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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
Power Rangers Nympho Force Part 1 - A New Team...Comes?? (FF)
by HBKTheIcon ([email protected]) for feedback/criticism.

Two sisters stood atop a mountain on the out skirts of a small city. "Has she
been found yet?" questioned Kapri, a beautiful pink haired alien.

"Not yet sis, but the group the queen requested has been assembled. Marah
also a beautiful alien, with dark hair, let her sister know. Some of them
wear quiet apposed to joining us, but no one can resist are powers for long.
The palace on the moon is almost complete, are group is waiting for us there.
Good we need to find Dulcia before she can make contact with anyone from this

Not to far from where the two figures stood, a capsule slowly unleashes a
strange glow. Before long the form of a building could be seen taking shape,
before the whole thing disappears in the blink of an eye.

Along the coast a group of about 15 teenagers where having a reunion. All
these girls shared one thing in common. They were all former Power Rangers.
The girls split into different groups and reminisced about old times

Trini Kwan, a young skinny Vietnamese girl, Kimberly Hart, a ditzy and
materialistic brunette, from Florida, Aisha Campbell, a short African
American, Tanya Sloane, also a short African American, she was one of
the youngest of the group at 18, and Katherine Hillard, a mature and
sophisticated blonde haired Australian, girl talked about all the good
times between monster attacks.

Ashley Hammond, a bubbly, upbeat former cheerleader, Cassie Chan, a beautiful
short Korean-American, Kendrix Morgan, a blonde with a mix of beauty and
brains and Maya, a wild spirit with a closeness for nature, a human born on
the planet Mirinoi, where talking about there many adventures in space.

Dana Mitchell, the very definition of blond bombshell, Alyssa, a kind-hearted
Asian college student and Tori, a blonde tomboy, the youngest of the whole
group at only 17, where discussing which rangers had the best bodies.

While Kelsey Winslow, a brunette with an exceptional physical prowess and
Taylor, a beautiful blonde air force pilot were discussing a secret they both
shared from all the other girls.

"I wonder where Karone could be?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah she couldn't stop talking about this little get together, now she
doesn't even show up." Voiced Cassie. It was no secret that there was more
then a little tension between Cassie and Karone, or to be more accurate
between Cassie and Astronama. Cassie had never quite forgiven Karone for all
that she'd done while she was Astronama. Plus her budding friendship with
Ashley and the other girls was making her a little jealous.

"She probably get held up, after all she's not just traveling here from down
the road, she's on another planet." Maya spoke up.

"That didn't stop you or Kendrix?! Whatever its her loss...right girls?"
Cassie said more cheerfully.

"...remember Kim? Kim? Huh yeah what?" Kim said her mind finally returning to

I was just say remember when Goldar tried to turn you into Lord Zedds queen?"
spoke Trini.

"Yeah those where fun and crazy times. You sound like you miss those days
Kim?" Aisha spoke.

"I do, I never got to finish my run as a ranger, leaving early was the worst
mistake of my life."

"At least you stayed in your own time, I'm lucky the Time Force rangers
remembered me in this little reunion." Aisha spoke.

During the later days of Lord Zedd, Aisha had chosen to stay in the past to
help cure a plague, while Tanya, a local girl had taken her place as the
Yellow Ranger.

"Yes tell us about what's been going on with you." Kim said trying to change
the subject.

"I definately thing my Red Ranger had the best butt, besides me and Kelsey of
course." said Dana.

"We should have a ranger beauty pageant some time, my vote would definately
go to one of you two." Alyssa spoke, blushing a little bit, not believing she
said that out loud.

"You're so sweet Alyssa, if my vote didn't go to the Quantum Ranger, it would
go to one of you, too." Both Alyssa and Dana smiled at that.

"So how'd you figure it out?" Taylor asked.

"I over heard you and Princess Shayla talking on the phone, its great to
know I'm not the only female ranger with lesbian tendencies." said Kelsey,
relieved she could finally talk about it with another ranger.

"So how long have you had these feelings?"

"Well..." Taylor began "I guess it started right after a joined the Power
Rangers. I started having dreams about Alyssa and the Princess, before long
it was all I could think about. Finally I decided to talk to princess Shayla
about it. She told me that as a princess, she doesn't get a chance to date
all to often. She then told me that both the yellow and white Rangers from
the past where her out let for her sexual frustration. Before long we were
having regular visits to each others bed chambers. So how bout you? When did
you first know you where more into girls then boys?"

"Well one look at Dana could turn the straightest of girls into a lovesick
lesbian. But the more I think about it the more I realize I've always had
strong feelings for girls. Back in Junior High, I was always fantasying about
the cheerleaders, and this one teacher I had. Then when I joined the Light
Speed Rangers I met the greatest influence on my sexual life, Ms. Angela
Fairweather. She taught me things that still make me wet to this day just
thinking about them. I've even fantasized about Vypra, a former enemy of ours
once or twice."

"That's so great to hear." Taylor broke in. "I've had quite a few naughty
thoughts about an Org called Toxica, that I always feel kind of ashamed of

"Don't feel ashamed, about fantasies, I think it's the whole Naughtiness of
it that draws us to the bad girls." Kelsey said.

"Do you wanna go somewhere more private, and continue our discussion?" Taylor

"Is that all you wanna do? Discuss things?" Kelsey said in a throaty voice.

"How bout over there behind those rocks?" Taylor pointed out.

"Race you over there..." Kelsey said, not waiting for an answer.

"You're very pretty Taylor!" Kelsey said. "I love your eyes and your smile is
radiant," she went on.

All Taylor could do was blush. "You probably have incredible legs, and you
shouldn't cover them in pants. I bet you look killer in a short dress.

"Actually, I have this black Versace with gold trim, it's sharp."

They smiled at each other.

Kelsey then asked Taylor, "What shoes do you have with it? I usually wear
flats so that I'm not taller than my dates." She said.

Coolly, gracefully, Taylor strolled over to Kelsey. She placed herself
between her legs Kelsey grabbed Taylor's bare foot and began licking it all
over without missing a stroke. She had an incredible strong, tongue. Taylor
imagined it inside her. Kelsey then stood up and grabbed Taylor's head. She
was panting as she drew Taylor's face to hers.

Taylor opened her mouth to accept her tongue as they engaged in a sensual
kiss. Taylor's mouth melted into Kelsey's. Taylor sucked hard on her tongue.
Kelsey put Taylor's foot back down and started licking Taylor's stunning
legs. She worked her way up slowly towards her crotch.

Kelsey pushed her dress up past her stocking tops. She continued giving her
loving kisses. Taylor's juices were already running down her white thighs.

Taylor's knees were getting weakened she leaned back against the rock. Her
breathing was very heavy.

Kelsey stood beside Taylor holding her. Keeping her long legs straight,
Taylor yielded them apart for this fox. Her mouth started on Taylor's feet,
French kissing them. She did one foot then the other. Slowly she traced her
kisses up Taylor's stockings.

The closer her mouth came to Taylor's crotch the hotter it got. When her
tongue reached Taylor's bare thighs she started to come. Kelsey pulled the
top of Taylor's dress down allowing her aching breasts to spring free. Her
nipples were like darts. Kelsey gently massaged them while her mouth clamped
onto Taylor's burning pussy through her panties.

Kelsey pulled Taylor's dripping panties aside allowing her pussy to bloom
open. Her lips were swollen and apart and her clitoris was hard and erect.
Kelsey found it with her mouth immediately and sucked on it with her ruby
red lips.

Kelsey expertly gave Taylor head. Her tongue knew just what to do. In
Taylor's pussy, along her lips, flicking her clit then sucking it she
worked. One orgasm rolled into the next. When she introduced her fingers
into Taylor's hole while sucking her clit Taylor exploded. Kelsey licked
her clean.

Taylor's had soaked not only Kelsey's pretty face but her thighs as well.
Kelsey grabbed the top of one of Taylor's stockings then pulled it slowly
off her leg. Her gentle hands caressed Taylor's smooth leg as she lowered
her mouth to her tiny painted toes, sucking each one. Slowly she took each
one in her mouth before lapping the bottom of Taylor's foot with her expert
tongue. Kelsey then stared fixated at Taylor. Finally she moved back between
Taylor's legs and repeated the event on the other leg and foot. This made
Taylor very hot again and she was dying to get between her legs. Kelsey
stood Taylor up and pulled her dress off so that she was completely nude.
She told Taylor to put her shoes back on.

Taylor then gave Kelsey a big kiss, tasting her own juices on her lips. "I
taste good!" Taylor reached inside Kelsey's dress to pull out her breasts.
They were superb, firm and round. Taylor had to suck on them. Her nipples
were hot.

After tasting Kelsey's tits, she pulled off her stockings and tasted Kelsey's
bare toes. By now Taylor's fingers had instinctively found their way down to
Kelsey's box, which was as wet as a sponge. She had very little pubic hair.
Taylor was able to finger fuck Kelsey to orgasm very quickly. They then
shared light kisses as Taylor pulled Kelsey out of her tight dress.

Meanwhile just above them on the rocks, Cassie, Ashley, and Kat had noticed
them sneaking off. There curiosity had got the better of them. It was then
that Kat found out that not only where Kelsey and Taylor lovers, but Ashley
and Cassie as well.

As soon as Ashley had seen what too of her friends where doing, she couldn't
control herself any longer. She leapt at Cassie in a long soul searching

"What's going on?" Voiced Kat.

Breaking their kiss Cassie began to explain about her and Ashley's behavior.
"Kat I don't want to freak you out, but me and Ashley are lovers, we have
been for sometime now."

"How Long?" Questioned a wide-eyed Kat.

"Pretty much since the first day we met." Stated Cassie. "As soon as I saw
Ashley I wanted her, she wasn't my first, there was a girl back in elementary
school, I soon invited Ashley over for a sleep over, as soon as the lights
were out, I convinced her there was no harm in a little experimenting."

"From that night forth there hasn't been a night we haven't shared a bed.
Don't forget Karone." Ashley chimed in.

"Since we freed her from the hold Evil had over her Ashley insisted we invite
her to join us. Since then every time she visits Ashley takes her everywhere
with her."

"This is unbelievable...I...I don't know what to say. What about you Ashley?
Was Cassie your first? Or where there others before her?" Kat asked.

"I've had passing thoughts of what it might be like to kiss a girl. But it
was never to serious, it only ever happened when I saw two girls kissing
in movies, like Wild Things, and Cruel Intensions. But when Cassie first
propositioned me I couldn't turn her down. Trust us Kat no one can make a
girl feel better then another girl."

"Just kiss each of us once, see how you feel after that." Cassie asked.

"I'm not sure abou..." She was cut off as Cassie pressed her lips against
Kats. At first Kat tensed up, but after a few minutes she relaxed and melted
into the kiss. Cassie's hand roamed up and down Kats backside, one resting on
the back of her blonde head, the other on her firm ass.

"So how was that?" Cassie asked.

"It was amazi..." Once again Kat was cut of by a set of soft lips pressing
against hers. This time the lips belonged to Ashley. Once more Kat tensed up,
but only for a second, before she was swept away in the emotion.

"Well I bet Tommy never kissed you like that, or any other boy for that
matter?" Ashley boasted.

"So are you ready to move ahead? To see what else girls can do better then
guys?" Cassie asked.

"I...I'm s-still not sure about this." Kat stuttered.

"Come on Cassie lets show her what she's been missing. Just sit back, watch
and learn, k?" Ashley asked.

"Sure." Kat stuttered.

Suddenly in the blink of an eye the girls where no longer on the beach. They
where in a strange room. Looking around Ashley noticed her Cassie and Kat
where not the only ones here.

"What's going on here?" Shouted Taylor, trying to cover her nudity as best
she could.

"Where are we?" Kelsey asked also trying to cover her undressed state.

"This looks like the old Power Chamber!" Kat exclaimed.

"What are we doing here though?" Ashley asked.

Suddenly a bright light appeared in the centre of the room. "I brought you
here." A female voice said from with in the light.

To Be Continued....


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