Quentin and Jenny's second date brings complications and unusual meetings.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: G Girl vs. Golden Girl! Part 2 (MF,FF)
by Tyval ([email protected])

The building was in 'the Village', purchased by the founder of G.O.L.D.
Bearclaw in 1964. Considering average rent in Manhattan was now 1.1 million,
(actual figure released just a few days ago), if you could even find
something. With all their resources, even G.O.L.D. couldn't, so it was a
good thing Bearclaw had the foresight.

Questar hadn't known Bearclaw well. Only a reserve member in the second
team, he had only worked with him a few times. He had been brave, and a
great organizer, but he had unfortunately not been a good leader. Few
people remembered him.

'Bearclaw deserved better,' Questar thought as he drove the car through a
hologram and down into a secret underground garage.

The building had been trashed in the fight that destroyed the second team
of G.O.L.D. The team had been rebuilt in Asia and the west coast, the old
building forgotten (except by the teams CPA. LOL) It was in such bad shape
it had taken 100 carpenter robots from Mechas 4 a week to completely
redesign, remodel, and update the tech. The living quarters were still a
bit Spartan with few personal touches.

Questar was on the top floor. He had a skylight since he had recently learned
to fly via his telekinetic powers. He flew okay, his landings left a lot to
be desired. He picked up the folder with his next days designs and proposals,
glanced at it quickly then headed down to the rec room. He was bored with his
jobs inaction. It was doubtful that he would uncover any links to Dr. Gion at
Mars Mod. Lee Van Tallon/Arsenal or Shiro Sanlemoto who were working in
Changs tech based company's were the most likely to find leads, but all bases
had to be covered.

In the rec room Billy Ray, Lee Van Tallon, and Willow Twoswords/Kestrel
were watching the big screen HD plasma tv. Mei Wong/China Doll and Tina
Sanlemoto/Kamikaze were playing a cut-throat game of ping pong. Emerald
and Angelique were in front of a smaller HD tv playing an experimental
PS5 that Shiro had perfected and hyped up.

"Whoaaaaa! There she is," Billy yelled as channel 5 broke into a live feed
at a bank robbery," That's her, G Girl!"

"She is hot," Willow agreed as the blonde woman had made short work off the
would be bank robbers.

"G Girl? I've been hearing a lot about her lately," Questar said, getting

"Wonder what the G is for? Gorgeous? Great?," Lee asked, getting hit with a
pillow for it by Willow.

"Just a name maybe," Angelique said," Hell, we've got 4 members who don't
even have a code name. Shiro, Billy, Tara and I. You could even count
Emerald because that's her real name."

"This is driving me nuts guys and gals," Questar said," Except for a purse
snatcher this morning the boredom is getting to me."

"No shit Sherlock," Billy said," You think the rest of us don't want to bust
some bad guys."

"Yea, I thought working on some lab stuff I've never had time for would be
great, but even I'm bored," Lee said.

"Hey! What about the librarian gal," Mei shouted as she scored a winning

"Jenny, she's nice enough, different, works at an art gallery," Questar said.

"You going to see her again?" Billy asked.

"Maybe, we'll see," Questar said.

"Whoa! Whoa! There she is again!," Billy yelled, his attention back on the

This time it was G Girl fighting a big robot. A 'familiar' looking style

"Dr. Gion?" Willow asked, "Sure looks like one of those we fought."

"We need to get down there, inspect that thing," Questar said, "Ouch, or
whatever left of it I should say."

"Very impressive," Emerald said, "I doubt I could have taken that machine
apart like that."

"She's not wearing a mask, I could run her image and find out who she is,"
Lee said.

"Maybe, but none of us wear masks and we don't exactly hide our I.D.'s,
except Questar of course," Angelique said.

"She may have covered her tracks," Willow said," If she's got a government
contact it might be pretty hard for even us to find out who she is."

"Well, that's a mystery for another day," Questar said.

* * *

Questar had just stepped out of the shower when the idea hit him. A simple
domino mask from any costume shop, treated with the 'spirit gum' adhesives
actors use would be sufficient to keep his cover from getting blown, and
maybe he could lure Dr. Gion out. Wearing his specially treated uniform
under the suit Questar shocked the others by being happy as he let for his
dreary job. It was friday anyway and he decided to blow his Mars Mod check
on Jenny.

Jenny wasn't expecting the $50 bouquet she received at noon with the simple
'Thinking of you! Q' note. Jenny smiled as the other girls at the gallery
were jealous.

"Well Galahad, you have got my full attention," Jenny said to herself

At Mars Mod, Questar handed in his new designs.

" Very good, but Miss Becker isn't in any of these," Mrs. Haige said, "I
like her look and her attitude, I want you to re-work some of these with

"I don't believe Miss Becker and I can work together," Questar said, "We
have, a history you might say."

"I gathered that you knew each other yesterday," Mrs. Haige said, "I've been
in this business 22 years, I can read people like a book. You don't fit Mr.
Starr. Your designs and idea are top flight, but todays the first day I've
seen some fire inside you. I don't have the pieces Mr. Starr, but if you are
a pro I need you to act like one. Miss Becker has the look I want. Make it

* * *

"'Haige the Horrible' chew your ass?, Matt asked grinning.

"Stoish it," Questar replied with a private term only Billy, Dragon, and he

A childhood term they had made up when they were 10 that basically meant
'shove it up your ass', but since cursing would literally get them a mouth
of soap they had invented the word.

"Hey man," Lance came over, "Heard you didn't want to work with that model.
Any chance you could introduce me? If you don't want her, well, Mr. Studdy
here does."

"How much can you bench?" Questar asked of the loser.

"I dunno," Lance said, "Why is that important?"

"She's a nutcase," Questar smiled, "If you can't press 450 you can't even
pick her up."

"She's into muscle huh?" Matt tried flexing his flab and non-existent
muscles, not knowing Questar really meant she weighed that much.

'Give me strength,' Questar thought, his good mood gone.

Questar called Jenny an hour later.

"Hello, Sir Knight, what is your plan this evening?" Jenny asked.

"I haven't been in New York very long, although I visited a few times,"
Questar said, "I thought perhaps you might choose tonight."

"Do you speak Italian?" Jenny asked.

"I fear I do not my gracious lady," Questar replied.

"Then I shall have the advantage this night good sir," Jenny laughed.

Billy Ray called an hour later with good seats for a ball game. Questar

"Man, this Jenny girls sinking hooks," Billy said, "Oh, and Apella's here,
hopping mad. Seems those 2 nerds you work with tried to literally pick her

"Great, what else can fuck up my day?" Questar asked.

"On the good side, Tara used some of her more, unusual powers, to get into
the storage locker of the NYPD's Special Crimes Unit, and we've got a few
leads off that robot," Billy said," No smoking gun though. G Girl broke that
toy a little too much."

"It looked like one of Dr. Gion's, but I have to wonder why it would just
show up like that," Questar said," Ares Chang likes to work behind the
scenes, so if he's backing Dr. Gion why would he have Gion turn one loose
like that for no apparent reason."

"You're right, no motive," Billy said, "With Changs money behind him there's
no reason to rob anything, and random destruction wasn't Dr. Gion's style."

"Right, the big thing with Chang and Gion is power," Questar said, "I don't
see a pattern here yet."

"Well, you're going to have to deal with Apella later," Billy said, "I have
to tell you, I don't think she's taking you going out with a 'norm' very well

"Apella, jealous?" Questar was surprised, "She never struck me as a jealous
type. Hell, she's had more women than I've had. And she's never minded Mei
and Blue."

"Hey stud," Blue Yamaguchi, a.k.a. Lady Blue said, cutting in, "Apella's got
her toga wadded up because this Jenny girl's a civilian."

"What's that got to do with it?" Questar asked.

"We know everything and nothing about Apella," Blue continued, "But speaking
as her rival, friend, and lover, I know her about as well as anyone. She's a
goddess, born and raised in a paradise. But she chose to live among us mere
mortals. Why?"

"She's an adventurer," Questar said.

"Exactly. She considers Mei and I as equals to her in pursuit of the one man
she considers worthy of her," Blue said, "For a 'norm' to catch your eye,
well, that's wrong to her."

"Wrong?" Billy asked.

"I think I'm beginning to see this," Questar said, "She was bored with
paradise, and Hercules and her father became close. Hercules lived as a
mortal, and he told her tales of Earth."

"Yes, Apella has told us all of this," Billy said.

"She also told us how she watched Earth, for hundreds of years, outraged by
tyrants, but not allowed to interfere," Blue said, "As long as it was human
vs. human Zeus didn't care. It was when the evil became super human vs.
human, then she couldn't be denied. She's got the whole 'protect mortals'
thing, but because she's not mortal she also sees herself above us."

"With the exception of people of like minds," Questar said, "It doen't matter
if we have no powers like Mei or if we're in the same power class like Blue,
and I guess this new G Girl, what matters is that we fight."

"Well, you're in her class too Questar," Blue said, "And with your, shall we
say, endowments, well, you're rather unique."

* * *

Questar had a lot to think about as he hit the showers in preperation for his
date with Jenny. Apella really had nothing to worry about. When they shut Dr.
Gion down, and hopefully Chang too, G.O.L.D. would leave New York. He would
leave New York. It wouldn't matter if he loved her or not. He was a hero, it
was all he knew how to do.

Questar picked Jenny up outside the gallery again. She was dressed a little
more daring in red tonight.

"Your chariot awaits milady," Questar smiled kissing her hand.

"I have a confession to make," Jenny smiled back, "I can't speak Italian."

"We shall have to make do then," Questar said.

"Actually, we don't even need the car," Jenny said, "It's just a few blocks
away in 'Little Italy'. There's a parking garage nearby."

"Ah, well, I shall return anon," Questar grinned on the outside.

'Friggin city,' Questar actually thought.

Once around the corner and out of sight he got out and sent the car back to
the garage. In New York even an unmanned flying car would barely be noticed.

* * *

The meal was excellent, the atmosphere romantic as they sipped a nice
after dinner wine. They were getting closer together, eyes meeting, mutual
attraction growing. Questar leaned forward for a kiss when a news report
blared from an un-noticed tv. Two robots, bigger, but similar in appearance
to the one beaten by G Girl the day before, had appeared in the Chelsea

"I uh, need to use the ladies room," Jenny pulled back, got up and head for

'Strange, but I think a nature call is in store for me too,' Questar thought,
throwing down 2 Franklins for an $80 meal in case he didn't make it back.

Heading into the mens room, he was fortunate it was empty as he stripped
down and donned the mask. Stuffing the suit into an overhead vent, he counted
himself lucky the window was big enough, barely. Flying was still new to him
as he levitated high enough to clear the building. Some practice with Lady
Blue was paying off as he headed towards the scene.

For her part G Girl was already there by the time he had changed. She had
clocked the first robot, sending it to the ground looped around and landed
a solid uppercut to the second. The 12 foot tall mechanoid staggered back
a few feet, crushing 2 cars, but remained upright.

"Okay, you're a little tougher than the one yesterday," G Girl said.

Laser beams fired from #2's eyes. G Girl dodged them easily. G Girl landed
another solid shot, causing a good dent, but again the robot stayed on it's
feet. The #1 robot had regained it's feet and had a clear shot at G Girl's

"That's no way to treat a lady," Questar said stopping the robots arm, then
twisting into a judo sholder throw that sent #1 crashing into #2.

"Hope you don't mind a hand," Questar said to G Girl, "Names Questar, same

"Not going to argue with the results," G Girl smiled.

The robots were not as clunky as they looked. They had untangled themselves
and were back on their feet. A pulse beam from #1 fired at Questar. It
missed, but slammed hard into the building across the street. Huge debris
fell toward pedestrians trying to get out of the way like New Yorkers always
did. Wishing he was a better flyer, Quesar actually managed a decent landing,
slagging a few smaller pieces with pyroknisis, catching a 10 ton chunk and
protecting others with a teleknetic screen.

"Nice catch," G Girl said dodging another pulse blast from #1, that missed

"Here's my Chris Carpenter," Questar said nailing #1 with the huge concrete

"You don't sound like a mid-west," G Girl yanked a light pole up and landed
it across #2's face, "That's my Giambi by the way."

The eye lasers of #1 were fired at G Girl who was dodging a punch from #2.
She twisted just in time. Two more cars and a fire hydrant went up, but the
bystanders were mostly clear by this time, having had long experiance in
super hero battles. G Girl landed another punch to #2, finally putting it
down, but far from out.

"Yup, it's official, these are definately tougher than the one I took out
yesterday," G Girl said.

"They look like some I've tangled with before," Questar said landing a
straight chop into #1's midsection, "A dweeb named Dr. Gion. Not his m.o.

A second chop followed by a side kick put #1 down. But Questar was unprepared
for #2 shooting him from behind. Only his own partial invulnerabiity saved

"Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!" Questar went going down.

G Girl landed feet first into #2's chest caving it in! Gripping the head she
ripped it off ignoring the hot sparks.

"Questar!" G Girl called out just as the fist of #1 slammed into her.

Throwing off debris, his shirt shredded, slight cut on his cheek, numerous
scratches on his muscular chest; a very pissed off Questar stood up.

"It's not nice to hit a lady," Questar said.

Using mantis fist followed by 2 crane kicks, Questar put the robot on it's
back. A stomp kick ensured it would stay that way. Sirens were heard in the
distance as G Girl, shaky, but unhurt got to her feet as Questar headed over
to her.

"Uh, thanks, but I have to go," G Girl said thinking of Quentin.

"Wait!" Questar said, too late as she was already gone.

With no time to spare Questar also took off.

A few minutes later, Quentin Starr emerged from the bathroom. Jenny was
sitting there at the table, smiling at him. To Questar it looked like she
had a smudge of dust on her chin right where G Girl had had.

'Jenny? G Girl?,' Questar thought, then mentally laughed, 'No way!'

He didn't notice that Jenny's smile dissapeared for just a moment when she
saw the small scratch on his cheek.

'I have to know,' Jenny thought using her x-ray vision, 'Omigod! You are
full of surprises Mr. Starr. Mr. Questar.'

A nuke could have landed on Jenny and she wouldn't have noticed. The man she
was with really was Galahad. Times 10.

"Sorry, kind of, um, well," Questar smiled, but was fumbling for an excuse.

"I know how it is," Jenny smiled wickedly, "Would you care to walk me home
my gallant knight?"

"It would be my pleasure milady," Questar smiled relieved.

'The pleasure is all mine,' Jenny thought happily, 'Mine, mine, mine!'

End of chapter 2:


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