The treads come together. Can Questar learn the sinister plot of Ares
Chang? Will G Girl end up with Golden Girl?

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: G Girl vs. Golden Girl! Part 5 (FFF,BDSM,fist)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Questar deliberately chose Changs casino. Matt and Lance both had a good
time even though they lost all the money they had brought. Questar made a
net gain of a million and a half! He started off in the craps table, beating
Chang's loaded dice with telekinesis, moving from table to table, losing
occasionally. Questar then deliberately lost a couple grand at the black
jack table, winning it back ten fold in poker, then again used telekinesis
to beat Changs crooked roulette wheels.

Ten of Changs goons followed him into the bathroom, Questar beat them to a
pulp in 20 seconds.

'Must be getting old,' Questar thought as he checked the time.

When he reviewed the tapes later on Questar knew Chang would spot him, but
he didn't care. To further his fake rapport with Matt and Lance he took them
to a high end strip club. G.O.L.D. headquarters in California on a normal
day had 50 naked super women running around, and Questar was at Hef's at
least once a week so it wasn't a big deal for him. He loaned Matt and Lance
a couple hundred each for tips and lap dances.

"Man buddy, you sure came through for us today," a half drunk Matt said.

"That's what friend are for," Questar smiled falsely.

"We gotta get back to da office," Lance said, only slightly more sober, "Got
dat big political campaign to start monday."

"Congratulations," Questar said.

"Yea, dat Chinamans running fer Guvner," Lance slurred.

"A Chinese guy," Questar perked up, "What's his name?"

"It's our main, main, main boss, Ares Chang," Matt said drooping.

"Taxi!," Questar shouted, stopping one with tk after 3 legendary rude New
York cabs passed them.

Shoving Matt and Lance into the cab he held out a Franklin for the cabbie.

"Mars Mod, and step on it," Questar said.

Being saturday there were few people in the building. Mostly cleaning staff,
but a few office worker doing 'catchup' work. Questar herded Matt and Lance
to their stations. He had them punch up all their work on Changs campaign.
He now had 75% of the puzzle.

"Bingo!" Questar said, "You guys are beautiful!"

Questar ran all of the information onto one of his discs, and headed out

"Oh, and tell Mrs. Haige I quit!," Questar shouted running for the elevator.
Matt and Lance were half drunk and confused by the fact he went up. On the
roof Questar shredded his suit, burned it with pyrokinesis and took off
flying for the village.

* * *

"Team meeting, now," Questar ordered as soon as he got inside their makeshift

Printing out copies of the posters and the 'talking points' he waited for
members to arrive. Lee and Shiro came in, Billy, Pi Chen/Shinobi, Mei, Tina,
Emerald and Lady Blue weren't far behind. China Dragon and Tara didn't
respond. Willow, Angelique, and Questar's younger brother Mace straggled in.
Questar was surprised when Apella and Jenny came in, holding hands no less.

"You 2 aren't G.O.L.D.," Questar said, "This doesn't concern you."

"If this concerns Ares Chang it concerns me," Apella said, "And as a charter
member of the original G.O.L.D. team I have priority G1 clearance the same as
everyone else in this room."

"The more the merrier," Questar smiled, "I'm not stupid enough to turn down
the raw power you 2 bring to the dance."

The pattern quickly took shape. Dr. Gion was building robots, that much was
obvious. Each test stronger than the last. Lee and Shiro had tracked down the
components, experimental weapons and technology from Changs science labs were
being diverted into a specific sector.

Then there was Ares Changs political campaign. Chang was running on an anti
vigilante, a.k.a. anti super hero platform. From Mei and Angelique, who were
working in Changs casino, it was learned that numerous liberal politicians
were frequent guests. Some were blackmail victims; information supplied by
Billy who was employed by Changs messenger service, but most were in cahoots
with Chang willingly.

"Okay, here's what we've got," Questar started, "Chang, with help from his,
admittedly, first rate ad agency, the leftest media, and the hard left party
is trying to gain high political office."

"Definitely Changs style," Billy added, "Your Mrs Haige is tough as nails and
could sell a hungry, 25', great white shark to an overboard sailor."

"Point two, Dr. Gion is experimenting with combat robots," Blue said,
"Something I know about all too well."

"Right, Chang is running anti hero," Questar continued, "That's been done
before, but never on this kind of planned level. Gion builds robots, they
rampage, get stopped by heroes, he collects data to build stronger ones.
Chang benefits from the destruction caused by super hero combat."

"And if anyone gets hurt, he doesn't care," Jenny said, "Bastard! Most of
mine have been idiots. You guys have to deal hardcore!"

"A direct attack is out," Dragon said, as he and Tara finally made the
meeting, "That would confirm what Changs saying about heroes being out of

"Probably with media coverage on top of that," Apella said, "Remember the
Kangaroo court the Alliance had to deal with a few years ago from BC."

"So, what's our next step?" Tara asked.

"Actually, there is one wild card in all of this," Shiro said, "G Girl."

"Me?" Jenny asked.

"Chang knows us, what we look like, our motivations, powers," Shiro said,
"You're new, a rock star at the moment. You could meet with him, convince
him you're on his side, lure him out somewhere private. All we need to do
is get his belt."

"Without super powers Chang doesn't have the guts," Questar said, "He's
never been more than a pumped up former Triad goon. We find where Gion is
and stop his robot project, and Chang doesn't have the muscle."

"He'll still have his business ventures and wealth, but that won't last
long," Dragon said, "Other 'competitors' will quickly chip it away. Once
he's out of money, no power, lots of enemies, well, the bad guys will do
our work for us, and Chang will trim their numbers on his way down too."

"One thing," Questar said, "I fight Chang."

"Like no one saw that coming," Apella folded her arms and stuck her tongue
out at him.

* * *

It was easy enough for super smart Shiro to locate Dr. Gions lab. Just in
time as it turned out as 2 new even tougher robots were only minutes from
completion. The hired killers protecting the loony scientist didn't last
long. Dr. Gion chose suicide over capture, shooting himself in the head
before anyone could stop him.

Ares Chang knew nothing of this. He was in his penthouse fuming over the
Questar footage. He had killed his own casino manager for not recognizing
Questar, then fumed more when he noticed Mei and Angelique dressed as
waitresses in the background of other tapes. Chang stepped outside,
ordering everyone to leave him alone.

Hired guns and hookers alike scattered for other floors. Changs temper was
famous and feared.

"Incompetent assholes," Chang muttered, "I hire the best money can buy and
I still get shit!"

"Maybe you should think out of the box," G Girl said, floating just above
him, "Use someone who hates Questar as much as you do to kill him. Oh wait,
that would be me."

"Well, well, if it isn't the newest Britney of the super set," Chang snorted,
"Why should I believe you want Questar dead?"

"Because I can give him to you on a silver patter," G Girl lied, "I'm tired
of living on ramen noodles in a crummy apartment. And I know where he lives."

Chang smiled evilly. His only redeeming quality was that he wasn't a coward.
Bringing goons with him would be useless because Questar would just go
through them. The robots? No honor there. No, all he needed was G Girl for
back up. Questar had barely beaten him before and Chang was eager for a

'For a criminal mastermind he's awful gullable,' G Girl thought.

'Without the strategic knowledge of the real Ares he's just a Triad goon with
delusions of greatness, 'Questar mentally told her,' And the Greek gods were
pretty chauvinistic. That's another reason Apella mostly stays on Earth.
She's the most physically powerful goddess in Olympus, stronger than most of
the males.'

Chang couldn't fly, so he called up his limo. Escorting G Girl inside, she
gave him directions. So over eager was Chang he was lured into a trap a 5
year old could have seen through it. G.O.L.D. had gone to all kinds of
trouble making a video showing a staged fight of G Girl taking Questar
hostage to convince Chang and hadn't needed it. So often does a villain's
overconfidnce lead to their downfall. You would think after being beaten
200 times Dr. Doom would realize Reed Richards really is smarter than he is.

An abandoned warehouse, a bloody, beaten looking Questar hanging limp in
chains. Ares smiled and walked right in.

"Such a pity there doesn't seem to be much left of you to finish," Chang
laughed as he walked closer.

His laugh stopped when Questar stood up straight, snapped the light chains,
and wiped off some of the make up.

"Don't worry Chang," Questar smiled, "We're all alone, just you and me. Fair

"So, my name sakes misogeny has led me to this," Chang took up a martial arts
stance, "I still win. Kill me and the media takes you apart. Arrest me? On
what charge? My lawyers and the media will destroy you."

"Actually, I'm just going to beat the shit out of you," Questar said.

Chang was good. Damn good, and had a slight strength advantage. For thirty
minutes neither man landed a solid shot on the other in a display of martial
arts that would make Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris look like amateurs.

Chang drew first blood with a 'hammer fist' to Questar's midsection followed
by a backfist. A spray of blood flew from Questars mouth, as he blocked
Changs follow up flurry. Changs fortune changed on Questar's 'rising dragon'
kick that broke Changs nose. They traded spinning side kicks. Chang leaped
over the simple leg sweep.

'Idiot!' Chang cursed himself as Questar connected with a 'sleeping fist'
that busted his lip and broke 2 teeth.

Questar knew there was no time to celebrate as he moved in. But Chang was
far from finished. Questar took 3 punches in the stomach and a roudhouse
kick that sent him back. Chang was stopped when Questar again connected
with a spinning side kick. Another 10 minutes of evenly matched combat where
neither man could connect went by.

Chang launched 'tiger claw' strikes, only to be countered by the similar,
but faster 'catfist'. Chang took another shot to the mouth, this time losing
a tooth completely. He countered with a hard kick to Questar's chest. It was
his last good shot. Questar countered with a spinning backfist, followed up
by triple muy thai kicks that rocked Chang. A rising knee, followed by 2 more
thai styled kicks landd and Chang was reeling. In desperation Chang launched
a flurry, Questar ended that catching Changs fist in his own hand, and
crushing it. Howling in pain Chang went to his knees.

"I'll be taking that belt now," Questar calmly said.

"Moron!" Chang spat through his mangled mouth, "Only an Olympian can touch
this belt."

"Just not your day Chang," Questar smiled, "I just happen to have an

Golden Girl appeared in the room. For the first time Chang's eyes grew wide
with fear. He tried to cover the belt with his good hand, Apella simply
knocked his hand away. With her touch the belt released. Chang knealt in
shock as Apella and Questar turned their backs to him and simpy walked away.
By the time he snapped out of it no one could hear his threats and curses.

* * *

G Girl was helping Lady Blue attend to Questar's cuts. They weren't too bad,
but they like to fuss over him.

"I guess I'm going to have trouble with you too," Jenny laughed.

"Maybe, or we could sex-fight," Blue smiled back.

"I hope I'm up to this," Jenny said browing serious, "I've taken this hero
thing pretty lightly. Seeing what you guys do make me realize it's not all
rescuing kittens and arresting pick pockets."

"But you're going to continue," Blue said as a statement.

"I'm going to start taking martial arts classes, and I'm hoping to get some
equipment like you guys train with," Jenny said.

"You know we're leaving New York in a couple of days Jenny," Questar said,
"I really like you, but this isn't our home. This city is more alien to us
than any of the dozen or so planets we've been on."

"Yep, believe it or not I'm 100% non Earthling," Blue said, "Mistress of the
Martian arts, and that's not a slip of the tongue."

Everyone laughed. Blue was from Mechas 4, 50 light years away. A whole lot
further than Mars.

"Hey, I'm the little green woman," Emerald laughed, "Planet Gelatia, we don't
even have men on our planet."

Jenny's head was swimming. Excusing herself she walked outside.

A few minutes later Questar came out, he put a reassuring hand on her

"You know, we need someone to keep an eye on this place," Questar said,
"We've got a complete gym, and, you know, for you Califoria's only a few
minutes away."

"I know," Jenny hugged him, tears coming despite herself.

Questar held her for a long time. She loved him even more. Jenny fell asleep
as Questar sat with her, just cuddling. Questar carried her upstairs and
tucked her in. When she woke up he was gone. Running downstairs she saw Blue
and Apella, everyone else was away on another mission to save the Earth.

Tears were about to flow, but then his words came back to her. He wasn't far
away for her, and Blue and Apella were there and looking really, really hot!

"So, you want to party?" Apella smiled at her.

"Hell yes," Jenny laughed getting out of her clothes.

Blue and Apella stripped fast. A three-way of kissing followed. Blue moved
lower, licking Jennys nipples to hardness, Blue's fingers rubbed Jenny's
pussy, already hot and moist.

"Mmmmmm, she is sweet," Blue said licking her fingers, wet from Jenny's girl

Blue knealt and was sucking her pussy now as Apella moved behind her, kissing
her neck, and roughly squeezing and kneading Jenny's tits.

"Aaaaaaa," Jenny softly cried out from her first cum.

The 3 women moved into the nearby bedroom. On the bed now Jenny found Blue's
tasty Asian pussy and attacked it with her lips and tongue. Apella spread
Jenny's legs and went at it on Jenny's moist snatch. It soon became a
triangle daisy chain as Blue started suckng Apellas pussy. Apella upped it
by licking Jenny from clit to asshole. Jenny moaned in peasure and started
doing the same to Blue. Blue made it complete as her tongue worked Apella
from clit to anus.

A triple cum was another first for Jenny. Apella kissed her, then Blue kissed
her as they recovered. Apella then began to slowly work fingers in and out of
Jenny's pussy. First 2, then 3, then 4. Jenny kne what wa coming, but Blue's
skilled hands and lips on her tits calmed her.

It took several minutes, but Apella finally got her whole hand in Jenny's
tight, tight pussy.

"Ooooooooo!," Jenny moaned in pleasure/pain, "Fist fuck me! Ooooooo! Yes!
I love it! It hurts so good!"

"Then you'll really love this," Apella evilly smiled, "Wouldn't even think
of doing this if you weren't super without a whole bottle of oil."

"Omigawd," Jenny gasped as Apella started working fingers into her ass as

Blue was painfully squeezing her tits now, roughly kneading them, pinching
her nipples. Jenny loved it! It took some doing but Apella managed to get
her other hand up Jennys super tight ass. Apella then began fisting poor
Jenny in pussy and ass! Sitting on her face Blue's beautiful pussy muffled
Jenny's cries of pain. Eating Blue's pussy the pain was gone leaving only

"That's it bitch!" Blue cried out, "Suck my pussy! Suck it! Oh yea! Suck me,
suck me, suck me! Aaaahhhhh! I'm cumming!"

Jenny also came, her screams all but silenced by Blues pussy. Jenny lay back,
momentarily spent. Blue and Apella licked Apellas fingers clean.

"Mmmmmmm, what should we teach you now you nasty girl?," Apella picked her
lips, a predator who knows she has snared her prey.

" last hang up," Jenny gasped, "The whip! I want the whip!"

Apella and Blue suspended Jenny from the ceiling, wrists together in chains
even she couldn't break. The wicked women then spread her legs as wide as
they could, putting Jenny on her tiptoes. Lust had replaced fear as Apella
and Blue kissed her again and again, gently running their hands over her

The 2 women then opened a drawer filled with whips of various size and style.
Selecting multi tailed whips they approached the captive Jenny. There was
fear, but there was also desire as Apella and Blue continued to kiss and
caress her.

"Are you ready," Apella whispered.

"Y-yes," Jenny whispered, eye wide.

"Beg for it slut," Blue ordered, "Ask for the whip."

"Please, I-I want to be whipped," Jenny begged, "I want to be whipped! Please

Apella was in front, Blue was behind her. At the first lash, Blue's whip on
her ass Apellas across her tits, Jenny bit her tongue to keep from screaming
in pain. Jenny thought about changing her mind, but the second lash, across
her ass and into her pussy didn't feel too bad. By the third lash the pain
was gone, replaced by an intense pleasure that sent Jenny into a wave of

Apella and Blue gave each other a knowing smile. They were both experts at
whipping other women, able to make women cum and cum from the whip. Apella
and Blue were also 'whip sluts' who loved the intense pleasure of 'whip sex'.
Blue continued whipping Jenny's ass, sometimes going between Jenny's ass
cheeks. Apella alternated between whipping Jenny's tits and her pussy.

"Oooohhhhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Jenny moaned, her pleasure growing with each

"Tell us you love it slut," Apella ordered.

"Mmmmmmm! I loovvee ittt," Jenny complied, eyes closed.

"You want more cunt?" Blue asked.

"Yes! Yes! Aaaaaa! More," Jenny begged, "Please! So close. Ooooo!"

"Beg for it slave," Apella ordered.

"Aaaaahhh! Whip me!" Jenny begged, her will broken, "Oooooo! Please! Whip
me! Aaaaaaa! Whip me till I cum!"

Blue and Apella increaed the speed of the whips knowing that Jenny couldn't
last much longer. Jenny's cries were becomming frantic, her hair flying.

"Cum for me you fucking whip whore," Apella commanded, "Cum!"

"Aaaaaaaaaa! I'm gonna cum," Jenny cried out, "Whip me! Whip me! Omigawd!
Whip me, whip me, whip me! I'm cummingggggggg!"

The waves of pleasure were so intense that Jenny almost blacked out as she
came and came. Hanging limp in her bonds she watched breathlessly as Apella
and Blue flew into each others arms, kissing passionately they tumbled onto
the bed. Lips together, they rolled over, Apella on top. Blue spread her
legs wide as Apella mounted her. Lips kissing lips, tongues thrusting into
each others mouths, tit to tit, nipple on nipple, pussy on pussy, Apella
began to ardently girl-fuck Blue.

"Aaaaaaa! Fuck me," Blue cried out, her hips rising to meet Apellas as they
hotly pussyfucked, "Fuck me! Aaaaa! Fuck me!"

"Yes! Yes! It's so good," Apella panted, "So hot! Aaaaaaaa!"

Blue and Apella orgasmed together, momentarily spent as well. The good thing
about being super though was that it only took the 3 women a few minutes to
recover and be hot and ready for more hot dyke sex action. Releasing Jenny
the 3 women kissed and frenched.

"I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time in California," Jenny smiled.

"You think this is something, just wait until you come to one of Tara's
partys," Apella grinned, "Sometimes there's 100 super heroines."

"I think I'd like that," Jenny smiled, hugging Apella then Blue.

"Okay, my turn to get whipped," Apella laughed.

And the party continued.

The End!!!


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