Married... With Children: Bundy's Second High School Football Game Touchdown
by ShadowWalker

Buck is busy waiting for his dinner, which never comes the usual way as a
flash of leggy flesh flashes over his head as Kelly runs for the kitchen.

"Go Mistress Kelly, Woof!"

Bud is leaned over, his head buried inside the empty oasis of the family
refrigerator, he looks back to see his sister's breasts bouncing toward him,
"Woo Sis, my eyes are not awake enough to follow the bouncing boobs."

"Oh shut up Master Smell, all I want is something to eat, I need food." Bags
Kelly as she stares at her evil smiling little brother.

"No food in the desert Kelly." Bud explains as he opens the refrigerator
door, offering Kelly the look of emptiness.

"Doesn't Mom know that it is the duties of Parents to feed what they
created?" Complains Kelly, "God Bud, I'm starving and I need something to
eat before my cheerleader tryouts this morning."

"Is that why you're not wearing panties with that cheerleader non-skirt
O'horny one, and who is it that your hungry to blow Sister of lip sucking?"
Asks Bud as he lifts Kelly's skirt to peek at her snatch.

"Bud, stop it! I don't have time for Wanker games again this morning; all
I want is something to eat." Begs Kelly as she holds her one hand on her

"Got just the thing O'l hungry one, and don't say 'thankyou' too quickly I
give you the food of the gods." Brags Bud as he drops his pants and offers
his penis after he starts stroking it a couple pulls.

"Grosse Bud, I want food not a Weiner." Complains Kelly as she draws back,
staring at Bud's whacker, then she licks her lips, rubbing her stomach,
"Well, it is protein, and it's something warm, ... Okay, but if you tell
Daddy I'll kill you." Kelly bends over, taking Bud's pecker into her mouth
and starts running her tongue along his shaft, then she feels it lengthens
and expands, feeling it slither down her throat, she knew that Bud had a
Bundy cock, but he was even bigger at his young age of fourteen.

Bud leans back against the refrigerator as his sister increased sucking on
his cock, bobbing her head up and down, pulling his shaft down her throat
even deep than before, then he felt that old sensation as his balls
tightened and aches, then shoot a load of hot jiz into Kelly's mouth.

Kelly felt the thrust, a natural reaction that men do when they come as Bud
shot his load, she quickly started swallowing, keeping every ounce of his
rich protein in her mouth as she swallows gulp after gulp as he continues to
spurt more loads.

Kelly looks up at Bud, her face now covered by the last unexpected spurt as
she pulled his cock from her mouth, she smiles selfishly, licking her cheeks
with her tongue, then she starts licking his shaft again until it become
erect a second time, then she began deep throating his shaft again for her
second helpings.

Al had forgot his brown paper bag and entered the living room from the
garage, unseen by his children who were busy at the kitchen refrigerator.
As he approached the refrigerator he notices Bud leaning against the
refrigerator as though protecting it; he then notices a nice looking ass
with no panties peeking from beneath a cheer leaders skirt, thinking to
himself, "Dam, Bud is getting a blow from his cheerleader girl friend."
Al watches as Kelly (unknown to him that it is Kelly), watches her head
bobbing and her butt rising and falling with each suck, noting to himself,
"God, she is good, well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Al unzips his pants and pulls his cock from his pants; it's already erect
as he approaches Kelly's ass.

Kelly hears foot steps from behind as Bud warns her by speaking to Al, "Hi
Dad, my girl friend was just, ..."

"O, I know what she's eating Bud and I am proud that she selected a Bundy
Hotdog, now for a Bundy sausage.

Kelly's eyes go wide open as she tries to speak with her brothers cock down
her throat when she feels her father's sausage shove against her pussy, then
as Al forces it into her tight cunt. "Ummm! Umm!, Ohh! mmmmm."

Al feels his cock slide deep into her hot vagina, sliding deep along her
tight walls until his balls press against her buttocks. "Dam Bud, haven't
you fucked her yet? She feels as tight as a virgin."

"Yes Dad, often, more than you think, but she didn't expect a family affair."
Explains Bud as he attempts to throw Al's mind away from it possibly being

"Well son, she's part of the Bundy clan now, and she will have to get used to
more than one Bundy pecker in this house." Explains Al as he starts thrusting
harder and faster into Kelly's cunt, his balls slapping her like a side of
beef as her butt cheeks shake from each impact.

Kelly starts enjoying being fucked by her daddy, she had never thought such
a horrifying image would feel so good, she was sensing an orgasm building
faster, and she started sucking on Bud even more as he began thrusting his
cock into her face, faster, harder, his cock slams deep down her throat until
she feels Bud shoot his load as he screams in his orgasm, then she feels Al
thrust hard and deep into her as she feels his cum spray her insides deep and
hot. Kelly drops to her knees, Al's cock pulls from her cunt as she feels a
third and then a fourth load spray her ass cheeks; she still hangs onto Bud's
cock like a fish to a worm as Bud blows another load down her throat.

Al tucks his limp and satisfied penis back into his pants, zips his pants
back up, slaps Kelly on her bare ass, telling her as he starts for the
garage, forgetting his lunch, "Sweet cakes, welcome to the Bundies." Al
gets in the garage, starts his car, and leaves.

Kelly stands up, straightens her skirt, starts to lick her face clean when
Bud Kisses her, licking his own sperm from her face, then kisses her again,
this time sticking his tongue down her throat as she returns his French kiss.
She puts her arms around Bud as she feels his hands travel beneath her top
and play with her breasts as they continue to kiss. Kelly then draws back,
"Woo, wait a Bundy mein-oot, ewe, I just got fucked by my father and deep
kissed my brother! And all I wanted was breakfast, God!" Kelly started for
the door as she saw Al enter the living room again.

"Almost forgot my launch! ..." Al notices Kelly standing beside Bud with
Bud's penis hanging out, "What's the matter Bud, Kelly chase your girl friend
off?" Al opens the refrigerator, looks inside, then walks over to the trash
can, opens it up and pulls out a brown bag with his lunch inside the ice
filled can.

"What's that?" Asks Kelly in astonishment of the closeness of food.

"Well, since Peg doesn't go to the store, or bring food home, I get a Big Bun
Bugger each night before with a bag of ice, then I hide it from your mother
here." Al looks at his two hungry teens, "Now I'm going to find a new place."
Al passes Kelly, swats her on her ass, stops a moment as to the familiar
feeling, then exits again for work.

Kelly looks at Bud, then comments, "Well, my food was warm." Kelly rushes for
the door, and as she approaches Buck, he rolls over on his back for a belly
rub from his mistress, he is already horny and erect with his large dog cock
sticking out from watching the Bundy porno, and as Kelly rushes past she
reaches down to pat Buck's head, but she pats his cock instead, causing him
to shoot his load with a moaning "Woof" as Kelly continues on out the front

Bud watches Buck roll over and licking himself, noting to himself, "Well I'm
not going to do that."

* * *

Saturday morning came earlier than usual as Bud rushed Al to the sofa, it was
Football day and Poke High was in the final run for the State Championship.

"Move over Buck!" Warns Bud as he leaps onto the already dog-occupied couch.
Bud Bounces once as Al grabs the center position. Peg rushes down, stares at
the threesome, gasping her anger, "I want my Opra marathon."

"Go over to the chicken ranch Peg, this is the boys day." Yells Al as he jabs
Bud in his ribs, ordering him, "Go get the Beer Bud, it's in the ice box."

"All right, but I'll find out where you hide your food yet." Complains Bud as
he goes to the trashcan and carries it back to Al with its treasure of canned

Peg starts out the door when it bursts open, and in rushes Jefferson D'Arcy.

"Hey, it's the chicken master from next door." Yells Al as he waves his beer
at Jefferson.

"Quiet Al, and take your hand out 'a your pants; is the game on?" Asks
Jefferson as he rushes to the couch, shoving Bud over into a corner.

"Hey! What's wrong with your television Jefferson? The chicken rules your
roost." Says Bud in his best attack.

"No Bud, I wear the pants in my house little boy." Snarls Jefferson as he
takes a beer from Al and starts waving it around at the set, "So Marcy's got
a stupid program on, I can't get near the set."

"Oh, is Marcy watching the Opra telephone?" Stammers Peg as she rushes for
the door.

"Yeah, some old broad that keeps balloon from fat to fatter while she runs
her show.", yells Jefferson as he now turns his attention to the football
game, "Hasn't Poke High gotten bigger guys?"

"Yeah, but they can run a decent tough down worth anything; when I did my
touch down it was the last time any real man made ..."brags Al.

Yeah, yeah Al, but these guys have bulging pants the size of your leg Al."
says Jefferson as he interrupts Al's heroic history.

"That's all they're good for any more Jefferson, every time you hear about
these guys is from them raping a cheerleader." Explains Al as he points to
the biggest line backer on the screen, "Number 69, he was charged with raping
six cheerleaders last year during Poke highs game."

"They didn't even charge him Al."

"Well, no Jefferson, because they needed the point average to come in third
last year." Replies Al as he throws his one empty can back behind the couch,
hitting Buck on the head and then reaching for another cold beer from his
trash bucket as he belches out loud.

"O that is disgusting Al; now this is a relief of beer gas." Jefferson lifts
his leg and farts loudly and long.

Bud faints over one end of the couch, gasping for air; Buck runs out into the
back yard before he's blamed as Al waives his hand, "Dam Jefferson, that is
bad enough to qualify as a Bio-hazard."

"Oh look! It's the first quarter show! And look at those cute little asses."
Shouts Jefferson as Bud barely opens his eyes to see what the girls really
looked like.

"Jefferson! Shame on you, those are teenage girls, our daughters, they
are ... Oh my GOD! HOOTERS!" Yells Al as Bud sits up with his full attention
on the girl's breasts as they giggle and bounce as they perform their dance

With the three glued to the couch they listen to the football announcers
describing the show:

"Look at those girls Bill! Young, healthy ..."

"And tits Jimmy, these girls are built like concrete bunkers."

"What's funny Bill is that one in the lead is completely out of rhythm; she's
doing her own thing."

"Own thing is right Jimmy, she's backed up to O'69 and is grinding her butt
on his leg."

"Oh my God Bill, she's not wearing panties!"

"Naw! They banned thong panties last year; she's probably got skin colored

Holding his binoculars for a closer examination, Jimmy nudges Bill, "Since
when does panties have pubic hair, yellow, nicely trimmed pubic hair."

"Well, since they banned thongs, she's okay; there's no ruling as to being

"Pantiless hell! Is there a ruling on players raping a cheerleader?" Yells
Jimmy as he starts to salivate onto his chin.

Bill orders the cameraman to zoom into a close up as he watches number 69
unzip his trousers and pull a rope of 15-inches out, then he's realizes,
"Hey! That's not a rope, that's his ..."

"Yes siree, 69's nick name is rope."

"His other nickname is horse, and look at the size of that erection!"
Stammers Bill as he watches the blond cheerleader for her reaction as she
is facing away, still churning her ass along his leg, rubbing her pussy
along his leg, wriggling and gyrating as she watches the other cheerleaders,
yelling the chorus. "Gimmy me a 'P', gimmy an 'O', gimmy an 'K' give me an
'E', and what do we get?"

The blond cheerleader yells, Give me a POKE!"

69 doubles his arms over his head as he leans back, his hard cock now ragging
at sixteen inches, stands erect on its own muscles as he thrust it forward
with his hips, his massive hands, together they are bigger than the girls
hips as he grabs and pulls her back, meeting force with force as his cock
slams non-stop into the young cheerleaders cunt, driving like a truck and
trailer into the female tunnel.

The cheerleader screams so loud that Jimmy and Bill hear her through their


"The field is at play!"

"32 and 16 are grabbing her by her arms and holding her up; she's spread
eagled between the three and impaled by 69."

"The team has taken the field!"

"Yes sir; play by play, the Poke High team is attacking the cheerleaders
after years of them tempting them during game play; now they have to pay."

"Here comes the couch Bill, and he looks pissed!"


"Yeah! And he wants a share; he's pulling his cock out and grabbing the blond
girl's head, now he shoving his cock into her face; right down her throat."


"And the cheerleader takes the field!"

"What? What do ya mean Bill?"

"Look at the close up, the cheerleader is attacking the couches cock! She's
clamped her pussy down on 69 and is thrusting her cunt back on him, she's
attack his sausage with a vengeance."

"The other cheerleaders are in various stages of sexual ecstasy, screaming in
pure agony as the team rapes the crap out 'a them"

"Look at the Chicago High team, they've lined up their cheerleaders in static
line, facing off with Poke Highs team as they also are forcing their girls
down onto all fours as well; now each teams is going through the huddle and
count, now the pass; he gets slapped and down she goes."

"Both teams are thrusting ahead in mass; ramming for touchdown.'

"The blond cutie is leading the way as the Poke High girls take her lead and
take the field; many have turn and leaped up into the arms of their hunks,
look at them go."

"They have a way to go to catch up with this cheerleader, she's wore out 69."

"Must be a first time for him hugh Bill?"

"She's down on her back! The couch is on her face, straddling her head as
he fucks her hard. 16 and 32 have removed her top, she's bare naked as 42
spreads her legs and shoves his cock deep into her already hot moist snatch."

"A well-worn professional I must add; who is this girl?"

Bud shrinks back into the couch as he just now recognizes who the cheerleader

Buck yelps and runs out the front door.

Jefferson studies the close up of the cheerleader as she rolls over on-top of
42 as she pumps and grinds her pelvis onto his cock as the couch stands up
and shoves his cock back into her face as she begins to suck eagerly on his
Wang. "She looks just like the girl I fucked at the movie last night, ..." he
looks a little closer as he realizes it was the one he had fucked last night;
"...O crapper, ... I got to go Al, see you at recaps."

Al studies the image and stands as the announcers broadcast nationwide.

"This is interesting Bill, from the school year book, the girl that was most
popular to become either the town whore, or a politician."

"Well Jimmie, who is she?"

"She's a Bundy, her father is Al Bundy, Poke Highs All time hero of the game,
now to have the new Poke High record going to Kelly Bundy as Poke Highs new
football champion."

"That'a girl, lead Poke high to victory!" Yells Al as he grabs his Poke High
Banner and waves it in support of his team.

"The Ratings are the highest ever, we've seen a turn around in slumping
ratings, get the girls out there and fuck'em to the senior bowl and onward
to victory."

"This has been an afternoon of achievements, and ..."

"Wait a minute Bill, there's something happening on the field! A dog has
attached the couch and bit him in the ass, nipped 41's balls and chased him
off; Kelly Bundy is Yelling at the dog, she's mad as, ... Oops! She slipped
and is on her knees."

"I don't think she should have done that Jimmie."

"Why Bill? O, oo."

"Yes Jimmie, the dog has returned and has mounted Kelly Bundy, he's got his
legs locked around her waist and is slamming his cock into her, fucking her
hard, and she's loving it, she's grabbing the sod and screaming something
that sound's like, 'Oh yes, fuck me Buck! Oh Daddy I want you bad."

"What do you think she met like that Bill?"

"Oh! Another tough down by 69! That little redhead thought she could out run
him, but wham-O! What a tackle."

"The game is already into half-time, I wonder if the girls can keep up the
pace with the guys?"

"Oh look, and there she goes, Kelly Bundy is past the thirty, forty,
fifty ..."

Al jumps up from his couch as he watches Kelly running naked down the center
of the football field with Buck, 32, 16, and 28 after her, she leading the
field and then crosses the opposing goal line, stops, begins dancing,
swinging her legs about as she holds her hands up."

The Poke High team members stop and watch, as does Buck as they are
hypnotized by Kelly's bouncing boobs as she giggles all about. Then she
stops, sees them as they tackle her, and all, including Buck, dog pile
(sorry about that) on top of the naked Bundy.

Buck has remounted her as players 32 and 16 insert their cocks into her

"Touch down! Kelly Bundy has made the winning touch down for the game, Poke
High has won their championship, and they are on their way to the grand

Bill turns to Jimmy, "Well Jimmy; the guys are off to the showers with a
victory under their belt."

"I'll say! And the players and Buck the dog are carrying Kelly to the showers
with them." Screams Jimmy.

"Well, she deserves it Bill, she won the game for the boys, and the ratings
have tripled since air time; we also have permanent life time membership
requests coming in, the school is in the money thanks to live coverage and
the Bundy hustle."

"You mean orgy don't you Jimmy."

"Well, no words can express it best but Poke High's thanks for his efforts
and for his daughter for the win; Poke High has two Bundies in the Poke High
Hall of Fame tonight."

At this very moment Al is dancing in the living room, sloshing his beer all
over as he sings aloud, "Bundy, Bundy, Bundy, Poke'm in the High, Poke'm in
the eye."

Held high and naked, Kelly is carried into the teams shower by the Poke High
team as they sing their team song, with modification for their hero, "Poke
High to the field, the field of battle, the field of honor, Poke'm High,
Poke'm low, Poke'm in the eye, ..." the team members look at Kelly, held high
in their arms, "...and Poke her in her holes."

The guys slide Kelly's naked slick body from over head to their front inside
the showers and then down to her feet to come into contact with 6 foot eleven
inch 69, his penis erect and hard as it points upward and comes into contact
with her pussy, then slides up along her butt crack as she slides down his
pole, coming into contact as her breasts press against his chest, his arms
entwine about her waist, grabs her ass; turning with her he pushes her
against the shower wall, slips his hard cock out from her crack and wall
where her ass is pressed, then shoves it into her cunt, non-stop, deep up
inside her as he begins to thrust hard into her.

The team members watch as their giant beef roller slams his cock hard into
Kelly, her legs flailing about as he moves his arms beneath her legs, forcing
them up and her pussy down hard on his shaft, impaling her with each slamming

Kelly sees the shower walls bouncing up and down as the shower sprays it's
hot water over her head and body, feeling 69's hard and very huge cock move
quickly in and out along her cunt, she tries to tighten her grip and she
attempts to keep her balance; then she feels 69 turn with his arms locked
around her, holding her away from the showers spray, then Kelly senses
another hot cock press at her anus, then as it is forced deep into her ass,
"Oh crap that hurts!"

* * *

Al, still at home, is still dancing around the couch, "Poke High, Poke High,
Poke'm in the eye, RAH, RAH, RAH, WOO BUNDY!"

At midnight Kelly came dragging through the front door, she opened the
closet, walked inside and closed the door; then, five minutes later, the
closet door opens, she comes out without her clothes on, stands naked a
moment as she looks around, notices Al asleep on the couch, she walks over
to the couch, looks at her father, leans over and kisses him. She stands
back up as Al wakes up, drunk, from a deep sleep, with blurred eyes, sees
Kelly pubic hair, leans up and kisses her on her snatch then collapses
back onto the couch, and telling her, "Nice game honey, that's the Bundy
way; but you should shave."

Kelly smiles as she looks at her father, and with pride, "You saw me at the
game." Kelly's nature picks up with pride as she acknowledges to herself,
Daddy's proud of me."

The blond bimbo of Poke High bounces naked up the stairs, turns around at the
top to look at Al asleep on the couch, bounces the Bundy bounce, her breasts
giggling happily, then turns and rushes to her room where she plops onto her
bed, face down, her cute naked butt up in the air as she cuddles into the
covers; and as she is about to pull a cover over her, a heavy weight hits the
bed, she bounces up, her ass rises up and is hit by a hard sausage that
slides into her cunt, fury legs grapple and lock onto her waist as she
screams, "Buck!"



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