07 January 2006

Summary: Kelly gets a surprise, Bud starts budding, Al discovers what he
forgot, and Peg finally gets satisfied.

Married... With Children: Helter Skelter (MF,FF,MMF,F-mast,inc,inter)
by ShadowWalker

At The Shoe Store

It's almost 10 a.m. and Al is searching his cash register frantically, "Where
is it?"

"Where's what AL?" asks Biff as he wakes from his morning slumber.

"My wallet, I can't find my wallet!"

"Maybe you left it at home."

"Oh god, the Big Red-One, she'll find it for sure." screams Al as he rushes
to the phone.

"What's the problem Al, you don't have any money in it." assures Biff as he
watches Al grabbing the phone, dialing frantically.

"You know our Bonus check, it's in my wallet and if Peg finds it, it's 500
smackers goodbye."

"What Bonus checks?" questions Biff as he scratches his head.

Al stumbles as he attempts to recover his play, "Ah, while you were off
yesterday we got our yearly bonus checks, and I put our checks in my wallet
so we could go to the nudie club and celebrate tonight; now if Peg finds the
checks she'll spend both of them."

Biff jumps up all excited, screaming, "You what!"

"Don't worry Biff, I'll call Kelly and have her bring me the wallet."

"Kelly, now I know I've lost it!" cries Biff as he falls back onto the seat.

"Kelly will get it, ever since she backed out of her wedding, she's been
tired from her eight boyfriends that she'll just cruise around and do
anything I ask."

"But how do you know that Peg won't answer the phone first?"

"One of Kelly's wedding presents was a cell phone, and she always keeps it
close; but for the strangest reason it takes about three calls to get her to
answer it."

Al finished dialing and listens to the phone ringing, "One ring a dingy,..."

* * *

At The Bundy's

Peg is sound asleep after watching the Opera gets luck on the television, her
arm dangles over the edge as her face is buried down into the box of Bon-bons
on the pillow.

Bud is just coming up the stairs and sees Peg asleep, shrugs his shoulders
and then climbs the stairs to take a shower in the old guest room that is
now Kelly's own bathroom.

Kelly Bundy, now 22, single, horny and exhausted from last nights (and early
morning) gang bang, lays naked beneath her covers, sound asleep, her cell
phone in hand (kind of) as she sleeps on her back.

The cell phone rings, but no ring sounds as Kelly has it set for 'Vibration',
the phone vibrates in pulses as Kelly smiles broadly, the cell phone rests
between her legs, where it is inserted into her clit, the vibration excites
her pussy with pulsing waves of vibrations as she moves her hand to rub her
clit; Kelly begins to moan loudly as she enjoys the pulsing energy; she
closes her legs about her hand and phone as she starts to hump her phone. The
phone stops vibrating.

Kelly frowns as she continues to rub her clit, "Come on mister phone, give
me, ... (the phone rings and vibrates again) Oh yeah! Oh yeah baby, give it
to me!"

Bud, now naked with a towel about his waist, stops and listens to Kelly's
moans, then he peeks inside her door to see that the blanket as been kicked
off as Kelly is now thrusting the vibrating cell phone into her cunt, her
legs are spread and waiving in the air as she shoves the vibrating phone in
and out of her tightening wet clit. "Now I know what the telephone company
means by reaching out and touching someone."

Bud closes the door, and with a boner making a towel tent, staggers toward
the bathroom and a quick shower.

"Kelly is on her heaviest thrust when she feels her insides turn upside down,
inside out then quiver as she blows a load, she cums all over her cell phone
as she falls back onto the pillow, the cell phone remains well imbedded in
her pussy as she continues to have an orgasm as the phone vibrates again,
"aaaahhhhh! Yeeehhhaaaa!".

Al is growing impatient as he makes a third call to Kelly, "Come on Kelly
wake up!"

The phone rings once more and Kelly screams again as the vibration sends a
third hard climax though her body, she squirms and kicks, throwing her head
side to side, her breasts jiggle, her nipples hard and erect, almost about
to pop. "AhhhhhH! Oh my god! Daddy! Ahhhh." Kelly collapses exhausted as she
pulls the WET phone from her cunt lips, she unfolds the cover and answers,
"Hell - Oh."

"Kelly! this is Daddy!"

"Oh, wait a min-it-tee-ooh, ..." Kelly holds onto her phone as she runs
staggering naked from her bedroom, heading down stairs and then stops as she
hears the shower running, she turns, her breasts shaking in excitement as she
bounds into the bathroom yelling, "Daddy! Al somebody is on my phone."

Kelly, standing naked, staring at the shower door as it opens sees Bud (naked
also) staring at her breasts and then as his eyes drift down to her yellow
pubic hair she asks, "Heey! you're not daddy!"

"I remember that snatch, I licked it when you we're teaching me about the
duties of a brother when I was eight."

"Where's daddy you little rubber toy."

"Look you boy wipe, that's Daddy on the phone."

Kelly's face grimaces as she thinks about what Bud has just said, then she
speaks into the phone, "Daddy! Al wants to talk to you on the phone."

Al looks at the phone receiver, then answers Kelly, "Pump'kin, I want you to
do something for me. "

"Who wants me to do something, Al or Daddy?" asks Kelly as she stands with
one hand on her right hip, her left hand pressing the cell phone into her
ear; Bud is busy watching his sister turn around as she speaks to Al, he
ogles her tight firm ass, he strokes his cock to a hard erection as Kelly
shifts her weight from her left foot to her right foot.

Bud lines up behind Kelly, reaches out to grab her hips and shove his aching
cock into her butt when Kelly grabs the bathroom door, swings it open and
steps into the hallway.

"Okay daddy, I'll get your wallet and bring it to you, but only if I get my
allowance." says Kelly as she speaks into the cell phone, walking down the
hallway, while in the background from inside the bathroom, she hears Bud
screaming from the door slamming into his hard-on, sending him to the floor.

Kelly bounds naked down the steps, stops and pets Lucky as she sits on the
steps and holds the little dog, he nuzzles his face into her fuzzy cunt, his
tongue licking at her wet clit. Kelly giggles then puts the thankful Lucky
back down as she continues her bouncing journey to search the couch, she
stops dead when she sees Peg asleep on the couch, "Oh shit!"

Peg, sound asleep with a box of Bon-Bons stuck to her face like a feed-bag,
her left hand locked onto it, safeguarding it from her household, she snores

Kelly leans over, sniffs her mother to see if she is drunk, then she hears
someone coming up from behind, but before she can turn, she feels a male
hard cock enter her pussy from behind; Kelly feels the rather large male
organ slowly slide deep into her, she fights to catch her breath as she
hears Mister Darcy telling her, "Wow Peg, you're so hot with this cute ass;
we fucked all night in the garage, and here you are ready again; what a
treat after this morning when you said you were going to, ..." Kelly feels
his cock picking up its pace of thrusts, Darcy's hammering her harder with
each thrust, his large male hands grip her left breast, his right hand
grabbing her hair when he stumbles, "Oops! Yellow hair! Kelly?"

Kelly looks over her shoulder as Darcy continues fucking her even faster, as
if he wanted to get his rocks off before she kicked him off.

Darcy smiles as he realized he had just raped his neighbor's daughter, "Ah,
well young woman, you shouldn't go around naked and bending over your couch."

Kelly smiled an evil smile as her eyes go into a slit.

"Oh, Oh!" stammers Darcy as he thrust his cock into Kelly as far as he can in
order to dump his load.

Kelly looks at Darcy, then at her back where his cock was jammed, then she
clamped down with her well trained cunt muscle, she was a real super girl.

"Oh hell! Dam! DAM! Oh HELP." yelled Darcy as he tried to pull his cock from
the Bundy vice.

Kelly pushed back with her ass, driving his cock into her as Darcy falls
backward onto his back with Kelly landing atop his balls, she turns while
keeping her cunt clamped, then she began humping while she held onto his
cock like a vice on a tractors nuts, almost pulling his cock from its
roots as she bounded and thrust her hips into his pelvis. Darcy couldn't
help but cum his heaviest as Kelly blasted her orgasm; Kelly yelled in
pleasure, Darcy screamed in pain and they both collapsed, one exhausted,
the other from pain.

Kelly woke up first, she saw Darcy out cold, she looked at his cock as she
slid herself off of it; it was black and blue, she had given him a strained
cock, several 'pulled' muscles, and possible broke his boner bone. "Oops!"

Kelly crawls back to the couch. saw that her mother was asleep, then she saw
her daddy's billfold; it was locked between Pegs legs, her dress was pulled
up and she had been fucking herself with it; she'd fuck anyone for money,
including the money.

Kelly checks her mother and sees that she's deep in sleep with a Bon-bon in
her mouth. Kelly reaches down and carefully wiggles the billfold, then pulls
as it slides out with a gushy 'SLURP!"

Peg starts to stir, starting to shift nervously; Kelly quickly shoves two
fingers into her mother's pussy and starts trusting as Peg smiles, falling
back into her sleep.

Kelly continues to finger fuck her Mum, watching her, making sure she
wasn't going to wake up, then she noticed that Peg arched her back, her body
quivered as she came all over Kelly's hand. Kelly quickly pulled her fingers
out, looked at her wet hand, thinking to herself, "You owe me mom." She ducks
behind the couch as Peg looks up, grabbing a Bon-bon and then settles back
onto her pillow.

Kelly, with the wallet in hand, crawls towards the closer, scooting over
Darcy, stopping momentarily to kiss his limp cock, "Sorry baby, I didn't mean
to rip your roots." Kelly, makes it to the closet, opens the door and grabs a
coat, slips it on and then runs out the door.

* * *

At The Shoe Store

Al and Biff are pacing the floor at the shoe store, "You should have put my
check in the register Al, if Peg cashes my check you'll have to pay me back."

"Don't worry Biff, Kelly's a good girl, she'll be here once she finds the
billfold." assures Al as he attempts to cool Biff's worry.

Al looks out the store front just as Kelly came running past, followed by
several men and one old man in a walker. He looks around at Biff, then back
at the door when Kelly appeared back at the door and quickly entered, hiding
herself by posing as a mannequin.

The men run back the other direction, followed by an old man in a walker.
After they have passed Kelly turns to see Her daddy, "Daddy! boy that was a
quick bus ride."

"Pumpkin, if you caught the buss at home, it shouldn't be here for another
twenty minutes."

"Well, I caught the bus, then I took off my coat because it was hot, then
these guys started chasing me, so I jumped off the bus and ran all the way
here." explained Kelly as she held out the wallet to Al.

"Oh! thank you Pumpkin, where was it?" asked Al as he handed Biffs check to

"You don't want to know." repleid Kelly as she bit her lip.

"Peg had it didn't she Kelly."

"Mom had it jammed into her pussy, I had to pry it out, it was really
soaked." explained Kelly as she sit down into a customer seat on the front
row. Raising her left leg up to rest it on the foot stool.

Biff now holds his check with his fingers, "Dam! the ink has run and smeared,
what did she do to our checks Al?"

"Kelly, what happed to our checks?" asked Al as he slipped his check into his
billfold; not telling Biff that his check had survived the Wanker orgasm.

"Well I had to reach inside her to get it, it was, well, ... WET!" explained
Kelly as she got up and took her coat off, throwing it over the seat as she
sit back down, resting her leg once again on the foot stool.

Al stared at Kelly, he couldn't believe what he saw, Kelly was naked.

"Inside who, the mop bucket?" asked Biff, who then began staring at Kelly; he
immediately got a rather huge hard-on pushing at his pants.

"Pumpkin! you're naked." said Al as he continued to tuck his check into his

"Oh daddy, don't be silly, I put a coat on before I left home, ..." Kelly
looked down and saw her bare breasts and yellow pubic hair between her legs.
"... so that's why the guys were chasing me, they saw that I didn't have any
shoes on and wanted to tell me." Kelly looks up at Al, smiles broadly with a
tear in her eye, "Daddy, people can be so nice."

Al smacks his head with his hand.

Kelly stands up and grabs her coat, puts it back on as she explains to Al,
"I better get home before I get molested for on running naked without a

"I'll show you some dresses Kelly; I keep in the backroom, you can chose one
to wear home." suggests Biff as he takes Kelly by the arm.

"Wow Biff, I didn't know, don't you just hate it when your bra bites you."
stammers Kelly as she walks into the backroom.

Al watches Kelly, then shakes his head, "I didn't know Biff wore dresses."

* * *

Darcy wakes up, moans loudly as he struggles to stand, his penis black and
blue, too sore to touch, as he can barely stand the pain as he leaves the
Bundy house and heads for Macy's.

Bud came around, his limp body laying down the stairs inside the basement.
"I'm going to Kill Her!"

Peg wakes up as the door slams shut, she feels between her legs for the
missing wallet, "Hey! Thief!" she leaps up and opens the front door in time
to see Darcy enter his home; then she hears the sounds of someone inside the
basement, "The Thief!" Peg runs to the door, bounces around as she looks for
a weapon to get revenge and to get that wallet back.

The door opens, Peg panics as she has no weapon, so she pushes the door
closed; she listens to the sound of screaming and crashing as Bud flies back
down the stairwell. Peg things to herself, "Bud? why would Bud steal the
wallet? Money!"

Peg opens the door and rushes down to search the body.

"Here's some dresses." says Biff as he shows Kelly an entire rack of women's

"I didn't know Biff." said Kelly as she dropped her coat and began looking
through the clothes.

Biff watches Kelly as her tight body bounces and twists as she examines the
dresses, her tight butt cheeks bagged for his cock to enter, and his cock was
attempting to breakout. "I don't wear dresses Kelly, they're just left her by
customers over the years."

Kelly turns to look at Biff, "Oh, I understand Biff, I have done the same
thing on my dates; you know, after a heaving petting and naked session I get
so intense that I just walk home naked; ..." Kelly twirls her eyes, "god, I'd
lose my virginity if I hadn't already gave it to charity."

"Charity?" asked Biff, his cock has now forced his zipper down and was
hanging out eight inches, not yet fully erect; just sticking out level.

Kelly stops as she spots the cock. "Wow! Biff! I knew your kind had big
cocks, but that is a horse killer."

"What do you mean my kind Kelly, I never thought you were a racist."

Kelly smiles as she chuckles, "A racist, Oh yes I am, Daddy is even more of
a racist; I became a racist when Daddy took me to the races and I watched all
those HOT RODS, those HARD ERECT, STIFF SHAFTS of racing energy between their
drivers legs, sticking straight out like a hard cock, ready to SLAM ahead
into a waiting straight away to grab the winners pole, ..." Kelly grabs her
cunt as she loses control, pumping her cunt hard as she continues, "Oh how I
wanted to grab the winners pole and drive it for him, faster, FASTER, deeper
and DEEPER, harder and HARDER, Oh my god!

Kelly drops and takes Biff's cock into her mouth, sliding her tongue along
his shaft made his cock rise upward and outward to a full twelve inches of
hard black muscle; Kelly takes the tip into her mouth as she starts sucking
and stroking.

Biff cries as he feels the young blond taking his cock in a manner that
he has never felt before, "I take it back Kelly; you are the best kind of
racist, you can drive my balls anywhere and any time."

Peg enters the shoe store, "Al Bundy! where is my Wallet!"

"PEG!" screams Al as he slips his wallet with the check into his cash
register, while he kicks the waste basket with the wet wallet sliding into
a far corner.

"Well Al, where's my money!, ah, Wallet!"

"What's in the wallet Peg, coupons?"

"My moneee .... ahhh, my tampon, I need my tampon Al." stammered Peg, not
knowing how to explain the missing wallet with the checks.

"Why would you have a tampon in a wallet Peg?" asked Al, he knew he had Peg

"Well, .... it's like a guy that has a condom in his wallet, we-llll, I
carry a tampon in my wallet." Peg felt really nervous about having the

"Why a wallet Peg, why not a purse or a beg."

"Got'a go Al, I have an appointment at the hair dressers." explains Peg as
she quickly back tracks out the door.

Al opens the cash register, grabs his wallet and kisses it, "It's Hooters
tonight." Al goes into the back room to tell Biff that they were on for
Hooters tonight, he pulled the curtin back to see Kelly's bare ass as she
was sliding down a large black cock; Al stops a moment, thinks a moment,
then asks, "Kelly, do you want your allowance?"

Kelly looks around to see Al holding his wallet, then as she squeezes her
cunt tightly as she slides down on her down thrust, she explains, "I'm a
good girl daddy; this is just an accident, Biff and I collided." Kelly
watches her father with squinty pleading eyes, then she squeezes her hips
as she settles down onto Biff's balls.

"Kelly, as your father I must punish you for having sex with my co

Kelly starts crying, "Daddy, your using big words at me."

"Well Pumpkin, here's your lesson in double indemnity."

"Big words again Daddy!" replied Kelly tearfully.

Al unbuckles his pants, unzips, then drops them to his knees.

Kelly's eyes grow wide, she smiles broadly, "Oh Daddy! my weekly allowance."

Al kneels behind Kelly, takes his now stick cock and inserts it into Kelly's
anus, a tight hole as Kelly screams from his first push, then settles down as
Al finally pushes his cock to it's full length.

Kelly now felt her daddy's cock embedded deep into her ass while Biff
continues to pump his cock into her snatch. Kelly couldn't tell if she was
thrusting or bumping, if she should pull or push, "Dam! just like the door!
and I have a front door and a back door..." Kelly smiles a she realized,
"...Oh, just like the gang bangers last night at the pool hall."

"And Biff and I get to go to Hooters tonight."

End of Helter Skelter


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