My So Called Life: My So Called Sex Life (m/f)
by David Kelly

Author's Foreword:

Ok, first and foremost I am a big fan of the show and am sorry to see it on
hiatus. Since no one else has done this yet I figured I may as well.

I tried very hard to remain true to the show when writing this, including a
similar narrative.

This story will chronicle Angela and her friends sexual awakening. The story
as it goes on will include all of the main characters from the television
show- except Danielle (sorry, just can't write that in, it would go from
"nice/kinky" to "sick") Feel free to distribute this, giving proper credit
and what not. If you have any comments or suggestions for future stories feel
free to reply via e-mail.

Part 2: A Night With Jordan

Angela in mid-thought narrative:

"People are really, strange. It's like you know them, but there is always
something you don't know. You spend all your time either getting closer to
them, or pushing away. It's like this weird strategic game that occupies all
your relationships."

Angela pondered life, friendship, and sexuality as she walked home on this
winter afternoon from Rayanne's house. Although Sharon Cherski walked along
side her, Angela remained fairly quiet, pondering the lesbian activities
which had happened less than an hour ago at Rayanne's house.

"What does this mean?" Angela wondered. "It's not like I am attracted to
women, but it was, um, good. What if I do it too much and become no longer
attracted to guys? Time to re-think this."

Strangely enough, Sharon was thinking the same thing. With Rayanne it had
been one thing, but now that she had expanded her sexual scope to include
best friend number two - she saw a pattern developing. Oh well, it beat the
confusion she had when she was sleeping with Kyle, and she could still talk
to Rayanne and Angela afterwards, which was a big plus.

"So give me a call tomorrow, and we'll, like, hang out or something." Angela
said to Sharon as they approached Angela's house.

"Yeah, and you have to tell me EVERYTHING that happens tonight." Sharon said
with a smile, "have fun."

"Oh, I will!" Angela said, for the first time sure of her sexuality and the
path it was taking. "Later."

"Later Chaseface!" Sharon said as she continued her walk home. "Another
Saturday night with Rayanne." she thought and smiled to herself. Perhaps they
would catch a movie first. At the rate they had been spending free time in
Rayanne's bedroom people would start to question what they were doing.

"Angela!" Patti called after her 15 year old daughter as she ran up the

"What mom?" Angela replied, in a hurry to get upstairs to start planning this
evening. It was now 5 PM and she would need to get ahold of Jordan to ensure
they would be doing something this evening.

Patti lead Angela into the Chase master bedroom and sat her down for what
appeared to be another in an ongoing series of "mother-daughter" talks.

"Look," said Patti, "I wanted to talk to you about this afternoon."

"Oh.. that" Angela said with a strange giggle and blush.

"I know you know all about sex and whatnot, but people do things sometimes
that may not seem that pure and simple in the realm of love and compassion."
Patti explained.

"Like giving a guy head?" Angela asked.

"Well, yes." Patti replied with her concerned demeanor.

"Geez mom, don't worry. I understand." Angela pleaded.

"I just want to make sure you are comfortable. At your age you are being
bombarded with sexual oppurtunities of all forms, and I just want you to know
that because something doesn't seem traditional, it's not wrong." Patti

"I know mom." Angela said, she just wanted to get out of the bedroom as
quickly as possible. Once was humurous, but talking to her mom about head,
lesbianism, and bondage didn't seem like a great idea at the moment the
conversation with her usual "you can talk to me about anything" and Angela
got the hell out of the room as quickly as possible.

"Hello?" Jordan said in his normal dazed and quizzical tone.

"Hi." Angela said, "We still on for tonight?"

After pondering about with useless chitchat and the whatnot, they finally
determined that Jordan would pick her up at 9 o' clock and they would go out.
It was very clear to both parties what would happen that night, though
neither made specific mention of it. Needless to say, Angela was stoked in

First things first, she took a shower, paying extra special attention to the
washing of those special parts - her small, pink nipples, her moist crotch
with the light brown pubic hair, and even spent a little bit extra time
washing her asshole, which she was beginning to find was quite sensitive.

Upon getting out of the shower she locked her bedroom door, put on a song in
the relevant context - Closer by Nine Inch Nails (again for you MSCL list
keepers), and began masturbating furiously to images in her head of Jordan
"fucking her like an animal." She was beginning to notice the submissive
creature inside her that was dying to be attained to, and realizing through
that the power she could yield.

"Sex is, um, interesting." Angela thought in the simplest terms as she
brought herself to two climaxes in a row with her fingers, which afterwards
she licked clean with a wicked smile. "Better to still be turned on," she
thought, "and keep the mood on the right course."

She then got dressed. She put on her "least innocent panties" - a black lacy
pair Rayanne had gotten her as a gag birthday gift. She further complimented
the outfit with her tightest jeans and a pullover sweater- no bra. "Easy
access." she thought.

At 8:55 the horn honked outside the Chase home. Without so much as a formal
goodbye Angela was out the door.

"So, um, what do you want to do?" Jordan said.

"This boy doesn't have a clue" Angela thought. She leaned over, kissed Jordan
Catalano - object of her desires and thirty four seperate masturbation
fantasies, and slid her hand over his crotch.

Jordan immediately drove the car to the most abandoned spot he knew of,
parked, and looked over at Angela, with that glazed look on his face that
Angela had fallen in teenage puppy lust with.

She leaned over to kiss him, deciding this was her game, her event. He kissed
back, but not like he had ever before. His lips were more tense, tender in a
sense, he had fear and anticipation. The kiss alone drove Angela into a power
hungry lust, she loved that she could make him feel this way. Jordan
Catalano, the experienced boy who had had the upper hand in their limited
sexual goings-on in the past, was being manipulated by Angela, the
inexperienced one who up until today had been sexually naive and untainted.

She continued to manipulate his kisses as his shaking hands reached up under
her sweater and began to fondle her small yet firm breasts. Her nipples
hardened at the touch of Jordan's probing hands. Angela let out a soft moan
while working her tongue in and out Jordan's mouth.

She began to kiss his neck and he in turn began to kiss hers. Ears became a
relevant playfield and after that it was only a matter of time before both
were topless and Angela was biting at Jordan's smooth muscular chest with a
feverent passion that she had never been possessed by before.

Signalling she wanted this to go further, Angela grabbed Jordan's hand and
moved it between her legs. From the outside of her jeans Jordan could feel
the heat emitting from her nether womanhood. He also could sense a tinge of
the excessive amount of moisture that was emitting. Knowing the extent of
Angela's wishes, he began to unbutton her jeans and remove them.

Angela moved away his hand momentarily, teasing him. She then proceeded to
remove her jeans, but not her panties. Jordan began to speak but Angela
reached her hand down into her wetness then put her womanly scented finger up
to his lips. Jordan inhaled deep and was intoxicated not only by the
entrancing smell, but also by the power of this crimson-haired vixen before

Angela began to grind her panty-covered crotch against Jordan's leg while
working kisses on his chest. Jordan could feel how turned on she was and
Angela began getting off on the intense pressures his knee was providing. She
then began to un button his pants and remove his underwear. She gently slid
her hand over his hard tool as Jordan got a clue and took off his pants.

"Why not?" Angela thought as she began to encase Jordan's manhood with her
hot mouth and pouty lips. "Tastes kinda salty." She thought. "Not too bad."
She couldn't conjure up a comparable taste but she knew it had a sexual
liking about it that made it all fit in the context of the situation.

She began to slide her lips up and down Jordan's shaft while using one hand
to stroke his balls. After a moment's hesitation she took her under hand and
placed it in between the back side of his legs, right underneath his ass.
Angela then literally felt Jordan's cock grow bigger. Obviously she had done
a positive thing.

Jordan moaned, he was in utter disbelief of the feelings Angela was causing
him. He had been with many girls before but none with such ferocity and
passion. He was enjoying this very much and decided it was well worth the

Angela was loving every moment of this, the new feelings, the new sensations,
the reaction she was getting. Then Jordan surprised her. He turned her around
on the seat of his car and stuck his head into her crotch. He pulled her
panties down and began to bury his nose in her fragrant moist vagina. Angela
went off like a rocket immediately launching into a multiple orgasm that
lasted longer than any she had ever experienced before.

"Oh.... yes," she groaned as the waves of pleasure began overtaking her body.
"Ahh.. eh.. uh.. I'm cumm.. cumming.." she said as her orgasm hit it's peak
than faded off pleasantly.

Angela turned around and began kissing Jordan, tasting her juices which were
all over his face. She decided it was time to give herself to him fully.

Taking out a condom (this is remaining true to the characters remember) she
gave Jordan a wicked grin. She then proceeded to slide the condom down over
his long slender cock. Jordan moaned in anticipation.

Angela kneeled over him, holding his cock in the air as she guided her virgin
womanhood down onto his rock hard shaft. She felt it enter, she felt her
virgin lips spread open to new extremes. She felt his pulsing crown part the
folds of her tender flower as she bucked down slowly onto him.

Then she felt it hit her maidenhead. "Now or never." She thought and dropped
down completely. It hurt for a split second but Angela was so blinded by the
passion of the moment that within seconds she was bucking up and down on his
cock. Kissing him, running her hands over his chest, and fucking him with all
her might.

Jordan began to suck her nipples, Angela moaned in excitement. That combined
with the new sensation of having a cock in her drove her to a new frenzy. She
had loved what her and Rayanne and Sharon had done but this was an amazing
new feeling. Being penetrated to such depths, having parts of her insides
touched that had never been touched before. Feeling so full in an area that
had up until today never been touched by another person.

She started to buck down against his rod harder, feeling his cock hit the
nether regions of her vagina. It felt so good she never wanted it to end.
They went on like this for minutes, what seemed like a blissful eternity to
any end would be too soon.

Finally Angela's inner muscles started to contract spuradically and she began
the most intense climax of her life. Inside of her she could feel Jordan's
cock began to tighten and pulse, she knew he was climaxing too. They looked
into each other's eyes. She saw Jordan's fear and trepidation, his uneasiness
- his humanity that she had never seen so exposed before. She moaned low and
kissed him with the most passionate kiss she had ever layed on a man. He was
in a daze, and just knowing that she put him there put an ear to ear grin on
Angela's face.

She pushed back her hair and held Jordan close, they turned over and spent
the rest of the night's journey into morning talking about life's little
whatnots. And later in the morning, Angela was dropped off, with a huge
smile on her face. Not only had she experienced the greatest sexual thrills
of her life, she had also experienced the closest human contact she had ever

First the experience with Rayanne and Sharon, now the loss of her virginity
to Jordan Catalano.

"It's amazing the new ways you can get closer to someone." Angela thought,
"Sex can complicate things, but with understanding lies a strange bond, that
can never be erased." While she was unsure where things were heading in the
long run, she felt good about herself and the people in her life.

Even Brian Krakow who was bicycling in front of her house got the warmest
reaction he had received from Angela in ages. She hugged him, kissed him on
the cheek, fondled his curly blonde hair. Angela was experiencing a new
sensuality and love for people she was close to she had not experienced

It was Sunday morning now. She would call Sharon, then Rayanne - perhaps get
together with the two of them by day's end, and see where things led.

It was indeed Sunday morning. Graham Chae awoke at 5:30 AM, not the usual
Sunday wake-up time but today was different. He and Hallie Lowenthal had to
go to the site of their new restaurant and doing some touch - ups and light
renovation. He kissed his wife Patti on the cheek, got up quietly, showered,
and went downstairs to find his daughter Angela entering the house.

"Good morning." He said in his Graham-like tone to his daughter.

"Um, hi Dad." was all Angela could reply. She shot him a glance of utter
happiness as she walked up the stairs.

Graham was glad Angela was happy, but he was also glad he didn't know why. At
this hour he suspected what she had been up to all night, but he trusted his
daughter so the thoughts didn't bother him - that much. He had his own
problems to worry about.

While his marriage to Patti had hit an all-time level of comfort lately, his
new relationship with Hallie was straining his sense of fidelity and
commitment. Patti was great, but there was little spark. Even her spectacular
blow-jobs had been getting run-of-the-mill lately - 17 years of something
will do that to you.

Handcuffs and bondage had been interesting, until he found out Patti really
enjoyed being dominant, something that scared him more than it excited him.

"Patti's great." Graham thought, but in the back of his head he still
couldn't help but think of Hallie and the conversations they had been having
lately, or the thoughts he had been having after her, him, and a bottle of
massage lotion on the cold marble floor of the restaurant they planned to
open. Today would truly be a test he thought as he left the house.


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