Kelly Orgasmic .... Princess Leia Character, Starring Kelly Bundy
Bud Bundy Plays with himself as 'Luke' Bud Bundy.
Darth Al, played by Al Bundy.
Hahn (Steve) Solo's character is played by Steve Rhodes.
Marcy Rhodes plays Jabba the Put
Obi Won Kinobi is Old-one Knobby played by Ephraim Wanker (Tim Conway)
Wookie is played by Buck the Wookie

Married... With Children: A Bundy Star Wars Part 2 (f-mast)
by ShadowWalker

Back on Tangerine

Bud, laying naked across the alien eleven and twelve year old girls, after
having a wild orgy all night long, as he and the droids probed each slave
girl several times; he awakes with a powerful smell on his breath, "O'god!
is that Tequila or pussy I have on my tongue?"

C-3-PU looks up from three more of the young slave girls, one with her legs
in the air with his finger shoved inside her vagina as his digit turns at a
high vibrating speed and thrusting it in and out to her moans and screams;
the golden droid looks at Bud, asking "Master Butter Pee, anything wrong?"

(The stories now continues)

Now, Part 2 of 3 of Kelly Bundy's Star Wars

"Thats Master Batter ‘B'! Dam it! and No, not really, where's that little
trashcan friend of yours?" asks Bud as he stands up, naked with a pre-teen
slave girl lip locked to his cock as she continues to suck on him like a
young baby Banta.

"He's probably taken off in search of someone called Obi-something? Obi-fart?
Obi-wad? Obi-thingy." suggests C-3-PU as he follows Bud out the door of the
slave quarters, one leg in his pants and the girl still sucking on his cock
as she clings to his free leg.

Bud stops, looks down at the girl as he now wants to pull his other pants leg
on, "Look sweat ass, I really need my pants Oooo, Oh crapper!" yells Bud as
he grips the girls head and starts thrusting his cock down her throat, then
forces it into her as deep as he can and shoots his load, ""Dam! Now that's
the Power of the Force."

"Na! it's just a good blow!" exclaims C-3-PU as he climbs into the small MG
sports car, "Com'n Master Weed, we have to find R-U-2, he can really be a
problem at times."

"That's Master ‘B' TIN-HEAD! if you don't get my name straight I'll scrap
ya!" screams Luke as he climbs into the small sports car.

C-3-PU waves his hand about with a limp wrist, "Oh! ex-puse meee, I thought
you were himroid."

"That's HOMOROID, and that is what you are!"

"Oh no MASTER Wrinkles, I'm AC and DC."

* * *

Aboard the Death Mall, deep inside the drunk tank

Kelly Orgasmic lays on the cell bunk, naked as her dress was taken to prevent
her from injuring herself, she plays with herself as she closes her legs
about her hand as she rubs her clitoris when the door opens, she raises up on
one arm as she sees two, then four storm troopers enter her cell, one carries
a bottle of old force whisky; "Well, are we here to party? ..." Kelly asks as
she watches the troopers strip off their armor, dropping the heavy body armor
to the cell floor, she then grins as she comments, "... Oh, I see, party time
for the home team."

One guard puts the bottle on the table, another deals some cards out.

"Are you guys kidding, with a body like this and you're going to play cards?"
asks Kelly as she grabs her tits and holds them up and shakes them at the

"Keep your knickers on Senator Orgasmic, we're just drawing to see who gets
first entry." explains one trooper as he deals out the cards.

"Why? I can fuck you four guys at the same time; even with those triple
thingys." assures Kelly with a little confusion on her face as she observes
the extremely large triple headers between each trooper's legs. Kelly stands
as she twists her body in place, "I'm no spectacle you know."

One trooper looks at his fellows, then grins, "She is a dip isn't she."

"Sure is!" says another trooper.

"Yeah Honey cakes, I tink you mean you ain't a spectator." explains another
Trooper as he studies his cards , he reaches down to stroke two of his three
penis' that are semi erect.

Kelly jiggles in place as she fights to form the right retort, "I am also a

"I think she means senator." explains the most literate of the Troopers.

"Besides, she don't be aware that we is drawing for first entry into her
tight snatch before it gets stretched out of shape by all the udders." says
the Sergeant with a laugh.

"What otters?" asks Kelly, now showing a worried look, her eyes in a thin
slit as she stands naked in front of the troopers, watching them play cards
as the sergeant puts his hand beneath Kelly's cunt between her legs and runs
his hand along her inner thigh.

"The rest of second shift hot thing, some forty troopers, all horny and all
haven't had a female anything for two years; Boy, are they horny!"

"Yeah, you'll be lucky if they don't rape you to death."

"To death?" comments Kelly to herself, looking around the cell, first at the
troopers, then at their armor, then at the cell door, "Run feet!" Kelly's
legs stretched out longer than when she was first raped by her personal
security guard when she was ten. Grabbing a piece of armor she jumps through
the door as she strikes the lock button on the other side of the cell.

The door slams as the guards rush toward the door to grab her, only to crash
into the hard alloy door. Kelly peeks through the cell window and hits a
button labeled ‘FLUSH', "Ah HA!" she brags as the cell opens to the vacuum
of space and they get sucked out naked into he dark void, "Oops! Sorry, I
thought it was a card game."

Kelly quickly puts the armor on in order to pass herself off as a trooper,
only to discover that she has missed grabbing the pants. "Dam! No wonder my
ass is cold."

Kelly looks around to come face to face with Darth Al, a beef sandwich as he
lifts his helmet, fakes playing on the beefy thing (Old Aide Theme), then he
takes a big bite, then chews on the bite with his helmet lowered back into
place, his voice is muffled by his chewing, "Hmmm chump, um, Ooo, umm." With
the wave of his hand the guards behind him come around and take Kelly into
their arms as they now follow Darth, the Dark lord of sales to the bridge of
the death mall.

* * *

Again on Tangerine

An MG land sport speeder sits buried in the sand, "Look golden rod, I don't
carry a spare levitator, and when this one went flat, it means we're stranded
out here in the desert."

"Are you sure this isn't a resort with all this sand?" asks C-3-Pee Hole as
he gets startled from the sound of an animal, "What's that?"

Bud looks up as he also hears the animal, "Bantha! Must be Testy Raiders."

"You mean Tungston Raiders!" corrected C-3-PU.

"No, I mean Testy Raiders, if you live out here alone with nothing but other
males, you's be testy and horny as well." explained Luke as he eye's the
strange Droid.

"Oh no Matser Poke, I'd be happy; after all, I am DC and AC." then the beast
sound is heard again, "RAIDERS! We're doomed, doooomed!" yells C-3-P-O.

"Look C-THREE-PEE-U, don't get in such a fart! I'll get my illegal assault
rifle and we'll go look and see if we can find shot them first."

"Oh, can I shoot one, "i'd really like to kill something." bagged the bitchy

Bud carries his Aay Kay Assault weapon as he crawls up to the hill, then
carefully looks over the edge with his binoculars, "There they are, there's
two of them; strange, they always travel in threes."

"Ooo, a thrree way affair, now I could go for that ..." C-3-PU's rambling is

Suddenly a shadow appears over Luke, Bud is startled as he turns around to
see the third raider with a double barrel shotgun, "Oh crap!" he yells then
he faints, peeing his pants as C-3-P-O gets nervous and backs away, "Oh my!
Pee! DANGER! DANGER! RUST!" He backs up and falls down the hill.

The Raider looks at Bud who lays unconscious on the ground in a puddle of
pee, then he yells to his fellow Raiders, "He peed his pants! Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Suddenly the Raider Freaks as he hears the Ominous sound of the Horny Beast,
"Whooo Hooo!"

The Raiders run away as a clocked figure staggers from over the hill, moaning
aloud and waiving his arms about, "Whoooo Hoooo Weeeee, I got'a Pee! dam! no
more beer for me, my kidneys can't handle, ... (pause) ..." the figure spots
Bud laying in a puddle of pee, ..."What have we here, another drunk?"

The man kneels, feeling Bud's head, as R-U-2 (unseen until now, he has a
yellow stripe up his back). the man spots him, "Oh, a trash can, I can
relieve myself." R-U-2 whistles and shakes from fear of being used as a
toilet. The man understands the trash can droid, "Hello there! Oh, I can
us the boy to pee on since he's out and already has a puddle, he won't
know the difference will he."

Bud comes around just as the man finished and is zipping up. "Oooo, I must
have fainted, and I all wet."

"Yes, you must have peed yourself from fright; and from the size of that
puddle you must have been one hell of a coward."

Bud looks up at the Man, Old One Knobby!"

"Bud? One one of you panty raids again? or just looking for someone to fuck?"

"Well, I did pay for a couple preteen whores last night, ..." snickered Bud,
"... gave them a quarter."

"If you mean the preteen females from Gondor, they're over a hundred years

"No way Knobby!" stammered Bud.

Old-One scratched his balls, "Dam right, I still have a rash." he looks
around as he scratches, Let's get you out'a here before those hoods come

"Dam, those bastards stole my Asy-Kay." cursed Bud as Old-One Knobby dragged
Bud towards the MG with R-U-2 staggering and spitting with whistles as it
followed, avoiding the wet sandy spot.

"Old-one Knobby? What are you doing here?"

"Apparently chasing thieves away from your once fancy sports car; they appear
to have stolen your radio." says Old-one Knobby as he helps Bud on his feet,
they both stagger towards the car "Your pants are wet, you'll have to change
at my shack."

* * *

In the main conference room of the Death Mall

Tarpin is listening to a report from his legal attorney, "We are on shaky
ground Governor, the planet Orgasderon is a planet of nudist, they will never
accept a mall that sells shoes, let alone clothing."

"Then find a way to get their naked butts covered then! We have shoes dam-it!
and pants! We have to make nudity illegal, make them ashamed of it; make it
shameful; make them wear clothes to cover their shame." orders Tarpin.

General Quil speaks up, "This death Mall will cram clothes down their throats
Governor, it is fully operational."

Darth Al steps up to stand beside Tarpin, "This Death Mall is nothing when
compared to the force!"

"The Force! Ha! Old beliefs and fairytales will not force the people of the
empire to wear the Imperial clothing line, or the Sith shoe line for that

Al steps up to the General and holds out his hand, gripping a single sock in
his fist as he wags it under the General's nose, "The Force will overpower
them without the need of this mechanical device that you are so proud of."

The General grimaces as he pulls back from the wreaking rag, "Oh my word that
is strong!" he gags, he chokes as he tries to breath, then he passes out.

"Oh well, need I say more." brags Darth as he tucks his worn sock back into
his pocket.

The remaining generals gasp in shock at the Power Darth has illustrated.

The Governor looks at Darth Al, "Now that wasn't necessary, now I have to
find another Dufus to blame my failures on."

"Don't sorry Governor, I'll find the droids and we'll blame them." assures
Darth as he turns and exits the board room.

* * *

On Tangerine, located within a summer resort cabin.

"Nice Cabin Old-one Knobby, how much did it put you back?" asks Bud as he
helps C-3-PU and sets him to one side for repair as Old-One studies R-U-Two
and turns a switch, a projector lens flickers and a small porno hologram
appears, Princess/Senator Kelly Orgasmic bends over and speaks into R-U-Two's
video lens/microphone, the lens is looking down her transparent gowns opening
and both Bud and Old-One stare at the young girls breasts, noticing her hard
nipples and her yellow pubic hair between her legs.

"Wow, what a pair of knockers! Who is she?"

Old-One looks at the horny youth, then shrugs his shoulder, "She's a young
girl in trouble and needs our help."

"Woo, wait a minute, I don't do abortions; any girl that gets in trouble
should think ..."

"Put your penis back in your pants young Bud Bundy, she has plans and
needs help in getting them to Orgasderon." explains Old-One as he turns his
attention back to the R-U-Two unit and the hologram of the now nude Kelly
dancing for the R-U-2 unit.

Bud starts repairing his golden droid as Old-One walks over to a foot locker
and tosses items here and there, then he pulls out a long Sword, he holds it

"What's that? A ginso knife? Are we having fish tonight?" asks Bud with a
sneer on his lips.

"This is you father's light-saber; the weapon of a Jedi knight."

"I'd rather have a blaster, that saber is old."

"Blasters are cumbersome, light-sabers are the weapons of the Jedi." brags
Old-one Knobby.

"Yeah, and look what happened to the Jedi knights; they got their asses shot
up." says Bud as he takes the weapon and studies it, "How does it work?"

Old-One roles his eyes, "Like any saber, it's a slash and dice type of

"Well, where does the light part come in?"

"Idiot! You fight in the darkness, then you turn the light on and flash it in
your opponents eyes, blinding him, then you cut his wooly off!"

Bud turns the light on, swings the sword about as Old-one, C-3-PU and R-U-TWO
jump for cover. The light blinds Bud as the long sword blade catches in the
table, he trips over the blade and stumbles into the fireplace.

Old-One looks at Bud, mumbling "Putz!"

* * *

Tangerine Desert

Storm troopers are searching the desert around the abandoned escape pod as
one Trooper holds up a small round synthetic ring to Darth, "Look sir,

"We are close, that is a Droid's anus ring, he must have been so scared that
he farted so hard and blew his ring out."

"Look sir!" yells another trooper atop a sand dune, "A pile of Droid poop!"

* * *

Near Lost Weasels Space Port.

A lone MG skims the sandy road on it's way to Lost Weasels.

Bud is driving as Old-One sits in the passenger seat, gripping the roll bar
for dear life, the two Droids are strapped down in the jump seat.

"Why are we going to the Spaceport?" asks Bud.

"We need a spaceship to get us to Orgasderon, where the Princess should be;
dammed if I'm going to walk it!"

Inside the city limits the MG pulls up to a road block, "O great, they're
checking for DUI's."

"Have you been drinking again Bud?" asked Old-One as they come to a stop and
then he greats the guard, "Howdee Dodee!"

"What business do you have her at Los Weasels?" asked the armored trooper.

Old-One Waives his hand across the trooper's face mask as he rhymes "Roses
are Red, Violets are Blue, we have a free pass to the Weasels Zoo."

The trooper steps back, waiving his hand, yelling, "Get out'a here, Oh my

The MG disappears into the center of the city as one trooper asks the other,
"What is it? Did he use an old Jedi mind game on you Sarge?"

"No, he had the smell of pussy on his fingers, and it was at least ten years
old, that old man never washed his hands since he finger fucked someone."

The MG pulls into a used car lot where Bud sells it for credits to pay their
way to Orgasderon, "Well, it's not much, but I won't be needing it any

"The way you drive you should never need it! Now we go in here to this bar,
be careful, there are pilots of all types."

Bud looks worried, "You mean Killers, bandits, thugs and villains?"

"No! I mean there are weight lifters, gays, lesbians, liberals, republicans
and the most dreaded of all aliens, the IRS agents."

"IRS!" yells C-3-PU.

"Stay here C-3-PU, just in case you didn't pay your taxes."

Bud and Old-One enter the bar and seat themselves at the bar and order sissy

After their first Shirley Temples, Old-One wonders around to various tables
(this is how the old drunk gets his spending money) as Bud watches the old
drunk, thinking to himself, "Oh fine, he must have Old Timers disease, he
shopping for whores."

Bud drinks a few more drinks and then passes out.

Bud comes around when he feels some ones hands in his pocket, "Hey!"

A man dressed in a suit has his hand inside Bud's pants, searching for his
money, "You sold something for credits, and you haven't paid any taxes."

From behind, Bud hears Old-One's voice, "This little one hasn't got the
balls, I have."

The IRS agent turns with his weapon drawn, but is blinded by a bright light
as he quickly covers his eye.

Old-One makes his move as he slices and dices the agent into two even lumps
of cold-slaw.

"Come with me Bud, we have a ride to catch." orders Old-One as he drags Bud
from the bar.

Bud complains, "I haven't had a whore yet! I don't want to die a virgin!"

Old-One yanks Bud around, warning him, "Use a droid, do you want to end up
like an IRS agent?"

"Wow, cold slaw." says Bud as he looks back at the two piles of IRS agent,
and the patrons as they take portions for their salad.

"Where are we going?" asks Bud as he staggers and stumbles behind the elder

We have to catch a ride on the Mel-lon-dee-dom Fucken, the fastest star ship
in this sector."

Both come to a stop in the ally and hide in a nearby doorway as Old-One
watches teams of Federallies search the city for the droids and the two
humans who had sold a hot MG.

Bud and Old- Knobby quickly gather their Droids and enter the hanger where
the starship awaits, the pilot, Hahn Steve Rhoades is making final flight
plans, yelling his orders to his flight engineer, a big dog like creature
from a planet of Cookies (another Kelly Bundy miss-pronunciation) named

"Buck! Get that lifter adjusted, we have to take off in a minute, and quit
chewing that tobacco, otherwise I‘ll start calling you Chewbacca; and leave
my slippers alone!" yells Steve as he turns his attention to his paying
passengers, "Welcome money bags, got the cash?"

"Yes, do you have a fast ship?" retorts Old-One Knobby.

"This is a ship?" asks Bud.

"Actually this is a Dodge, but it is in great shape and it will get us to
Orgasderon; now hurry!" yells Steve as he draws his weapons.

Bud looks around to see IRS Troopers rushing into the hanger as Steve and
Buck open fire at the Federallies, then they also quickly flee up the ramp,
Steve orders Buck, "Start the engines Buck, and get us out'a here."

Laser fire strikes all around as the group rush up the ramp as Steve returns
fire, blasting two of the agents, "I hope these jerks aren't from California
and are after me for sales taxes off the internet."

Steve jumps inside and closes the ramp as Buck takes the ship upward and
flies up through the ionosphere as Steve seats himself into the pilots seat.

* * *

On the bridge of the Death Mall

Kelly, still wearing only the upper Trooper Body armor, is escorted onto the
bridge with guards at her side and Darth and the others following behind,
giggling as they watch Kelly's bare ass wiggle.

Governor Tarpin turns to see Kelly, noting that she has nothing on from the
waist down, "Well, back to old habits Ms Orgasmic, using you snatch to show
the way?"

"I though I smelled your crotch Tarpin, you should take showers more often."
says Kelly as she holds her chin up in defiance.

"You should know little bitch, your tongue has been licking down there more
than often; Remove her armor! she looks stupid with that on her." Orders
Tarpin as the guards remove the armor from Kelly, leaving her standing naked
in front of the Governor.

The governor stares out at a distant planet, "Know what planet this is

"Probably some dump!, ... no, wait a minnie-no-tie, that's my home world of
Orgasderon, we have no sales, or malls, we don‘t even have social security."
pleads Kelly.

"Alright then missy do-goodie, tell me where the secret rebel base is." asks
Tarpin as he turns to ogle Kelly's nakedness.

"What rebel base? I never heard the rebel radio station with it's advertisers
on great looking gotcha shoes, those dam delightful vibrators or the Mexican
Hot Sex Jells." Kelly explains to Tarpin.

"Then you want me to destroy your home world of Orgasderon; I'll eventually
locate the rebel base station anyhow."

Kelly twitches in lace, bouncing up and down as she crosses her legs.

Tarpin watches Kelly bounce in place, then asks, "Do you need the restroom?"

Kelly looks at Tarpin through slit eyelids, "No! I'm just horney!, Ooooo!
Alright!, they're on the Moon of Los Vegas, third block down, room 207; but
I've never been there." exclaims Kelly as she wriggles in place; Darth Al's
finger is thrust up her pussy from behind, which had nothing to do with
Kelly's flinching.

Tarpin turns to his weapons officer, "Fire sale at will commander."

"What!" yells Kelly when she realized that her boobs were up in the zero

"You know that Vegas is way out'a of the way to be an effective example for
the rest of the Galaxy and Wanker county for all to witness the fire sale
power of this Death Mall." Tarpin turns to watch his weapon fire as he
orders his guards, "Take her to the cell, schedule her execution as soon as

Kelly is picked up forcibly as she kicks her feet wildly about, "The little
green men will stop you, as soon as they get the force from the Bundy Soxs."

Tarpin turns around as Al warns him, "You have seen the power of the force,
and the smell of those soxs; we dare not allow the LGMs to release the power
of those sox."

Tarpin thinks a moment, then orders Al, "Send troopers to Los Vegas to locate
the rebel base, keep it out'a the reach of the rebels, and locate and wash
those sox before the LGMs get to them and extract the power of the force."

"Yes Governor, your word are my command." acknowledges Darth Al, breathing
heavy through his mask from the burden of his barbequed beef and onion
sandwich; he makes a quick twirling turn as his cape by Calvin Klink of
Hollywood, for the discrete, and leads several of his troopers from the

Tarpin watches the black caped legend of the football field disappear, noting
aloud to himself, "He really needs to exercise, his breathing is too heavy."

* * *

Meanwhile, aboard the Mel-lon-dee-dom Fucken

Bud is playing with himself (with his light saber) in the playroom of the
Mel-lon-dee-dom Fucken. "Strike One - Strike Two - Strike Three!" yells
Old-one Knobby as Bud strikes out as the anti grav balls fires a laser and
sparks his ass.

"Ouch! that smarts!" yells Bud as he stagers back from the Jedi trainer.

"Bud, you have the force within you; you can do it." assures Old-One Knobby
as he tinkers with the small droid then reactivates its hologram projector,
an image of Kelly comes into focus; she is fourteen and naked, on all four
doing a doggie style fuck fest with a much younger Old-One Knobby.

Bud notices the image and gets a hard-on as he staggers over. "Hey, that's
you fucking the princess; I didn't know that you were a porn star?"

Old-One stands up, grabs his head as he feels tons of pain, "Oh I just got
a head ache!"

"Sure it's not ice cream freeze?" asks Bud as he watches the old man dance
around the table.

Old-One pinches his nose as if he had eaten something really cold as he
explains, "It's the force, I feel souls of billions of nudist who have just
been clothed and brought to shame."

Immediately Hahn Steve Rhoades rushes into the play room, "Quick, hide the
stash, we have a cop on our tail!"

"Stash?" asks Bud with a puzzled look on his face.

Steve looks at Bud, then at Knobby, "Oh! wrong passengers; well, quick, get
into your seats!"

Steve seats himself as Buck points towards the passing Tie Fighter.

"That'a boy, arm the weapons, we can't allow it to report our position!"
orders Steve as Bud and Knobby take the seats.

"That ship is heading towards that small moon." notes Bud.

"That's no moon, that's a gas station." notes Old-One Knobby as he continues
to favor his head ache.

"Gas station? it's too big to be a gas station." rebuffs Steve as he takes a
closer look and sees bilge being dumped out it's garbage chute.

* * *

On board the Death Mall

"It fits the wants and warrants on the ship with the runaways that farted
it's way out'a Los Weasels." explains the Storm trooper to Darth Al.

"Take the crew prisoner, and search the ship for the droids." orders Al as
he turns and leaves the landing bay control tower.

Troopers enter the ship as soon as it comes to rest; the ship is empty. One
trooper exits and explains that the crew had disappeared to his Commander who
explains, "They're hiding somewhere, get the X-Ray machine, we'll threaten
them with breast cancer."

Inside the ship, Steve, Buck, Bud and Old-One lift the floor plates and come
out from their hiding places, Steve looks at Old-One who has a puzzled look
on his face, "O' all right! I smuggle blond girls for training on Risa where
they are trained as whores."

"Oh! well that's all right then." acknowledges Old-One as he climbs from the
hidden contraband compartment.

Old one looks at Bud, instructing him, "I must go alone young Bud, you and
Steve will have to rescue the princess."

"But what about getting your share of nookie Old-One?" Pleads Bud, "
have to remember that fifteen year-old's tight snatch."

"Snatch, Watch! I have to disable the tractor beams so that you can get the
princess off the station; you and Steve will have your hands full getting her
off the station as it is." explains Old-One as he disappears down the ramp,
looking like one of the hanger crew and not drawing attention to himself;
even though he was three times the size of the Grubs that Zerg had loaned the

"But how are we going to get off this ship!" whines Bud as he spins in a
circle, "...I'll never lose my virginity."

Every one looks at Bud and laughs, "A virgin!" laughs Steve as he leans
against Bucks big furry body.

"What are you two laughing at? It's isolated conditions living on Tangerine."

"Even Buck has had bitches in the most remote areas of the universe; why I
even remember Buck nailing a very surprised squirrel." brags Steve as he pats
Buck on his shoulders.

"What happened? did the squirrel have half breeds?"

"Get real kid, the squirrel couldn't take the size of Buck's cock, so Buck
here eat her, literally."

Bud went pale, then puked down into the smugglers compartment.

"Hey kid! I just had that vacuumed."

* * *

Inside the Death Malls holding cell.

Kelly is stripped naked, bent over with her head and hands locked inside a
wooden stalk. "Hey! I though I was suppose to be inside a holding cell."

One of three guards get up from playing cards at a table and walk over to
Kelly, he kneels down to look up at her face then explains, "Look sweet
cakes, You are in a holding cell, the stalks are holding you, and these two
hands get to hold your tits."

"Then why were they holding my ass awhile ago when you butt fucked me?" asks
Kelly as she strains to keep standing.

"Getting cramps in your legs pretty baby?" asks the guard, wearing only his
fatigues as his armor and helmet with his weapon are stored in a nearby

"Yes, please, pleaseee let me out, I promise not to run away." pleads Kelly
as she shifts and squirms inside the wooden stalk.

The guard takes a key, stands and walks around to the lock side.

Kelly strains to watch as he unlocks the stalk, but she can't see him, then
she looks at the other guards at the card table; they both had big smiles.
Kelly thought to herself, "Great, they'll want me to dance naked atop the
table. Kelly's expression changes to surprise as she adds aloud, Now that
stopped the cramps." as she felt a large alien cock enter her pussy, his
hands gripping her hips as he begins to pump her, on each thrust he goes
deep. "Oh great, now I'll get bruises on my ass, hey! did you wash your
hand off after that jelly sandwich?"

* * *

Back in the real world

Bud is bent over looking inside the refrigerator for some food, Al is busy
with Kelly bent over the back of the couch; Al came home earlier and found
Bud naked on top of Kelly, slamming his big Bundy cock into his sister at a
great pace as the movie Star Wars was running on their pirate cable movie
hook up. Kelly was so drunk and drugged from her own partying she still
remained semi-asleep in her version of the Star Wars world.

Al had Bud cook some food for him as punishment of fucking Kelly, or at least
for getting caught; then, Al picked his daughter up into his arms, carried
her towards the stairs, then turned and laid her across the back of the
couch, dropped his pants and mounted her from behind. Al was really enjoying
Star Wars and needed something to do during intermission; so he fucked Kelly
while he waited for his food.

end of 2 of 3

3 of 3 the final battle.


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