Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly Becomes "Katty" Part 3 (ff,mc,con?)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Besides being athletic, pretty and popular, Kimberly was also smart.

After school she had a meeting of the student council to attend. Officially
she was the vice president but she was held in such high regard she almost
always got her way.

As she went to the meeting room she passed the girls locker room.

The girls on the field hockey team were there getting dressed and Kimberly
felt a pang of longing, like she was already one of them and should be with
her fellow field hockey players, even though she hadn't joined the team yet.

But she knew her duty and went to the meeting.

Politically, Kimberly was about as conservative as you can get, particularly
on morality issues. Tommy had joked to her once that she would have voted
against Ronald Reagan for president, because he was too liberal for her

Most of the issues were humdrum, dates for proms, budgets and stuff, but one
issue came up that was sure to cause a firestorm.

The school's Lesbian & Gay Student Alliance had requested use of the
council's meeting room two afternoons a month to hold its own meetings.

Although she knew it was a hopeless cause, Aisha, on the council as head of
the Black Students Union, gave an impassioned speech about diversity and
reaching out to others.

She was given polite applause as everyone knew Kimberly would be totally
against this and no one wanted to get on her bad side.

Aisha had been the only one willing to speak out for it, only because as a
fellow Ranger she knew Kimberly could not get mad at her.

As Aisha sat down, all eyes turned to Kimberly, expecting her usual
Bible-quoting tirade against weirdoes and deviants ruining the school and
breaking down moral codes and basically the whole country would be on the
path of destruction if we let this happen.

But Kimberly just sat there impassively. Maybe she was so excited about the
sleepover at Tori's she was just in too good a mood to argue, but she just
could not churn up any great animosity towards homosexuals at the moment.

"As long as it doesn't interfere with our schedule here, I got no beef
against it," said Kimberly in a flat tone.

The room was stunned, Aisha almost wet her pants in shock, but with
Kimberly's support the motion passed easily.

As they walked out of the room, Aisha grabbed Kimberly and gave her a big
hug. "Pink girl, I have never been more proud to serve in the Power Rangers
with you than right now. You showed guts girl."

Kimberly had one thought on her mind right after that.

"I really liked Aisha hugging me. I hope I can do more stuff that makes her
want to hug me."

* * *

The sleepover was the most fun Kimberly had had in a long time, she decided.
Kimberly was in pajamas but Tori and the other cheerleaders wore just bra
and panties.

Kimberly knew she should give a lecture on appropriate dress but she found
she wasn't too offended by the buxom cheerleaders bouncing around in just
their underwear and let the issue drop.

The girls watched a lot of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera videos.
Kimberly had admired Britney from afar as a successful Christian girl but
previously had refused to watch her videos due to her revealing outfits.

However, Kimberly found she did not find Britney rolling around half-naked
to be objectionable and did not protest when Christina Aguilera was on the
screen half-naked either.

Actually, Kimberly's eyes were glued to the screen, she couldn't take her
eyes off either hot-looking girl.

Kat eventually arrived and she didn't disappoint. She was wearing just thong
underwear and a shear white teddy with no bra. "This is the way we go to
sleep in Australia, it's hot down there in the Outback," she explained.

Everyone waited for the extremely moral and proper Kimberly to object but
she didn't utter a sound about Kat's revealing sleepwear.

She was busy rubbing her clit under the blanket and hoping no one would
notice as for some reason she felt horny, although since she was just with a
bunch of girls she didn't know why.

Tori's family was rich and they had a big house so she had several rooms to
herself. When it was time to go to bed, Tori announced that since she and
Kat were the tallest they would go to the spare bedroom.

Kimberly felt a huge wave of disappointment she would not sleep in the same
room as Kat but felt much better when Suzie Williams snuggled in next to
her. She was an attractive brunette and had the biggest breasts in school
(rumor had it they were not real, they were simply too big to be genuine
most people thought) and a reputation for being a total tramp.

Kimberly had made a point of avoiding a big-breasted slut like Suzie at
school but for some reason she felt relaxed and happy when she plopped her
curvy body next to Kimberly in bed, her breasts barely harnessed in her bra
and sticking out right in front of Kimberly's face.

...Kimberly simply could not fall asleep.

She just stared at Suzie Williams' humongous breasts hour after hour, the
large white globes going up and down in a steady fashion as Suzie slumbered.
Kimberly was just totally fascinated by them, their roundness, their size,
and the large nipples. She felt like she could spend the rest of her life
simply staring at those breasts.

"What has gotten into me," thought Kimberly after 3 straight hours of breast
watching. "I feel fine, actually better than usual, but I've been doing some
not-normal stuff last couple of days."

Kimberly heard some stirring in the other room and was glad. Hopefully, Kat
was up and she could discuss what had been happening to her, and maybe get a
look at her bod without the teddy. Although she had known her only a few
weeks, Kimberly felt like Kat was a trusted friend.

Kimberly tippy-toed through the sleeping mass of cheerleaders and took a
peek through the door. What she saw could not have shocked her more.

Kat was laying on top of the bed naked, her arms extended and playing with
Tori's breasts. The naked Tori had her face buried in Kat's muff and, was
that her tongue flicking in and out of it! Both were moaning their enjoyment
quietly, so as not to wake the others.

So sheltered and morally pure was Kimberly it took her a second to figure
out what the pair of teen hot blondes were doing to each other.

As she continued watching she saw Kat arch her back slightly and her hips
buck upward, juice flowed from her slit and into Tori's face. Tori eagerly
lapped up the cum while Kat played with her hair and moaned her approval.

"Oh my God!! Tori and my Kat are lesbians!!!," thought Kimberly.

As she scurried back to her bed, Kimberly had conflicting emotions. She was
horrified, disappointed in her friends, disgusted, dismayed.

And with every fiber in her very being, she desperately, desperately wanted
to join them.

* * *

Kimberly did not go to school the next day. The memories of what she saw
Tori and Kat doing last night continually flashed in her mind. It was bad
that she found out her best friend was gay, what was worse was that her most
prevalent feeling about it was jealousy.

She wanted Kat to be playing with HER breasts. She wanted HER tongue in Kat's
pussy, not Tori's. Everytime she fantasized about having sex with Kat her
clit quickly lit on fire and her slit began pumping juice.

The message from her body was loud and clear: it wanted sex with another

Kimberly knew this went against everything she had ever believed in. What
would her parents think, or Tommy, or the other Rangers, or her pastor for
goodness sake? Her whole life was a total lie if it turned out she was a

Tommy called from school, concerned she wasn't there. Kimberly told him she
just had a bit of the sniffles and was fine. When she put the phone down,
Kimberly realized she had no feelings about Tommy anymore. He could drop off
the face of the Earth right now and she basically couldn't have cared less.

When Kat called to check on Kimberly, she got breathless and her mind began
to spin. She didn't want to say the wrong thing and her voice had an excited
edge to it.

Kimberly told Kat she needed to discuss something important with her and to
come to her house right after school.

(To be continued)


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