Married... With Children: Kelly Bundy's Saturday Morning Surprise Part 1
by ShadowWalker ([email protected]) (m/f,M/f,m/F,inc)

Saturday morning came early for the younger Bundy family members; Buck as
usual was humping Marcy's poodle; Bud had just screwed Amber and she was
staggering back to her aunt's house butt naked and tired; Bud has now crawled
back into bed to cuddle up with his other warm piece of ass for the morning,
he had started out fucking her, but duties called for him to service Amber
and to keep her pussy happy.

Kelly sleeps soundly as usual as she normally gets back home around 2am from
one of her boy friends, where she usually gets screwed in the back seat of
their car, or gets screwed by their father also if they take her to their
home, where they have weird family rules: "If son brings a blond girl friend
home, father gets first crack at her crack, then they both fuck her brains
out." On one night the father had his football friends over, about six forty
year old pot belly old farts, where Kelly would dance on a table and strip
her cloths off; it was another rule that stated: "If boy friend's father has
football buddies, you had to perform for them if you came home to fuck your
boy friend," and they were there, they were there a lot, and they fucked a
lot. Kelly always had six of these `old men' pulling her skirt down and
acting surprised about her not wearing panties; "God! if you knew you were
going to get screwed, then you never wear panties, Dah" So Kelly screwed a
father, six old farts and her boy friend last night; actually, it was fun.

Kelly slept deeply, she enjoyed sleeping at home where she felt really loved.
Kelly dreamed wonderfully real dreams as she felt an erect penis slip up the
crack of her ass, her lover's body presses hot against hers, "Bud!, your
late!!" Kelly said as she woke up to her brothers touch.

"It took a little more thrusting to get Amber off tonight!, but now I'm with
the one I really deeply love to fuck, the one fuck that really knows me."

Kelly smiles as she feels her brother's arms curl about hers, he gently
fondles her breasts as he plays with her already erect nipples, she feels his
cock get really hard and hot as he rubs up against her body. Kelly, wide
awake and horny, grabs the bedstead and braces herself, pulling herself up on
all fours, raising her ass up inviting Bud to mount.

Bud spreads Kelly's legs apart as he moved towards her honey hole between her
legs, the old pussy hole, the snatch well that his now rock hard cock needed
to explode inside. Bud played with his sister's pussy, rubbing his finger
inside her wet snatch as Kelly began to moan like a cat in heat, then oozing
a hot breath as she felt Bud's huge 9-inch cock slipping deep into her,
slowly penetrating her hot vagina as she felt it reach all the way as she
gasps for air, waiting in anticipation as Bud began to thrust in and out of
her as he grabs and squeezes her ass, slapping and popping his thighs against
her butt, he begins fucking her hard and more violently.

Buck had just unplugged when Marcy looked out her window and threw a shoe at
Buck, who gratefully took the shoe toy and headed back towards home.

Al heard Marcy's yell, woke up and heard something else; he put his robe
around himself and walked down the hall, listening, commenting to himself,
"Damn, If Kelly is getting screwed by one of her boyfriends, I'm going to
kill him; and ground her until she turns thirty and sterile."

Al reaches down and starts to turn the door knob to Kelly's room when he
hears the creaking and rocking coming from Bud's room. "Dam, the boy is
Bundy-izing a girl, probably Marcy's niece Amber, wouldn't mind to take a
poke at her myself."

Al sneaked quietly over to Bud's door and listened to the bed being pushed
back and fourth, then bounced up and down on from some little girl getting
jammed and rammed. "Woo, got to see this, and if Bud is doing his rubber
doll, I'll kill him for getting me up."

Al opened the door a crack and peeked inside to see Bud, stark naked, his
dick, really huge, disappearing into a great looking piece of ass as his
penis disappeared into the girls pussy until his ball, big balls, slammed
against her ass cheeks, making them shake as he continued to slam the bitch
like a meat wagon; Al could smell the sweat and sperm heavy room, he could
see how wet the girls ass was from sperm being splattered and squished out
from her filled snatch. Al felt his penis swell to a rock hard cock size of
ten inches and he wanted that little bitch for a couple of minutes; but he
realized that Bud would yell, Peg would wake up, she would see his cock and
she would demand sex. Al's masterful cock just shrank from the thought of
screwing Peg, so he closed the door quietly, taking one more look at that
cute snatch getting Bundized, then looked at Kelly's door, wondering if she
was truly his daughter, because he knew she slept in the nude and he might
be able to get a fuck and a load off, and if she woke up, he could tell her
that it was a flash-back dream, she'd fall for that he thought; O' well, it
might be worth a try, but he couldn't be that lucky, not Al Bundy the shoe
Salesman, Al continued back towards his room and the red witch from hell
with his head bending low.

Kelly lay sprawled out naked on top of Bud's sweat covered and exhausted
body, his dick limp as it popped out and slid from her pussy onto Bud's
belly; Kelly sit straddling her brother after the best ride she had ever had;
she raised one leg and slid from his sleeping form, looked at her wet body,
then thought, "Let's see, shower or sleep?... ah ...shower then sleep." Kelly
walked over to the door, opened it and peeked out to see if the coast was
clear, it was, so Kelly slipped out into the hallway, still naked, her small
frame slender body made her appear like a goddess, a goddess of sixteen;
closing the door quietly behind her; Kelly walked, her breasts jiggling
slightly, enticingly, twisting her cute little tight ass as she tip-toed
towards the bathroom and a hot shower.

Al peeked out his bedroom door to see what 'that' sound was when he saw this
cute little naked female, and she had that tight ass that he recalled Bud was
fucking only a moment ago, tip toeing to the bathroom, open the door, and as
she turned to enter the bathroom, Al only saw her great looking and young
solid breasts and those cursed solid legs; this bitch had to be his future
daughter in law, and he had to make sure that she would be here so that he
could get a young pussy to keep his pecker young.

Al sneaked out the door and quietly went to the bathroom door, opened it ajar
and listened to the girl inside the shower. Al entered the bathroom, (TEE
HEE), and looked at the shower's steam clouded glass and saw the most perfect
image of a young woman, her breast solid, her butt tight and perfect.

Al dropped his robe and pajamas in one move, his penis rose quickly to a
full erection, he eyed it with glee (TEE HEE) and knew he had regained his
youthful stallioness.. With his probe at the ready Al opened the shower door
to see, A PERFECT ASS, her little virginal snatch inviting between her legs
as she was bent over facing away from him, cleaning her little toes; a chance
and a position that no Bundy could resist.

The moment that Al's hard cock entered Kelly's snatch, her head came up as
she felt the huge pecker slice deep into her, her first thought was Bud had
followed her to the shower and wanted to fuck some more; what the hell, the
little dwebe needed it, he earned it. Kelly reached out and braced herself
as she got a plastering ass fuck from who she thought was Bud, in fact, it
was her father.

For the next hour, as they both got soap in their eyes, they fucked viciously
under the hot shower, Kelly turned and gave "Bud" a one hell of a blow job
after he unloaded his load into her and his penis shrunk, he went hard again,
she sucked and licked, taking it deep again, then he jerked, quivered and
sjot a load again that drained his balls and filled her mouth like a squirrel
on Christmas; Kelly then, still blinded by soap, felt her way up to French
kiss her father, which hardened his cock in time for him to sit on the shower
floor as Kelly quickly sit atop Al's cock and slid it up inside her snatch,
which gripped him like a vice as she rode his pecker for another twenty
minutes, making him cum again and again until he fell asleep naked in the
shower. Kelly unplugged herself and crawled naked from the shower, still
blind with stinging soap as she grabbed for a towel and wiped her eyes to
stop the stinging and wash her eyes. Kelly looked at the shower, saw Al's
legs and his stiff pecker as she commented, "No more tonight Bud, I'll fuck
you again tomorrow."

Al heard the girl, not realizing it was Kelly, realized that she thought he
was Bud, so he just mumbled, "Okay babe."

Kelly grinned to her self as she dried off, then left the bathroom for her
room and bed.

Al dragged himself up, realizing that it was almost time to go to work, dried
off and then got dressed and went to work, sleepy, but with a very big grin
on his face.

Peg was busy smoking her cigarette (in the early days she smoked) while she
attempted to make the kids their Wheat Chex.

Bud, all fourteen years of him, came bounding down stairs, looked and around
and then, with a smugish grin, asked, "Ah, per chance, the yellow haired
bimbo still asleep with her sailor friend?"

"Stop calling your sister a Bimbo, she's just sixteen and is going through
growing pains, just like you are." said Peg as she lost her ash into the bowl
of cereal, "...Oh, your breakfast is ready, now I have to get mine; ha,
that'll teach him to bother me while I'm cooking. ... besides, I wish I had a
sailor friend, she could share."

Kelly, dressed in a short skirt, no panties as Bud could see when the skirt
flipped up, top did little hide her small breasts as it rode up.

At the bottom of the stairs, Bud did his brotherly duty, he grabbed for
Kelly's butt as she grabbed him around the neck, they wrestled as she forced
Bud down behind the couch, sitting atop, leaning over as she forced his hands
down with her weight as she struggles against his moves; moves that made him
aroused with penis to rising up out of his pants, his zipper fly was open,
making exit easy, as his pole rose to attention Kelly `felt' his hot meaty
little snake press and rub her snatch. Kelly looked at Bud as he grinned,
thrusting upward, forcing the head of his penis to `pop' into Kelly's pussy,
then grow longer as he pushed it deeper inside Kelly; Kelly settled down onto
Bud's balls, sensing his mighty nine inch pecker sticking up inside her; her
vagina gripped his meat like an iron fist; rising and lowering herself on
Bud's hard cock while she pretended to twist and fight Bud on the floor, then
she felt Bud shoot off his first load of jizm, it felt good and hot as it
splattered her insides.

Peg finished eating her breakfast as she asked Bud and Kelly, "Are you kids
finished yet? Get your loads off and get to school or something, you know,
what ever you two do." Peg glanced over and saw Kelly on top of Bud, as was
usual for her and Bud, but as she watched Kelly and Bud wrestling, she
noticed that as Kelly raised up, Kelly not only wasn't wearing any panties,
but Kelly was sliding up and down on Bud's hard cock, a really big nine inch
and wonderful penis.

Peg, furious, got up and walked over to stand behind Kelly as she continued
to fuck her brother, thinking that it only appeared like wrestling to anyone
watching, that they were having a brother-sister match. "Stop that right now!
this isn't Wanker County, we don't fuck brother and sister inside this home."

Kelly swallowed hard as she and Bud had been discovered in all its evil as
she attempted to counter Pegs accusation, "We're just wrestling Mom, just
like we've always done."

"Yeah Mom, we're just horsing around.," added Bud as he twisted slightly, his
cock blowing off some more sperm up into his sister's snatch.

Kelly giggles as she felt Bud's squirt splatter upward.

Peg reached down and lifted Kelly's skirt up, exposing Kelly's snatch hole
with Bud's pecker still impaled inside his sister, sperm and Kelly`s pussy
juices ran down Bud`s erect penis. "I suppose this was an accident of
collision?" Peg eyed both of her children, then ordered, "Now pull his pecker
out and get off your brother young lady."

"Mom! we're Wankers and Bundys, I've screwed Grandpa, Uncle James, Oh hell,
I've screwed all my Uncles and Cousins in Wanker; there's not one male cousin
that hasn't had his cock inside me, and as far as my female cousins, we've
blowed and shared whole family orgies; and besides, your brother James said
that he and you fucked when you were ten, and that he screwed your brains out
last trip down."

"Yeah Mom, if you can do it, why can't we, and does Dad know about James."

Peg shrunk from the thought, grinned, then pulled her dress up over her head,
unbuttoned her bra and dropped it as her big tits flopped free, and then
stepped from her panties as she then ordered, "Okay Kids, here's the deal!
We'll keep each other happy as long as we don't rat each other out to your

"Agreed Mom!" yelled Kelly as she lifted her top off, allowing her small and
more solid titties to jiggle free, her nipples were fully erect as the room
was now filled with Bud`s smells and Kelly`s snatch smell from fucking."

"Woo Kelly, you do have some knockers, no wonder James popped your pussy, and
with Bud and his big pecker, I bet my little honey cums is faithful to his
little female cousins."

"Why Mom? I've got Kelly, she's got one hot tight snatch."

"Ooo, ... Just like Mommy!, now off him Kelly, that 9-incher is mine for this

Bud's eyes went huge as Kelly lift up and off his penis, allowed Peg to
spread herself and then lower her bigger snatch onto his innocent pole. "Oh

Kelly grinned as she stood naked and watched her mother slide up and down on
Bud's hard-on until he shot off another load, but this time inside Peg."
Kelly was getting even hornier as she watched her lover brother fucking her

Kelly thought for a moment, "I wonder what it would be like to fuck Daddy?"
Kelly thought a moment, day dreaming as she imagined Al coming home, greets
Kelly at the front door, then he reaches out, taking her into his arms and
kisses her, their tongues playfully explore each other as he pulls her top
up and off, playing with her breasts a moment just before he pulls her skirt
down and off. Kelly kicks her skirt to one side just as she imagines Al
sliding his even bigger 12-inch cock into her tight pussy and taking her to
the floor.

Kelly's mind rattled back to reality when she heard Bud let out an exhaustive
grunt and collapsed exhausted as Peg lifted up off his limp penis, sperm
covering Bud's pecker as Peg looked at the limp pole, commenting, "Did I
break it?"

"No Mom, all you have to do is blow on it!" explained Kelly as she licks her

"Oh! ..." smiled Peggy as she looked at Kelly, " when he blows his

"Yeah mom, except he doesn't blow back, ..." Kelly thought a minute, then
continued, "well, he does blow off, and back, but not like a rubber doll."

"Peg! I'm home." came Al's battle cry as he drove into the garage and got
out, shutting the Dodge's door behind him.

"Oh God, Daddy's home, quick, get Bud to your room, I'll hide your cloths and
get dressed." ordered Peg, "... and quick, if he sees you naked, no telling
what he'll do."

"Oh Mom, Daddy's seen me naked."

"Not with your brothers sperm and your mouth blowing, now stop sucking and
get him up stairs."

Kelly struggles with her exhausted and naked brother, then asks Peg, "Help me
Mom, naked people are so hard to get a hold of; although I never had trouble
holding onto uncle James. Kelly caught herself as she explained, "I never
screwed Uncle James Mom, honest, I`m a good girl."

Peg helped balance and pull the naked Bud up the stairs as she thought to
herself, "I wonder how long James has been fucking Kelly, I am going to talk
to that boy; he's been screwing us both."

Al came through the front door, looked around, then caught a glimpse of a
naked butt turning the corner at the top of the stairs. "Strange, no one
around, kids not here, Peg's ass isn't glued to the couch; and that smell?
Sweat, ....(sniff, sniff), sperm? ... pussy." Al looked up and yelled, KELLY!
are you home?"

"No Daddy!" came Kelly's reply before Peg could stop her.

Al thought a minute, then , "Good, got the house all to myself." Al sit on
the couch, unbuttoned his pants, then unzipped, then stuck his hand into his
pants to feel his penis and balls, "Got to remember to wear shorts tomorrow,
..." Al grinned as he played with himself, "...Well, maybe not, that's
getting to feel good, all hard and , .. Oops, shot off a load, .. Tee-hee."

Al pointed the remote towards the television then squeezed, then he got a
funny look on his face as he tucked his penis and hand back into his pants,
used his left hand, pointed the remote and changed the channel to the CNN
channel, the Cunt Nooky Nectar channel and smiled as tits of all sizes
bounced and paraded across the screen.

Upstairs in Kelly's room, Kelly held Bud, who is still naked, carried him
over to the bed where Peg assisted as they lifted Bud to the Bed as he came
around; "Oh, what a ride."

Kelly bent over and took her brother's pecker into her mouth and began
stroking and licking his cock and balls.

Peg watched as Kelly sucked and blew, her little ass rising and dropping as
she maneuvered on Bud's meat. Peg pulled Kelly up. Bud's penis left his
sister's mouth and stood erect. Peg threw her cloths off and straddled her
son; as she settled her snatch around Bud's erect penis, he screamed as if
in a nightmare as she began riding and fucking her son. "Now Kelly. you go
down and keep Al busy for the next hour, I think Bud has enough sperm and
hardness for that."

"Another Hour!" stammered Bud as he laid back for the job ahead.

Kelly, disappointed at preparing Buds young cock, and now only to watch as
Peg bounded on his 9-inch pole, pulled her short skirt on, grabbing a button
front shirt on her way out to go downstairs to keep Al busy.

Kelly bounded down the stairs, seeing Al still on the couch with his hand in
his pants, sneaked up to stand behind her father; Kelly could smell the old
man sperm, it seemed to turn her on, just like the time she sit on Grandpa's
lap and got a surprise when she felt his cock harden underneath her, and his
hot dick rising up until it pressed into her snatch. It was the first time
she had ever been fucked while sitting on a guys lap.

Kelly looked up to see bare breasted women dancing across the screen. Kelly
bounded and danced around to the front of the couch, then hopped onto the
couch, landing to sit straddled across Al's lap. "Hi Daddy!, when did you get

Al attempted to look past Kelly, but she swayed to block his view. "Kelly!
You know that when Daddy watches the naked ladies, you are not suppose to
interrupt him."

"Why do you like to see women naked Daddy, Mom has big boobs, don't they turn
you on?"

"Pumpkin, Mommy's boobs are all dried up and old, these girls are healthy to

Kelly opened her shirt and lifted it wide and exposed her solid small breasts
to Al. "See Daddy, I'm sixteen, and I have young breasts, want to feel them?
they'll make you healthy"

Al stared a moment at his daughter's beautiful breasts, her nipples were
erect, her breasts were solid as he fondled them, then he felt his penis get
really hard and rise out of his pants, it was traveling for Kelly's snatch,
and Al `felt' his penis head press against a hot snatch, Kelly wasn't wearing
her panties."

Kelly! Pumpkin! you shouldn't temp your Daddy like this."

"Daddy! you're feeling better and healthy, I feel your penis, it's getting
harder and hot, it really feels good; Daddy, if you want, I would like you to
make love to me."

"Kelly! just because your mother is a Wanker, we can't screw family members."

"I've screwed Grandpa Wanker, and I really want you to fuck me; I promise not
to tell Mom."

Al leaned back to look at his sixteen year old daughter; she had dropped
her shirt to one side, unzipped her skirt and dropped it aside; Kelly was
completely naked, sitting on his lap, her legs spread wide and the tip of
his penis was partially inside her parted vagina lips. Al played with Kelly's
naked thighs, rubbing his hand along the inside of Kelly's inner thighs as
she closed her eyes, as he continued to play with her thighs and pussy, Kelly
became horny and began to moan with each caress.

Al pushed upwards with his hips and drove his cock inside Kelly's hot snatch,
then pushed further as his penis grew, stretched and expanded as it slipped
upward inside his little girls vagina. It didn't take long for Al as he was
rhythmically rising and thrusting; Kelly pumped and ground his hard cock as
as her daddy squeezed and rolled her titties.

Kelly and Al fucked each other on the couch; while outside eyes were watching
as Marcy and Steve Rhodes watched intently the incestuous Bundy pleasure
fare. "Steve! we've got to stop this, it's against the law."

"Marcy! In Wanker it's customary, Kelly has screwed every male in Wanker

"And about every male here; that whole family is sick; but, we could maybe,
talk to Kelly and Bud, I'd like to get some young cock to break in, and just
the thought of licking Kelly's pussy."

"I get to fuck Kelly, right Marcy, you'd like a four way, I could kiss you as
Bud fucks you as I'm screwing Kelly."

Kelly looked us and listened as she bounced on top of her Daddy's hard penis
that slid up inside her vagina, "Did you hear that Daddy?"

"No Pumpkin, Daddy's been too busy."

"I thought I heard someone."

"PEG!" said Al as he came alert underneath his daughter.

Kelly stayed in the saddle, with the saddles horn up inside her pussy,
feeling it just shoot off a large blow of sperm inside her. "Now Daddy, It's
not Mom, she's not here, I think it might have been Marcy, but she's too
short to see through the door, so we are safe."

Al looked at Kelly's tits giggling, then he took one in his mouth and sucked
it, licked it, and pinched it as Kelly continued to grind her Daddy's cock.

Morning came with Al naked on the couch and Kelly complete stark naked,
laying on top of her daddy, her legs and arms spread over Al with her face
buried in his chest hairs as she slept solidly.

Kelly woke up to Al's snores and gently, quietly. pulled herself off of his
penis, leaving her father naked on the couch; she kissed his penis' head,
then kissed his lips. Kelly was proud of her father, he really loved her, and
he satisfied her sexually, and for that she wanted to fuck him again.

Kelly tip toed towards the stairs, she was carrying her skirt and shirt in
her hands as she started up the stairs, when she saw Bud sneaking around the
corner. "Bud! what are you sneaking down stairs for?" whispered Kelly.

"I screwed Mom all night! she has one huge hungry hole. She fell asleep only
a minute ago." explained Bud in a whispered reply.

Kelly grabbed Bud by the arm, "Well, you can't go running outside in your
PeeJays, Come with me, you can hide in my room, mom won't look under my

Bud eyed Kelly's deliciously naked body, ran his hand over his sister's pubic
patch, commenting, "Okay, as long as we can stay busy in the Grand Canyon."

Kelly grinned as she saw Bud's penis grow hard and poked it's head out of his
PeeJays pee hole opening. Kelly stroked her brother's penis with her free
hand, then with their hands around each other, Bud playing with Kelly's naked
Butt and she with his penis, they then climbed the stairs to her room.

As Al slept on the couch, still naked to the world, his pecker still hard
and pointing to the sly; Peg Bundy came down stairs. Looking for Bud for
some more young penis strokes, and instead, Peg's eyes caught Al's flag pole
rising high, she immediately ran around to eye the tall snake as she
carefully straddled Al's lap, then lowered herself onto the hot fleshy pole,
allowing it to slide upward, deep inside her vagina until she rested her
buttocks squarely atop Al's lap.

By morning Kelly was wide awake as she felt Bud's hard-on pressing against
her vagina, his arms were firmly locked around her with his left leg in
between hers, lifting her left leg up as he inserted his cock.

"Bud! I just woke up!!"

Kelly felt Bud's lips as he kissed her neck, then felt his cock at full
erection and length get shoved the rest of the way into her as he began
pumping her. Kelly relaxed as she decided to enjoy her brother's endeavor.

Kelly felt Bud blow his load and pull himself out of her pussy, squirting the
last spurt that sprayed her left buttocks. "That's just fine Butthead, now I
have to shower."

"Oh Kell! you've had a snatch full of sperm before, and that never bothered
you." replied Bud as he dressed into his school cloths, a pair of which he
had left in Kelly's room from a week ago.

"Not that Idiot breath, you spurted sperm on my butt!" snarled Kelly as she
buttoned her shirt on, then bent over to get a skirt to pull on, "Now I have
to wash my butt then put my skirt on."

"Since you don't wear panties Kelly, let Buck lick your butt, he'll clean
you." grinned Bud as he looked at Kelly's bare ass.

Kelly walked across to the bathroom, grabbed a wash rag and washed the sperm
off, then pulled her short skirt on. Kelly walked out of the bathroom to meet
her waiting brother, "What?"

"Got a message from the Rhoads, they are doing a commercial for television
and need two more actors to fill in the movie." explained Bud as he lifted
Kelly's skirt, "Still naked Sis, sure you don't want to wear any panties?"

"Bud!, I am going to hit you some day when you do that! ... Now! we have to
make school, then we can skip the afternoon." explained Kelly as she grabbed
her jacket and pulled it on.

"Look Kell, they're shooting this morning!" urged Bud as he punched the
replay button on the phone.

"Peg! would Kelly and Bud be interest in doing some work this morning? Have
them call. this is Marcy, thanks."

"Kelly!, this is Marcy, I got the okay from your mother, she said it was okay
for you to do some work this morning, I hope you heard this message before
noon, the work is really some acting for a commercial that Steve and I are
working on for the bank; don't tell Peggy, she's a bad actress and we think
that you and Bud are perfect for this. Bye, hope I see you."

Kelly thought a minute about what she had just heard, then looked at Bud,
"Well little cum-squat! I guess we'll miss school this week, this gig will
probably last a week."

Kelly bent over to reset the answering machine, and as her skirt lifted above
her waist line, Bud saw his sister's pussy between her legs and the next
moment, Kelly snapped her head upright as she felt Bud's hard penis enter her
honey hole, then as she said, "We don't have time!" Bud continued to fuck
her, thrusting and twisting as he fucked her for the next ten minutes, then
she felt his spurt his load into her.

After Bud pulled his penis out of Kelly's snatch, she turned, saw his still
big cock, leaned over and licked and kissed he penis clean of their juices,
then commented to Bud, "When we get back, I have to learn you something new."

Bud and Kelly came down the stairs quietly, thinking Peggy and Al were still
asleep in their bedroom, then Kelly saw Pegs bare ass above the couch, and
when she got closer and looked over the couch, Kelly saw a naked Mother on
top of a naked father. "Well, I guess they got some, they can do it on the
couch, but then they get mad when I'm fucking my cousin James on the couch;
just because I was fourteen and he was thirty."

Maybe it was his wife and three kids." suggested Bud.

Kelly twisted her pug nose upward as she thought, then concluded, "No, I
think it was his 13-inch cock that made Mom and Dad jealous."

"Not because he was naked on top of you on the couch and plugging your snatch
with his big sperm wet cock?"

"Well, ... maybe, it was great, even as Daddy pulled James and his long cock
off my body."

"I remember that Dad sent mom and me to bed as you and he argued all night
long, you and he were screaming so much I had to put my pillow over my head
and Mom hid in her room." said Bud as he watched Pegs butt rising and falling
as she fucked Al's big pole in.

Kelly watch as she calmly explained to Bud, "Well, not exactly like that
Budsky, Daddy and I argued, but with me standing there stark naked, smelling
of sperm and my female juices, Daddy put me over his lap and spanked me, then
I knew I had him, as I was being spanked, I felt Dad's penis harden in his
pants and on his sixth swat, I had scooted back enough that I opened his
pants and took his penis into my mouth and started licking and sucking on his
now rock hard cock. Before eleven that night, Daddy was naked and between my
legs, ramming his marvelous hard cock into my snatch, and he fucked and
fucked me for four hours; so you see, the screams and arguments wasn't all
argument, but pleasure."

"Well, cum on cum-squat, we have to get to the Darcy's and make that
commercial." said Kelly as she hurried Bud quietly past her fucking parents
and out the door.

The Rhoads home. Kelly and Bud stood waiting at the door after they rang the
bell, then the door opened and Steve greeted them, "You're here! great, Marcy
is in the kitchen, the camera's are in the living room."

"Great Mister Rhoads, where do you want us?" said Kelly as she looked around
the house.

"The living room, Marcy is bringing the whip cream and Jello."

"Always room for Jello!" shouted Bud as he turned and walked into the living

Kelly started for the living room, Steve slipped his hand down under Kelly's
skirt and felt up to fondle her pussy. "Oo, you don't shave."

"Mister Rhoads, Your wife is here, if you want to have some fun with me,
later, tonight, we can spend an hour with each other." Kelly looked at Steve
and added, "I could use that small dirt bike in you garage, and I'm sure
you'll fine some uses for my companionship once a month."

"Oh, we have a price!"

"Oh we are a blond and underage. ..." Kelly smiled as she shoved her dagger
into Rhoads shocked state, "... and, Oh, your bulge went down, I hope you're
feeling butter." Kelly's eyes were appear slightly crossed with her nose
slightly curled as in when she has caught someone unaware that she has a
sharp wit.

(to be continued)


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