Make Room For Daddy: Travels of Joshua Long Part 10 (MFF,FF,voy)
by JH

Joshua looked at the TV screens. On one he had a video of a TV show that
played in 1958. In this the daughter, Terry Williams, of the lead character,
Danny Thomas, was played by Sherry Jackson. On the second TV was a video of
a program from June 1959 that introduced a new character, Gina Minelli, to
the program. This young woman was played by Annette Funicello. Joshua
wondered if he could make this latest fantasy work.

Ms. Jackson left the show at the end of the 1958 season and the addition,
Ms. Funicello, did not start until the middle of 1959. Up until now Joshua
had never attempted to "meld" two characters from different time periods
even though they were on the same show but the lure was too great to not
attempt. Both actresses played teenagers and, physically, they were every
50s adolescent male's ultimate fantasy. Annette was a voluptuous 5'3" with
a 37-21-35 figure. Most of her 100 or so pounds seemed to be in her "D"
cup breasts. Her dark eyes were highlighted by the 1950s style of darkened
arch eyebrows. Her lips were red full and could only be described as
luscious. Her face was framed by dark, almost black, short hair cut into
soft curls. Sherry was about the same height and weight with her
measurements somewhat smaller. She seemed to have a 35 or so "C" cup bust.
Her long auburn hair was to below her shoulders and framed a face dominated
by wide set dark eyes and full lips. Now, all he had to do is "bend" the
TV "reality"...

Joshua rolled to the machine and positioned the headset in place.

Terry Williams and Gina Minelli were sitting on the couch. Both wore skirts
and blouses (almost the uniforms of the day). The only differences were the
low heels and nylons instead of tennis shoes and white socks. Terry was
stroking Gina's cheek.

"C'mon, Gina. You know you want to and mom and dad won't be home for hours."

Gina looked at her. "But what about your brother?"

Terry laughed. "He's gone until tomorrow."

Gina was half lying against the back of the couch. Terry Williams moved her
hand from Gina's cheek down to the swell of her breast and squeezed. Gina
closed her eyes and Terry could feel the nipple beneath the material of the
blouse and bra. Terry leaned over and pressed her lips against the other
girl. There was a hint of resistance then compliance. Gina wrapped her arms
around Terry and their tongues entwined. Terry had her hands in Gina's short
dark hair. In return Gina had her hands wrapped in Terry's shoulder length
auburn hair. The two girls were kissing passionately.

Terry slid her hands down to the hem of Gina's skirt and slipping her hand
under it, moved inside Gina's thighs. Gina parted her legs slightly and let
Terry move her hand to the top of Gina's nylons where she caressed bare skin.
Gina moaned and pulled Terry closer. Her tongue was active in Terry's mouth.
Terry's hand hit the panties and she began to rub the nylon covered mound.
The panties became wet.

In response Gina's unbuttoned Terry's blouse and began to rub and squeeze the
soft mound covered by the lace of the bra. Terry found the waist band of the
panties just below the garter belt. She rubbed the soft hair covering Gina's
vagina. Opening the lips of the girl's cunt she sunk two fingers deep into
her. Gina gasped and opened her legs wide. Terry broke the kiss and took her
hand from Gina's cunt. She put the two fingers in her mouth and sucked them

"Oh, you taste wonderful."

In response Gina pulled one of Terry's tits above the bra and began to suck
on the large pink nipple. Terry's eyes widened and she moaned deep at the
back of her throat. Gina reached up and pulled the other breast above the
black lace of her bra. She rubbed and squeezed the tit reddening and
hardening the nipple. Terry took a hand and pulled Gina's head into her
tits. She took the other and after pulling the dress to Gina's hips began
to finger fuck her.

Joshua watched.

Gina had her skirt pulled up to her waist exposing her nylon clad legs and
the lace of her panties and garter belt. Terry was fucking her with her
hand and Gina's panties were soaked to the point that the white nylon was
translucent. Terry blouse was open and her tits had been pulled above the
lace of her bra. One nipple had been reddened and hardened by the rubbing
of Gina's hand. The other was buried in Gina's mouth. Terry stopped and
pushed Gina away.

She stood up and pulled off her blouse, skirt and bra. Finally she stepped
out of her panties and was standing in front of Gina in a black garter belt,
nylons and short heels. She reached down and pulled Gina's blouse and skirt
off leaving her in a white bra, panties, garter belt, her nylons and shoes.
Terry pulled Gina's panties off and knelt between her spread legs. She put
her hands against Gina's thigh and opened her wider. Then she pulled the
seam around the girl's leg and exposed the dark hair around Gina's cunt.
Terry lowered her face to the wet slit and began to tongue deep into her.
She looked up and saw Gina, with half closed eyes, had pushed her white lace
bra up off her breasts. The large soft mounds were tope by two dark large
nipples that Gina was rubbing to hardness. Terry got her hands into the
waistband of the panties and pulled them off. She then pushed her face back
into Gina's now soaking cunt. The first orgasm hit Gina and she moaned as
her entire body shook. Terry stopped and got up.

"Wait here."

Terry walked to her bedroom. As she did she dropped her blouse, bra and
skirt. When she came out of the bedroom she had taken off her panties. She
was wearing a black lace garter belt, nylons and black short heeled shoes.
In her hand was a long cylindrical object. She smiled wickedly at Gina.

"Watch this."

With that she got into an overstuffed chair and put her legs over each arm.
This opened her cunt wide. She turned a knob at the base of the bullet shaped
cylinder and a vibrating sound filled the room. Gina watched as Terry took
one hand and opened the lips of her cunt. She then began to insert the entire
cylinder into her cunt. Closing her eyes she began to move it in and out.
Terry looked at Gina.

"I love using this vibrator."

Gina stood and stripped off her clothes leaving her white lace garter belt,
nylons and white short heeled shoes. Terry had her first orgasm, crying out
as her body tensed.

Joshua entered the apartment. For all intents he looked just a teenager of
the time. Gina looked alarmed and turned to leave the room. Terry stopped

"Don't. I invited him here"

Gina still looked confused but stopped. Joshua moved to Terry and she reached
up and unzipped him. Pulling his cock free she pulled it to her face and then
slowly began to suck him between her lipstick red lips. At the same time she
was still pistoning the vibrator deep into her cunt then far enough out to
rub the hair covered lips. Gina continued to watch as Joshua reached down and
wrapped her hair in his hands and began to face fuck Terry. Terry had another
orgasm. Joshua pulled his cock from her mouth and pulled her up. He leaned
over and whispered in her ear and Terry smiled in reaction.

She moved to Gina. They were in sharp contrast to each other. Gina was 5'2"
or 3" with a voluptuous body topped by her 37" D cup tits. These tits were
topped with large, dark, soft nipples. Her hair was short, dark and framed
her face with short curls. Her dark eyes were highlighted by shaped darken
eyebrows. Her lips were a crimson red and showed against her white teeth.
Terry had the same voluptuous figure with smaller tits (he guessed 34 or 35
"C" cup) topped with large pink nipples. Her pale skin was in sharp contrast
to Gina's dark complexion. Her hair was a light auburn and hung loosely below
her shoulders.

Terry reached and pulled Gina to the floor on top of her. She positioned
herself between Gina's legs and pulled the girls cunt down to her mouth. In
this position Gina was on top with her face between Terry's thighs. As Terry
began to lick the wet slit it was obvious Gina did not know exactly what to
do but what felt good to her she tried to imitate. Soon both girls had their
tongues moving in and out of each others cunts. The result was both girls
were cumming simultaneously.

Joshua positioned himself behind Gina's ass. He gripped her hips and slowly
inserted his cock into the girls count.

She lifted her head. "No...please..uhhhh...uhhhh"

Initially she tried to pull away but Terry held her and kept rubbing her
clit with her tongue. Joshua kept pushing until his entire cock was deep
into Gina. He gripped the girl's hips and began to pull his cock out until
just the head was covered then slid it back in until it was completely
buried. Gina's reaction to the cock and the tongue fucking was immediate.
She began to move her hips to meet Joshua's thrusts.

"Oh, yes, yes.."

Between moans she continued to eat out Terry. Below Gina's cunt Terry was
licking the clit. Joshua reached around and took both pendulous breasts in
his hands. He squeezed the two soft mounds and felt the nipples harden in
response. He continued to fuck Gina's tight cunt. The two girls were cumming
again and both tensed in reaction. This caused Gina's cunt to tighten around
Joshua's cock.

Joshua began to shoot deep inside the girl. His cock pumped repeatedly into
the tight slick space. Just as he felt his last explosion building he pulled
the cum slick cock from Gina's cunt and slid it deep into Terry's mouth. She
sucked him in and as he shot down her throat he felt her swallow. As he
finished he felt his connection waver...

Joshua found himself back in his lab.


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