Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Picture Perfect (ff,ir)
by Anonymous

"Gotcha!" Aisha laughed, turning the hose on Kim. With a squeal, the Pink
Ranger tried to dance away from the spray.

"Stop it!" she shrieked. "That's cold!" Her baby-pink cropped tee was
thoroughly soaked and all but transparent. It clung to every enticing curve
of her rounded breasts, leaving little to the imagination. Her perky nipples
showed clearly through as they strained against the sodden fabric.

"What? No bra?" Aisha snickered; thus far she had remained relatively
unscathed as her yellow tee was only slightly damp.

"I was supposed to go meet Tommy when we finished washing your mother's car,"
Kim retorted.

"Then I bet you don't have any panties on either," Aisha declared with a
devilish leer as she turned the hose on her friend again, soaking her denim

"Aisha! How can I go out with Tommy looking like this?"

"I don't think Tommy would mind," the Yellow Ranger said knowingly. "Besides,
you'll dry." This time, she directed the water at the car, and she and Kim
took up their soapy sponges to begin washing.

"So, what are you and Tommy going to do?" Aisha queried.

"We're heading to the park for a picnic..."

"...and some fun on Make-out Hill," Aisha tittered. Kim shot her one of her
infamous filthy-cute smiles as she sent a mini-wave of suds towards her.

"What about you?" Kim wondered.

"Maybe I'll just join you and Tommy since no one else is around," she replied
teasingly, ignoring Kim's warning glare. "Rocky and Adam are at a tournament
with their students, and Billy is at the Command Center working on Rocky's

"You could always go jump Billy in the Zord," Kim suggested.

"Now there's an idea!" Aisha bent to retrieve the hose to rinse off the
hood. "You know what this makes me think of?"

"This -- what? Washing the car?"

"Uh huh. A pictorial in Rocky's newest girly magazine. I saw it when I was
in his room yesterday."

"Where does he get those things? He's not old enough to buy them," Kim

"Somebody's older brother?" Aisha postulated with a shrug.

"Besides, what does he need them for? He can pretty much get all he wants
whenever he wants from either one of us thanks to our powers."

"Yeah, but there are only two of us, and if we're both out of commission at
the same time, what's a guy to do?"

"Wish the Morphin' powers took care of that nuisance along with the
possibility of getting pregnant."

"That's the price we pay for unlimited, worry-free sex," Aisha quipped.

"Hmpf! I don't see the guys paying for it."

"As I was saying," Aisha began, getting back to the topic of Rocky's
periodical, "I think those magazines are where the guys get all their kinky
ideas. Maybe when they get together for their 'guys only' night, they read
through the thing and get so horny they fuck each other silly."

Kim joined in Aisha's laughter. "I'd still like to know what goes on during
'Greek fest.'"

"Yeah, it's a shame they were all partied out when we got there. We'll just
have to try and crash it again sometime." Aisha giggled conspiratorially.

"What about this layout you saw?" Kim prompted, tip-toeing to reach the roof
better, causing her very short cutoffs to ride up her ass.

"Nice view," Aisha murmured lasciviously, patting Kim's tush.

"You're as bad as Rocky!"

"Heaven forbid! Anyway ... in the spread, these two women were making out on
the car they were washing, and one of the pics reminded me of you."

"Oh really?"

"Uh huh. Here, let me show you how it was set up. Hop up onto the hood,"
Aisha directed. Mildly intrigued, Kim did so. "Now roll your shirt up and..."

"Aisha!" Kim protested, slapping playfully at her friend's hand as it raised
the still-damp material over her tits. "This isn't exactly the most private
place to do this."

"The back of Tommy's 4x4 isn't exactly the most private place to do anything
either," Aisha countered. She grinned wickedly as she began pinching Kim's
highly sensitive nipples, "but you've done Tommy there. No one can see us.
The car blocks the view from the street, the house shields us on one side
and the trees on the other, and the back fence takes care of that direction.
My folks aren't home, so they won't be interrupting...." Aisha eased Kim
into a semi-reclined position and bared her breasts.

"Hmm," Kim sighed as the breeze dusted lightly across her skin, stirring her
nipples to even greater hardness.

"Arch your back and thrust your tits forward ... that's good. Now, let's
unsnap those shorts and pull the zipper down ...." Aisha unfastened Kim's
cutoffs and tugged the denim low on her hips, revealing a few wispy curls
as she spread the opening wide. The way Kim's hips were cocked, it forced
her inseam deeper into her awakening pussy.

"Anything else?" Kim wondered sarcastically.

"Toss your head back and think naughty thoughts about Tommy. I wanna see that
sexy smile -- even Billy admits it makes him nearly blow the head off his
cock when you flash it at 'im."

With Kim satisfactorily posed, Aisha stood back to survey her work. There was
something not quite right about the picture -- Kim's shoes. The models had on
fuck-me pumps while Kim was wearing tennies and crew socks. The Yellow Ranger
cocked her head and considered the image before her. Even in the Reeboks,
there was something appealing about the line of Kim's legs. With that
settled, there was only one little adjustment to be made ... and she spread
Kim's legs wide.

"So, were these women doing anything else?" Kim queried, starting to feel
aroused at being put on such wanton display.

"Oh yeah! In one shot, her friend had a sponge and was ...." Aisha grabbed a
sponge from the bucket and demonstrated, squeezing a healthy portion of soapy
water onto Kim's chest just below her breasts. The froth dripped down Kim's
belly and into her shorts.

"Mmm, that feels good," Kim sighed. "Anything else?"

"Then Girl Two got up on the hood with Girl One...." Aisha skimmed off her
shorts and scrambled up next to Kim. "... and began licking her tits."

Kim moaned deeply as Aisha's mouth closed over one delectably hard nipple.
She tongued the taut bud teasingly, tracing the perimeter of the areola,
occasionally flicking the nipple with lightning quick licks. Meanwhile, her
hand had lathered up Kim's other mound with a generous helping of suds.
Having both nipples stimulated at once had Kim bucking and writhing with

"God, yes!" she gasped as her partner began taking broad, feline laps at
her pebble hard nub. Aisha's fingers tugged and pinched her other rosy knot
into a fever pitch of excitement that had fiery bolts of pleasure shooting
straight for her cunt.

"Then she slid a hand down her friend's body and into her shorts to finger
her," Aisha narrated, her own hand following the bubbles past Kim's belly
button to her dark curls. She slipped a finger between the pouting lips of
Kim's sex and gently stroked back and forth.

"Aahhh!" Kim sighed longingly, pumping her hips against Aisha's hand. She
brought up one of her bracing hands to play with the breast Aisha had
abandoned. Her moans grew deeper and quicker as her orgasm began building.
Suddenly, Aisha pulled away, and Kim whimpered in frustration.

"Let's get these shorts off you and rinse you off," Aisha said.

Kim lifted her butt as Aisha tugged at the wet jean shorts. However, as soon
as she was bottomless, she spread her legs wide open again. The hand at her
breast shimmied lower to part the lips of her pussy, and her fingers dipped
into her juicy folds.

The Pink Ranger hissed sharply as the cold water splashed her heated flesh,
chasing away the frothy lather. Aisha licked her lips as she watched the
droplets bead on Kim's lightly bronzed skin. Mm, Kim looked good enough to
eat! She was just about to set the hose aside and do just that when she
recalled something Kim liked to do on occasion. It hadn't been in the
pictures, but it was going to be fun!

Aisha aimed the hose at Kim's open slit, letting the continuous flow tickle
her stiff clit. Kim moaned with delight, her fingers moving aside to let the
water do the work for her.

"It's been a while since you've gotten off like this," Aisha noted as Kim
happily writhed under the blissful torture. "Have you ever done this for

"Uh uh. The faucet ... isn't quite right ... in his tub. Can't ... get under
it," Kim gasped, her back arching up off the hood. Her sighs and moans were
degenerating into frustrated growls. "Can't we get more pressure behind this?
This is just a tease!"

"How about this?" Aisha queried mischievously as she placed her thumb over
the end of the nozzle, increasing the spray's intensity and sending it
pulsing hard against Kim's eager sex.

"YES!" Kim cried out, falling back on the hood of the car, pressing her hips
forward in offering to the steady lick of the water. It wasn't long before
her hips were snapping against the watery force. Her hands cupped her breasts
as her body pulled taut. With a lusty shout, Kim's climax consumed her,
sending her body twisting and writhing on the soap-slick metal.

"Girl, you just have to do that for Tommy sometime," Aisha recommended. She
eyed Kim's quivering body appreciatively. She leaned across her to lap at the
glistening water drops.

"So, are you going to eat me?" Kim demanded boldly.

"Sure, but I want to do it like in the pictorial."

"And how was that?"

"Get off the hood, face the car, and assume the position!" Aisha's giggle
belayed the sternness of her command. Kim did as instructed, and Aisha eased
her torso forward, her hips back, and urged her legs further apart. "Spread
'em, girlfriend!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

Aisha studied her handiwork anew, thoroughly enjoying the pleasing lines of
Kim's athletic body. Taking up the sponge again, she squeezed more soapy
water onto Kim's back.

"I thought you were going to eat me, not wash me," Kim said.

"I just wanted to see why the guys like doing you in the shower so much,"
Aisha explained, avidly watching the bubbles course down Kim's back, over
her nicely rounded cheeks and between her crack. "Damn, but you make this
look good!"

However, Aisha's own fiery lust got the better of her, and she quickly
sluiced the suds off. Next, she stripped off the remainder of her clothing
and crouched between Kim's spread legs. She raised her mouth to Kim's
waiting cunt.

"Uuuhhhnnn!" Kim groaned gutturally, and Aisha echoed the pleasurable
utterance with a muffled moan of her own as she sampled Kim's thick
sweetness, her tongue driving deep relentlessly, causing Kim to grind
against her face. With one hand cupping and squeezing Kim's ass, Aisha
lowered her other to her own hungry pussy. Her knees parted, opening her
sex to the great outdoors, and the thought that they could be discovered
at any moment by the neighbors sent a shiver of excitement shooting down
her spine and straight to her groin.

By the sounds of Kim's moans, she was pretty close to coming for a second
time. Aisha was just about to plunge her fingers into Kim's vagina when
Kim backed off her face. The Pink Ranger bent down, and tilting Aisha's
face to hers, kissed her -- hard, hungrily slipping her tongue past her
friend's lips and drawing Aisha's tongue into her mouth. Slowly, the two
stood up, hot wet bodies molding together in a heated embrace.

"So, does the 'hood ornament' get to have a snack?" Kim wondered.

"Definitely," Aisha assured her, gasping as Kim's fingers tweaked her nipples
deliciously. Kim eagerly resumed her former position on the hood, and Aisha
crawled up with her, sliding herself up her teammate in a full body caress.
Once Kim laid back, Aisha scooted forward until Kim's face was nestled
between her thighs.

"Not a bad idea," Kim murmured, reaching up to grab Aisha's firm, plump
cheeks and urge her hips forward.

"Mmm," Aisha moaned heartily as Kim's talented tongue made contact with her
slick folds. Kim could eat pussy as well as she could suck cock (or so Trini
had confided in her shortly after she had replaced Trini on the team -- but
as to how the former Yellow Ranger knew that so certainly was a mystery to
her!). Aisha gripped the roof of the car as the first tremors of pleasure
rocked through her. She felt herself curving her body into the pleasing 's'
shape she had observed in the photos. Her ass thrust back, her spine arched,
and her breasts pushed skyward.

Too bad there's no one here to see this, she mused as her hands skimmed up
her body to caress her fulsome mounds and tease her painfully hard nipples.
She tossed her head back as a shuddering moan rumbled up from her toes. It
was becoming impossible to stay upright as her orgasm surged closer. Aisha
collapsed against the windshield and roof as her hips bore down on Kim's

"Come on, Kim; make me come!" she cried, and Kim latched onto her clit,
sucking and tonguing it. Aisha tossed her braids about wildly as she
climaxed. She rode her best friend's face (and Kim never backed off) until
her trembling stopped. Then, she melted down the window until she cuddled
next to Kim in a satisfied puddle. "Oh. Wow. That was soooo awesome!"

"Mm hm," Kim agreed with sleepy contentment. However, before either of them
could get comfortable, the two were hit with a spray of cold water that had
them scrambling off the car, shrieking.

"Thomas Oliver ...." Kim grumbled threateningly as Tommy stood there holding
the hose. He wore a shit-eating grin and sported a major erection.

"You two looked way too hot up there; I thought I'd better cool you down,"
he laughed.

"What are you doing here?" Aisha wondered, turning off the hose and
collecting her soaking wet clothes.

"What's that?" Kim demanded, pointing to the camera hanging from a strap
around Tommy's neck.

"It's my dad's," he answered. "He let me borrow it for a class project.
I came by to see if you were done and wanted to help me get some wild life
pictures." Tommy's grin spread impishly from ear to ear. "Who knew I'd find
the most interesting wild life in Angel Grove on Mrs. Campbell's car?"

"You didn't ...." Kim moaned.

"And just where do you think you're going to get that film developed?" Aisha

"Adam said he'd show me how to use his dad's dark room sometime."

"I'd forgotten about Mr. Park being a shutter-bug," Aisha gulped.

"The guys are going to get a kick out of these pics," Tommy crowed.

"Are they better than the one's in Rocky's dirty magazine?" Kim shot coyly
and was reward with making Tommy blush.

"What about some pics for us girls?" Aisha asked. "I can think of a couple
of shots I'd love to see."


"One -- Kim on her knees, her ass in the air, face pressed to the floor with
that sexy expression of hers while you, with your head thrown back, hair all
wild and eyes closed, ream her tight little pussy. And two -- Kim with your
dick in her mouth."

Tommy groaned deeply, the images causing his cock to twitch in his shorts.
"I'm game," he agreed readily. "What about you?"

"How fast can you get these clothes off?" Kim asked just as eagerly.

Aisha took the camera from Tommy. "I hope you have plenty of film."


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