Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 6 (mf,voy)
by Cheryl Roberts

Billy finished putting the last of the groceries in the cabin's kitchenette
and directed his attention to his luggage. However, he bumped his knee on
the corner of the couch and swore. He was unusually short-tempered; small
wonder considering he hadn't slept well.

Damn Tommy for dragging me downstairs last night, Billy groused as he
massaged his patella. However, he quickly recanted his invective against
Tommy; it wasn't Tommy's fault. Billy had known what he was getting into.
Tommy had discussed Kimberly's dancing with him often enough, and that look
he and Tommy had exchanged near the end of the performance . . . . Tommy
clearly had not expected Kimberly to take matters as far as she had. Billy
couldn't really blame Kimberly either. When she had surrendered herself
to the music, she had only been dancing for herself and Tommy; she was
well into her groove by the time Tommy had brought him downstairs. When
he considered her manner of dancing with Tommy, Kim had been exceedingly
restrained when she had danced with him. At the time, he had not noticed
it, but now that he thought about it, he realized that she had been
fighting to retain her control. It was the reason she had broken away and
kept her distance when she had kissed him--which opened up a whole new
branch of speculation: why would Kimberly feel the need to restrain

Stop torturing yourself, he chided. If you want to place blame for your lack
of sleep and incredibly erotic dreams with any one, blame yourself and your

Billy was almost dreading the evening's festivities and seriously considered
cancelling with Tommy and Kimberly. Kimberly would no doubt drive him to
distraction. There would be dancing at the prom, and Kimberly would be out
on the dance floor. While it would all be quite innocent, he would be seeing
her as she had been last night--her fiery eyes, her sexy smile, her body
demanding gratification . . . . Billy sighed as he shuddered with the memory
of her hands on his body. He literally ached with wanting her to touch him
as she had touched Tommy last night.

Bringing Tommy to mind acted like a splash of cold water in his face.
Kimberly and Tommy would be sharing the room next to his tonight. The two
of them would be making love in the other bed. How was he going to stand it?
He wished Tommy and Kimberly were going to her cabin instead.

You had your chance to say no. He could have refused Tommy when he had
asked--at least Tommy had asked. He had not really needed to do that; the
reason Billy had arranged their accommodations thusly was so everyone could
have a private room. In thinking about it, Billy suspected Kimberly was the
one who had thought to offer him the courtesy.

If you're that uncomfortable, you can always go stay with Adam and Aisha.
Billy shook his head. He was making a big deal out of nothing. Tommy and
Kimberly couldn't know about his feelings; if they did, they probably would
wait to get together until another time. You could always tell them, or
better yet, ask if you could join them.

"Tommy, would you object to my participating in your sexual activities with
Kimberly? Yeah, right."

Disgusted with himself and the whole situation, Billy wandered back to the
bedrooms. As the first to arrive, he had his pick. Both rooms had spacious
accommodations, private half baths, and opened onto a shared full bath, but
the master bedroom had a queen size bed and a door that opened onto a patio.
Billy decided to leave that one for Tommy and Kimberly.

You're hopeless, Billy told himself as he unpacked; however, he was
interrupted by a knock at the door. He wasn't expecting anyone, and Tommy
had his key. Billy opened the door and was surprised to see Kimberly
standing there.

"Hi, Billy," she said brightly. Billy was somewhat annoyed to see that she
was her usual cute, perky self. Even her dress was cute and innocent; the
seductress from last night was nowhere to be seen--as if she never existed
except in his fantasies. He found her Jekyll/Hyde behavior maddening.

"Kimberly? What are you doing here?" His tone sounded sharp in his ears, but
Kimberly seemed not to notice.

"May I come in?" Billy finally noticed that she was holding a shopping bag
and that her smile was more mischievous than cute.

"Sure." Billy stepped aside, and Kimberly swept past him.

"I've been looking all over for you; your dad told me you came up here to get
settled," Kimberly said.

"Looking for me? I thought you were decorating for tonight's festivities."

"I begged off for a couple of hours. I need your help, Billy." Her statement
caught him off guard, as did her expression: self-conscious and hopeful.

"What can I help you with?"

"I bought this outfit, and I want your opinion of it."

"My opinion?" he reiterated dubiously.

"The outfit is kind of daring . . . I've never worn anything like it, and
it's not the sort of thing where another woman's opinion would do any good.
I need a man's perspective."

"I'm hardly a fashion expert; why don't you ask Tommy?"

"You don't need to be an expert; just tell me if you like it or not.
Besides, I can't ask Tommy." Billy thought he saw a bit of red in her
cheeks. "It's sort of a surprise for . . . tonight. Please Billy?" She
looked up at him beseechingly, and the way she said please made Billy's
mouth go dry.

"If you really want my opinion . . . ."

"Great! I'll just zip into the bathroom and slip this on," she said, delight
lighting her features.

"Actually, why don't you use Tommy's room," Billy suggested, "since you'll be
staying there tonight and . . . ." The words died on his lips when he saw a
blush flare up in Kimberly's cheeks. He felt like an idiot. Just because he
knew what was going on didn't mean he had to be blunt about it. He hadn't
considered that Kimberly might be embarrassed about others knowing what she
and Tommy were up to. "Sorry. There's a large mirror on the dresser in
Tommy's room if you need it."

"Thanks, Billy. You know, it was really sweet of your uncle to let us use
the new bungalows. They are so cool," Kimberly said as she gathered up her
sack and wandered down the hall. "Remember when we all came here to study
for that science exam?"

"That seems like aeons ago," Billy replied. That had taken place not too
long into their Ranger careers; Jason, Zack and Trini were still on the team,
and Tommy had been on hiatus after losing his Green Ranger powers. "We've
come a long way since then."

"And now look at us--graduating seniors." Kimberly's voice sounded a trifle
dispirited. "Oh drat."

"What's wrong?"

"This outfit doesn't have the same impact without the proper hairdo, and mine
isn't cooperating," Kimberly complained, popping her head out of the bedroom
door. "Could you bring me my bag? I should have some bobby pins in there."

"Certainly." Billy grabbed her satchel and headed down the hall.

* * *

As Billy exited the living room, the front door opened. Tommy had changed
his mind about his arrival time. He set his overnight bag on the floor and
pocketed his key. He had seen Billy's car in the parking lot and knew he
was about. Tommy was about to call out to see where Billy was when he heard
Billy's voice coming from down the hall.

"Here it is, Kim," Billy said, knocking on the door.

Tommy's heart skipped a beat. Kimberly had told him that she was going to
try her luck with Billy sometime while the six of them were at the resort.
Last night, she hadn't had any specific plan; Tommy wondered if that was the
reason for her presence.

"You can come in; I'm in the bathroom," Kimberly answered.

Tommy was torn. Part of him wanted to respect Kimberly's privacy; he knew
that she had some doubts about the prospect of seducing Billy, but her
concerns faded from his mind as Tommy pictured the gleam in her eyes and
her uninhibited mannerisms. He had come close to saying something to Billy
the other day when Billy had remarked on Kimberly's sexually charged
behavior. The thought of Kimberly making love to Billy was really charging
his own hormones; that was why he had asked Kimberly to tell him what
happened when she made her play for Billy. He really should leave Billy
and Kim alone; even though Billy had watched him and Kimberly make love, he
hadn't deliberately set out to observe them. Circumstances just worked out
that way. However, circumstances had placed him here at an opportune
moment. Besides, if Kim really got into things, he should be able to pick
up on her thoughts through their link.

Curiosity got the better of Tommy, and he silently moved down the hallway.
Billy had left the door slightly ajar. Tommy had a fairly good view of the
room due to the position of the dresser mirror. He resolved to stay only
long enough to see if Kimberly really was going to go through with it.

* * *

"Here you are, Kimberly," Billy said, knocking on the interior door.

"Thanks," she said, sticking her arm out to accept her bag. "Why don't you
take a seat on the bed. This will only take a minute."

Billy felt uncomfortable sitting on Tommy's bed waiting for Tommy's
girlfriend to come out and model an outfit for him.

"I'm really glad you're coming along with me and Tommy tonight," Kimberly
jabbered away from behind the door. Billy felt lousy for harboring mixed
emotions about that. Their invitation had been offered in friendship; they
hadn't made it with the intent of torturing him.

"Thanks again for inviting me," Billy said for lack of anything better to
say. "I wasn't looking forward to being alone tonight."

"Hey, what are friends for? The three of us will have a ball. Ah, there
were are. Ready or not, here I come."

Billy looked up as Kimberly stepped out of the bathroom and leaned casually
against the door frame. Billy nearly fell off the bed, and his mouth dropped

* * *

Out in the hallway, Tommy had to stifle a moan of his own.

* * *

"What do you think?" Kimberly queried as she paraded out in the tiny, pink
satin and black lace teddy she had worn for Tommy on Saturday. The only
difference was that her hair was gathered up in a loose Gibson Girl style
bun with ringlets tickling her neck. She stopped in front of Billy and
spun around slowly, modeling the thong back for him.

* * *

"Cold, Kimberly, cold. Poor Billy! If you do the Pose for him, he's had
it," Tommy mused. Having already seen the ensemble in question, Tommy knew
exactly how Billy felt. He nearly creamed himself the first time Kim had
worn the lingerie; it was a herculean effort for him not to come now,
especially because Kim wore the same expression now as she had then: her
filthy cute, sexual predator smile.

If you wish to respect your friends' privacy, leave now, a little voice in
his head warned him, but Tommy's will caved in. He had to see Billy's

* * *

"Well?" Kimberly prompted.

Billy tried to say something, but he couldn't find his voice. He swallowed
hard, unable to tear his eyes off her. When she took a step towards him, he
involuntarily backed away and tumbled to the floor. Concern momentarily
replaced the seductive expression on Kim's face as she offered him a helping

"Are you all right?" she queried.

"Sure," he squeaked out, sounding very much like a thirteen year old who just
hit puberty. Billy remained crouched on the floor until Kimberly turned her
back on him, the heat in his cheeks burning as hot as that in his loins.

"Do you think Tommy will like this?" Kimberly asked as she turned and struck
the Pose: her hips and rear thrust back, left leg pushed slightly forward;
her back arched just enough to push her breasts forward nearly causing them
to spill out of the shallow cups; her right hand slid down her body while
her left glided up over her breasts, tracing the flesh peeking over the
lace-edged satin, and onward to her throat. Her eyelids were half closed,
and her tongue slid across her lips provocatively. Billy moaned helplessly
and nearly came.

"I take it that means yes," Kimberly cooed as she stretched out of the
posture. "I'm glad you like it."

"Kimberly, what are you doing?" Billy gulped at last. He felt like a
cornered animal; Kim must have sensed this for her hungry expression
softened. She leaned over, and Billy had a momentary glance at her
cleavage before she kissed him.

"This is something I've wanted to do for some time," she replied. Then she
kissed him again, much harder than before. Her tongue danced into his mouth
to caress his. Billy could feel his resistance weakening, and he brusquely
pushed her away.

"Kim, please, stop this," Billy protested. "What about Tommy?"

"Tommy knows what I'm doing," Kim assured him. "I told him what I was up

"You told him you were going to seduce me?"

"I wouldn't be here otherwise."

"Is that what you and Tommy were trying to do last night with your dancing?"
Billy snapped, letting his frustrations get the better of him.

Kimberly recoiled as if she had been struck. At first indignation played
across her features, and she started to say something. However, she
considered Billy's words more carefully and anger gave way to something
else. "No, I wasn't . . . we weren't . . . I didn't mean . . . ." she
fumbled tremulously, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

Her reaction caught Billy by surprise, and he immediately regretted his harsh
tone. Kimberly was presenting him with the answer to his dreams, so why was
he trying to push her away?

"I'm sorry, Kimberly; I shouldn't have lashed out like that. I'm not upset
with you or Tommy; I'm upset with myself." When Billy reached out for her,
she pulled away.

"I didn't mean to get so wild; I tried to hold back," she said, and Billy
suddenly got the impression that he wasn't the one she was trying to
convince. "I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to see what it would be
like to . . . touch you."

That admission startled Billy. "But why would you want to touch me?" he
asked, more confused than ever. Kimberly sat down on the bed across from
him. She positioned herself as demurely as possible, but there was
something in the swell of her breasts above the lace-trimmed cups and the
curve of her hips that kept distracting Billy.

"We've been friends forever," Kimberly began. To Billy it sounded rather
like the opening of a rehearsed speech. Kimberly had probably scripted out
the scenario for the afternoon, and his little outburst had knocked her for
a loop. "I like you, Billy, a lot; I guess in a way, I always had a sort of
crush on you. I just never realized how deep it ran until recently."

"I suppose I could say the same for myself," he confessed cautiously. There
were times when he viewed Kimberly almost like a sister, but one did not get
aroused by the thought of kissing one's sister.

"You could? That's sweet, Billy."

"I just never would have thought you'd be interested in a guy like me."

"Why not? You're good looking, smart, kind, gentle . . . what's not to

"I meant atrracted with the intent to be intimate. I know why you did what
you did in Zedd's citadel, but was it this affection for me that led you to
kiss me like you did in the infirmary last November?" Billy asked. Belatedly
he realized that Kimberly probably did not know what he was talking about.

"Probably. You're an awfully good kisser, even if you weren't trying very

"You remember . . . ? You weren't sleep walking?"

"No, I was only pretending. I knew what I was doing."

"Then why did you do it?"

"I just couldn't resist; you're really cute when you're embarrassed."

"Kimberly . . . ."

"Billy, I want to make love to you." Kimberly uncoiled herself and leaned
closer to him. "I want it to be something special. Just this once, just
between friends."

Billy did not know what to say. Part of him yearned to accept her offer
eagerly, but the scientist in him refused to let him accept anything at
face value.

"What if I were to say no?" His query startled Kimberly, almost as if she
had not considered that outcome.

"No means no, Billy. It means I get dressed and leave, and nothing more
need be said about any of this."

Kimberly was trying to sound confident, even reasonable, but Billy detected
a tremor of uncertainty, perhaps even fear in her voice. It gave Billy the
impression that this was no mere whim. Kimberly was really afraid he was
going to refuse, but why? Why was being intimate with him so important to
her? This line of thought made Billy realize that Kimberly's actions were
not without cost to her: possible rejection, jeopardizing friendships--if
things did not go well--and possibly her relationship with Tommy. According
to Kimberly, Tommy had given his sanction; she had taken a considerable risk
in broaching the matter with Tommy. No, there had to be a deeper reason
than affection, but Billy did not imagine that Kimberly was consciously aware
of it.

"I'm flattered that you want to be intimate with me, but why would you want
to engage in sexual intercourse with me when you have Tommy? What do I have
to offer?" Even as he uttered the words, Billy knew he was on to something.
"Why me? Is it curiosity? Variety? Or something else?"

"I'm not sure I follow you," Kimberly said diffidently as if Billy was
getting close to something she didn't wish to examine.

"Do you think I can give you something that, for all his love and skill,
Tommy can't?" Billy pursued.

"What do you mean?"

The uncertainty in Kimberly's voice brought her words of a few moments ago
back to Billy: "I just wanted to see what it would be like . . . ." He had
the beginnings of an idea and decided to test his theory.

"Kimberly, can you remember the first time you touched Tommy intimately?
What was it like?" Billy watched as Kimberly closed her eyes and searched
her memory; it seemed that the longer she pondered the matter, the more
frustrated and angry she became.

"I can't," she said defeatedly; she sounded close to tears.

"Do you know why you can't?"


"You can't remember because you don't want to. Your mind has shut out most
of your memories of the first days of your captivity in Zedd's citadel. It
was during those three days while you were under the influence of Zedd's
spell that you first became intimate with Tommy. Judging from what you told
me at the time, you don't want to recall all the things you did.

"Zedd's spell did more than enslave you and warp your deepest desires. It
robbed you and Tommy of some very precious moments: the excitement and
uncertainty of deciding for yourselves, the awkwardness of undressing in
front of each other for the first time, the thrill of seeing each other
naked, your first caresses--little things that mean so much and make your
first time so special."

"I tried to convince myself that they didn't matter," Kimberly began in a
quivering voice. She drew her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms
around them. Billy fought hard to ignore her exposed slit. "I remember
the night of the variety show, before everything went to hell. I remember
how brightly Tommy's eyes were shining when he saw me in my aunt's gown and
how weak-kneed I felt when he smiled at me. I remember how good he made me
feel inside. I was so excited, and I wanted his arms around me so badly .
. . and then, poof! I've nothing but a black void. The next memory I can
really call my own was of waking up cold and alone--scared, ashamed, and
sickened by the nightmare I had just had . . . the things I had done and
felt under the power of that dream. Only, it was no nightmare. It was
real. I had desires and knowledge that I'd never had before, and I
couldn't clearly say how I gained them! I didn't loose my virginity in
Zedd's citadel; I lost my innocence."

"I shouldn't have even brought this up," Billy said, putting a hand on her
shoulder. Kimberly wiped angrily at her eyes.

"Have you any idea how I felt when I saw Tommy that first night after the
spell had worn off? He was asleep--naked and shackled to a pole. It was
as if I had never seen him before; he was so beautiful he took my breath
away, but when I touched him . . . I knew what to do. Somehow, I knew
how to give him that blow job. I knew where to touch him to make him feel
good, and I didn't know how I knew! All there was was this black fog in
my brain!" Kim burst into tears of anger and frustration. Billy enfolded
her in his arms and let her cry.

"Have you ever spoken to Tommy about this?" he asked when she calmed down.

"No. I told myself there was no sense in worrying about what was lost. I
suppose deep down I knew I was missing something . . . ."

". . . and your subconscious decided to recapture the wonder of your first
sexual experience by projecting it on to me."

"Ohmigosh, Billy, I didn't mean to . . . ." Kimberly stammered, trying to
pull away from him.

"Don't worry about it," Billy said, trying to soothe her. "Actually, I'm
rather flattered that you find me appealing enough to project your need onto

"You don't mind?" she sniffled.

"Not now that I know why. Trying to recapture a lost sense of wonder makes
more sense than you simply having the urge to make love to me--especially
when Tommy knows how to please you so well."

"And how do you know that?" Kim queried, a knowing smile lighting her face.
Billy, in his moment of discomfiture, did not see the playful gleam in her

"Well, when you and Tommy were in the infirmary, I happened to be present
during one of your . . . you had been asleep, and I had brought some
clothes for you . . . ."

"It's all right, Billy. I know. I wondered if you were ever going to tell
me that you had watched us make love."

"You've known? Tommy didn't tell you, did he?"

"Tommy knows? He's never said a word . . . you told him, didn't you?"

"I was trying to make a point and in doing so demonstrated my knowledge of
your activities. I had to tell him how I came by my information," Billy
confessed sheepishly. "How did you know I was there?"

"I woke up when I felt a cold blast of air--from when you opened the door.
I didn't say anything because I wanted to see what you would do. I was
still pretty strung out on Sagitteros's spell, and I remember being
intrigued as you stood there staring at us. There was something about your
expression . . . what were you thinking?"

"That I couldn't ever remember seeing anything that looked more beautiful
and erotic at the same time than the two of you sleeping together."

"And while we were making love . . . if you care to call it that."

"That's a little more problematic," Billy said with a shy grin. He was still
holding Kimberly and absently stroking her hair. "I mean, I had never done
anything like that before. I knew I should have left you two alone, but when
you started fellating Tommy, I just couldn't tear myself away. It was as if
I was spellbound. That was one of the things I've always felt a little
guilty about, but watching the two of you make love was incredible. I guess
what struck me the most was that it was real. Real people, real emotions,
real love. There was so much between the two of you that could never be
recreated by actors or captured on film. Little things, like Tommy's calm,
your fire, gestures, expressions, the way you came together and moved as
one . . . ."

"Billy, that's beautiful." Kimberly's eyes were shining.

"It was a beautiful moment--love at its most profound."

"And at its most primitive. The first round might have been beautiful, but
right after that I lost all control," Kimberly said glumly.

"You couldn't help it; that was due to the spell. If it helps, I didn't stay
long after the two of you finished the first course. I guess I found your
pain more in need of privacy than your pleasure."

"Some temptress I turned out to be," Kimberly remarked with a wry laugh.
"I came here to make love to you and wind up being psychoanalyzed instead."

* * *

Out in the hall, Tommy had to deal with his own emotional conflict. He had
never fully appreciated how deep Kimberly's scars ran. Beyond her obvious
anger, he had no idea that she felt cheated. In some ways, he had felt
similarly, but he had had the opportunity to get to know her body at his
leisure once their nightmare was over. At the time, he had thought that not
being able to touch Kimberly was the worst possible torture; perhaps it had
been a blessing in disguise. Tommy knew how much he treasured those little
firsts: the first time Kimberly let him touch her breasts, the first time he
saw her naked . . . but all those things had happened later, after their
abduction. How could he not have realized that her memories of her firsts
with him would not be the sweet ones he cherished?

Damn Zedd, he swore. Tommy gathered himself to leave, feeling more than a
little guilty. He had stayed to watch Kimberly seduce Billy, not have her
heart laid bare. Yet, it would be worth the pang of guilt to know that she
had found some measure of peace. However, Billy started to speak again,
giving Tommy pause.

* * *

"To return to your question regarding my feelings about observing you and
Tommy," Billy continued, "in addition to the higher emotional appeal,
watching the two of you so aroused me that I--well, to be blunt--creamed
my jeans. I had to leave after the first session because I needed a cold
shower and clean underwear."

"Really?" Kimberly smiled at his sheepish expression.

"I still have very intense dreams about it. Who wouldn't? That was the
most exciting thing I had ever witnessed."

"Wow. You know, I had thought it kind of odd that Tommy didn't mind the
fact that I wanted to make love to you, but maybe it's not so odd after all.
I mean, remembering my own emotions at the time, I didn't mind that you had
watched. I suppose I should have been embarrassed, but I remember being
excited by the thought of you being there."

"Is that why you danced with me last night and why you let loose when you
were with Tommy?"

"Uh huh."

"Maybe there's a little voyeur and exhibitionist in us all."

"It's kind of hard for me to admit, but last night I was so turned on I
nearly jumped you right then and there."

"I almost wish you would have," Billy admitted.

"Excuse me?"

"Are you still of a mind to be intimate with me?"

"I think so."

"You're sure Tommy doesn't mind? This may sound strange, but I take a
certain satisfaction in the strength of your relationship. I wouldn't
jeopardize that for anything--even for a chance to fulfill my favorite

"Tommy said that he'd respect whatever decision we came to." Kimberly eyed
Billy inquisitively. "Your favorite fantasy?"

"Making love to you. You're a beautiful, sexy young woman, and watching you
has excited me beyond anything I've ever experienced. What guy wouldn't
fantasize about making love to you--best friend's girl or not. If your offer
still stands, I accept. Just this once."

"Just between friends."

For a moment, neither of them moved or said a word. Then, Kimberly giggled

"I can't believe I'm so nervous."

"You are?"

"Uh huh."

"Me too." They both burst out laughing.

* * *

From his vantage point, Tommy saw the mischievous gleam return to Kimberly's
eyes while the two laughed. Then, he detected the beginnings of that smile
Kimberly got whenever she was feeling playful. It was the look she got when
she wanted to mess with his hair; however, in this instance, it preceded an
assault on Billy's sensitive sides.

* * *

"Stop it!" Billy pleaded as he writhed on the bed trying to escape from
Kimberly's merciless tickling. She pursued him until Billy was flat on his
back and she was sitting on his hips. She smiled down at him as he lay there
gasping for air. Kimberly dipped in close and pressed her lips to his, and
the longer her lips lingered the more intense her kiss became. Her tongue
darted into his mouth, wrapping itself around his.

"Wow," Billy said weakly when she let him come up for air. Kimberly studied
him, gently stroking the side of his face. Her fingers wandered down to his
shoulders and played with his shirt collar.

"You know, I'm sort of glad I ripped your shirt off in the dungeon. I really
was curious about what you looked like without it," she murmured.

Billy swallowed hard. He noticed that Kimberly's fingers trembled slightly
as she undid the buttons. The contact between her hands and his naked flesh
as she brushed his shirt aside sent a shiver running through him.

Kimberly's face lit up with delight as her fingers stroked the fine
blond-brown hairs which covered his chest. She nuzzled her face in the soft
down and began kissing and licking his chest. When her mouth found Billy's
nipples, he gasped sharply and arched off the bed. Encouraged by his
reaction, Kimberly sucked on them vigorously.

"That feels absolutely magnificent," Billy groaned, digging his hands into
the comforter in an effort to brace himself. Kimberly's mouth was driving
him wild; every time her tongue lapped at one of his nipples, a bolt of fire
shot through his body. He hadn't imagined that anything could feel so good.

"I just realized something else," Kimberly continued as if she had never
paused to titillate Billy's chest. "I've never seen you without your pants;
I've always kind of wondered about that, too." Kimberly licked her way down
his abdomen then shifted back to sit on his thighs. She smoothed her hands
over the bulge in his shorts and deftly dealt with the snap and zipper.
Grinning wolfishly, she eased both shorts and underwear over his hips.

"Mm," she murmured in appreciation as she slid his pants down his legs and
tossed them aside. Her hands explored his legs, hips, and finally his cock.
Billy's wasn't as long as Tommy's, but it was thicker. She felt his rod
throb under her feathery caress. Billy moaned his pleasure, and his hips
thrust forward almost involuntarily. Kimberly planted a tiny kiss on his
cock head then raised her eyes to Billy's face. At the moment, his head was
thrown back, his eyes closed. His chest rose and fell with the increased
tempo of his breathing, and already he was beginning to perspire.

"Stand up," she said suddenly, pulling away from him.

"What?" Billy queried, dazed by the sudden shift.

"I want to look at you," she explained as she began tugging at his arm,
helping him up. She stood him up then stepped back to check him out. She
walked around him slowly, scrutinizing him carefully.

"I feel ridiculous," Billy mumbled, blushing faintly.

"Oh hush," Kim chided him as she slid a hand down his bottom, sending a chill
shuddering through his body. "I was right. You do have a great ass." She
played with the dark blond, almost brown hair that covered his cheeks. With
a predatory grin Billy couldn't see (but Tommy could), she bent over and ran
her tongue up the crack of his ass, causing Billy to raise up on his toes.
Kimberly then wandered around to fondle his cock and balls. With her free
hand, she pulled his head down to hers and attacked his mouth hungrily,
leaving him panting breathlessly when she let him go. Still grinning, she
slowly slithered down his body until she was kneeling before him.

"Oh Billy," she called out softly in a singsong voice. His eyes fluttered
open, and she fixed him with her best I'm-going-to-eat-you-alive look.
Then she swallowed his cock. Billy uttered a noise that was part moan,
part helpless whimper. Her lips pumped up and down his shaft while her
tongue swirled about the head. She groaned with her own satisfaction as
she continued to suck his cock. The expression on her face was one of
ultimate gratification. With a sudden bob of her head, she took him deep
in her throat, something she had been unable to do with Tommy. Billy's
cries of delight spurred her to furiously fuck him with her mouth; however,
Billy's body couldn't handle so much excitement. Fortunately, Kim was
prepared--when his knees gave out, she was able to push him back on the
bed, never once removing her lips from his organ.

"Kimberly . . . I . . . I'm . . . ." Billy stammered as his hips rose to
meet the downward thrust of her mouth. Kimberly continued sucking and
pumping. A moan echoed up from the depths of his chest, and Billy came with
a hoarse cry, shooting hot jism down her throat. What Kim didn't swallow,
she allowed to dribble back down his cock.

"Mm mm good," she murmured as she licked his rod clean. She sat back to
watch Billy recover, and when she noticed that she had his attention once
again, she wiped the come from her chin and licked her fingers clean.

"Awesome," Billy choked out when he could finally speak. "I didn't mean to
come so soon."

"That's all right. You'll get another chance. Did you enjoy that?"

"Did I ever!"

* * *

Out in the hall, Tommy collapsed against the wall as his own knees went weak.
He had his fist in his mouth to stifle his moans. It had taken every ounce
of self control he possessed not to come along with Billy. He had watched
Kim suck his own cock before, but seeing her take all of Billy's in her mouth
. . . seeing that predatory glint in her eyes and that self-satisfied grin
on her lips . . . . His heartbeat was as loud as his rapid breathing as he
envisioned Kimberly licking Billy's come from her fingers. It was all he
could do to keep from bursting in on them. He had known he would enjoy
watching Kimberly, but this had exceeded his expectations. He could hardly
wait to see what would happen next.

* * *

"So, do I get to see you naked?" Billy queried as Kimberly hovered over him.

"I've been waiting for you to take this teddy off me," she replied saucily.

"Actually," Billy began, his voice cracking, "I was kind of hoping you'd
strip for me." The partial striptease she had performed the previous evening
had fired his imagination.

Kimberly raised an inquiring eyebrow but said nothing. She had stripped for
Tommy before, but he had never specifically asked. She found the notion
exhilarating. She stood up with slow, sinuous movements and smiled lustily.

"It's just too bad we don't have any music," she all but purred. Even so,
when Kimberly began to move, she was rocking to a phantom tune. She knew
that Tommy would have been able to identify the music just by her movements.
She danced for a few measures, skimming her hands all over her body, cupping
her breasts, teasing her nipples, and taunting her pussy. She turned around,
flashing her ass at him, and bent over. Her hands caressed her legs and
played with her crack. She peeked at Billy from between her legs. His cock
was already getting hard again. She kicked off her pumps, sending them
sailing across the room with enthusiasm. She propped a leg up on the edge
of the mattress and beckoned for Billy to come closer. She tilted his chin
upwards and brought her face close to his. She extracted a quick kiss, then
danced out of his reach again. Hooking her thumbs under the straps of her
lingerie, Kimberly slid the thin ribbons off her shoulders. She played with
her tits again, fondling them, tugging at the edge of her teddy and giving
him glimpses of the flesh underneath.

"Please, Kimberly . . . ." Billy begged, unable to stand the teasing any
longer. He reached out to touch her. She took his hand and placed it on
one of her breasts. He squeezed experimentally. While his one hand was
busy with her breasts, she wrapped his other around her waist, placing his
palm flat on her behind. He also squeezed that as he pulled her closer.
Then she snaked her arms up around her head, playing with her hair. While
her hands were engaged, Billy peeled the satin down to her waist and
breathlessly gazed on her naked breasts. He licked his lips in anticipation
as his hands cupped her mounds.

"So soft," he murmured as if pleasantly surprised. It thrilled him to feel
her nipples harden against the palms of his hands. He rolled the rosy tips
between his fingers and traced circles around the areola. He couldn't resist
kneading the soft flesh a second time before drawing a breast into his mouth.

Kimberly watched Billy as he examined her breasts, smiling at the wonderment
in his face. In a way, the situation reminded her of the first time Tommy
had undressed her. She remembered the look in his eyes--so tender, his heart
was right there for her to see. When he oh-so-slowly removed her nightgown,
he had reminded her of a child unwrapping a present at Christmas and finding
the most wonderful, most unexpected present of all. He, too, had just looked
at her for a long time, almost as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
The memory filled her with a warm glow . . . or was that the result of
Billy's mouth on her tits? His hands and mouth probed with a thoroughness
she had expected and caressed with a gentleness she hadn't anticipated.
Kimberly felt the heat in her pussy and the juices running down her legs.

"That feels so good," she sighed, revelling in the sensations that raced
through her body.

"Amazing," Billy murmured. He wasn't sure whether it was the taste of her,
the exquisite sensation of her nipples hardening as he sucked on them, or the
whimpers which signified her desire that excited him the most. Knowing that
he had pleased her filled him with a satisfaction deeper than any he had
known. The sensation was intoxicating, and he wanted to experience more.
Billy kissed his way down her belly and swirled his tongue around her belly
button. Kimberly nearly wriggled out of his grasp.

"So, you are ticklish," he noted.

"Fink!" Kimberly said with a giggle.

Billy peeled the pink satin down over her hips and let it fall to the floor.
He didn't even realize Kimberly had stepped out of it as he was mesmerized by
the sight before him. He was almost afraid to touch the light brown curls
which covered her pussy; however, his hands followed the curve of her hips
and slid around to caress her buttocks. Kimberly slowly spun around for him,
allowing him to drink in the sight of her.

"You are beautiful," Billy sighed as he stretched a hand out to Kimberly. She
took it, and he guided her to the bed. His hands wandered up and down her
legs several times, but his attention was irresistibly drawn to the mass of
curls at their juncture. Detecting an intriguing aroma, Billy drew his face
closer and inhaled deeply. Finding the scent very heady, he began a closer
examination. His fingers explored her genitalia in minute detail, stroking
the labia, probing the folds of flesh beyond, and flickering around the
clitoris. Kimberly squirmed as he slid his fingers into her vagina; she
arched so sharply at the penetration that she raised off the bed.

"Geezus, Billy, are you practicing to be a gynecologist or what? Just eat me
already!" Kimberly growled, unable to hold back any longer. Billy stared at
her, amazed and amused. However, he continued to calmly rub her clit.

"Please, Billy, please use your tongue," she pleaded as her writhing became
more frenzied. Billy could not resist her supplicating tone and took a
tentative lick. Kimberly's gasp urged him to further oral explorations.
While he was not exactly sure what to do, he recalled that Kimberly's tongue
had done some pretty incredible things to his cock. He hoped he could do
half as good a job on her. He lapped the length of her slit several times
before concentrating on her swollen button.

"Yes!" Kimberly cried out with enthusiasm, closing her eyes and throwing her
head back. She could already feel the fire surging within her.

Billy continued his tongue massage, increasing his tempo to match the thrust
of her hips. Kimberly was squirming so much that he had to grab her ass in
order to hold on to her. It wasn't long before he became aware of the
changes in her body: the tightening of the muscles in her legs and stomach,
the sharper thrusts of her hips, the louder, deeper gasps and moans.

"Make me come; please make me come," she begged as her thighs tightened
around his head, and her hand forced his face deeper between her legs, just
as she had with Tommy in the park. When her orgasm exploded through her,
she pulled up into a sitting position then collapsed on the bed with a wild
shriek. Billy was helpless to do anything except continue to lick her until
the first wave of pleasure subsided.

"Did I do all right?" he asked when Kimberly finally released him.

"Uh huh." Kimberly pulled him to her and kissed him, licking her juices from
his chin. She offered him a hungry grin and flipped him onto his back. She
stretched herself lazily across his body, rubbing herself all over him. She
said nothing as she gave his cock two or three deep sucks. Then she straddle
mounted him as if he were a balance beam. His engorged penis rested between
the folds of her pussy but was not yet sheathed within her. She slowly
rocked herself across his rod.

"How do you want to take me?" she asked as she flipped a stray strand of hair
out of her eyes. "Me on top? You on top? Front? Behind? Slow? Hard?"

"I . . . trust your . . . judgement," he panted. Kimberly grinned wickedly
and raised up from his hips. She held his cock steady and slowly lowered
herself on his pulsating shaft.

"Oh . . . my . . . ." Billy's moan caught in his throat and his eyes rolled
back as he found his cock in the tightest, hottest, wettest, softest space
he had ever encountered. Kimberly's legs strained as she held her position,
giving him time to savor the sensations. She allowed him to take the first
couple of strokes, then she leaned forward and kissed him. When she pulled
back, she ran her fingers through his hair.

* * *

Hold on for the ride of your life, buddy, Tommy moaned inwardly. When
Kimberly went for the hair, it meant she was in the mood for serious fucking.
Couple that with her throaty purr and hungry eyes . . . . Tommy slid down
the wall and sat on the floor. His cock was painfully hard, and it was all
he could do to keep from reaching for it--especially when Kim licked her come
from Billy's chin. He could feel the pre-come seeping out, but he didn't
want to come just yet. The show was just beginning.

* * *

Holding on for dear life was exactly what Billy was doing. Kimberly bucked
and writhed on his cock so frenetically that her hair was flying free of its
pins. She seemed oblivious to everything save the pleasure she was feeling.
Her hands roamed all over her body. Billy was fascinated as she played with
her breasts, pulling on her nipples then cupping them, bending over and
licking them as best she could. When her fingers weren't tormenting her
tits, they were furiously stroking her clit.

Billy was grateful Kimberly had given him such an expert blow job; he
wouldn't have lasted otherwise. Even so, it was a wonder he hadn't had a
second explosive orgasm. Kimberly's performance was exciting beyond words.
As her orgasm crested, the pressure exerted by her velvety walls around his
organ was phenomenal, gripping him tighter than he had thought possible.
Just when he thought he couldn't take it any more, his cock was bathed in a
warm rush of her juices. Kimberly literally screamed as her body shook
with the power of her orgasm. It was enough to nearly push him over the

* * *

When Kimberly screamed, Tommy lost it, unable to hold back any longer. He
bit his lip until he tasted blood in his effort to keep quiet; however, he
doubted Kimberly and Billy would have heard him over her shouts. His body
sagged with momentary relief, but his cock lost none of its energy.
Impossibly, Billy had not come yet, and Kimberly wouldn't stop until he

* * *

"Sorry," Kimberly panted as she collapsed onto Billy's chest. Her body
glistened with sweat, and her muscles were still spasming from the force of
her climax. "I . . . didn't mean to lose it like that."

"Don't apologize. That was awesome!"

"If it was so great, why are you still hard?"

"I'm still pretty wasted from your blow job. I'm not used to ejaculating
more than once a session." Kim burst out laughing. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry, Billy; it's just that I have a hard time picturing you sitting
around with a `Playboy' or `Penthouse' and masturbating."

"Did you really think I only read scientific journals?"

"Let's just say I've never given your possible masturbatory practices much
thought," Kim replied with a grin. "For that matter, I've never considered
Tommy's either."

"You masturbate, don't you?" Kimberly blushed but didn't answer. Instead,
she changed the topic.

"Why are we discussing this when I still have a hard cock in me? I think
the poor fella is in need of some relief."

"Why don't we change position, and . . . ." The words were scarcely out of
Billy's mouth when Kimberly locked her legs underneath him and rolled the two
of them over, putting Billy on top without dislodging him.

"You're fantastic," he murmured appreciatively.

"Go for it, Billy. Come on and fuck me," she invited. She kept her muscular
legs wrapped tightly around Billy's waist as he began thrusting in and out of
her soaking wet pussy. As he pumped her, Kimberly's fingers and mouth began
stimulating the rest of his body. She licked at his ear lobes and nibbled on
his neck. When that didn't produce the desired reaction, Kimberly began
playing with his nipples. That did the trick; Billy almost couldn't keep his
rhythm for the urge to wriggle. Her hands abandoned his chest and reached
around to grab his ass. She caught a double handful of buttocks and helped
thrust his hips forward. After a little of that, she reached down to play
with his balls.

"A little more," she cooed, whispering the words directly into his ears. "It
feels so good, doesn't it. So tight. So hot. So wet. It feels wonderful
to have your cock ramming in and out of my hungry pussy. You want to come,
don't you? You want to shoot your load as deep inside me as you can, don't

"Uh huh," Billy grunted, incapable of a more articulate response.

"I want to watch you come; I want to see you shoot your come all over my
tits," she entreated. "I know you can do it, Billy. Just listen to my
voice, and do as I say. You're so very, very close, aren't you. Your
muscles are tensing. So are your balls. The come is rising in your cock
like lava in the shaft of a volcano. It's almost there . . . almost . . .
now, Billy, pull out now!"

With a shout of his own, Billy pulled out, and Kimberly's hand grabbed his
come-slick rod. Billy sprayed semen all over Kimberly's breasts and abdomen.
Her hand pumped every last drop from his exhausted penis. Completely spent,
Billy flopped onto the bed next to her.


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