07 January 2006

Married... With Children: The Birds And The Bees
(or If It's Bald it's Grandpa, If It's Hairy It's Grandma) (mf,mF,Ff,inc)
by ShadowWalker

It's the first day back from the Bundies visit to Wanker County, or better
known as, where Inbreeding is a family game that all can play.

Kelly is upstairs in her room unpacking her clothes, Al is sound asleep on
the couch, Bud (who is eight years old) is busy picking Al's pockets, and Peg
walks past, notices that Bud has succeeded in his endeavor, "Bud! what have I
told you about stealing?"

Bud holds the prize, ashamed that he was caught, "Yes Mam, I'm sorry."

"All right then." Peg holds her hand out.

Bud counts off forty of the sixty dollars from Al's wallet, "Here's your cut
of the action."

Peg continues to hold her hand out as Bud coughs over another ten. "There!
that's better, that was for getting caught young man; now, go up stairs and
take a bath, you smell like that Jennifer Wanker, all dooty and stuff."

Bud looks at Peg with a look of surprise and shock.

"Look young man, if your going to let your cousin suck your peewee, you
better do it quietly instead of yelling Yahoo, do that again."

"Mom, we didn't do anything!"

"I know girls Bud, now go take that bath and get that smell off of your

"Kelly's not ready yet mom. She's unpacking."

Peg bends over and explains, "Bud, you're eight now, your too old to take a
bath with your sister."

"Why? Daddy and you take showers together."

"Well, we're adults and that's a shower, we're standing and I can keep and
eye on your father."

"But what about Al?"

"Now that's enough! Al is your Diddy!!! ah! Daddy! now go take that bath."
scolded Peg as Bud ran up the stairs.

"Oh, ..." said Peg as she watched him run up the stairs and as he dropped
Al's wallet, "... my, my, mine, droppers treasure." Peg quickly grabbed the
wallet, grabbed the last ten dollar bill and stashed the wallet in Bucks food
bowl, "Now I'm covered, Bud stole the money, Buck eat the rest." In a strut
and bounce, the red machine bounces in place and then heads for the kitchen
to make some coffee (these were yet the days that the Bundies eat at home and
coffee her specialty.

Kelly is busy on her knees as she shoves her suitcase under her bed as Bud
walks in, observing his sister's pantied ass sticking up with her short-short
skirt rolled down over her hips. "Now, now Kelly, we don't hide your boy
friends under the bed in a suitcase."

Kelly looks back at Bud from under her right arm, "What's the matter Bud,
Jennifer bite down too hard?"

"What's wrong with you and Mom? I didn't do anything!" argues Bud as he
wriggles over to sit on the bed.

Kelly, still on her knees, rests her hands and arms on the bed as she rests
her head atop her hands, "You put your wiener in your cousin Jennifer's mouth
and let her suck and lick your wee-wee!"

"What's wrong with that? it felt good and she wanted to suck on my wiener."

Kelly then countered, "Bud! You were suppose to baby sit your two-year-old

"Uncle Jed said that I was to give her, her suck toy, that rubber binkie toy
in her mouth."

"Why didn't you give her the Binkie Bud?" demanded Kelly as she moved to sit
atop her bed, crossing her legs, looking at Bud with her blue eyes crossed as
she looks at him for an answer to her interrogation.

Bud squirms as he searches for an answer.

"Well!" pressed Kelly as she crossed her arms like Peg does.

"Well, I lost it, I couldn't find it, ..."

"Find what? Your pee-wee too small even for Jennifer?"

"No! I couldn't find the binkie, so I gave her a suitable thing that was the
same size, she liked it, and she continued to suck on it, she enjoyed it."

"You mean you liked it!" snorted Kelly as she fell onto her back, laughing
aloud as her image of Bud, holding his baby cousin in his lap, her face in
his crotch as she sucks on Bud's pecker, and Bud had this stupid grin of
discovery on his face as he enjoyed her soft tight lips and her hot mouth
and strong suction; it was then that Mom (Peg) and Kelly walked into the
room to see what all the cooing and moaning was about. Bud was caught, and
in his shocked state he came, shot a first time load of youthful cum? Or
something akin to it as he filled the baby's mouth, she drink and swallowed
every drop like it was a rich cream.

Peg was surprised that Bud shoot anything as young as he was, yet he was
a Bundy and he really fed the baby that day.

"Well, Mom says I have to take a bath alone, that I can't have any baths with
you Kell!"

Kelly sit up on the bed, still smiling as she wipes tears from her eyes, "Mom
had us stop taking baths together two months ago Bud."


"Because she came in and you were poking your toe into my pussy and doing
what she said."

"What did she say Kell?"

"You were tow fucking me."

"What's toe fucking?" asks Bud as he reached over and places his fingers on
Kelly's crotch as he starts stroking her pussy.

"I don't know Budz, I liked it, and she has explained that boys get bigger
peters when they're ten and eleven and start squirting preg-juice." explained
Kelly as she opened her legs, allowing Bud to put his hand down her panties
as she pulled them down so that Bud could play with her vagina.

"When I get a bigger wiener, it will shoot things?"

"I think you already shot things."

"You mean Jennifer will have a baby?" asks Bud as he started rubbing Kelly
faster as he felt her pussy getting hotter and wet.

"I think you have to be older, I think you have to have hair on your wiener
so that the juice will get inside." explained Kelly as she lays down onto her
back, kicking her panties off while Bud continues to play with Kelly's cunt.
"Oh Bud, that feels good; you have good hands."

"What if Jennifer got pregnant? will she have a white baby?" asks Bud as he
studies his sisters pussy, he then notices her vagina and her hole that he
has only felt with his toes before. "What comes out the pussy?"

"White babies! Mom said that I was born from her cunt and how much it hurt
her, she hates me for hurting her." explained Kelly as she started rubbing
her belly and then playing with her own nipples beneath her shirt. "... so
white babies come from the pussy and I think Chinese babies born from the

"Why?" ask Bud as he pokes one finger into Kelly snatch, pushing it all the
full length of his digit.

"Because they speak lots of wisdom, ... oooh that feels great! Wiggle your
finger Bud! , ... ah, ... where was I? ...oh yeah, Chinese babies are born
from the mouth were words come out, that‘s why they speak funny."

"Where do blacks come from?"

"Dam Bud!" Kelly sits up as Bud pokes his finger in and out, back and forth
like he was scrubbing the hole, Kelly's eye's go glassy as she falls back,
"... Think Bud, black people are born from the butt."

"So that explains it! the Jackson's have a white kid, cause I over heard
Mrs. Jackson tell Mr. Jackson that she couldn't have a virgin-n-hall birth
anymore, that she would have to have a sis-Syrian birth from now on, so
their next baby will be a Sissy Syrian."

"Okay!" mumbles Kelly as Bud continues to finger fuck Kelly.

"What about Italian's?" asks Bud as he looks up from his twentieth stroke.

"Still laying flat of her back, Kelly replies, "Oh for crap sake Bud, if you
want an Italian you eat garlic, and if you want a Mexican you eat beans."

"We must be Mexican kid Kell, Dad is always eating beans."

"No, it just means he's a pig and we're piglets."

Bud stops stroking Kelly's pussy as he pulls his finger out, she reaches down
to rub her snatch, she starts to finger her own pussy when she fells Bud's
finger enter her pussy onece more, then she arches her back as she feels his
'finger' really go deep inside, then she felt his hands start to play with
her nipples as his 'cock' starts to rhythmically pump into her. "Bud! is that
all your pecker?"

"Dam Kell, this feels better then Jennifer, your pussy is really wonderful, I
have to do this again."

Kelly, surprised at her brothers rather large erection for one so young,
stiffens her body as Bud slams away inside her hole, "Oh God Bud, If you...,
that ..., of CRAP! I think I'm having an orgasm."

"Dam Kell, your pussy just gripped my pecker, and it's pulling me." Bud feels
funny, his balls tighten up and then he feels his sperm flow in the largest
pulse he had ever experienced, "Oh CRAPPER!" Bud shoots what seems like a Cup
full as he hoses Kelly's insides.

Kelly feels the HOT juice as Bud sprays her inside, "Your not old enough to
do that Bud."

Bud collapses atop his sister, his face rests on her right nipple as Kelly's
body shakes in her orgasm and she cums in massive pulses.

Minutes pass then Bud and Kelly hear Peg hollering for Bud. Bud jerks
upright, his penis pops from Kelly's pussy, spurting one last load that
covers her cunt, leaving her smelling of youth as he quickly pulls his
pants up and rushes to the door.

Kelly sits up and buttons her skirt, pulling her skirt down as she sits on
the corner of the bed, wiping her legs of Bud's sweat and extra sperm
splatter. She turns and smiles as Peg comes into her room with some towels,
"Brought you some dry towels honey, I'll put them here, I have to go check
on Bud, he suppose to be taking a bath."

As Peg turns to leave, she sniffs the air, "Boy, you're room really smells,
it must have molded while we we're away; we better air out the room."
complains Peg as she opens Kelly's window.

"Mom, how are black babies made?"

"What! ... well ... ah ... from black people that love each other, why?"

"Oh! Bud though that they were born from the butt."

"Oh, he's a Bundy alright, well sweetheart, only Butt heads are born from
the butt, and that occurs in all races, you know, that's how they get
politicians." explained Peg as she asked, "anymore questions?"

"We're do lawyers come from?"

"Shit turds that have been rolled up in old rotting newspapers; then left
in old damp alleys." explained Peg as she walks out of the room, stopping
momentarily, commenting to herself, "Boy, I thought for a moment the
question was going to be about sex."

* * *

Inside Kelly's room

Kelly watches as Peg shuts the door, then she drops back onto the bed,
"Dam! almost caught! ..." Kelly lies quietly a moment as she fondles her wet
snatch, recalling her brother's cock working wonders inside her, "Dam! my
brother has grown, and he is wonderful at fucking." Kelly sits up quickly, a
shocked look on her face, "I'm a Wanker!"

Bud is busy soaping up in the shower, soaping a rag he scrubs between his
legs to remove the sweat and pussy juice from having sex with Kelly. As usual
he has to fight his penis as it responds to his washing, it grows hard and
erect, sticking out even longer after he had exercised it inside Kelly's
snatch. Bud rolls his hand around his wiener, then he begins to stroke it
back and forth, faster and faster, gripping harder and harder, then he feels
that same sensation in his ball, he strokes, he squirts hard, then he hears.

"The Batter has hit a home run!"

Bud turns in shock as he turns to face his mother, standing and who has
apparently been watching; Bud grabs a quick peek to see his sperm running
down the shower wall, then back at his mother.

Peg grabs and hugs him, "Oh my little man, he's not so little any more; you
have taken hold of the BAT and slammed a home run."

Bud is now in shock, he stares in disbelief as his mother hugs him, and his
pecker is still erect, hard and poking into Peg's stomach when he feels his
penis fire another spurt.

Peg holds Bud at arm length as she looks at the stain, then at his penis that
is still erect as it spurts another load. "That's alright my little man, it's
better than being peed on when I Kelly changed your baby diapers. ..." Peg
cradles his erect penis, dripping with pre-man sperm, she strokes it as Bud
closes his eyes as she plays with his ever growing cock, ..." Oh! mommy will
take care of this to save you from going blind, remember dear, if you jerk
yourself off you'll get hair on your hand and you'll go blind, so if you feel
the need you come see mommy, I'll take care of your not-so-little problem."

Before Bud could say 'YES MAM' he felt Peg take his penis into her mouth. She
begin licking and sucking his penis that was now getting bigger by the suck,
she then began stroking his cock with her mouth, wrapping her tong about his
growing shaft, then as he spewed another load of boy juice, his mother
swallowed it as if it was vitamin-C.

"Ummmm, so young, ... soooo good."

* * *

Kelly's Room

Kelly has just taken a shower, walked into her room from her shower totally
naked, leaving her towel in the hamper when she saw Bud laying on his back,
naked and exhausted. Kelly looked at her brother, noting his erect cock,
locked into a hard upright pole. "Kelly! Help!! Mom ..."

Before Bud could finish his request for help he felt Kelly jump onto the bed
and sit down atop his lap, and before he could say another word he felt his
erect penis slide up into Kelly's cunt as she slid down his pole and as she
started to rise and fall, stroking his cock into action.

"I didn't mean that Kell! Mom sucked me dry, then she sucked me hard again
and again, then she pulled her panties of and did what you're doing, she hurt
me Kelly! she really hurt me, she said she was riding her tiger-boy; I'm not
a tiger Kelly."

"SHUT-UP Bud, you're my Tiger-Toy now." came Kelly's orders as she continued
to hump and grind Bud's Pud; her cunt gripped like an iron fist, she pulled
his cock up, down, sideways, round and down, her naked hips slamming his
pelvis, her hands gripping his shoulders as she held him down, grinding and
pounding until Bud flooded her insides with his youthfully powerful go juice.
Bud passed out.

Three hours of sleep later, Naked Bud woke up, still in the center of Kelly's
bed; Kelly had apparently fucked and sucked him after he had fainted. Bud
dragged himself over to his room, dressed, then headed for down stairs.

Halfway down the stairs, Bud noticed his mother standing by the couch, Kelly
came into view to stand beside Peg, they both stared at him, at his crotch!

"Bud! What does Mommy's big man want mommy to do for him." said Peg with a
broad grin.

Kelly smiles at her brother, "Bud, would you help me with my school studies?"

Bud sees Al, sound asleep on the couch, his head tilted back, thinking to
himself that they had killed, that they had fucked him to death, "Ah! Stay
away! Leave me alone! You killed Daddy, you're not getting my juices!"

Bud turns and flees to the safety of his room.

Buck watched everything happen, and after Bud had turned to disappear down
the upper hall way, he turns to see Peg and Kelly. "Woof!" Buck leaps up and
flees out the back door.

Peg turns to look down at her ten year-old daughter, grins.

Kelly looks up at Peg, smiles, "What's wrong with the guys, mom?"

Peg turns and walks towards the kitchen, "Must be a Male-Period or

Kelly follows Peg as she asks, "We making cookies?"

"Yes, so since we're making them from scratch, we better get naked so that we
keep out clothes clean; I just hate washing clothes." explained Peg as she
strips her dress off and starts searching for a cookie sheet.

Kelly strips her skirt off and places it on the stove, then she strips her
shirt off.

Peg stands at the dinner table, flour roller in hand as she pats the table.
Kelly jumps up onto the table, lays back as Peg rams her face into Kelly's
pussy and she begins licking Kelly's ‘cookie'.

"Next time I get to taste the cookie first." moans Kelly as she felt her
mother's tongue wriggling and pushing into her snatch as she rolls the roller
over Kelly's belly. Kelly lifts her legs up, resting them over her mother's
shoulder as Peg picked up her sucking pace.

"Mmmmm, ... ummmnnn ." Translated from Peg as she said, A Mother's work never



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