Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 4 (no sex)
by Cheryl Roberts

"Hey, Billy, you look bummed. What's wrong?" Tommy queried as he pulled up a
chair to join Billy. As agreed, the two had met to study for Tommy's physics
exam; Billy's book was open, but his heart was obviously not into studying.

"I just received some bad news; Laura has to cancel for Friday night," Billy

"She can't go to the prom? Oh man, I'm sorry."

"It was a family emergency."

"Nothing too serious, I hope."

"She did not specify, but she sounded more annoyed than concerned."

"Are you still going to go?"

"I don't think so."

"Why? You've already put out the money for the tux and tickets."

"Going to the prom without a date is pretty lame."

"Why don't you come along with Kimberly and me," Tommy offered. "All six of
us planned to get together with our dates for the post prom carnival and
breakfast before we headed up to your uncle's resort for the weekend."

"I'm sure you and Kimberly have other things you'd rather be doing--without
a tag along." Billy's mind conjured the image of Kim laying back on the
picnic table with her legs spread wide.

"Anything Kimberly and I want to do without a tag along will have to be
done before Friday or wait until Saturday." Tommy felt a twinge of guilt;
he and Kim did have intimate plans, but not for Friday night. Kimberly
was on the decoration committee for the prom. She was going to be spending
Friday getting the gymnasium ready for the dance, and there was the tear
down afterwards. Tommy had volunteered to help with the tear down just so
Kimberly wouldn't be at it too late. They'd be doing good to make the
carnival and breakfast. However, they had discussed the possibility of
sharing a bed Friday night regardless of whether or not they did anything
else but sleep.

"I don't know, Tommy. Kimberly may not want me around. She has been acting
most . . . peculiarly of late," Billy said delicately, trying to find a way
to ask Tommy about her erotic behavior.

"Kimberly won't like the thought of you sitting at home on prom night any
more than I do."

"Hey, Billy," Kimberly said brightly as she skipped over. She tousled
Billy's hair affectionately, much to his surprise. "Hey, Gorgeous." Tommy
received a deep, lingering kiss, which caught him off guard as well. "Who
won't like what any more than you?"

"Laura had to cancel their date for the prom," Tommy said.

"Oh, Billy, I'm so sorry," Kimberly gasped, turning to give Billy a
sympathetic look. "Are you still going to go?"

"No, I think I'll just . . . ." Kimberly silenced Billy's refusal by putting
a finger to his lips.

"Nonsense. You are not staying home to read technical journals if I have
anything to say about it," Kimberly insisted. "Billy can join us, can't he,

"Of course."

"Come on, Billy; I won't take no for an answer."

"Since you put it that way . . . ."

"Great! I'll be the luckiest girl at the prom, being escorted by two of the
sweetest guys in school." Kimberly gave Billy a peck on the cheek. Then she
glanced at her watch. "Oh, gotta run!"

"Where are you going?" Tommy asked.

"I'm meeting Aisha at the mall. Last minute shopping. I also have to pick
up my dress; you are going to love it! Will you be free this evening, or do
you have to study for a final?"

"Billy and I are working on physics now. You can drop by. What's up?"

"I'm in search of new music." Kimberly raked her fingers through Tommy's hair
then pulled him to her by his collar. "I feel like dancing," she whispered,
giving his ear a parting lick. When she released him, Tommy melted into his

"'Bye, guys," Kimberly said sweetly as she scampered off.

"That was . . . interesting," Billy murmured, aware of the heat in his
cheeks and the tightness in his groin. His continual state of arousal was
getting to be something of a nuisance, especially since he knew there was
no recourse for alleviating it. Tommy did not respond to his statement,
and Billy glanced up to see that Tommy's eyes were shut, and he wore a
besotted grin on his face. "Earth to Tommy. Anyone home?"

"Huh, oh, sorry Billy; I was sort of distracted."

"I could see that. Kimberly has a way of being a distraction."

"I'll say! I have never been more motivated to study physics than I am right

"Kimberly has been much more uninhibited of late, and dressing much more
provocatively," Billy noted, recalling her cutoffs and pink bikini top from
the other afternoon. He could feel his physical response to the memory and
tried to put a check on his emotions. "Is she all right? I haven't seen
her act like this since Sagitteros's spell."

"She's fine; I kind of thought she might be suffering a relapse, too, after
that performance in the park the other day, but she assures me she is fully
aware of what she's doing. As she put it, she has hyper-stimulated

"May one assume that you two have resumed the more physical aspect of your
relationship?" Billy felt foolish; this was really none of his business, and
he already knew the answer. He just had to hear it from Tommy.

"Yeah," Tommy confirmed somewhat sheepishly. "Are we that obvious?"

"Well, Kimberly has been, and her voice did carry quite a bit Sunday
afternoon . . . ."

"So, we were caught."

"In a manner of speaking. Your intent in pursuing her was unmistakable.
Regardless, it is only natural that the two of you should pursue a more
intimate level . . . ."

"Billy, you're blushing," Tommy noted with a grin. Billy made a face and
turned a deeper crimson.

"To get back to the original topic, are you certain you want me around on
prom night?" Billy asked, trying to recover his equilibrium.

"Kimberly's already made up her mind, so there's no point in worrying about
it. We wouldn't have asked you if we didn't want you with us."

"Well, I suppose the technical journals can wait," Billy acquiesced with a
smile. As much as he hated to admit it, he found the idea appealing. He
observed the thoughtful look Tommy was giving him and wondered if Tommy had
any idea as to what was going through his head.

* * *

"I can't believe Laura had to cancel," Aisha remarked when Kimberly told her
about Billy's situation. The girls had done all the damage they could at
the mall and were kicking back to relax at the juice bar before heading home.
"I'm glad you and Tommy asked him to join you. I couldn't bear to think of
him sitting home alone on prom night. I'd be tempted to ask him along with
me, but I'm not sure how Curtis would take it."

"Curtis? You fink, why didn't you tell me you were going with Zack's
cousin?" Kimberly demanded. Aisha had been exceedingly closed lipped about
her date to the prom; so much so that Kimberly had wondered if Aisha might
have invented a date. To Kimberly's knowledge, Aisha hadn't dated much, and
even though they were best friends and now roommates, Kimberly still didn't
know if Aisha knew many guys outside of their teammates.

"I didn't know Curtis was related to Zack," Aisha said.

"I haven't seen much of Curtis lately, but as I recall, he's an excellent
dancer and a real charmer."

"He is that," Aisha agreed, and the two shared a giggle.

"You know," Kimberly began, feeling uncharacteristically serious, "it seems
kind of weird to be sitting around talking about guys and doing normal
teenage stuff without having to worry about getting the signal to go save
the world."

"I know what you mean; in a way, I sort of miss it. My wrist feels naked
without my communicator," Aisha agreed, "but now I feel like I can finally
have a relationship with a guy who isn't on the team. You and Tommy were
really lucky."

"In some ways, it made life easier, but in others . . . ." Kimberly let her
words hang. There was no need to elaborate. All of their friends knew the
trials that Kimberly and Tommy had faced in their relationship. Like the
problem Kimberly was having now . . . this business with pursuing Billy was
driving her to distraction, and Tommy was much too accommodating. She wanted
another opinion, but she wasn't sure how Aisha would react. "However, being
a Ranger never stopped Rocky from pursuing girlfriends. He and Jessica
Peterson are pretty tight."

"Yeah, but not as tight as he'd like them to be," Aisha said knowingly.
"After seeing what happened to your powers when you and Tommy got physical,
I think the rest of us were more inclined to abstain while we were still on
active duty."

Just then Adam emerged from the locker room. He spied the girls and wandered

"Hello, Kimberly, Aisha," he said as he took a seat.

"What's up, Adam? You look really bummed," Kimberly noted.

"Not really bummed, just sort of . . . I don't know."

"Something's bugging you. Did Sarah cancel for Friday night?" Aisha asked.

"Nothing as bad as that," Adam replied. "Rocky just told me he's planning on
bringing Jessica up to the cabin Friday night."

"Ah," both Kimberly and Aisha murmured knowingly.

"I know he has his own room, but I'd really feel uncomfortable hanging
around while he and Jessica . . . ." Adam's blush conveyed his dilemma more
eloquently than his words.

"There won't be much going on, not if I know Jessica," Aisha replied with a

"Still, I wouldn't feel right being there. I wonder if Tommy and Billy would
mind if I stayed in their cabin Friday."

"I'm sure it'd be all right," Aisha assured him.

"Actually," Kimberly began hesitantly; she felt a warmth spreading through
her cheeks, "it might be better if you crashed in our cabin--that is, if you
don't mind, Aisha."

"I have no problem with that."

"I appreciate the offer, but I probably should bunk with the guys," Adam
declined. Kimberly shot Aisha a penetrating, pleading look; it took Aisha
a moment to pick up on her hint.

"Ah, Adam, I think Kimberly has a very good reason for suggesting you stay
in our cabin."

"Oh?" Adam seemed puzzled, and Aisha sighed exasperatedly.

"She and Tommy have plans for Friday night, too. Am I right?" Aisha blurted

"Yes, you're right," Kimberly confirmed, feeling a bit embarrassed. Adam
still looked confused.

"Will Friday be your first time since retiring your coins?" Aisha pursued.


"So when did you two. . . ?"


"You guys sure didn't waste any time."

"Can you blame us?" Kimberly harumphed. Why was she getting so testy about
discussing her sex life with Aisha. It's not like she didn't already know
that she and Tommy had been intimate. "Have you any idea how hard it was to
behave ourselves for the last six months?"

"I think I've missed something here," Adam murmured uncomfortably, not
certain if he really wanted to hear the answer.

"Dunce, Tommy and Kimberly have picked up where they left off when Kim lost
her powers; they're going to be doing what Rocky hopes to do with Jessica."

"Ah ha. Maybe I should leave you two alone," Adam suggested awkwardly.

"What for?" Aisha wondered.

"We're sorry, Adam; we didn't mean to embarrass you," Kimberly apologized.

"It's all right. It's just that I'm sure you and Tommy don't want everyone
knowing all the details of your personal lives."

Kimberly recognized the shot at Aisha's bluntness in his statement, but the
barb seemed to have no effect.

"Oh, come on, Adam. It's not like the rest of us didn't know they'd been
fooling around. We knew the first time they ever had sex."

"That was different," Adam countered. "Kimberly's life was on the line;
Zordon had to tell the team what was going on. If Tommy and Kimberly had
chosen to be intimate for personal reasons, I doubt they'd have announced
it to the team."

"That's really sweet of you, Adam," Kimberly said. That was one of the
things she always appreciated about Billy; he was sensitive to her and
Tommy's privacy even though he knew pretty much all there was to know about
their sex life. "However, you guys probably would have found out anyway;
it's hard to keep secrets in such a close knit group."

"I guess you're right, but I don't know if I could handle everyone knowing
what I was doing with my girlfriend--if I had one, that is."

"Privacy would have been nice, but things didn't work out that way. I don't
mind it too much any more."

"So, will you be sending Billy my way too?" Aisha asked.

"No, I couldn't ask Billy to leave; it just wouldn't be right considering
he's the reason we have the cabins. Besides, Tommy and I may be too tired
to do anything but sleep after the prom."

"I know you better than that, girl. Once you get your hands on Tommy's hair,
you'll be re-charged and ready for action."

"Does Billy know what you and Tommy are planning?" Adam wondered.

"If he doesn't, I'm sure he suspects," Aisha retorted. "He'd have to be as
thick as Bulk and Skull not to."

"Tommy does have his own room, you know, so what's the big deal?" Kimberly
asked, squirming slightly. She couldn't say why she was reacting so
adversely; after all, this touched on the topic she wanted to pursue.
Perhaps it was due to the fact that she still wasn't sure she wanted it
generally known that she was interested in fooling around with Billy.

"I know, maybe you should invite Billy to join you guys in bed!" Aisha said,
suddenly inspired.

"Aisha!" Adam and Kimberly exclaimed, although he was more shocked by the
idea than she was.

"Take it easy; I'm only kidding."

"That wasn't very funny." What unnerved Kimberly the most was that she was
seriously considering doing what Aisha proposed.

"Billy wouldn't do a thing like that," Adam protested in Billy's defense.

"I don't know; I think he might be interested," Aisha speculated. "I've
often thought he may have a crush on Kim, and I know he enjoyed the attention
Kim paid him while we were prisoners in Zedd's citadel. The way she went
after him . . . ."

"Aisha," Adam hissed, kicking her under the table. He nodded to Kimberly who
wore a pained expression.

"Oh geez, I really put my foot in it this time," Aisha apologized. "I can be
as dimwitted as Rocky sometimes."

"I didn't really have much of a choice," Kimberly muttered softly, more to
convince herself than the others. It was a feeble attempt, and she knew it.
"I couldn't risk Zedd finding out I was free of his spell. I had to pretend
like . . . ."

"We know, Kimberly," Adam assured her, trying in some way to ease her

Kim continue on as if she hadn't heard him. "And it wasn't Billy's fault
he walked in on us while we were . . . ." The words died in her throat as
she observed Adam and Aisha's astounded expressions. Kimberly belatedly
recalled that no one else knew about Billy watching their love making in
the infirmary. She wanted to kick herself for bringing it up.e

"When did Billy see the two of you making out?" Aisha demanded.

"Look, you have got to promise me you won't say a word to Tommy; I don't
think he knows about it, and please don't say anything to Billy about this
slipping out--he doesn't know I know," Kim began awkwardly, not knowing
what else to do.

"We'll keep mum about it," Aisha said.

"It was at the infirmary . . . ." Kimberly just did not know how to explain

"That must have been the time Billy went to get Tommy to help us in the
battle with Goldar and the giant vibrator," Adam realized. Kimberly nearly
sighed with relief.

"I'd forgotten about that," Aisha added. "You mean, he teleported in, and
you guys weren't finished yet?"

"Something like that." Kimberly saw no need to correct their assumption;
there was no way she could tell them that had been the second time that
Billy had been present.

"Billy must have been totally embarrassed," Aisha gasped.

"Definitely," Kimberly confirmed, adding to herself, "and totally turned on."
She vividly recalled the bulge in his blue Spandex.

"What did you do?" Adam asked.

"What could I do? I didn't realize he was there until Tommy and I were

"You must have been mortified."

"By the time I really understood what had happened, I was too out of it to
care, and Tommy was so exhausted I don't think he would have noticed. At any
rate, Billy felt badly enough for all of us. That's why I never mentioned it
to him or Tommy."

"The less said about it the better," Adam agreed.

"Thanks, you two. Tell you what, Adam; I'll talk to both Tommy and Billy
about Friday night. If there's any hesitation about me staying with Tommy,
I'll tell them you'll be over instead. Okay?"

"Thanks, Kimberly."

"I hope Rocky wasn't planning on keeping his rendezvous with Jessica a
secret," Aisha giggled. "Kim was right about how quickly word gets around."

"We won't tell Rocky we know," Kimberly said. "I'll be seeing Tommy tonight,
so I'll have an answer real soon."

"That explains your side trip to Lynette's," Aisha said knowingly, raising
another blush in Kimberly's cheeks. "Are you going to show us what you

"No." Kim wasn't even sure she'd show Tommy what she bought. It wasn't
something from Lynette's proper--rather the "back room."

"Do you realize, Adam, that you and I are the only ones who aren't going to
be getting any this weekend."

Kimberly noticed that Aisha had forgotten to include Billy in the list. Was
that an oversight, or could Aisha possibly have an inkling as to what was
going through her mind? Regardless, Adam seemed not to have picked up on
Aisha's omission.

"Looks that way," Adam agreed.

"Of course, you and I could always . . . ."


"We'll have the whole cabin to ourselves . . . ."

"You're joking--aren't you?" Adam gulped.

"Of course I am."

Adam looked relieved, but Kimberly wasn't sure whether Aisha was kidding or

* * *

Kim remained at the table thinking about her problem long after both Aisha
and Adam had left. She told Aisha she was going to wait for Tommy's karate
class to finish up. What was she going to do? She couldn't--shouldn't do
anything with Billy, and yet she wanted to desperately. Kimberly was so lost
in thought that she had lost track of the time.

"Hey, Beautiful, what are you doing here?" Tommy queried as he emerged from
the Youth Center.

"Oh, hi, Tommy," Kim yelped, so startled by his appearance that she jumped in
her seat. In doing so, she bumped the table, spilling the packages that she
had propped against it.

"Here, let me get that," Tommy offered.

"No, that's all right. I don't want you to see my dress yet," Kim declined,
hastily stuffing purchases back into the bags. It wasn't her dress that she
didn't want him to . . . .

"I promise not to look at your . . . say, what's this?" Tommy asked as he
picked up the small package suspiciously wrapped in plain brown paper that
had fallen out of the lingerie shopping bag. Tommy turned the item over
noting that the wrapping had been torn.

Kim cringed.

"Is this what I think it is?" Tommy wondered, smiling broadly.

Kim blushed a furious crimson. "Yes," she admitted at last, snatching the
object from him and cramming it into a different bag. "My last one broke so
I had to replace it."

"Your last one? I didn't think you were particularly fond of vibrators,"
Tommy teased. Their experiences with vibrators had not been very pleasant.
Kim had used one on him during her explorations as the "Power Slut", and
while he had enjoyed the sensations the device had produced (to his
astonishment), he had not enjoyed the context of the situaion. Then, there
had been Vy-Brator: the monster Zedd had created from the same vibrator.
Once Vy-Brator had been returned to its original form and Kimberly realized
where she had seen the vibrator, she had really lost her cool and had run

"This isn't like the one from Zedd's palace," Kim hastened to say. "It isn't
as . . . intimidating. It's small but powerful enough when my fingers just
can't get the job done."

"How long have you had your vibrator?" Tommy asked, consumed with curiosity
and amusement.

"Since November," Kim confessed reluctantly.

"Are you going to bring it up to the bungalow this weekend?"

"That's kind of what I was waiting to talk to you about," Kim said, grateful
for the opportunity to change the subject. "I think we should ask Billy if
it's okay for us to share your room."

"I'm sure he won't mind." Tommy had the feeling that Billy already suspected
that they might make use of the cabin this weekend.

"He might feel a little uncomfortable, especially if we do more than just
sleep. I don't want to do that to Billy; it wouldn't be right. We should

"All right, if it'll make you feel better," Tommy agreed in the face of her
concern and distress. Tommy hadn't considered that, even though Kimberly was
dreaming about doing Billy, she might feel uneasy having him around while
they were engaged in sex. She had no way of knowing that Billy had already
seen the two of them in action.

"I'd appreciate it," Kim said with a small sigh.

"So, are you still planning on stopping by tonight?" Tommy asked hopefully.
He had seen the bag from the music store.

"Actually, could I take a raincheck? While I was out with Aisha, I
remembered I have to finish reading this novel for English class. After
that, I'll be finished with exams until my Tuesday history test. I can
come by Thursday night, okay?"

"Sure, Kim. Thursday is fine. Do you need a lift home?"

"No, I have my car, but I could use some help with these bags."

"No problem."

"Remember, no peeking."

"I wouldn't dream of it." As Tommy gathered up a couple of bags, he couldn't
help but wonder about Kimberly's little toy. Just how often was she using
her vibrator--considering she said she had broken her old one--and what were
the chances he could convince Kim to use it the next time they had the chance
to fool around?


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