My Two Dads-Stacy gets punished

Stacy slowed as she reached the door to the apartment. She
knew she was late, and that her fathers would be very upset with

Stacy was fourteen years old. Her mother had died at a young
age, and she had been left with Michael and Joey, one of whom
was her father.

Stacy had started to round out a fine body. A small chest
added to her charms, as did her golden blonde hair, which fell to
nearly her waist. Her hips were still mostly straight, but her
backside had started to develop.

These developments had been noticed by both her fathers.
They had discussed the situation and decided that Stacy was too
trusting of others, and that she should be given a lesson in trust.

Michael and Joey were drunk as they waited for their
daughter. She had been out late, against their orders, and they felt
she should be punished for this, her friends as well.

Stacy tried to open the door quietly, but as she slowly pushed
it forward, Joey pulled the door open suddenly. Stacy fell into the

Both fathers were turned on by the sight of Stacy's ass, even in
panties, as she lay stunned on the floor, she slowly got to her feet.

"Where the hell have you been?" yelled Michael.

"I was out with Cory," said Stacy. She knew instantly it was
the wrong thing to say. She knew neither father was ready to
handle her growing sexuality.

"What do you see in that guy?" asked Joey.

"He's nice, he's intelligent, he treats me like a nice girl."

"He fucked you yet?" asked Michael.

Stacy stared at both fathers.

"That isn't any of your business."

"You live in this house, whore, it's our business," said Joey.
"Now you better answer your father. You fuck Cory?"

Stacy's eyes filled with tears, but she answered anyway.

"Not that it is any of your business, but no, I haven't," said

"I'll bet you are lying, slut," said Michael.

"Daddy! How can you call me that?"

"Because that's what little whores in short skirts are called,"
said Joey. "When you fell, we saw your panties. How about they
guys at school? They feel you up?"

Stacy stared at both fathers.

"I am going up to bed," she announced angrily. "We will talk
about this in the morning. You are using words I don't like."

Stacy turned to leave, but her hand was grabbed by Michael.
He swung her back around.

"You'll leave the room when we say," said Michael. "Now,
how far have you gone with Cory."

"None of your business!"

Joey slapped Stacy, who fell to the floor.

"How far have you gone?"

Stacy rubbed her cheek as she stared up at her fathers. She
was scared by the look in their eyes.

"I'm a v-v-virgin," said Stacy quietly.

Michael and Joey looked at their daughter, then at each other.

They started to laugh loudly.

"How about that?" said Michael. "Our little slut is a virgin."

"How do we know she is telling the truth?" asked Michael.

"The only way I know is to check her," said Joey loudly. He
turned to Stacy, again on her feet.

"Take off your panties!"

Stacy stared at Joey.


"He said take off your panties, slut," said Michael. "Are you

Stacy started to cry in earnest. She slid her hands under her
short skirt, and pulled down her panties. Joey held out his hand.

"Give them to me," he commanded.

Stacy silently handed the silk over. Joey held them up. They
were light pink. He stared at them as Michael came to his

"Pull up your skirt," he said in a loud, threatening voice.

Stacy's chest heaved as she started to hold her skirt out.

Joey stared at the golden blonde mound of his own daughter.
He found himself getting hard. He saw Michael was getting the
same idea he was.

"Now let's see if you are telling the truth," said Joey. He
sucked on a finger, then slowly sank it down and in Stacy.

"Oh, my god!" screamed Stacy. She couldn't believe her own
father had a finger in her. Michael grabbed her shoulders as Joey
started to thrust in and out with his finger. He felt her cherry, and
he laughed loudly.

"She's telling the truth," said Joey. "You have to feel how tight
this is."

Michael reached around his daughter, and he slid a finger in.
Stacy screamed. Two fingers in her mound, both of them her own

"Take them out," Stacy demanded. "Or I'll tell the judge."

"So tell her," said Michael.

"Yeah," said Joey. "She doesn't scare us. We are just
protecting our daughter."

Both men pulled their fingers out. Michael sucked on his

Joey stared, then did the same.

"She tastes good," said Joey.

Michael nodded.

"She's getting an attitude, though."

"We'll have to change that."

Stacy's eyes went from father to father. She couldn't believe
they were so casually discussing the way she tasted, and punishing
her. "How do we punish her?" asked Michael.

Joey smiled.


The two men smiled as they turned to Stacy. Stacy started to
feel fear for the first time.

"What are you doing?" she asked, as both men came towards

"You have to be punished for acting like such a snob," said

"And for being a whore," said Michael.

"But I'm not!" screamed Stacy.

She was stunned as first Michael, then Joey, slapped her. They
held her hands, so she couldn't fall to the ground.

"I think she should be spanked for yelling at us," said Joey.

"I agree," said Michael.

Stacy turned to run towards the door. Michael tackled his
daughter on the floor.

"You ain't getting off that easy," he roared. "Lift your skirt,

Stacy refused to look at her father, and she kept her hands at
her sides.

"Fine," said Michael. He ripped down Stacy's skirt. Both men
stared as Stacy screamed. Her ivory white ass jiggled as she
squirmed under the eyes of both fathers.

"Look at that white ass," said Joey. "It's so small. It looks so

"I think we should make a little bit pinker," said Michael. "I
like my ass just pink on the outside."

Michael suddenly grabbed Stacy's hands, and held her. Joey
got over near his daughter, then started to spank her.

Stacy screamed in pain and shock.

"No, daddy, no! Please! Oh, please, stop!"

Joey started to rain blows down on Stacy's squirming ass.
Stacy screamed and yelled, her tears running down her face even
faster now.

"My turn! My turn!" yelled Michael.

Michael let go of Stacy's arms. Before she could react,
Michael was behind her, and Joey was holding her down. The
spanking started again.

"Shake that ass, you little whore!" screamed Joey. "I can see
you moving your little ass around! You like it! I can tell!"

Stacy screamed as Michael spanked her backside hard and
fast. She couldn't feel anymore as blow after blow reddened her.

Michael finally tired of the spanking, and Joey let go. Stacy
rubbed her ass, but her freedom was short lived. Michael slid a
finger in. Stacy felt herself go wet.

"Hey, Joey, she likes it."

Joey smiled evilly.

"Let's see how much. Hold her."

Michael again held Stacy's arms. This time, Joey spread her
legs. He stared down at her mound. Her blonde pubic hair had
split, and he was confronted by the sight of her slight pubic bulge,
her hair wet.

"Try this, whore," he muttered, as he slid his hard maleness
in. Stacy screamed loudly enough to wake the dead. She shrieked
as her own father, the man she trusted with her life, now went in
her. She felt her hymen stretch, then break, as he forced his way
in her. She felt him sink in all the way, then lay on her.

"Man, is she tight!" moaned Joey. "She was a cherry before,
but now she's mine."

Joey started to slowly stroke in and out of Stacy. The young
blonde shrieked and screamed again and again, in pain and horror
as her own father continued his assault.

"Shut her up!" moaned Joey. "These screams are beginning to
bother me."

Michael looked down, then smiled evilly. He slid his maleness
in Stacy's mouth. The teen choked as Michael started to move in
and out of her face.

One father deep in her mound, another in her mouth. Stacy
was in shock as both fathers continued their assault.

Joey couldn't believe just how tight Stacy was. He knew she
was a virgin, but she seemed even tighter than the normal virgin.
He smiled as he continued to ride in and out of her.

Michael was wishing that Stacy would use her tongue, but he
didn't care. Just having her mouth on him turned him on.

Joey shuddered, then moaned as he peaked, his seed shooting
deep in Stacy. He didn't care at that moment that she was his
daughter. He had just wanted to peak, and peak he had, deep in
his own slut of a daughter.

Michael was peaking as well, his seed in Stacy's mouth. The
teen tried to spit it out, but Michael held himself in her mouth
until she swallowed.

Stacy's crying resumed as Michael pulled himself out of her
mouth. Joey smiled at Michael, then high fived him as he pulled
his bloody maleness out.

Joey turned young Stacy over, staring at her backside as it
wriggled. He spanked her quickly, yelling at her to hold still.
Slowly, he parted her cheeks and entered her backside.

Stacy screamed and yelled, the pain in her ass incredible as
Joey slowly entered her, pinning her roughly as he went in. He
now lay on top of Stacy, forcing the young girl to lie there, his
maleness in her bottom. Joey now started to pump in and out,
Stacy so tight it was hard for him to re-enter. He started to move
faster in and out of her, Stacy crying with every stroke.

Michael stared in his young daughter's face, loving the sight
as her eyes bulged and teared up as Joey went in and out. Michael
loved the sight of Stacy's golden blonde hair as it lay near her
face. Michael slowly moved forward, pulling up Stacy's face.

Stacy was horrified when her father put his maleness in her
face. She wasn't sure how to lick a man. But then she saw the
twisted look on Michael's face, and she cried even harder when he
started to wrap himself in her hair.

Joey went faster and faster, each stroke making the moaning
and crying Stacy even more anguished. Joey loved his daughter,
but he found he loved her backside even more, no matter how
wrong it was, no matter how taboo. He needed a release, and his
slut of a daughter was learning a lesson. Never take any man,
even a father for granted.

Stacy cried and screamed, in pain and anguish. One father in
her tight bottom, the other masturbating in her hair, was giving
her the message that her fathers were not to be trusted. She
couldn't believe they were doing this to her, with her.

Michael started to stroke his hand up and down, Stacy's
golden hair wrapped around him and his hand. Michael loved the
soft, silky feeling of Stacy's hair. He loved his daughter, but he
needed this release. If she didn't like it, that was too bad.

In some ways, Stacy thought Michael even more warped than
Joey. At least he was fucking her, even if it was her backside. But
Michael was masturbating with her hair, and that was sick. Stacy
wished that things had been different tonight, She would never
again be able to trust or love her two fathers. They were nothing
but perverts, fucking her and using her young body for their own

Michael, tangled in Stacy's hair, stroked faster and faster, the
soft touch like a glove as he masturbated. His hand went faster
and faster, until he shot off again, his seed shooting in Stacy's
hair, squirting some on her face as well.

Joey heard Stacy's agonized moans as he went and out of her
oh so tight fourteen year old backside. He couldn't believe the ride
she was giving him, even if it was against her will.

Stacy shook, trying to dislodge Joey, but again failed. She
couldn't believe this was happening. She was covered with the
sweat and sperm of both her fathers. The pain in her ass seemed
to get even worse as Joey went faster and faster.

Joey felt Stacy, caught sight of her agonized face, and he came
now, his seed shooting into Stacy's wriggling, ivory white ass. He
kept pumping, making her pump him dry.

Stacy lay crying as her two fathers, their lust finally satiated,
slowly lifted off of her. They talked to each other, ignoring their
crying daughter. Stacy got to her feet, then ran crying from the
apartment, clasping her ripped clothes to her. Her fathers
watched, smiling at their daughter's jiggling, no longer virgin ass.


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