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* * *

You've seen them on TV and in Toy Stores everywhere, but now, hold on to
your socks... they're coming to the Internet in an all-new adventure unlike
anything you've ever seen before! (and it's doubtful that you will see any
of *these* strange and colorful toys at Toys 'R' Us!!!) Will the Pink and
White Rangers ever get together? Will Lord Zed and his new friend take over
the world? Find out on an all new, kinkier than ever episode of...

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Ranger Vs The Dominator Part 1 (tar,bd)
by Anonymous

It was a normal day in Angel Grove and Kimberly, the Pink Power Ranger, was
enjoying a peaceful afternoon alone in her back yard. The afternoon sun
reflected off the clean, cool, aqua waters of the nearby swimming pool and
the cool breeze wafted over her like a soft breath. Her tawny body glistened
with perspiration. Soon she would have to take another plunge to cool off,
but for now she was just enjoying the sun.

The only thing that kept it from being a totally excellent day was the road
work being done out in front of her house. Even in back of her house the
noise from the machinery and the acrid smell of tar was getting on her

Sitting by the pool, she carefully brushed the bright pink nail polish on
each of her perfect toes. She had a date tonight with Tommy, the White
Ranger, and wanted everything to be perfect. She had been dating him for
a couple of months and although they really seemed to hit it off, she could
never get him hot enough to jump her.

Her mind drifted back to the battle last week when they had beaten Zed's
Giant Pansy monster. Tommy had fought bravely and well, as usual, and this
always made her want him even more. Afterwards, when the two of them were
alone, they were joking about the it.

"...Yea," Tommy laughed, "that 'pansy' was no match for a big, strong, macho
guy like me!"

"I dunno," Kimberly said quietly, "...I have a few moves that would have
distracted him and beaten him pretty well..."

"What were you going to," Tommy laughed in return, "show him you're

Kimberly had blushed when, indeed, that was one of the moves she had
fantasized about. A closet exhibitionist and Dominatrix, she turned a deep
shade of red as she feared he might guess her secret. Tommy picked up on
her embarrassment and prodded some more.

"You were! You wanted to show him your titties?!?! Oh, man!"

She had wanted to show Tommy a few other moves right then and there, but out
of sheer embarassment she held back. Finally she blurted out, "I *hate* it
when you call them titties!"

After a short pause, as they both stared into each others eyes, each wanting
to say something, they broke into nervous laughter and in returned to their
usual pal-like hugging.

Snapping back to reality, she found that she had inadvertently painted her
whole toe pink.

"Like, I'm so horny... I could just... like... explode!" she said out loud,
hurling the bottle of Passion Pink across the pool.

* * *

Meanwhile, in Lord Zed's Dimension of Despair:

"IDIOTS! Why can't any of our plans ever separate and defeat the Power
Rangers?!" he screamed. He let the question hang out there like bait,
waiting for some fool to answer.

"WELL?!" he bellowed again. "ANYONE?!"

"I have an idea." came a quiet voice from the crowd.

The crowd erupted in a quiet murmur. No one dared answer Lord Zed when he
was in one of these moods.

"Who DARES to speak?!" cried Zed, as the crowd parted to reveal a gorgeous,
leather-clad female, who slowly and confidently made her way through the
horde of dumbfounded putties.

She was tall and muscular, yet exquisitely feminine. Her black stocking-clad
legs were strong, yet incredibly long and shapely. She wore a black leather
teddy that was cut very low, just barely containing her ample breasts.
Around her neck was a large spiked collar. Her dark hair was pulled back
behind her ears then fell free around her shoulders, framing her strikingly,
beautiful face. But it wasnot the face of an angel. Her makeup was severe,
yet incredibly sexy. Her full lips glistened in the soft light almost as
much as her long fingernails or the many chains that adorned her outrageous

An unfortunate putty who was slow getting out of her way, shrieked in agony
as one of her five-inch stiletto heels impaled his hand. She paused, smiled,
dug it in a bit, then continued on her way.

Zed watched spellbound as this woman approached and stood before him, putting
her hands on her hips confidently.

"Speak! What is this new idea?" Lord Zed asked.

"Over the course of the past 10,000 years, Rita and I came up with many
clever and rather... unorthodox... methods of capture and restraint. Methods
she never wished to share with anyone but herself. But now that she's out of
the picture..." she said as she kicked the groin of another poor putty who
had been caught drooling a little too close to her curvaceous rear, "...there
are a few things I'd like to show our pretty little pink friend!"

Lord Zed roared with delight! "If you can separate the Pink Ranger from the
others, they can't morph into the Megazoid (tm) and victory will be mine!
But what of the powerful White Ranger?" he asked skeptically.

"Leave that to me..." purred the visitor.

"What is your name, my new friend?" asked the Dark Lord.

"I am Mistress D, one of Rita's ... shall we say, lesser seen friends."

Lord Zed knew that Rita had a side that the Power Rangers had never seen...
one so dark and kinky that she had wanted to keep it all to herself and even
Lord Zed was appalled at some of the acts that were rumored to have taken
place eons ago. So this was the famous Mistress D.

"...but you can call me 'The Dominator'!"

* * *

Kimberly checked her nails: they were finally dry and she'd had enough sun
for one day. Wearing that stupid helmet not only matted her hair like crazy,
but it also shielded her from radiation... including the sun, so her bitchin'
tan had started to fade.

She re-tied the strings of her pink string bikini top over her tan, lineless
skin. It fit so well over her 19 year old body and she couldn't resist
giving it a little wiggle, shaking the breasts that her uniform hid so well.

"Like, I bet I could really distract Zed with these!" she thought with a
smile. She had always had this little fantasy of bareing her naked breasts
during battle. The thought of Zed or one of his henchmen dropping their
swords and jaws really turned her on! Now if Tommy would just do the same!
She began to imagine fighting topless, just her spandex pink tights ... and
no helmet! She felt herself getting wet at the thought.

Suddenly five Putties materialized around her! Shocked but not surprised,
she reached for the Power Ranger Signal Watch, which she had taken off to
avoid a tan line around her dainty wrist. As her fingers were about to grab
it, it was snapped away by a black leather whip.

"No, I think I would prefer we were left alone for now... And I like this
new outfit of yours, MUCH better, Pink Ranger!" purred Mistress D. Kimberly
stared in disbelief at the 6' 2" muscular woman in front of her.

"Who or *what* are you?" she asked, with a bit of awe in her voice.

"I am The Dominator, and I'd like to take you back to my place for a little
fun! Get her, Putties!"

The Putties attacked and Kimberly assumed her usual defense position. Being
a gymnast, her agile body easily kicked and gyrated, sending the Putties
flying in all directions. Mistress D. was not pleased.

"Your luscious little body is very quick, little pink one. But we'll soon
slow it down..." she said as she took out a strange and colorful device.

"Throw her into the pool!" she shouted to the Putties, who had resumed their

They coordinated their second attack, and in the melee, one was able to grab
her from behind as she kicked another in the chest, sending him flying into
the pool. She pushed the clenched Putty's hands down, sliding free of his
grasp, but in the process loosing her bikini top. A wave of adrenaline
washed through her as she felt her breasts swing freely. She looked at
Mistress D. and saw her smile. Kimberly decided that this time, she would
go for it! In one wide kick she sent the astounded putties flying!

Kimberly stopped and put her hands on her hips. Defiantly pushing out her
breasts in victory.

"A little dip in the pool would have suited me just fine! I like getting
all... wet...but maybe it's *you* who needs to cool down." she said, licking
her lips tauntingly.

Now it was Mistress D's turn to get a rush.

"Well, my little pink vixen. You are certainly more than I expected. And
cute too. I was so looking forward to introducing your lovely body to new
heights agony.... and ecstasy.... the like of which...." Mistress D. said,
distracting Kimberly, while a recovering putty crept up behind her. "...But
now all is lost. My poor feeble plans are certainly no match for you." She
said, mockingly. Seeing that everyone was in position, she then shouted

A Putty who was behind Kimberly and in no position to be mesmerized by her
incredible morphin-boobs attacked, and with one kick sent her reeling toward
the pool.

As she staggered backwards, off balance from the blow, Mistress D. pointed
one end of the strange device at the pool and the other end at the large
tanker truck in the street. In a flash the puzzled road crew found the
truck spraying sparkling, chlorinated water onto the street. At the same
instant, Kimberly fell into her pool. Expecting to plunge beneath the cool
water's surface, she was planning her next move, only to have her gorgeous
rear end land with a thick splat into a thick, sticky, black pool of tar.
The force of her fall buried most of her rear end and half of her back into
the tar. She immediately tried to right herself by kicking her legs skyward,
trying to lift her back out of the warm, sticky black syrup. But her
struggles to get free only caused her rear to slide deeper into the slime,
the backs of her thighs slowly oozing into the shiny black surface. She
saw the helpless Putty who was also in the pool, trapped up to his neck in

"Gee, it looks like you need to call the pool man!" Mistress D. chided as
Kimberly's nearly naked body slowly sunk into the tar.

"nh!... you...nnh!... just wait..." Kimberly grunted. She suddenly
realizing that her struggles were only causing her to sink deeper. She
stopped struggling and looked down frightfully at the tar around her,
then pushed down on the placid surface of the tar with her hands, trying
to force herself up. Unfortunately, instead of supporting her hands, the
surface of the tar yielded willingly, and her hands disappeared beneath
the surface. She immediately tried to pull them free, but it was too late;
The tar had them in it warm, sticky embrace, and as she tried to pull them
out she only succeeded in pulling herself in deeper. Tar oozed over her
flat stomach and up to her breasts.

"Eeeewwww! Like, you totally ruined my nails! And after I just did them!!!"
she whined, as her toes submerged. She struggled and strained again, but
found that even with her exceptionally strong, fit body, the glue-like tar
held her fast.

"Oh, this is delicious!" Mistress D. cooed. "My precious, pink, princess,
stuck in a pool of sticky goo....Does it get any better than this?" she

Kimberly's knees disappeared under the ripple-free surface as she struggled
to free herself. It was a losing battle. The tar allowed her in, but
wouldn't let her out. And it was getting harder and harder to move. She
felt that the tar was cooling off and in doing so, was thickening. She
could barely move her legs now; those same lean, toned legs that had sent
the putties skyward, now moved as if in slow motion. She tried to wiggle
her toes and found that she could hardly even do that.

"Help!" she cried, panicking as she sank to her shoulders, "I'll drown in
this goo!"

"Now where would be the fun in that?" Mistress D. purred, as she walked up
to the edge of the pool. Kimberly had sunk so that only her head and neck
remained above the surface. "I wouldn't worry to much. The tar's probably
getting cool by now."

Mistress D. was right. The tar had cooled to the point that she no longer
sank... unless she tired to pull free her mired hands. An idea she briefly
tried, but quickly abandoned, as she sank to her chin.

"Aggk.... help..." she cried, struggling to keep her chin above the surface
by pushing her hands back down but to no avail. Now the relentless tar had
her even more in it's clutches, and she was tiring.

"Aw... can't get those pretty little hands free to strike, can you?" taunted
Mistress D, moving within inches of Kimberly's lips. Kimberly gulped as she
realized that she was completely helpless before this towering woman, able to
move ever so slightly, but nevertheless, completely trapped. She trembled
partly in fear, partly in...

...a rush darted from her chest to her crotch...

Exhausted from the fight and struggling in the tar, she relaxed as much as
the tar would allow.

Pulling out a large, strange cloth from her bag, Mistress D. commanded the
Putties to extract the limp, helpless fly from it's sticky trap. Kimberly
feebly tried to fight back, but the combination of exhaustion and the thick,
heavy tar's resistance made it useless. After tearing off the tiny bikini
bottom, they threw her onto the spread out special tear-resistant cloth.

"Wrap her Up!" commanded the victorious Madame.

Wrapping her in tightly, the tar glued her solidly in place. There was no
way she could move or ever hope to free herself, even if she was fully
rested. Mistress D. looked down at her for a moment almost with pity. Then
she smiled and said "Get some rest, deary, you'll need it!" And with one
swift kick of her foot knocked Kimberly unconscious.

"Back to the Playroom!" Mistress D. shouted in triumph, placing one shiny,
black stiletto booted foot on the helpless bundle before her and dropping
her "calling card" for the White Ranger, as the teleporter zapped them away.


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