Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Kim And Trini (F/F)
by Anonymous

"Don't tell me," Kim groaned, rolling her eyes and pressing her forehead
against the passenger side window.

"Sorry," Trini said with a sheepish smile and a shrug.

"Your Uncle Howard lives out in the absolute middle of nowhere -- this isn't
even a real road -- and we've got a flat tire!"

"As long as my father put the jack back after the last time, we'll be able to
change it."

"Like we're going to be able to budge those lug nuts?"

"Quit being so pessimistic," Trini chided as she got out to retrieve the
necessary equipment from the trunk. They had a jack, a T-wrench, but no spare

"Which one of your parents is related to Uncle Howard?" Kim jibed, referring
to Trini's relation's notorious faulty memory -- which was worse than

"All right," Trini sighed. "Do you have your mother's cell phone so we can
call for help?"

"No, my stupid brother sat on it the other day and broke it," Kim grumbled.

"Well, we can always head back to Uncle Howard's."

"No offense, but I'd rather wait here for the search party than go trudging
twenty miles up hill along this collection of pot holes disguised as a road,"
Kim declined. "How far are we to the main road?"

"I'm not sure. Fifteen, twenty miles maybe."

"Great," Kim muttered sourly, pouting and kicking the offending tire. Then,
her expression brightened. "Say, why don't we call Zordon?"

"You know we can't do that; this isn't Ranger business," Trini reminded her.

"Yeah, you're right," Kim agreed reluctantly. "So now what do we do? I was
supposed to go to the movies with Tommy and Zack -- only Zack had to cancel
-- I am going to be so late! Tommy'll be worried."

"If it was Tommy instead of you, who would know the difference?" Trini
laughed, affectionately making light of one of Tommy's shortcomings.

Kim chose to ignore her. "Don't you get it? When I don't show, Tommy will
call my house; my mom will tell him I'm with you. He'll call your house,
and when he finds out we're not there, he'll contact Zordon to make sure we
weren't captured or anything. Alpha will find us in the viewing globe, and
Tommy or somebody will come out here to rescue us!" she reasoned.

"That makes such perfect sense, it scares me," Trini chuckled, darting away
from Kim's playful swat. "I guess our best bet is to stay by the car and

The two waited ... and waited. The sun was beginning to set, and ominous
looking clouds were rolling in. They had done everything they could think
of to occupy themselves -- tell stories, take a walk, practice katas and

"What showing were you guys planning on going to?" Trini wondered. "It's
starting to get late, even for Tommy."

"With our luck, he's gotten lost," Kim sighed, tracing circles in the dirt
with the stick she had picked up.

"That's only a problem if Jason is doing the driving; he hates asking for
directions," Trini commented, recalling a couple of times she had ridden with
Jason to out of town competitions.

Just then an enormous raindrop splashed down on Kim's nose. Then came
another. "Great," she muttered as she and Trini scrambled for the shelter of
the car before the heavens opened up.

"At least we don't have a leaky sun roof like in the RAD bug," Trini said
consolingly, referring to Billy's latest invention.

"I wish we could at least pick up a radio station," Kim sighed glumly. For a
while, neither girl spoke as they watched the rain sluice down the windows.

Trini noticed Kim glancing at her watch for the umpteenth time. "I'm sorry
about your date with Tommy," she apologized.

"It wasn't exactly a real date. He and Zack were talking about this movie
they wanted to see; I happened to be there, so they included me in the
invitation; however, Zack had to cancel out, and Tommy and I decided to go
ahead and go anyway."

"You mean he hasn't asked you out yet?" Trini asked, clearly surprised.

"No. Sometimes, I don't think he's ever going to."

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure if he likes me likes me. You know?"

"Kim, Tommy is crazy about you! Of course he likes you likes you."

"Could have fooled me."

"Maybe he's just a little bashful around girls or something. Or maybe he's
waiting for the right moment--like the dance that's coming up."

"Maybe," Kim sighed grudgingly.

"I guess that means he hasn't turned to you for relief from
morphing-stimulated hormones either," Trini speculated.

"Nope. What about you?"

"Me either. I guess Jason and the guys been helping him out with that."

At her words, Kim's expression fell. "Don't you think that's a little...
strange?" she ventured hesitantly. "What if Tommy isn't…. interested in

"Trust me, Kim. I've seen the way he looks at you; he is definitely
interested. It's just coincidence that we're never around when his spikes
hit and vice versa. Don't worry about it. Tommy'll come around in time."

"I was kind of hoping that maybe tonight... I mean, since Zack couldn't
drive, he asked his dad if he could borrow the car. I was thinking of
directing him up to the look out..."

"Lover's Lane?" Trini queried, smiling.

Kim met it with a rueful grin of her own. "Not exactly subtle, eh?"

"You know, Lover's Lane was where Jason and I did it for the first time --
in the back seat of his car."

"That is so clichéd!" Kim laughed. She cast a glance into the back seat of
Trini's car. "No way. It couldn't have been very comfortable; I mean, how
could Jason move around back there?"

"Oh, he managed all right." Trini eyed Kim speculatively. She thought of
Kim's behavior since Tommy had joined the team. She had made very little
secret of the fact that she really liked him, but Lover's Lane on their
first date? That wasn't Kim's style at all. There was something else going
on, and she had a pretty fair idea what it might be. "You want to give it
a try and see?" she invited with a devilish grin.

Kim cocked her head, a bemused expression on her face. She glanced
meaningfully at the rain pounding down outside the windows. "Why not? We've
got nothing better to do."

"I had a feeling you were probably needing this," Trini said casually.
Addressing Kim's startled expression, she added, "you haven't exactly been
seeking relief with anyone else lately. You can't hold out for Tommy

Kim's said nothing, but her blush spoke volumes.

"Come on," Trini urged gently, understanding her love-struck friend's
motives. She clambered over the seat and pulled Kim with her. The petite
brunette toppled over with a squeak. "You are so cute when you do that!"

Kim stuck her tongue out at Trini who promptly swooped in to capture it in
her mouth. She swiftly found herself responding. It had been quite a while
since she'd been with any of her teammates. In fact, her need was so great
that she was soon devouring Trini's mouth as she forced her friend back
against the car door.

"Oh my!" Trini gasped when Kim let her up for air, not expecting the force
of Kim's desires. Kim suddenly sat up and ditched her baby-doll dress,
leaving herself clad in nothing but her Lycra shorts. Her need was so great
that her nipples were already delectably hard.

Kim barely gave Trini a moment to recover before pouncing on her again. She
was positively wild with wanting her companion; it hadn't been this bad
since her very first hormonal overload. Her mouth and hands were seemingly
everywhere on Trini's body; it was as if she didn't know what she wanted to
do first. All she knew was that she had to touch Trini and vice versa.

"Kim!" Trini snapped, pushing her teammate away. "Settle down."

"I'm sorry; I can't help it," Kim replied in a small, tearfully frustrated

Trini worked herself out from under Kim. "Let me blunt the edge a little
bit, and then we'll have some fun."

Normally, Trini liked kissing and cuddling -- Kim, too; however, Kim's need
bordered on desperate. There'll be time to do this properly later. Trini
took Kim in her arms for a quick kiss then bent her head to Kim's breasts.
As her lips closed around one ripe, pink bud, Kim practically growled. Trini
knew Kim's pert pebbles were extremely responsive without the heightened
sensitivity brought about by their powers, but with it... Her brief licks
already had Kim squirming fiercely.

"Yes!" Kim rumbled, a hand pressing Trini's head deeper into her bosom. She
felt Trini's hand moving down her body until it slid over her Lycra-covered
crotch. Kim's hips thrust forward eagerly as Trini began rubbing her through
the clingy material.

"You're so hot I can feel you through your shorts!" Trini gasped.

"Please, Trini," Kim whimpered, begging for release. Her own hand came up to
cover the breast Trini had abandoned. Trini's next move got her hand into
Kim's pants, and she resumed rubbing. Kim bucked wildly as Trini's fingers
ventured into her panties and found her stiff, aching clit. Kim was so close
to the edge that it only took a few brushes to send her crashing headlong
into her orgasm.

"Wow," Trini murmured as Kim literally screamed with the force of her climax.
She eased the trembling Pink Ranger against the back of the seat. "Are you
okay? I barely touched you!"

"I-I think so," Kim stammered, brushing a strand of hair off her sweaty brow.
She reached up to cup Trini's face, her thumb lightly dusting across her
cheek. Trini turned her head slightly and pressed her lips to Kim's palm.

With Kim's appetite appeased for the moment, the two came together with the
tender heat that both favored. Gentle touching and warm, leisurely kissing
accompanied their efforts to remove their clothing. Trini helped Kim peel off
her carnation pink exercise shorts, and Kim assisted Trini out of her walking
shorts and blouse. Soon, the two young women cuddled together savoring the
voluptuous sensation of skin against skin.

Moans interspersed with giggles filled the car as the two tussled in the
backseat. Kim had her hands full of Trini's hair and was luxuriating in the
feel of the silken tresses slipping through her fingers.

"You love playing with my hair so much... It's a shame Tommy doesn't have
long hair," Trini said playfully.

"If he did, I doubt I'd be able to keep my hands off him," Kim sighed as she
slowly traced the outline of Trini's features, knowing how much her friend
enjoyed being touched. She did the same thing with her tongue, working her
way down to Trini's highly sensitive neck.

"Oh, Kim..." Trini moaned, her blood quickening to Kim's ministrations.

Kim continued lower to Trini's petite mounds with their almond colored
centers. Her fingers lightly grazed the supple flesh, circling round the taut
nipples. Kim bent her head as if to take one into her mouth, but instead she
shook her hair down so that it brushed across Trini's heaving chest as gentle
as a whisper.

"Ooh, yessss..." Trini sighed under the exquisite caress. Kim extended her
tongue in a long lick, flicking back and forth before searing the hard core
and tender flesh with the heat of her mouth. It was Trini's turn to press
Kim deeper into her bosom, and her body began to move under Kim's, her legs
spreading wide then wrapping around Kim's waist in a hug. The embrace didn't
last long as Kim started inching her way down Trini's quivering body. There
wasn't enough room for Kim to fully lay out, so Trini sat up so that she
reclined against the door.

"Who am I this time?" Kim suddenly asked as she began stroking the softness
of her best friend's splayed thighs. Kim's question stemmed from the
fantasies the two sometimes concocted when they were together.

"No one," Trini panted as Kim's hands occasionally fluttered across her damp,
glossy curls. "I want it to be you."

"Oh," Kim murmured, somewhat disappointed.

"Kim, if you want to pretend Tommy's eating you when it's your turn, it'll be
all right," Trini said, correctly interpreting Kim's crestfallen expression.
Generally, it was their rule that either they both played or neither played
when it came to the fantasies.

"You really don't mind?" Kim asked hopefully, continuing to distract Trini as
she stroked her sex.


With a happy chirp, Kim lowered herself and dove in for a taste of Trini's
sweet nectar, causing the Yellow Ranger to gasp at the suddenness of her
attack. Her tongue thoroughly massaged the pink flesh of Trini's passion
flower, bringing it into full bloom.

Trini's head lolled back against the window as a low moan rumbled up her
throat. Her thighs closed around Kim's head as her talented tongue exactingly
drove her to the heights of ecstasy. She wrapped her hands in Kim's chestnut
hair, pressing her further into the depths of her being as Kim lavishly
excited her clit, sending her careening helplessly towards a sweet, fiery

"That's it... oh, yes... Kim... now, Kim... Kim... !"

With her lover's name on her lips, Trini was consumed by her orgasm. Her legs
closed tightly around Kim's head as her hips continued grinding against Kim's
face, and her partner lapped up her creamy offering until the last tremors
eased from her body.

The first thing Kim did when Trini relaxed was pull her into a steamy kiss,
sharing the taste of Trini's come with her.

"You are so good at that," Trini sighed.

"I like making you moan," Kim answered, "and you're pretty terrific at this
yourself." She opened her arms in invitation, and Trini readily accepted.

Kim loved having her hair played with as much as she loved playing with hair,
so Trini indulged her as she noshed on an earlobe, which set Kim to squirming
and giggling. She worked her way over to Kim's mouth, outlining her lips with
her tongue; as her lover's mouth parted slightly, Trini thrust her tongue in,
engaging Kim's in a passionate dance. As they frenched, Trini patted around
until she found Kim's hand. Smiling wickedly, she made a deliberate show of
raising Kim's hand to her lips, kissing each fingertip and caressing it with
her tongue. With Kim's smoky eyes firmly locked onto her own, Trini slowly
went down on one of Kim's fingers -- the same way Kim would go down on one of
the guys. It was such a sexy move that it gave both women chills.

Trini slowly drew Kim's digit out of her mouth. Then, she brought Kim's wrist
to her lips, her tongue flashing out to wetly caress the tendon.

"Aahhh!" Kim moaned, helplessly wriggling as Trini nibbled her forearm in
earnest. Trini kept up the exquisite torment, pausing only to switch wrists,
and Kim continued to move frantically beneath her.

"Once you and Tommy are an item, I'll have to be sure to tell him about all
your hot spots," Trini chuckled, stopping to allow Kim to catch her breath.

"I hope he listens better than Jason and the other guys did," Kim gasped.
Trini had reached out to roll a tender, swollen nipple between her fingers.
She then plumped a quivering globe, holding it ready as she ran just the tip
of her tongue across the pink bud.

Trini raised her eyes to Kim's, noticing her avid stare, as she continued her
open-mouthed tonguing of Kim's breasts. "Close your eyes," she instructed,
"and picture Tommy hovering over you and smiling down at you with his
gorgeous eyes aglow with his feelings."

"Mmm," Kim purred as she complied. It was way too easy to picture Tommy like
that; she'd done it countless times as she had gotten herself off since he
had joined the team.

Trini could tell by Kim's rapid breathing that she was giving herself over
to the scenario. I guess I'm not going to have to talk her through this one,
she mused, smiling as she swirled her tongue wetly around Kim's other nipple
before drawing it into her mouth, suckling hungrily. Her hand glided down to
Kim's mound. She was sopping wet again! As she took her time pleasuring
Kim's needy breasts, her fingers danced about the moist lips of Kim's pussy,
sliding along the rosy slit, slipping briefly inside, and gently teasing her
throbbing clit.

Suddenly, Kim latched onto a handful of hair and ripped Trini from her bosom.
Eyes still closed, she brought Trini's face to hers and kissed her hard. "Eat
me," Kim commanded, the words exploding across Trini's lips in a hot breath.
Kim had barely stopped kissing her long enough to speak before thrusting her
tongue back inside. Then, she forcefully withdrew a second time. "Please...
Tr -- Tommy?"

Trini stifled a giggle. Kim was really into her fantasy! She rarely ever
vocalized her partner's name when they spun their erotic daydreams.

In a practiced flow of lithe bodies, Trini eased onto her back, pulling Kim
on top of her. She urged Kim forward until she straddled her face. Trini drew
Kim's hips down until both hot mouths met in a juicy kiss.

"Yes!" Kim cried lustily as Trini's mouth plundered her sex. Trini glanced up
to watch Kim swaying over her. Kim's head bent forward as it hit the ceiling,
and Trini could see that her eyes were still closed as her hands moved across
her body in a sensual caress. The Pink Ranger gasped and licked her lips
hungrily as she played with her bouncing breasts. Trini's hands more firmly
gripped Kim's cheeks as she began grinding, circling her hips against Trini's
chin. For her part, Trini kept her licks slow and steady, delighting in Kim's
flavor, the sounds of her moans, and the sight of her totally lost in her

Kim wasn't long in reaching her peak. About the time Trini felt the muscles
in her bottom clench, Kim reached down for a handful of hair.

"Harder..." Kim whimpered, "... please, I'm so close..."

It was time to try the discovery they had made the last time they'd been
together. Trini shifted just enough so that she could get a hand between
their bodies. Drawing her tongue away for a moment, she plunged two fingers
into Kim's tight, wet cunt. Then, she resumed teasing her clit.

The maneuver tore a shriek of pure primal joy from Kim's throat. "Tommy!" she
screamed as her pussy clamped down on the hardness within her and her orgasm
thundered through her. "Oh god, Tommy -- yes!"

Kim rode out the after shocks of pleasure, grinding into Trini's face as if
to keep the ecstatic fire raging; she came long and hard, but eventually the
tremors subsided, and she crashed into a sweaty, exhausted heap on top of

"Ohmigod," Kim gasped as she struggled not to smother her friend.

"Sounds like 'Tommy' did a pretty good job," Trini quipped, playfully nipping
at the breasts dangling close to her mouth.

"I hope he's as good for real," Kim sighed, feeling more than a little drowsy
from exertion and the heat in the close confines.

"He will be, given time," Trini assured her, pulling Kim into a reassuring
hug and kissing her softly. The two were about to snuggle down for a nap when
a rap at the window startled them.

"Who the... ?" Kim yelped. Neither she nor Trini could see out; they had
steamed up all the windows.

Trini wiped off a small section of window and found a familiar pair of eyes
peering in at her. "Jason!" she declared brightly, and she rolled down the

"Trini!" Kim hissed, hunkering down.

"He's seen us naked before," Trini reminded her. The cool air coming in the
window felt absolutely delicious.

"Hey, ladies," Jason greeted with obvious amusement; it was plain he knew
what they'd been up to.

"Not a word, Jason Scott, not one word," Trini cautioned.

"Who me?" he asked innocently.

"How'd you know we needed help?" she queried.

"Tommy invited me to join him, Kim, and Zack at the movies. When Kim didn't
show up, we started calling around. We finally had Alpha locate you, and
we're here to bring you home."

"You were right, Kim," Trini said happily.

"Um... who's we'?" Kim gulped nervously, raising up enough to peer over the
edge of the door.

"Me and Tommy," Jason replied, his grin growing broader. Just then, Kim
caught sight of Tommy shuffling nervously by the other car; he looked
decidedly flustered. Was he blushing?

"Did you guys hear anything?" Kim stammered.

"We got quite an earful," Jason laughed.

"Oh god -- can I die now?" Kim moaned as she sunk back down on the seat.

"Tell you ladies what. Tommy and I will go take a walk and give you some time
to get dressed in private. We'll meet you by my car."

"Thanks, Jason," Trini said. She watched as the two young men walked off;
then, she started giggling. "Poor Tommy! He looks almost as embarrassed as
you do."

"I am never going to be able to face him again as long as I live," Kim
muttered as she grabbed for her clothing.

"It's not the end of the world," Trini comforted her, giving her shoulders a
hug. "It's not like he didn't know that you and I had sex together."

"It's one thing to know about it; it's another to catch someone doing it,"
Kim retorted. "Anyway, that's not what I meant."

"I know what you meant, and I bet Tommy's flattered and excited by the
thought of you calling out his name in a fit of passion."

"You think so?"

"I bet this gives him the kick in the pants he needs to get up the courage
to ask you out."

"Oh, I hope so!"

"Besides, you're going to have to face Tommy sooner or later because you're
sharing the backseat with him on the drive home!"

Trini scampered out of the car half dressed, dodging the swipe Kim took at


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