A Sex Story

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Part 1: Bud Gets An Eyeful
"Argh," sighed Bud as he trudged up to the door of the Bundy home, his feet
leaving prints in the cold November slush. What a life, he thought: first a long
day of classes, and now another boring and lonely night of doing assignments.
Bud had to work hard just to get average marks in his freshman engineering
classes, but it would have been nice to have a bit of a social life. Oh well, he
thought as he scratched at his goatee, I guess I just suffer from the Bundy

His father's beat-up old Dodge wasn't in the driveway, so Bud knew his Dad was
still at the shoe shop. How pathetic, he thought. His father had been working
for roughly twenty years at the mall, and had nothing to show for it.

Bud unlocked the door and walked into the silent house, stepping over his
snoring dog Buck. Hmm, funny, he thought: usually his mother Peggy would be
planted on the sofa watching the soap operas on TV. He walked over to the fridge
to grab a snack; a Cheez Whiz and mayo sandwich. As he wolfed down the snack,
Bud let out a yawn. Geez, he thought, guess today's classes were even more
boring than usual. Bud slowly walked up the stairs to his room. After putting
his notebook on his study desk, he turned off his bedroom light and lay on the
bed to take a quick nap.

Just as he started to drift to sleep, Bud thought he heard some strange noises
from down the hall. Worried it might be a burglar (although why would a burglar
bother with their residence?), he grabbed a baseball bat and crept quietly out
into the hallway. He realized the sounds were coming from his parents' bedroom.
Hmph; probably just his Mom cleaning the room - what the? Bud suddenly got very
worried; it was nowhere near time for his mother's monthly housecleaning!

Bud stole up to the closed door and put his ear to it. He heard his Mom mumbling
to herself . . .

"Oh, it's been six months since Al has even touched me!" cried Peg Bundy into
her pillow. The forty-something woman sobbed as she patted at her mane of bright
red hair. "God, it's so-ooo frustrating!" She let go of the tear-soaked pillow
and sat up on her bed. "Why not?" Peggy asked herself out loud, "Why won't my
husband make love to me?"

Peg looked at her reflection in the mirror near the bed. "Am I that bad
looking?" she asked no one in particular. She stood up and turned sideways to
examine herself in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw; she still had
an hour-glass shaped figure despite her lazy lifestyle. She cupped her large
bust with her hands. Her round prominent breasts stretched the fabric on her
tight cheap sweater; thank Dow Chemical for implants!

Peg's hands moved downwards: she still had a reasonably slim waist line. She
swivelled and examined her ample rear end. For some men it might have been a bit
too well-rounded, but Peggy had caught the occasional man still looking at it.
She wondered what those men thought of her behind; perhaps they were
fantasizing, fantasizing about grasping a fleshy cheek with one hand as the
other hand slowly-

Peg burst into tears and plopped down on the bed. "What's the use!" she bawled.
"I don't think I'll ever get laid again!" Peggy reached over to her nightstand
and opened a drawer. "If you want something done," she groaned out, "you've got
to do it yourself!"

Bud's right eye was nearly popping out of the socket as he peered through the
keyhole of his parents' bedroom door. His mother had pulled a small pink
vibrator out of her small night dresser! After all the complaining about lack of
sex his mother had voiced out loud in front of him, his sister and the entire
neighborhood, Bud had suspected his Mom must resort to some sort of self-abuse,
but this was a shock!

Bud started to leave, but saw his mother's other hand reach down to the hemline
of her cheap polyester skirt. Mesmerized, he couldn't tear his virgin eyes from
the sight in front of him . . .

Peg Bundy pulled her skirt up and looked down at herself. Peg had long slim
legs; her calf muscles were well-defined from all the walking she did when
mall-shopping. Her skin was very fair-colored, and silky smooth. She hooked her
fingers into the waistband of her plain black panties and slowly drew them down
her thighs. Her flame-colored triangle of tightly curled pubic hairs was neatly
trimmed (not that Al would ever notice, she thought crossly). Crooking her left
leg, she pulled one foot free of the panties and kicked them across the bedroom.
Peg flicked the power button of the pink sex toy and brought the small blunt
instrument toward her waiting vagina. "Come on baby!" she said to herself with a
small sardonic laugh, "Come to Momma!"

As the bedroom filled with the electric buzzing sound, she slowly rubbed the tip
of the small artificial penis against her outer love lips. "Mmm," moaned Peggy,
"this is gonna feel so-ooo good!" Working the vibrator with her left hand, she
stuck her right index finger into her lip-sticked mouth and wet it with a
mouthful of gooey saliva. Reaching down to her waiting pussy, Peg started to rub
softly at her stiffening clitoris with her spit-slicked finger while rubbing at
her labia with the buzzing toy. As her vagina started to wet with natural
juices, she slowly worked the tip of the vibrator toward her clit.

"Oh, shit!" Peggy groaned huskily. "Sometimes I think this is better than a real

Bud's mouth hung open as he peeped through the keyhole. While the keyhole didn't
offer a very good view, there was no doubt what he saw: his own Mom was giving
her pussy one hell of a good frigging!

Bud was puzzled: while he was shocked and embarrassed, he also felt excited. He
couldn't help himself; despite the fact that it was his own mother, Bud was
quickly getting a raging hard-on. What's wrong with me, he thought. Do I really
want to do it with my own Mom? Uggh!

He watched as it became obvious that his mother was working herself to a climax.
Mrs. Bundy's hands were pumping and stroking away between her thighs as if her
life depended on it. She was starting to squirm and thrash on the bed, and she
was making no attempt to keep quiet about it. Peg Bundy's head rolled left and
right, and her back arched, causing her large tits to shake and jiggle like
bowls of stiff Jello.

I oughta be ashamed of myself, Bud thought as he reached down and grasped his
swollen boner through his corduroy pants; there's no way I should be thinking
about screwing my very own mother! As he stroked his stiff pecker through his
pants, Bud peered in at his mothers' thrashing thighs. "Oh God," he heard her
half-scream, "I'd do anything for a big stiff cock now!!"

Well, well, thought Bud, maybe I can turn this to my advantage: a scheme had
occurred to him, one that might solve two problems at the same time . . .

Peg's hips were rocking and swivelling as she sawed fingers in and out of her
wet gaping cunt while rubbing the pink vibrator hard against her clit. "OH- OH
SHIT!" she yelled out. "I'M GONNA- OH SHIT- OH! OH! I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM!!"

Her plump ass cheeks were lifting clear off the bed with each plunge of her
pumping fingers. "OH SWEET JESUS!" Peggy cried out. "I- OH!- THINK I- I CAN SEE

Hot pangs of pleasure leapt out from Peg Bundy's flaming vagina and rocked
through her entire body. She gasped incoherently as she lost control. The
vibrator slipped out of her wet fingers and slid over her thigh to the bed
cover. Her legs kicked and spasmed as she drooled and mumbled sweet nothings to
herself. "Oh God! Fuck yes!" she groaned.

Slowly, Peggy calmed down and relaxed. As her breathing slowed, she gasped and
sniffed, curling up into a fetal ball. She turned off the little buzzing
instrument of love and sighed to herself, "That was a miracle!" With a chuckle,
she added sarcastically, "If my Al could do anything like that, it _would_ be a

Bud watched his mother lay exhausted on the bed. Wow, he thought as he groped at
his stiff dick, that's something else. I'd better get back to my room before I'm

Bud was startled as he heard a faint cough from the end of the hallway! Turning,
he saw his sexy blonde sister Kelly grinning at him as she stared down at his
obvious bulge! She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped when Bud
frantically waved at her to be quiet. She crooked her finger and beckoned him
into her bedroom. Glumly, Bud walked into her room and carefully shut the door
behind him.

Kelly grinned wickedly at him. "Busted," she whispered over-dramatically. "Well,
Grandmaster Boner-puller, what do you have to say for yourself now?"

Bud started to explain what he'd seen, but was stopped short after a few words.

"Oh for crying out loud, Bud!" Kelly said as she rolled her eyes and stared up
at the ceiling. "You _just_ noticed now that Mom uses a vibrator?"

"You know all about it?" Bud asked in surprise.

Kelly laughed knowingly and shrugged her shoulders. "Shit, yeah! Who do you
think told her where to buy- er, um-" The tall slender blonde suddenly got a
very red face. As Bud grinned at her embarrassment, she snapped at him, "I read
about vibrators in a book somewhere!"

"You actually read a book?" asked Bud in mock surprise. "It must have been a
picture book!"

Kelly glared at him. "You're a fine one to talk! At least both Mom and I know
what we're missing out on when we masturbate!"

Bud started to make a retort but then said something else. "Kelly, look. We're
brother and sister, right? We should work together for what we want, right?"

"If you're suggesting that you and I- Uggh!" grimaced Kelly.

Bud sighed. "No, oh unnatural-blonde one! Shut up and listen: I have a plan . .
." As Kelly listened, Bud revealed his idea.

Part 2 - Out On A Limb
"Daddy," asked the lovely Kelly over the dinner table, "Can I have a car?"

Al Bundy, shoe salesman extraordinaire, stared at his daughter. Letting out a
belch as he scratched at the sweat-stained armpit of his shirt, the head of the
Bundy household started to laugh slightly. He grabbed the now-empty pizza box
and heaved it at the kitchen sink as he stood and strode over to the sofa.
Flopping down in the old ratty couch, he flipped on the television to "Wheel of
Fortune" and tucked his hand in his pants to scratch at his balls.

"Pumpkin," Al said as he looked back at his teenage daughter, "No problem! Which
do you prefer, a Mercedes or a Porsche?!?" With that, Al started laughing and
howling at his own feeble sense of humor.

Kelly looked puzzled. "Well, that's stupid!" she exclaimed. "A Porsche, of
course- they're faster."

Al Bundy shook his head and stared at the TV set. "Man," he said out loud, "That
Vanna's got some set of hooters!" Al scratched at his beginnings of a pot-belly,
and looked back at his daughter. You know, he thought, if she wasn't my
flesh-and-blood . . . He looked at Kelly in appreciation as she flipped through
one of her mother's gossip magazines.

Kelly was fairly tall, with shoulder length blonde hair. She had a slender
model's body, with small proudly-jutting breasts, long wispy legs (currently
sticking out from yet another leather miniskirt), and a delicious-looking
plum-cheeked hiney. Why, oh why, thought Al, does she have to be my daughter?
Then again, he thought bitterly, how do I really know she is mine - that damn
mother of her's . . .

"Yes, Daddy?" asked Kelly as she caught his stare.

Al shook his head. "Umm, I was just thinking of your mother, dear. Where is that
behemoth, anyways?"

Kelly bit her lower lip. "She's upstairs, again!" She glared meaningfully at her
father, but he turned and stared back at the TV set.

"Huh - she sure spends a lot of time up there," Al mumbled as he scratched at
his ear. "All right! 'Baywatch' is on now! Hooter mania!" The couch potato
father fumbled for the remote.

Kelly walked over, sat beside her father, and put her arm around him. Uggh, she
thought, I sure wish Daddy'd take his monthly shower. "Daddy, _if_ I could
afford a car, you'd let me buy one, wouldn't you?" She looked at her father and
bit her lip again.

Al looked at his daughter's face as she bit at her lower lip. Mmm, he thought, I
have something else I'd like her to nibble on . . . "Oh yes, pumpkin," he
replied in a patronizing, sarcastic tone of voice. "_If_ you could afford to buy

Kelly nodded. "Thanks Daddy," she replied. Little did her father know . . .

"Say," said Al, glancing around the room. "Where's Bud?"

"Oh," said Kelly worriedly, "he went back to the college to get some equipment
for one of his class experiments."

At that very moment, Bud Bundy was struggling to climb a tree beside the Bundy
home. It would have been difficult enough to climb the tree in the cold rainy
night, but while Bud was using one hand to grasp at the tree branches, he used
the other to steady the knapsack he had thrown on his back. The small back pack
was heavy with equipment he'd borrowed from the Audio-Visual club at the
university; well, not really borrowed, but they'd get the equipment back soon

Finally, Bud sighed to himself in relief, I'm at the top. He settled into a
crook and opened the sack. Carefully he pulled out a video camera with a special
infrared lens. The lens was supposed to be used for night-time filming of
outdoors events. Heh, thought Bud, this little camera will soon be seeing
a'plenty! He strapped the camera to the branch with bungy cords and aimed the
camera at his parents' bedroom window only a few feet away. Bud looked over at
the window: the room was dimly lit and nothing could be seen. Carefully
adjusting the night-vision lens, he peered through the camera viewfinder. Bud
gasped: he couldn't believe what he saw! The image was a somewhat grainy
monotone, but Bud could easily make out details: it was as if he were standing
in the room on a cloudy day!

Bud looked around the bedroom. His mother must be in the shower; her clothes
were laid out on the bed. Bud gazed at the black panties, skirt and tight
sweater that his curvaceous mother had been wearing earlier in the day. Thinking
back over the events of the day, Bud's prick started to stiffen. He groaned; it
figured that he would be getting a woody while up in a tree.

Bud saw some movement as the bedroom door swung open; he quickly hit the record
button. He grinned as he saw his Mom walk into the room wearing a satin
bathrobe, with her wet hair up in a towel. Bud kept his finger over the record
button, taping any events he might see.

Peggy Bundy stood sullenly in the bedroom. It seemed so unfair to her. After
standing in the hot warm water of her lengthy shower, her body tingled all over.
She needed a man desperately, but her impotent husband was sitting on his butt
watching TV. As she started to blow-dry her hair, she could her him bellowing
from downstairs, "Man, that C.J.'s got some set of hooters!"

Peg turned off the blow dryer and looked in the bedroom mirror. What's wrong
with _my_ hooters, she asked herself. She opened her robe up and cupped her
ample breasts in her hands while looking over each fleshy hemisphere carefully.
Her tits were very round and full, with virtually no sag. Of course, she thought
with a faint smirk, silicon usually doesn't droop. She touched her large
reddish-brown nipples. Each milkbud was circled by a cookie-sized pink aerole.
Peg sighed: once upon a time, her husband Al had enjoyed "nibbling her cookies,"
but not lately.

Peggy let the robe fall open and looked over her body. She smiled slightly at
what she saw: though a few pounds had settled to her hips over the years, she
knew she still had a body most men would find sexually stimulating. A faint
flush of desire swept over her. Losing her smile, she opened up her nightstand
and pulled out her small trusty electric friend. Peg swept her robe wide and sat
down on the edge of the bed. With the flick of a switch, she filled the room
with the familiar buzzing sound.

"Ouch!" muttered Bud to himself as his stiff dick throbbed at his zipper. He
stared intently into the viewfinder as he watched his Mom masturbate furiously.
What a sex fiend! Peg was rubbing the pink vibrator against her clitoris and
vaginal lips as she twisted and pulled a nipple with one hand. Bud couldn't
believe the sight. Her nipples were very hard; Bud guessed they must be as big
as sewing thimbles. As her teenage son looked on, Peg threw her head back. Her
wet tongue snaked out of her mouth as she licked and bit at the air. Peggy
slowly lay back on the bed as she continued to exercise her clasping cunt

"To hell with it!" whispered Bud. "Man, I need some fucking relief!" He reached
down and tugged his pants open. Bud's fierce angry cock popped out of his jeans.
Holding the viewfinder steady with one hand, he grabbed hold of his boner and
starting yanking back and forth on it. His penis was as stiff as it had ever
been in any high school math class. Pounding his fist on his cock, Bud watched
his mother pick up the pace of her feverish clit-buzzing. Bud realized his Mom
was very close to cumming.

"Shit! Oh- oh God I'm horny!" hissed Peggy Bundy loudly. She tried with feeble
success to keep quiet as she felt the volcanic energy of a massive orgasm
building within her throbbing pussy. She rubbed the vibrator closer and closer
to her sensitive clitoris. Gasping and groaning, she moved her hand from her
pointy nipples down to her vagina. Peg thrust her index finger into her lipped
nest and rubbed back and forth. Her knees crooked as her legs spasmed with the
almost painful sensations of pleasure searing through her entire body.

"Oh- OH GOD!" the lusty homemaker moaned out. "I'M CUMMING!"

Bud gasped as his cock exploded into orgasm. "Uggh!" he grunted as his inflamed
wang fired a hot salvo of white cock-snot. Ropey strands of cum arced out
through the air as his body lurched with ecstasy. Bud's legs jerked and spasmed.
"Oh shit!" Bud cried as he lost his footing and fell from the tree.

In her bedroom, Peg Bundy floated down from the blissful world of orgasm.
"Ahhh," she sighed happily. Once a few moments had gone by, she slowly gathered
herself up and closed her robe. After putting the sex toy away, she quickly
changed and started to leave the bedroom. As she walked by her window, she
stopped in surprise: there were several blobs of gooey white liquid splattered
on the glass panes.

Peg shook her head. "Are those damn starlings back _again_?" she asked herself.

Al turned to look at his curvy teenage daughter. "Say, Kelly?" he asked. "Did
you hear your mother yelling something from upstairs?"

Kelly's face turned red. "Uh, no, Daddy, I don't think I heard anything . . ."

Part 3 - A Plan Is Born
Kelly shook her head, her long blonde locks swinging wildly. She half-covered
her eyes and supressed a grin as she watched the grainy video image. As Kelly
watched the TV, she saw her Mom roll and twitch on the bed.

"Hold on, let me replay that," said her brother Bud. He hit the rewind button on
the VCR for a few seconds, then hit 'PLAY'. The two siblings watched, giggling
as they watched their mother have an obviously powerful orgasm. Bud then hit the
eject button, wincing as he accidentally moved his broken arm.

Smirking, Kelly looked at the arm Bud had in a cast. "Well, little brother," she
snickered. "Climbed any trees lately?"

"Piss off!" Bud scowled. He'd told his family that he'd broken his arm playing a
ball game; not exactly a lie. "Anyway, what do you think of the video?" he

Kelly stood up and paced the room. "I don't know," she said. "I don't think this
is enough to do anything with."

Bud frowned. "What the hell else can we get? I think this tape is pretty hot as
it is!"

The blonde teenage bimbo grinned and tapped a forefinger on her head. "Bud, you
might be the smart one in the Bundy household," she told him, "but I'm
definitely the schemer!"

Bud shrugged (and winced). "What do you have in mind?"

Kelly told Bud her idea, then watched as he shook his head and laughed. "That'll
never work! Nobody could be that stupid."

"Bud, you forget," Kelly replied with a smile. "This is our Mom we're talking
about here!"

Peggy Bundy sat on the sofa, stuffing white crispy kernels of buttery popcorn
into her mouth as she watched one of her favorite morning soap operas. Mmm, she
moaned to herself, popcorn. It was one of her favorite foods, and one of the few
meals she could actually cook.

As she sat and watched the soap opera, she leaned back into the sofa. Peggy was
wearing a pair of red polyester pants that itched ever so slightly.
Unfortunately, the pants were ones Al had bought for her many years before and
so were a size too small. The tight fabric clung snugly over each of her round
bum cheeks.

Peg picked up the empty bowl and walked to the kitchen to make more popcorn. As
she sashayed along, the tight polyester cloth crept up into the crack of her
plush fanny, itching at her horny seat. As she put another bag of her snack into
the microwave, Peg reached down and rubbed the tight crotch of her pants.

"Shit!" she groaned. "I need to do it to myself again - that's twice this
morning alone!" Turning off the microwave, she started to climb the stairs to
her bedroom. As she reached the first step, the phone rang. Strange, Peggy
thought, the kids are in school and Al's at work: who could be phoning now? She
walked over and picked up the telephone.

"Hello?" she asked.

A woman's voice came over the line, sounding distant and awkward. "Mrs. Peg
Bundy? I'm, er, Susan of Susan's Escort Service. Could I have a moment of your

Peg was immediately suspicious. "What do you want?"

"Mrs. Bundy," said Susan. "I'm canvassing homes, looking for woman who would be
interested in working for our service. We provide companionship to lonely,
handsome visitors to our city."

"What?" asked Peggy. "Are you asking me to be some kind of hooker?!?"

"Oh, no!" replied the voice. "Our customers are lonely business people who would
just like the company of someone to talk with while they visit our city, far
away from their familiar homes-"

Peg snorted. "You must think I'm stupid!" she replied.

"Please just let us send a representative to speak with you-"

"Get lost!" Peggy said sternly. "Or I'll call the cops!"

"There would be a free prize," Susan quickly said. "One hour of unlimited
shopping at the Greenfields Shopping Mall."

Peg stopped in mid-sentence. "Umm, you know," she said, "I guess I could just
listen for a few minutes . . ."

Kelly hung up the pay-phone as Bud looked on in amazement. "I can't believe it!"
he said. "Mom actually fell for that?"

The sexy teenager grinned. "You just need to know your victim's weaknesses," she

"Who are you going to send?" Bud asked.

Kelly flipped through the telephone booth's yellow pages. "Well," explained
Kelly, "I thought I'd phone up an escort service I know of, drop off an envelope
with instructions on what to say, and the rest of our plan should happen

Bud rubbed his arm nervously. "Umm, what escort service is that?"

Kelly blushed. "Uh, er, I um-"

"You read about it in a book?" teased Bud.

A few moments later, Bud howled in pain while clutching at his freshly-kicked
crotch as Kelly dialed a number on the pay-phone.

Part 4: A Surprise Visit
Jefferson D'Arcy checked his hair in the rear-view mirror of his small Italian
sports car. As usual, it was carefully coiffed. "Jefferson," he said to himself,
"you sly dog you!" He exited the car and walked to the door of the small office.
He shook his head as he read the familiar sign painted outside: "Susan's Escort

"Another day, another dollar," Jefferson laughed. "I wonder what old broad I'll
have to bang today?" He stepped inside.

The attractive woman behind the desk gave him a friendly smile. "Howdy,
Jefferson!" she bubbled. "Wait'll you see your assignment today!" she said as
she handed him an envelope.

Jefferson took the envelope. "All right, Susan, what's this?" he asked in

Susan indicated he should open the envelope. "A couple of kids said they wanted
to give their own mother a little surprise!" she said. "They told me that she's
lonely and they think she needs to get laid - hell, they prepaid already!"

Jefferson sputtered as he saw the instructions inside. "Oh shit!" he exclaimed.
"I can't do this: I know this woman!"

Susan raised her eyebrows. "Well, won't she be surprised?" she retorted.

"But I can't-"

"Oh, yes you can!" Susan said in a threatening tone. She stood up and glared at
the macho man. "I've had just about enough of your pretty boy antics!" she
thundered at Jefferson. "Get your ass over there and do what the note says!"
Susan exploded. "Do it or you'll be looking for a new job to pay for that fancy
car of yours!"

Glumly, Jefferson walked back out to his car. Sometimes, he thought, this job
really sucks. As he drove out of the parking lot, Jefferson decided to make a
short detour to a special shop in the local Chinatown . . .

Peggy Bundy chewed at her bright red nails, wondering when the woman from
"Susan's Escort Service" would show up. She realized now that it might not be so
great to trade listening to a spiel on working at an escort service for a free
shopping trip (although damn it, she loved shopping!). As she gave her middle
finger another nibble, the doorbell rang.

Peg opened the door and received a startle as she looked out: it was her nosey
neighbor from across the street, Jefferson D'Arcy. "Shit!" she said. "I'm
expecting a visit from someone else: what do _you_ want?"

Jefferson was red - he was blushing! "Umm, Peggy?" he said hesitantly. "I'm here
from the escort service."

"What!" Peggy burst out. "You're going to ask me to work for an escort service?
Hell, _you_ work for an escort service?" Peggy started laughing at Jefferson.

Jefferson looked over his shoulder and then down at the ground. "Look," he said
to Peg, "I have to tell you about our services or my boss'll shit-can me. Just
listen to what I have to say, please?"

Peg crossed her arms, hugging her large breasts. "And you'll leave, while I get
to go on my shopping trip?"

"Please let me get this over with," Jefferson begged. "I'll leave as soon as I'm
done talking, okay?"

Peg waved him in. "What the hell," she said. "Hearing about woman paying _you_
for sex should be good for a laugh!" She opened the door wide and let him in.

Jefferson strolled into the Bundy home, hiding a smirk from Peggy. Easy, he
thought; just like taking candy from a babe.

Jefferson talked to Peggy for some time. He pretended to be giving a serious
explanation of his work as an escort while the curvy redhead listened on. At
first, Peg laughed and joked, but as Jefferson went on, she soon started to pay
attention. After some twenty minutes, he could tell she was getting excited at
his descriptions of illicit encounters with strangers. Jefferson decided to make
his next step.

He cleared his throat. "Peg," he said, "I'm getting kind of thirsty from all
this talking. Do you have something to drink?"

Peggy shrugged and got up from the couch, her round cheeks making a faint
rubbing sound against the polyester fabric of her tight pants. "We might have
some kool-aid," she said half-apologetically. "You must know I'm not very good
at keeping food in the house."

Yeah, he thought, no shit. Jefferson watched his neighbor Peggy walk toward the
kitchen. You know, he thought, she's actually got a pretty nice ass for a woman
who's dropped two kids. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial
of powder he'd bought in Chinatown. As Peg made a mess in the kitchen, Jefferson
unscrewed the cap of the innocent-looking bottle and put it on the floor beside

Peg sashayed back with a pitcher of syrupy purple liquid. "Mmm," she said,
"grape kool-aid: my favorite!" She put the pitcher down, then headed back to the
kitchen calling over her shoulder, "I'm getting a couple of glasses!"

As soon as she wasn't looking, the neighborhood gigolo dumped the entire bottle
of powder into the pitcher. Jefferson grinned. The powder was a Chinese herbal
mixture; it was a very powerful aphrodisiac. Though others might scoff,
Jefferson had used the powder with great success in the past. He knew that
within just a couple of minutes, Peggy Bundy would have the most powerful surge
of lust of her entire life.

Peggy came back with two plastic cups from the 7-Eleven store and filled them up
with the grape drink. She raised one to her mouth and toasted "Bottom's up!" as
she took a big swig.

Jefferson took a swallow. Bottom's up is right, he thought; your bottom, Peggy,
in just a few moments . . .

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Part 5: Back In The Saddle Again
Kelly clung carefully to her tree perch. "This is SO stupid," she whispered. "I
can't believe I'm sitting in a tree with my little brother, waiting to videotape
my Mom getting fucked by a stranger!"

As he peered intently into their parents' darkened bedroom, Bud suddenly
gestured to Kelly. "Quiet!" he hissed excitedly. "Mom's opening the bedroom

Kelly stared in and gasped at the sight. The door of the bedroom framed a
silhouette of her mother kissing passionately with a tall rugged man. She saw
Peg Bundy's hand reach out and flip on the bedroom light. As Kelly looked on
curiously, her mouth dropped open: she recognized the man! It was-

"It's Jefferson!" whispered Bud. "Holy fuckin' shit!"

Kelly, for once in her life, was silent with shock. She thought she'd seen it
all (and then some), but here was her middle-aged Mom swapping spit with the
next-door neighbor as he tried to prod Peg's tonsils with his tongue.

Her mother fell onto the bed panting, her blouse half-unbuttoned. Jefferson
pulled his polo shirt off over his head, revealing his tanned muscular torso. He
dropped to his knees, placed a hand on the inside of each of her Mom's thighs,
and pulled down the zipper of her pants with his bare teeth! Through the window
pane, Kelly could hear Jefferson boldly say, "Peggy, I'm gonna fuck you like you
ain't never been fucked before!"

"Bud," Kelly said in a low voice, "you'd better be taping this!" She heard her
brother grunt affirmatively as he peered through the viewfinder of the camera.
Kelly looked on intently as her mother and the handsome neighbor tore each
others' clothes off . . .

Jefferson pulled harder on the shanks of red hair grasped in his hands. As he
held the back of Peggy Bundy's head firmly, her soft wet mouth slurped greedily
on his swollen prick. Peg's stiff-nippled titties bounced against his thighs as
she quickened her cock-sucking pace. Jefferson groaned as he looked down at the
amazing view. Peg's eyes were screwed tight while she bobbed her red lip-sticked
mouth back and forth on his dork with lightning speed. "Oh, Peggy!" he gasped
out. "You give head so much better- mmph- than Marcy!"

Peg couldn't hear Jefferson: she was too busy tasting the stiff meat snack in
her oral cavity. Her nostrils flared with her heavy breathing. Each of her hands
was cupping one of Jefferson's buns as she tried vainly to stuff more hard cock
into her mouth. Peggy's tongue and throat worked hard to milk juicy sex-sap from
the furry balls bumping repeatedly into her chin.

Jefferson felt liquid heat boiling in his testicles. He moaned gutturally. As
sweat trickled down his chest, he clenched his butt muscles tight and started to
blow his wad. "It's a fucking gusher!" he proclaimed proudly.

Peggy was in no position to argue - she was too busy trying to swallow the
sudden surge of semen pumping into her mouth. Gagging, she tried to pull back
but Jefferson selfishly hung on tight to the red-haired mother's skull. Pulse
after pulse of sticky ejaculate squirted into her mouth, flooding it to the
bursting point. Opening her mouth to gasp for more air, thick gobs of saliva and
cum spilled out onto her chin and breasts.

As he yelped with orgasmic pleasure, Jefferson's knees buckled and he clumsily
sat on the floor. Peggy choked and gasped for air, her mouth and throat burning
with the crude taste of Jefferson's sperm. For several moments, nothing was said
as both of the horny fuckers caught their breath. As Jefferson shook his head,
he reached for his pants.

"Where are you going?" demanded Peggy as she tried to wipe the white smears off
her tits.

Jefferson raised his eyebrows. "Well, I'm done now-"

"Oh no you aren't, you bastard!" said Peggy in a menacing, almost evil tone of
voice. "We're just getting started!"

Kelly watched, her small nipples hardening with desire as the carnal scene
continued in front of her. After gulping down her big mouthful of cum, Peggy
Bundy had pushed Jefferson onto his back. Climbing on top of Jefferson, Kelly's
mother had straddled the sex-for-money stud. The two adults were now fucking
their brains out: Peg was pounding up and down on Jefferson's impaling penis,
her large round boobs bouncing with each stroke. The insatiable housewife's head
lolled about as she groaned, causing her long red hair to whip like a comet's
tail. Drool and dried cum coated Peggy's chin and chest. For his part, Jefferson
merely lay on the floor, grunting with pleasure as he held onto Peg's bucking
broad hips.

Kelly whispered to her brother Bud, "Shit, this is something else, huh Bud?
Bud?" She looked over when she heard no response. Her eyes opened even wider
with surprise: Bud was masturbating furiously with his unbroken arm! In Kelly's
excitement, she hadn't noticed Bud unzip his pants. She stared with disgust at
the sight of her very own little brother flailing his curled fist on his- Wow!

The blonde girl couldn't help looking: for such a small guy, her brother had a
HUGE cock! Kelly blushed. Bud was hung better than just about any other man
she'd seen!

Bud was impervious to his sister's gaze: he was far too busy gaping into the
viewfinder as he pulled his prong. His hand stroked back and forth. "Uh- I
think- uh," Bud managed to croak out, "I think they're gonna cum soon!"

Kelly reluctantly took her eyes from the sight of the big bobbing prick next to
her and looked into the bedroom window.

She saw that her Mom had increased her pumping speed. The helpless Jefferson
hung on for dear life to the redhead's hips as his own ass bucked and bounced
off the carpeted floor. "Oh God!" Kelly heard her Mom shout, "I'm almost there!"

"Hang on, bitch!" Jefferson gasped, "I'm- I'M- CUMMING!" In a fury, he clutched
Peggy's hips and rammed harder and faster into her slippery wet vagina. Like a
rocket blasting into space, a shot of cock-cream fired up his rod into Peg.
Scrunching his eyes, he grimaced as wad after wad of cum tore almost painfully
out of his dick. Peggy grunted as she felt the hot tide of liquid fill her
pussy. "I'M CUMMING TOO!" she yelled.

Bud groaned. "So am I!" he whispered through his clenched teeth. With a spasm,
his swollen cock-head spat out a lump of cum. The white slime splattered on
Kelly's blue-jean clad thigh.

"Hey!" hissed Kelly. "Fuck off!" She slapped at her brother as his arm pumped
repeatedly. Spinning toward the bedroom window, more cum burst from his beating
boner. Losing his foothold, Bud tottered on the branch. He reached out with his
semen-slicked hand and grabbed his sister's bare arm. Shocked with the sudden
wetness on her arm, she tried to push Bud away and lost her footing. "Oh shit!"
she said as they both fell from the tree.

Peggy rubbed the sweat from her eyes, then handed Jefferson his pants. "Hurry up
and get your ass out of here!" she ordered. "My kids will be home soon!"
Jefferson quickly pulled his clothes on. As he quickly went to the bedroom door
Peggy called after him, "Hey, Jefferson?"

The dazed and sore stud looked back at her with glazed eyes. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Thanks a lot," the flame-haired woman grinned.

Jefferson shook his head. "No, ma'am," he mumbled. "Thank you, Peg!"

Peggy slowly put her clothes on and tidied up. As she looked out the bedroom
window at the large tree in the back yard, she noticed some fresh streaks of
white fluid dribbling down the glass. "Shit!" she exclaimed. "Not those damn
starlings again!"

Part 6: A Good Show On TV
Al Bundy scratched at his nuts as he stared at Kelly and Bud. "What the hell's
with you two kids?" he asked. "How could anyone be so damn clumsy?"

Sitting on the sofa beside him, Kelly rubbed at the bandage covering her broken
nose like a huge gauze beak. She turned and glared at her brother Bud sitting in
the armchair. "It's all Bud's fault!" she stammered angrily. "If he hadn't hit
me with his stupid-"

"Bat!" interrupted Bud as he stared back at Kelly meaningfully. He held up his
arm. "We were down at the park playing a ball game, and I- uh-"

"Slipped with your bat, Bud?" Kelly finished, biting out each syllable.

"Cut it out, you two!" ordered their father. "I'm tired of your bickering. Which
reminds me: where's your mother?"

Bud shrugged (ouch!). "When we came in the house from the, uh, ball game, she
was out. I dunno where she is."

"I'd like to know where she is too," said Kelly. "Bud and I need to talk to

Al snickered. "Who knows? Maybe she's out grocery shopping." The three Bundy
family members looked at each other, then burst into laughter. Al then stood up.
"When your Mom gets home," he said, "let her know I've gone in the car to the
nudie bar to watch the peelers!"

The two teenagers waited for their father to leave, then popped the video tape
they'd made that afternoon into the VCR. "Let's hope this session turned out as
good as the last one." said Kelly.

At that moment, Peggy Bundy was pushing a shopping cart through the local food
mart. Peg threw food randomly into the buggy as she stumbled in a semi-daze.
What's wrong with me, she thought; I can't stop thinking about sex! Ever since
her marathon fuck with Jefferson several hours before, her pussy had been
throbbing with desire. Peggy frowned. She knew it had been a while since her
last fuck, but even so, she should have "settled down" by now! She was surprised
that shopping (even just for groceries) hadn't taken her mind off her illicit
sex fling.

Peggy stopped in the vegetable section as something caught her eye. She walked
over to the bin and read the sign above. Cucumbers, it said; half-price! Peg
reached out and grasped one of the long green veggies. She hefted it in her
hand. It felt so good: cool, crisp, and tasty. You could do a lot of things with
a cuke like this, she thought. Peggy put the ripe vegetable into her cart next
to a large salami sausage.

Jefferson picked up the receiver of his ringing phone. "Hello, this is the
D'arcy residence," he answered. Maybe it was Peggy phoning, he hoped; his cock
was still turgid and horny from the afternoon rendezvous.

A strangely-accented voice spoke. "Mr. D'Arcy? This is Dr. Wong," the caller
said. "I have very, very bad news!"

Dr. Wong, remembered Jefferson, was the herbalist from Chinatown. He wondered
what the old fart was phoning him for. "Go on," he answered, rubbing his fingers
against his inflated bulge.

"Potion I give you today all wrong!" Wong said in his thick Chinese accent. "I
got wrong mixture of ingredients in love potion!"

Jefferson scratched his dick. "What do you mean? It worked great!"

"Oh no!" yelled Wong. "You took potion?"

"Yes," answered Jefferson in puzzlement. "Why?"

Wong sounded very upset. "Potion not good for two hours like normal!" exclaimed
Dr. Wong. "That love potion good for two weeks!"

As the taxi droned through the streets, Peg pressed her hand between her thighs.
She looked at the taxi driver in front of her. A thick layer of glass was
between them to protect the driver from muggers. The streets were busy and the
driver seemed distracted. Fuck it, she thought.

Peggy unzipped her tight polyester pants and pushed both them and her undies
halfway down her thighs. Reaching into a grocery bag, she pulled out the
cucumber. Watching the driver to make sure he wasn't catching on, Peg put the
thick raw pickle next to her vaginal lips. She used both hands to carefully feed
the long ridged cuke into her wet hot cunt. Biting her tongue, she slowly pushed
a few inches of the cucumber in. "Mmm," she moaned.

The taxi driver turned around. Luckily for Peg, he saw just her head and
shoulders. "Hey lady," the cabbie said. "Relax! We is gonna be stuck in this
traffic fer a while!"

"Oh!" Peggy Bundy grunted in a daze. "Oh!- Kay!"

"Damn!" said Bud in amazement. He rewound the tape using his unbroken arm.
"Let's watch that again!"

Kelly grinned, her nose bandage making her look a bit like a witch. "With this
tape," she smirked, "we'll be able to black-mail Mom into giving us money for a
new car!"

"Or to pay for my tuition!" laughed Bud. As Bud rewound the video, Kelly
sashayed into the kitchen, her buns wiggling nicely in a tight leather miniskirt
she had changed into.

"I'm thirsty," she said. Opening the fridge, Kelly looked inside. "Hey Bud!"
Kelly called out. "Mom made grape kool-aid. You want some?"

"There is no antidote!" Wong told Jefferson.

Jefferson shrugged and laughed. "Oh well, Doc," the for-hire stud grinned, "I
guess my wife Marcy will have to put up with me for a couple of weeks!"

Wong snorted. "Make sure to destroy all potion. Otherwise sex drive go crazy for
two full weeks!"

"Take it easy," said Jefferson. Man oh man, he thought, Peggy's gonna be
breaking down my door for more of my good stuff! "Don't worry, Doc, it's all
used up-"

Suddenly it hit him: what if Al drank some of the left-over kool-aid? I won't
get a chance to pork Peggy again, the gigolo thought. "OH SHIT!" he shouted.
Jefferson dropped the phone, grabbed his jacket and ran to the door. As he
reached the door, it opened. In walked Marcy, his short domineering wife.

"Where do you think you're going?" demanded Marcy. As Jefferson tried to think
of an excuse, she pushed him toward the kitchen. "It's your turn to cook dinner
tonight!" she scolded.

Peggy paid the cabbie in cash, her face bearing a funny glazed smile. As the
driver thumbed through the dollar bills, he watched Peg stagger toward the door
of the house with her shopping bags. "Hey lady!" he yelled. "Are youse okay?"

"Oh yes!" Peggy smirked at him. "I feel terrific!" After watching the taxi drive
away, Peg unlocked the door and walked in. She saw Kelly and Bud watching a
video on TV. As she walked past them into the kitchen, she called over her
shoulder, "I felt like getting some food into the house for a change."

Putting the groceries away, she noticed it was strangely silent. Peggy looked
into the living room. Both teenagers were staring at her with mischievous grins
as they sipped some kool-aid she'd made earlier in the day. "Kids? What's
wrong?" Peg asked. Then she stepped into living room and froze with shock at
what she saw. On the TV screen, she saw a blurry video image of herself,
buck-naked, bobbing her open mouth up and down on Jefferson's jutting prick!

"You- you bastards!" the red-haired woman shouted.

Bud grinned and hit the fast-forward with his good arm. "Wait," he said as he
gulped more grape drink. "There's more to come!" Peggy looked at the screen
again. She saw herself riding horsey-style on Jefferson as he lay on the floor,
writhing in ecstasy. Although the picture was fuzzy, there was no doubt as to
whom was on the tape.

"There's no use in getting mad," warned her daughter, a smirk half-hidden by the
nose bandage. Calmly sipping at her glass, she said, "We've hidden a copy, so
you can keep this one as a souvenir!"

Peggy started to cry. "You little shits!" she said to her teenage children. "Why
did you do this? You wouldn't- no!"

"What's that?" smiled Bud evilly. "Black-mail our own mother? Why as a matter of
fact, yes we would!"

"We're doing this for your own good, Mom," Kelly jumped in. "After all the
complaining you've done about lack of sex, we're going to make sure you get all
the sex you could ever want!"

"Wha-what do you mean?" their mother stuttered as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"Remember the little chat we told the escort service to give you?" replied Bud.
"We asked them to let you know what being an escort was like."

Peggy's face went red. Tears trickled down her face, splashing onto her
impressive tits. "I can't ever work a job like that!" she wailed.

"Yes, you can." Kelly took a swig of the purple drink in her hand. She felt
flushed with the excitement of black-mailing her mother. "You can, and you

Bud handed his mother a kleenix. It was strange, he thought; he should feel
awful for making his mother cry, but instead he felt gleeful. With shock, he
realized the sight of his Mom blubbering and crying away was arousing him: he
could feel his penis starting to get hard! "It's simple," he explained. "You'll
start working for them as soon as you can. You'll split the money fifty-fifty
with us, or we give the tape to Dad!"

Kelly leaned forward excitedly. "It's a win-win situation!" she giggled. "You
get lots of sex, we all get lots of money, and Daddy doesn't know anything!"

Peg lost it. "You- you- I hate you both!" she screamed. Peggy ran upstairs,
crying and sniffling. As she marched up the flight of stairs, Bud appreciatively
watched his Mom's round hooters spring up and down. His cock stiffened still

He turned to his sister. "I'm going upstairs to give Mom more instructions," he
said to Kelly. "Better hide the video." He walked to the stairs and called over
to his sister, "If Dad comes home, keep him busy."

Part 7: An Evening Well-Spent
Al Bundy stumbled out of the nudie bar toward his car. He belched loudly as he
tried to fit his car keys into the door lock. With a loud barking sound, a beer
fart ripped out of his shorts. "Whew!" he grimaced.

Al somehow managed to get in the car and start it up. As he whistled tunelessly,
the drunken father weaved the old Dodge through the dark street lanes.

After straightening his stiff hard-on, Bud walked into his mother's bedroom. He
saw his tearful mother sitting on the bed as she sobbed. She turned and glared
at him with her puffy red eyes. "What do you want now?" she asked angrily.

Bud gulped nervously. For a second he almost turned and left, but then the
thought dawned on him: he was in charge here! Bud closed the bedroom door and
locked it. He looked his Mom in the eye. "Do you want Dad to see that video?" he
asked his mother.

Peg wiped at her face. "No, he'd want a divorce," she sniffed sadly. "I'll go to
work tomorrow for that damn escort service!"

"Good!" grinned Bud. He reached down and unzipped his trousers, letting them
drop down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and walked toward his mother.
Bud watched her jaw drop open as she saw his huge man-meat sprouting out from
his curly pubic hairs. "And I'm gonna be your first customer!" he told his
mother as he shoved his cock at her face.

"Aw Marcy," Jefferson protested. "I have to go over and talk to the Bundys!"

Marcy shook her head and handed Jefferson his kitchen apron. "Get cooking, lover
boy!" she ordered. "I worked hard all day at the bank, and you're not leaving
until I get a home-cooked meal!"

"But Marcy-" Jefferson whined.

Marcy put a forefinger on Jefferson's mouth to silence him. "No buts," she told
him. "Once we've had dinner, we'll go over and see the Bundys." She then looked
down at his crotch. "Unless," she said to Jefferson, "I want to do something
about that bulge in your pants first . .. ."

Kelly fidgeted nervously on the sofa. Her father would be home soon, but she'd
hidden the tape away safe. Bud's plan was going according to plan, she thought.

A groan came from upstairs. Geez, she thought, Mom's sure crying a lot. It was
taking Bud an awful long time to calm her down. Kelly flicked the TV on to watch
MTV. As she watched the dancing musicians, the blonde teenage girl thought over
the day's events. That Jefferson, she remembered, sure had a nice body. Mmm.

Kelly closed her eyes. She pictured her Mom bobbing down and down on Jefferson's
hard dong. As she revisited the scene in her mind, Kelly reached up under
mini-skirt and started to touch herself . . .

"On your hands and knees, Mom!" commanded Bud. "Now!"

The teary-eyed mother slowly rolled over and got into a kneeling position on her
firm bed. Swallowing the remaining taste of her son's cum, Peggy sniffed and
wiped her nose on her pillow. Her blouse and push-up bra were now off,
unbuttoned by Bud as she'd sucked his large penis to orgasm. He climbed onto the
bed behind Peg. Reaching around her waist, Bud unzipped his mother's tight pants
and pulled them down. The crack between Peggy's round oval buttocks was accented
by a black g-string.

"Well," said Bud, "I see you're wearing some very naughty underwear today."
Looking up to her face, he saw that she was looking back at him. Bud noticed she
wasn't crying nearly so much anymore.

"If you're going to fuck me," his Mom said in a husky voice,"hurry up and get on
with it!"

Stunned, her horny son hooked his fingers under the waistband of the flimsy
undergarment and pulled it off her hips. Bud gasped at the sight of her
red-haired pubic slit: it was shiny and wet with his Mom's natural juices! Bud
grabbed his newly-swollen prick and pressed the hard knobby head against his
mother's pussy.

"Hurry up," whispered Peg Bundy in a strained voice. "Please!"

Bud pushed forward . . .

Kelly's fingers probed her private parts. At times slowly, then quickly, she
rubbed at her small sensitive clitoris. "Fuck, am I ever horny tonight," she
mumbled to herself, unaware of the kool-aid's effect on her libido. Kelly picked
up the pace of her clit-stroking. Shit this feels good, Kelly thought; I sure
hope Bud takes his time talking to Mom.

While using his broken arm to brace against his mother's smooth naked back, Bud
slammed his hips repeatedly against Peggy Bundy's plump ass. His other arm was
wrapped around her torso so he could tug and twist her nipples with his good
hand. Bud rammed his stiff penis into his Mom's tight sucking pussy.

"This feels- unh- great," he moaned at Peg. "Wow, Mom! Your- mmph- ass is hot!"

Peggy had given up pretending that she wasn't enjoying the hard screwing her son
was giving her. Grunting, she squeezed down hard on his intruding cock as it
pumped in and out of her gooey snatch. "Oh Christ!" Peg swore. "Come on, baby,
fuck me harder!" With that, the horny housewife started to buck her hips,
meeting Bud's stiff long strokes.

Kelly's hand twiddled faster and faster. The blonde teenage bimbo's breathing
was very rapid. As she masturbated fiercely, the image of Jefferson humping her
Mom played through her mind. Kelly pictured herself squatting on a cock, a big
fat boner, just like Bud's-

Uggh! For a second she almost stopped rubbing at her clit. Bud was just plain
gross, Kelly thought, but then she unwillingly thought of his prick. That huge
red wang, that massive penis that had shot cum on her thigh . . .

A shiver of pleasure passed up her spine. The idea of fucking such a big dick
was too much for her to resist. She started playing with herself again,
imagining herself pumping and down on Bud's sexual pogo stick. Kelly felt an
orgasm starting to build within her eager little pussy.

Bud's bony hips kept slapping hard into his Mom's well-padded butt cheeks,
making a meaty smacking sound. Beads of perspiration fell from his forehead and
dripped onto Peggy's round ass. As he watched the sweat run down into the crack
of her rear end, Bud felt his balls tense. "Oh Mommy!" he warned. "I'm- gonna-

Peg was lost in oblivion, a smile spreading across her lustful face. "Do it to
me baby!" she shouted as her hips swivelled. "I want you to cum in Mommy's

"UGGH!" grunted Bud. "I- I'M- GONNA- GRR- CUM!" His penis exploded like a
volcano erupting. As he wailed loudly, his thick cock opened up and pounded
burst after burst of warm cum into Peggy's clasping vagina.

Mouthfuls of saliva fell from Peg's open lips as she lost all control. A
powerful star-burst of orgasmic heat wracked through her body. She bit down hard
on the pillow.

Kelly was ashamed. Pulling herself together, she rubbed quickly at the wet spot
she'd left on the sofa. Oh man, what's wrong with me, she thought. The blonde
girl started to cry. She'd cum hard on the sofa, of all places, and while
thinking of fucking her little brother!

Just then, a cry rang out upstairs. "Oh Bud!" she heard her own Mom shout,
"You've got the best cock I've ever fucked!"

It was too much for the poor perplexed teenager. Kelly sobbed. What was wrong
with her? The sound of her mother sharing an orgasm with Bud should have
disgusted her, but instead Kelly felt a feverish throb building in her cunt.

Kelly ran up the stairs and locked herself into her bedroom. Curling up on the
bed while crying, she felt angry, confused, and as horny as all hell. As Kelly
drifted off into a fitful sleep, she unconsciously moved her hand between her
legs and started to touch herself . . .

Bud stumbled out of his parents' bedroom. He looked back at Peggy as she slipped
a nightgown over her curvy, voluptuous form. "Geez, Mom," he said clumsily,
"Thanks for the sex."

Peggy looked at her well-hung son and smiled with a new-found appreciation.
"Remember our deal," she warned. "No telling your father."

"And remember your part of the bargain," grinned the no-longer virgin Bud Bundy.
"Tomorrow, you go to work for Susan's Escort Service!" With that Bud closed the
door and went to his own room for a well-earned snooze.

Al Bundy stumbled drunkenly into the house. Repressing a belch, Al forced out a
beer fart instead; it's more dramatic, he thought proudly. He walked over and
sat on the couch.

"Yuck!" he gasped as he stood up. He turned around and put his hand on the
cushion. It had a small sticky wet spot. Glancing at the coffee table, Al saw
the half-full pitcher of purple kool-aid. "Those damn kids," he said. "They're
always making a fucking mess!" Al picked the pitcher up and carried it to the
kitchen. As he put the liquid refreshment away, he noted with surprise that the
fridge was full of food!

After trudging upstairs, Al climbed into bed with his already snoring wife. He
put his head down on the soft pillow.

"Yuck!" He sat up and looked at the pillow. It was obvious from the red lipstick
smudges that Peggy had been salivating on the it. "Aw shit!" exclaimed Al. "I
hate it when she drools in her sleep!"

Part 8: Hard At Work
Al looked around the breakfast table at the rest of the Bundy clan. "Alright,"
he said. "What's wrong?" No one answered him. He pointed at Peggy, dressed
demurely in a surprisingly tasteful blazer and pants. "Normally, " Al continued,
"your mouth is running a mile a minute- and you cooked bacon and eggs for
breakfast! Are you feeling sick?"

Peggy's lips had a faint smile. "Oh, I guess I'm just in a good mood today," she
said quietly as she gave a sly look to her son.

Al then pointed at Bud. "Son," he puzzled, "you haven't had any of your usual
smart-ass remarks like usual. What's up?"

My dick, Bud thought. He reached under the table to nudge his half-stiff penis
into place in his pants. "Oh, I'm just thinking about something I saw on TV last
night," he smirked.

Turning to his sexy daughter, Al asked, "What's wrong, pumpkin?" He stared at
her no-longer bandaged nose. "Does that big beak of yours still hurt?"

"Yes!" Kelly glared at both her brother and Mom. "Yes, I'm- er- very swollen."
Without a second thought, Kelly rubbed under the table at her throbbing,
unsatisfied cunt. The slender teenager hadn't bothered to wear underwear beneath
her waitressing uniform. I wonder, she idly thought, if Bud gets his big dick
from Dad's side of the family . . . The blonde closed her eyes and sighed. What
the hell's wrong with me, she asked herself.

Al stood up. "I'm breaking in a new assistant at the shoestore today," the Bundy
father declared, "some guy named Victor Wong." He opened the fridge and looked

"Peg, we got anything to drink?" Al asked.

Reaching into the fruit bowl, the redhead hefted a banana. "Maybe I could
squeeze some juice out of these fruit," she purred.

Jefferson pounded on the door with his fist. "Open up, Peggy!" he shouted. "It's
important!" As he waited, the studly escort winced and shifted his legs slightly
wider to allow room for his sore testicles. He'd been up most of the night,
letting Marcy service his unending erection, yet even now he felt his dick pulse
with desire.

Kelly opened the door. The horny stud noticed that her eyes dropped almost
immediately. That's funny, he thought, she sure looks embarassed to see me-

"Hi, Kelly," Jefferson said hurriedly. "I visited yesterday and Peggy made some
delicious grape kool-aid. I have a craving for some more, so do you think I
could, um, get a glassful?" Jefferson realized he'd have to 'accidentally' spill
the pitcher to prevent anyone else from drinking it.

Dazed, Kelly stared at Jefferson's crotch. She imagined herself dropping to her
knees and taking his rock-hard knob in her mouth, just like her mother had. I
wonder what his cum tastes like, she asked herself-

"Kelly?" he asked gently. What's with her, thought Jefferson. "The kool-aid?"

"Huh?" the teenage girl asked, looking back at his face. "Oh yeah, Daddy's about
to finish it off."

Jefferson stared over her shoulder. He could see the sloppy shoesman guzzling
the grape drink straight from the jug! Helplessly, the gigolo watched Al drain
the last drop from the pitcher, then wipe his mouth on his sleeve and belch.
Jefferson looked at Kelly. "Who drank all the kool-aid?" he asked worriedly.

"We all did," stated Kelly with a puzzled look on her pretty face. "Why?"

Jefferson took an unsteady step backwards. "Uh, never mind," he said slowly. "I
gotta get to work!" As he ran across the street to his sports car, Jefferson bit
his nails. I've unleashed a sexual monster, he thought.

Al Bundy unlocked the door of the shoe store and entered. While picking his ears
clean he prepared for the day. As he slowly shuffled about his tasks, Al rubbed
at his penis. Man oh man, he thought, those strippers last night were something
else! Remembering the show from the nudie bar, Al started to get a hard-on.

He stopped what he was doing, surprised at the enlarging dick in his pants.
Geez, he thought, I haven't had a stiffie in ages. Of course, he added to
himself, with that evil woman at home, who could blame me?

Al pictured his wife in his mind, but then was shocked: instead of losing his
erection like normal it started to get even harder! "Shit!" he grumbled. "I
guess I'll have to go poke the old wife tonight."

Although the mall wasn't open yet, Al could hear someone walk in the door. "Is
that Victor Wong?" he called out. He walked out into the sales room. Al was
surprised to see a beautiful Asian woman smiling at him.

"Hello," she said warmly. "My name's Victoria Wong, actually." She extended her
arm and shook his hand. Al's eyes roamed over her. She was dressed in a sexy
skirt and had a nubile body that reminded him uncomfortably of his own
daughter's figure. He felt his cock stiffen still more. "The college employment
office sent me over to work for you," Victoria explained. "They said you'd want
me to give you a hand."

And I'd like to give you a foot or so, Al thought hornily. "Well, let's get to
work then!" the middle-aged father said.

As he walked across the campus between classes, Bud awkwardly held his knapsack
in front of his crotch to hide his huge boner. Although it was a cool cloudy
day, many female college students were still dressed in sexy clothing that did
nothing to help Bud's embarrassing situation.

"For crying out loud," he muttered. "Why won't my hard-on go away?" Bud realized
he'd have to work harder at burning off some of his excess harmones. When he got
home from school, he resolved, he was going to give his Mom another hard

Wearing her dowdy pink waitress uniform, Kelly carried the large tray of fatty
fried foods over to the table. The teenage blonde carefully set the dishes of
bacon and eggs in front of the two truckers sitting at the table. One leered at
her and gave her a big wink.

"Gee, what speedy service!" the fat unshaven man said. "Maybe if you're lucky
I'll give you a big tip!" With that, he reached over and gently pinched one of
her round bum cheeks.

Kelly froze, stunned with the sudden thrill of excitement between her legs.
Normally she would have instantly made sure the customer wore an 'accidental'
lapful of hot food. Instead, the slim teenager felt her little clit start to
ache! Stuttering, Kelly slowly backed away. "Uh, will there be anything else?"
she asked hesitantly.

The other trucker, a handsome black man, smiled. "How about some more coffee?"
he asked politely. As she left to get more coffee, Kelly quickly checked him
out: he was tall and muscular, with a trim beard.

I wonder if he's got a big cock like my brother, she wondered to herself.

With her hands tucked discretely between her thighs, Peg Bundy sat and listened
eagerly as Susan spelled out how the escort service worked. The Bundy wife was
surprised to find out the details of how much money she would be making. Even
after splitting the money with her black-mailing children, she discovered she'd
soon be earning a small fortune.

As Susan explained on, Peggy figured that her son would be looking to sample her
goodies again: perhaps she could keep an extra share of the money if she
satisfied Bud's sexual needs. On her terms of course, Peg thought with a smile.

That only left Kelly to worry about. It might take a while, the scheming mother
knew, but eventually she'd figure out a way to regain control of the situation.
She was looking forward to watching her naughty daughter squirm . . .

Returning with a pot, Kelly poured coffee into the fat man's cup as she spoke to
the other trucker. "How are you feeling today?" she inquired. As she talked
Kelly felt the fat man's hand brush against her knee under the table.

"Not bad," said the black man. He stuck out his hand for her to shake. "My
name's Terry," he said, then gestured to the porky trucker. "My rude friend's
name is Kurt."

Kelly felt fat Kurt's hand slide up her skirt onto her thigh. Although it made
her angry, the teenager felt an electric rush in her tingling vagina. She took a
slight step toward Terry and escaped the fat man's touch.

Kelly introduced herself. Terry made idle chit-chat about the weather and the
road conditions. As she talked to the handsome man, her hormones started to
burn. Soon, Kelly realized, she'd have to make a trip to the washroom and
relieve her sexual urges! She excused herself and walked away to wait on another
table. As Kelly sashayed away, Kurt reached out and stroked her fanny with his

Al gazed on at the heavenly sight. While he carefully 'supervised,' Victoria
Wong was again climbing up a ladder to place a box of shoes on the top shelf in
the back of the store. Wobbling unsteadily on the ladder, she called out, "Mr.
Bundy, I'm afraid of heights!"

The sloppy salesman grinned. "Here," he said, "let me hold you steady." He put
one hand on the side of the ladder and the other on her skirt-clad thigh. "Is
that any better?" Al asked her as he tried to subtly glance up her garment.

The Chinese girl guessed what Al was up to, but was unsure of what to say. "Uh,
sort of, " she muttered angrily. As Victoria pushed the box up onto the top
shelf, the horny father continued to gaze at her slim sexy thighs. His growing
prong was starting to make a sizable lump in his trousers . . .

Part 9: The Day's Efforts
Kelly cleaned off the now deserted table. As she picked up the dishes, she spied
a bank note left by the two truckers. Wow, thought Kelly excitedly, it was a $20
bill! As she looked at it, she found a note underneath.

"I think you need my big tip!" the paper said. "If you want to make more $$, cum
see me in the blue Ford outside! - Terry."

Kelly started to crumple the note, glaring out the window. She saw the handsome
man smiling at her from a blue truck outside. As she noticed his big toothy
grin, the lusty blonde started to feel weak in her knees. Well, she thought, he
was cute. No one else would know - and she could sure use more money!

She quickly put the dishes away, then told her boss she was going for a smoke
break. After making sure no one was paying attention, Kelly quickly walked over
to the cab of the truck. Terry opened the door. "Come on in!" he greeted her.

Kelly climbed in and sat beside him. "Listen," she said urgently. "I've never
done this for money-"

"Oh, I believe you, babe," Terry grinned. He showed the horny girl five
twenty-dollar bills, then said, "I just want some sucking and some fucking,
nothing fancy."

Kelly bit her lip. In the back of her mind, she knew some people would think it
was immoral to swap money for sex, but her feverish sex drive had her pussy
screaming for satisfaction.

She leaned over and kissed Terry warmly. "Uh- okay," she agreed hesitantly. Then
as his long black fingers slowly pulled up the hem of her pink skirt, Kelly
impulsively pushed her warm pink tongue into his wet mouth.

"Bud Bundy?" the lab instructor asked. Bud shook his head: he'd been nodding
asleep, dreaming of slipping his cock back into his mother's well-curved body.
The instructor, Dimitri Panagopoulos, called his name again. Bud raised an arm.

Panagopoulos motioned at him. "Mr. Bundy," the instructor said, "I found your
answer to lab question four to be particularly innovative. Can you please
explain it to the class?"

"Uh, okay," Bud answered. He then started to haltingly explain his answer, but
Panagopoulos interrupted.

"Mr. Bundy, the back of the class can't hear you," Panagopoulos said. "Can you
please come to the front and start again."

Bud rose from his chair and started to stroll up to the front of the room. With
shame, he felt a huge erection tenting up the crotch of his pants. Oh shit, he
thought, everyone's gonna see I've got a fucking hard-on!

Gritting his teeth, Bud turned around and faced his classmates. Taking a deep
breath, he began his explanation. As he talked he heard whispers start to spread
through the classroom. Two attractive woman in the front row started giggling.
One then pointed at him. Bud looked down at his crotch. Aw Christ, he swore to
himself, I've got a big wet spot!

Suddenly, Bud's head snapped up. "AGGH!" he cried out loudly, realizing he'd
been sleeping and had just woken up from a dream. The rest of the students in
his class turned and stared at him in puzzlement.

"Mr. Bundy?" he heard the instructor ask. "Do you have something to say?"

Shaking his very red face, Bud meekly said, "Uh, no."

Al sat behind the store's counter watching Victoria help a customer. It excited
him to watch the lovely college student get down on her knees and slip shoes
onto the feet of the potential buyers. At the moment Victoria was helping a
pretty brunette try on several pairs of high heels. The middle-aged father gazed
on as his assistant's hands carefully held the other woman's slim, sexy nyloned
calf. His penis ached with frustration.

Enough is enough, thought Al. Making sure no one could see what he was doing, he
unzipped his pants and wrapped his fist tightly around his hard shlong. He then
hammered up and down on his cock as he stared at the two beautiful woman only a
dozen feet away.

Out of the corner of her eye, Victoria noticed Mr. Bundy's arm jerking slightly.
It dawned on her what he was doing back there! What a disgusting pig, she
thought. Well, she reasoned, if he's going to behave that way, I'm really going
to make him suffer.

Victoria shifted her position and deliberately allowed the split in her skirt to
fall open, showing off most of her silky thigh. While helping the customer try
on another pair of shoes, she noticed with some satisfaction that Al's arm was
now moving faster.

"Suck it more, Kelly!" howled Terry. "Fuck that feels good! I haven't had my
cock in a woman's mouth in ages!""

Kelly's slick lip-sticked mouth plunged up and down on the groaning man's big
black boner. Working on his prick with all her best effort, the blonde was
putting everything she'd ever learned about fellatio into practice. As she
gently kneaded and squeezed Terry's hairy nuts, she forced his hard penis deeper
into her mouth and throat with each stroke of her head. Kelly's nostrils flared
and she could smell the musky scent of his genitals. "Mmm- mmph- glurk!" she
managed to grunt out between bobs of her head.

Just then, Kurt popped his face through the cab's window and said, "Hey Terry-"
He then stopped and stared at the sight of Kelly's cock-choked face, his own jaw
hanging open.

Terry spoke first. "Kelly," he asked slowly, "can Kurt join us?"

"No!" she said after an audible gulp. "Forget it: he's gross!"

"Ohh, please!" whined the tubby Kurt. "Can't I at least watch?"

"No!" Kelly stated firmly.

Terry pulled a roll of bank notes from his shirt pocket. "If you let Kurt watch
us fuck," he told Kelly, "I'll pay you an extra fifty bucks."

Kelly paused to think the offer over. As she did, Terry put his fingers on her
wet pussy and started to touch her clit. "Well, okay," she agreed reluctantly.

While Kurt climbed into the cab of the truck, Kelly put the stiff black penis
back into her mouth and continued to suck on it. As she tasted the first drops
of precum trickle from the cock, Kurt unzipped his jeans and began to masturbate
while watching . . .

After checking her make-up in her pocket mirror, Peggy Bundy knocked on the
door. It opened to reveal an older, scholarly gentleman. "Hello," she greeted
him warmly. "I'm Peggy from Susan's Escort Service. You wanted to purchase my,
er, companionship?"

Looking embarassed, he invited her in and sat in a chair. "I feel a little
awkward," he explained. "My wife, God rest her soul, passed away a few years
ago. I haven't had, well, any sex since then." He paused. "I hadn't even thought
about sex, until today, that is," he then said.

Peg took off her jacket, revealing a plain white blouse that did nothing to hide
her large scrumptious melons. The older man's eyes widened as he took in the
sight. She then kneeled in front of the seated man and slowly slipped her hands
up his legs. "Really?" she purred. "What made you phone me up and ask for sex?"
she asked, wetting her lips with her long tongue.

The gentleman swallowed uncomfortably. "A young man in one of the college
classes I teach was strutting around with a large erection in his pants," he
explained. "I started to think about my youthful adventures, and well, I soon
had an erection of my own."

Peggy unzipped the man's pants, revealing a quickly swelling prick. As she
lowered her open mouth toward the growing meat, the professor added, "I hope
that poor Mr. Bundy also gets some relief-"

Peg froze. "Bundy?" she asked unbelievingly. "BUD Bundy?"

"Why, yes," said the puzzled professor as he gently nudged the mother's head
toward his turgid penis. "Do you know him?"

Peggy reached out with her tongue and gave his erect penis a wet lick. "Er- why,
yes, he's also a customer," she quickly lied.

"Really?" said the professor.

She unbuttoned her blouse. "Please," she smiled as she then slowly stroked his
dong with her hand, "tell me more about this student . .. ."

"I'll see if we have that shoe size in the back," Victoria said to the brunette.
She turned and walked past the cashier's counter toward the store room quickly.
Startled, Al had no time to hide his hard red peter. Victoria stood in the
doorway, turned and pointed back at Al's penis, and asked, "Got your hands full,
Mr. Bundy?"

Al's face went crimson red. His shame was overwhelming. As he tried to stuff his
hard penis back in his pants, it suddenly gushed a load of cum out onto both his
pants and the floor. He zipped up his fly and followed her, unable to say a
word. When they entered the store room, she glared at Al.

"You disgust me!" Victoria said. "I'm going to report you for harassment!"

"Oh no!" stuttered Al. "Please don't do that!"

Victoria grimaced. "I might not report you," she said, "if you're willing to let
me punish you - and give me a raise of a dollar per hour!"

Al nodded agreement glumly.

"Drop your pants," she ordered Al.

"Wh- what?"

The Asian teenager smiled wickedly. "I'm going to get rid of that customer," she
told Al. "And then I'm going to give you the spanking you so richly deserve!"

Cramped in the driver's seat with his butt bumping against the door, Terry
pushed Kelly Bundy's silky thighs apart. He then eased his black pecker head
between her wet pussy lips. Kelly lay on her back as best as she could, her long
blonde-haired head resting on Kurt's plump leg.

"Hang on, babe!" Terry hissed between his clenched teeth. He pushed his man-meat
in to the hilt. Kelly's tight buttery cunt gripped his cock snugly. The handsome
trucker then started to slide his hard sticky penis in and out slowly, causing
Kelly's sexual juices to make wet squishy sounds.

"Oh shit!" he gasped. "You're incredible! Thank you, honey!"

Kelly moaned loudly, "You're SO welcome!"

As the two horny fuckers pounded away, fat Kurt used his fist to wail on his
aching cock only a few inches from Kelly's twisting, mumbling face. She turned
her head sideways and stared at Kurt's fairly large penis with her lust-glazed
eyes. What the hell, she thought, I'll suck the poor guy's dick. As Terry
stroked into her pussy, she shifted her position slightly. Kelly then started to
suck on Kurt with her saliva-slicked mouth . . .

Bud slammed his school books on the coffee table. What a crappy day, he thought.
All day long, the sex-crazed young man had been teased and laughed at about the
huge bulge in his pants. He sat down on the couch and sighed. Oh well, he
thought; his mother would soon be home to help him with his unending erection.

After climbing down unsteadily from the truck cab, Kelly patted her
old-fashioned waitress uniform into place. She waved as she watched Terry drive
the truck away. As he rounded the corner, she heard the truck's air horn blow
loudly in salute.

In a daze, the horny young woman walked back into the restaurant while wiping
dry crusty cum from her mouth with the back of her hand. She could hear her boss
yelling at her from the kitchen.

Ah, go ahead and yell, she grinned to herself; I don't care 'cause I just made a
pocketful of money. She confidently tapped her uniform's pocket, then stopped in

In her orgasmic haze, she'd forgotten to get her money from Terry! As she felt a
thin trickle of semen start to drip from her tender pussy, Kelly realized that
the truckers had fucked her in more ways than one . . .

"Yeow!" Al Bundy yelled as the leather belt bit hard into his butt cheeks.
Victoria swung the strap again, cracking it against the lusting father's hairy
rear end. "Ouch!" he howled, tears welling from his eyes.

"Maybe," Victoria grunted as she gave Al another powerful smack, "this'll learn
you!" Al started to cry earnestly as the leather strap repeatedly hit his ass.

As he kneeled on his hands and knees, the shoe salesman was mortified to realize
that his hard-on was not going away; if anything, it was getting harder! Al
found the sexy teenager's paddling to be intensely erotic. His face turned red,
not from crying, but from the shame of discovering that he was so turned on by
Victoria's fanny torture. His cock started to spasm, and for the second time
that day, Al's horny penis blew out a huge wad of semen onto the floor.

Part 10: All Good Things . . .
As Peggy walked into the Bundy home, her son stood up and grinned at her. "Dad
ain't gonna be home for a couple of hours," Bud pointed out. "Let's get upstairs
and do some fucking!"

"Not so fast, sonny boy," she told her horny teenage son. Peg smiled wickedly.
"I had a visit with an interesting client today," she said. "Maybe you've heard
of him - Professor Dimitri Panagopoulos?"

The grin disappeared from Bud's face. "Huh?"

Peggy sat on the sofa and crossed her legs primly. "I had a little chat with the
professor," she told him. "How much do you enjoy going to the college?"

"You had me kicked out!" cried out Bud. "How could you do that?"

The curvy redhead carefully checked out her fingernails. "No," she said slowly,
"you're not kicked out; at least not yet." She laughed at him. "The professor
says he might even be able to get you a good summer job working at an
engineering lab - if I help him come to that decision . . ."

Peg stood up. "Get me the original videotape and any copies," she told her
sad-faced son, "and I'll make sure you get that summer job." The slutty mother
put a long-nailed hand on each of Bud's shoulders, then reached down and gently
touched her son's bulging crotch. "Who knows, maybe I'll even give you an
occasional screw," she cooed. "God knows you've got the biggest cock I've ever

Bud started to grin again and blushed with embarrassment at his mother's praise.
"Aw, gee, Mom-"

Peggy then squeezed hard with her hand, crushing Bud's balls. "But if I don't
get that video tape," she hissed menacingly, "you'll be singing soprano!"

The teenager fell to the floor clutching his testicles. Geez, he thought, I wish
people wouldn't do that to me! Opening his mouth, Bud managed to gasp out,
"Kelly hid the video!"

Peg Bundy stood astride her son, a long slender leg on either of his sides. "Get
me the tape," she warned, "or you can kiss your college and my pussy good-bye."

Al winced as he sat in the Dodge's driver seat. His ass was burning red hot, yet
his ears were even hotter: they stung with the words Victoria had said last as
she'd left the store.

"You'd better get your wife to rub some ointment on your butt," she'd laughed at
him, "because tomorrow I'm bringing a wooden spoon!"

Dejected, Kelly threw her jacket onto the coffee table. What an awful day, the
pretty young woman thought. Her tight vagina ached with the hard-core porking
she'd received from the truckers, yet her clitoris buzzed with anticipation: she
was still filled to the brim with lust. Physically, she'd enjoyed the
humiliating fuck she'd been given, but on an emotional level Kelly felt used and
disgusted by her uncontrollable desire.

She saw Bud and her Mom standing by the stairs. Both glared at her angrily. Bud
spoke first.

"Where'd you put the tape, Kelly?" he asked her. "Give it to Mom now!"

"Fuck you!" she answered.

"No, Kelly," glared her mother. "Fuck YOU. Give me the tape, or I'll make you
give it to me."

"Maybe you're chickening out," she said to Bud, "but I expect Mom to buy me a
new car!" Kelly smirked. "And she's going to have to suck a lot of cocks for
that to happen!" she sneered at her Mom.

Peggy slapped Kelly's face. Stunned, the blonde stepped backwards. "You'll be
sorry, Mom!" declared Kelly hotly. "I'll make you pay for that!"

"I don't think so," said Mrs. Bundy. "Son, come here and help me punish your
naughty sister."

As Kelly watched worriedly, Bud stepped forward . . .

Al walked up to the front door of the house. Rubbing his sore hind end, he
unlocked the front door and walked in to see a surprising sight. Held down by
Bud, Kelly was on her knees, bent over the coffee table with her waitress skirt
pulled up to her waist! As Al stared on in disbelief, his wife Peggy pulled back
her open hand and then struck one of Kelly's beautiful oval-shaped buttocks with
a resounding smack! Bud tightly held a hand over Kelly's mouth, muffling the
sexy teenager's cry of pain.

"Wh- what's going on here, Peg?" Al asked, unable to take his eyes away from his
teenage daughter's reddening bum.

Kelly tried to yell something, but Bud clamped her mouth firmly, silencing his
sister. "Kelly stole some money from Mom's purse," lied Bud. "She won't tell Mom
where the money is, so I'm helping Mom spank Kelly!"

Smack! Peggy hit her teenage daughter's rear again. Smack! Kelly jolted with
pain. Exasperated, Peggy turned to her husband. "Al," she whined, "your daughter
is behaving badly. Get over here and help me punish her!"

The head of the Bundy family looked at the heavenly sight. His daughter had such
a perfectly shaped fanny: she was tall and slim, and from behind looked much
like the Asian woman who'd administered a spanking to him. Al felt his dong
start to harden. Kelly's father reached down and started to unbuckle the belt he
was wearing, the belt that Victoria had used to spank him only a few hours

"Kelly," said Al as he took a step toward Kelly's jutting ass, "this will hurt
me more than it'll hurt you."

"Please, Doctor Wong!" pleaded Jefferson. He pressed his hands together and
begged in front of the Chinese herbalist. "I feel awful about this!" he said.
"Those poor Bundys! They'll be going crazy with lust!"

Wong shook his head. "No antidote is possible," he said with a blank look on his

Smack! Al's belt swatted at his daughter's very red ass. As tears trickled down
her cheeks, Kelly wiggled and squirmed to escape her brother's grasp.

"Are you ready to tell me where you hid my money, Kelly?" Peggy asked as Al took
a short break to rest his belt hand. Bud took his hand off Kelly's mouth.

"I made a video Daddy!" shouted Kelly as Bud tried to cover her mouth again.
"Help- Mmph!"

Bud quickly spoke up. "Jesus," he said with mock disgust. "Kelly's still lying!"

Al tried to ask Kelly a question, but Peggy interrupted. "Al, this isn't
working," the redhead pointed out. "Maybe we should take turns spanking her,"
Peg said. "If we alternate hands, we can spank Kelly for a long, long time."

The shapely blonde really started to squirm when she heard this. Grinning
slightly, Bud piped in, "I'll help too! Kelly shouldn't be allowed to behave
like this!"

Peggy looked at Bud knowingly and winked at him. "Good idea, son," she said.
"I'm glad you're starting to see our side!" Peggy used one of her arms to help
Bud hold her daughter down on the coffee table.

"Well, I don't know if Bud should-" a perplexed Al began to say.

"Nonsense!" said Peggy. "Al, we have to let Bud understand how wrong his sister
is." She turned to her obedient son and gave him another secret wink. "Give
Kelly a good smack and let her know how naughty she is!"

Smack! went Bud's hand gleefully. Smack! Al's belt struck a fleshy cheek. Smack!
whistled Peggy's hand through the air. Smack! Smack! Smack! went Bud, Al, and
Peggy. Smack! Smack! Smack!

Silenced by Bud's gripping hand, Kelly started to bawl uncontrollably. Her
wracking sobs causing her small firm tits to shake and wobble . . .

As Wong watched the exasperated Jefferson leave, he called over his shoulder,
"Come back in." His lovely daughter Victoria stepped back into the room. Wong
turned to her. "That must be same man, this Bundy?" he asked her.

Victoria crossed her hands and pouted. "Oh Daddy," she sighed. "That bad man Mr.
Bundy! He doesn't deserve any sympathy!"

Wong looked unsure. "You know," he began, "antidote to love potion is maybe
possible. I could test-"

The sexy Chinese teenager interrupted. "No!" she said emphatically. "Please
Daddy, let me handle this!" The shrewd teenage girl smiled. She realized she had
two weeks to look forward to, two weeks of cock-teasing the unfortunate,
sex-crazed Al Bundy. She started to laugh. "Don't worry, Daddy," she said. "I
can handle Al Bundy."

Al lay on his bed, nursing a severe hard-on with his hand. He hated to admit it,
but giving his daughter such a painful spanking had excited him tremendously!

The three Bundys had repeatedly spanked Kelly's plum-like ass for an hour before
she'd finally given in. Gasping in pain, the tear-faced blonde had managed to
gasp something about a secret cubbyhole in the basement. While Peggy had run
down into the basement to get back her money, Al had ordered Kelly into her
bedroom. Sad, thought Al thought; why would Kelly behave so badly? She'd never
been so naughty before.

The worried father had wanted to talk to his daughter about the incident, but
Peggy had insisted that she speak to Kelly alone. Leave this to me, Peggy had

Al thought again about the sight of his daughter's bright red ass cheeks poking
high in the air. The sight was so arousing, he realized he'd have to actually
make love to his wife to get rid of his aching boner. Oh well, Al thought, poor
Peggy hasn't had sex for ages; she'll be happy at least. Shamefully, he started
to tug harder on his cock.

Peggy smirked at her daughter. "Bud and I have agreed to back each other's
story," the mother said, nodding to the grinning Bud standing behind her. "So
don't get any ideas about telling your father the truth."

Kelly wiped her eyes with a kleenix. "But- but-"

"Now, now, Kelly," said her Mom. "You'll still get your new car. Eventually."

"H- how?" Kelly sobbed.

Peggy licked her lips. "Because, honey," she explained, "tomorrow you'll be
coming to work with me."

Kelly's red eyes bugged wide open. "NO!" she cried.

"Oh yes," smiled Peggy Bundy. "And I'm going to take half YOUR profits!"

The slender blonde girl started crying again. "No! I won't do it!"

Bud grinned. "What's that, Kelly?" he asked as he cupped his hand to his ear.
"You say you want to steal money from Mom again tomorrow?"

The large-breasted redhead turned and walked to the door. "Face it, Kelly," she
said to her sad-faced daughter. "Now you're fucked: you're coming to work with
me tomorrow, and I'm going to show you a few new tricks."

Bud pulled some money out of his pocket and handed Kelly a measly five dollar
bill. "And I'm your first customer," he sneered. The college boy unzipped his
jeans and pulled out his quickly hardening penis.

Peg smiled. "Hurry up, Kelly," said her mother, "you should get all the practice
you can for tomorrow!" She then closed her daughter's door as Bud pushed his
cock toward Kelly's attractive face.

As Peggy Bundy walked back to her own bedroom, she could her daughter's sobs
slowly change into gulping, choking sounds.



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