes and
had a party all their own; This blond girl went none stop as she fucked the
cops, an officer Stephen Hildershanks and Officer Tom Pine were her main
fucks that she went after all that night long."

"Dam, and I got busted in a police raid at the dorm." Added the Black haired

"What's even funnier!"

"What's that?"

"I know the girl, we went to Poke High, she was in PE; she used to fuck
the couches and jocks, I went into the showers early once and found couch
Tennison banging her in the boys locker room. What's even weird is, she's
only sixteen, and she was fourteen then; she has got hotter and a better
figure; and the things I heard about her in school must have been true,
Kelly Bundy is the horniest slut-bitch in school, she must have fucked
every teacher and athlete in the school before graduation."

Both of the guys looked up to see Al standing over them.

"What do you want old man?"

"Hi! I'm Al Bundy, the slut's father!"

Dan led the way as Kelly followed him into the police station; all the
officers there looked up and recognized Kelly as they smiled and waived as
Kelly waived back, "Hi Steve, Tom, Bill, and Jimmy."

"You know those officers?" asked Dan as he guided Kelly into the visitors

"Meet them at a party a couple of nights ago, and some of them at school."
answered Kelly as she sit on the chair in front of the Plexiglas window in
the visitors room. Dan showed her the phone and how to use it as Al was led
into the prisoner side and given the chair opposite to Kelly.

"Hi Pumpkin!" said Al as he spoke into the phone.

"Daddy! are you going to prison to live with Dirty Sally?"

"Al looked puzzled at first, then thought it must be a problem with the phone
as he explained to Kelly, "Pumpkin, I need to have money to get my fine paid,
then I can come home; if I don't get the fine paid, then they will send me
away to see Dirty Sally for twenty years."

Kelly was now in tears, "Don't leave Daddy, tell them your a good Daddy, it
always works for me."

"Where's Peg Kelly?" asks Al as he listens to Kelly sob, "She's spent your
money at the Mall Daddy, all that you would make next month in the shoe
store; what can I do Daddy."

"Dan will tell you Pumpkin, just exactly what they need." Al hang up as the
guard guided him back beyond the door.

Kelly still blubbering looks to Dan, "We don't have the money? what is it,
forty bucks?"

"6,000 bucks, and they need it tonight." Explains Dan.

Kelly's face tears up again as she cries, "Dirty Sally's going to bugger

"More than likely it will be Bruno; but Kelly, listen, " says Dan as he
consoles Kelly, "The officers here don't want to see Al go to prison with
Bruno either, ..." ("not really" came a voice from one of the officers) Dan
ignores him "... so we have ALL gathered enough money to pay Al's fine."

"Really!" Said Kelly as she wipes her tears from her face with a bounce as
she shows appreciation for the help of Officer Dan.

"Daddy can pay the guys back from his job; ten or twenty dollars a month."
Said Kelly as she then blew her nose on Dan's jacket.

Dan takes his jacket off and gives it to Kelly who blows her nose on it
again, "Thank you Officer Dan." Says Kelly as she now wipes her tears from
her eyes, then blows her nose again.

"Kelly, these guys that offer the money, some are married men and will have
a hard time explaining to their wives what they did with that kind of money."
Explains Dan as Kelly looks up with her big blue eyes, just like a helpless

"Well, ... maybe I can work some extra weekends at the Diner, you know, with
the tips from the truckers, and the people at the tables." Says Kelly as she
has her thinking face on (This face is where she stares into infinity and her
brain short circuits halfway through), and Daddy sells his shoes, What are we
buying, cookies?"

"No cookies; Al's fine." Assures Dan.

"No Cookies! And Daddy's not fine, Daddy's in jail." Acknowledges Kelly, as
she is lost in thought.

"No Kelly, your father's fine."

"He can't be fine, he's in jail and Dirty Sally will be Mrs. Bundy, and, ...
Oh my God! She'll be my mother and she'll bugger me." Kelly starts blubbering

"Kelly! Let's start all over; there is no Dirty Sally, we'll get you some
cookies, and Al has to pay his 6,000 dollars in a City Bill." Dan's attempt
seems to work as Kelly stops blubbering.

"Kelly, you don't earn enough; but there is a way, you have something the
guys will pay a lot for, and you can dance at the Policeman`s Ball this
weekend for more." Suggests Dan as he looks over at one of his grinning
fellow officers.

"What? Sell Buck, he's old and not worth that much."

"The guys suggest that they would be willing to pay Al's fine, if you would
allow them to have sex with you for ten buck's a fuck." Explains Dan as he
watches Kelly's face for a reaction.

Kelly thought a minute, or two, then she replies, "Ten bucks isn't bad; but
wouldn't that mean I would have to make more money, on top of paying Daddy's
Debt if I have to pay each guy ten more dollars for each fuck?"

Dan stood up right, stymied by Kelly`s reply, thinking to himself, "Blonds;
she is kidding, right!" "Kelly, no, ah, ... you don't pay the guys the ten
dollars, they take it on credit instead of you paying Al's debt to them for
his fine, and you fuck them until his fine is paid off."

"Wow! That's like free; Daddy gets his out of jail card, just like the
`bored' game Man-openly; you know, the one where you have to pay when you
land on the whore house properties." Explained Kelly as she now has calmed

"What game is that?" Asks Dan.

"It's a game Bud and I used to play on weekends when it rained; I always lost
my pajamas to him, I think Bud cheats; I had to service him to get off the
whorehouse boardwalk by getting on my back, and that didn`t make sense; but,
rules are golden."

Shaking off the conversation with Kelly, Dan explains to Kelly, "We'll start
today and continue every weekend until the fine is paid off, and you have
to also work at the Policeman's ball, you can dance and entertain everyone
there; you can be the V. I. P. Hostess." Explains Dan as he directs Kelly
into the Police Officers locker room.

Kelly stops and sniffs the air, "Wow, jock straps."

"And the things that go in them." Adds Dan with a big grin.

Kelly looks around at the officers, some in only their shorts, but with
obvious hardons and the others were naked, stroking their big cocks. Kelly
looks at Dan.

"These officers are on night shift." Dan explains as Kelly starts to drool.

"Is that why it's called night shaft, because they are stroking their shafts
all night?" Asked Kelly.

Dan shakes his head, his brain just short circuited until he heard Kelly
laugh as he felt his zipper open, then his eyes opened wider as Kelly pulls
his penis out and moves her hot moist lips over his growing cock, "Well, I
guess you`re right."

"When do I ball the policemen, at the policeman's balls?" Asks Kelly as she
runs her tongue along Dan's black meaty 12-inch shaft.

"Yeah! The Mayor and important V. I. P. members will be there, so you'll
perform a dance like that dance you did in school." Explained Dan as he felt
his cock slide down Kelly's throat, then he felt it slid out of mouth as she
commented, "My Salami dress of veils, okay, I'll get Amber to help me in the

"That's fine Kelly, ..." Dan feels his cock disappear into Kelly's mouth as
he explains further, "... You-uu-`ll-ll have to be our V. I. P. Hostess for
the evening and help us sell a canine program to the Mayor.

Out pops his cock as Kelly looks up at Dan, "Doggies, I like doggies, what
are you going to do with the doggies?"

"The police doggies, ah, The police Canines are very expensive to train, and
they suffer high stress like our human officers, so instead of purchasing new
canines every two years, we propose to purchase a 40-acre ranch to breed
special breeds of dogs for police work, let our current dogs have R&R and to
breed with the bitches to relieve their stress for a month, then put them all
refreshed back on patrol." Explains Dan as Kelly listens intently, she holds
his cock in her hand, slowly stroking it, as she desires to help with the
doggie ranch.

"Gee, Doggie sluts, I guess you can name the ranch `The Snatch Ranch." Kelly
started bouncing on her knees as she laughs, stroking Dan's cock as she
laughs, then takes a face load of sperm as he blows a load at point blank
into her face, "Oops!"

Kelly stands up and licks her face and fingers as she wipes her face clean.

Dan leans down and kisses Kelly, putting his arms around her, she in turn
kisses and tongues her father's friend; and as Kelly and Dan French kiss,
Kelly feels her skirt lift up and a big hand begin to rub her ass, down her
crack to her snatch, then a finger separates and pushes into her clitoris
and begins to stroke her snatch. Kelly pushes her butt back onto the hand
as she leans into Dan's chest. Two more hands come in and lift her top up
over her breasts as she lifts her arms up, breaking off from Dan's kiss, she
stands as One officer shifts from stroking her cunt to unzipping her skirt
and taking it off and drops it to the floor, another officer finally removes
her top and neatly folds it, placing in on the nearby bench.

"Well, he's always been a little too neat, the gay side makes him neater than
most of us." Explains Dan as he watches the officer pick up Kelly's top,
folding it neatly and then stacks it on Kelly's skirt, then he turns around,
strokes his penis to full erection as he approaches Kelly.

"Oh, that's sweet." Says Kelly as the officer behind her reaches around to
cup her breasts and squeezes them with his big hands, "Ooo, Big hands bigger

"Kelly, you go ahead and take care of the brothers, I'll go have Al
released." Dan told Kelly as the one officer, with his hand squeezing her
breasts, lifts Kelly up onto his hips, his big cock pushes along and beneath
her crack and out between her legs.

"Ooo, you are big, is that you Nathan?" Asks Kelly, she leans her head back
onto the officer's shoulder as he carries her over to a bunk, Kelly's legs
sway back and forth as she basically rest her ass on the big black officer's
huge 14-inch cock as if it were a saddle horn between her legs.

"Just like at the bar Kelly, I walked you in a circle with my cock up your
snatch, and you wiggled and pumped on my shaft as you sang the "Here cum's da
judge." Says Nathan as he squeezes Kelly's body and then kisses her on her
lips, he slows a little as he still walks with Kelly impaled on his cock
until he reaches the two benches that are put together with a blanket to make
a small bunk.

"Where is Judge? ... " Kelly leans way over backwards as she rides impaled on
Nathan's cock as she looks around and then giggles as she sees, "Judge, does
daddy know you're still a cop?"

"Kelly, he's known since you were ten." Says Judge as he pulls his erect
penis out for Kelly.

"Oh, binkey!" Says Kelly as she reaches out and pulls his erect penis and
pops it into her mouth.

"Just like old times, she loves it likes she did in the patrol car when she
was eleven." Says Judge as he looks at Nathan with a big broad grin on his
face, he feels his penis grow inside Kelly's experienced mouth, and her
tongue begins working its wonders.

Both officers lay Kelly on the bench without her losing a single penis as
Nathan settles on top of her and begins thrusting his hard cock into her.
Kelly's legs sway as Nathan pounds his cock into her. Kelly pays full
attention to sucking on Judge's cock as she deep throats it and he began
pumping his cock down Kelly's throat.

Police Waiting Room

Dan walks into the waiting room where Al is waiting, not dressed in jail
garb, but in his new suit, "Here you are Al, just as agreed, 4,000 for you
and Kelly, and 2,000 for me."

"All right, now I can pay for my suit, get the Dodge fixed and party at
Hooters." Says Al as he begins to giggle, "And the old red mare is no where
to be seen."

A voice breaks the shrill of death as it stabs into Al's spine, "Where's Al,
I know he's here, and I smell money."

"Oh God, it's the red menace". Screams Al as he pleads to Dan, "Shoot me Dan,
before she can drain my happiness."

Dan pushes Al towards the back door, "Go through the door Al, and escape out
the back door."

"Yes! I'll flee to Berlin." Al Bundy yells as he disappears through the door.

Dan shuts the door and turns to see Peg Bundy enter the room.

"Okay Dan, where's Al and Marcy?" Asks Peg as she fumes, waiting like a bomb
with a short fuse.

Dan stares as her breasts as she bounces in place, then asks, "Al and the

"Ah ha! Al is here!" Yells Peg as she looks around.

"Wait a minute Mrs. Bundy, Al's not here, but the Darcy's are."

"Why are the Darcy's here? I thought it was Al and Marcy?"

"No Mrs. Bundy, we raided the Darcy's place this morning and found that they
are the head of a Porno ring, they make porn movies, they have chained blocks
and crosses for weird sex orgies; the Darcy's are sick, and for Mrs. Darcy to
pass herself off as a Chicken, an innocent chicken in some weird sexual game.
Well, they've been busted and have a fine of 6,000 dollars against each of

"Marcy, a chicken?" Peg laughs as she remembers Marcy's skinny body, "But sex
porn? No, I just can't see anyone mounting a chicken."

Dan now starts laughing as he thinks about a chicken getting mounted with
Marcy's face.

The Police Locker Room is filled with steam, the smell of body sweat, jockey
shorts, sperm and a few more body fluids fills the air. Sounds of grunting
and wheezing reverberates off the wall and lockers.

Kelly grips Judge's shoulders, her face shows grimace and strain as she digs
her fingers into his body as she grinds and pumps her pelvis onto his cock,
his balls bounce and sway as he watches Kelly's breasts giggle and sway; he
grimaces also as she thrusts her pelvis hard up and down his cock.

Kelly grinds away on top of Judge, as William, another fresh hunk of male
cock, is busy shoving his ten inches into Kelly's anis, slamming his balls
into her butt as she rides and gyrated atop officer Judge.

"Ashhhh, God, shit! Shove it harder! MMmmmm, ooh, ooh, ummm." Kelly groans
and yelps as she continues to grind and bounce as two other officers'
approach on both sides. Kelly opens her eyes, then upon seeing the wagging
cocks, she grabs one and starts stroking as she bites onto the other and
starts bobbing while she then feels another cock get placed into her hand,
which she immediately grips and strokes. Kelly is now fucking five officers
at one time as she bobs, grinds, gyrates, pumps, slurps, sucks and jerks
all points at once.

"Ummmm, slurp! Oh God! Fuck me! Put another cock in my pussy!" Yells Kelly
as one of the officers moves to stand beside her as another is fucking her
ass, and then he grabs Kelly's ass as she stops and waits for him to insert
his cock, and then as he pushed his cock inside her cunt along side officer
Judge`s cock; she feels the new huge cock slide into her, deep and alongside
Judge's cock as both men start thrusting in and out of her pussy in opposite
directions; all three officers fucking her got into a rhythm, as one thrust
into her cunt, the other was pulling back in preparation for his next thrust,
and the one butt fucking her was thrust at a different rate and added greatly
to her orgasm as it was now tearing her insides up.

Kelly's small framed body was being ravished like she has never been ravished
before; her breasts were bouncing and jiggling at a quicking pace, her
nipples were tingling as she felt her pussy grip down tight on the two cocks
that were now grinding inside her, her cunt was getting hotter from the two
cocks. All three men were straining to fuck Kelly as her cunt had a vice like
lock on their cocks and her anis was so tight that the officer was struggling
to grind and thrust his cock deep into her. The orgasm hit Kelly from her
breasts and shot down to her snatch as her body jerks in spasm, the thee
officers all thrust their cock at their same time, as deep as they could into
Kelly, then she felt their cocks spew their loads of sperm into her pussy and
ass, their bodies shook as they pressed hard against her butt and pelvis,
then they all four collapsed.

The officers that Kelly had started to suck off before she had the second
cock shoved into her pussy, now pull Kelly's sweaty, naked body from off the
other officers cocks; lift her up and carry her to the lounge.

The officers inside the lounge watch as the three graveyard shift officers,
carry a naked girl, who is covered in wet sperm and sweat, lay her across the
couch, her bare ass up and resting atop the back of the couch as one after
the other, would step up and shove his cock into her pussy and thrust his
cock into her as deep as he could push it, then he begins thrusting and
twisting his cock into her until he would push hard, grunt and then scream as
he would shot his load into her. The next officer wanted her ass as he shoves
his cock into her ass, thrusting his cock into her tight little butt crack,
finding her anis and then shoving hard to push past her tight little hole.

The officers inside the lounge stripped off their pants, then lined up to
have their share of this 16-year-old blond. One officer pushed his cock into
Kelly's anis, then pulled her up, holding her up with his arms under her
breasts as she was out from exhaustion, and as he held her in place, his
partner shoved his cock into Kelly's pussy. Kelly is now sandwiched between
the one black officer and his white partner; she giggles and sways between
them as they thrust up into her pussy and ass, fucking her as her legs sway
in the air from their thrusts, she bobbles between the two men, one she was
being fondled by the one who held her as he kissed her neck; then the other
would pulled her to his body as he kisses her breasts, licking her nipples
and then kissing her face as he gripped her butt. Soon they both came and
emptied their loads into her.

Pulling their cocks out from Kelly's ass and pussy, they let her lay on the
couch; then they pulled their pants on, commenting, "Time for patrol partner!
Do you think we could get a girl for the break room?"

"We'll ask our Union Rep! We could negotiate for one instead of a raise this
year." Comments his partner as they exit the lounge.

Kelly wakes up as she hears the door shut, she looks at the door through her
sleepy eyes and comments, "Party over?" She then lies back onto the couch.

Dan walks in and sees that all his men are out on shift, commenting, "How
about that! First time ever that they got out on time." Dan walks over and
looks over the couch to see Kelly lying on her back. Dan studies Kelly's
slender body and wet pussy, noting, Poor little Kelly, Al's daughter really
put out on public service; I guess I better reward her."

Dan drops his pants and pulled his shirt off and climbs on top of Kelly as
she wakes up with a start, then opens her legs as she smiles at Officer Dan,
"Oh goodie, it's Officer Dan."

Dan pushed his hunk of black meat into Kelly's wet pink hole; Kelly gasps as
she feels his extra-large pole slide deep into her; with his weight pressing
atop Kelly's breasts, Dan begins thrust his pelvis against Kelly, his shaft
sliding quickly in and out as his balls slapped against her pussy; Kelly
locked her legs about Officer Dan's waist as he continued to slam fuck her
quickly, their bodies begin to rock the couch as Dan drives his cock home,
then Kelly feels him blow his load as he empties his balls into her.

Al Bundy's Treasure

Al is busy behind the washing machine and stashing his money that he got paid
for Kelly's services up inside the motor assembly, commenting, "Peg will
never find it here, she never washes and she won't look inside the washer
because she's afraid of the work gremlin."

Al feels someone behind him as he jerks upward, hits his head on the nearby
dryer door, and then looks around to see, "Buck! Stop poking your nose in my
butt! I'm not another dog."

"Funny! ..." Thinks Buck, "It looked like another dog's butt." Buck turns and
strides over to his stair landing and settles down near his bowl, which is
empty as usual. "Who-hum- no food again."

Al closed the washer motor cover and pushes it back into place, and then he
walks to his refrigeration and gets his dinner, a glass of beer. Walking back
to the couch he sits down, beer in one hand, he slips his other hand down his
pants. He looks at the blank television screen, looks around, sees the remote
control, looks at his beer in his hand, then looks at his hand down his
pants, then makes a face as he shrugs his shoulders and settles down to enjoy
his beer and foreplay.

Suddenly the door bursts open and in run's Kelly, wearing her new leather
trench coat that comes down to mid-thigh, she sees her daddy on the couch
with his hand in his pants, his cold beer halfway to his lips as he stares
at Kelly; who jumps and bounces with glee at seeing her father home, "Daddy!
you're happy again." Kelly runs in jumps and bounces as she lands square on
his lap, her legs spread and straddling her father's lap, rests solidly atop
Al's hand inside his crotch.

"Daddy, did dirty Sally hurt you?"

"Pumpkin? I thought you were working my fine off?"

Kelly smiles in her over joy excitement as she bounces on top of Al's growing
hardon, "Oh Daddy, the nice policemen paid your bill, and your fine now; now
I want you happy again, cause you're not going to Sallies for twenty years.
You're home safe with me and mommy."

Al feels Kelly's pussy rubbing his now growing bulge as she wriggles atop his
now tent pole. "Pumpkin, Daddy's hands are busy and I want to see tv, and the
hooters that make Daddy happy."

"Like these Daddy, can these make you happy Daddy?" Kelly flashes open her
jacket to show Al her Breasts and her whole body as she then drops the jacket
onto the couch leans over, kissing Al on his forehead.

As Kelly kisses Al on his neck, she rocks her pussy along the bulge in Al's
pants, his face is buried into her breasts as he starts licking Kelly's

Kelly starts dry humping the bulge she feels it in her Daddy's pants as she
grinds her cunt atop it, she holds his head with her arms as she embraces him
lovingly, pulling his face hard into her breasts as she feels him licking her
tits. Kelly is getting hotter as this continues, then she moves quickly down
to his pants and pulls his already unzipped pants apart, kissing his hand as
she pulls it from inside his shorts, then she pulls his shorts down to allow
his hard penis free to stand erect for her. "Oh Daddy, you are happy!" Kelly
moves up and then settles herself slowly onto his cock, enjoying every inch
of his twelve inches of meat as it slides up into her wet cunt, she closes
her eyes to ensure the full sensation and to feel her Daddy's penis as it
spreads her cunt lips with his dick head, then feeling his shaft slide up
into her, enjoying its entire length.

Al drinks the last of his beer then throws the bottle and the last four
ounces over his shoulder; the beer lands in Buck's empty water bowl and fills
it with 4-ounces of beer that Buck eagerly drinks up, then her burps his
alcohol breath as he watches his bitch bouncing onto Al`s lap. Al squeezes
Kelly's tits and mushes them as he fondles freely his personal hooters. "God
bless you pumpkin, you really love your daddy."

Kelly grinds her hips slowly, rising up and lowering herself as she enjoys
the twelve inch cock inside her, not wanting to ever have it removed as she
could grind it forever. Her mouth is open as she moans and gurgles, sweat
pours from her pores and runs down her body as she grinds and sways, throwing
her yellow hair about periodically, then leaning into her daddy as she kisses
him passionately, their tongues play with each other as she sucks and kisses

Al now moves his hands to grip Kelly's butt cheeks and helps in pumping her
atop his cock as he also thrust himself into Kelly's hot snatch. Al feels his
balls aching to release his load as he strains not to cum too soon as he
wants Kelly to have her orgasm with him; something he never did with Peg, but
Peg isn't as cute as his little pumpkin, and Kelly wasn't out to drain him
financially as she loves him for his cocks sake and for him.

Kelly grinds herself hard onto Al's cock, then she arches her back as she
feels her insides burning to explode, then she screams, "Daddy!" Explodes in
her orgasm as she grips down hard on Al; Al's cock finally unloads its sperm
deep into Kelly as he thrusts upward in response to Kelly's hard grip.

Al goes limp as he and Kelly kiss passionately. Kelly then kisses Al's chest,
working down to his limp cock as it slips out of her cunt. She pauses to
praise it in her hands, kisses his penis head and tucks it back into Al's
pants, zips the zipper up as Al screams, "Oops, sorry Daddy! I caught mister
Willy." Kelly immediately unzips it, Al screams again, "Sorry Daddy, I had to
free Willy." Kelly kisses and licks `Willy' then safely zips the pants up.

Al grins at Kelly, "That's alright Pumpkin, everything has to end with a
reminder that we're Bundies."

Kelly grabs her new jacket and pulls it on, closes it just as Peg comes
through the door, "There you two are, the weirdest thing happened today, I
thought you were in jail Al! and it was Steve and Marcy who are in jail for

Kelly stares at Peg, grins with her eyes looking vacant and crossed,
comments, "Wow, who would have thought. Kelly turns around and opens her coat
to Al, showing her naked body to him again, then closes it as she turns to
show Peg her coat, "Got me a new coat mommy, and I didn't have to pay for
it." Kelly then hopped and glided as she ran to the stairs, stopped and pet
Buck on his head, then bounced up the stairs.

"Strange, I didn't know Kelly liked to go around bare foot?" noted Peg as she
sets beside AL.

"You mean they let you go Peg?" comments AL as he looks at his Redhead blood

"Al! let's go up stairs, I just saw lots of athletic hunks. (pause) funny
thing though, they all seemed exhausted."

"Peg, I'm exhausted too Peg, so forget it, Willy just died."

Now evening at the Bundy's home: Bud's room.

Bud lays atop his bed, his fingers are busy as they follow the outline of the
inner thigh of a young fourteen year old girl, the same age as he, both naked
atop his bed.

"When did you get back from your spring break Amber?" Asks Bud as he moves
his hand up along Ambers slender leg, crossing the crease to the central
mound of brown fuzz, her clitoris folds soft to Bud's fingers as he brushes
their crease.

"This morning, But Marcy and Steve aren't home, so I said to myself, I'm
horny." Amber moans as she closes her eyes, her small breasts are like solid
Jell-O, her nipples erect and pointy as Bud licks his tongue along her
snatch. Bud smells her body odor as he buries his nose into her pubic hair,
feeling her heat from her increased blood circulation to her genitalia. Bud
can sense his penis lengthening along his leg, as it grows hard from her

Bud moves slowly up Amber's body as he licks her belly, still playing with
her snatch, then he shoves his finger inside her cunt and starts rubbing her
in and out, then pushes two fingers into her. He stops at her breasts and
licks her nipples and kisses her breasts as he now begins to finger fuck

Amber feels Bud's two fingers inside her, pumping and stroking her as he
licks and bites his nipples, his face pressing hard against her breasts. She
lays quiet, expecting what will be next as Bud pulls his fingers from her
snatch, she can feel his body close in to hers, his face presses against her
neck as he licks and kisses her neck. Amber opens her legs as Bud lays atop
her stomach and breasts as she feels his hard shaft head press up against her
cunt lips. With her fingers she works her lips apart as Bud rubs his cock
head into her wet pussy, finds the hole center and then she feels Bud push
into her. His ten inch boyhood slips deep along her cunt tunnel, she can feel
his penis heat as it glides along her wet tunnel until she feels his balls
come to press against her butt, then Bud slowly starts pulling back and
almost out; with relief Amber feels Bud shove none stop the fill length of
his cock and slam his balls against her; he then pick up his pace as he
begins his slow pace fucking stage.

Amber locks her legs around her Bud's waist as he slams his hips into her,
his mighty cock ramming her insides as he increases his rhythm. She feels his
hands on her shoulders as he grips her for balance; her tits shake with each
pounding slam. "Fuck me Bud! Buck me hard; I missed you on the break, I want
you, I want you bad."

The bed creaks and rocks as Bud beefs up his slam driving thrusts, pound into
Amber young snatch he may not have broken the cherry in, but he had the most
mileage. Amber's body bounces with Bud's pounding, both rock clockwise on the
bed and towards the edge. Bud slams her relentlessly, pussy starved and
hungry as he fucks her ever tightening snatch.

"Oh God! Hooo, I'm, ... Ohoooo, Bud! Faster, grind me, hurt me, Oh crap! I
can wait! I' cumming."

Bud felt his dick get vice gripped in Amber's pussy, he barely can move,
thrust, twist or pull as she grips down on his cock; he forces himself in as
far as he can and fells his balls tighten up and about to release, then he
feels Amber arch her back, her legs tighten like steel knots around his waist
as she arches her hips upward, then he feels her cum as he no longer can hold
and he sprays his cum deep inside her cunt. From the upward arch, Amber
collapsed with Bud atop her, they bounce one, twice, then their legs fly, and
Bud's cock is still embedded deep inside Amber's cunt as they roll off the
side of the bed onto the floor.

Rolling once as they went over onto the floor, Bud lands on top of Amber, his
hard cock slammed harder into Amber, which caused another orgasm, "Oh Bud!"

Bud hugs Amber, her tits squished up against his chest, his dick still deep
inside her as Bud feels his penis shot another load into Amber, "Oh Amber,
that was fantastic."

"Fantastic Amber, want to work this coming weekend?" Asks Kelly as she looks
from on top of the bed, "I've got a gig, and you can dance with me at the
Policeman's balls."

"You mean Policeman's Ball don't you Kelly?" Asks Amber as Bud stand's up,
his dick pulls out from Amber with a slushy pop.

Kelly looks at Bud's wet penis, grins and replies, "No little pecker wetter,
I mean Policeman's Balls, and boy, can they ball."

Kelly sits up on her knees and shows off her new black leather trench coat,
"See Bud, they gave me a gift!" Kelly then opens her coat, showing Bud that
she had nothing else on underneath.

"I see Kell; you did pay for it." Said Bud as Amber helped herself up by
grabbing Bud's penis like a handle and pulled herself up.

"Woo, nice coat Kelly." Acknowledged Amber as she began stroking Bud`s cock.

"I know what you two were doing." Said Kelly with a gleeful glint in her eye.

"What Kelly?" Asks Bud as he plays with Amber's butt cheeks.

"You two were playing Man-O-Poly, and Amber got on Whore Place." Noted Kelly
as she tossed her coat onto the bed, "Okay, I'm ready, where's the bored?"


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